Wife On Vacation

The seething passions that lurk within many individuals are often hidden beneath a veneer of normalcy, exposed only under extremely tempting conditions.

The woman who, after a few drinks at a party, takes on all corners, male and female alike. The man who, during a strip show at a stag party, climbs up on stage with the girl and performs with her in front of his friends. The couple who, under group pressure, join the neighborhood mate traders.

Nancy Williamson is one of these outwardly proper and quite normal people. But within her a love of perversity and a depth of passion she never dreamed existed, coiled like snakes, waiting only for the proper stimulus to arouse them.

WIFE ON VACATION — a fictional story about a society that refuses to face many of its real problems.


“Fasten your seat belts, please.”

The words over the intercom brought Nancy back to the present with a jolt. She was on her way to L.A. to what she hoped would be the start of a new chapter in her life.

Nancy Williamson settled back into her seat and began to think of Rick. When she met him she felt that he was the most sophisticated person she had ever known.

Although only two years older than herself, Rick seemed to know so much more about the world. Nancy had been swept off her feet by Rick’s attentions.

The morning after their meeting at a party, a dinner invitation arrived with a bouquet of roses. Rick had showered her with flowers, little gifts, tender phone calls at unexpected times of the day, and almost-constant attentiveness during the following months.

They went to the best restaurants, the theater, camping, and spent many romantic evenings fixing dinner together at Rick’s apartment. After three months they were married.

Nancy’s experience with men had not been extensive, and Rick had proved to be a skillful and patient teacher, although they had fucked some during their engagement, it was during their honeymoon that Rick had awakened her to the full pleasures of sex. In slow, deliberate stages, he introduced her to ways of loving that she had never known.

Her thoughts drifted back to the evening that they had celebrated having been married for six months. Rick had sent flowers to her with a romantic note, and she had prepared a special dinner for the occasion. After setting the table, icing the champagne, and putting some soft music on the stereo, Nancy went into the bedroom to dress for dinner.

She had bought a silk shirt and velvet pants to wear for the evening. She loved the feel of silk on bare skin, and knew Rick would be able to clearly see the outline of her rigid nipples through the thin, clingy fabric.

Precisely on time Rick had arrived home with an anniversary gift of a bracelet Nancy had admired in a shop window. The candlelit dinner was perfect, and Nancy was careful to give Rick plenty of opportunities to admire her tits through the clinging material of her shirt.

After dinner, they moved to the living room and sat on the carpet in front of the fireplace to have an after-dinner brandy.

The fire warmed them, and Rick breathed deeply of Nancy’s perfume as he sat close by her. As the brandy began to warm them from within, Nancy relaxed her pose and leaned back against Rick’s shoulder.

Looking down upon her, he could see her tiny taut nipples pushing at the front of her shirt as the rhythm of her breathing caused her conical tit to rise and fall.

Supporting her with his right shoulder and arm, Rick moved his left hand to her tits. The silk felt warm and soft, almost like skin, and he ran his fingers slowly down to her nipple. With a single finger he traced the outline of the brown band that ringed her rigid nipple.

Even before he touched the protruding tip, Rick saw her nipple swelling even more. As he moved his fingers to her nipple, a shudder passed through Nancy’s body.

Rick shifted his position and began a long, slow kiss as his entire hand closed around her tit. Starting with a very slight rubbing, Rick gradually increased the motions and pressure until he was kneading the mound and milking its tip with sharp tugs.

The nipple of her other tit was straining at the fabric of her shirt as Nancy tried to scoot into a position that would allow her to rush her trembling tit against Rick’s strong chest.

Sensing her rising passion, Rick gathered his luscious bride into his arms and stretched her out on the soft rug. Kissing her eyes, cheeks, ears, neck, and throat, he began to slowly unbutton her shirt with a tantalizing delay after each button. Finally it was unfastened.

Rick ran first one hand and then both into the shirt and across her satiny flesh. Cupping her tits in his hands, Rick caressed and manipulated them both before moving his lips to the left tit. With the same measured, deliberate pace Rick moved his oral attentions from light butterfly kisses to rough, almost-painful, sucking.

His hands found the fastenings of her pants and undid them. But before she began to remove the pants, he slid his hand across her rounded tummy and the protrusion of her cunt mound.

Nancy lifted her hips and wiggled back and forth to help her husband as he pulled her pants down over her milky-white thighs. Her panties clung to the wet lips of her flowing pussy.

With a single sweeping motion, he removed the sticky garment. She gasped as Rick caressed the folds of ha cunt. Still he restricted his explorations to the very surface.

Nancy tensed and leaned even closer in an attempt to force his fingers into her wet, hot pussy. Her husband’s only response was to slightly increase the pressure of his touch as he slid his hands over every inch of her body.

Rick smiled to himself as he listened to his young wife’s soft moans. He loved the feeling of power that he got by making Nancy crazy with desire. Tonight he would make her ask for his fingers and his cock. She would beg for him to relieve the burning, itching sensation beginning to well up inside her.

Nancy began to unbutton her husband’s shirt. Being undressed always excited Rick, and she knew that he would soon be unable to control himself any longer. She wanted to fuck so much. When she reached the waistband of his slacks, she felt his hard prick straining at the material.

She clutched his cock through the layers of clothing and began to rub up and down his prickshaft. When he made no move to remove these final barriers, she fumbled at the zipper and then eased her hand under his shorts. Her cool fingers encircled his throbbing cock and started to play with his prick. Squeezing and moving her thumb back and forth on the fat ridge on the underside of his cock, the little blonde made his huge prick grow even bigger. Swaying from side to side, she swept Rick’s chest with her firm tits and ran her tongue into his mouth.

“Honey, please touch me. I need you so much! I can’t wait any longer. Please, please fuck me.” Nancy felt as if she were bursting with desire.

The fuck juices of her quivering cunt were flowing out and making a damp spot beneath her. Her husband’s finger seemed to almost burn her as he finally slipped his digit inside the swollen lips of her cunt. Wave after wave of passion swept over her body.

First he moved his finger into her cunthole and then withdrew it to finger her flaming clit. His movements were gentle and terribly slow. She could feel his finger and thumb gripping the nubbin and squeezing her clit with little pleasure pulses. Finally, he drew back the skin and exposed the throbbing tip of her clit.

As his skillful hands continued their attentions, Nancy could feel the mounting tensions deep inside her pussy. She began to move her hips in rhythm with the motions of his fingers, thrusting forward to increase the pressure against her cunt. She knew she would lose her mind if Rick didn’t fuck her soon.

Slowly be shifted his position, pulling his cock away from her reach and sliding his face down between her pretty white thighs. He touched her dripping pussy with his lips and darted his tongue up inside her hot little cunt.

“Oooooooooohhhh, yeeeesss! Yes, more!” Nancy gasped. “Do that some more. Mmmmmmm.”

The skillful young husband darted his hungry tongue into her contracting cunthole and flicked it across her red, swollen clit. His tongue teased and taunted her quivering clit, and his strong sucking actions pulled her clit-nub against his cool teeth. The alternating sensations of being licked by the steamy, soft tongue and then rubbed by the hard, cold teeth sent shock waves up the woman’s body.

Nancy’s desire was at a fever pitch. Heat more intense than that coming from the fireplace spread through her.

Rick moved his hands up to her tits and pinched the hard little nipples as he prepared to fuck her. With Nancy’s legs wide apart, he could see her dripping cunthole as her pussy contracted in a lewd invitation to his bulging cock. Rick’s cock was so hard that he thought his prick might burst.

Rick wasted no time in slipping his cock into her tight little pussy. At first her pussywalls contracted with surprise at finally feeling the object of her desire, Rick’s engorged throbbing prick, pushing into her pussy. The scaring heat and extreme hardness of his cock were a vivid contrast to the luxurious warmth and tender softness of her cunt tissues.

Nancy moaned and moved her hips toward him in an attempt to force more of his prick into her pulsating pussy. Rick fucked into her cunt with rapid, short fucks that were met with grunts and low sighs. Nancy’s fingernails dug into his back, and her body swayed from side to side as Rick fucked into her pussy. The pace of his fucking slowed and deepened, and Rick kissed Nancy’s lips, neck, and ears with hungry urgency.

As he fucked deeply into her soft pussy, Nancy arched her back and lifted her hips to accept the full length of Rick’s fucking cock. Her cunt juices spread over his prick and seeped out of her pussyhole onto the bulging sac that banged against her ass with each stroke. Rick knew that he could not delay his cum much longer, and his wife’s groans and sighs told him that she was nearing her climax also.

Fucking harder, faster, and deeper, Rick urged her on until he began to feel the contractions of her cunthole as she strained to match his every fucking movement. Nancy’s body stiffened and the force of her movements increased. Suddenly her cuntwalls gripped his enflamed prick with a series of tugs as her cum burst forth.

“Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! Yes, yeeeeesssssssss. Ooooohhhh, yeeeesss!” groaned Nancy.

Waves of heat and light seemed to roll over her body. It seemed that her cum would never end.

She was no longer aware of anything, not even Rick. All of her consciousness centered on the floating, melting sensations that spread from her cunt throughout her body.

Her moans further increased Rick’s excitement, and he fucked his bursting cock into her drenched pussyhole. The contractions of her violent cum seemed to suck his prick like a mouth. First one small spurt, then another, then a steady stream of white-hot cockjuice crashed against the tender flesh of Nancy’s cunt. The hot fuck liquid filled her pussy and mingled with her own steamy cum as it trickled down her ass crack onto the carpet.

Letting out a groan as he collapsed half on and half off his wife’s lovely body, Rick lay embracing her. Nancy remained still and listened to the rhythm of Rick’s rapid, deep breathing as it slowly returned to normal.

“Mmmmmm, that was good. I don’t suppose you would be interested in an encore, would you?” he asked in a mock-serious tone.

“I can handle it,” laughed Nancy as she reached out and took his flaccid, slippery prick into her hand, “but I’m not sure you’re up to it.”

Rick hugged Nancy close, gave her a long slow kiss, and put his lips near her ear. “Give me a few minutes,” he whispered, “I think I’ll be able to rise to the challenge. Especially if you leave your hand just where it is.”

Nancy smiled to herself and shifted in her airline seat. By inching her thighs apart slightly and tilting her pelvis downward she could cause a deliciously provocative pressure on her tingling cunt. Luckily, she had decided at the last moment to wear pants for the flight.

The stirring in her pussy caused by her daydreams was becoming uncomfortable, and she shifted again in her set. I must get my mind onto other subjects, she told herself. She suddenly realized that the man sitting in the next seat had said something to her.

“Uh… I’m sorry. Did you say something to me?”

“I said, you must be going to L.A. on vacation. Nobody smiles that broadly about business. My name’s Frank Martin. I couldn’t help but notice that you were really enjoying whatever it was that you were thinking about. Vacation?”

Nancy felt a blush creeping up her neck and across her face. For a moment she wondered if the man had read her mind.

“Yes. I’m going to stay with my cousin. I’ve never been to Los Angeles before. My name is Nancy.”

The man’s eyes swept over the beautiful girl’s body, lingering for a split second at the level of her slightly protruding nipples. “It’s a great place to have some fun, especially if you are a pretty young woman. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding plenty to keep you busy.”

“Are you going to Los Angeles on business?” she inquired to change the subject.

“Yes, I go out several times a year…”

His reply was cut short by the announcement that the plane was beginning to descend into Los Angeles International Airport. Saved by the bell, thought Nancy to herself. The insistent itch started in her crotch by her daydreams had become even more demanding during their conversation. She wanted a man, no doubt about that.

But I love Rick, she scolded herself. No matter what kind of problems we are having, I loved him when I married him, and I love him now. Nancy knew that the man beside her had been sending an unspoken invitation, but she was determined to ignore it. Cheating on Rick was something she was sure that she would never do.

Anxious to see her favorite cousin after such a long separation, Nancy strained at the window as more of the city become visible through the brown haze. At last she felt the plane touch down.

Gathering up her purse and the magazine that she had never opened, she hurried down the aisle and into the terminal. She felt certain that this vacation would help her to sort out all of the confusing things that had been happening lately. With a little time, she could surely put things in a better perspective and figure out what should be done.

Besides, she and Cindy had been close friends since childhood, and it would be wonderful to have a chance to spend time together like they had in the past. Nancy was starting to feel more hopeful already. As she searched the crowd for her cousin, she suddenly caught sight of her trapped in the tangle of people waiting for the passengers on her flight.

At almost the same moment, Cindy sighted her, and the two beauties ran to each other, embracing as they met. There would be no doubt about the family resemblance between the cousins. Although taller and darker, Cindy had the same high cheekbones, cute upturned nose sprinkled with freckles, and green eyes as her younger cousin. In fact, they looked more, like sisters than cousins and had often passed themselves off that way as they were growing up.

“Good grief, it’s been ages!” exclaimed Cindy. “Let me look at you. I’m so glad you finally decided to come out for a vacation. We’re going to have a great time.”

Taking Nancy’s arm, she led the way to the baggage claim area. Perhaps it was just her imagination, but Cindy thought there was something different about the way her cousin looked. Maybe it was simply that she had married and settled down, but it seemed more like a tenseness, almost a sadness, was hiding behind Nancy’s smile.

The two women stood waiting for the baggage and did not notice Frank Martin when he walked up behind them. “Well,” he said, “I see you found your cousin. Too bad, I was hoping to be able to come to your rescue with my knight-saving-the-damsel-in-distress routine. Perhaps another time. I don’t suppose the two of you need a ride, do you?”

Hastily Nancy replied, “No, but thanks anyway.” Taking her bag, she motioned to Cindy, and the women walked away.

“Who was that?” asked Cindy.

“Oh, just some guy that sat next to me on the plane.”

“Hmmmmm. He’s not bad, not bad at all. Gay? Money? Wife?”

“I didn’t notice. I am married, you know.”

“My goodness, you sound like you have been married for fifty years. Just because you get married, you aren’t automatically declared dead, you know. At the very least, you can still look.” Both women laughed and walked arm in arm to Cindy’s car.


During the long ride to Cindy’s apartment they chatted about old times, news of family and friends, and recent happenings in both their lives. After a while Nancy fell silent and sat staring out of the window at the passing scenery.

“It may not be any of my business,” Cindy said, “but is something wrong?”

“Of course not. Why would you think that?” replied Nancy a little too rapidly.

“Well, I was surprised that you suddenly took me up on my invitation to visit. First I don’t bear anything from you for months, and then you call to say that you have plane reservations. It just seems pretty odd to me, that’s all.”

Cindy continued, “I’m not trying to pry. And maybe I’m wrong, but there just seemed to be something bothering you. I won’t be offended if you tell me that it’s none of my business. But we go back a long way, and I’d like to help if I can.”

“I do sort of have something on my mind, but…” responded Nancy with her sentence trailing off into silence.

For a number of blocks she sat thinking, Nancy knew that her cousin knew her too well for her to be able to conceal anything from Cindy. In fact she had decided to vacation in California in the hope that the other woman would be able to help her with her problem. Still, talking about something so personal and painful was difficult.

She drew a deep breath and began to tell Cindy the real reason for her vacation. The first several months of her marriage had been perfect. She was so much in love with Rick that she had really overlooked or explained away the first warning signs that there might be something wrong. But in the last couple of months it had become too blatant to ignore.

The first thing she had noticed was that Rick had begun to work a lot of overtime. Even when he worked late, he usually stopped off at a bar near the plant to have a drink with his friends. Nancy hadn’t really minded.

As time passed, it seemed that Rick came home later and later, and he was often a little drunk. When she tried to talk to him, he acted like he didn’t know what she meant.

At first she had feared that he had another woman, but in the last few weeks she had begun to suspect that he had a drinking problem. When he had been drinking, he treated her differently — he was not as loving and kind as he had been as a young bridegroom, and their sex had taken on a rough and hurried tone.

The young bride could feel a tear trickle down her face as she talked.

“You are upset,” Cindy commented soothingly as she handed the pretty young blonde a Kleenex. “Just tell Mother Cindy all about it.”

A sad calm moved over Nancy as she continued to confide in her cousin. In the beginning their fucking had been good, really good. Even now it was not so much that Rick had lost interest in fucking as it was that he didn’t seem to care about her needs or desires.

As his drinking had increased, his consideration and tenderness in bed had decreased until it seemed that he expected to fuck solely on his terms. It had begun to seem that their fucking was a convenient way for him to satisfy his own selfish needs.

Rick had been late coming home from the office again, although he had known that she was leaving for California the next day. When he finally came home, she could tell by the way he walked that he had been drinking. Nevertheless, Nancy was determined not to make a scene. She was very much in love with her husband and wanted their last evening together before her trip to be like old times.

As she kissed him, she smelled the Scotch on his breath. “I’ll go start dinner,” she said as she moved toward the kitchen.

“Oh, no rush. I’m not particularly hungry. I thought we could have a drink and relax a little first. How about it?”

Nancy settled onto the couch as Rick went into the kitchen for some ice. She had hoped that they could spend a quiet evening together, but it looked like her plans weren’t going to work out.

Whenever he had several drinks, Rick was never in the mood for quiet talk and hand holding. He certainly would be in no mood to hear anything about her reasons for taking this trip to California.

At that moment he returned to the living room with two large glasses of ice. Filling the glasses two-thirds full of Scotch, Rick added a splash of soda to each drink as he continued to talk about things that had happened at work.

Not much was said as they finished their drinks. Nancy’s lack of responsiveness to his comments about work told Rick that she knew he had been drinking, and he didn’t want to risk her saying anything about it. Rick rose from the couch to fix more drinks even before Nancy had finished the one in her hand.

Midway through her second drink, Nancy felt the liquor begin to affect her. As its warmth spread through her body, she noticed the stirrings in her pussy. In spite of the problems they had been having, Rick was still the most important person in her life.

