The Spying Stepdaughter

Although Americans appear to the rest of the world as frank and open peoples the truth is often the opposite when it comes to relating on a personal basis. This is particularly true regarding sexual matters.

The fact is, Americans are only now beginning to learn to discuss sex and sexuality with candor and usually that is within the limits of marital sex.

While no one is advocating sex as the main topic of conversation, and while sexual privacy is very important to most people, many adults harbor fears about themselves and their sexual behavior that could be erased if they were more aware of other people’s behavior. Most of us have been brought up to be at least slightly ashamed of anything sexual, and it is frequently reassuring to discover that we are not different, naughty, or even perverted in our sex practices. In discussing sex with others, people find out how truly normal they are.

THE SPYING STEPDAUGHTER — a frank story of one young woman’s approach to sexual honesty. A story with a lesson for us all.


The gentle fingers smoothed the curly copper hair to each side of the swollen cunt-lips, delighting in the silky feel of the already dampening skin. As the fingers gently stroked the cunt-lips apart, before plunging into the grasping depths, one fingertip gently brushed the clit, bringing a moan of pure animal pleasure from the full lips, which were the second most lovely feature beneath the crown of copper which billowed on the pillow behind Cheri Hill’s head.

“Oh, hell!” Cheri moaned, playing with her hot cunt, lost in the smell of heated flesh and fantasies.

Her fantasies of late seemed to center around Neva, her mother. She had been told that she looked just like her — though Cheri couldn’t see it — that her mind just naturally turned to remembering things she had seen her mother do.

Neva was beautiful, with her copper hair, soft green eyes, little, slightly turned up nose, full lips, and big tits. Cheri didn’t mind being compared with her mother. But Cheri, at five-two, was three inches taller than her mother. Still, when she was forced to fantasize to satisfy herself, it was usually Neva she thought about. Neva and Bill.

Moving her other hand up to stroke her full breasts, bringing the nipples to protruding hardness, Cheri occasionally ducked her head down to push one up and take the nipple in her mouth, delighting in the feel of it, and in the taste of it. Through her mind, pictures flashed as if a movie projector were in her head. Pictures which depicted real, imagined, and wishful experiences. Her fingers continued to bring her the wonderful feelings of the mental images as Cheri felt her body responding and the sensations building in her sex-charged body.

As her fingers plunged in and out of her soaked cunt, Cheri stopped to pinch and stroke her clit, but found that it brought her too near the top, and she didn’t want it to end just yet.

“God, I need a man!” she moaned. “Or a woman, or anything!”

As pictures of first one lover, then another, and even some she had only hoped to love continued flashing through her mind, Cheri twisted and turned on the bed, her ass clenching, her cunt gripping at her plunging fingers, her tits aching for more than just her own touch. Even as she built toward an explosion which would rip her apart with pleasure, Cheri was cussing fate. And she was remembering past pleasures and disappointments.

Cheri had been very young when Bill moved in with them. He had actually moved in with Neva, but the rest came with the deal. Cheri was the oldest. Then came Reesa, and last, Jim. Cheri knew from the start that Bill hadn’t really wanted a family, but he showed them as much attention as Neva would let him. Cheri’s mother had wanted all his attention, but kids do demand certain things, and Bill seemed willing to share his time with them. Cheri wanted more than he was ever willing to give, though.

Cheri had long before drilled a hole in Neva’s bedroom door. She did it first because she thought it would be a kick to spy on her mother, but later found intense pleasure in watching Neva’s sexual encounters. But nothing which had gone before had prepared her for Bill.

It wasn’t that he was better-looking than Neva’s other men. Or that he had anything special about him which made him sexier. His hair was just a normal dark brown, his features even a little short of handsome, and his body just average. The first time Cheri spied on them, her legs became so weak that she almost couldn’t stand up to peek through the hole.

It had actually started in the living room. Cheri had been almost asleep when she heard the knock at the door. “I wonder who could be coming?”

Cheri had come wide awake, but Reesa and Jim were sleeping totally unaware.

Slipping carefully out of bed, wearing only her t-shirt — having discarded her panties early in the night because her little cunt had gotten too hot — Cheri crept to the door to listen.

“I decided to take you up on your invitation.” The deep voice sent shivers of pleasure down Cheri’s spine, straight into her crotch.

“I’m glad you did.” Neva’s voice sounded soft, sexy. “Does your wife know where you are?”

“I don’t even know where she is. And I don’t care. I told her that I never wanted to see her again.”

Things became so quiet that Cheri had to crack the door. She couldn’t bear not knowing what was going on, and she wanted a look at the owner of that deep, passionate voice.

She was disappointed when she finally got the door open enough to see what was going on. They were simply sitting on the couch.

“You can’t be too comfortable with all those clothes on,” Neva murmured, rubbing her hair against Bill’s clean-shaven face. “I know I’m sure getting hot, and all I’ve got on is this thin gown.”

Cheri grinned, holding the laughter which bubbled inside her, at the look on Bill’s face.

“I do feel a little warm. And my pants are suddenly too tight.”

As Neva moved her hand over to stroke the bulge in Bill’s pants, Cheri almost moaned at the throb she felt in her little cunt.

“It does feel tight.” Neva smiled. “If you could just get that out, we’ll both feel better.”

Squeezing her legs together in an attempt to stop the pain of pleasure in her crotch, Cheri watched them twist and turn, getting out of their clothes. The moment they were naked, Neva took the biggest hard-on Cheri had ever seen in her hands.

“Does that feel good?”

“Mmmmmm!” Bill moaned, dropping his face to kiss Neva’s full lips. His right hand was kneading and stroking Neva’s full tits. Cheri couldn’t see his other hand, but when she realized it was between her mother’s legs, she moved her own hand down to pet her own curly cunt-hair.

“I think we’d better move into the bedroom.” Neva’s words came out in gasps. Her chest was rising and falling so rapidly that her tits actually bounced, except where Bill was holding them. “One of the kids might wake up and come wandering in.”

Cheri knew she should close the door as they came through the hall, but she just couldn’t seem to take her eyes off Bill’s hard-on. She loved looking at her mother’s naked body, but looking at Bill’s built fires in her so hot she thought she would burst into flames at any moment. As they passed her door, Cheri caught the scent of heated fuck-flesh and felt almost drunk from the scent.

Once they were behind Neva’s closed door, Cheri slipped into the hall. For some reason, she couldn’t stand having the t-shirt on, so she pulled it over her head and left it on the floor of the bedroom she shared with her sister and brother. Standing in the hall completely naked was thrilling. Standing there peeking through the hole at Bill and her mother was even more thrilling.

“Would it bother you,” Neva pulled her lips loose from Bill’s, her hand gently stroking the full length of his hard-on, “if I sucked on that delicious-looking, thing?”

Cheri wanted to press her car against the door, but didn’t want to take her eye away from the hole to do it.

Bill smiled. “I’d love it. But only if you’ll let me return the favor.”

Neva smiled, moving her lips down Bill’s naked body. Cheri had a good view of her lips and tongue working on Bill’s naked, hairy chest. Cheri plunged her finger deeper inside her cunt as she watched her mother’s pink tongue come out and bury itself in Bill’s navel. Then, when her head moved on down and she saw Neva’s tongue flick out and touch the swollen head of Bill’s prick, Cheri wanted to fling open the door and join them. She wanted to feel that wonderful piece of cock-meat inside her, instead of her wiggling finger.

Cheri watched as Neva worked her tongue around and over the entire length of that dancing, throbbing hunk of prick in her hand. As she finally opened her lips and began gently sucking it inside, Cheri could almost taste it in her own mouth. She had never tasted anyone’s prick, but she could just imagine how delicious it would be from the smell she had caught a few moments earlier.

Neva continued sucking it in and out with even, measured strokes. Cheri timed her finger so that she was plunging it in and out at the same pace as her mother was using on Bill’s prick. That way, she could almost imagine that it was stroking in and out of her mouth instead of her mother’s.

Bill moaned as his prick began swelling. “God, Neva, if you don’t stop, I’ll shoot right in your mouth!”

Neva just grinned, her mouth around his cock-meat, and began moving her head faster.

Cheri, seeing what was about to happen, stopped moving her finger and gripped her naked crotch. The pain of the pleasure was so intense that she could hardly stand enough to keep her eyes up to the hole.

Then Bill groaned, pushing his hard-on deep into Neva’s mouth. Cheri could tell he was pumping his fuck-juices into her mother’s mouth just by the way his ass was clenching and his face was contorting, but she couldn’t see it. She moved her finger again, bringing small explosions inside her young cunt, and hoped that she would get to see some of his fuck-juice shooting.

Neva was greedy. She seemed to be swallowing it as fast as it came out. But Bill had more than she could take, and Cheri was rewarded with the sight of a few drops leaking out of her mother’s lips and sliding down her chin. Cheri was wishing that she could run in and lick it off her mother’s face, nearly passed out as she began to come.

When Bill finally pulled out and a couple of spurts of the thick, white spunk landed on Neva’s face, Cheri found that her legs wouldn’t hold her up and slid down against the door to fuck her finger deeper into her cunt.


As her breathing finally slowed, Cheri thought about getting up and around. She moved her hands over her still-sensitive tits, the nipples leaping to attention again.

As her body began to come alive again, Cheri moved her hands down over her flat belly, tickling the top of her cunt-hair. She felt her pussy responding, coming alive with this and for a hard prick. Her mind began moving beck to that first time she had felt her obsession for Bill taking hold.

Leaning on her mother’s closed bedroom door, Cheri finally felt strength returning to her legs. She knew she wasn’t missing anything by not looking through the hole because she could hear them just lying on the bed, murmuring to each other.

When she heard the bedsprings squeak, she pushed herself up to see what they were going to do next, her cunt already getting wet at just the thought of seeing Bill and her mother going at it again.

By the time Cheri got her eye focused to the hole, Bill was leaning over Neva, kissing and sucking on her tits. Cheri’s own tits ached for those lips to be sucking on them. She could feel her little nipples hardening at the thought.

Bill didn’t linger long on Neva’s tits, though, but began kissing and licking his way down her body. Neva was soon moaning and twisting under his ministrations, and Cheri fought to keep her body still. When he stopped to sink his tongue in her mother’s navel, Cheri pushed her little fingertip into her own, imagining the hot wetness of Bill’s tongue there.

By the time Bill had worked his way down to take some of Neva’s coppery cunt-curls between his lips, Cheri was breathing so hart that she could barely hear her mother’s ragged breathing. Her fingertips were twisting and pulling her own cunt-hair as Bill tugged on her mother’s. Neva was hunching up against his face, trying to push him on down, and Bill did finally move down, but not to press his lips against that hot pussy, as both Neva and Cheri were hoping.

Instead, with a grin on his lips, he began kissing Neva’s inner thighs, carefully avoiding touching anything closer to her pussy than then skin between her legs and cunt-lips.

When Bill finally did push his mouth against her mother’s wet, gaping cunt, Cheri was about ready to scream. Her own cunt-slit was wet, hot, and almost hurting with the need for something inside it.

Cheri could see perfectly as Bill pushed Neva’s cunt-slit open and put the tip of his tongue inside. With his fingers, he spread her mother’s pussy wider, revealing her stiff clit, which he flicked with the tip of his tongue. Neva let go a high, soft scream and her entire body came off the bed as she pushed against his face.

Cheri bit her tongue to keep from joining her mother in the scream. The finger she had shoved into her little cunt was soaked with her fuck juices and her mind was filling with wanting Bill’s tongue to be there. Cheri almost fell against the door as Bill’s tongue finally plunged all the way into Neva’s pussy. Cheri fucked another finger in and gripped her entire cunt mound with a pressure that was almost painful.

Cheri could no longer see her mother’s cunt — Bill’s face was being buried in it — but she could see his throat muscles working as he moved his tongue. Her fingers matched his rhythm, and it almost felt like it was her own cunt that he was eating. As she brought herself nearer the top, Cheri realized that the hall had filled with the smell of hot sex. If either her mother or Bill decided to go to the bathroom now, it would be hard for them not to notice, even if Cheri managed to escape to her bedroom. But Cheri didn’t care. If she saw Bill headed toward the door, she was determined that she would just stay right there, maybe even keep her fingers in her cunt. She envisioned that happening. She decided that she would even reach out and take his hard-on in her hand.

As these thoughts danced through her mind, Cheri felt herself building for a big climax and quickly moved her eye to the hole again. If she was going to get off, she wanted it to be while she was watching Bill and Neva. Her fingers were getting so wet and slippery that she almost couldn’t feel them sliding in and out of her pussy. Her body was shaking with passion and her breath was coming in loud, short gasps as she fought to hold back her climax until her mother came too.

But that wasn’t such a long wait. Even as Cheri watched, Bill locked his lips on Neva’s hot cunt, and Neva pushed her entire body off the bed, pushing hard against Bill’s face, a high, thin scream escaping her pursed lips. Then her whole body began trembling as she fought to hold herself in that awkward position.

Cheri still managed to sustain herself right at the edge until Neva relaxed, falling down against the bed. When Bill raised his smiling face, it was glistening with her mother’s fuck-juices. Cheri could hold back no longer. The intense good feeling in her pussy was almost more than she could take, and her legs began to wobble so furiously that she had to slap her free hand against the wall to keep from falling straight through the door. Again, she found herself sitting on the floor, her back to the door, her fingers fucking in and out of her wet cunt-hole.

She didn’t have long to rest, though, because she heard low laughter and the squeak of the bedsprings.

At first, when she got her eye back to the peephole, Cheri thought she was going to see a repeat. Bill was on his knees, his hard-on waving in her mother’s face. Still, just seeing that magnificent hunk of cock-meat was enough to get Cheri excited again. As she watched, Bill moved the swollen head of his prick gently over Neva’s face, rubbing it against her cheeks, her chin, and finally on her lips.

