The cyber wife

As with many of the things Cindi and I try, the phone sex thing was a one-time
event (so far, I still have never figured out what she meant by the other

I still love watching her have her online fun at least three times a week. She
says it helps her unwind from the day’s stress. Who am I to complain? I get to
watch great shows and she’s more than horny by the time she logs off.

She doesn’t take pictures everytime, but I guess she’s gotten very good at the
“cyber talk”, because she seems to meet more and more people. Cindi did go and
buy one of those strap on vibrators that lets her keep her hands free to type,
but provides the stimulation of the toy. Needless to say, she doesn’t last as
long when she’s wearing that.

One night, for the first time, Cindi asked me to join her at the computer. I
was amazed at how many chats she had going. To my surprise she closed all of
the chats and blocked her buddies. I asked her what she was doing and she told
me to wait and see. She went into some private chat room and the was someone
name SUPRSXY in the room. She typed a message saying that I was there and what
did that person want to see. The response was that they wanted to see my hands
holding her tits. Of course I obliged and Cindi took the picture.

It went on for awhile with me involved in the pictures, touching her here and
there. Then the request that I had been hoping for came in: Blow him. I didn’t
need to look at it twice. I unzipped my pants and let her have my cock. As she
wrapped her lips around it I let out a small moan. It felt great. But it only
lasted long enough to take a quick picture and await further instructions.

From there it got interesting. I got blown and stroked. I got to eat her out,
fuck her from behind, even put a small toy in her ass. It was great, but I
wasn’t going to be able to hold out much longer. SUPRSXY was kind enough to
request that I come on Cindi’s tits. She began stroking me hard and fast,
telling me to come for her. When I said I was about to explode, she put my
hands on my cock and told me to come on her tits. I had never done that before.
It was great. I shot all over her tits, face, shoulders, and hair. I was the
lucky one that got to take that last picture.

After we had signed off and cleaned up (and, of course, fucked each other
silly), Cindi turned to me and said that this is great, but asked if it
wouldn’t be more fun having real people rather than cyber people to play with.
I just sat there with a grin and she knew she didn’t have to ask twice.