Gazing at him seated at the other end of the couch, Nancy’s physical need to fuck continued to mount. She was still hurt by his insensitivity about their final evening together before her vacation, but she also longed to feel his arms around her.

Perhaps, she told herself, I have just blown this whole problem out of proportion. Maybe things really aren’t as bad as they seem.

Nancy finished her drink and started toward the kitchen to begin dinner. As she passed him, Rick reached out, caught her hand, and pulled her into his lap.

Holding her close and flattening her tits against his chest, he began a series of long, slow kisses with his tongue teasing into her mouth in search of hers. Rick felt Nancy’s breath quicken and her nipples grow rigid as they pressed against him. His hand moved up her body to her tit and tugged and squeezed the sensitive flesh.

Then his hand traveled downward across her slim body until it cradled her cunt mound. For some minutes he continued to hold and kiss and fondle his beautiful young wife before releasing her.

Loosening his hold on her, Rick leaned forward and whispered, “I just wanted to give you something to think about while you are making dinner.”

The meal was uneventful. Rick insisted upon opening one of the bottles of wine given to them as a wedding present by Rick’s boss, and they both had several glasses.

It was unusual for Nancy to drink very much, and the alcohol was going to her head. She was becoming more relaxed and less reserved, and she chatted animatedly through dinner. Their appetite dulled by the liquor, neither ate very much.

After dinner they moved into the living room. Rick fixed them both a large brandy, although Nancy protested that she didn’t want anything else to drink. He had drained most of his drink even before he rejoined Nancy on the couch. Sitting down close to her, he slipped his hands under her blouse and roughly grasped her tits.

“You want me, don’t you?” he hissed in a deep, throaty voice. “Why don’t you show your old man just how much you want him?”

He grabbed one of Nancy’s hands and forced it down onto his hard, bulging cock. Through his clothing, Nancy could feel his cock swell in response to her touch. Drawing her face to his, Rick gave her a rough kiss which left her upper lip bruised.

“Please honey, let’s talk for a while,” she said as she tried to squirm out of his grasp.

Tightening his grip on her, Rick growled, “Listen bitch. I want you, and I want you now. Don’t give me any of that later shit. You’re my wife, and I’ll fuck you whenever and wherever I want.” As if to emphasize his point he clutched one of her tits so hard that Nancy winced in pain.

The harshness of his tone and actions frightened the young woman, and she hastened to undress to avoid making him any angrier. Although looking away from him, she could hear the sound of Rick’s belt as he pulled it from the belt loops of his pants, the metallic scrape of his zipper going down, and clanking of the change in his pockets as he dropped his trousers to the floor.

She did not look up but pictured his big cock swaying from side to side as he freed his prick from the confines of his underwear. His cock was a sight Nancy usually loved to see, but not tonight. Her husband’s mood frightened her.

Just then she felt his mouth on her tit. Rick was kneeling front of her with his arms encircling her milky white hips as his teeth nipped at her darkly colored nipple. In an involuntary response, her nipple hardened and darkened.

Rick sucked and bit first one and then the other with an ever increasing intensity until the manipulations became painful. When Nancy attempted to move away, she found that Rick’s arms held her firmly in place.

Continuing to nip and suck her round, upturned tits like a hungry child, Rick ignored Nancy’s whispered pleadings for tenderness. In fact, her begging requests seemed to excite him to even more roughness.

Moving her back against the arm of the couch, he held her pinned with one hand as he slipped his other hand down to her cunt. With two of his fingers he parted the pink lips and raked his jagged thumbnail across her sensitive little clit. A lightning bolt of stimulation mixed with pain shot through Nancy’s body and made her knees almost buckle.

Nancy tried to struggle out of Rick’s grip, but she could not. Quickly he pulled her closer to him and suddenly thrust his thumb up into her dry cunthole. Her parched pussywalls clung to his thumb, and his uneven fingernail scratched into her tender cuntflesh. The young woman was unable to decide which ached more — her bruised and tooth marked tits or her battered violated pussy.

Not wanting to wait any longer before he fucked her, Rick held his bride against his chest and lowered her lovely pale body to the carpet. Pulling her knees up and shoving them apart, he ran hiss thumb back and forth across Nancy’s throbbing clit with a harsh pressure. He fucked his long middle finger into her clutching, dry little cunthole. Nancy attempted to stop Rick from fucking her by bracing her arms against his shoulders, but he took her wrists into his hands, moved them above her head, and pinned them there with his left hand.

Taking his cock into his right hand and forcing her thighs even farther apart, he pushed the bulging, purple tip of his prick part way into the tight opening of her pussy. The golden curls fringing her cunt were drawn into the crack, pulling her outer pussylips inward also. Again Rick fucked forward trying to fuck more of his cruel cock into her resisting cunt. Still her tight, dry little pussyhole would not submit to his fucking prick. The pretty woman felt as if she were being ripped in two.

“Honey! Honey, please stop! You’re hurting me. Oh, please stop!” she pleaded.

“Well, cunt, you’d better open it up for me then. Or I’ll show you what pain really feels like!”

The tone of his voice was one she had not heard before. Harsh and demanding but also unemotional, his voice sent a shiver of fright up her spine. Rick freed her hands, and she wasted no time in using them to pull her pussy hairs, lips, and outer lips of her cunt out of the way of his steadily fucking prick.

With another hard push, his big cock finally slid into the dark inner recesses of Nancy’s pussy. She moaned softly at the cruel thrust and lay still underneath him. Although she was resigned to submitting to this assault, she had no intention of giving him further pleasure by her movements. What he was doing was no better than rape.

Rick was furiously fucking his big cock into her pussyhole. Each fuck-stroke seemed to carry the full force of his body weight as his prick flicked into her fucked-up cunt. Using his knees as a lever, Rick nudged her thighs even farther apart. He attempted to fuck even more of his swollen prick into her pussy.

“Go ahead, bitch, fight me. You don’t like what I’m doing? You don’t want me to fuck you? Then fight me! Show me how you feel. Let’s see some life!” growled the frenzied man.

But Nancy was determined not to play Rick’s game. She intended to remain motionless and unresponsive until he had finished fucking her. She refused to give him the satisfaction of thinking that she had gotten any pleasure from the awful fucking he was giving her. And more important, she certainly would not accept a role in his sadistic rape fantasy.

Even as she made those vows to herself, she could feel the juices of hot cunt begin to flow and lubricate the cock that fucked into her. She hated her body for betraying her in this way. Rick was so intent on his own pleasures she thought that perhaps he wouldn’t notice. At least his powerful fucks were beginning to be more comfortable as her slippery fuck juice spread over, the walls of her pussy.

Just then Rick shifted his position slightly and placed one hand on her left tit. “Fight me, you prissy little bitch,” he hissed as he bit deeply into her shoulder at the point where it met her neck.

As pain shot through her, Nancy squirmed to loosen the grasp of his cruel teeth. Rick’s response was to quicken the pace of his fucking prick. His hand tightened around her tit and his nails dug into her tender tit-flesh as if he were trying to separate it from her body. Again she felt searing pain and struggled to pull away from him.

“That’s right, cunt, fight me! Let’s feel some movement, or I’ll pull this thing off,” he said in a hoarse whisper as he grasped her nipple between his thumb and index finger and twisted sharply.

The awful truth of her situation suddenly became clear to her. The gentle man she had known as her husband had been transformed into a fiendish brute who was perfectly willing to use pain to get the fucking he wanted from her. Perverse as it was, he actually wanted her to struggle, to try to get away from him. He was enjoying inflicting pain on her.

Nancy redoubled her efforts to squirm away from his fucking torso, but she could not. Her movements seemed to excite Rick even more, and she could feel his huge cock grow larger in response to her futile attempts to escape from his cruel fucking.

Worse, the young woman felt her own body responding to his fucks. Shame, humiliation, and anger filled her. In spite of her efforts to control her own feelings, she could not prevent the passion that was welling up inside her pussy. Her cunt was on fire, and her husband’s every fuck-stroke brought her nearer and nearer to her own cum.

Suddenly the balls that had been banging against Nancy’s upturned ass began to shoot their hot cum-load deep into her pussy. Short, powerful bursts of gism sprayed her pussywalls filling her with his steamy fuck fluid. With a groan he collapsed on top of her and lay still?

The force and heat of Rick’s cum swept Nancy to the brink of her own climax. The sensation of the fuck fluids cascading through her pussy set up a chain of contractions that drained his cock dry. But just as she was about to cum herself, Rick’s prick shot one last spun and stopped moving. It was unfair! Cruel! He had simply used her for his own satisfaction without any concern for her enjoyment.

Damn him, she thought.

Before his prick became flaccid, the young woman slipped her hand between their bodies and began to finger her clit. Her hips swayed from side to side and undulated up and down in a jerky movement.

Nancy felt the contractions of her cum beginning. As she pushed herself even harder onto his rapidly dwindling cock, Nancy was swept with the warmth and sweet release of her own cum.

Their mingled fuck juices began to trickle out of her cunt and run down into her ass crack as Rick’s prick grew soft and slipped from her pussy. By rocking her body to one side, Nancy was able to roll Rick’s heavy body. He lay motionless and seemed to be asleep.

Passed-out, she told herself.

For a while she sat beside him thinking about the events of the evening. They certainly confined her worst fears about her deteriorating relationship with Rick. When they had married less than a year ago she never would have dreamed that such terrible things would happen between them.

The kind, loving, and solicitous man she had married had become a cruel, unfeeling beast… at least when he was drinking. She felt lonely, desperate, and helpless.

After a half-hearted attempt to wake her slumbering husband, Nancy went alone to bed.


The dark-haired girl reached over and took her cousin’s hand as Nancy recounted the sad tale of the past few months of her marriage.

“Don’t let it get you down,” advised Cindy. “I’m sure Rick loves you. And since you both love each other, there must be a way to work things out. It won’t take Rick long to realize that he hasn’t been treating you like he should.”

“Do you really think so? I’ve been feeling so hopeless. If only I could get him to realize that there is a problem, then perhaps…” Nancy’s voice trailed off in a tone of despair.

“Of course I’m sure. As soon as he starts missing you, he’ll realize what a terrific wife he had and that he’d better start treating you better if he wants to keep you. L.A. is filled with guys that would love to have a chance with a pretty chick like you. My advice is to rein, forget about it for a while, and have some fun while you’re here.”

Nancy was silent for a few minutes, thinking. She couldn’t expect an instant solution to her problems.

I might as well have some fun while I’m at it, she thought.

Nancy made up her mind to stop brooding and enjoy the time she had with her favorite cousin. They had a lot of catching up to do.

At Cindy’s apartment they made lunch and sat talking about old times.

After a while, Cindy suggested that they change into their swimsuits and go out by the pool to enjoy the sun. Cindy had cleated space for her cousin’s clothes in the large closet in the bedroom, so both girls went there to change. Cindy watched her young cousin approvingly as the two women slipped into their suits.

“Well,” Cindy said, “the ol’ bod is still in great shape, but something will have to be done about that fish-belly-white skin of yours. It will never pass muster in California.”

Nancy blushed as she realized that Cindy had watched her changing. Feeling suddenly shy and somewhat embarrassed, she grabbed her sunglasses and a towel and hurried toward the door.

“In that case, what are we waiting for?” Nancy asked.

The pool area was crowded with other sun worshipers like themselves. As the two women walked toward a row of empty deck chairs, several people called out in greeting to Cindy.

Cindy had said that Southern California was very friendly, and it certainly seemed to be. One man in his late thirties, who was sitting in the midst of a group of younger women, called to them as they passed.

“Hey, gorgeous, who is that with you? We could use some new action like that around here.”

Nancy blushed again as she heard the man’s reference to her, but Cindy just laughed and waved to him. “Don’t let Jack bother you. He’s really quite harmless and rather nice. He just gets a little boisterous sometimes.”

Just before they reached the empty chairs, Cindy stopped to introduce Nancy to two men who were sitting at a table playing backgammon. Lenny was blonde, blue eyed and very muscular, while Jim was taller and rather dark.

Jim had a broad, engaging smile that appeared as soon as he saw the cousins approaching. As she made the introductions, Cindy explained that Nancy would be visiting for a while, and Jim hastened to offer his services as a tour guide. After a few additional pleasantries were exchanged, the two women moved off toward the chairs.

“Lenny and I have been seeing quite a lot of each other lately,” explained Cindy. “He and Jim are best friends and roommates. They’re almost always together. Sometimes I wonder which one I have a date with.”

The two women had been lying in the bright sunshine for more than half an hour before Lenny came over to ask Cindy to go for a swim. The warmth of the sun had almost lulled Nancy to sleep. Her eyes were closed and she had not realized that Jim had joined her until he startled her by speaking.

“If you don’t turn over soon, you’re going to look like a lobster.” He laughed. “You had better take it easy for the first few days. As fair as you are, you’ll try otherwise.”

As she rolled over and looked up at the darkly handsome young man, she was surprised at her own interest in him. Pulling one of the empty chairs closer, Jim sat down and began to tell Nancy about himself.

By the time Jim left, Cindy and Lenny had finished their swim and disappeared. Nancy continued to lie in the sun. As she basked lazily in its warmth, her mind drifted aimlessly.

When she turned over onto her back again, the sun’s rays seemed to caress her tits and concentrate their heat on her cunt mound. It seemed almost as if the sun were making slow, passionate love to her. She imagined a warm beam of light covering her, enveloping her body, fucking into her pussy.

Although her thoughts were beginning to make her squirm, she continued to luxuriate in the warm sun. Finally, she reluctantly decided that she should go inside to avoid getting too sunburned.

To cool off her thoughts as well as her body, Nancy jumped into the pool and swam a few laps before heading toward her cousin’s apartment. Where had Cindy gone? Perhaps she had returned to the apartment, or maybe she had gone to Lenny’s. Wherever she was, Nancy knew she could get back into the apartment with the key that Cindy had given her.

By the time she reached the apartment, she was lost in thought. Although she had been trying, she found it impossible to keep from thinking about the problems that had brought about her sudden vacation to California.

The young woman silently inserted the key into the lock and entered the apartment without a word. Still absorbed in her thoughts, Nancy walked toward the bedroom to change out of her wet suit. She was most of the way across the living room before she heard sounds cowing from beyond the doorway.

At first she assumed that Cindy was on the telephone, but then she heard another voice. Something about the tone of the voices kept her from calling out. Instead she walked closer to the partially opened door and peered through the crack.

Cindy and Lenny were naked, and their bodies almost touched as they sprawled across the bed. Embarrassed, she started to turn away and leave the apartment, but she could not. Some force held her transfixed at the door. Nancy was unable to hear what the lovers were saying, but it was clear that they were enjoying themselves very much.

Nancy was fascinated. She had never watched anyone fucking before. Not long after her marriage, Rick had taken her to see a couple of adult movies, but they hadn’t interested her very much. She couldn’t understand why people made such a fuss over them. At least she hadn’t understood until now. The scene before her was truly exciting and certainly better than she had seen in any of the movies.

The two lovers lay side by side, kissing. Lenny’s hand moved up and down the body of the young woman from her shoulders to her calves. As his hand began to travel upward along her thigh, he slid it between her legs.

Upon reaching the level where her two thighs touched, he paused to gently massage her soft flesh with his fingertips. Cindy answered by bending one knee and spreading her legs wide enough to allow easy access to her pussy.

Teasing her, Lenny continued stroking her lovely limbs. Slowly his hand moved upward and around her pussy. Once it reached the center of her cunt mound, Lenny used his fingers to rub the outside parts of her pussylips, first with little circular motions then with short thrusts. Although Cindy rolled on the bed and thrust her hips toward his tantalizing fingers, Lenny was careful not to enter her steamy cunt until her pussylips were crimson and swollen.

Finally he moved his fingers into her cunthole. After several inward fuck-motions he withdrew his dripping digits and slid them up to her little clit. He could feel her clit-nub, erect and swollen with her passion. Even so, as he touched her clit, the little bud grew even larger. Taking her clit between his thumb and forefinger, he rolled her clit-bud back and forth, giving her clit an occasional gentle squeeze.

Cindy’s hands went up to her firm, round tits. At first she simply held her tits cupped in her hands, then she began to give them gentle, caressing touches as if they were being hugged.

As Lenny moved his mouth down to her quivering cunt, Cindy’s fingers circled her areolas. She tugged at her nipples and rolled them between her fingers in a rhythm that kept pace with Lenny’s clit-squeezing efforts.

Moving his tongue slowly back and forth in the little channel beside her clit, he gradually inched closer to her inflamed clit. When Cindy’s contractions and low moans signaled that she could no longer stand her clit being teased, Lenny’s tongue slid up to her clit-bud itself and kissed her clit repeatedly. Flicking rapidly across her clit and then circling it slowly with sudden upward darts, his tongue elevated her to new heights of passion.

Cindy felt as if her pussy were aflame. Although she had fucked with a number of men, she had never met anyone who was as good at tongue fucking as Lenny.

He seemed to know everything about a woman’s cunt and could use his tongue and lips more skillfully than anyone she had ever known. He always took his time, never rushing, and seemed able to read her mind about tempo, the exact places to touch, and how long to sustain a particular activity.

Even more important, however, was his unselfishness in satisfying her. The extremes of pleasure he gave always spurred her to work even harder to please him.

“Oooooooohhhhhh, yesssssss! Yeeeeeess, do it like that. Oh, you’re sooo gooood! Don’t ever stop. Please, don’t ever stop,” murmured the young woman.

Her hips slightly rocked from side to side as she looked down at the blonde head bobbing between her legs. She reached down and caressed Lenny’s face as he labored diligently over her pussy.

