The swing man adventures 2.

Lance won the race and Jonas watched him walk to the bed as he
removed his dress shirt. Lance had him on body definition; he was an
avid weightlifter. But Jonas was glad to see that in other areas, he would
still hold the title of ‘Big’ brother.
“Carmen, you look like you’re ready to get fucked,” Lance said as he
crawled on the bed beside her. Lance sort of draped himself over half of
her body, his left leg sliding over hers and his hand grabbing a big round
boob as he buried his head in her neck.
“MMmmmm, come on, Jonas,” Carmen encouraged him, “I can’t wait to
feel both of you on me.” She turned her head and began kissing Lance
with lots of tongue. Damned if he was not going to make her wish come
‘Here goes nothing,’ he thought as he pulled his underwear off and
crawled on the bed, moving his body along her other side.
Carmen broke her kiss with Lance and turned her face and gave her
mouth to him. She didn’t try to kiss him, just moved her parted lips
tantalizing close to his and waited for him to complete the contact. He
began Frenching her as he lay his right hand on her craning neck. As
their lips fought for supremacy, he let his hand slide down and palmed
her firm right tit. He felt Lance’s hand doing the same to her left tit
he broke his kiss with Carmen to look down at her sandwiched body.
“Oooooo…you guys know how to treat a girl,” Carmen cooed as Lance
began sucking on her left tit and Jonas threw his leg over hers to rub his
erection into her thigh. The back of his shin rubbed on her leather boot
and it felt very exotic. He was going to enjoy feeling them wrapped
around his ass when he fucked her.
Lance raised his face from her succulent teat and they shared a quick
“Spread your legs wide, baby,” Lance suggested and Carmen instantly
complied, her leg sliding underneath Jonas’s on the right. Now she was
between both of them, raised up on her elbows and watching as Lance
began diddling her moist sex folds.
“How’s that pussy feel?” Jonas asked Lance, eyeing it himself as
Lance’s fingers played among the somewhat darker colored lips
surrounding the pink lining of Carmen’s love hollow.
“Feel for yourself,” Carmen proposed and Jonas took her up on the
suggestion. He slid his right hand down her flat tummy and teased her
muff strip a few seconds before sliding his fingers down around the
upper fold of flesh that he knew covered her clitty. He pulled up on it
out popped her pink peak of nerve ends. Lance’s finger went right on to
it as they worked like a team. Carmen’s breath shuddered as Lance
rubbed her bud.
“Oooh, yeah…..suck my tits, Jonas!” Carmen requested and he leaned
his face over her chest and began licking and nursing on her hard
nipples. His wife had small breasts, so the firm mounds riding on
Carmen’s thin torso excited him to no end. His hard-on dug into
Carmen’s hip as the two brother’s raised her to an almost animalistic
“One of you fuck me!” Carmen gasp finally as Lance’s fingers began
slipping in and out of her slick pussyhole. “I need something big and
hard in there, Lance… go first, baby.”
Jonas watched, his hand playing with Carmen’s firm tits, as Lance
moved between her splayed thighs. Jonas, for the first time, saw Lance’s
dick at full erection. He gauged him at seven and a half inches long and
of ordinary thickness. What surprised him was how long his scrotum was
– his balls were dangling down almost six inches! His own sac did not
hang anywhere near that low.
“Pull that thong aside, you hot bitch,” Lance said with a wicked smile.

Carmen used her left hand to pull the thong’s material toward her thigh,
baring her slit for Lance’s pleasure.
“There it is, baby….fuck it right up in me.”
Jonas moved his leg out of the way as Lance moved over Carmen and
he could tell the moment that Lance’s cock slipped inside her by the
expressions on their faces.
“Ahhhhhh!” Lance grunted as he filled their little hussy’s honeyhole
with what she needed.
“Mmmmmm..mmmmHmmmm…God, give it all to me!”
“Always, baby,” Lance promised as he thrust into her lap, his black
pubes mashing against Carmen’s mons. Her manicured fingers dug into
Jonas’s forearm as Lance bottomed out in her taut belly. “Ah, shit…what
a nice cunt!….wait ’til you feel this cunt around your dick, Jonas.”
“Oooooo, Lance, fuck me hard…..just like last night!” Carmen
encouraged his brother as her left hand wrapped around Lance’s neck
and she ground her crotch up at him.