Cheri moved her right hand up to rub her fingers over her lips, wanting to feel something like what her mother was feeling. As she licked her lips, she discovered the sweet taste of her own pussy on them, and that sent new shivers of excitement coursing through her young body. Neva started to open her mouth, to take Bill’s cock in, but Bill pulled it away.

As Bill moved his cock on down Neva’s throat, Cheri followed the motion with her fingers, trying to imagine the feel of him on her.

Finally, after playing his hard cock around and over her mother’s tits, Bill moved on down to Neva’s navel, pretending that he was going to stick it in that little hole. Cheri almost laughed aloud as her finger plugged her own little navel.

Then his prick trailed over Neva’s flat stomach and began moving around in the copper curls of cunt hair. Cheri pushed her hips forward. She flattened her hand against her stomach, the tips of her fingers as deep into her own cunt-curls as Bill’s prick was in her mother’s.

By the time he moved on down to brush the distended cock-head against Neva’s open cunt lips, Cheri had her own legs spread, her fingers again finding their way inside her slippery pussy. She had to force herself to breathe, to keep from passing out, as Bill began gently pushing his huge prick against Neva’s delicate cunt-lips. As they began parting, conforming to the shape of his prick, Cheri felt her own pussy wanting to open wider, wanting to accept that hot cockmeat. Just the sight of all that prick-meat fucking into her mother’s pussy was enough to drive Cheri to orgasm.

Cheri could see the full length of his delicious cock as it fucked in and out of her mother’s cunt. As Bill slowly fucked Neva, Cheri could see the cunt-juices clinging to his cock-shaft. She could almost taste the white, creamy stuff which their fucking seemed to be generating. She yanked her fingers out of her own cunt and stuck them into her mouth. But just long enough to get a good taste, because her crotch was going crazy without the prodding of her fingers.

When Bill started picking up speed, causing more fuck-juices to flow from Neva’s pussy, Cheri increased the rate of her finger-fucking. She could see sweat forming on Bill’s forehead, on his back, and even on his bare ass. She could see a sheen of dampness on her mother’s skin, adding a rosy glow to it.

But most of all, she couldn’t keep her eyes away from the huge prick fucking in and out of Neva’s hot cunt. Her body was trembling with waves of wonderful feeling as she watched both her mother and Bill building to a great climax together. She fucked her fingers deeper and faster, hoping to match them.

As Bill let out a deep moan and forced his body hard against Neva’s, Neva whimpered and fought to push him up off the bed. Cheri felt the flood of release coming into her body at the same time. She gripped the doorframe with her free hand to keep her balance.

“Oh God, yes!” Neva screamed, and Cheri wanted to scream too.

“Uh-uh-uh!” Bill grunted.

Cheri could see his ass muscles clenching tightly as his balls drew tight. She could even see the big vein on the underside of his prick pulsing. She could almost picture the globs of spunk shooting into her mother, and could almost feel them shooting into her own little cunt.


As Cheri lay in bed fantasizing and fingering her hot pussy, she thought about an exciting encounter she had peeked on about two years after Bill had moved in. Cheri had lived in a combination of joy and torment during the entire time he’d been living with them. Joy because she loved watching them through the hole in the door. Torment because she had still found no way to let Bill know how she felt about him. And further torment because she was still a virgin. But there had been times when she felt Bill watching her.

Cheri had taken to sleeping in the living room during the last couple of weeks.

“That room’s just not big enough for all three of us,” she said to her mother. “Besides, I’m too old to sleep in the same room with my brother.”

Neva had argued, but Bill had convinced her, which made Cheri even happier — thinking that he had other reasons besides just taking her side.

She always slept in only her T-shirt and panties — and always made certain that she kicked the covers off so that her legs and panties showed plainly. Sometimes, she would even roll her shirt up, as if it had happened in her sleep, so that her tits would be bare.

Tonight she had heard them talking ant almost crept out of bed to pin her eye to the peephole. When the door creaked open, she was glad that she had stayed in bed. When Bill stepped through the hall door, she was doubly glad that she had stayed in bed. He was completely naked — and had a marvelous hard-on.

Cheri held her breath, hoping he would come toward her. Then, as he turned toward the kitchen, she sighed, twisting around on the couch so that her legs spread, revealing her cunthair around the edges of her panties. As if she were dreaming, she brushed her arm up, pushing her T-shirt off her tits. Through slitted lids she watched, her heart trying to beat an escape from her chest, as Bill tuned toward her.

But he only paused, then disappeared into the kitchen.

Cheri could have cried, but decided to try something else when he returned. Still moving slowly, so that she wouldn’t make too much noise, she moved her hands down to the waistband of her panties. If she could just ease them off before he came back through, he wouldn’t be able to resist coming to her. But a noise from the hall stopped her before she even got them pushed off her waist.

Cheri tried to make her breathing as near normal as possible as she watched her mother enter the living room. Neva’s nipples were hard and, as she moved over to stand by the couch, Cheri could smell her heated flesh. Neva leaned over her, her pendulous tits brushing against Cheri’s bare skin. Cheri fought to control her breathing. It wouldn’t do to let her mother know she wasn’t asleep.

After puffing the sheet up to cover what Cheri had so carefully uncovered, Neva turned to follow Bill into the kitchen.

Cheri felt like she was suffocating, so she pushed the sheet off again. Then she pulled the T-shirt over her head and, pushed her panties off. She posed herself as seductively as possible on the couch. She hoped Bill would see her, and that Neva wouldn’t. Then she heard the back door open and close.

“They can’t possibly be going outside naked!” Cheri giggled. “I would love to do that!”

Slipping off the couch, she hurried to the dining room. Peeking through the curtain, she spotted Bill, and a moan caught in her throat. He looked so magnificent, standing out in the open, totally naked, his hard prick throbbing in excitement.

Neva was moving slowly, shaking her hips from side to side. One hand was on her right tit, massaging it. The other hand was between her legs, pushing the lips of her cunt apart, making sure Bill had a really good view. As she moved toward him, she would occasionally stop, hunch forward and fuck a finger into her cunt. Her eyes never left Bill’s protruding prick.

As Bill watched her approach, he was slowly stroking the full length of his cock, keeping it hot and ready for when Neva came within reach of him. Cheri could almost feel it in her own hand. She could imagine what it would feel like to stroke it. She could almost taste it in her mouth. She wanted to feel it in her pussy. When her mother finally came right up against Bill, pressing her naked body against his, Cheri had to grip the curtain to keep from hurting her cunt with her other hand.

Neva knelt in front of him, almost as if he were a God and she had come to worship him. Reaching out, she took hold of his throbbing prick and pulled it toward her smiling lips. Cheri felt her jaw muscles forcing her own lips open as she watched her mother pull his lovely cock to her lips. It was almost as if the smooth prick head forced her red lips open, and there was just a flash of white teeth before it disappeared inside Neva’s hungry mouth. To get the full flavor of what her mother was tasting, Cheri slipped her fingers out of her cunt, sticking them in her mouth only long enough to lick her juices off. That way she could almost feel that she was sucking Bill’s prick, instead of just watching her mother do it. What made it even greater, to Cheri’s way of thinking, was that they were doing it right out in the open — in plain sight of God and everybody.

This time, to Cheri’s disappointment, Bill didn’t let Neva suck him off. Cheri could see that he was nearing a climax when he grabbed Neva’s shoulders and pulled her up. Then he knelt, and Cheri almost leaped to her feet, wanting to join in on the fun.

Neva squatted just a little to open her cunt wider, and Bill moved his face in to lean it against her inner thigh. His tongue snaked out and licked at the lips of her cunt, with Neva holding the hair aside to give him a clear shot.

Cheri pushed and pulled at her own cunt-lips, wanting Bill’s tongue so bad she could taste it.

Even in the dim light, Cheri could see his tongue fucking in and out of her mother’s pussy. When Neva started twisting and hunching, Cheri heard her clearly. “Oh, please, Bill, fuck me! Right here in the open!”

Bill squatted so that his hard prick was between Neva’s naked legs. But, because of the difference in their heights, he still couldn’t get it to go in right.

Neva giggled. “Let’s move over to the porch. I think that’ll put me up high enough.”

Cheri had to move in order to see them, but it was worth the effort, even if it did cause her fuck-juices to dribble down her right leg. She barely got into position in time.

Bill’s delicious hard-on was already disappearing inside her mother’s wet cunt. Neva was standing on the porch, her feet apart, with Bill still on the ground. As his prick fucked in to the hilt, Neva threw her head back.

“Oh, hell, yes! That’s the best ever!” she groaned.

Cars were streaming by on the highway which ran behind the apartments and, since some of them were slowing down, Cheri just knew they could, see the two people fucking on the back porch. For some reason, that made it even more exciting, and her hand almost couldn’t move fast enough to keep up with the demands of her pussy.

“Here it comes!” Bill yelped, fucking harder into Neva.

“I want it!” Neva screamed.

Grabbing his shoulders, she hefted herself straight up, puffing his spurting prick out of her sucking cunt.

Cheri licked her lips, fucking her fingers into her cunt as deep as they would go. Neva dropped down until she could take his still shooting cock in her mouth, and Cheri almost passed out.

She was so weak that she almost didn’t get back to the couch before her mother came in. She did manage to get the sheet pulled up to cover her nakedness, but she was afraid Neva would hear her gasping breath.

But Neva was walking on a cloud of her own and didn’t even glance toward her daughter.

By the time Bill came through, Cheri had managed to kick the cover off again and was lying with her legs wide apart, her pussy hot and wet. Bill just glanced her way, at first. Then he stopped, his soft prick starting to stiffen as he stared directly at her hot pussy, causing it to get even hotter and wetter. Then, after stroking his cock a couple of times, Bill took a very deep breath, squared his shoulders, forced his eyes away from her and hurriedly disappeared into the bedroom.

Cheri went to sleep whimpering.


Cheri decided that she had to get out of her bedroom. As much as she was enjoying getting off on her memories — with a little help from her fingers — she knew she would only wind up depressed by this solitary form of sex.

“Damn, I need a man,” she said.

A quick shower and a bowl of cereal and milk left her feeling better, but still very reluctant to put any clothes on.

“God, it would be wonderful if I could just go naked everywhere,” she said to herself. “I would love it, and I know all the guys would.”

Thinking about running around naked in public took Cheri’s mind back to something that happened when she was in high school.

School was out for the summer, leaving them very little to do. Cheri and Reesa had taken to walking to the shopping center, just for something besides sitting around the house, or hanging around the apartment complex. Even if there wasn’t much a person could do at the shopping center, it was something different. And they enjoyed watching the people. Sometimes, they would even run into some of the kids from school.

They hadn’t been there long when they saw Bill’s station wagon pull into a parking space near the front door of the department store.

“Let’s go over and see if Bill or Mom will buy us something,” Reesa said, starting in that direction.

“No!” Cheri reached out, grabbing Reesa. “Let’s stay out of sight and see what they’re doing.”

As they watched, their mother got out of the car, leaving Bill sitting there. She was wearing a dress that plunged down between her magnificent tits and ended halfway between her knees and her ass.

“I love that dress,” Cheri. “I’ll bet it was Bill’s idea for Mom to wear it.”

Neva slowly walked into the store, while Bill sat in the car, watching her. His right shoulder was moving, as if he were keeping time to something on the radio. Cheri, trying to watch both of them, almost missed the little flip her mother just before disappearing into the store. But she did catch enough of it to see that Neva wasn’t wearing any panties.

As they watched, Neva kept going in and out of the store. Each time she came out, she was wearing something a little sexier.

“Wow, look at that!” Reesa gasped. “Mom ain’t got nothing on but a blouse!”

“I see,” Cheri said, trying to hush her sister. “And you can almost see her entire bare ass. I’d love to do that.”

“You know what?” Cheri asked. “I wonder what Bill’s doing while Mom’s walking back and forth.”

“Looks like he’s listening to the radio.” Reesa had seen the rhythmic movement of his shoulder.

“Let’s go around behind those other cars and sneak up on him.”

“What if he sees us?” Reesa asked.

“We’ll just tell him that we walked up her to see if they were here.”

“What if Mom comes back while we’re walking by?”

Cheri thought about the possibility. It was something she hadn’t even considered.

“Okay,” She patted her sister’s shoulder. “We’ll wait until she comes back to the car, then goes back inside. That way, we’ll know.”

“Here she comes!” Reesa pulled at Cheri’s arm. “And she’s just wearing panties and bra!”

Actually, Neva was wearing a bikini, but it was designed to look more like underwear than a swimsuit.

“Come on!” Cheri pulled at Reesa’s arm. “Let’s go by while Bill’s still watching! That way maybe he won’t even notice.”

Cheri could feel her heart thumping as they moved up beside Bill’s station wagon.

Bill’s arm was still moving as they neared the window of the car. Cheri tried to look into the car without turning her head so that he wouldn’t stop whatever he was doing. He was doing what she had hoped he would be doing. He was jacking off.

Cheri felt her legs tremble, and heat surged into her cunt as she looked down at his beautiful hard-on. Bill was slowly stroking it up and down, and she could just feel his eyes burning the skin on her bare legs. Even after they passed the car, Cheri was sure his eyes were still on her.

“Oh, God!” Reesa gasped. “Did you see what he was doing? I could just die!”

“I loved it,” Cheri said.

“But,” Reesa said, though her eyes were shining with excitement, “he could get arrested!”

“Only if some old prude snitches on him. I can’t imagine any woman wanting to do anything but reach in there and get hold of that beautiful cock. It would take some bitch that was totally frustrated not to like seeing him that way.”