Cindy used her hand to increase the pressure of Lenny’s mouth on her cunt as he continued to lap, suck, and lick her clit and fuck his tongue deep into her cunthole.

She felt the sexual tension mounting in her body. Almost as if he could read her mind, the pattern and pressure of Lenny’s tongue-fucking changed. His tongue moved quicker and harder, and the cold, rigid surface of his teeth slid over her clit, sending shudders coursing through her body.

His long middle finger slipped into her dripping pussyhole and darted back and forth. Suddenly Cindy’s back arched, her pussylips flared, and her cunt experienced spasm after spasm of hot, flowing cum.

“Aaaaaaagghhhhhh,” she moaned.

Her face flushed as the heat from her steaming pussy shot through her lovely body. Her eyes were squeezed shut and her fists tightly clenched, the passion-enthralled young woman held her luscious body rigid for a few seconds as the force of her cum swept over her. Slowly she began to relax the muscles that only moments before had been taut.

Lenny moved up beside her on the big bed and kissed her neck, face, and tits. Nancy, who had stood hypnotized at the door watching the fuckers, was overcome by acute embarrassment at spying upon them. She had never done anything like that in her life, and the sight of their tender embraces reminded her all too forcefully of her shameful voyeurism.

Although she knew that watching was terribly wrong, the sight of her cousin and this handsome man locked in a lustful pose held her as strongly as chains. Even now, as she attempted to pull herself away, she was being drawn back again by the sight of the two lovely naked bodies stretched out before her.

Staring at them, Nancy was surprised to find that she was as interested in her cousin’s body as she was in Lenny’s. Although they had grown up together, Nancy had been too shy to give her cousin anything but sly glances since they had blossomed into women.

Now she feasted greedily upon the sight of Cindy’s long-legged voluptuousness. Cindy’s olive skin was richly tanned except far a narrow strip that circled her body at the level of her pussy. Her pendulous tits were a tawny brown with deeper toned areolas. Even with Cindy lying on her back, her tits formed large, protruding mounds, on her chest.

Cindy’s tits held all of Nancy’s attention. They were so beautiful, so round and full and inviting. Nancy wondered what they would feel like in her hands and imagined the dark, silky flesh cradled in her own porcelain-white palms. She could almost feel the warmth and softness as she pictured her fingers ranging over Cindy’s tits and circling her hot, rigid nipples. The itching, burning sensation that had been developing in her pussy was becoming more insistent.

Unaware of their audience, the lovers explored each other with teasing fingertips and hot tongues. Once again the handsome couple was lost in overwhelming desire. Nothing existed for them outside of each other.

Between them rose Lenny’s bulging prick, huge and purple-red. Feeling his cock pushing against her stomach, Cindy reached down and took his swollen prick into her hand. Slowly she ran her hand over every inch of its surface, feeling its bumps and ridges with great interest. The woman slid her hand up and down his cockshaft while pressing her fingers into the bulge that ran the length of its underside.

Taking his sac into her other hand, she began to squeeze and massage his balls with the palm of her hand. Holding them in the channel of her curled fingers, she rolled them back to the rear of her palm and then forward again to her fingers.

Now she was giving his prick little tugs and jerks. She ran her fingers around its crown in one direction, then quickly reversed to go the other. Bringing her other hand up to his mighty cock, she twisted her hands in opposing directions around his prick. Then she grasped its length and began a series of long hard strokes while her other hand returned to his balls and began squeezing in time with the stroking.

Burying his hands in Cindy’s shiny, dark hair, Lenny drew her face in to his crotch. His inflamed cock swayed beneath her face in lewd invitation, and Cindy licked her full lips and parted them to welcome his prick into her mouth.

At first she took only his cockhead between her lips and, holding his prick firmly in place, ran her tongue back and forth across his smooth cockskin. Then she tipped her head forward and took all of his prick deep into her throat. Lenny remained still and allowed the young woman to shove more and more of his cock into her straining mouth.

Fighting back the urge to gag, Cindy held his huge prick deep in the back of her mouth for a few moments before beginning to move. Slowly her head began to bob as she fucked her own throat with Lenny’s large cock.

Lenny could feel the ridges of her teeth as his prick fucked in and out, but Cindy was careful not to bite or cut his tender cockflesh. After a time, she lifted her mouth off his prick and darted her tongue down its length as if his cock were a popsicle. As her tongue traced patterns along his prickshaft, her thumb pressed at its base in a circular movement.

Lenny let out a low moan and pulled Cindy up beside him. Hooking his right leg over her left, he rolled over on top of the dark beauty. With his fingers, Lenny parted the wet lips of Cindy’s pussy and guided his swollen cock into her cunthole.

As he fucked his prick forward, he could feel the walls of her tight young cunt strain at his enormous cock. Pausing momentarily to give her pussy time to adjust, he fucked until his prick was buried deep inside her cunt.

At first Cindy didn’t move. She lay still, waiting for her pussy to relax enough to accommodate the big cock that was forcing itself farther and farther into her small cunt. Once again she felt her desire rising up within her like some beast, and her hips were beginning to move in response to Lenny’s fucks.

“Oh, fuck me. Fuck me!” she moaned. Her voice was deep now, and its rasping tone betrayed her passion.

“I want you,” she continued. “I need your big cock in me. Fuck me. Fuck me hard! Ram it into me. Oh, yes, give it to me. Ooooooohhh, yeeeesss! I’ll do whatever you want, anything, just don’t stop fucking me!”

Cindy continued to whisper and moan as the muscular young man labored over her. Now his fuck-thrusts were fucking deep into her dripping cunt with a slow, regular rhythm. Cindy pound her hips against him as she kept her legs firmly locked around the young man’s slim waist.

Reaching down, Lenny caught some of her cunt juices on his fingers and slid them back along her ass crack until he reached her asshole. Gently he ringed her tight brown hole with his fingers.

Instinctively her ass-muscles tightened in response. With slow, deliberate strokes, Lenny rubbed the entire length of her ass crack pulling more of the slippery fuck juice back to her asshole. By lightly massaging the sensitive flesh around her asshole, he was soon able to encourage her clenched ass-ring to begin relaxing.

“Oh, baby. Oh, yes! Oh, please do it to me! Stick it up my ass. Make me feel it. Hurt me. Hurt me till it feels good! Oooooohhhh, babe!”

Lenny had already slipped the tip of his middle finger into her resisting little asshole. For a moment he paused to let her resisting ass-flesh become accustomed to his intrusion. Then he began to wiggle his digit and ream her ass passage with it as he shoved his finger farther into her tight ass opening. With the edge of his fingernail, he scraped the delicate lining, causing a strong reflex contraction. After a moment the contraction was followed by a slight relaxing of her muscles. Lenny rammed his finger deeper into Cindy’s sweet ass.

At the same time, Lenny’s cock was busy with Cindy’s pretty pussy with each fuck-stroke that battered into her cunt, Cindy spread herself more open, and he fucked even more of his cock and his finger into their respective fuck-holes.

The beautiful young woman lay writhing and moaning upon the bed. In answer to her pleadings, Lenny suddenly fucked the remainder of his finger into her ass opening.


Cindy’s shriek was a mixture of pain and pleasure as she felt his long digit jab into her sensitive ass canal. At first she felt mostly pain, but then an entirely new type of desire swept over her. She fantasized about lots of pricks fucking into every fuck-hole of her body, filling her cunt, her mouth, and her ass with huge, throbbing cocks. She could almost taste the cum as she imagined all those glorious pricks shooting their sticky fuck juices on her face, tits, and tummy, into her steaming pussy, and, best of all, up her pulsating little ass.

Through the thin membrane separating the two fuck channels Lenny’s finger rubbed against the hot meat of his own cock fucking in Cindy’s pussy. The dual stimulation was almost more than he could bear.

The tempo and force of his pussy fucking increased as he fucked and wiggled the long digit in her ass. Knowing that he would cum soon, Lenny urged the young woman toward her own release by harder and harder double fucks into her willing body.

To Cindy it was just like fucking two cocks at the same time. The joint fucks gave her a sensation like nothing she had ever experienced before. It was as if she were floating on a sea of white-hot passion, being swept to new levels of lust and desire.

Nothing was real for her except the exquisite fuck-strokes that seemed to fill her body to bursting. With each fuck, she tried to open herself wider to gobble even more of Lenny’s cock and finger.

Cindy’s whimpers and moans continued to build in intensity as she neared her climax. With each change, Lenny adjusted his fuck-strokes to match the sounds of her growing passion. But he was surprised when her cum suddenly burst forth.

“Aaaaaaaaiiiiyyyyyy!” she yelled as wave after wave of her cum rolled over her.

The walls of her delicious pussy tightened in a series of strong contractions that seemed to suck the cum juices out of Lenny’s prick. His hot fuck fluids shot into the darkness of the young woman’s pussy in short bursts that covered every surface with the glistening, slippery fuck fluid. Lenny felt as if his cock, and balls were being sucked dry by her greedy little cunt.

Cindy moaned again as she felt his steamy fuck liquid squirt against her pussy flesh and run down the walls of her cunt. Of all the pleasures men were capable of giving to women, none was better than the sensation of hot cum splashing against the back of a woman’s pussy.

With a few quick thrusts of her hips, Cindy drained the remaining drops of cum from Lenny’s prick. With a sigh, he rolled over beside her and lay quietly.

Regaining her senses, Nancy was filled with a sense of shame. What she had done was wrong, and she knew it. But she had been unable to tear herself away from the intoxicating sight of the two lovers in the throes of passion.

If she didn’t leave the apartment immediately, they were sure to catch her pecking through the door like a small naughty child. Silently she crept across the living room and let herself out the front door.

Her face burning with shame, Nancy carefully nudged the door closed to avoid any noise that might be heard by the lovers. Moving quickly away, she rounded a corner and collided with Jack Murphy one of the men Cindy had pointed out to her earlier in the day.

“Oh! I’m… I’m sorry. I didn’t see you,” she stammered.

Again her face flushed with embarrassment. Jack chuckled as he grabbed her shoulders to help steady her. Holding her a moment longer than necessary, he once again appraised Nancy’s body approvingly.

“You’re the best accident that’s happened to me in a long time. Where were you going in such a rush?”

“Well, umm… I was going to the pool,” she responded hastily. “I thought I’d sit out by the pool for a while longer.”

Having just come from the pool area himself, Jack knew that both young women had been gone for some time. Perhaps this was his chance to strike up an acquaintance with the pretty blonde. Inviting himself to join her, Jack steered Nancy to a deserted, shady portion of the courtyard.

“You’d better stay out of the sun,” he said. “With that pretty white skin of yours, you’ll turn into a lobster before you know it.”

Nancy was grateful to have someone to talk to. Talking to someone made her less self-conscious about what she had just witnessed in Cindy’s apartment and the sexual stirrings she had experienced as she watched. Besides, she reasoned, her cousin would be less likely to suspect anything if Cindy found her deeply engrossed in conversation upon her return.

Jack had been doing most of the talking. He told her amusing stores about California crazies and joked about his role as the resident dirty old man and part-time “Dear Abby” to the other tenants as a result of his age.

As they talked, Nancy began, to relax. She explained that she was married, was in L.A. for a vacation with her favorite cousin, and she didn’t yet know how long she would be staying.

Jack found this last bit of information to be particularly interesting, especially when coupled with the hint of sadness in the young woman’s voice. But he said nothing.


A few evenings later, Nancy found herself alone for the night in Cindy’s apartment. She lay on the couch reading a magazine, although, in truth, her thoughts were on her husband and the problems they had been having.

She had hoped the trip to L.A. would bring some answers to her dilemma, but she was no further along toward a solution than when she first arrived.

Lost in her thoughts and feelings of despair, Nancy was startled when the doorbell suddenly rang. She was even more surprised to find Jack Murphy standing in the doorway when she opened the door. His arms were full of white paper bags and two bottles of wine.

“Hi, I brought dinner. I hope you haven’t eaten yet.”

Smiling, he swept into the apartment and headed for the kitchen. There be began unloading small cartons from the bags and grouping them onto a couple of plates. Telling her to get some glasses, he produced a corkscrew from the pocket of his jacks and opened one of the bottles of wine.

“I knew you would be alone tonight, so I thought I would come over and keep you from getting lonely. I hope you don’t mind. I’ll leave if you want me to, but I brought you one of the best carry-out Chinese dinners in all of Southern California, and you are going to need help eating it,” he said.

That was certainly true. Before her were at least seven or eight delicious-looking courses and several cartons of fluffy, steaming rice.

All through dinner Jack continued to joke and kid with her. As Nancy drank a few sips of her wine, Jack would refill the glass. Although he had not had much wine himself, he suggested opening the second bottle as they moved into the living room after dinner. It was dessert, he explained, since all the Chinese places had was fortune cookies.

In a short period Nancy had finished her first glass and started sipping from another.

The wine had given her a warm glow. Being only an occasional social drinker, she did not realize that the feelings of ease, friendliness and trust that she was experiencing were the result of the wine’s effects on her brain.

All she knew was that this man seemed kind, gentle and understanding. Suddenly all the things that Nancy had kept bottled up inside her began to pour out in a jumble of words, and sobs. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she told Jack about the fears she had about her marriage.

Jack moved closer to her on the couch and put his arms lightly around her as she cried. Nancy stiffened at being held by someone she only knew casually, but she was reassured by Jack’s soothing words. Sobs racked her body, and she buried her face into Jack’s shoulder for comfort.

When her tears began to lessen, Jack talked to the young woman about her marital problems. He suggested that Rick’s behavior might be the result of his having difficulty adjusting to married life or pressure at work, or both things.

Listening to the older man discuss her problems in such calm, rational tones made her feel more hopeful that she had dared to feel in months, optimism replaced the gloom of her previous mood, Nancy stopped crying and remained quietly in Jack’s arms.

Suddenly she began to hiccup. First one, then another and another. Soon both Nancy and Jack were laughing uproariously, and the tension of the previous moments drained away.

“Hold your breath,” instructed Jack. “Hold it as long as you can, and then take a long drink.”

Following his directions, she gulped four large mouthfuls of wine before the hiccups subsided. Still laughing, the two shared another glass in celebration of his cure having worked.

Suddenly Nancy felt quite woozy. She leaned forward in an attempt to clear her head, but the movement made her even dizzier. Dropping back into Jack’s waiting arms, she closed her eyes to shut out the spinning room and lay still.

Jack lifted the unconscious girl and carried her into the bedroom. Placing her tenderly on the bed, he stood looking at her for a long time.

Quietly he leaned over her and began to slowly unbutton her shirt. When he reached the waistband of her jeans, he unfastened the snap and lowered the zipper. The sleeping girl moaned and shifted her position but did not waken. Carefully Jack began to slide the jeans off her hips and down her shapely white thighs.

The jeans pulled her panties with them as they were tugged from her hips. The man leaned over her and unfastened the final button on her blouse to bare her lovely tits. Standing over her, Jack consumed Nancy’s voluptuous body with his eyes. Her tit-mounds were held close together and pushed upward by her tight bra. They looked like two ripe melons waiting to be picked. The fine hairs on her stomach shone like golden down, and, through her sheer panties, he could see the faint outline of her cunt silt surrounded by silky blonde pussy hairs.

Her panties, bunched at her crotch by the removal of her jeans, were carefully removed. When she did not stir, Jack slipped his hands under her already-splayed legs and moved them farther apart to allow a better view of her glorious little pussy…

His hands moved lightly over her silky skin from her knees up the line of her perfectly formed thighs to her beautiful cunt mound. So young and fresh. His fingertips moved across the glistening curls to her pussy slit. Gingerly he separated the outer lips of her tiny cunt and gazed admiringly at her clit. He could barely control his urge to take her pussylips into his fingers and caress the tender folds, but he didn’t dare. Afraid of waking the sleeping young woman, Jack continued his gentle embraces up her body to the lovely firm tits, Nancy knew she was dreaming, but it was so good that she didn’t want the dream to end. Perhaps she could sleep forever. In the fog other dream she could see Rick, and it was almost as if she could actually feel his warm caresses. She smiled and arched her back to meet his exploring fingers as they neared her tits.

The sensations were so real. In the months before she and Rick had been married she had many such dreams.

The squeezes and tugs on her taut mounds were so wonderful. Her nipples were hard and begging for attention. First, there were short little jerks and then longer, harder strokes.

Jack had not missed the young woman’s responses to his probings. Perhaps she was only pretending to be asleep. If she was really unconscious, she was enjoying what he was doing anyway.

I could tell from looking at her that she was a hot little number, he said to himself. I’ll give her something to smile about all right.

Kneeling on the thick carpet beside the bed, Jack leaned forward through the spread thighs to Nancy’s cunt. Once again he parted her pink outer pussylips to look at the cuntflesh hidden within. Her clit was deep red and standing erect. He could wait no longer.

Cautiously he placed his tongue in the crevice beside her hard little clit and began to run his tongue slowly back and forth. When Nancy made no move to stop him, Jack began to flick his tongue from side to side, sweeping across her clit in teasing motions.

Again the woman sighed. In her mind’s eye she saw Rick sprawled in front of heron the bed, intent on giving her the best pussy-licking she had ever had. Her throbbing clit sent daggers of passion through her every time Rick ran his tongue over it. Just when she was sure that she could not stand anymore, he pushed his tongue deep into her steaming cunthole. As the tip flicked in all directions Nancy shoved her hips forward in an attempt to devour even more of his wonderful tongue. Out his tongue came again to move down her crack toward her tight little asshole. Then back to her quivering clit to lick up the sides like a peppermint stick.