“Like this?” Lance said evilly as he gave her a hard, quick thrust
maybe three inches of his buried cock in a rabbit punch. Carmen drew in
her breath at the delicious feeling. “Or more like this?” Lance slowly
drew almost all of his dick from her luscious loins and then fired it back
up inside her, making her squeal.
“However you want! Just fuck me, make me come….Mmmmmm….just
like that!” she sighed as Lance began screwing her strongly, falling into
a nice pace that made Carmen wrap her boots around the back of his
knees and fight to remain upright on her right elbow.
Jonas had seen enough – he was ready to join in. He moved up on his
knees by Carmen’s face and presented his cock for sucking.
“Here you go, Carmen,” he said as he slapped the underside of
cockhead on her chin. She opened her eyes and smiled up around his
manhood as Lance continued to pound her pussy.
She went to work with her mouth, tilting her head and wrapping her
lips around his engorged head, letting Jonas feed her as she fought to
keep her head still under Lance’s screw job.
“Yeah, suck that dick,” Jonas hissed as he slid his left hand down
through Carmen’s long silky hair, holding her head still as he used his
right hand to work more of his stiff dick in the horny girl’s mouth. He
could feel Carmen’s darting tongue squirming under his shaft as she
breathed hard through her nose. Looking down, he watched her lips
move up and down his shaft as he slowly humped into her gorgeous
The Elliot brothers enjoyed their nymphatic lover’s mouth and pussy
for another ten minutes, getting Carmen off once in the process. Lance’s
rutting sparked a big orgasm in the lovely creature’s loins and Jonas
pulled his cock form her moaning mouth, letting her vocalize the
she shrieked as her pussy juices drenched Lance’s slowing screwstick.
Jonas jacked his rigid rod, awaiting his turn in Carmen’s saddle, and
watched her pull Lance down on her trembling body.
After her body had settled down, Lance pulled himself from her
embrace and withdrew his still-hard member from her dewy cleft. He’d
been able to avoid coming in her and he now motioned Jonas to take a
crack at her crack.
“She’s juicy now, Jonesy,” Lance boasted as he moved to the other
side of her reclining figure, staying on his knees. Jonas watched
Carmen’s face turn and look up at him, her eyes taking in his ready-to-
rock cock.
“That was a good warm-up,” she said, tongue-in-cheekily, “but I’m
ready for a real fuck!”
“Oh, you little bitch,” Lance laughed.
“Turn over…get on your hands and knees,” he told Carmen. Smiling,
she slowly complied, rolling over on her stomach and then slowly raising
up on all fours, spreading her knees and hands wider in preparation.
“I love taking it like this,” Carmen said over her shoulder as he moved
between her boots.
“I’m gonna love giving it to you like this,” he said to Carmen and then
to Lance, “Sloppy seconds never looked so good.” He moved closer and
ran his hands on Carmen’s hot ass.
Her muscular, tone thighs fed right up into a solid, sexy rear end. Her
cheeks naturally spread enough to show her dark colored asshole which
glistened with juices that had ran down from her pussy when Lance had
fucked her. He wondered if she might like a little anal sex once in a
while; her asshole was clean shaven and the skin around it was striated
as if from some unnatural stretching.
“Fuck me, Jonas….my pussy feels so empty,” Carmen encouraged him
as her right hand dipped back between her legs to lewdly open herself.
She need not have bothered – her sex was still bowed open from
Lance’s screwing. “Stick that fat cock right here!”
“Yeah, open that pussy for me….Christ, your cunt’s fucking winking at
me, baby!” Jonas declared, enjoying the hot talk that Carmen was
dishing out. “Feel that!”
Using his right hand, he ran his dickknob up through her slit, rubbing
all over her outer and inner labia. Carmen’s fingers relinquished their
unnecessary pussy spreading duties and she reached further back to
stroke the underside of his cruising glans, which were now coated in her
leaking feminine cum. He pushed his dick into her exposed palm and her
fingers immediately wrapped around his girth. Not surprisingly, Carmen
guided his mushroomed head to her open lovehole and pushed back at
him, working his dick into her own pussymouth, moving her hand back in
front of her to support her weight.
“Oooooo….that’s better,” Carmen groaned.
“She’s a cock addict!” Lance announced as he ran a hand under her
torso. Jonas could see the outer swells of Carmen’s full tits on either
side of her body from his stance directly behind her upthrust ass and the
swell near Lance moved further out as his hand groped it.