“I did like it,” Reesa said. “But it bothers me, too. I feel like he’s enjoying me, without me getting anything out of it.”

Cheri smiled. “Let’s get something out of it. Let’s give him a better show than Mom’s giving him.”

“What about Mom? What if she catches us?”

“We’ll just have to time it right.”

They went into the store. Unlike their mother, the girls didn’t have different outfits to put on. Nor did they have the money to buy much of anything. Cheri finally solved their problem by buying a couple of inexpensive scarves.

“But what are we going to do with these?” Reesa asked.

“We’ll improvise,” Cheri said. “When we see Mom come out of the restroom, we’ll sneak in and do our changing. Then we’ll slip out and wait until we see her go in. We can walk past Bill’s car and wait until we see her go back in. That way we’ll always be one step ahead of her.”

“But what are we going to do with the scarves?”

“I’ll think of something.” Cheri had already thought of a couple of tricks, but she didn’t want to tell Reesa until she tried them.

The first time, she just took off her bra. Since the tank top was rather thin, it gave an almost perfect view of her tits. She just wanted Bill to notice her.

As they walked by his car, Cheri could see that he was staring directly at her tits, and probably didn’t even notice who she was. That made her a little jealous, but just looking in and watching him stroking his lovely hard-on was enough to lift her depression. She wished that she had the nerve to just go over, open the other door of the car and get in. But she was too afraid that Bill would put her down, so she contented herself with walking around in front of him.

For the next trip, Cheri removed their blouses completely, then fixed the nearly transparent scarves on them like bikini tops.

“I love it!” She gazed at her sister, then at herself in the mirror. Their nipples were rather plainly visible, but covered enough that they wouldn’t chance getting arrested. “And I know Bill will love it, too!”

“I feel almost naked,” Reesa said. “I just hope we don’t run into anybody that we know.”

They were lucky. Bill was the only one they saw, and he was too involved looking at their nearly naked tits to notice their faces. He was really jerking on his hard prick as they passed the car. Cheri wanted to stick her head in the window and lock her lips around it, but she was still afraid of how her intrusion would be received.

Hiding near the corner of the store, they watched Neva coming back.

“She’s almost naked,” Reesa said.

Watching their mother walk toward the car wearing only a blouse, Cheri felt her mouth watering. The blouse was so short that Neva couldn’t even take a step without her pussy and ass coming into sight. Cheri could see that several men were watching her as closely as Bill — and even some women.

“We’ll never be able to top that,” Reesa said, “without getting arrested.”

“Oh. I think we can.” Cheri smiled at her new idea. “Just wait until we get back to the restroom!”

They went in and Cheri wrapped the scarf around her waist, then ran it between her legs. It covered everything, without hiding anything. She tied the other scarf on Reesa. She positioned the material in such a way that it left the cheeks of their asses totally bare.

“It’s not any worse than some of the cut-offs I’ve seen the girls wearing,” Cheri said.

Reesa looked Cheri over, a definite excitement in her eyes. “I guess if we’re going, we’d better do it.”

As they came out of the restroom, Cheri noticed the looks they were getting from some men in the store. She could feel heat in her crotch at the looks they were getting. She hoped Bill liked them as much as these men did. But she saw, the moment they stepped out the door, that Bill wouldn’t notice.

He was gone.


Thinking about Bill sitting there in his car playing with himself gave Cheri an idea of how to get out of the apartment.

Since she didn’t dare go out naked, as much as she wanted to do just that, she slipped on as few clothes as the law would allow. The halter top was easy, but she wanted something on the bottom that would both cover and reveal, as well as being easy to get out of. When she was ready, she checked herself out in the full-length mirror.

And she did look delicious, with her tits nearly showing, her entire belly exposed, and the legs of the shorts ending so high that a hint of cunt-hair even showed.

“Love it!” She smiled. “If I don’t get arrested, I’ll knock ’em dead.”

With the little car, it wasn’t hard to find a good parking space. Cheri had chosen carefully. She didn’t want to be too near the door. There would be too much traffic. Nor did she want to be too far away, where nobody would be likely to pass her car. The spot she chose was a little risky, being in a handicapped parking space, but it put her in a perfect place to sit, waiting for some good-looking guys to pass by.

As soon as she was certain she wouldn’t be seen, she worked her shorts down to her ankles and spread her legs. Her right hand dropped to begin petting her pussy. She could feel it responding immediately, but she didn’t want to get too carried away, so she restrained herself from doing more than just rubbing.

Thinking back to what Bill had done, Cheri waited for some sexy guy to walk by. At first, she didn’t get too much out of it. Other than the usual joy of playing with herself, the only new excitement was knowing that she was sitting out in public with her cunt plainly visible. Then a particularly beautiful girl with long, straight blonde hair, and very short shorts came out of the store and headed right for her little car.

For some reason, watching this beauty moving toward her while her finger worked inside her hot cunt excited Cheri. As the girl came nearer, Cheri couldn’t stop her finger from moving in and out of her cunt. By the time the girl was close enough to see, Cheri had moved her hips forward, lifting her bare ass clear off the seat. Her pussy was almost even with the bottom of the window when the blonde came up to the car.

When the blonde first glanced down, she let her gaze slide right by and started to walk on. But then it must have registered, because she stopped. Cheri just kept on playing with herself, smiling out at the blonde. The blonde’s face began to get red, her eyes wide, and her breathing increased enough so that Cheri could see the rise and fall of her little tits. Since she obviously wasn’t wearing a bra, Cheri could see her little nipples getting hard. Then the blonde finally smiled and took a step back, bringing herself almost up to the door of the car.

“That’s really gross,” she said, smiling.

“But it sure is fun!” Cheri found her breath so short that the words came out as a gasp. “Wouldn’t you like to join me?”

“That’s crazy. I’m not into other girls.”

“You look like you’d enjoy it, though.”

“I don’t really think so.”

Then a guy passed by, causing the blonde to tear her gaze away from Cheri.

“Come a little closer.” Cheri tried to keep her voice soft. “Let me show you how much fun it is.”

Almost as if someone was forcing her, the blonde moved right up to the window of the car.

Moving her left hand out the window, Cheri brought it down slowly, softly on the blonde’s nearly bare ass. The feel of the smooth, hot flesh on the palm of her hand felt almost as good as the silky wetness of her own cunt on the other hand. She massaged the satin skin for only a moment before the blonde began rubbing against the car. Then Cheri slipped a finger inside the leg of the blonde’s shorts and felt the moistness that was already in the cunt-hair her fingers found there.

“Oh, God!” the blonde moaned, dropping a hand inside the car, searching for something to hold onto.

Taking her own hand away from her cunt, Cheri guided the blonde’s hand, delighting in the feel of another hand on her hot cunt. The blonde wasted no time, fucking a finger inside almost immediately.

By then Cheri had managed to work a finger inside the blonde’s wet pussy. She could feel the cunt-lips gripping her finger and could almost feel the heat sucking her finger deeper inside.

They didn’t remain like that long, though. Both of them were getting much too hot for what they were doing to be enough.

“Please!” the blonde’s words came out in a whimper. “Can’t I get in the car with you?”

“Only if you’ll get out of those clothes.”

“But, somebody might see…”

“That’s what makes it exciting!”

Even though she kept looking around like she was terrified that someone would call the police on them, the blonde quickly shed her clothes the moment she was in the car. Cheri loved the look of her beautiful body, and she loved the excitement of both of them sitting there with no clothes on. She could see that some guys had already noticed, but they all seemed to be cowards, afraid to come over to the car.

Leaning over to kiss the blonde’s little tits, Cheri loved the way the nipples seemed to reach out to her. The blonde moaned and leaned over to play with Cheri’s big tits, kissing them and pulling at them, her eyes wide as the nipples swelled.

“My pussy is just burning for something inside!” the blonde moaned. “Why can’t some of these horny guys come over?”

“Until they do,” Cheri said, “we can take care of our own business.”

“I told you!” The blonde pulled back, her eyes still on Cheri’s naked boy. “I’m not into girls.”

“You will be when you feel what my tongue can do for you.”

Cheri could feel the trembling in the beautiful leg as she leaned over and laid her face against it. But the blonde didn’t try to stop her. As her face moved over until the thin, blonde cunt-hair was tickling her nose, Cheri almost got high on the hot scent of fuck-juice coming from the girl’s pretty pussy.

As her tongue came out to lick across the pink pussy-lips, Cheri could barely hold herself back from just plunging her tongue right on it. But she took her time and delighted in the soft whimpers coming form the blonde as her luscious hips moved up to meet Cheri’s face. The taste of her cunt was clean and slightly salty. It reminded Cheri of the taste of a man’s prick. The blonde, already wet, was getting almost sloppy as Cheri’s tongue worked on her. Then she fucked her tongue all the way in and felt the blonde move.

It wasn’t really a movement, if sexual excitement, but rather a shifting for a different position. Then Cheri felt a whisper of breath on her own thigh and almost lost it when she felt a wet tongue swipe across her cunt-lips.

Then, as her tongue began flicking the blonde’s clit, she felt a spasming in her cunt and knew she was about to let go everything she had, right in the blonde’s mouth.

“Goddamn lesbians!” The male voice penetrated the ring of passion in Cheri’s ears, causing her to sit up so suddenly that her tongue made a plopping sound.

The guy was less than handsome, but not bad. And, looking at his crotch, Cheri could see that he was really turned on by what he saw, even if he did sound upset by it.

“Hey!” She smiled at him. “A girl’s gotta do something when all the guys around are afraid to do anything.”

“I’m not afraid. But I don’t get off on lesbians.”

“Come a little bit closer.” Cheri moved her body so that he could get a really good look at her nakedness. “I’ll show you who’s a lesbian.”

He fought to pull his eyes away from her to look around, then moved right up against the door. “So, how you gonna prove that?”

Without a word, Cheri reached out to unzip his pants, grabbing his belt when he staffed to step back. It was a struggle to pull his big cock out of his tight pants, but Cheri was well rewarded when it came into view.

“Beautiful!” she murmured, bringing her lips against it.

It leaped and jumped at the touch of her lips, but Cheri had it firmly in her hand and held it in place as she moved her tongue out to lick across his little piss-silt. The jizz she licked off was quickly replaced by more as he hunched forward, trying to force his prick past her lips. But Cheri just continued to tease him, while she felt the blonde’s lips again seeking and finding her dripping cunt.

The head of the guy’s prick began swelling instantly, telling Cheri that he was looking through the window at what the blonde was doing. She was afraid that he was about to shoot off, so she quickly pulled the swelling prick-head inside her mouth, running her tongue around it as she sucked on it. She felt the big prick swelling and knew she was about ready to get a mouthful.

Then it came. The hot globs of jizz felt so good shooting into her mouth, but Cheri managed to control herself enough to share.

“Come on,” she said around a mouthful of jism as she pulled on the blonde’s shoulder. “There’s enough for you, too.”

Some of the hot globs landed on her face and tits as she pulled the blonde up and helped her stick the shooting prick into her mouth. As she watched the blonde sucking on the hard prick, Cheri felt her cunt tighten and her fuck-juices start to flow.

It was the day after her eighteenth birthday. Bill and her mother had gone somewhere, saying that they would be gone all day. She had been left alone. Reesa and Jim were both at school.

After her mother and Bill left, Cheri felt really bad. She had been spying on them again last night, and she was still so fired up that she couldn’t keep her cunt from leaking. She wondered that they hadn’t been able to smell her hot pussy, even though she had made sure to stay away from them. Still, her mother had insisted on kissing her goodbye, and she was sure that her fuck-juices had been strong enough that Neva must have caught the scent.

Once she was alone, she decided to get out of her clothes. But that didn’t really help. It only made it easier for her hand to stray down to caress her cunt, and that only added to her misery. She was looking out the window when the maintenance man happened to pass by.

Though Cheri stepped quickly back, she was sure that he had seen her standing there in the front of the window, one hand playing with her pussy. He was older than Bill, which meant that he was much too old for her to really think about fucking. Still, as she stood in front of the window again, Cheri began to wonder what he would look like naked. She actually began to hope he would come back.

A soft knock on the door pulled her away from the window.

Cheri’s heart began beating hard enough to shake her entire small body as she put her eye to the peephole and saw the maintenance man standing there. “Who’s there?”

“Maintenance man. Did you call about something?”

Naturally, Cheri knew that nothing was wrong in the apartment, but she decided to play his game.

“Just a minute,” she said, and fumbled with the deadbolt. For a moment, she thought about putting something on.

“I’m not dressed, though!”

“That’s all right,” he said. “I’m used to that sort of thing.”

Flinging the door open, Cheri struck what she thought was a sexy pose. “Well, come on in.”

He wasted no time, but said nothing more. Before the door was even closed, he was stripping off his coveralls, revealing that he was wearing nothing at all underneath — and revealing that he had a hard-on.

“Be careful,” she said as he gripped her naked shoulders and guided her toward the couch, “I’m still a virgin.”

Still, he never said a word. He just moved her to the couch and pushed her down, spreading her legs as he came down between them. Her pussy almost formed an O as she felt his cockhead push against it. He didn’t even work at getting her wet, just starting pushing his prick against her cunt, forcing the cunt-lips open wide.

“Oh, that hurts!” she moaned, even though it didn’t really feel that bad. “Take it easy!”

He did slow down just a little in his attempts to fuck her, but he never stopped pushing. Fortunately, she was already hot enough from playing with herself. By the time his cock-head was inside her, Cheri was beginning to enjoy it enough that she could ignore the slight pain she felt. Then he hit something that didn’t want to let him go any farther and the pain came back.