With gentle sucking, her clit was drawn between his teeth and held there as his tongue teased, tantalized, and tormented her swollen clit. Over and over, his wicked tongue traced its path, until Nancy was rocking from side to side in wild abandon. Cunt juice seeped from her little pussyhole and mingled with Jack’s saliva. Jack drank in the salty fuck fluid as he began to remove his clothes.

Once undressed, he was ready to fuck the lovely young woman that lay before him. Continuing to lick and kiss her clit, he moistened his long middle finger with the fuck juice that was flowing so liberally from Nancy’s pussy.

Slowly he inserted the tip into her cunthole and moved his finger in a circular pattern as his clit caresses intensified. After a moment, his finger sank deeply into the darkness of her pussy and began to fuck in and out with long, quick strokes.

In a moment, a second finger joined the first to widen the tiny fuck opening. Jack’s tongue and teeth labored over her rigid clit in cadence with his fuck-strokes into her pussyhole.

Nancy thrust her hips up to meet the fuckstrokes that were bringing her so much pleasure. The muscles of her inner thighs tensed as she pushed forward to force more of his fingers into her pussy. She felt the force of the fingers as they widened her cunt channel.

She wanted all of Rick’s fingers, his whole hand up inside of her. Her hips moved faster and harder as she silently begged him to cram her full and fuck his fist up through her body to her chest.

Her cum burst forth. Jutting her hips upward with two violent strokes, Nancy pushed his fucking fingers deep into her pussy. As the tingling sensations grew and spread through her spasming pussy, a low moan escaped from the lips of the sleeping woman.


When Jack felt her cum beginning, he was afraid to move for fear of waking his beautiful victim. Instead, he held his fingers and hand rigid letting the woman use them for her own pleasure like a dildo. At the critical moment, he was absolutely still as she bounced and squirmed to give herself the concluding fuck-thrusts to bring on her cum.

Sensing that it was now or never, Jack moved quickly to fuck his sleeping beauty. Grasping his thick cock in his right hand, he gave his prick several long tugs and then held his cock down toward the inviting little pussy. He leaned over her dripping cunt and guided the tip of his prick into her fuck opening.

Then he paused to see if Nancy would awaken, but she did not. The whole area of her pussy was wet and slippery with her fuck juices, and Jack spread some onto his cockshaft. With one long stroke he fucked his bursting prick-meat home.

Startled by the sudden movement, Nancy became aware that something was happening to her. Where was she? What was happening? She felt the weight of a man’s body on top of her and thought of Rick. But, no, he wasn’t in California. What was happening? As she threw open her eyes, the horrible truth became plain. Jack Murphy was raping her!

“Oh, Jack, stop! Please stop. You’ve got to stop,” she said in tones that changed from harsh to pleading.

His only answer was another fuck-thrust with his massive cock. Nancy attempted to use her arms to push the naked man away but he was too strong for her. She felt as if the big prick inside her would split her pussy open. His cock was so much fatter than Rick’s. Shame and disgust swept over her.

Even the awful things Rick had done to her were not as bad as this.

Locking her heels into the crevice between the mattress and springs of the bed, Nancy tried to force her way from under the steadily fucking prick of this cruel stranger. She tried rocking from side to side in order to get away from the steady fuck jabs but nothing worked. Jack was very strong and much heavier than she.

“Hey, honey, why don’t you just relax and enjoy it? You know you like it.”

Jack was whispering quietly in her ear, but his words enraged her. She considered rape to be the worst crime a man could commit.

And now this terrible person was raping her and telling her to enjoy it at the same time. She must stop him. She must get away.

Her pussy was the tightest cunt Jack had ever fucked. Her pussy had resisted him even after all of his preparations, but now her cunt walls were relaxing to allow the full length of his burning cock into her velvet pussy folds.

“No! Stop! This is wrong. You can’t do this to me. Please stop!” she protested.

But even as the words were leaving her mouth, Jack felt her body telling him the opposite. Against her will, her fuck liquids were flowing over his cock-knob and down his prickshaft. But Nancy continued to struggle to free herself.

“Nooooooo! Oooohh, nooooo… ooooohh… yeeeeesssssss!”

In answer, Jack quickened his fucking pace. The tightness of her small cunt and her passion were taking their toil on his self-control.

To urge her on, he leaned up on his elbow and slipped his hand down between them. Locating her dripping cunt, he began to twist and tweak her tender clit.

“Oh, baby, cum for me! Let me feel your cum. I want it all over me. Oh, damn! I’m cumming! Aaaaaaawwwwwww.”

Jack’s enormous prick had grown even larger with its burden of milky white cum. The tension and pressure had become overwhelming, and he could no longer wait for Nancy’s ardor to match his.

His balls, saturated with her succulent wetness, banged against her ass one last time. They felt as if they were going to explode.

And then his creamy gism shot into her like a dam bursting. A steady stream, punctuated by frequent double shots of cum, blasted into Nancy’s pussy. Jet after jet spewed into her cunt until she had no more room, and the slippery fuck-stuff flowed out of her pussyhole and down over her ass.

The force of his cum and the intense heat of his gism had moved Nancy to the edge of cumming herself. She knew that what they were doing was wrong and that her burning desire was worse, but she could not help herself.

Lost in an overwhelming need for a man to fulfill her, Nancy shoved her hips wildly toward Jack’s dwindling prick. But it was too late. His cock became small and limp and suddenly flopped out of her cunt channel to hang lifelessly against the outer folds of Nancy’s pussy.

Consumed with the demands of her quivering cunt, Nancy cooperated as Jack rolled her over on her stomach and spread her legs. His fingers dipped into their mixed fuck juices and fondled her clit and fucked into her gaping pussyhole.

Because of the angle, these manipulations felt different than his earlier ones, but they were equally delicious. Lost in her own needs, Nancy did not notice that every few moments Jack would run his fingers down her little cunt furrow leading to her asshole. Once her ass canal was well lubricated, he drew his slippery, wet hand back to her asshole and continued to play with her cunt with his other hand.

Her tight little brown ass-ring flinched as he circled her asshole with his middle finger. Parting her asscheeks, he looked at her tiny asshole and felt the first stirrings deep within his balls.

In time with his finger-fucks into her cunt, Jack’s fingertip worked its way slowly into her clenching circlet of ass-muscle. Using small fuck movements, he was soon able to slide a bit of his digit past her ass-ring.

Nancy jerked and tried to pull free, but an increase in the motions of the hand working on her pussy soon distracted her. After a few moments, the finger in her ass began to wiggle farther into her tender asshole until it was buried. Once again Nancy’s objections were stilled by the deep fingerfucking of her pussy slit.

Her tight ass-muscles, gradually began to relax, and Jack rolled his linger back and forth to enlarge her asshole. Withdrawing his other hand from her dripping cunt, he grasped his swelling cock. In a few strokes his prick was firm, red, and ready. Slipping his arm around Nancy’s slim waist, he hauled her up to a kneeling position and parted her asscheeks with his hands.

Fully alarmed now, Nancy begged him to stop. “Please, Jack. Not that! I’ve never done that. It’s… it’s too dirty. Please you must stop. Nooooo. Oh, Jack, anything but that! You’ll kill me! Unk! Unk! Aaaaaannnggg!”

Her asshole resisted the massive purple head of his cock as he fucked forward with relentless pressure. Then it seemed to give way for a moment. That was all the opening he needed. With a cruel fuck stab, he entered her rubbery ass channel with the tip of his brutal instrument.

“Aaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiyyyyyy!” screamed the agonized young woman. “Oh, Jesus, Jack. You’ve got to stop!”

Her body felt as if it were being ripped apart. The huge cock in her virgin asshole seemed to be as large as a telephone pole. She was sure that her delicate ass-flesh could not withstand the terrible punishment of this unnatural ass-fuck. Pain coursed through her body, and she whimpered pitifully.

Jack’s fingers returned to her pussy and began to massage her swollen clit. “Relax, baby. Just relax. It’ll be better in a minute,” he said over and over again.

Jack moved his finger to her cunthole and began to finger-fuck her with a slow, long fuck-stroke. Through the pain, Nancy experienced a welling of her unsatisfied desire. She was burning up. Silently she pleaded with him.

Fuck me… yeeeessss, fuuuck meeee, she thought in a cadence matching his finger-fucking of her pussy.

Jack began to fuck his big cock inside her asshole. With very slight motions, he withdrew his prick part way and then fucked his cock back to its original spot. Gradually he lengthened his fuck thrusts to force his cock farther up her ass passage.

His ass-fucking was timed to coincide with the finger-fucking of her pussy, and Jack felt her ass muscles relax more and more until he was finally able to sink all of his prick into her ass. With a final hard jab he was home!

Although this awful ass-fucking had been very painful in the beginning, the pain mingled with pleasure until Nancy was no longer aware of the pain. With each of the finger-fucking thrusts into her burning, aching pussy, her pussy walls tried to open even more to swallow his tantalizing fingers deeper. As they did, the flesh of her ass channel parted to admit more of Jack’s fat cock.

Jack swayed as he fucked into her, letting her feel his prick swelling and throbbing. Nancy couldn’t believe that this was actually happening to her. It was so perverse, so obscene, so disgusting, that at first she thought she must be having a nightmare. But no, she was actually being ass fucked and, worse, she liked it!

Grasping her thighs, Jack fucked into her with powerful lunges, and she propelled herself backwards to meet each fuck-thrust. She had never felt anything like this before. The pain was forgotten, replaced by delicious sensations of rapture.

“Yeeeeessss. Oh, Jack, dooooo iiiiit. Dooooo it! Aaaaaaaiiiiiiiyyyyyy!”

Strong contractions pulsed through her ass-slit as her cum swept over her. With milking motions, her ass sucked on Jack’s straining prick until his cock spewed its thick, sticky fuck fluid into the depths of her asshole. One last spurt, and his balls were empty.

Nancy lay still for a while, then began to sob softly. Feelings of shame and guilt swept over her in waves. What had she done? Was she really so depraved that she would fuck with anyone? This man testing beside her was a stranger and yet she had let him do whatever he had wanted.

How could she claim to love her husband with another man’s cum seeping out of her ass and her pussy both? She had never even let Rick fuck her ass. The only time he had suggested ass-fucking she had called him a weirdo and had refused to fuck him for several days. Now she had performed this perversion, this unnatural act, with someone she barely knew. Worse, like a common slut she had enjoyed being fucked in the ass.

Jack’s attempts to comfort Nancy failed. Her whole body shaking with sobs, the young woman seemed almost oblivious to his presence. The pretty young woman who had given him so much pleasure only moments before was suddenly very distant from him.

She was lost in her own thoughts, feelings, and personal pain. Nancy’s tears left Jack feeling guilty and helpless. Unable to think of anything else to do for her, he put his arms around her and held her close. With her head buried in his shoulder, Jack continued to rock her in his arms long after she had fallen asleep.

It was late the following morning when Nancy was jangled out of her sound sleep by the insistently ringing telephone. She didn’t recognize Jack’s voice, and at first was too groggy to remember the previous night. Her only real awareness was of her splitting headache.

“I just wanted to check and see if you were all right,” he said.

“All right?” she repeated through her foggy haze. “Why wouldn’t I be all right?”

As she sat up in bed trying to clear the cobwebs from her mind, Nancy felt the soreness of her pussy and ass, and the events of the previous evening returned to her.

Mistaking her reply and the following silence for an improvement in her mood, Jack invited her to have brunch with him. Claiming a headache, which was all too real, Nancy declined. She needed to be alone, to think about what had happened last night and to try to sort things out.

But, most of all, she needed some aspirin.


Feeling sheepish, confused and guilty about the evening with Jack, Nancy had been vague when Cindy had asked about it. She really didn’t know what to think about it herself, so what could she possibly say to her cousin? She knew that what she had done was a betrayal of her husband.

Clearly Jack had taken advantage of her drunkenness, and she couldn’t be blamed for that. What continued to bother her was her knowledge that, even as she had fought him, begging him to leave her alone, a part of her had hoped that he would not.

She missed the loving, rough-tender attention of a man. Alone at Cindy’s night after night, she had often fondled and sometimes finger-fucked herself, but that was not a substitute for a man. There was no escaping the fact that she had enjoyed her fuck session that night.

Late one evening, Rick called long distance to tell her how much he missed her. It had been evident almost immediately that he was drunk and was calling from some bar. Sounds of music and the dull roar of other voices made understanding Rick’s slightly slurred speech difficult.

“When are you coming home?” he asked finally.

“I don’t know yet. I’m planning to visit a few more days at least,” Nancy answered in an uncertain tone.

Hardening his voice, Rick responded, “Nancy, I need you. Please come home.”

He left no doubt about what he had meant by the word need. Against her better judgement, Nancy tried to reason with him, but Rick did not want to hear her out.

“A wife’s place is with her husband. If you don’t want to give me what I need, I can find plenty of women who will.”

Saying that, he slammed down the receiver and spun out of the phone booth. Shoving his way to the bar, Rick barked his order to the bartender. He stood there for a long time glaring at his own reflection in the mirror behind the bar. But he was not so self-absorbed that he failed to notice the stunning redhead who had taken a stool nearby.

Motioning to the bartender, he turned to the woman and said, “Can I buy a drink for the best looking woman in the room?”

Smiling, the woman accepted the drink, and the two exchanged names. The woman was much shorter than he and had huge tits. Her hourglass figure was displayed to good advantage by her red knit dress that clung to every curve.

Rick couldn’t keep his eyes off her huge tits. Perfectly round and high on her chest, they were so large that her arm brushed against one side of her tits as she reached for her drink from the bar. Her long auburn hair cascaded down her back with a single strand snaking across her shoulder toward her tits. How he wanted to smother himself in those tits!

Liz allowed him to buy her another drink as they sat talking. She was friendly and seemed quite interested in the things Rick was saying. Leaning toward him, she looked deeply into his eyes in obvious invitation. She readily agreed when Rick suggested that they go some place quieter.

Reaching his car, he asked where she wanted to go. At first she didn’t answer but shifted her body so that her left tit rested against his arm. Her pause before responding was just long enough to underscore the importance of her answer.

“Well, I’d invite you to my apartment, but my roommate has company. I really don’t want to disturb her.”

“How about a nightcap at my place?” suggested Rick. “It’s close by, and there’s lots of privacy.”

Rick was aware that Liz would know that he had lied about being single once she saw his apartment, but it didn’t matter to him. He was burning with desire and could barely restrain himself from grabbing her luscious tits. Besides, she was clearly on the make.

During the drive to his apartment, he was acutely aware of the pressure of her leg resting against his. After a bit, her hand moved to his thigh and slid between his legs halfway up. The strain in his crotch became substantial, even painful, as his cock swelled in his tight trousers.

As he emerged from the car once in the parking lot of his apartment house, he quickly reached down and rearranged himself. It was useless to try to hide the effect that Liz’s voluptuous body had had upon him. His cock strained at the fabric of his trousers threatening to burst the zipper, the ridge of his prickhead clearly visible through the material.

After turning the deadbolt, Rick walked into the living room to find that Liz had slipped off her dress and dropped it in a heap upon one of the chairs. She stood in the middle of the room wearing filmy black panties and a lacy bra. Her tits were even more magnificent than he had imagined.

Thrust upward by the bra, her two white tit mounds almost touched in the middle forming a deep cleavage. Dark areolas pointed slightly up by the constraints of the bra beckoned to him.

Liz cocked her head to one side and looked down at his crotch smiling. Rick quickly crossed the room and took her into his arms. Kissing her hard on the lips and thrusting his tongue deep into her mouth, Rick pushed his straining cock against her belly. His hands reached for the fastener of her bra and soon freed her tits. Swaying across his chest as they settled, her warm, silky tits seemed to be begging for attention.

Soon naked, Rick knelt before the lovely young woman and buried his face in her tits. Then he began to kiss them reverently. “I’m going to eat these up. I’ll chew and suck until there’s nothing left. I’m going to nurse like a baby until you make milk for me.”

With that he took one of her distended nipples into his mouth and noisily sucked. One hand pulled more of her tit-flesh toward his face, covering his mouth and chin with her silky tit. His other hand busied itself with the opposite nipple. His attentions grew in intensity until Liz tried to pull away from him.

“Hey, take it easy. Those aren’t made of rubber, you know.”

But Rick’s manipulations continued. Kneading, squeezing, and jerking her massive tits until they became red and tender, Rick seemed to be obsessed. Liz tried to pull away using, her arms braced against Rick’s shoulders.

“Damn it, I said not so hard!”

This time he bit down on her left nipple hard enough to cause the woman to cry out in pain. Moving from the tortured tit, his mouth traveled down her torso. Pausing at her bellybutton, he snaked his tongue into the little depression and wiggled it back and forth.

Once he reached her panty line, he traced its course around her body with light, tender kisses. Reaching her back, he paused at the small dimple just above the start of her ass crack. While kissing the dimple his hand traveled down her asscrack to her pussy. Rubbing through the thin material, he deftly massaged her fringed fuck opening.

Drawing his hand back, he came to her asshole. With a tiny circular motion of the tip of one finger, Rick stirred her little brown ass-ring. He kissed and inched around her body past jutting hip bones to a position just above the start of her cunt hair. Taking a handful of the sheer fabric, he pulled her panties off in one quick motion.

Standing, Rick swung the voluptuous woman into his arms and carried her into the bedroom. He placed her onto the unmade bed and spread her legs. Taking his cock in his hand, he leaned over her waiting cunt and harshly rubbed his stiff prick against her cunt slit.

“Mmmmmmmmm. Oh, yes, make love to me. Please fuck me,” pleaded Liz.

Rick mounted her. His cock was engorged and burning with the desire to feel the walls of Liz’s steamy cunt. In a single motion, he sank his prick deep into her pussy crevice causing her to groan.