“Fuck this,” Jonas muttered, tired of build-up and anxious to feel the
exotic Carmen’s cunt walls smothering his prick. Gripping her hips
tightly, he pushed six inches of cock deep in Carmen’s waiting womb. It
was nice and tight, even after Lance’s work.
“AAHhhhhhhh!” he chortled as Carmen instinctively leaned forward at
the wide intrusion. But then she humped back at him, taking more dick in
her squirmy slot, wiggling her ass wantonly.
“Jonassssss……God, it feels good!…fuck me…fuck me…fuck me!”
Carmen whimpered as Jonas began screwing their curvaceous Latin
swinger. Her interior stretched further and he soon was balls-deep in her
belly, her round ass socking back against his hips as she met his
thrusts, skewering herself over and over on his plunging prick. “Fuck it
deep….mmmmm…. harder, fuck it hard!” she hotly commanded.
Jonas slipped his hands around slightly and wedged his hands in the
junction of Carmen’s legs and her belly. He began pulling her back and
up slightly, in time with his thrusts, sending his phallus into her hot
liquidy core at slightly different angles.
“Enjoying that pussy?” Lance asked, slapping him on the shoulder with
his left hand while his right stroked Carmen’s straining back.
“Fuck, yes….uunnnnggg….she’s a Grade-A piece of ass!” Jonas gasp
between gritted teeth as he packed Carmen’s squishy quim and held
himself in her, taking a break to make it last as long as possible.
In point of fact, Jonas was ecstatic. A woman as hot as Carmen would
normally cost a pretty penny through an escort service and he’d never
gotten one with the sexual desires that Carmen had. This woman was
one to be cherished and put on a pedestal….and then taken down and
fucked ’til your balls shriveled up.
“This one may be too much for us,” Lance joked as he moved around
in front of Carmen’s crouched form. “Carmen, you think you can find
something to do with this?” He was obviously referring to his hard dick
but Jonas couldn’t see through Carmen’s head.
“Oh, I think I so!” Carmen said seductively and Lance edged closer.
Then Lance’s face took on a very contented expression as he saw
Carmen’s head began to bob.
“That’s good…very good!” Lance sighed. “You suck and Jonesy will
fuck, eh, bro!”
“Let’s give the lady what she wants!” Jonas smiled and began
screwing Carmen again. The three of them built up a nice rhythm –
Jonas shafting Carmen’s clutching cunt, rocking her body back and
forth, making her lips slip and slide on the mouthful of cock she was
servicing. It was a hot old time and soon they were all grunting and
Jonas looked down and watched her sweet ass shudder when he
banged against it. Leaning a little further back, he gazed down at his
pumping manhood as it plied into her bulging labia.
‘What a sweet sight!’ Jonas thought. Right above it was her asshole
and he could see it clenching and unclenching. Intrigued, he slid his
hands back up on Carmen’s ass, letting his thumbs slide into the cleft of
her firm cheeks. Carmen had two holes filled…he’d see how she felt
about the third.
“Mmmmphhffhh….mmmMMMMM!” he heard Carmen moan around his
brother’s dick as he first rimmed her puckered orifice and then pressed
his thumb right through her sphincter. Her ass-ring clamped down on his
thumb and she undulated her ass, maybe in encouragement.
“Whhoooaaa….what the hell you doin’ back there, Jonas? You got her
sucking me like a hurricane!” Lance gasp as he gathered Carmen’s long
hair in his hands and held it above her head like a rein. “Come on,
baby… do it all… that throat for ole Lancey…aaaaaahhhhh!”
Jonas saw Carmen’s face mash into Lance’s belly as she swallowed
his length like a pro. He began fucking her pussy hard as he twisted his
thumb around in her shitter. He was definitely in the homestretch.
“MMMmmmMMMPPPFFFFWWWOOOOOO!” Carmen began to raise
Cain as she burst into another orgasm. Her pussy convulsed around his
cock and he fought to keep her ass steady as he felt his own peak
rising. Lance cried out and Jonas saw his brother’s chest go rigid.
Carmen was getting a throatful of cum and Jonas was right behind
“GGGGGGAAAAA!” he groaned as he let loose in Carmen’s cooze. All
the cum his balls had produced since Carmen’s delightful blowjob, now
careened into Carmen’s velvety hole. Each spurt, slow though they
were, was like white hot lightning going through his nervous system.
It ended all to soon.