His breathing was ragged as he continued pushing and thrusting. He finally started fucking a little, and then it felt better. Then he pulled almost all the way out and suddenly fucked hard into her.

“Ouch, damn it!”

But it only lasted a moment, and she felt him fuck deep inside her.

“God, that feels good!” she screamed, the good feeling totally banishing the pain.

From then on it just got better and better. He was fucking her so fast that Cheri almost couldn’t enjoy the strokes. But when she felt his hot spunk shooting inside her, she felt her insides spasming and her own fuck-juices flowing.

“It’s wonderful,” she murmured, wanting him to stay inside her.

“It was good,” he said, pulling his coveralls back on. “I’ll come back when I’ve got more time.”

“Like hell you will!”

Cheri spat at the door, the moment he was gone.

Having seen the pleasure Bill gave her mother, Cheri knew that she had been used. Though she had enjoyed it, she also knew there was a lot more to fucking than what the maintenance man had given to her.

She was so lost in her thoughts that she didn’t hear the door open.

“What’s been going on here?” Neva yelled.

“I just saw the maintenance man leaving…”

“Then we find you standing here naked!” Bill shouted.

Cheri just smiled, a trail of jism running down her leg.


As Cheri pulled out of the parking lot, she saw a couple of police cars pulling in from the other end.

“I guess we got out of there just in time,” she said, feeling excited to know she had come so close to getting caught.

Driving away, she realized that she hadn’t gotten the blonde’s name, or a way to get in touch with her. Nor had she even thought to ask the guy what his name was.

Forcing her misgivings from her mind, Cheri let her thoughts drift as she drove. She didn’t want to go back to her empty apartment, but she couldn’t think of anywhere she really wanted to go. As usual, Bill kept slipping into her thoughts. She remembered lovingly and sadly what had happened the night after they had almost caught her with the maintenance man.

She was still sleeping in the living room. She was still hoping that Bill would finally come to her, though he never gave any indication of doing so. She had almost gone to sleep after having spied on them again when she heard the bedroom door open.

Holding her breath, Cheri slipped the covers off her naked body. It was Bill. And he didn’t walk into the kitchen. But he didn’t come to her, either. He just stood, naked, with a marvelous hard-on, leaning against the hall door, looking at her. Then he began stroking his prick, and Cheri had felt the tension building in her crotch.

She almost lost it when he pushed himself away from the door and moved over to stand right beside her. His hard prick was so close she could almost feel the heat of it. She could smell the hot sex, and she just knew he would be able to smell her own excitement. Her pussy was getting so wet she knew it had to be making a spot on the sheet. But he just stood there looking down at her and stroking his hard-on. Then he started shooting, and Cheri opened her mouth, but she was still too afraid to open her eyes and let him know she was awake.

Most of his hot jizm landed on her tits, with a little of it splashing on her belly. A drop or two even managed to land right on her hungry cunt, but she didn’t think any of it found its way inside. A few drops did actually land in her open mouth, and she loved the taste of it. But it was just enough to make her hungry for more. Then he was gone.

As she remembered it, Cheri nearly ran a red light, so caught up in her frustrating memory that she didn’t even see it. But she did manage to stop and she shook her head angrily at the thought that both of them had been such cowards.

“Damn!” she screamed at the uncaring would outside her car. “I’ve got to go somewhere, do something to get this shit off my mind!”

She decided to stop by the Vegas Club. Maybe Candy, Michelle, and some of the other girls she knew would still be working there.

The loud rock music slapped her in the face as she went through the door. It was one of the reasons she had quit. The constant clamor of the rock music drove her crazy. Michelle was definitely still working, since she was on stage as Cheri came in.

Taking one of the back tables, which still put her within four feet of the stage, Cheri felt her cunt twitch with desire. She could almost taste the beautiful girl’s cunt on her tongue. Michelle finally looked her way and, from the smile on her face, Cheri knew she had recognized her, even through the bright lights. Michelle would be over to talk to her as soon as she finished her routine. Cheri sat back, waiting for the waitress to come and take her order.

With her plain Coke in front of her, Cheri took in every inch of the naked flesh on the stage, but her mind was roaming back to when she had first come to work here.

Her mother would’ve raised the roof if she had known her daughter was working here. And Cheri was really nervous about taking her clothes off in public, even though she had often wanted to do just that. But there was something about doing it for money, in a place where there was nothing but drunk men and other naked women, that seemed different than the way slit had dreamed about doing it. Still, it was a way to make money when jobs were hard to find, and it was something that she enjoyed doing — both the dancing and the nudity. So, with a couple of drinks to fortify her courage, Cheri had stepped out on the stage, wearing only a skimpy bra and bikini panties.

At first, she was so nervous that she couldn’t seem to do anything right. But seeing the looks of admiration and desire on the faces of the men seemed to give her both courage and confidence. By the time she had stripped off the bra, her nipples hardening to the feel of the air on them, and the thought that all these men were staring at them, Cheri was really getting into it.

When it came time for her to strip off her panties. Cheri was actually eager to get rid of them. When her naked pussy felt the coolness of the open air and all eyes in front of her were riveted to that one spot on her body, she actually began to feel her fuck-juices flowing.

“That was fantastic!” She grabbed Candy and hugged her, the moment she came into the dressing room. “I was scared, but now I feel like I could fuck a mule!”

Candy, after pulling away from her, hugged her tighter. “I know what you mean. I get off on some of the looks those guys give me. But I’d better get on out there before I get carried away in here. You smell so — I don’t know — so exciting. I feel like I could just eat you!”

She stopped, pulling away and turning her head, refusing to even look at Cheri. “I’d better get out there.”

Cheri knew she was supposed to get dressed and mingle with the customers. A big part of the money she would make came from customers buying table dances — where the girls danced right at the table for five dollars, just for that particular customer — but she just didn’t feel up to it. Holding Candy in her arms, with her cunt dripping wet, had made Cheri’s legs feel very trembly. She was still sitting there when Candy came back in.

“You still here?” Candy seemed upset, and more than a little excited. “You can’t make any money in here.”

“I know.” Cheri looked at the girl’s naked pussy and saw that it was as wet as her own. “I just couldn’t seem to get ready.”

“Well, you’d better. Jerri won’t like it,” she said, her eyes staring at Cheri’s naked cunt. “Damn, I’ve never done it with a woman. I never even felt like I wanted to. But your little pussy looks so delicious!”

Candy was suddenly on her knees, her head between Cheri’s legs, her tongue licking up and down on her cunt-lips.

“Oh, shit!” Cheri moaned. “That feels so good!”

As she felt that wiggling tongue inside her, Cheri grabbed a handful of the light brown hair and pushed her hips up, pressing her hot cunt against the girl’s busy mouth and tongue. Candy was moaning softly, sending vibrations into Cheri’s pussy and throughout her body. Cheri moved one hand down to a smooth, white shoulder and loved the feel of the soft, heated flesh on her hand. Then, sliding her hand on around, she found one of Candy’s little tits and pinched the hard nipple between a thumb and forefinger.

The touch caused Candy to moan louder, and that caused Cheri to flood her mouth with more cunt-juice. Her entire body grew rigid as the hungry mouth and busy tongue continued working on her cunt. She could feel Candy’s throat working as she swallowed the fuck-juices Cheri’s overcharged cunt was gushing.

“Damn, you taste so damn good!” Candy smiled up at her, the entire bottom of her face wet. “I just wish we had time for you to make me feel just as good!”

“The hell with it!” Cheri’s mouth was watering for a taste of Candy’s pretty pussy. “Let’s make time!”

“No,” Candy said. “If we don’t get on out there, not only will we not make any money, but Jerri may fire us. But nothing says we can’t get together after work.”

For the next three hours, Cheri spent more time thinking about what would happen after work than she did about what she was supposed to be doing. It must have worked to her advantage, though, because she wound up making nearly two hundred dollars. Jerri was even pleased enough with her performance to say something — she had been warned that Jerri seldom said anything good. “You did great, Cheri. Keep this up and you’ll be my star attraction. I was worried at first that you were just going to be another pretty face, but you really came through.”

And that made Cheri feel almost as good as Candy had made her feel in the dressing room.


“Well, hello,” Jerri said. “I thought we’d never see you again after you got married.”

“I’d rather not even think about that.” Cheri had tried to push all memory of her disastrous marriage from her mind. “It was, just like you said, the worst mistake I could ever make.”

Jerri smiled. “You about ready to come back where the action is?”

“No,” Cheri said. “Just thought I’d stop by and see if any of the old crowd…”

“Cheri!” The high, girlish voice drowned out even the pulsating music. “Get up here with me!”

Cheri felt a strong urge to crawl under the table.

“Shut up, Michelle,” she whispered.

Michelle smiled and continued her dance, but Cheri knew she had already done what she intended — calling attention to her from every man in the place.

While thinking about Candy earlier, Cheri had started thinking about the very first time she had gotten turned on by a woman.

Cheri hadn’t even been living at home by then, but came back to attend Reesa’s graduation. Her mother had asked her to stay the weekend with them, and Reesa had begged. Since Bill was no longer living there, Cheri had no trouble in agreeing. It was that weekend she learned what her bitch her mother had become, and it was then she learned that sexual enjoyment wasn’t confined to just finding the right man.

Cheri had gone to bed early, both because she was tired and because she knew that if she listened to her mother gripe one minute more, it would mean a fight. She had been having a very nice dream about some guy she saw at the graduation, and it didn’t even penetrate at first when she felt a gentle finger spreading the lips of her cunt apart. She was already wet from her dream, and the finger slid inside easily. It was when she noticed that the wiggling digit was concentrating more on her clit than on deep penetration that Cheri began to come awake.

Waking slowly, Cheri couldn’t seem to stop her hips from moving, pushing her pussy harder and harder against the soft hand. Her slightly parted lips allowed her wet tongue to dart out, wanting to slip across her dry lips, but something soft, warm and wet captured it before it could return to its haven. The lips which pressed against her own, as another tongue dueled with hers between them, were soft and demanding. That’s when Cheri knew whose lips they were.

“Reesa!” She tried to pull away. But Cheri didn’t really want to pull away once the initial shock wore off. “What’re you doing?”

“Having fun,” the blonde said. “Don’t you like it?”

The wiggling finger accompanying the words made Cheri moan. “Oh yes, I like it! But it’s not right!”

Reesa, pushing her lips again down on her sister’s, only moaned. Cheri gave herself up to the pleasure then and returned the kiss, her breath almost whistling in and out through her nose. The finger in her cunt was bringing her so swiftly toward orgasm that she felt as if she were on an express elevator.

“Please!” she gasped, tearing her lips free long enough to breathe. “Not so fast!”

At her words, the finger withdrew from her cunt, leaving a void there which seemed a mile wide. The rush of cold air, the sudden disappearance of pleasure, and the feeling of falling caused Cheri to push her hips up and rub her hot pussy-lips together.

“Damn, damn, damn!” she moaned, wanting Reesa’s finger back in her cunt.

The bed creaked as Reesa moved.

“No!” Cheri moaned, thinking her sister was leaving her side. “I want…”

Then she felt long blonde hair brushing her thighs, firm hands on her hips and tits almost as big as her own tickling her knees.

“Cheri,” Reesa said in a soft voice, “let me love you.”

Though something in her revolted against what she thought was about to happen, Cheri’s hot cunt itched and ached so much for Reesa’s touch that she felt her legs open as if they were spring loaded.

The feel of soft breath tickling her cunt-hair almost drove Cheri to the point of no return, but she still felt enough reservations about what was happening that it held her in check. Then she felt soft lips pressing against her cunt, brushing gently on her pussy-lips, and her fuck juices began gushing again. The first time the tongue darted out to lick the entire length of her cunt-slit, Cheri almost screamed.

She caught herself just in time, remembering that their mother was in the next room. But the low moan which forced its way out sounded incredibly loud in her cars. Reesa’s answering moan sent vibrations through her crotch. Then she felt her wet tongue wiggling its way inside and she knew she would scream if she didn’t do something.

“Oh, God, yes!” Cheri gasped. “Oh, shit, now!”

Though Cheri quickly came to enjoy spending time with her sister, she just couldn’t seem to bring herself to return the favor. At least, not in the same way. But she could help Reesa to get off in other ways, even came to enjoy doing it, but there was just something about pressing her lips against her sister’s cunt that actually turned her off. It wasn’t until she met Michelle that she finally discovered the joys of lesbian love and satisfaction.

It probably never would have come about if she hadn’t found herself without a man at one particularly low point in her young life.

“I don’t know if I can stand dancing tonight,” Cheri said, trying to keep the utter despair she felt from her voice. “It always excites me, and after last night, I’m not sure I can stand having that feeling.”

“What happened?” Michelle asked.

“I’d really rather not talk about it.”

“Come on, now.” Michelle’s laughter was far from sympathetic, almost deriding. “You wouldn’t even have mentioned it if you didn’t want to talk about it. But, I’m not going to beg…”

“All right. It all started out well. It was the first time Randy and I had seen each other since the divorce. It felt like the old magic was there, and Randy even seemed his old wonderful self. And it did go well, until later.”

Randy had called to make arrangements for them to meet and talk about some things.

“I don’t really think so,” Cheri said. “I just don’t see any sense in raking over old coals…”

“Come on, Cheri, you know you can trust me!”

“It’s not that, Randy.”

But she had finally given in. Remembering how marvelous it always was with him, she couldn’t help thinking about how the talking could lead to bed. And it had.

And it was great. Even the feel of his soft skin, the smooth, easy way he stroked her naked body, the fires just his touch built inside her, everything worked to erase the anguish of their fights from her mind.