Although filled with her own fuck juices, her cunt was not prepared for the swift and harsh assault. With another hard fuck, his prick was completely buried in her. Fucking with all his might, Rick impaled the lovely woman on his cock time and time again.

Moaning and arching her back to meet his fuck thrusts, Liz was lost in her passion. Rick fucked into her pussy a dozen more times and then pulled his dripping cock out of her drenched cunthole.

Her fuck juices clung to his prick and formed a shimmering strand connecting pussy and cock as he moved his knees up beside her waist. Placing his hands on the sides of her lovely tits, Rick pushed her tit-mounds inward to cover his cock with their soft tit-flesh. Holding them firmly in position, he racked on his knees as if her delicious tits were a cunt.

As his cum neared, the young man held the woman’s tits tighter to increase the friction. Liz’s agonized protests were ignored.

Suddenly a shot of cum spewed from his enflamed prick onto her chin and neck. Pulling back from her, Rick held his spurting cock as his prick squirted sticky white cum onto Liz’s tits, throat, and face. Cum covered one nipple and ran in tiny streams down the sides of her tit. Other jets struck the other nipple, the space between her tit mounds, and every inch of her massive tits until they glistened with the translucent fuck fluid.

Rick barely paused before he moved upward and pushed his flaccid cock into the pretty woman’s mouth. Liz could taste the yeasty, slightly sour taste of the man’s cum and the salty flavor of her own fuck juice mingled on his cock. His shrunken prick rested limply in her mouth.

“Make me hard, woman. Rub my balls and suck my cock till I tell you to stop,” he commanded.

Reaching her hands through his legs, Liz obediently took his sac into her cupped hands and rolled its precious cargo around in the hollow of her palms. With little flicks of her tongue, she bounced his soft cock around in her mouth while sucking on his prick like an all-day lollipop. Her long tongue ringed his cock first in one direction and then reversed to go in the other. Her fingernails tenderly scratched his balls and drew patterns across his wrinkled skin.

Liz allowed his still-limp cock to slip from her mouth as she shifted her attentions to his precious balls. Hanging unevenly in their protective sac, his balls seemed to beckon to her. At first she simply licked every inch of the surface. The skin was extraordinarily soft and silky to her tongue as it glided over his balls within their sac.

Next she took his lower ball into her mouth and began a series of strong inward sucks. With his ball resting on the upper surface of her tongue, Liz bounced his ball back and forth. Then sliding his nut carefully from her mouth, she popped its twin in as a replacement. Repeating her actions, she sucked, bobbed, and caressed his ball to the accompaniment of Rick’s moans.

Taking both balls into her mouth, Liz ran her talented tongue from one ball to the other and back again rapidly. Her sucking pulled his balls inward and against each other in a tantalizing squeeze while her tongue bobbled them up and down. Easing his sac from her mouth, the pretty woman again took his balls into her hand. Gentle squeezes pushed his balls together only to be separated again by her finger wedged between them.

Liz’s mouth returned to his rapidly swelling cock. With her expert oral attentions, his prick had come to life again. Taking his cock from her mouth, Liz began licking up and down the sides of his prick eagerly. Coming to the ridge of his cockknob, her tongue circled its outline, skimmed across his velvet prick skin and darted into his tiny cum-slit.

Then Liz shifted her oral attentions to the sweet little brown sac hanging behind his rapidly stiffening cock. Sucking his balls into her mouth, she rolled them from side to side and caressed them with her flicking tongue. The sucks and tugs continued until Rick pulled away and shoved his rigid cock roughly into her mouth once again.

Almost choking, the auburn-haired beauty struggled to remove his big prick from her throat, but Rick grabbed huge handfuls of her flowing hair and used it to pull her closer still. Holding her hair tightly, he fucked his cock through her mouth into the narrow constriction of her throat.

Liz felt her air being choked off and fought to get away. It was no use. Placing a knee on one of her shoulders, Rick kept her from squirming.

“Knock it off, bitch,” he growled. “Relax and take it all, or I’ll really hurt you!”

Gagging and gasping on his outstroke, she was finally able to regain her breath. His cruel fucks into her stretched throat continued with considerable force. His knee rested on her shoulder causing a shooting pain that almost blotted out the agony in her throat.

“Oh, yeah, baby! I’m gonna cum. Suck me now, I’m cumming! Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!”

Cum spurted into Liz’s mouth and against the back of her terribly strained throat until gism filled her windpipe. Its consistency was thinner this time, and Liz quickly gulped it down to clear her breathing passage. A few more hard sucks extracted the last of his warm fuck juice into her mouth.

Pulling Liz over onto her side, Rick’s attention returned to her enormous tits. Nuzzling between them, he lay with his face buried in her soft tit-flesh until he fell asleep.

Liz remained still for some time listening to his snares rising from between her tits. When she was certain that Rick had completely surrendered to the effects of the alcohol he had drunk, she worked her way out of his grasp. Rising quietly she dressed and hurriedly left the apartment.

While waiting for a taxi the terrible reality of the evening pushed its way into her numbed consciousness. Her entire body was bruised and battered. Her shoulder still throbbed from being pinned by his knee, and her aching tits were already showing early signs of the bruises that would cover them by morning.

I’d rather take my chances with muggers than spend one more moment with that violent creep, she told herself. And he didn’t even have the decency to get me off!

She had learned a lesson from the evening, and it wasn’t much of a consolation to know that she had left a bit of a lesson for Rick also. At least she had left him something to think about when he woke up in the morning.

The sun was streaming into the apartment when Rick began to stir the next morning. Holding his eyes tightly shut to avoid the blinding light, he tried to go back to sleep. The pain in his head was almost unbearable, and his mouth felt stale and fuzzy as if it was filled with ashes.

Finally, finding it impossible to go back to sleep, Rick pulled himself up. The all-too-familiar feelings of a severe hangover flooded over him. Sitting perfectly still, his head in his hands, the tired young man waited for the room to stop spinning.

In a few minutes he felt steady enough to make his way to the kitchen for some coffee. Nancy should be here to make me coffee, he thought to himself. Vague memories of calling her the previous night drifted through his thoughts as he drank the dark brew. Still feeling rocky, he opened the refrigerator and removed a beer. After finishing it in a few short gulps, Rick started to feel better.

With a second cup of coffee in his hand, he wandered into the living room to sit on the couch so that he could put his feet up.

Something about that call to Nancy bothered him but he couldn’t remember what had been said.

As he sat trying to recall their conversation, he noticed his wallet sitting in the center of the coffee table with what seemed to be a note beneath it. Picking up the paper, he read the small feminine handwriting.

“Dear Bastard: I don’t know how many women you’ve found who like the rough stuff, but I’m not one of them. You might at least ask first. Brutal creeps like you are sick and ought to have to pay for their fun. And you did. I have enough bruises and bite marks to file assault charges, so don’t bother calling the police.”

There was no signature. Snatching up his wallet and peering inside, Rick found it empty. Calculating what he had probably spent the previous night, there should have been more than a hundred dollars left. Angry, he sat for some time staring at the empty wallet.

“That little red-headed bitch,” he muttered as he threw the wallet back onto the table.

Rage tilled him, but he knew that there was nothing he could do. The police weren’t an option since he certainly couldn’t afford the publicity. And there was no way of knowing what Nancy would do if she heard about it.

As he thought about his pretty wife, their conversation of the previous night returned to his memory. Despair overwhelmed him. He remembered his unreasonable anger, the terrible things he had said to her, and, worst of all, that he had hung up on her.

Getting up, he went to the phone to try to call her and apologize. When he called Cindy’s number there was no answer. Thinking he had reached a wrong number, Rick hung, up and dialed the number several more times before he gave up.

His eyes were down back to the note on the table. If he really did the things that Liz had said about him in the note, then he had probably hurt Nancy, too, when he had been drunk. The thought of hurting the one person he had ever loved filled him with shame and disgust.

He continued to sit on the couch for a long time thinking back over the last few months. He had to admit that there were a number of nights that he was unable to recall with any certainty.

Vowing to seek help for his drinking, Rick returned to the phone and tried to call Nancy again.

Cindy answered on the second ring. “I’m sorry, Rick. She isn’t here. Besides, she told me last night that she didn’t want to talk to you if you called. She was pretty upset.”

Stunned, Rick was silent for several minutes. Perhaps he had already lost her. His chest felt hollow, and his mouth was dry.

“Cindy, I was drunk last night, and I said some pretty awful things that I didn’t mean. I realize now that I have been really rotten to Nancy these last few months, and I want to make it up to her. Please, Cindy, can’t you at least get her to talk to me?”

“I’ll give her the message, but don’t expect too much. She’s angry and upset and frankly doesn’t have much faith in you anymore. Why don’t you give her a day or two to cool off?”

Rick hung up the phone and slumped onto the couch. Disconsolate, the melancholy young man stared into space.


“I don’t care what he said or how he sounded. His morning-after explanations and apologies always sound great until he turns around and does it again. I’m fed up with it!” Nancy snapped when Cindy told her about Rick’s call. “Talk is cheap, and that’s all I ever get from him — talk!”

Saying that, Nancy spun around and fled from the room. Safely in the bedroom, Nancy burst into tears. Everything was going wrong. Not only had her vacation in California not produced solutions, but it had also led to her being unfaithful to Rick.

Nancy continued to lie on the bed for a long time, too frustrated and angry to think. At first she did not hear the gentle taps on the door. When she did, she sat up and wiped her face with the palms of her hands.

“Come in,” she said.

Cindy pushed the door open and looked tentatively around it at her cousin. “Are you okay?” she inquired.

“Yeah, I’m okay. I just had to get that out of my system, I guess. I won’t bite, I promise. Come on in.”

Cindy moved into the room and sat at the end of the bed. She asked, “Why don’t you come to the beach with Lenny and me? It’ll cheer you up, and we’d love the company. Why don’t we ask Jim to come along and make it a foursome? What do you say?”

“Sounds like just what the doctor ordered. I guess I can’t spend the rest of my life moping around here. When do we leave?” asked the lovely young woman as she got up from the bed and began to wipe away the smudged make-up from around her red-rimmed eyes.

“I’ll call Lenny and tell him to invite Jim. If you’ll help me with the food, we can leave in an hour,” Cindy answered as she headed for the telephone.

Nancy walked into the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror. She was a pretty woman even with mascara forming circles under her eyes and streaking down her milky white cheeks.

She had always been aware of men’s reactions to her, but they had made her uncomfortable until she met Rick. He had helped her to see that the lust in a man’s eye was a natural, even beautiful, thing. Still, she avoided situations that would give men opportunities to make passes at her because she felt uneasy about them. She didn’t know how to handle them, and she was frightened by the stirrings they caused in her.

It was for this reason that she had turned down several previous invitations that had included Jim. But this time she had not refused.

It was mid-afternoon when the four young people stopped along a lonely gravel road. Lenny led the way as they climbed down a small embankment to a stretch of beach that was practically deserted. In one direction two families with a number of children were having a late lunch. In the other, five teenage boys were engaged in a loud game of touch football.

“How’s this?” Lenny asked indicating a portion of the beach equidistant between the two groups of people.

“Fine,” answered Jim as he eased the cooler to the sand and threw the blankets which had been draped over his shoulder into a heap nearby. “Last one in the water has to build the fire!”

Soon both couples were splashing in the water and laughing as the waves rolled into them. Nancy and Jim were standing in water that reached their waists and jumping up to ride the waves as they passed.

After a bit, Jim placed his hands around Nancy’s slim waist and lifted her high above the white water of each wave. Occasionally an especially strong wave hit them forcing their bodies together.

Before long Nancy could feel Jim’s rigid prick straining the soft fabric of his French-styled bikini swimsuit as their bodies were tossed together by the waves.

Although she pretended not to notice, she was pleased at his reaction to her. If Rick felt free to go out with other women while she was gone, why couldn’t she have some fun too?

After all, Nancy reasoned to herself, it isn’t as if I’m going to do anything really wrong. It’s only a picnic, and I’m not even alone with Jim.

Tired by the buffeting they had received from the surf, Jim and Nancy soon left the water. Walking along the beach toward the rocks where the families had been earlier, the pair talked about themselves as they gathered wood far the fire. “I hope you’ll forgive me for asking, and I know that it’s none of my business, but what’s a gorgeous doll like you doing out here on vacation without your old man?”

Nancy stopped in her tracks at the question. A few months ago she neyer would have considered coming to California alone, much less going out with a stranger. Yet things had gotten so bad between her and Rick that here she was.

“Hey, I didn’t mean to upset you,” Jim said as he reached over and put his arm around her shoulder. “It’s really none of my business, I was just poking my nose in where it doesn’t belong. I’m really sorry.”

The sincerity of Jim’s tone touched Nancy, and she smiled up at him with pools of tears standing in her eyes. “It’s pretty simple,” she answered. “We haven’t been getting along lately, and I came out here to sort things out. No big mystery. But I don’t feel like talking about it.”

Nancy began walking among the rocks again, and Jim dropped his arm from her shoulder. “I really am sorry. I didn’t mean to bring up anything unpleasant. I just meant that if I were your husband, I’d stick pretty close to keep the competition away. That’s all.”

Nancy did not respond but looked up at Jim’s face and smiled. They walked on in silence for some time gathering scraps of driftwood and leftovers from other fires. In time, they turned back toward Cindy and Lenny. By the time they reached the other couple they were talking and laughing again. Nancy’s mood had passed, and she was determined to have a good time.

Lenny had opened a bottle of wine and offered a plastic cup to Nancy. She walked up and dumped her load of wood onto the sand beside the fire.

“Oh, I don’t drink much. Someone else can have that,” Nancy said.

“There’s plenty more where that came from, so go ahead and take it. Besides, the sun’s going down soon, and you’ll need it to keep you warm until the fire’s hot,” replied Lenny as he filled another cup and handed it to Jim.

Cindy and Nancy busied themselves spreading the blankets and setting out food from the hamper as Lenny and Jim worked on the fire. Soon the rife was blazing brightly, and the young couples began to eat the supper they had brought with them.

Talking and laughing, Lenny refined their wineglasses several times, and Nancy could feel the warmth of the liquid spreading through her body. It felt so good to be relaxed and having some harmless fun instead of worrying about Rick, his drinking problem, and all of the seemingly endless difficulties of their marriage.

Nancy noticed Lenny and Cindy as they began to snuggle against each other in the waning light of dusk. As she watched the couple across the fire, Nancy felt a familiar stirring deep within her pussy. The sight of their caresses acted like a drug upon her.

Lenny began to kiss Cindy’s face beginning at her forehead and working down to her eyes, temple, cheek before moving to her neck. As his kisses ranged up and down Cindy’s neck below her ear, Lenny glanced over to where Jim and Nancy were sitting and winked at Jim.

The sight of the handsome couple sitting across the fire inflamed her. As she watched Lenny’s mouth and hands teasing Cindy’s body, she could almost feel the sensations in her own tender, yearning cunt. When Jim slipped his arm around her waist, Nancy did not pull away.

Nancy and Jim sat for a while enjoying the fire, and Jim did not move his arm or try to kiss her. Although Nancy pretended not to be watching the other couple, she could not take her eyes off their increasingly passionate embraces.

The burning in her pussy was becoming more and more urgent, and Nancy was relieved when Jim suggested taking a walk. At least taking a walk along the beach would tear her away from watching the other couple. Jim stood up and extended his hands to help Nancy to her feet. As she rose Jim continued to hold one of Nancy’s hands and led her down the beach.

Walking down the beach, the beautiful young woman responded to the prickling, burning itch in her crotch by squeezing her legs together to rub her outer pussylips against her throbbing clit. Moving behind a large outcropping of rocks, Jim pulled Nancy to him and gave her a slow, tender kiss. She had not expected Jim’s movement and at first responded to his kiss as if he bad been her husband kissing her. But soon she regained her senses and stiffened her body to pull away from the embrace. Jim, however, did not intend to let her go so easily and simply tightened his hold on her and increased the intensity of his kisses.

Nancy tried to push Jim away but was answered by him moving his body closer and thrusting his stiff prick against her stomach. Through the thin material of his swimsuit, Jim’s prick felt naked, and Nancy could feel his cock grow in size in response to the touch of her body.

She knew she would have to stop this immediately or risk being lost to her own passion. Once more Nancy rushed her hands against Jim’s shoulders to free herself, but this time the force of her shove was not as great. Jim was thrusting his tongue deep into Nancy’s mouth in an action like a fucking cock.

Nancy pulled her face away and panted, “Oh, please stop… stop. Please…”

Nancy was losing. She no longer cared about right and wrong, good and evil, or anything else. She wanted a man and she wanted him now. Suddenly Jim felt her warm, firm body relax against his. Nancy turned her face toward him and began hard, open mouthed kiss before Jim even realized that the beauty he had been coveting was now his.

Nancy’s hand traveled down between their bodies and quickly grasped Jim’s swollen cock. The touch of her hand felt like fire and ice. Jim’s hands slipped to her heaving tits in an automatic gesture. Still he could not comprehend the quick change in the woman, and he stood without moving as if he were unconscious.

Nancy was overcome with desire. The endless days without Rick, that evening with Jack, the sight of her luscious cousin in bed with Lenny, and now watching the lovers tempt and tease each other had become too much, for her. She reached inside the waistband of Jim’s swimsuit and took his prick into her hand. After several squeezes, she grew impatient with the limitations on her movements and began to pull the garment from Jim’s body. When she reached his knees, she knelt in the sand, dropped the suit around Jim’s ankles, and drew his prick into her mouth without touching his cock with her hands.

Jim stood frozen, his mind dazed by desire and confusion. Is this really happening? he asked himself. Or just the best damn wet dream in the whole wide world? But, no, the lovely creature kneeling in front of him, trying to put all of his cock into her mouth and down her throat was real and hotter than a pistol. Slowly Jim began to fuck his twitching prick into her sucking, lapping mouth.

