A lesbian is drawn into an taboo afternoon with her younger brother

“Where the hell have you been?” asked Matt, in mid-bite of his
breakfast, as his older sister Claire stepped through the front door, still
dressed in the clothes she had worn out the night before.

“Hey, Bro,” Claire said with a weak smile, as she ran a hand through her
tousled red hair, which had been pulled back in a hastily formed pony tail.

“Don’t you hey me,” Matt said, worry filling his voice.

“Are you just getting back now?” he added, looking at his watch.

“Mmhmmm,” Claire confirmed, as she walked into the kitchen and poured
herself a glass of water before all but falling into a seat across from her

“So I guess it goes without saying you had a good time last night then?”
Matt said, probing his sister to find out just what kind of evening she had

“Definitely!” Claire said, pausing to take a drink of water. ” Oh, and
Lisa `n’ Jill say hi.”

“Oh! How’s Lisa and Jill?”

“Jill is good,” Claire said, a devilish smile crossing her lips as she
spoke. “‘N’ Lisa, Lisa is oh-so-wonderful.”

Matt rolled his eyes at his older sister’s response, shaking his head

As Claire continued talking about her evening, Matt thought back to his
freshman year of high school when he had found out, rather first hand, his
sister’s sexual preference. It had happened innocently enough: he’d picked
up some movies and wanted to know if either of the girls were interested in
watching. But when he opened the door to his sister’s room, he realized
the importance of knocking, as well as a few other things. His sister and
Lisa were both naked, with Lisa facing the doorway, her body obscured by
his sister’s and they were both in the middle of a passionate embrace when
he stumbled in.

Of course the rest of the night had been spent in a combination of
embarrassed apologies and dirty looks from both Lisa and Claire.
Eventually both girls got over their embarrassment and, as time moved on,
he was the only one that had any real insight into Claire’s personal life.

That had also been the day that Claire had stopped being just his older

Ever since he saw her standing naked in front of him, Matt had taken
every opportunity he could to see get a better look at her.

“And, oh my God, I was in heaven from that point on,” Claire said,
snapping Matt out of his little daydream.

“Good for you, Sis. So what is on your agenda for today?” Matt said,
attempting to change the topic of conversation.

“Oh jeezzzz! First a shower, then not much else. Might work, might
Not. Haven’t decided,” Claire said, taking a healthy swig of water.

“Don’t have to work today?” Matt asked.

“Nah, Sandy `n’ me switched days for the week so I dun’ have to work at
the day care.”

Matt nodded his head, ” What about the pool?”

“They’ve got that monthly CPR class all day,” Claire said, before
draining the glass of water.

” How’d you get out of that a second time?” Matt asked.

Claire flashed another devilish smile.

“Oh, I just convinced Ronny to do it for me.”

“Ronny ? As in Ronny Welington? The guy that’s had a crush on you
since grade school?” Matt asked.

“Ya,” Claire replied simply.

“You’re cruel, Sis,” Matt said shaking his head and smiling a little,
his gaze settling on his sister’s heaving breasts briefly as she continued

“Aww! Dun’ be like that, Matt,” Claire said getting up to put her glass
in the sink.

“Does he even know he’s got, like, no chance in hell?” Matt called after
his sister.

“Of course not!” CLaire replied, looking over her shoulder.

“If he knew that then, I’d probably be working today,” she added with a

“That’s cold.”

“Gotta keep `em guessing, Brother dear. Ok! I’m off to the shower.”
Claire replied as she placed her cup in the sink and disappeared from view.

“Later,” Matt replied, absent-mindedly.

Although he didn’t always approve of his sister’s methods, he did have
to give it to her: she knew how to work men.

In fact, the more he thought about it, his older sister was something of
a little con artist when it came to getting men to do what she wanted.

And for someone who was only into girls, she had mastered the art of the
flirtatious smile, or the `cutesy’ little grins, and an wardrobe that
didn’t leave a whole lot to the imagination. And her current choice of
clothing was no exception.

A white tube top, black leather mini-skirt and some knee-high leather
boots seemed to have been her weapons of choice last night.

As he washed off his plate, Matt’s mind continued to wander, and almost
as a side effect, when he heard the upstairs shower turn on, a mental image
of his sister preparing for her shower popped into his head.