He opened his eyes to see Lance fall back against the headboard, his
glistening peter flopping on his thigh. He gave Carmen a push and she
fell forward on the bed, his dick slipping out of her well-fucked hole
a loud slurp. He sat back on his haunches and watched Carmen snake a
hand back to feel her sloppy sex.
“Well,” Lance said, “I think that went rather well.”

Later, Jonas walked out to his car in the fading afternoon.
He had to start for home; he really should have left sooner but he’d
just had to enjoy Carmen on more time. After an hour of relaxing and
renewed groping, he’d taken Carmen in for a very stimulating shower.
The precious girl had been able to coax some more cum out his balls
with that skillful mouth of hers.
Lance had said he’d be in touch about the next swinging party. That
was going to be a tricky thing; slipping away for a workday was easy but
Lance said the parties usually occurred on the weekends and at night.
Not so easy to explain an absence like that; he could try it, lie about
where he was but if his wife tried to contact him……maybe just tell her
call him on his cellular phone. That might work…say you’re going to
some city…forget to leave the hotel name….possibly.
The only other problem would be finding a date to bring….someone
that wouldn’t mind banging strangers at a party. Not so easy but he
knew people that could find someone for the right price; Heidi Fleiss
hadn’t cornered the market by any means.
He’d think things through on the drive home. He was definitely going to
find a way to continue swinging.

Jonas arrived home around 7 o’clock in the evening. That was
certainly not unusual; his wife was used to the long hours he worked. He
pulled his Lexus into the carport of their home and walked into the
“Stella,” he called as he walked toward the kitchen. He wanted to say
hello like he usually did. Just give her a quick peck and ask how her day
was. He wasn’t nervous; he’d come home to her many a time after being
his another women.
The kitchen was empty and there was no smell of any dinner
underway or any having been cooked before.
“Stella!” he called again as he walked upstairs. Still, no answer. Her
car was outside, so she had to be there somewhere. Their daughter,
Nikki, wasn’t home; she was away on a trip with her best friend.
He and Stella were more than a little worried about Nikki. She’d
dropped out of college to ‘find herself’ and the search had been going on
for almost a year. Stella said to give her more time but he was beginning
to think he should lay down the law.
He went into their bedroom to find it empty. Apparently, his wife was
out somewhere. Maybe someone had picked her up. Probably out
shopping with one of her friends.
He walked into the dressing room that led to the bathroom area,
thinking he take the opportunity to unload the things he’d taken to
Lance’s from his briefcase.
He immediately saw that something was amiss. Several of her drawers
were hanging open. He investigated further and found that there was a
suitcase missing.
“Oh boy…this does not look good,” he muttered as he walked into the
bathroom and turned on the light. His fear was answered when he saw
the message scrawled on the mirror in lipstick.

Turns out, Stella had not trusted him after he’d tried to convince her
broaden her sexual horizons. Maybe if he’d waited longer before going
out to Lance’s, Stella mistrust might have waned with time. She might
have called off the dogs.
Fearing that he was going to stray, she’d hired a private detective to
tail him. The son of a bitch had followed him out to the desert that day.
That, in and of itself, wasn’t enough to ruin him. The pictures the guy
had taken of Carmen outside Lance’s condo and at Giordino’s were
damning. Carmen hugging him as they left the condo, Carmen sitting
near him in the booth, and the coup de grace, a picture of Carmen
grabbing his butt as they walked back into the condo after lunch.
Armed with those, the detective had called Stella on the way back and
given her the bad news. Stella had called a friend because she didn’t
think she could drive herself being as upset as she was.
Jonas started calling her friends and the second one icily told him
Stella was staying with her and her attorney would contact him in the
morning. Click!
Jonas thought about it that night and tried to put a positive spin on
whole thing. He was going to lose a lot of money and he’d probably be
alienated from his daughter but at least, once the divorce was final, he
would be free. Free to do whatever and whoever he wanted.
The next morning, he went to work. He phoned Lance and told him
what he knew at the time which was that Stella had obviously found out.
Lance tried to apologize but Jonas said there was no need; he was a big
boy and would take his lumps.
Stella’s attorney phoned him, told him about the pictures they had.
Jonas was up front about things and said he wanted Stella to be happy.
The attorney said Stella would like to return to ‘her’ home but she did
want him there. Jonas said he would be amenable to clearing out and
moving into the beach house out at Malibu if that was agreeable to
Stella. The beach house had been her father’s but she didn’t like the
beach, so she rarely went out there. The attorney said he would run that
by Stella and get back to him.