His soft murmurings in her ear, then against her ample tits, sent shivers of pleasure coursing through her veins. She could feel the growing hardness of him beneath her hands and felt such a strong urge to move down and take his cock in her mouth that she had to fight for control. She knew she had to wait for him to make the first move or it would cause trouble. That much she had learned.

When Randy continued working on her lips, her ears, her throat, her tits, but never going any lower, Cheri felt as if she had reached a small ledge on the face of a cliff and gotten stuck there. She couldn’t go on up, but she found it impossible to let herself down. It was driving her out of her mind.

“Damn it, Randy!” The words found their own way out of her mouth between deep kisses. “Do something! Or let me do something!”

“I’m sorry, honey, I just can’t seem to make myself do it. I want to eat your pussy so bad that I can taste it, but the thought keeps flashing on me about how many pricks have been there since we split.”

“Damn it, Randy!” Cheri’s breath was coming in such gasps she could barely get the words out. “It don’t matter! You know I keep myself clean…”

“I just don’t give a damn! It’s just the thought of it! The thought that I don’t know who…”

“You don’t think I’ve thought about the cunts you’ve…”

“It doesn’t matter as much to you,” he said.

“Randy, what are you trying to do to me?”

“Fuck you!”

As Cheri felt her body rapidly cooling, leaving her feeling as if she had been pulled through a barbed wire fence, she found that she hated Randy more than she had ever hated anyone in her life.

“Damn you,” she whispered. “Damn you straight to hell!”

Cheri looked Michelle straight in the eyes seeing something there more than sympathy. “I feel like I couldn’t stand any man to even touch me. Or even look at me. But I also feel — I don’t know.”

With her eyes blinded by team, it came as a shock when Cheri felt soft, warm arms grabbing her, when she felt loving lips on her face, kissing and licking away the tears. The warmth of human contact, the ripples of delight racing through her body, all combined to push that ball of misery deep and away.

“Oh, Cheri,” Michelle whispered. “I’ve wanted to suck your clit since the first time I saw you dance.” The words, to Cheri’s ears, were vulgar, harsh, but the way Michelle said them gave a sugar coating to them which sent warm pleasure through her entire body. “I just hoped that one day…”

The rest of her words were smothered against Cheri’s soft right tit.

“Oh, damn, Michelle,” Cheri moaned.

“Please!” Michelle’s words were barely audible. “Let me!”

As the soft lips worked their way down her naked body, Cheri no longer even remembered where they were. The emotions and passions awakening in her nubile body took complete control of her. Her mind no longer functioned except as a receptacle for feelings — and the feelings were fantastic. The tongue on her inner thighs seemed to brand her with a hellish fire, while the dampness it left was incredibly cold. The fire building in her loins was almost enough to burn the bench on which she had slowly sat down. She was aching for the touch of something on her cunt-lips.

With the first brush of the soft, rough tongue across the hot, wet lips of her pussy, Cheri felt that she wasn’t going to be able to enjoy this. She felt the fires banking inside her, ready to burst forth.

Michelle probed deeper and deeper. When the tip of her tongue found Cheri’s swollen clit, all hell threatened to break loose inside her. When she felt the other girl’s lips taking that same protruding center of pleasure between them, with her tongue still going crazy, Cheri knew she couldn’t hold back.

Her body arching upward, Cheri gave in to the convulsions shaking her body, the rush of pure pleasure shaking her entire, world. It came in such a rush that she wanted it to hurry and end, but also hope it would go on forever.

“Damn, that was great!” Michelle’s face was glistening with Cheri’s cunt-juices, her face shining with pleasure. “Now, it’s my turn!”

At the thought, Cheri felt herself freezing inside. She became very still.

“I don’t think I can,” she whispered. “Something just won’t let me think about putting my mouth there.”

“Look,” Michelle said, obviously disappointed but not upset, “I know you’ve kissed guys after they’ve eaten your pussy.”

“But it’s not the same.”

“It’s exactly the same. In fact, there’s no real difference to sucking a guy’s prick. It’s all sex.”

“But, it’s a woman’s pussy!”

“And I can guarantee that you’ll love it. I know I do.”

Cheri felt the ice melting, but she still couldn’t imagine herself licking and sucking on a cunt.

There was just something about it.

“Give it a try,” Michelle said, looking very excited. “If you don’t like it, you can stop. I promise that I won’t blame you.”

Though Cheri knew Michelle would be very disappointed if she stopped, Cheri decided that she would give it her best shot.

Michelle had her start by just kissing. Cheri could still taste her own cunt on the girl’s lips, and that gave her a little more courage to work her way down. When she felt Michelle’s tits swelling and warming beneath her tongue and inside her lips, she felt the heat melting the last of the interior ice away from her own crotch. As her lips and tongue worked their way down the smooth belly, pausing a moment to work the tip inside the navel, she realized that her taste buds were responding to the clean, salty taste of the girl’s body. As she moved nearer the target, she began to smell the heady excitement of fuck-juice permeating every breath she took. By the time her lips touched the soft cunt-hair, the smell of hot sex was almost overpowering, promising a taste delight.

“Come on, baby!” Michelle’s voice was hoarse, with excitement. “Do it! Stick your finger in! Lick it with your tongue!”

Cheri found that she was ready, though still slightly repulsed by what she was doing. When her finger fucked inside and Michelle’s cunt muscles began gripping it, she felt such a surge of pleasure that she almost pushed her entire face inside. Her first lick was very tentative. Prepared to pull back if the taste was unpleasant, Cheri found it such a delicious taste that her mouth began screaming for more.

From the increase in heat and taste, she could tell that Michelle was climaxing. She began licking her hard clit. The fuck-juices were flowing, and Cheri tried to swallow them, only to discover that most of them continued to work on coating the inside of Michelle’s pussy. Still, she managed to get enough fuck-juice in her mouth and down her throat to slack her thirst.

“Oh, hell, yes!” Michelle shrieked above the loud rock music out in the club. Cheri felt herself drowning in delicious fuck-juices as her cunt spasmed.

Soft lips on her cheek brought Cheri back to the present.

“Hello, Cheri, you really look great!” It was Michelle. “And good enough to eat!”


It was an unusual feeling for Cheri to have her face heat up and turn red, but Michelle’s words, coming right at the end of her thoughts, brought a bright redness to her face.

“Hello, Michelle. You still dance as beautifully as always.”

“I’d love to see you dance again,” Michelle said. “And I just know the customers would enjoy hell out of it.”

Cheri felt that old pull, the desire to be the center of attention, and to know that every man in the place wanted her. “Maybe later. Right now I just need to relax.”

“Not again!” Michelle exclaimed. “Why don’t I just take the rest of the day off and…”

“No, you can’t afford to do that.”

“Money be damned!” Michelle’s dark hair danced as she shook her head. “Someone I care deeply about needs me. That’s more important than money.”

Cheri still refused.

“I told you,” Michelle said. “When you need me, I can make money anytime. Just let me go tell Jerri.”

As Cheri waited for Michelle to return from telling Jerri, and from getting dressed, she watched a dancer she hadn’t seen before, her mind wandering to an episode that had concerned the club.

It was the first time Jerri had ever let any of the girls take off when they were supposed to be working. Of course, it had been to do something for her, and that made it different. Jerri’s brother, Vic, had come up from Houston, and he wanted to have a little party at her house.

Cheri had noticed Vic the moment he’d come into the club and taken one of the stage seats. He caught her eye, not only because he was marvelous-looking, but because he looked so familiar. He looked almost exactly like a male version of Jerri.

“He wants you, Michelle, and Candy,” Jerri said after calling Cheri over to the bar. “So find them and the three of you be ready to leave as soon as I can get Mike to take over for me.”

“Are there going to be any other guys there?”

“No,” Jerri said. “But you won’t miss them, I can guarantee that.”

Leaving the noise of the club behind, Cheri felt herself relax. She relaxed even more when she realized that Vic wasn’t going to be one of those all-hands types who thought just because a girl danced naked onstage, she was free game for him. But she was also vaguely disappointed that he just sat there when he had four beautiful girls in the car with him.

She had never been to Jerri’s house and was rather impressed by it. It was a pretty brick three-bedroom about four miles from the club. “Don’t expect too much,” Jerri said, seeming to be a little nervous. “I’ve been spending so much time at the club that I haven’t had a lot of time for housekeeping.”

While the ashtrays hadn’t been emptied and there were a couple of magazines lying on the sofa, Cheri couldn’t see what Jerri had to be ashamed about. It looked better than her own apartment, and there were a lot more rooms to keep clean.

“It’s beautiful,” Cheri said. “I’d love to have a place like this, but I can barely afford my apartment.”

Once they were all comfortable, with drinks supplied by Jerri, Vic began explaining why they had been invited.

“You see,” he said, “there’s a card game I’ve been wanting to try out. Jerri told me that you three, and she would be perfect for it, and that we could all have lots of fun doing it.”

“What kind of card game?” Candy asked. “Nothing weird, I hope.”

Michelle’s laugh came out as a nervous giggle. “I like weird, as long as it don’t hurt.”

“Nothing weird,” Vic said. “Unless you consider five people having fun sex as weird.”

Cheri wasn’t too sure about it. “I don’t know. Group sex…”

“Can be a blast,” Jerri said. “Just give it a chance.”

Though Cheri didn’t like the hint of threat in her boss’ voice, she was getting interested in finding out what would happen.

“Basically,” Vic said, “it starts off just like strip poker, but doesn’t end up with us losing our clothes. In fact, once we all lose all our clothes is when the fun really starts. But we must agree that once it begins, we’ll stay with the game until it’s over.”

“And how do we know when it’s over?” Candy asked. “When you tell us it is?”

“It’s over when the first one of us gets fucked by my darling brother,” Jerri said. “And I’m sure that we’ll each be hoping that we win by that time. I know I will.”

As Cheri listened to the game being explained, she began to get into it. There were aspects about it — such as certain cards representing body parts — that thrilled her. By the time Jerri sent them into a bedroom to get into what clothes they needed so that everyone would start off equal, she was ready to play the game. Even Candy appeared to be ready for whatever happened.

When they were ready, Cheri felt a little uncomfortable with a bra on. She hadn’t worn one in so long, and even the bikini panties felt restrictive, since she wasn’t used to wearing any, but she felt an excitement building in her as she looked around the glass-topped table at the other players.

“You sure you didn’t stack the deck?” Jerri laughed, seeing the first card calling for Vic to do whatever the next card said.

“If I had,” he said, “I would have the next card having me take someone’s panties off.”

The next card was Jerri’s, and it told Vic to take her skirt off.

“Almost as good,” she said, standing so that he could pull her skirt down to where she could step out of it.

The next hand had Candy taking Michelle’s bra off. Cheri thought it was interesting the way Vic moved around to where he could get a good look at Michelle’s tits before she got her blouse back on.

“Damn, this ain’t no fun,” Jerri said, frowning at the card telling her to take her panties off. “I was hoping someone else would get to do this.”

Still, being the performer she was, she made it fun for the rest of them as she pushed them down to reveal her lovely cunt. Sitting back down, she made certain to sit so that her legs were wide enough that everyone could get a good look at her hot cunt.

Finally, when they were all naked, Michelle got a card which told her to kiss Candy’s pussy.

“Hey!” she gasped, almost leaping out of her chair to go over and kneel between the lovely brunette’s legs. “This is more like it!”

And it was a thrill for Cheri, too, just watching Michelle’s lovely lips come in contact with Candy’s beautiful pussy. She could feel her own cunt getting wet. Candy obviously enjoyed it, her hips coming up to press her hairy cunt against Michelle’s eager lips.

Then Michelle got to kiss Cheri’s ass, and though Cheri had never thought it would be a thrill to have a girl kiss her ass, she found a curious delight in it.

The next hand was even better. As Michelle pressed her lips against Cheri’s cunt, Cheri almost got off. If Michelle had pushed her tongue in, as Cheri hoped, she would’ve exploded. But Michelle was apparently determined to abide by the rules and only kissed her cunt.

“That was good!” she moaned, licking her lips as she returned to her seat. “I hope it gets even better!”

“It will,” Vic said, obviously enjoying the game more than anyone.

As she sat there, watching kisses being bestowed on various parts of various bodies, having some put on her, and getting to kiss tits, asses, pussies, and one time even Vic’s prick, Cheri continued to alternate between wild excitement and total boredom. When they finally got down to actually licking and sucking, she felt the excitement building again.

She really got a charge when Candy ate her cunt out, but it didn’t last long enough for her to climax and left her feeling a little down. She began to hope that she would get to suck Vic’s prick, but when that finally happened, Jerri was the lucky one.

“I can’t believe you’re going to do it!” Cheri sounded as shocked as she was. “He’s your own brother!”

“Damn right.” Jerri was already licking her lips. “And I’ve wanted to suck on that prick of his nearly all my life!”

As she watched this beautiful blonde lady take her brother’s prick in her mouth, Cheri felt a new excitement building in her. It wasn’t all from what was going on, either. As she watched the brother and sister, she began thinking about her own brother.

She had seen the outline of Jim’s hard-on several times, but she had never made any real attempt to see it.


Jerri’s voice startled her from her thoughts. “Where are you? You’re the lucky one, damn it, you get to fuck Vic!”


Very near to going over the top already, Cheri felt herself building even more at the thought of having Vic’s lovely hard-on in her cunt.

“I’m ready!” she cried. “Even if I was hoping I could suck that delicious hunk of cockmeat!”

“You might get to.” Vic smiled. “How?” Cheri asked. “I thought the game was over when…”

“When I fuck somebody in the pussy.” His hands felt hot and sweaty as he moved to position her on her hands and knees.