He could practically see her breasts spilling out of her top as she
pulled if off of her body.

Matt let the water in the sink run for several seconds before he
realized he was day dreaming.

Shutting off the water, Matt felt a twinge of guilt mixed in with his
growing arousal.

“She’s my sister, for Christ sakes!” Matt thought to himself as he
headed towards his room. But even that though paled against the various
mental pictures that were playing out in his head.

Claire soaping up her body, Claire washing her hair, etc., etc., etc.

By the time Matt reached his room, he had a hard on the size of the
Statue of Liberty, and several little fantasies rapidly developing inside
his head.

Shutting and locking his bedroom door, Matt decided that he couldn’t
take it any more and was going to solve this little problem himself. But,
for some reason, the images just weren’t enough. He could see her in his
mind but at the same time he couldn’t.

Sighing in frustration, Matt zipped up and opened up his closet. He
worked his way to the very back, where a small dot of paint didn’t quite
match up with the rest of paint in the closet.

Shortly after he had seen his sister naked for the first time, Matt had
drilled out a small peephole that gave him an intimate view of his older
sister. He hadn’t used it in years, mostly because he felt guilty of
invading her privacy. However, here and now, Claire’s privacy was a
distant thought in his mind as he knelt down next to the hole.

What Matt saw almost made him lose control on the spot. His sister was
leaning against the far wall of the shower/tub, her entire body exposed to
him, with one leg cocked up on the rim. While her left hand played with
her nipples, her right hand was stimulating her pussy at a steadily
increasing speed.

Matt wasn’t sure if it was the fact that she had obviously recently
shaved, that the shower head acted like a waterfall plastering her red hair
to her head and giving her body a well-oiled appearance, the expression on
her face as she pleasured herself, or that she had no idea he was watching
her, that made it possibly the most erotic thing Matt had ever seen in his

And at that moment Matt realized that he wanted her more than anything
else in the world.

Chapter 2

Claire whimpered softly as she turned off the water to her shower. Part
of her hated herself for doing it, but it was almost 10:30 in the morning
and, as much as it pained her to admit it, she should couldn’t stay in the
shower all day, no matter how good it felt.

Sighing loudly, Claire stepped out of the shower and reached for a
nearby towel. She began to drying herself. As she did so, Claire couldn’t
help but look at herself in the partially steamed-up mirror.

Her 36C breasts stood out proudly from her chest, topped with nipples
that hardened like diamonds in even the slightest breeze. Secretly, she
wished her boobs were bigger but no-one had complained about them yet!

Next was her flat stomach, although she was annoyed that she didn’t have
a little four-pack yet. It was still something that she was rather proud

Further down was her recently shaved pussy, which still tingled slightly
with the after-effects of the attention she had given it while in the
shower. It was in no way as good as Lisa but it would do for the time

Turning around and looking over her shoulder, she checked out her little
bubble ass and her toned legs.

Claire was especially proud of her ass. She’d put a lot of time into
aerobics and running to make sure it was picture-perfect, something that
Lisa appreciated very much.

Pushing those thoughts to the back of her mind with a smile, Claire
wrapped the towel around, gathered up her clothes. She opened the door to
the bathroom and headed towards her room. However, she didn’t get three
steps before she crashed into Matt. The force of the collision almost made
her fall back flat on her ass.

“Whoa! Easy, Sis!” Matt exclaimed as he reached out and grabbed hold of
her shoulders just as she was starting to topple backwards.

“Thanks,” Claire said, still somewhat surprised what had just happened.

“No problem,” Matt replied.

It took Claire several moments to realise that Matt was still holding on
to her bare shoulders and was staring at her in a way she had never thought
was possible from her brother. This look continued for several seconds
until Claire broke the uneasy silence.

“Um! So, ya, thanks for the save,” Claire replied as she shrugged her
shoulders, more of an attempt to remind her little brother that he was
still holding her.

“Oh…ya! Like I said, no problem,” Matt said.

He everso slowly slid his hands down from his sister’s shoulders to her
forearms before letting go entirely.

Once Claire was in her room with the door closed and locked, a small
shiver came over her. She had seen that look a thousand times from a
thousand different guys, but she never would have guessed she’d get such a
look from her own little brother.