Jonas left his office around 2 p.m. after receiving word that the beach
house could be his new residence for awhile. He went home and packed
a few bags and filled the back seat with about twenty of his business
He left Stella a note, apologizing for his indiscretion and promising
be very fair in their settlement. He also wrote a note to his daughter and
put that in her room; it would be his first attempt at damage control.
‘Poor kid’s going to think I’m a monster after Stella sinks her claws
her,’ Jonas thought as he drove to the beach house. ‘How can Nikki
understand what I want …. sweet kid like that.’


“Sorry, you’re not what we’re looking for,” Nikki Elliot informed the
guy that had approached them. The bar at Big Bear was full of clean cut
tourists and locals. She and Tori were looking for someone a little
rougher that evening. Tonight was the last night of their little vacation
and they were ready to let their hair done.
They were getting a lot of attention because they were two young
women dressed rather provocatively. Nikki was wearing a pair of tight
jeans and a halter top. She knew men loved her body – 5′ 6″ tall, long
brunette hair which she wore pinned up most of the time, 34B-23-33
figure with a stomach that just naturally looked ripped, and face that had
won her Homecoming Queen honors at Brentwood High.
“That guy didn’t have a clue,” Tori said, lighting another cigarette.
Nikki smiled at the transformation in Tori. Back when they’d been
friends in high school, Tori had been an ugly duckling. Nikki had she
had become friends and sort of fed off each other; Tori got to be around
the boys that flocked to Nikki and Nikki never had any competition from
But over the last year, Tori had come of age. She’d cut her blondish
hair short and her bosom had grown out nicely. Her face wasn’t overly
attractive but the tight T-shirt over her bra-less 34C tits kept men’s
“Now be nice,” Nikki kidded, “Your parents would have liked him.”
They laughed at the idea.
“Hey, look at that guy,” Tori said.
Nikki saw a guy at the bar that was a definite possibility. Longish,
unkempt red-brown hair, wearing an Army jacket.
“Go ask him,” Nikki said and Tori got up and sauntered over to the bar.
Tori struck up a conversation with the guy. Nikki saw him appraising
Tori’s stuffed T-shirt and he bought her a drink. Tori leaned into him and
whispered something. The guy looked around and then shook his head
in the affirmative.
‘Looks like things are looking up,’ Nikki thought and watched Tori
continue to work the guy. She leaned into him again, whispering more
stuff in his ear as he lightly traced his fingers against the side of her
breast. Tori leaned back and the guy asked her something. Tori pointed
Nikki out to the guy and she saw him smile at the proposition she had
just put to him.
Nikki leaned back in her chair as Tori brought the guy over to their
“Nikki, meet Eric,” Tori said sitting down in her chair.
“Hi, Eric,” Nikki said sweetly as Eric pulled a chair up to their
spun it around backwards and sat down on it. “Did Tori explain things?”
“Yeah, she sure did,” Eric said, “It’s the best offer I’ve had all
you want to hang out here for awhile.”
“No, we can take off. Once we’re outside, we’ll need to sample a
“That’s cool. Let’s go.”
The three of them went outside and Nikki led them to a dark part of the
parking lot. Standing behind a car, out of sight from the bar entrance,
Eric reached into his coat and pulled out a small smoky-blue glass
“I think you’ll like this stuff, it’s strong,” Eric promised as he
the cap. Nikki’s hand materialized with a small utensil and he let her dip
it into the bottle. She put the tiny spoon to her nose and sniffed
The cool burst of cocaine numbed her nostril and she blinked several
“That is good,” she told Tori. “Try some.”
Tori took the spoon and did the same thing.
“We O.K.?” Eric asked expectantly as he put the bottle away.
“Yeah, if you got more,” Nikki promised.
Eric reached into the opposite pocket and another bottle was shown to
the two girls.
“All right, follow us in your car … we got a room down the road.”
and Tori walked over to Nikki’s BMW and soon they were driving
through Big Bear with Eric’s Trans Am close behind.

Alpine Motor Lodge was a long, one story motel with a gravel parking
lot; not the most elegant place in Big Bear but the sheets were clean.
The BMW and Trans Am pulled up at the end of the building and the
three of them went inside. The curtains were pulled tight to give them
The room had two single size beds separated by an end table. An old
TV sat on a stand in the corner and there was cooler sitting on a desk.