“That’s right, cunt. Take it all. Take it into your sweet little throat. Open up big for daddy. Let me fill you up with my fuck juice. Ooooooohhh, cunt, be good to me! Yeeeeeeesssssss!”

Excited even more by Jim’s moans and instructions, Nancy drew his balls into her hand and began massaging them as she ran the thumbnail of her other hand along the ridge on the underside of Jim’s cock. After a few minutes, she slid her lips away from his steaming prick and moved them down and back to take his hanging balls into her hungry mouth.

Using her tongue and a strong sucking action, Nancy tried to take both of his balls into her mouth, but they were too large. As her lips kissed, caressed, and nipped at his sac, Nancy drew one and then his other ball into her mouth to bounce, roll and squeeze before popping his nut out again.

Moving her lips up along his cockshaft, she left a trail of kisses as she moved back toward his shining prickhead. Once there, she started lapping all around his cockhead as if his prick-knob were a melting ice cream cone. With little flicks and jabs of her insatiable tongue, she teased the circular ridge and the opening in the center of his prick before once again covering his cockshaft with her mouth.

Jim felt his prick slide over her cool teeth up to the edge of her throat. He wanted to push his cock down her lovely white throat until she could feel his prick in her belly.

“Take it, you cunt. Open up that mouth and get ready. I’ve got a lot for you, and you’re going to take it all! Come on, you can take more than that. Yeah, that’s a girl. Relax and get ready for more cock than you have ever had,” commanded the young man as he grabbed a fistful of Nancy’s golden hair and pulled her head back to give his prick a straight path into her throat.

Nancy choked and attempted to pull away as she felt the brutal assault, but Jim held her firmly and fucked his cock-meat deeper into her mouth. All the while, he continued to talk to her in a raspy voice telling her over and over again to relax, to open up, to take all of his prick and drink it dry.

Once Nancy had mastered breathing on his out-strokes, she began to relax and to push toward Jim trying to take another fraction of an inch of his big cock into her mouth with each of his fuck thrusts. Jim’s voice continued its encouragements as she labored for his gism.

Without warning, Jim suddenly pulled away. “Oh, baby, that was good, but I want to save my cum-load for your sweet little cunt.”

As he spoke, Nancy reached behind her back and began to unclasp the top of her swimsuit. Her firm tits bobbed as she pulled the top away and dropped it into the sand. Taking her arms, Jim lowered her gently onto her back in the sand and stood for a moment staring at her lovely body as his hard prick swayed above her in salute. Then he dropped to his knees beside her and clasped her pussy through the fabric of her bikini bottoms.

“Mmmmm, you are a hot number, aren’t you? Your crotch is soaked with juice. You must be ready for me. Want a little of what I’ve got for you,” he asked, pulling the garment over her legs and holding it up to his nose. “There’s no better smell on the whole earth.”

He roughly seized his cock and gave a few short jerks in preparation for entering her. Using his legs to scoot her quivering thighs apart until he had a clear view of her glistening cunt mound and its hidden treasures, Jim guided his prick back and forth along her slippery pussy crack.

Although her cuntlips were already red and swollen, his teasing prick caused them to grow even thicker until they seemed to be standing apart in invitation. All the while, the woman was moaning, rocking from side to side, and lunging forward in an attempt to fuck herself on his thick cock.

For several minutes Jim continued to tantalize the outer portions of the pussy, occasionally pushing a tiny bit of his cockhead into her cunt crack only to withdraw again. As his cock-tip moved repeatedly across her clit he used one of his fingers to trace around the opening to her pussy before fucking into its depths.

Jim continued to finger-fuck her until he could feel the walls of her pussy tightening around his digit. In a single movement, he withdrew his finger and fucked his throbbing cock-meat into her pussy hole. The cunt muscles which had tightened around the small finger protested at the sudden intrusion or his erect prick. Nancy felt a momentary discomfort followed by a convulsion of desire rising from deep within her cunt.

“Oooooooohhh. That’s… sooooo goooood. Oooooooohhh, fuck me! Fuck me!” she moaned as she pushed her hips upward to meet Jim’s fuckstrokes.

Both of the young people were on the edge of cumming. Jim felt the pre-cum pulsations arising from the depths of Nancy’s cunt, fondling his cockshaft like velvet hands. The pulsations grew in intensity until Jim felt her lovely body beneath him tense and thrust toward him with even more force. She was close, and any woman who liked fucking as much as Nancy obviously did deserved the best he could give.

Slipping his hands under Nancy’s ass, Jim shifted his attack so that his fucking prickshaft crashed into a slightly different spot of her throbbing pussy walls. His partner signaled her approval with a low moan, theta moved her legs, up to encircle his waist.

Locking her ankles together, Nancy swayed from side to side with Jim’s lunges, creating a motion that was so exciting that Jim found it difficult to avoid cuming. He did, not have to wait long. Her cunt’s contractions changed directions and were now moving from the base of his prick to the tip in a strong milking action. Her silky cunt walls tugged at his cock, trying to suck his glorious, hot fuck liquid into her waiting pussy. With one final jab, his bursting prick unloaded itself into her cunt cervix and splashed the palpitating walls of Nancy’s sweet little pussy. Spurts of cum covered every inch of the burning cunthole.

As the steamy bursts cascaded into her, Nancy’s own cum shot forth. “Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!” she screamed as heat and light seemed to spread over her body. She pushed herself onto his rigid cock with several sharp lunges before losing herself completely to her passion.

She finally became limp under Jim and lay there, flushed and covered with sweat. With his half-flaccid prick, Jim jabbed into her soft cunt one final time before his cock lost its shape and plopped out onto her shapely thigh. Jim rolled onto the sand and cradled Nancy beside him.

Nancy was silent for a while, letting her mind float. Gradually she became aware of an odd feeling as if someone were staring at her. Fear clutched at her heart as she slowly opened her eyes.

At first she was so relieved to see that it was only Cindy and Lenny that she forgot that both she and Jim were stark naked. Sitting bolt upright, she tried to cover her nakedness with her hands.

“How long have you been standing there?” she demanded.

“Well, I guess we’re even. I couldn’t help watching you and Lenny one day when I came back to the apartment too soon. I didn’t mean to, but I couldn’t tear myself away. I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you sooner.”

“Nothing to be sorry about. Actually, Lenny and I perform better with an audience,” she replied reaching ova to give her cousin a hug. “Let’s get back to the men. I hope they have built up the fire. I’m getting cold.”

The two women returned to find a roaring fire and the roommate struggling with a stub of a cork that was stuck in one of the wine bottles. After some effort, it finally gave way with a resounding pop.

“Drinks all around,” Lenny said as he filled the plastic cup and handed them around.

Occasionally the pattern changed and Lenny would give the nipple several short tugs or roll it between his thumb and forefinger before returning to gently stroking the whole mound.

Nancy’s already-firm nipples grew even harder as she fantasized about how Lenny’s hands would feel if they were playing with her tits instead, of Cindy’s. She could almost feel the warmth of his flesh on hers.

Damn, she thought to herself, I must be a sex maniac. How could I be having thoughts like that so soon after one of the best fucks I’ve ever had? But there was no denying the tingling that was beginning to envelop her pussy.

Jim had moved nearer and was gently kissing her neck, ears and throat. As his lips moved to cover hers, Nancy leaned toward him, arching her back so that her tits pushed against Jim’s chest with aching desire. Her twin tit-mounds seemed to reach out to his bare skin as if they were offering themselves to him as a precious gift.

Watching the other pair of lovers over Jim’s shoulder, Nancy saw Lenny reach around to unhook the other woman’s skimpy swim top. Pulling it away from liar body, Lenny watched with obvious relish as her pendulous tits swayed from side to side before settling into his waiting hands.

Nancy’s flesh seemed to cry out for the touch of a man’s hands. Jim was kissing her with considerable force, thrusting his long tongue into her open mouth, caressing her tongue and the sensitive inner portions of her lips, first with tender flicks then stronger thrusts. But he did not move his hands to her body. Although she had flattened her tits against him, Jim seemed unaware. Finally, in desperation, Nancy reached down to Jim’s free hand and slipped it between the folds of her towel and onto her heaving tit.

Immense relief flooded over her as she felt his warm hand grasp her aching nipple and begin to massage it. Every nerve ending in her body seemed to be quivering with desire, and she was no longer conscious of the other couple or anything beyond her own burning lust.

Her hand darted between their bodies to squeeze Jim’s stiffening prick in encouragement as he lowered her body onto the blanket.

One of Nancy’s knees was cocked up to display her yearning cunt framed by golden pussy curls that gleamed in the firelight. Her small rounded tummy betrayed her quickening breathing as Jim’s hand moved lightly over her exposed flesh to the white mounds of her waiting tits. Cupping one tit into each hand, he began to twist, tug and knead at her tender tits.

The young woman was moaning with pleasure and rocking from side to side to increase the pressure of his actions. Her motions splayed her legs farther apart until her enlarged inner pussylips pouted forth from her cunt slit.

Jim’s cock ached within the tight constraints of his swimsuit, and he once again pulled the garment down over his legs to free his bulging prick-knob. Using his knees to move Nancy’s legs even farther apart, he slid his fingers along her already-juicy slit until he could insert the tip of his middle finger into her clutching cunthole. With his other hand, he parted her fat red pussylips in search of her hooded little clit. As he continued to hold her cuntlips parted, he leaned close and stroked across her clit with his tongue, sending shivers through the young woman’s body. His finger sank deep into her pussyhole as he lapped at her clit. Sucking her clit into his mouth Jim nursed on it while he sawed the finger back and forth.


Jim’s prick swayed in the coal night air as he leaned over the beautiful prostrate figure. Nancy’s small, slim torso writhed in abandon. As Jim slithered his tongue from her cunthole up to her crimson, rigid clit. Moans of pleasure and need filled the air.

Nancy held her eyes tightly shut to close off anything which might distract her from the glorious sensations she was experiencing. Her entire world consisted only of Jim and the wonderful things he was doing to her so she did not notice that the other couple had joined them.

Lenny sat Indian-style a few inches from Nancy’s slim hips watching avidly. In the meantime, Cindy moved to the other side and stroked Jim’s prick and balls as he worked over the moaning woman.

At first her skilled hands roved across his body, tantalizing him with their every move. Then she moved to cup his swinging sac in a grip that was both rough and also gentle. Cindy rolled the round contents in the palm of her hand using her thumb and middle fingers to nudge them in one direction or the other. Her hand closed around his hanging bag with alternating squeezes and tugs followed by occasional soft jabs with one of her fingernails.

After a time, Cindy slipped her hand up toward his swollen cock and pressed his prick with surprising force and then loosened her hold to begin a feathery stroking. These attentions caused his big cock to expand, and a glistening drop of cum appeared on its tip. Slowly her fingers closed around his prick to increase the pressure as they slid up and down its length. Cindy’s thumb pushed on the ridge that extended the length of the underside of his cock with each stroke, pausing from time to time to massage his prick’s base with a digging movement of her thumb. Her movements matched the pace of Jim’s finger-fucks into Nancy’s dripping cunt.

Lenny sat nearby, watching the three of them. When Jim could no longer wait, he pulled away from Cindy’s hands and pushed his overheated cock between Nancy’s waiting cuntlips which he still held open. Immediately Lenny scooted forward and parted Nancy’s garment to fully expose her tits. As he sat silently admiring their taut nipples and firm, upward-thrusting shape, Cindy loosened the knot which held Nancy’s sarong and freed her lovely tit-mounds for Lenny’s inspection. Without delay, he leaned down and drew one tit into his mouth as he slipped his hand around the other one. Unlike Cindy’s mammoth tits, Nancy’s were a perfect handful and quite firm. They stood on her chest like halved melons topped by tiny tan nipples.

As Lenny sucked Nancy’s sweet little nipple he felt it harden and stand farther away from the small tit beneath. His hands and mouth continued to focus on her lovely tits as Nancy increased her moans and cries and pushed her cunt onto Jim’s fucking cock with new force.

“Oh, God! I’m going to cum. Oooowwwwww, dooooo iiiiiit! Aaaaaaaaaaiiiiiyyyyyy!” she screamed.

Jim fucked into her until Nancy gave a final shudder and lay still under him. The pattern of Lenny’s caresses had changed as Nancy neared her climax. Now both of her tender tits were encircled by his strong hands which tugged and compressed her tit-flesh and rolled her sharply outlined nipples between his fingers. Nancy’s awareness returned to her gradually, and she noticed, for the first time, that Jim’s hands were beneath her hips. But there were also hands on her tit. A momentary confusion followed.

Slowly she opened her eyes. Above her, Jim was fucking his prick into her cunt in a steady rhythm while Lenny sat beside her shoulder. They were Lenny’s hands!

Before she could say anything, he leaned forward and kissed her with a long, searing kiss that took her breath away. Responding to a gesture from Jim, Lenny positioned himself to take Jim’s place inside Nancy’s flaming pussy. With a farewell jab, Jim slipped out of her dripping cunt and rolled in the opposite direction from Lenny.

Without a moment’s delay, the second man’s bulging prick fucked into the darkness of Nancy’s pussy catching several of the golden cunt hairs and pulling them along. Her silky pussywalls shuddered at the larger size of Lenny’s uninvited cock, and Nancy tried to pull away but found herself pinned by Lenny’s weight resting on her. Prevented from crying out by Lenny’s lips covering hers, Nancy was helpless to do anything ether than submit.

His big prick felt as if his cock would split her open, but Lenny continued to fuck deep into her pussy with relentless fuck-strokes. Bit by bit, her cunt muscles relaxed until his throbbing prick-meat fucked in and out of her delicious little hair rimmed pussyhole with ease. Against her will, Nancy found herself beginning to respond. She told herself that what she was feeling was wrong, perverse, insane, but her mind had no control over her body. With a will of its own, her body was meeting Lenny’s every fuck-thrust and trying to gobble more of his cock into her velvety pussy canal.

While the two men were occupied with her cousin, Cindy had moved a few feet away and stretched out where she had an unobstructed view of the fucking action. The sight of Jim’s balls crashing against Nancy’s ass made her cunt tingle, and soon she was fingering her pussy as she watched. Her gentle caresses were soon replaced by more insistent rubbing at the base of her clit, punctuated by jabs into her hungry cunthole. Cindy’s breathing quickened as she moved her other hand down to take care of her quivering clit while she flicked first one, then two of her fingers into the depths of her frothing cunt. The sounds of Nancy’s screams of rapture excited her even more and, with a few additional, jabs her own cum splashed onto her fingers and oozed out of her pussy.

When Jim reached Cindy, he found the hair of her pussy matted with slippery fuck juice. Taking one of her hands into his, he poked her juice soaked fingers into his mouth. The fingers of his other hand reached into her gaping pussy opening and scooped up some of the ample fuck fluid. Moving his fingers back, he left a trail of cum along Cindy’s ass crack, leading to the little brown ring circling her asshole. After dipping his fingers once again into her juices, Jim began working his middle finger into her wrinkled, clenched asshole.

At first her ass-muscles tightened against the intrusion, but they were unable to prevent his slimy digit from entering. Once past the outer rim, his finger found the warm walls of her ass passage relaxing in welcome. Jim wiggled his finger and scraped her ass-flesh with his fingernail to open more of her ass channel to his probing. Soon he was able to sink the entire digit deep into the recesses of Cindy’s ass.

Working his finger around hr her asshole, Jim prepared her ass for the insertion of another finger. As the second finger slipped in, Cindy wagged her hips to force it deeper. After a few moments, Jim knew she was ready for him. Lifting her legs up to his shoulders he pushed his burning cock against her tight little asshole and held his prick steady.

Cindy reached around, grabbed her asscheeks, and parted them to aid his entry. Gradually the opening widened to admit his cock-tip and then a bit more. Suddenly Cindy stiffened and pushed her arms against Jim’s shoulders.

“Oh, wait, baby! That hurts! Wait just a fucking second!” she screamed as a searing pain ripped through her body.

Jim, who had been using the weight of his body to inch his cock into her constricted ass opening, ceased his inward drive but held his cock stationary against the wave-like ass-muscle contractions that were trying to expel him from her tight ass canal. Jim forced himself to think of other things. He did not want to hurt Cindy, but fucking Nancy had brought him so close to cumming that pausing now was agony to him.

Cindy gave a little push with her ass and then a harder one. Her ass-muscles were beginning to relax, but Jim held his cock still and let Cindy set its pace of entry. She squirmed, wiggled and pushed her shapely ass with increasing force onto his prick until his cock disappeared into her asshole. Cindy continued her motions as Jim hammered into her, slightly repositioning herself from time to time to keep his cock centered on the small area of tender ass-flesh which gave her the most pleasure.

Jim could not wait much longer. Brimming with fuck juice, his balls felt as if they would burst each time they crashed into Cindy’s upturned ass. His searing sticky cum-load squirted against her ass walls. The last hard thrusts of Jim’s cuming banged into Cindy’s ass and brought her to the edge of her own cum. As the first burst of the hot fuck liquid hit its target, Cindy squealed and thrust her ass closer so that she could get full benefit from the steamy juice.

Cindy’s cum rolled over her like the ocean waves she heard in the distance. Involuntary muscle spasms coursed along her ass channel with a power that was almost painful to Jim’s dwindling cock, and he began to slowly withdraw his prick. To Cindy, it felt as if his big cock were several feet long as his prick slid slowly out of her battered ass. Her ass-muscles clutched at his cock’s knobby end, trying to delay its exit.

Cindy had always found ass-fucking painful at the start and too marvelous to stop at the end. But Jim pulled his cock past her little brown ass-ring and lowered Cindy’s legs to the blanket.