Removing her towel, Claire walked over to the mirror on top of her chest
of drawers and began to towel dry her hair, tossing her clothes in an
ever-growing pile next to her closet. After being satisfied with her hair,
Claire took a moment to run a brush through it a few times, nothing like
she would do if she was going out,

“Besides, who am I trying to impress here?” Claire asked herself
absent-mindedly as she set her brush down. She grabbed a scrunchie from
off her desk and pulled her hair back into a ponytail. Next she moved to
her closet and began the process of selecting something to lay out in. It
took her a few moments before she selected a metallic silver, one-piece
swimsuit with an open back. It had always been one of her favorites.

The suit had been a gift from Lisa on her 22nd birthday, but since that
time Claire had done a little growing in the bust department. The suit was
now really too small for her, leaving it to be worn around the house or
when she wanted to do dress a little sassy for Lisa.

Claire’s favorite feature was that the back of the swimsuit was bare, it
wrapped around her neck like a choker, and spread out leaving her shoulders
and a good portion of her back exposed to the air before wrapping back
around the small of her back to form a cute little thong that showed off
her ass nicely.

Actually the thong was now closer to a g-string but since it was only
Matt and her, Claire didn’t think it would be a big deal. She grabbed her
towel, some tanning lotion and some shades, and headed for the door. Just
before she left she gave a quick look around to make sure she hadn’t
forgotten anything before heading down stairs to the deck out back.

Chapter 3

Matt was downstairs in the living room flipping through the TV channels
when Claire came bouncing down the stairs, he glanced up at her out of
instinct but when he saw what she was wearing his jaw nearly hit the floor.

She was wearing that silver one-piece again! It had been a while since
he had seen her wear it and somehow the suit looked tighter on her. Almost
as if it she had painted it on with body paint.

“Gonna grab some sun,” Claire announced as she walked past Matt and
opened the sliding door out onto the porch.

As she walked by Matt felt his cock twinge. He looked down at his
sister’s ass, only a glimpse of the silver fabric could be seen between the
two globes of flesh that made up her ass.

“OK,” Matt replied dumbly as Claire stepped through the door before
closing it.

Matt took this opportunity to watch his sister as she prepared to lay
out in the sun. This worked perfectly for him, because if she did look up
it would look like he was watching the TV.

Matt’s twinge turned to a full fledge spasm when Claire bent over to lay
down her towel. She gave Matt an unrestricted view of not only her ass but
he could plainly see her pussy as the tiny strip of material that was
supposed to cover her crotch just wasn’t wide enough.

“Ronny, my man, if only you could see this!” Matt breathed as he stared
at his sister, no longer caring if she saw him.

It was then that a stray thought interrupted Matt’s train of thought.
His sister was notorious for being one of the biggest cock teases in town,
and she made no effort to cover it up, in fact she was rather proud of it.

“So what’s to say she isn’t doing the same thing to me now?” Matt
thought to himself as he watched her sit down on the towel and begin to rub
what he guessed to be tanning lotion onto her arms and down her calves.

Matt didn’t care anymore, he had to be next to her. He didn’t care if
she thought he was weird or perverted.

Opening the sliding door, Matt stepped out onto the deck and quietly
took a seat in one of the plastic lawn chairs.

“Nothing on TV?” Claire asked, lying perfectly flat on her back.

“Not a damn thing!” Matt replied, his eyes glued to Claire’s breasts and
the straining fabric of her suit, her nipples clearly visible.

The next half hour was spent with the two making chit-chat, asking about
work, whether or not the Cubs could pull off a winning season and what not.

And every couple of minutes, Claire would roll over onto her stomach to
sun her back or flip back over. Either way, it provided Matt with an
excellent view which was fuel to the fire that was quickly building in his

“Hey, Bro. Could you do my back?” Claire asked propping herself up on
her elbows as she picked up the bottle of tanning lotion.

It took Matt a few seconds to realise just what exactly she had said to

“Yoo-hooo! Earth to Lil’ Bro.” Claire teased, a slight trace of
annoyance slipping into her voice.

“Ya, sorry!” Matt replied as he got up from his chair, the erection he
was now toting had long since passed into painful.

Matt got down on his knees and took the bottle from his sister. He
popped the top to the bottle and shot a small glob of the oil right between
her shoulder blades.