“I thought you were…”

Jerri laughed. “I didn’t say how he was going to fuck you. You must’ve been out, of it. The cards came up for him to fuck you in the ass.”

“I’ve never done it that way!” Cheri felt like crying, and almost did. “I’ve heard that it hurts!”

“Just trust me,” Vic said. “I promise that you’ll like it.”

“And we all promised to play the game completely out,” Jerri said. “You wouldn’t want to be the one to chicken out.”

“No,” Cheri said. “But if it hurts, I’m going to…”

“You’ve probably shit bigger turds than my prick,” Vic said. “Just relax and enjoy it.”

Cheri had to admit, as she felt something warm, wet and sticky cm his finger rubbing across her ass, that it felt good. Even when he put his finger inside her asshole, she began feeling a warmth spreading through her body, and she could feel the pressure and the movement in her cunt, causing it to get even wetter. As he worked his finger around in her asshole, she began to enjoy it. Even when he rammed it all the way in, she still didn’t feel any real pain. Just unusual pressure. It wasn’t long until her cunt was so hot that she ached to feel something in it, and she was wishing that he would do something more than just finger her asshole. Then he pulled his finger out, leaving her feeling sort of empty.

But it didn’t last long enough or her to even say anything. Almost immediately, Cheri felt the head of his prick against her ass. It was lots bigger than his finger, and he worked it very slowly against her shit-hole. She tried to concentrate on looking at the naked girls in front of her, trying to relax her shitter enough that he could get it in.

“Ouch!” she moaned, though it didn’t really hurt, as she felt the head slip past her ring.

Once the cock-head was inside, Cheri found that she was actually enjoying the pressure and the movement. Vic didn’t just fuck in, as she had feared. He worked the prick-head in and out, going just a fraction deeper with each stroke.

It wasn’t long before he was fucking her rapidly. She began pounding her ass against his belly each time she felt him driving into her. She wanted him deeper and deeper.

“Oh, shit, do it! Harder! Deeper!” When she felt the cock-head swelling inside her ass, she began bucking against him like she was trying to throw him off, but actually just wanted him to fuck faster and harder and deeper.

“Time!” Jerri cried.

“Damn!” Cheri moaned. “I wasn’t ready to stop!”

All the girls laughed. Cheri could tell that just watching had excited them almost as much as doing it had excited her.

The cards didn’t come up in Cheri’s favor for quite a while, and Cheri began to drift away again as she watched the others licking each others cunts and sucking on Vic’s prick.

She wasn’t sure what had brought the incident to her mind, but she began thinking about the first time she had found herself in a threesome. It had happened when she walked in and caught Reesa in bed with a guy.

“Damn!” Reesa’s face was a picture of dismay and frustration, but her words caught in her threat at the look on Cheri’s face.

Cheri found that she wasn’t shocked. In fact, standing in the doorway, looking at her sister’s beautiful naked body, with the smooth nakedness of the guy who was between her legs, his face buried in her crotch, started flashes of heat lightning running through her body. Her few clothes felt restrictive and tight. She wanted to get out of her clothes and push her hot cunt down on her sister’s smiling lips. At the same time, she felt an overpowering desire to take the guy’s prick in her mouth. Almost without thinking about it, she slipped her clothes off and moved toward the bed.

Reesa opened her mouth to say something, but shut it again as Cheri advanced on them.

As she approached, Cheri studied their positions, trying to figure out if the plan she had in mind would work. The guy was lying mostly on his side, his hard-on almost rubbing against Reesa’s left leg. Reesa would be no problem. She could easily move her head so that she could reach her sister’s pussy. All Cheri had to do was decide how she was going to get her cunt to her sister’s mouth and still be able to get her own mouth on the guy’s prick.

Reesa grunted, both in pleasure from what the guy was doing to her cunt and to cover the movement of the bed as Cheri moved to straddle her head. Cheri felt her sister’s hot breath on her cunt-hair, and her insides tightened in anticipation of the feel of the wiggling, hot tongue on her pussy-lips. Her breath came in short gasps as she leaned over to pick up the stiff prick and bring it to her lips. Her tongue snaked out to lick the cock-head as Reesa’s tongue wiped across the wet lips of her pussy. She groaned at both pleasures.

With the tongue going like mad in her cunt, the prick swelling and leaking into her mouth and the scent of Reesa’s hot pussy as the guy continued working on her, Cheri almost couldn’t stop herself before sucking the guy completely off.

“No!” she cried, yanking the swelling cock from her mouth. “I’m not ready, yet!”

“Who the hell are you?” the guy asked.

Reesa laughed. “This is my sister, Cheri.”

Once the initial shock wore off, Cheri could see that the guy was really thrilled at what was going on.

“Cheri, this is Mark,” Reesa said. “He eats pussy real good, and fucks even better.”

“You want a demonstration?” Mark’s eyes were riveted to Cheri’s cunt, his tongue licking Reesa’s fuck-juices from his lips as if they were only the appetizer. “I’ve got plenty to go around.”

“Okay,” she said, licking her lips in a way she knew would drive him wild. “Why don’t you fuck Reesa while you eat my pussy?”

“Sounds good to me,” Mark said, flipping onto his back and pulling Reesa toward his prick. “Sit on my face, Cheri.”

“Can’t I eat your pussy, too?” Reesa sighed as she fucked his prick to the hilt in her wet cunt.

Cheri felt twinges throughout her lower belly at the thought of two tongues dueling inside her pussy-hole. “Just be sure that one of you works on my clit a little.”

The only sounds which came from the bedroom for the next fifteen minutes were grunts and groans. Cheri almost screamed when Mark and Reesa both began moaning in perfect harmony, sending vibrations through her cunt. She felt herself building to a climax as Mark’s prick made plopping sounds in Reesa’s pussy and the two tongues continued licking and flicking inside her cunt.

“Oh, God, I’m coming!” Mark moaned.

Cheri suddenly shoved Reesa off. “Damn it, I’ve got to taste it!”

“Damn you, Cheri,” Reesa said, her pussy throbbing at being so suddenly emptied.

Cheri ignored everything, even the fact that her cunt had completely covered Mark’s mouth and nose as she leaned forward to take his swollen prick in her mouth. She could taste Reesa’s fuck-juices on his prick, but it only added flavor to it, and she never gave a thought to how she had resisted eating her sister’s pussy, even though Reesa had begged her to. All she could think of was the way the hot globs of jizz were shooting from the prick into her mouth. She swallowed as fast as she could, wanting every drop of it. She could feel her own cunt-juices drowning Mark, but he just kept shoving his prick deeper and shooting constant streams of the thick, white spunk into her mouth. Cheri was almost hurting from the tenseness of her own orgasm by the time he finally stopped shooting and she felt his cock softening in her mouth. Then she collapsed over on her side, letting Mark breathe again.

“That was fantastic!” Cheri moaned, feeling totally satisfied for the moment. “But I’d love to do it again after you’ve rested!”

“What about me?” Reesa asked. “You two pushed me away just as I was about…”

“Oh, Reesa!” Cheri smiled. “I’m sorry. What can we do?”

“You could eat my pussy.”

Cheri still couldn’t face doing that. “You know I can’t…”

“You didn’t mind tasting it on Mark’s prick.”

“I know,” Cheri said. “Hey, I’ve got an idea.” She glanced down at Mark. “That is, if Mark can get up for it.”

“Give me ten minutes,” he said. “I’ll be ready for anything.”


At first, Reesa pouted, making her babyface look even more delectable. “I still don’t see what good I’ll get!”

Cheri was all hot for the idea, not just because it was hers. “I’ll see that you get off. You like to eat my pussy, and you like to suck Mark’s prick, so this’ll be almost like doing both at once.”

“But I still don’t see, if he fucks you…”

“Just leave it to me.” Cheri had always been good at talking her little sister into things, but she was being difficult about this. “I guarantee that you’ll get yours.”

“You going to eat me?”

“No, but I’ll see that you get yours.”

“Let’s get on with it.” Mark was holding his stiff cock, eager to stick it in Cheri’s cunt.

With Reesa’s blonde head on her chest, her pouted lips working on sensitive tits, Cheri almost lost it before Mark’s cock was even halfway in. But she held off. She wanted to save it until she felt him shooting inside her. She wanted to save it until Reesa went to work on her.

Cheri tried to push the super feeling of him fucking in and out of her, while concentrating on working her muscles to bring him to the top as soon as possible.

The sensations were flooding her mind, bringing her volcano to a super boil, but Cheri managed to hang on until she felt Mark’s prick swelling. Then she felt the slight sensation of his shooting inside her and knew it was time.

“Now, Reesa!”

Mark was still shooting when Reesa jerked his cock out and made a dive for it, trying to get it in her mouth.

“No, Reesa!” Cheri screamed. “Let him go! I want you on me while it’s still hot!”

“What about me?” Mark asked, looking comically disappointed at having his throbbing cock released at this crucial moment.

“Eat Reesa!” Cheri yelled as she felt Reesa’s tongue inside her hot cunt. Then she lost all thought of Mark and all thought of anything other than the tremors which were shaking her body with every movement of her sister’s tongue and the sound of her sister’s throat swallowing the gobs of Mark’s come she was sucking into her mouth.


At first, Cheri thought it was Reesa. Then she recognized Michelle’s voice and looked around, expecting to see the others waiting to tell her what her card had said.

“Cheri?” Michelle’s voice was right in her ear and it totally shocked to realize that she was sitting in the Vegas Club, watching a strange girl dancing, with Michelle leaning over the table looking very worried. “For a minute there, I thought you had passed out, or something.”

Cheri smiled. “No, I was just drifting. Remembering some old times.”

Michelle’s smile almost lit up the dark corner where they sat. “Why remember old times when we can create new ones?”

Feeling a slight movement in her crotch, Cheri smiled. “I think I’d like that, but not right now.”

“Well,” Michelle said, “I can wait. But that wasn’t what I called you out of your reverie for I want you to look at that older guy who just came in.”

At first, Cheri couldn’t make out which one she was talking about. Most of the guys at the stage seats were older guys. One of them did look rather striking, and rather familiar. “You into older guys now?”

“Not really,” Michelle said. “But this dude has been coming in a lot lately. There’s something about him. I don’t know, maybe it’s because he never drinks anything stronger than Coke. Or it could be because he never spends much money, even though he looks like he has plenty. I don’t know what it is, but I feel a real strong attraction to him.”

“Well, if you feel that way, go for it.”

“I’ve thought about it, but he never tries to come on to me. Or any of us.”

“My God, no!” Cheri gasped, having just gotten a good look at the guy. “It can’t be!”

Cheri wanted to run. She wanted to hide under the table. “It’s Bill!”

“Bill who?”

“Never mind.” Cheri pushed herself farther back into the darkened corner. “I just can’t let him see me in here.”

Cheri hadn’t been able to leave, even when Bill gave her the chance by going to the restroom, and she was forced to sit and watch as Michelle, and a couple of the other girls, did everything they could to flirt with Bill.

Just looking at Bill, even though he was staring intently at each and every girl who danced, was enough to make Cheri squirm in her seat. She could imagine his beautiful hard-on throbbing with pleasure, crying for release, as he watched the naked tits, asses, and cunts in front of him. Her desire to dance naked in front of him became stronger and stronger. At the same time, she was afraid to do it because she just knew she would come all over the stage just from having his eyes on her hot pussy. If she looked down and saw the bulge she knew must be in his pants, she might even lose control and attack him right in public.

As these thoughts ran through her mind, Cheri found herself pressing farther and farther into the darkness of her corner. She wanted him so bad she could taste it, but she also had a tremendous surge of fear.

“Damn!” Michelle exclaimed, coming back to Cheri’s table naked. “I’m about to give up! The dude just looks and looks, and obviously enjoys what he sees, but he absolutely refuses to do anything else! He won’t even talk to me! Or any of the girls!”

“Maybe he just likes to look.” Cheri knew she was lying even as she said it. “There are guys like that, you know.”

Michelle smiled. “He just don’t strike me as being like that. There’s something he’s looking for, and it just ain’t any of us.” She turned toward Cheri, finally putting her scant garments back on. “Maybe he’s looking for you.”

“He couldn’t be looking for me,” Cheri said. “I haven’t danced here in months. Besides, he knows where to find me. I’m sure he’s still in love with my mother.”

“It might be something worth considering, though,” Michelle said. “I’ll bet if you got up there and danced, his whole attitude would change.”

“I couldn’t. It wouldn’t be right. And I haven’t danced in so long.”

“You’re still just as beautiful as ever. I’ll bet you still remember all your routines. Do it, Cheri. You’re chicken if you don’t.”

“Jerri wouldn’t go for it.”

“Maybe not,” Michelle said. “Let me ask her.” She held up her hand before Cheri could protest. “Even if she says it’s okay, you still don’t have to unless you want to.”

By the time Michelle came back with permission, Cheri knew she was going to dance. She found herself hoping that Bill would decide to leave in the next few minutes, and knew it would convince her not to dance if he did. “Okay,” she said, borrowing one of Michelle’s costumes. “But I want to get to the dressing room without Bill seeing me.”

“We’ll just wait until he goes to the restroom again.”

Once she was in the skimpy costume, consisting of G-string and skimpy bra, Cheri felt the old excitement coming back. Just the thought of being naked in front of all those men and women was charge enough to make her feel totally alive again. And it wasn’t just the power she felt when she knew every eye in the place was devouring her nakedness. It was almost as if she only truly came alive when she was naked in public.

“I’m ready,” she said to Michelle. “If you’ll go on out and get the DJ to pick out a couple of good tunes, I’ll wait here until I hear him announce me.”