“I gotta rest,” Jim sighed as he rolled over onto his side so that he could watch the other pair of fuckers. Moving closer and leaning against Jim’s thighs, Cindy turned to watch them also.

Unaware of their audience, Nancy and Lenny were feverishly working on their own climaxes. Lenny was fucking into Nancy’s cunt with increasing force as his pace quickened, and the blonde beauty moaned and heaved beneath him.

Without warning, Lenny moved backwards, pulling his shiny, wet cock out of her burning cunthole and holding his prick above the soft curve of her tummy. Taking his cock firmly in his right hand, Lenny gave his prick several quick, violent strokes, and a burst of gism flew into the valley between her lovely tits. In short jets, Lenny’s cum shot onto her tits, her stomach, her throat, and even one of the turgid nipples. Cum covered her, ran down her neck onto her hair and dripped down the sloping sides of her tits onto her chest.

Glistening in the firelight, the sticky, shimmering fuck fluid looked like liquid silver spreading across he startled girl’s body. Lenny snapped his fingers and motioned to Cindy to join him.

In a single movement, Cindy lay beside her cousin and began to lick the cum from her body. Uncertain about what she should do, the shocked Nancy lay still and watched as Cindy’s tongue circled her nipples and ranged up and down her tits lapping at them. Watching the dark hair bobbing over her, Nancy was hardly aware that Lenny had moved away and was pouring him self a glass of wine.

Nor did she notice Jim moving toward her until he knelt above her head and thrust his limp prick into her mouth. “Suck it up for me, baby, and I’ll make you glad you did,” murmured Jim in a soothing quiet voice.

Turning her attention to his flaccid cock in her mouth, Nancy forgot the perversion of what was happening to her. But Cindy’s warm tongue felt so good, moving slowly across her skin, and she could already feel Jim’s cock growing in response to her expert licking.

As in answer to a silent wish, Nancy felt sucking lips move across her itching cuntlips. The loving her pussy was getting inspired her to work even more diligently oft Jim’s cock. Licking up and down its length, lapping at the base, ringing its head first with her tongue and then her lips, she returned his prick almost to its former state of hardness. In rhythm to the tongue-fucking her pretty cunthole was receiving, Nancy pulled his cock into her throat by leaning upward toward Jim’s body.

By remaining still, Jim forced the young woman to set the pace and intensity of the blow job she was giving him. Sucking and thrusting with all, her might, Nancy his prick farther and farther into her throat.

Cindy had begun to use two of her fingers in concert with her lapping, prying tongue, using her tongue to lick, fuck and pummel the tiny clit while her fingers sawed into the spasming pussy. With each inward stroke, a finger would rake her sensitive cuntwalls or ream around the interior of the opening. From the pressure of stretching to accommodate two digits, added to the excitement and pleasure that she was experiencing. Sensing that her cousin’s cum was closet Cindy began sucking her clit and jabbing her fingers as far into the hole as they would go and spread them apart as they entered.

With renewed energy, Nancy attacked his hard cockshaft as if she craved its precious cum-load as dessert. And then it came. Spurting its hot, sticky fluid into the recesses of her throat, Jim’s prick jerked and lunged as his cock emptied itself into the greedy woman. With a gulping noise, Nancy swallowed the bulk of his cum-load and continued her sucking and slurping to tease any remaining fuckjuice into her mouth.

Slipping his cock from between her lips, she held his prick tenderly in her left hand and began to run his cock slowly across her lips, chin, and cheeks. Finally one last drop appeared from his tiny cum slit and glistened atop his prickshaft. Nancy’s still hungry tongue appeared between her slightly parted lips, ran up the length of his upraised cock, circled the ridge of its knobby head, and slithered up the crown to the single liquid jewel waiting there. After sucking the drop lovingly into her mouth, Nancy withdrew her hand and relaxed onto the sand.

Nancy’s mind whirled with the events of the last few hours. She was exhausted physically, and yet an almost overwhelming desire still coursed through her. Her face was flushed, and her torso was covered with tiny droplets of perspiration. The very core of her being seethed with lust.

And Nancy surrendered herself to her lust with abandon. Jim and Lenny were both excellent fuckers, who were capable of making any woman wild with passion. Her long separation from Rick had left her with an itch that made her even more vulnerable to their considerable talents, and now she wanted their cocks in every fuck-hole of her body.

Jim had long since removed his hand. At first he continued to kiss Nancy’s neck and shoulder and to fondle her tits. As she became more engrossed in exploring Cindy’s delightful tit-mounds, Jim moved slightly away from her and sat watching the three give pleasure to each other.

Lenny was fucking Cindy with long, slow fuckstrokes, and she responded with hip thrusts and little wiggles timed to meet his inward fuck-strokes. Resting on his hands, Lenny leaned backwards to allow Nancy easy access to the upper portion of the prostrate woman’s body. Nancy had shifted her position so that she lay beside the tanned body of her cousin with her shoulders on a line with Cindy’s tits and her crotch within reach of Cindy’s probing fingers.

Although Nancy had tried to resist, she could no longer restrain herself from tasting her cousin’s inviting tit-mounds. Her first moves were light kisses moving upward toward her puffy nipple. With a light glancing kiss, she sampled the nipple and then gingerly moved her lips away again.

Cindy’s response was immediate. “Mmmmmmmmm. Oh, do that some more,” she pleaded.

Her cousin’s encouragement was all that Nancy needed to overcome the last vestiges of her shyness. With great relish, she sucked Cindy’s brown nipple into her mouth and began to nurse. For the first time in her life, she understood why men enjoyed women’s tits so much. Her soft firm tit-mound was wonderful to touch and even better to taste. She had never experienced anything quite like it.

Beginning to suck harder and then flicking her nipple with the point of her tongue, Nancy elicited more moans and sighs of appreciation from her cousin.

Slowly Cindy worked a single finger between Nancy’s cuntlips and slid her finger down toward her cunthole, but Nancy’s position prevented full access. Pulling her finger up to the beginning of Nancy’s pussy silt, Cindy inserted another finger to form a wedge. Nancy shifted her position, opening her legs and curling her body toward Cindy.

Entry was now easy. Gliding her fingers down Nancy’s pussy, Cindy soon came to her hooded clit. Rubbing her fingers back and forth on either side of the bud, she teased it with expectation before finally running her fingertip up Nancy’s clit shaft. Her manipulations continued for some time before she moved to the mouth of Nancy’s pussy. Extending her long middle finger into her pussyhole and using her thumb to continue her attentions to Nancy’s clit. It was not long before Cindy had her cousin writhing with pleasure.

Jim sat witnessing this scene for sometime before he crawled to the other side of Cindy’s body and began a series of passion-filled kisses. As Cindy’s activities with Nancy increased in intensity, Jim shifted to kisses and nibbles along Cindy’s neck and shoulder moving eventually to the tit opposite the tit Nancy was working on.

Lenny’s fucking tempo had become more urgent fucking into her slippery cunt channel with forceful fuck-strokes, Lenny was very close to shooting the last of his liquid into Cindy’s eager cunt. Sliding his hands under her hips to facilitate deeper fucks, he whispered softly to his partner.

“Cum, baby. Cum for me. Get me wet one last time. Let me feel that sweet ass of your going crazy. Come on, baby, cum!”

“Oh, yes, oh, yes,” Cindy moaned. “Do that some more. Let me feel that big cock of yours deep inside me. Poke it to my tummy. Oh, harder. Harder! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!”

The strong contractions of Cindy’s cum gripped Lenny’s prick with such force that he could wait no longer. Milky fuck juice spewed against the walls of her already-dripping cunt and mixed Cindy’s own fuck fluids. As Lenny withdrew his limp cock, the mingled fuck juices spilled down her lovely ass onto the beach towel beneath her.

As she had neared her cum, Cindy was no longer able to concentrate on what she had been doing to Nancy’s pussy. Jim returned to Nancy’s side and began to tongue-fuck the beauty. After a few moments, he slipped first one and then two fingers into her spasming cunthole. Fucking her swollen clit with his tongue as he fucked his fingers into her cunt, Jim soon brought Nancy to the edge of cumming.

“Eeeeeeee!” screamed the young woman as her cum burst forth. “Yes, yes. Oh, yesssssss!”

Exhausted, the four lay scattered around the dying fire. Jim was the first to arouse himself. Picking up the last piece of fire wood, he stirred the fire, causing sparks to leap into the air.

“We’d better get going,” he said, “before we all freeze to death.”

Slowly the others began to sit up and stretch. Nancy became embarrassed and reached for the towel that she had been wearing earlier. Folding it around her, she got to her feet, picked up the pieces of her swim suit, and walked into the darkness to put it on. The other three began to dress and gather up their belongings in silence.

Once in the car, Jim and Lenny chatted as they headed for the city. Cindy quickly fell asleep, and Nancy sat silently staring out the window. Parting company in the parking lot, the men called goodnight to the cousins as they walked off in the direction of Cindy’s apartment.

Cindy slept late the next morning and rose to find Nancy reading the morning paper. Getting herself a cup of coffee, the older woman studied her cousin. She certainly seemed to be in a good mood. Perhaps she wasn’t going to regret last night after all. Taking a section of the newspaper from the table, Cindy joined her at the dining table. “What’s the plan for today?” asked Nancy.

“Oh, I don’t know. The apartment is getting to be a wreck. I thought I might just stay home and clean up a little. But why don’t you go out and en joy yourself?”

“I helped make the mess, so I’ll help clean it up,” answered Nancy.

“Don’t you do enough housework at home? Really, I don’t mind doing this myself. It won’t take long.”

“Sorry, I’m not going to let you. Give me my assignments so I can get to work. I woke up full of energy this morning, and I’m anxious to get started. Better take advantage of the offer while I’m in the mood. I may never offer again.” She laughed. The women divided up the chores and set to work. As they moved around the apartment from one task to another, they built such a momentum that they soon found themselves involved in a full scale house cleaning. Beginning to perspire, Cindy removed her blouse and continued to work dressed in her bra and jeans. Sweat glistened on her pendulous tits and tiny rivulets ran into the deep furrow between them. Nancy’s knit top became damp and clung to her small tit-mounds. The fabric fitted like a second skin revealing her soft curves and extended nipples.

Cindy couldn’t help noticing once again that the petite blonde had a really appealing figure. Her mind drifted back to the night before. Nancy had really surprised her. Although she had suspected that her cousin might allow her attentions in the heat of the passion created by the men, she would never have guessed that Nancy would return them.

All through the day, Cindy watched for openings to bring up the subject of the previous evening, but none came. Every time she tentatively broached the subject Nancy failed to take the bait. On the other hand, Nancy was cheerful and seemed untroubled by anything. The only negative note of the day occurred when a messenger arrived with flowers for Nancy.

When the doorbell rang Cindy answered it. Taking the flowers from the delivery boy, Cindy carried them into the kitchen where Nancy was busily engaged in waxing the kitchen floor. She placed them on the counter between the two of them and turned expectantly to Nancy.

“These are for you. Hurry and open the card. I can’t wait to see who they’re from.”

Peering through the covering cellophane at the roses inside, Nancy slowly removed the card. For a long moment she stood staring at the envelope without opening it. Turning it over, she cautiously opened the flap and removed the card. A frown crossed her face as she read the card. At first she said nothing.

“They’re from Rick. He wants me to give him another chance. He says hell change. Same old story, second verse.”

“Don’t you think you’re being a bit hard on him? Maybe he really is trying to change.”

“Cindy, I… I really don’t want to talk about this now. I’m in a good mood for the first time in weeks, so let’s not ruin it. Okay? I’ll put these in water, and then let’s get back to work.”


Each day of the following week, one and sometimes two letters arrived from Rick. Nancy’s reaction was always the same. Taking the envelope in both her hands, she would stare at it for minutes on end. Then she would carry it into the bedroom and place it unopened on the dressing table.

At first Cindy didn’t say anything about the letter or the fact that Nancy left than all unopened. If her cousin wanted her advice, she would ask for it. But as the pile grew, Cindy found it hard to restrain herself. She knew Nancy was unhappy about the situation with Rick and she was puzzled by her behavior. Finally she could restrain herself no longer.

“Nancy, what’s the deal with these letters? They’re addressed to you, ya know. Not the dead letter office.”

“Well, they might as well be. I don’t feel like opening them.”

“Hey, what gives? They are from Rick, you know. You remember him? He’s the guy you are married to and said you loved. The guy you wanted to straighten things out with. Don’t tell me you are giving up on him?”

Nancy was silent for a long time, before answering. “Oh, Cindy, I’m so confused. I do love Rick, but I can’t help thinking that this is just another of his temporary remissions. He does it all the time. First he’s really awful, then he sweet-talks me into believing that he won’t do it again. Then he goes out and gets drunk again. It’s been happening just like clockwork lately. Besides, I know that if I read those letters, I’ll turn to jelly again and give him another chance. I love him so, I just can’t resist him. But I know he will disappoint me again. So why drive myself crazy by reading them?”

Nancy sat staring at the floor. There were tears in her voice as she spoke. Sensing that there was more on her mind, Cindy sat silently waiting. Nancy continued to study the carpet for some time before she spoke again.

“There’s another reason too.” Another long pause. “I’m not sure I deserve to have him back. I mean, I haven’t exactly been an angel myself lately.”

“Oh, Nancy, for heaven’s sake! That’s ridiculous. You haven’t done anything so terrible. After all, you are a human being with normal human feelings and desires. And all this business with Rick has left you torn up and very vulnerable. You said yourself that Rick was probably seeing other women. Why do you have to be better than he is? You’re setting up a no-win situation for yourself.”

Still staring at the floor, Nancy was quietly crying. Tears rolled part way down her cheeks and dropped onto her bare legs.

Cindy didn’t know what to do. Nancy’s lack of response to any of her statements gave her no clues about what Nancy was thinking or how she felt about what the older girl had said. Afraid of saying the wrong thing, Cindy said nothing.

Finally Nancy stopped crying, got up, and went into the bathroom. After a long absence, she reappeared, looking much improved. She had washed her face, put on some make-up to hide her reddened nose, and applied eye drops to reduce the puffiness of her eyes. She seemed more cheerful.

“Hey, let’s go do something. I want to get out of the apartment for a while. How about some tennis? I need to work off some of this nervous energy,” she said.

After borrowing a racket from one of Cindy’s neighbors, the two women walked toward the courts. As Cindy went to turn on the main lights, the blonde took a few practice lobs at the backboard. As Cindy entered the court, Nancy reached out and took her wrist.

“Look, it’s not that I don’t want your help,” Nancy said. “I just need to sort things out. And please don’t feel guilty about what happened with Lenny and Jim. Or between us. Maybe you’re right about it, and I shouldn’t feel guilty either. Anyway, nobody forced me to do anything, so it’s up to me to come to terms with it. You have really been swell, and I appreciate your concern. Do you want to serve or shall I?”

Nancy took the service and played a spirited game. For a while she held her own, but her lack of recent practice was evident. By the end of the second set, she was tired and perspiring freely.

“You’re out of shape,” laughed Cindy. “You used to give me a real run for my money.”

“Well, I haven’t played much since I got married. You’ll have to let me get some court time in, and then we’ll have a re-match.”

With arms locked around each other, the two cousins headed for Cindy’s apartment. Both were sweaty, and their clothes clung to the delicious curves of their voluptuous bodies. Several men turned around to watch them pass, but the cousins were too engrossed in their conversation to notice. “Last one to the shower is a rotten egg,” called Cindy as she broke away from Nancy and sprinted toward the apartment.

Reaching the door first, she paused to unlock it and stood aside as Nancy sped past her. Collapsing onto the edge of the bathtub, Nancy was alternately panting and laughing when Cindy raced in and threw herself onto the lid of the toilet. Both women laughed until their sides ached.

“You go ahead and shower first. I’ll sit here and catch my breath,” Cindy said.

As Nancy entered the shower, Cindy continued, “Remember how we used to bathe together when we were kids? And then when we grew older and got shy, one of us would sit on the toilet seat while the other bathed, and we would talk for hours about the boys we had crushes on. And wonder what sex was like.”

“Yeah, and I remember being angry with you because you were older and still didn’t know much more than I did. I thought it was your duty to find out about it so you could tell me.”

“Let’s pretend we’re kids again,” suggested Cindy as she parted the shower curtain and stepped into the tub with Nancy. “Give me the soap, and I’ll do your back.”

Cindy had already removed her clothes and pulled her hair out of the way with a couple of hair clips. She picked up a wash cloth and began to soap it with the bar that Nancy handed her. Starting with her cousins left shoulder, she began to scrub every inch of Nancy’s milky white back. Only the faintest color indicated the time that they had spent by the pool and at the beach.

With firm circular strokes, Cindy worked her way down Nancy’s slim back. Reaching Nancy’s petite waist, she placed one hand on the hip bone at the waist as if to steady herself as she washed the woman’s back. Gradually her strokes inched forward until she was massaging the sharp hip bone on the other side.

Steady streams of warm water coursed down Nancy’s body, and she emitted an occasional sigh of pleasure at Cindy’s soapy rubdown. Having reached the hips, Cindy used her fingertip to massage the underlying muscles.

Both women swayed back and forth with the pressure of her actions. Once she reached the top of Nancy’s thighs, Cindy reversed directions and began a general soaping using vertical strokes.

At first she bridged Nancy’s ass crack with the palm of her hand but slowly worked the edge, of her hand into the outer portion of the crack itself. Finding that Nancy did not object, she slid the soapy cloth farther into her ass crack and moved downward toward her ass opening. Not wishing to frighten the young blonde into pulling away, Cindy stopped short of her brown ass-ring and moved her hand upward again.