“Nice place,” Eric said facetiously. He pulled off his Army jacket and
displayed a nice pair of biceps and a white tanktop.
“Forgetting something?” Nikki asked, holding out her hand.
“Oh yeah,” Eric said sheepishly and he tossed her the bottle. Nikki
took it over to an open suitcase on the floor and dropped it on top of the
clothes inside as she heard Tori offer him a beer.
Nikki watched Tori fish in the cooler and then she handed him a
Coors. Eric threw his coat on the desk and walked over and slumped
down on one of the beds. Popping the can, he watched Tori kick off her
“I don’t get it,” Eric said as Tori walked toward him and stood between
the beds looking down at him. “You girls obviously got money. Why don’t
you just buy the shit?”
Nikki came up behind Tori and put her arms around her stomach,
laying her chin on Tori’s shoulder. Tori was only 5′ 5″, so looking over
her at Eric was easy.
“It’s not about the money,” Nikki said as she began pulling Tori’s T-
shirt out of her jeans, “We just like to be watched..the coke’s just your
Nikki kissed Tori’s neck, watching Eric watching them, as she ran her
right hand up under Tori’s shirt, up to cup a palm full of her best
Eric was the third guy they had brought back to the motel during the
week. It was probably not the smartest thing to do since they were all
alone with a stranger each time but it was so damn thrilling to do sexy
stuff with each other and watch the guy’s reaction. It was sort of a power
Nikki had turned Tori onto lesbianism during summer break freshman
year. They had gone to different colleges but they got together all
summer to get a little crazy. Nikki, who was always up for fun, had fallen
in with some lesbian girls at college and Tori had become pretty cute
that summer and before she knew it she had Tori in bed.
Partying that summer had been a gas; if none of the guys met their
muster, they’d just eat each others pussies ’til the cows came home.
Then, there was that night at a party where both of them wanted the
same guy. Nikki had broken the stalemate by suggesting they both
share him. The guy had certainly been up for it and they’d found an
empty bedroom.
Early on in things, Nikki had started making out with Tori, sure that
guy would jump in somewhere. But he’d gotten so damn excited
watching them that he’d shot his wad on their entangled forms and been
useless after that.
Having someone watch them had been a turn-on, so they’d set their
sights on doing it once in awhile. That had been two years ago and they
were still going at it. Tonight it was Eric’s turn.
“Mmmmmm,” Tori purred as she raised both hands back behind her
head, her right hand encircling Nikki’s head. Nikki ran her right hand
down off Tori’s chest and used both hands to pull Tori’s shirt up under
her armpits, exposing Tori’s boobs to Eric’s hungry gaze. Nikki cupped
both of Tori’s titties with her hands and swirled her palms on her
feeling them stiffen into pencil-thick nubs.
Tori began to do a slow swaying motion with her hips, arching her
back slightly. Nikki knew Tori was all hers now; once they began their
little shows, Tori was like putty in her hands. Nikki ran her right hand
down Tori’s oscillating belly and shoved it down the front of her jeans,
her fingers sliding under the elastic band of her panties.
When Nikki’s fingertips reached Tori’s intimate area, Tori lost her
composure. She dropped her arms quickly and made a grab for Nikki’s
bold hand, an excited exhaling of air escaping her like she was being
Nikki let Tori pull her hand from her panties and then Tori spun to
her. Tori’s eyes were flashing with excitement as they wrapped their
hands around each other’s asses.
Nikki dropped her face and their mouths joined in a tight liplock, then
dissolved into loving nibbles as Nikki moved her hands between them
and worked on Tori’s jeans. Quick as a flash, she had the button-fly
undone all the way down.
“Mmmmm, Nikki,” Tori sighed as she began pulling down her jeans
and moving her mouth down her chin, then onto her bunched T-shirt.
Nikki could feel body heat through the soft material. Nikki’s face went
lower on her friend’s body, her lips dragging across Tori’s warm titflesh
as Nikki lowered her body further on bent knees. The jeans cleared
Tori’s bubble-butt and fell down around her knees.
“Yesssss, oh, oh, oh,” Tori gasp as lips slid down her stomach. Nikki
hoped Eric was enjoying the little show as much as they were. She
hooked her fingers in the top of Tori’s panties and pulled them down,
baring Tori’s cheeks to Eric and her puffy pussy to her own gaze. Tori’s
sex was like a pair of small pillows between which were pinkish flaps
that opened like blossoms.