As she waited to hear her name called, Cheri felt herself tensing. It was the first time she had felt this way since the first time. She was eager to get out there, because she knew the tension would leave as soon as she stepped on the stage. But she was also afraid to go out there, knowing that Bill would be sitting there, his hot eyes on her naked body, staring right into her hot cunt. She just hoped that she could keep from climaxing. She wasn’t sure she could keep from collapsing if that happened.

The moment she stepped out on the stage, her nervousness vanished. She wasn’t just plain Cheri anymore. She was a total sexual animal. She knew that every man and woman in the place would be eating her up with their eyes. She could hardly wait to finish the first song so she could get out of her scant covering. She wanted to be completely naked in public. She wanted to be naked in front of Bill.

After her first glance at him, Cheri fought to it keep her eyes off Bill. She had seen the shock of recognition on his face and the thought flashed through her mind that he didn’t like the idea of seeing her up there. She concentrated on looking at the guys who were really getting off on her. She finally found herself getting back into it.

As she twisted and turned her naked body, being careful that she moved her legs in such a way to give the guys who had put money on the stage the best look at her pussy, she continued to feel the heat moving through her body. Her cunt kept getting wetter and wetter. She even felt moisture seeping onto her inner thighs. She could feel the pressure building in her crotch and knew that if she dared look at Bill, she would start coming.

As she moved to lie on the stage, to simulate being fucked, she felt it building. The heat continued to wash over her body, finally centering in her crotch. She could almost feel a physical force there, as if the looks she was getting were actually fucking her. It was almost like having a hot tongue, or a hard prick moving between her satin lips. She wanted to reach down and fuck her finger into her cunt so bad that it hurt. Then she looked at Bill.

It might have been the reflection of the light but his eyes looked as if they were on fire. He was staring at her pussy so hard that tears were almost coming to his eyes. He hadn’t laid any money on the stage, but Cheri felt herself turn toward him. She wanted him to see how wet she was. She wanted him to be able to look directly at her cunt. She wanted him to fuck her. Then she lost all track of everything as her body trembled with orgasm.


There were vague flashes in Cheri’s mind of strong, gentle hands lifting her naked body, of soft hands dressing her, of the chill of fresh air on her face, of a bouncy ride, of voices she thought she recognized, then a soft bed. When she finally came to her senses, she could almost call her surroundings familiar, but they just didn’t look right. She finally discovered that she was in the same bedroom where she had spent much of her childhood.

“What the hell am I doing here?” she whispered.

The bed was soft, but she felt uncomfortable. Even though her first movements told her that she was very weak, she could feel her strength returning. She wanted to get up. She wanted to find her mother and ask how she came to be here. But she wasn’t sure she was up to moving that much, or up to facing her mother. She just lay, staring in the semi-darkness at the almost familiar walls, wondering what was going on.

It was about then that the voices seeped through the walls.

Cheri couldn’t make out the words and longed to climb out of bed and tiptoe to the door, but she could recognize the voices. It was definitely her mother, with that belligerent whine she used when she had been drinking, and there was no way Cheri couldn’t pick Bill’s voice out of a crowd of a thousand.

Cheri strained her cars, trying to make out the words. But it was no use. She would have to get out of bed, and she didn’t dare do that.

At first it was only because she was afraid her legs wouldn’t hold her, but there was also apprehension that her mother would come and check on her and she wouldn’t be quick enough to get back in bed.

Watching the lights from the cars on the Interstate produce dancing patterns on the window curtains, Cheri tried to amplify her hearing, but she couldn’t catch a single word. Not until her mother went to the bathroom.

She heard Bill speaking from near the bathroom door. “Are you sure?”

Neva said something Cheri couldn’t catch. “Okay,” Bill said. “You know I’ll love it, but I want you to be sure.”

“I hope the hole is still in the door,” Cheri said to herself.

By the time she heard the rhythmic speaking of the springs, Cheri was so hot and wet that she worried about the sheets. Careful to raise her ass up so she wouldn’t slide on the bed, she slipped out and headed for her door.

The hole was still there, but Cheri found that she didn’t enjoy watching as much as she had when she was a kid. Even though they were lying in a perfect position for viewing, with a clear shot at watching Bill’s lovely prick fucking in and out of her mother’s beautiful cunt, Cheri didn’t feel the old excitement. Perhaps it was because she had been fucked so much. She wanted to be in there with them. If she could just find the nerve.

Neither of them appeared to notice as she eased the door open. She could hear their grunts and groans better, and the smell of hot sex almost permeated the room. Cheri found that the scent of their pleasure added to her own, even before she was close to the bed. She stood, enjoying the view of the two naked bodies, the prick fucking in and out of her mother’s cunt.

Easing herself onto the bed so that she could feel the heat from Neva’s body on her hot cunt and press her hard nipple against Bill’s leg, she moved her head up so close that her entire head was filled with the smell of hot sex. Up close, the sight of Bill’s hard-on fucking into her mother’s box was even more beautiful. Moving in closer, Cheri pushed her tongue out to rake it across Bill’s wet prick, right at the point where it was coming out of Neva’s cunt. It was so delicious that it sent little stars of delight shattering through Cheri’s brain.

Shifting her body to bring her mouth more in line with what she wanted to do, Cheri felt her hot pussy come in contact with Neva’s shoulder. Now she could get her tongue into position so that she could run it over the bottom of her mother’s smooth cunt-lips and along the length of Bill’s prick in quick, alternating darts. She got so wound up in the taste and feel of what she was doing she almost didn’t notice the hand on her leg, pushing it up so that the cool air played with her cunt-hair, letting some of the heat escape from her wet pussy. But she did notice when she felt the darting, wet tongue sliding along her own cunt-lips.

“Oh, Bill!” Cheri moaned, her lips against her mother’s pussy, her tongue licking the juices from Bill’s cock. Then she realized that the lips on her own pussy didn’t have the rough feel of a man’s lips.

Cheri almost lost it when she realized that her mother was eating her pussy. But she held on and continued working on Bill’s cock and her mother’s cunt until she felt the insistent pull of hands on her legs and hips.

“Honey,” Neva said, “get on top so you can suck my clit.”

In the mad scramble for new position, Cheri barely noticed the looks on the faces of Bill and Neva. But she did notice and it gave her a warm feeling like none she had never experienced before.

Feeling her mother’s big tits pressed against her stomach, her own pressed against the naked belly of her mother, her mother’s lips on her cunt, and Bill’s hands on her bare shoulders, Cheri almost didn’t need the taste and feel of her mother’s pussy to get off. It added to the taste and pleasure being able to lick at Bill’s big prick as it fucked in and out of Neva’s cunthole. Cheri almost drowned in the sensations which flooded her mind and body. She knew she was soaking her mother’s face with her fuck-juices.

Reaching around to clench his ass so she could really tell when he was shooting, Cheri waited until he had shot a couple of good wads before pushing him up and back.

Cheri hadn’t wanted to cheat her mother, but she did want to taste Bill’s cock in her mouth. His prick was still spurting in great, white gobs as it came out of Neva’s cunt, and Cheri hungrily grabbed the huge, beautiful thing and stuck it in her mouth.

As the large, viscous drops of spunk splashed on her tongue, Cheri began swallowing. She wanted it all. She sucked it deeper in her mouth, until she could feel it shooting against her tonsils, and still she wanted more.

Even though his cock stopped shooting and began softening, Cheri still wanted more.

Neva was twisting and moaning beneath her as Bill’s cock came out of her mouth, so Cheri simply dropped her head down and began eating her mother’s pussy again. It was even more delicious with the flavor of Bill’s jizz still there.

Neva’s tongue was going ninety inside her daughter’s cunt, and Cheri knew she couldn’t take much more without going over the top. She wanted to bring her mother with her. She wanted them to go off together. It would have been treat if all three could have been there at the same time, but she wanted her mother there.

Cheri did her best to press Neva’s head through the pillow, through the bed, through the floor, as their bodies shuddered in orgasm.

Rolling off her mother, Cheri prepared for the rest she knew they all three would need, but found that rest wasn’t on anyone’s mind but hers.

Bill had practically leaped, whirling around on the bed. His finger found its way easily into her sopping cunt, his lips and tongue quickly bringing the profuse fuck-juice there to a new boil. Neva reached over to stick Bill’s slick prick into her mouth, sucking him back to almost instant hardness.

Though she really just wanted to lie there, Cheri felt she had to do something. Since her mother’s hairy, wet cunt was almost in her face, she followed Bill’s example and stuck a finger in Neva’s hot pussy. Then she buried her face in that hot flesh, her tongue searching out the upper reaches of the cunt-slit, hunting for Neva’s clit.

Suddenly Bill yelled, “God, Cheri, I want to fuck you!”

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck!”

As she felt Bill’s huge prick parting the lips of her pussy, Cheri felt her mother pull away from both of them. For a second, she was afraid that Neva was getting mad about Bill fucking her daughter, but the thrill of having him inside her obliterated any feelings of guilt and fear that tried to get through. She just closed her eyes and pictured his lovely hard-on fucking in and out of her hot cunt and forgot all about her mother.

She got off so many times that she couldn’t keep track. Each time it was more enjoyable — and more violent — than the time before. When Bill’s cock expanded inside her and she felt the first hot drops of jism shooting into her, Cheri screamed so hard that it tore something in her throat. Her entire body tensed so fight that she thought she was going to explode.


Cheri awoke and stretched her small naked body, feeling wonderful.

Bill smiled. “That’s the second time in the past twenty-four hours that you’ve passed out. There’s got to be something…”

“Silly!” Cheri giggled. “Don’t you realize that it’s you? I just get so wound up on you that my body overloads. I hope it’ll pass — not getting wound up on you — but the passing out. I feel that I miss something then.”

Bill seemed relieved, and even pleased. Neva, though, frowned and stared at her daughter.

Finally, when no one talked, Neva pushed herself off the bed. Cheri marveled out how beautiful her mother was, even at forty-one, and felt her desire coming alive again. She was almost afraid to look at Bill, who was still naked.

“Is Jim living here?” Cheri asked.

“Yes.” Neva nodded, causing her large tits to bounce delightfully. “But he’s gone for a couple of weeks. A friend of his invited him on a trip down the Arkansas.”

Neva smiled.

“I was invited, but now I’m very glad that I didn’t go.”

“I think,” Bill said, “that with Jim gone, Cheri could stay here. I’m still worried about her passing…”

“You can both stay.” Neva smiled, but it looked forced. “I sort of like the idea of group sex.”

And group sex was what it was. Bill, especially, didn’t seem to want to go to bed without both of them there. Several times, Neva tried to get Bill alone, though she never attempted the same thing with Cheri. Cheri began to get the idea that her mother wasn’t enjoying it, but it didn’t matter to her as long as she got to suck and fuck Bill, and got to eat and be eaten by both of them.

Mostly, Cheri’s ideas came wanting the three of them to do things she remembered the two of them doing when she was a kid. Now and then, though she would come up with something she had learned since she’d left home. Like the night her ass got to itching, demanding to be fucked. She brought it up and, though Bill didn’t really want to do it, she talked him into it.

“And Mom — you can eat my pussy while Bill fucks me in the ass,” Cheri said.

Neva liked the eating idea, but she seemed put off by the ass-fucking. “I just can’t see how that could be any fun. It sounds awfully nasty.” But, after seeing the way Cheri got off on it, and the way Bill shot more jism than usual from doing it, Neva began to get intrigued.

“It only hurts for a moment,” Cheri said. “After that, pure pleasure. I’ll help you, and Bill will go slow, if you want to try it.”

Neva finally agreed, and Cheri positioned her on her hands and knees. Leaning over, she spread her mother’s asscheeks, revealing a very tight asshole.

At the first touch of Cheri’s lips on her asshole, Neva flinched. Cheri gently slapped her ass and told her to hold still.

“But it tickles!”

When Cheri began licking on her mother’s asshole, then stuck her tongue in, Neva began to push against her face. It didn’t take long to get the hole good and wet. “Okay, Bill. It’s wet, but take it easy. I’m used to it, but she’ll will need slow, gentle pressure. And, Mom, you help. Push against him. Also, you’ll need to force your muscles to relax. Almost like you’re trying to take a shit, except don’t put any outward pressure on it.”

“Oh, damn, it hurts!” Neva moaned as the head of Bill’s cock fucked inside.

“Just relax, Mom, and enjoy.” Cheri slipped underneath her mother so that she could get her lips and tongue busy on the woman’s hairy cunt, putting her own pussy directly beneath Neva’s face.

“It feels good!” Bill groaned. “And it looks super!”

Whether it was Cheri’s tongue working inside her cunt, the taste of her daughter’s pussy in her own mouth, or that she was really enjoying being fucked in the ass, Neva finally began to moan and twist about.

“Fuck her in the ass good, Bill,” Cheri yelled.

“Oh, ummmm! Fuck me in the ass!” Neva groaned.

“Here it comes!” Bill yelled, fucking his big prick in and out of Neva’s ass with lightning strokes.

“Don’t shoot in my ass!” Neva screamed, pulling away.

Bill’s prick flopped out of her ass, and big drops of jizz began splashing on Cheri’s face.

Cheri reached up to pull the throbbing prick toward her open mouth. Her mother, whirling on the bed, beat her to it.

“I want to taste it! I want it in my mouth! I want to taste my ass!”

She filled her mouth with his prick, drinking his fuck-juices as if she were starving.

A little later, Cheri suggested they take a stroll around the apartment complex. “I think it would be fun for the three of us to walk around naked.”

Bill was ready, his prick hardening at the thought, but Neva hesitated. “I don’t know. We had some window peepers around and they put in some new security lights. It’s almost as light as day.”

“That makes it even better,” Cheri said, leaping to her feet. “What’s the point in doing it if no one can see us?”