Commanding her to turn around and rinse off, the older girl began soaping Nancy’s neck and collarbone area. The wash cloth left a trail of soap bubbles across her alabaster tits as it moved downward to her tummy. Dropping the cloth, Cindy began to lather Nancy’s pointed little tit mounds with her hands. With her eyes closed, Nancy stood immobile, enjoying the gentle kneading.

As Cindy stooped to pick up the cloth, one of her hair clips came loose spilling her hair into the spraying water. Pushing it back out of her face, Cindy bent down to lather Nancy’s thighs and golden-crested cunt mound. She worked over her task until the whole pussy area was covered with white foam. Again dropping her cloth into the tub, she began using her hands to trace Nancy’s vee, cuddle her cunt mound, and rub the outer portions of her pretty little pussy.

Then Nancy roused herself as if from a trance and reached out for Cindy’s pendulous tits. Supporting their considerable weight with her palms, she used her fingertips to squeeze and tug her huge nipples. In the meantime, Cindy’s slippery fingers were wiggling between the protecting lips of her cousin’s quivering cunt. After several long moments, both women suggested almost in unison that they get out of the shower and dry off.

Cindy stepped out of the shower to allow the other woman to rinse the soap from her body. As she emerged, Cindy handed her a towel and began drying Nancy’s back with her own. The two beauties took turns drying each other until they were both pink from the friction of the towels. Reaching Nancy’s golden pussy mound, the darker woman patted her cunt area dry with her towel before dropping to her knees in front of Nancy. She leaned forward and burned her face in her soft pussy curls. Cindy’s long tongue snaked into Nancy’s pussy’s hidden recesses and lapped along her cunt slit.

Rising slowly, she took Nancy’s hand and led her into the bedroom where she turned down the bed covers. Awkwardly Nancy got into bed and pulled the sheet part-way over her body. Cindy got into bed on the other side and sat on her knees beside Nancy’s chest. Taking one of the tit-mounds in each of her hands, Cindy leaned down and shoved the nearest one into her mouth.

Nancy was momentarily still as her tits were fondled and sucked by the other woman. Then she began to rock and squirm in encouragement as Cindy’s actions became more and more tantalizing. Pushing the covers out of the way, the older cousin scooted down to Nancy’s golden pussy hair and moved between her cousin’s legs. Parting her soft outer cuntlips with her fingers, Cindy fucked her tongue into the darkness of Nancy’s pussy.

Reacting to the other woman’s pressure, Nancy parted her legs wider to expose more of her pussy to Cindy’s fucking tongue. Gliding slowly along her cunt trench, it reached her clit where it began a series of firm licks. As the little nub wakened to these attentions, the pattern shifted to gentle flicks across Nancy’s clit-bud, alternating with stronger laps in the other direction.

Answering the beckoning of the swelling clit, Cindy pulled the covering flap back. Carefully, tenderly, she began to kiss Nancy’s clit and rub up and down her clit shaft with the tip of her tongue. Writhing and thrusting upward toward the torturing mouth, Nancy’s body begged for the sweet release of her cum.

Slipping her middle finger into Nancy’s cunthole, Cindy found her pussy filled with fuck juice. Entry of Cindy’s digit caused the lust-filled woman to moan and buck upward with even more force. Continuing her oral attentions to Nancy’s clit, Cindy inserted a second finger. With growing force, she jammed her fingers into Nancy’s quivering cunt channel until she felt Nancy’s body stiffen. Lifting her face from Nancy’s dripping cunt, Cindy shoved her fingers deeper into her pussyhole as she felt the blonde’s cum contractions.

“Aaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiyyyyyyyyy!” Nancy screwed.

Nancy’s body sank back into the bed and she lay still. After a few moments, Cindy moved up beside her on the bed and stuck her cum coated fingers into the young woman’s mouth. Nancy was surprised to find that her own cum was not at all unpleasant. In fact the sweet salty taste other own fuck juice was delicious, and she greedily lapped at the fingers.

Withdrawing her digits, Cindy leaned over the blonde resting her large tits on the woman’s smaller tits and gave her a long, passion-filled kiss full on the mouth. Nancy’s mother was the only woman who had ever kissed her on the lips before and then only goodbye pecks. The full, soft lips of her cousin were intoxicating. Returning the kisses with equal desire, Nancy reveled in the downy touch of her cousin’s skin, the lack of scratching beard stubble, and the pliant tenderness of her hungry lips.

Cindy’s skin had the feel of fine velvet under Nancy’s fingers. The excitement of so many new sensations drove Nancy to explore further. With first one hand, then both, she cupped Cindy’s dangling tits and felt their cushiony warmth. They were so round, so full that they seemed to invite her mouth to them. Although her first kisses were feathery, Nancy soon found herself suckling like an infant.

Slowly Cindy shifted her position and rolled onto her back taking Nancy with her. Taking Nancy’s hand in hers, she moved their hands down to her steaming pussy. At first Nancy was timid in her explorations, keeping her fingers confined to the surface of her cousin’s cunt mound. Again Cindy took her hand and guided her first two fingers into her hungry pussy slit.

There could be no doubt about Cindy’s readiness. Her silky cunt curls were soaked with her fuck juices, and she thrust her willing cunt toward Nancy’s probing fingers. Guiding her fingers down Cindy’s cunt slit, Nancy introduced them to Cindy’s pulsating clit. Although the younger woman was somewhat shy in her movements, it was obvious that she sometimes frigged herself. Her treatment of Cindy’s clit was that of a woman who was familiar with its touch. As Nancy lost her shyness, her manipulations grew more expert and exciting. With an occasional plunge into Cindy’s pussyhole, she soon had the dark-haired beauty squirming with passion.

“Nancy, Nancy, that’s so good. Oh, yes, do that some more! Aaaaahhh, yes! Push them… mmmmmm, yes! More, more. Put another finger in me. Fill me up, split me open. Ooooohhhhh!”

After a moment, she slipped away from Nancy and reached into a drawer of the bedside table. When she turned around again, she held a huge pink dildo. Nancy had heard of such things but had never seen one, and she was mildly shocked at her cousin’s having one. She stared at the dildo, saying nothing. Cindy laughed and waved the long, fat cock in the general direction of the other woman.

“Let me introduce you to my friend. He’s good for long, lonely nights, a bit of variety, and lots of other times when this just needs a little attention,” she said as she replaced Nancy’s hand on her pussy. “Here, let me show you.”

Moving the dildo to her lips, Cindy ran her tongue around its puffy cockhead before inserting the first several inches into her mouth. Twirling her wrist, she wet its surface thoroughly and withdrew it. Resting its tip at the edge of her cunt canal, she wiggled the dildo back and forth until a tiny bit had worked its way into her trench. She continued to push on its base with a constant pressure, and soon most of the thick cock-stalk was buried in her pussy.

“Now,” Cindy said, “you both can fuck me.” Moving Nancy’s finger to her swollen inner cuntlips, Cindy indicated what she wanted. Nancy’s shyness was quickly overcome as she became engrossed in fingering Cindy’s distended clit. With one hand on the dildo and the other on the little blonde’s nearest tit, Nancy fucked the plastic prick into her cunthole, while, at the same time, she fondled her small upturned tit.

Nancy’s fingers tweaked and teased at Cindy’s silky clit-bud until she felt her cousin’s body stiffen. There was a momentary pause, and then Cindy’s body bucked up into the probing fingers as Nancy fucked the fucking dildo deep into her own cunt.

“Aaaaaaagaaaggggggggghhhhhhhh!” Cindy yelled.

Relaxing the tensed muscles of her beautiful, lithe body, Cindy sank back onto the bed. The dildo, still deep in her pussy, was slowly being pushed out by the strong contractions of her cum.

Reaching down and removing it, the woman offered the dildo to Nancy’s lips. The sweet, musty smell of her cousin’s cum beckoned, and she opened her mouth to the big cock. Taking the dildo into her hand, she began to lick its surface clean.

Both beauties lay still listening to the pattern of Cindy’s breathing as it gradually returned to normal. Cindy’s hand, which had been resting quietly on Nancy’s tit, toyed absent-mindedly with the extended nipple as the two women were lost in their own thoughts. Moving to a sitting position, the older girl picked up the dildo from where it had fallen.

Holding the fake prick against her cousin’s body, she noted the marked contrast between its bright pink color and Nancy’s milky white skin. Leisurely she pushed the false cock across the blonde woman’s body. Circling both tits, the dildo trailed down her torso to the edge of her furry cunt before returning to the firm little tits. Again the dildo circled them before heading up to her neck, cheeks, and lips.

Coming once more to Nancy’s tits, Cindy paused to rub her nipples with feathery touches until they swelled in response. Inch by inch Cindy moved the dildo toward her pussy.

Reaching her mat of golden cunt curls, Cindy snaked the dildo lightly over Nancy’s pussy mound until it found her shapely thighs. Tracing the outer curve of Nancy’s leg down to the knee, the dildo began a slow journey up the valley between her two thighs.

Watching the dildo approach her cunt with agonizing slowness, Nancy was aware of a surge of desire within her still-wet pussy. Then the fake cock stopped its upward movement a few inches from her flaring pussylips. Frustrated anticipation swept over her as the big prick burrowed into the crevice between her legs before continuing upward.

Finally the cock-tip reached her cunt at the level of her quivering clit. The slightest touch of the prick sent shivers all through Nancy’s body, and she begged to have the dildo thrust into her burning cunt. Instead, Cindy wedged Nancy’s trembling legs far apart and glided the device over the exposed surfaces of her little pussy. At last she slipped the dildo into her waiting cuntlips, slid the dildo down to Nancy’s protruding clit-bud and ringed her tiny cunt opening.

Cindy was amazed at how much larger the cock was than Nancy’s pussyhole. Nudging the dildo against the clenched circle, Cindy encouraged Nancy’s cunthole to widen somewhat, but the opening was still too small to grant easy entrance to the large prick.

Cindy slipped the dildo back to the red shaft of Nancy’s clit and used her other hand to pull Nancy’s thick outer pussylips out of the way. Teasing and rubbing against her little clit-nub, the dildo soon had the blonde moaning with inflamed desire.

While continuing to massage Nancy’s sensitive clit with the dildo in one hand, Cindy moved her other hand to her cousin’s pussyhole. Her finger was met by wet, slippery cunt juices spilling down the lovely girl’s ass crack. Coating her fingers with the fuck juice, Cindy inserted a second digit and fucked the two fingers deep into Nancy’s steamy cunt. Soon Cindy was able to work the tip of a third finger into the widening fuck-hole.

Using the fingers jointly as a wedge, she opened Nancy’s pussy canal more. Then she pulled the cock back to Nancy’s dripping cunt-hole and ran the cock back and forth to cover its tip and shaft with slippery fuck fluid. Once the dildo was well lubricated, Cindy pushed a fraction of an inch of its tip into Nancy’s enlarged cunthole. Holding the dildo firmly in place, she massaged Nancy’s clit with the thumb of her other hand. By degrees, the dildo moved into her cunt slit until the knobby top disappeared. Now Nancy was rocking and squirming against the dildo in an effort to force even more of its shaft into her flaming cunt.

A final hard thrust drove the cock home. At first the huge prick was uncomfortable, almost painful, but Nancy’s malleable cuntwalls soon made room. Fucking into her cousin’s pussy had made Cindy horny again. Her own cunt tingled and ached for attention.

This must be what it is like to be a man. It was such a powerful feeling to have something that gave this pretty girl so much pleasure.

The sight and feel of her cunt was so wonderful. Cindy could almost feel Nancy’s lust transmitted through the plastic device to her as the blonde bucked and squirmed at each thrust.

Cindy’s own hot cunt demanded attention, and she removed her fingers from Nancy’s throbbing clit and placed them on hers. Fucking the other woman with the dildo had excited her to the edge of cumin jug already. Her reddish-purple clit bud was distended and covered with fresh lube in anticipation. Soon the moans of both passion crazed cousins filled the air.

As Cindy fucked the cock into her cunt, Nancy fingered her own clit. The twin sensations had turned her into a molten mass of pure lust.

If this was perverted and depraved, she didn’t care. All she wanted was to stay like this forever.

“Ooooooooohhhhh!” exclaimed the young blonde as her fierce cum swept over her with a shudder.

The sound of Nancy’s cuming was all that Cindy needed to spark her own. Slipping the drenched dildo out of her cousin’s pussy slit and into her own overheated pussy, she fucked the dildo repeatedly against her spasming cuntwalls.

With a few additional tugs on her tender clit Cindy felt the sweet release of her cum swelling within her. A final fuck of the fucking dildo ended her anticipation.

Physically exhausted and emotionally drained by their fucking, the two beauties drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms. After a brief nap, Nancy woke refreshed and hungry. Quietly disentangling herself, she rose from the bed, took her robe, and went into the kitchen.

Nancy settled on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a glass of milk. Once her snack was prepared, she wandered into the bedroom and picked up Rick’s letters from the dressing table.

She left them unopened on the table before her as she ate. Staring at the pile she debated whether she should open them. The arguments Cindy had presented in favor of giving Rick another chance echoed in her head.

Picking them up, Nancy shuffled through them as if trying to divine their contents through the envelopes. Then she put them carefully back into order according to the postmarks. For some minutes she continued to stare at the stack before she picked up the top envelope and tore it open.

Nancy read it slowly and then turned it face down on the table. She didn’t open another immediately but sat staring into space.

One by one, she read Rick’s letters and turned the face down on top of the previous one. When she finished the last one, Nancy rose from the table and walked aimlessly around the apartment.

Her emotions were in a turmoil. Rick’s letters were full of promises and pleading. He said that he was seeing a therapist about his drinking and that he was beginning to understand the reasons for it. He sounded confident of changing and more realistic about the situation than Nancy had ever heard him be.

Perhaps he really meant what he said this time. The letters sounded so sincere. For the first time since their problems began, Rick not only admitted that there was a problem but was also seeking professional help for it. If only she could believe his promise to continue until he had worked it through.

There was another problem, one that she had been unwilling to face. Even if Rick was making a sincere effort to change, how could she go back to him now after what she had done? How could she face him and pretend that nothing out of the ordinary had happened on her vacation to California?

Filled with feelings of despair, she sat staring at the stack of letters. Turning it over, she slowly reread each letter. Tears rolled silently down her cheeks as she read kick’s words of hope and love. Was all this lost forever?

Cindy was surprised to find herself alone when she woke. Pulling on some jeans and a T-shirt, she left the bedroom. The sight of Nancy sitting at the dining table with tears streaking down her face stopped her in her tracks.

She stood in the doorway uncertain about what she should do. Nancy seemed lost in private thoughts. She could not bear the sight of the pretty young girl sitting there alone crying. Quietly she approached and put her arms around Nancy’s shoulders.

“Can I help? I’ve got a strong shoulder for crying and lots of Kleenex for drying away tears.”

Nancy let out a loud sob and turned to bury her face in Cindy’s bosom. Her body racked with sobs, Nancy did not speak for a long while. Finally choking off her anguished weeping, she began to tell Cindy about the letters and her feelings of guilt and hopelessness.

“Look,” Cindy said, “you are just creating barriers for yourself again. Why don’t you call Rick and talk to him? You can’t just give up with out even trying. You love the guy, and he loves you. So you’ve got everything to gain and nothing to lose by calling. And if you still feel guilty and want to confess your sins, do it after you’re home with him. Come on. Call him?”

Nancy walked to the phone and dialed her own number. “Rick?” she asked tentatively. “I… I’ve missed you.”

“Oh, baby, I’ve missed you too I was afraid I wouldn’t hear from you, afraid that you had given up on me. Not that I would blame you, but I do love you so much. I couldn’t stand to lose you.”

“Oh, Rick, I’ve been so lonely without you. I just read your letters for the first time. I wasn’t brave enough to read them before. Did you, did you mean what you said in them?”

“Every word of it. After you left, I hit rock bottom. I realized that I didn’t want to live without you, and I didn’t know what to do for a while. Oh, Nancy, I’ve been so terrible to you. I wouldn’t blame you for not wanting to give me another chance, but I hope you will. I need you so much. Can you ever forgive me? No… don’t answer yet. I don’t want to risk your saying no.”

Hurriedly Rick told his wife about his visits to the therapist and the progress he was making in understanding his problems. As his words tumbled out Nancy began to feel genuinely encouraged.

“Rick, look… I have something to tell you, and I’m afraid it isn’t very pleasant. If you still want to get back together after you’ve heard what I have to say then I’ll come home.”

“No! Wait! Before you say anything, hear me out. Things have been pretty rough for you, and it’s my fault. I’ve done lots in the past few months that I regret, and maybe you have too. But there’s no reason to dwell on that now. We don’t want to live in the past when the future is going to be so much better. Let’s just leave the past in the past and start fresh. How about it?”

“But… I think there are some things you should know,” Nancy protested.

“Nancy, stop. I could tell you some rotten things I did after you left, but it wouldn’t erase them or change them. Do you want to know about them? Would it help us?”

“No, no, I don’t want to know,” she answered.

“Well, don’t tell me anything either. I don’t care about anything but your love. Come home to me. Let’s just wipe the slate clean and start over.”

By the time Nancy got off the phone she was smiling brightly. She ran into the kitchen where Cindy was washing dishes and gave her a big hug. For the first time in weeks, she looked truly happy. The whole story of her conversation with Rick came tumbling out in a confused torrent of words.

“He loves me and he wants me to come home. I know we can work things out. I just know we can. Oh, Cindy, I’m so happy!” shouted the young blonde as she rushed into the bedroom and began grabbing her clothes from the closet.

“He loves me and needs me and doesn’t care about anything else. And I’m going home on the first plane I can get. Call the airlines for me, will you? I’m going home!”

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