Just the feel of the fresh air on her bare skin was exciting. Seeing some of the cars on the highway slowing down was even more exciting. Seeing curtains moving, as if people were watching them, made Cheri want to stop and fuck. By the time they reached the bright lights of the playground, Cheri was ready to do something more than just walk.

Without a word, Cheri wheeled about, grabbing Bill’s prick in her hand. Loving the hardness of it, she quickly dropped into a squat and sucked it in her mouth. It tasted hot and delicious.

“Cheri, are you crazy?” Neva gasped. “Somebody will call the cops!”

But before Cheri could really get full enjoyment out of sucking Bill’s cock, her mother knelt beside her and took it away from her, sticking it in her own mouth.

Watching her mother suck Bill’s prick under the bright lights was a real thrill for Cheri. Especially since she was naked and fingerfucking herself. But she wanted more.

Stretching out on the concrete, ignoring the cold roughness, she reached for her mother’s cunt with her tongue. With her tongue in her mother’s pussy, her finger in her own, and her eyes drinking in the huge prick moving in and out of her mother’s mouth, Cheri was ready to forget that everyone in the apartment complex, as well as the people in the cars on the highway, could see.

“Hey, look at that!” Bill jerked them away from what they were doing with his words. “That young couple that just moved in opened their curtains. And they’re both stark naked!”

“So what?” Neva started to stick his prick back in her mouth.

“I think they’ve been watching us,” he whispered, moving away from them, toward the window. “Maybe they want us to watch them, now.”

Neva tried to pull Bill back, but Cheri was excited by the idea of peeking.

“Come on, Mom,” she said. “It might be fun.”

The people were both lying on top of their bed, completely naked. The woman was so very pretty that Cheri felt her tongue getting wet just from looking at her pretty little pussy. And the guy looked good, too. Though his cock wasn’t as big as Bill’s, it looked so smooth and tasty that Cheri ached to suck it.

The man started fucking the woman. It looked as if he deliberately positioned them so those outside the window could see his prick fucking in and out of his wife’s pretty little cunt.

“You know what would be great?” Bill whispered, not taking his eyes off the fucking couple. “If you two would sneak in there and join them.”

“What about you?” Neva asked.

“I’ll just stay here and watch. Besides, he might not like the idea of another man in bed with his wife.”

Cheri liked the idea, and Neva gave in. Bill eased the screen off the window so they could climb in.

Cheri motioned Neva to move to the head of the bed while she worked herself in beside the couple, ducking under the girl’s leg.

She waited to see her mother position herself, straddling the guy’s head. When her mother dropped her cunt down to cover the guy’s mouth, Cheri, started moving in toward the woman’s little cunt.

“Hey, what’s going on?” the girl cried.

Cheri quickly fastened her lips to her wet cunt. The girl stopped yelling and pushed her hips up, both to get the guy’s prick in deeper and to push against the lips she felt on her pussy. Cheri spread the girl’s legs wide, knowing that Bill would get a really good look at her open cunt. The taste of the girl, and the guy, and picturing what her mother was doing, as well as knowing Bill was watching it all, made Cheri so hot and wet that her pussy was spasming, trying to pull something besides air in. She felt the guy’s prick swelling and jerked it out of his wife’s cunt.

While the guy’s prick was shooting off in her mouth, Cheri reached up to fuck a finger inside the girl’s wet pussy. The girl moved, letting Cheri see what was going on at the top. Not only was the guy sticking his tongue inside her mother’s pussy, but the girl was licking Neva’s asshole.

When they were all finally relaxing on the bed, Cheri motioned for Bill to join them.

The moment he came through the window, Cheri noticed that the young couple’s eyes were on his hard-on.

“God?” the girl gasped. “I’d like to suck that!”

“It’s all right with me if you suck it,” Bill said.


After the fuck sessions with Bill and Neva, Cheri spent the next three days in her apartment, wondering why Bill hadn’t called. She realized that she hadn’t thought to give him her number, but he could surely get it from Reesa.

When the phone finally did ring, it was Jim. “Cheri, can you get one of your dynamite friends and come over?”

Jim, she could tell, had a friend with him, and had probably promised that he could get the guy a real knockout gal who loved to fuck. “I don’t know, Jim. Mom might not want me there for awhile.”

“She won’t be here,” he said. “She’s gone out of town with some old dude and won’t be back for at least a week.”

“And she’s actually left you there alone?”

“Actually, she left me with Gramma, but I’ve got a key. I told George that we would come over here and party, but the girls we picked up backed out. If you could get a friend — I mean, you’ll really like George. And I know he’ll love you.”

Jim had tried to get her to fuck some of his friends before, but they were usually so childish that Cheri couldn’t get turned on.

“Come on, Cheri. I promised.”

The thought of her brother’s hard cock popped into her mind, and she could almost taste it. Even if his buddy was some little jerk, she could still have fun. “I’ll try. But I may not be able to find anyone on such short notice.”

“Please, Cheri!”

“I’ll come, even if I can’t find…”

“Thank you, Cheri?” He hung up before she could say more.

Cheri noticed the strong scent of hot prick as she walked in the door. It made her wonder what Jim and George had been doing, while waiting. It didn’t take her long to find out.

They were both sitting at the kitchen table, stark naked, with marvelous hard-ons, looking at a dirty magazine.

“Oh, hi, Cheri!” Jim acted proud of his hard cock, but George seemed just a little embarrassed. “Where’s the other girl?”

Cheri hadn’t even tried to find anyone. “Couldn’t find anyone that wasn’t working. But I won’t disappoint you.”

George looked at Jim. “I guess you’ll just have to be satisfied with the magazine.”

“Like hell I will,” Jim said. “My sister can take both of us on and make us wonder if we can stay with her.”

“You?” George’s eyes opened so wide they threatened to pop right out of his head. “That sounds really freaky — and fun!”

Quickly stripping off her shorts and halter, Cheri moved toward them. She loved the way they were looking at her naked body, and she loved the way their hard pricks seemed to get even harder. Dropping to her knees, she took both those hunks of hot cock-meat in her hands and began jacking them. She barely noticed their hands on her tits as she lost herself in the feel of their pricks. Bobbing her head down, she took Jim’s prick in her mouth while keeping up a slow stroking on George’s.

George had pleasantly surprised her. Jim usually picked real wimpy-looking guys to run around with, but George, though young, looked great. He had dark brown hair, a nice strong face, and big shoulders. His hips were slim, and his legs were almost as pretty as a girl’s. His cock was nearly as big as Bill’s. She had wanted to taste it first, but she knew Jim would feel put down if she didn’t taste his first. As she sucked on her brother’s hard prick and slowly jacked George’s, Cheri felt her cunt tingle. It was already demanding a piece of the action, but Cheri wanted to work up to that.

“Fucking fantastic!” George groaned when she shifted over to take his cock deep in her mouth.

His hand was squeezing her right tit so hard that it almost hurt, and her pussy was almost dripping, but Cheri concentrated on bringing him almost to the point of orgasm before she stopped sucking.

With gentle pressure, Cheri managed to get them turned so that she could stick both their pricks in her mouth at the same time. She loved the way the guys were moaning and groaning, but found that it really wasn’t as much fun as she had thought to have two hard pricks in her mouth at the same time. The taste was super, but her mouth was so full that she couldn’t even move her tongue. Still, because they seemed to be getting such a kick out of it, she stayed that way for a few minutes.

“Who gets to fuck me first?” she asked when she finally pulled their cocks out of their mouth, taking a moment to lick the jizz off the heads of both pricks.

“Go ahead, George,” Jim said.

George started to get up, but Cheri pushed him back down.

“Just sit there,” she said. “I’ll sit down on it.”

As she felt his prick fill her hot cunt, Cheri couldn’t stifle a low moan.

“Come on, Jim! If you stand in front of me, I can suck you while George fucks me!” Cheri moaned.

With her brother’s hard cock filling her mouth, Cheri still wasn’t getting off the way she liked. There seemed to be something missing.

“Maybe,” she said, taking Jim’s prick out of her mouth, “if we try something different, I can really get into it.”

The boys groaned.

Getting on the floor on her hands and knees, she said, “You slide in under me and stick it in my cunt, George.”

She had to lower herself a little, and it wasn’t all that comfortable, but Cheri wanted to try it. Once she got George’s cock back inside her pussy, she looked at Jim.

“Now, brother dear, you get down here and stick that beautiful cock of yours in my ass.”

“What?” he gasped.

“Come on, Jim! Fuck me in the ass!”

He wasn’t as hard as he should have been, but that helped a little. He was still hard enough to get inside her asshole, though, and Cheri began to really get into being fucked in the ass and the cunt at the same time. It made her feel so full, and so complete, that she even forgot all about Bill.

As the two guys began fucking her harder, Cheri thought she was going to climb the walls. The wall of flesh between her cunt and asshole was so thin that she could almost feel that the cocks were rubbing together inside her. She felt herself building and wanting them to come inside her.

“Come on!” she cried. “Fuck me, fuck me! Come on, you guys, shoot it into me! Let’s go! Shoot me now!”

“What the hell is going on here?”

Neva’s voice suddenly cut through the dense cloud of excitement in Cheri’s brain.


Cheri was so tense that neither Jim nor George could pull out, even though their pricks were rapidly going soft inside her. Her brother was especially trapped because, at the sound of Neva’s voice, Cheri’s asshole had drawn up so tight that she was nearly squeezing his prick completely off. When she finally dared to look around, though, she relaxed.

“I can’t believe what I’m seeing!” Neva was smiling and rapidly stripping her clothes off.

“But I sure hope I can get in on it!”

“Mother!” Jim gasped, but Cheri felt his cock getting hard inside her ass as he watched his mother strip. “I can’t believe you’re doing this!”

“And I thought all you were interested in were your science friction books and stories,” Neva said, moving toward them, her big tits jiggling delightfully. “I can see that I’ve spent some mighty lonely nights when there was no need for it. And who is this marvelous-looking guy with his prick in my daughter’s cunt?”

“I’m George.”

“Well,” Neva said, standing right over them, her hot cunt right in her daughter’s face, “if you don’t want to take that thing out of my little girl’s cunt, maybe you wouldn’t mind if I sit on your face.”

Cheri almost giggled at the look on George’s face.

“Sounds good to me,” he whispered, his eyes staring so hard at Neva’s cunt that they started to water.

“What about me?” Cheri and Jim asked at the same time.

Neva smiled, lowering himself on George’s face. “You both look as if you’re doing all right. Who would’ve dreamed I’d find my son with his cock stuck up his sister’s ass? It does look exciting!”

As Neva began twisting and moaning, Cheri moved so that George’s hard cock could still fuck her cunt, and Jim rammed his prick deeper into her ass but Jim wasn’t ready to just relax and enjoy.

“I’ve always dreamed of having you suck my prick, Mother. Can I pull it out of Cheri’s ass and stick it in your mouth?”

“Why not?” Neva said, leaning in to rub her big tits right in her daughter’s face. “I’m sure Cheri has enough with George’s prick in her cunt.”

Feeling almost empty without her brother’s cock in her ass, Cheri moaned, “If you’re going to suck Jim, then I’m going to suck George!” She yanked herself up, off his throbbing hard-on. “And I think we should move around so that you can eat my pussy.”

Plopping her son’s prick out of her mouth, Neva said, “I can’t suck your brother and eat you at the same time!”

“Okay,” Cheri said. “Since George is eating you, and I want to suck him, then you can suck Jim while he eats me.”

“Wait a minute,” Jim said. “George just had his prick in there. I’m not going to…”

“What the hell’s wrong with that?” Neva’s gasped. “You just had yours in your sister’s ass, but I didn’t object to sucking on it! It shouldn’t matter.”

“It does,” Jim said. “I’m not a fucking queer!”

“Hey, I knocked, but nobody answered!” Reesa gasped. “I didn’t know there was a party going on!”

Cheri smiled. “Come on in, sister! There’s plenty of room!”

Neva groaned when she saw that her younger daughter was stripping.

“It’s perfect,” Cheri said to her mother. “George can keep eating you, you can keep sucking Jim, he can eat Reesa, while she eats me, and I can suck George off! That way, Jim doesn’t have to worry about George’s cock having just been in my pussy!”

As Reesa, not totally naked, started to join the group on the floor, Cheri saw that it was about to become a mess.

“Wait a minute. We’ve got to get this organized. George, you lie just where you are. Now, Mom, you lay down so that George can lick your cunt. Okay, Jim, you lie down here, just so Mom can get your cock in her mouth.”

Then she had Reesa lie down and slide her ass in so that her cunt pressed against her brother’s mouth. She finally had them arranged so that she could slide in with her pussy pressed against her sister’s mouth and her head lying right on George’s naked belly, his throbbing hard-on bouncing against her face.

Cheri could actually see George’s tongue working on her mother’s pussy, and she could see her brother’s prick fucking in and out of Neva’s mouth, and Reesa’s hot pussy on her brother’s tongue. And she could feel her sister’s tongue inside her own prissy.

Then Cheri moved over to slide George’s hot rod into her mouth. She could still taste her cunt-juices on his prick, but that just added seasoning to the delicious taste of it. As the excitement built and the moans and groans increased, Cheri felt herself reaching a shattering climax.

It was just moments before everyone started to come. Cunt-juice and jism splattered and flew as the horny participants in the hot cluster-fuck came and came.

Cheri sucked and swallowed all the fuck-juice she could, relishing the taste and texture of the sticky spunk and slippery pussy-juice.

As her pussy spasmed again and again, she realized that fucking was all that really mattered. A hard cock or a hot pussy were all Cheri would ever need to find true happiness.

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