“Go ahead `n’ use more than that.” Claire said, as she lay her head down
across her arms.

Matt didn’t say a word. Instead, he squeezed the bottle and shot a
small puddle of the oil on to her back. His hands were shaking as he
leaned over his sister’s back and began to rub the oil into her shoulders.

“MMmmm! That feels great.” Claire commented.

Matt shuddered at Claire’s innocent moans, as what started off as
rubbing in some oil quickly turned into a back rub.

As he finished with the shoulders he pulled the excess oil down her back
with his hands. Feeling a sudden burst of courage, Matt swung one leg over
Claire’s waist, straddling her.

“OOoof!” Claire grunted at the sudden weight on her lower back.

“Easy, you big oaf,” Claire teased as her brother resumed his massage of
her back.

Matt didn’t say a thing. He was sitting on his sister’s ass rubbing oil
down into her back.

“There is no way she can’t feel me pressing against her.” Matt thought
to himself as he worked. “She either doesn’t care, or she’s enjoying it.”

Matt swung off of his sister’s ass and worked the oil into the small of
her back. Her cute little bubble ass was just mere inches away and he
wanted nothing more in the world than to touch it.

“Here goes nothing!” Matt thought, as he bit his lower lip as his hands
made the transition from her lower back and onto her firm ass.

“What are you doing?” Claire giggled, barely raising her head off of her

“You said to do your back,” Matt replied innocently.

Claire mumbled something unintelligible as Matt resumed his work.

He couldn’t get over how firm and taut her ass was; there was hardly any
play in her skin as he worked the oil into her buttocks.

“OK, you’re good!” Claire said, after a moment breaking Matt from his

“Alrighty,” Matt replied as he hand worked its way slowly up Claire’s
back. Tracing across her spine, and back up to her shoulder blades, this
was the moment that everything had been building to. Should he stand up
and simply walk off, only to be left wondering, or should he go for gold??

Matt chose the latter.

Slowly and deliberately, Matt moved his hand across his sister’s
shoulders sliding it between her raised arm to the bulging fabric across
her chest.

“Hey!” Claire exclaimed in surprise as she felt her brother’s hand take
hold of her right breast through her swimsuit.

Matt moaned loudly as he searched for her nipple through the thin
fabric. He leaned down and began to kiss the back of her neck.

“Matt! What are you doing?” Claire snapped, rising up to her knees and
brushing away her brother’s hand.

Matt’s look of surprise was met by a murderous one from his sister.

“What the fuck are you doing, you pervert?” Claire demanded, her eyes
narrowed into slits.

“But I thought you…” Matt started to say but Claire cut him off.

“You thought I what? Matt, you’re my brother for crying out loud and
even if you weren’t I don’t like guys!” Claire spat back.

For a second, Matt was stunned, but that surprise quickly turned to rage
which boiled over in a flash.

Matt responded to his sister by grabbing hold of her shoulder and
pushing her back onto her stomach.

“What are you..” Claire exclaimed in surprise, not expecting this from
her brother.

Matt didn’t respond right away, instead he put his all of his weight
onto her back with his elbow as he began to undo his belt.

“Ow! You asshole! You’re hurting me!” Claire yelled, throwing back her
left elbow which caught him in the chest but did little to slow him down.

With his belt undone, Matt quickly pulled it through the loops of his
pants just as Claire started to elbow him again. When she did he grabbed
hold of her wrist and pulled it to the small of her back where he began to
loop the belt around her wrist.

“What are you doing? OW! Stop it!” Claire shouted, as she began to try
bucking her brother off.

Matt responded by grabbing hold of her other wrist and forcing it too
into the small of her back before entwining the belt around it as well.

Satisfied that her arms were secure, Matt grabbed Claire by the shoulder
and rolled her onto her back.

Claire was about to say something when Matt rolled her onto her back,
but what she saw froze stopped her in mid-sentence.

Claire watched in confusion as Matt began to unbutton his jeans and jerk
down his fly.

“Matt? What are you doing?” Claire asked, not quite believing this was
happening to her.

“I’m going to teach you a lesson!” Matt answered back for the first time
since this ordeal had begun.

“Matt, let me go right now or I swear to God that I’ll tell Dad that

“Go ahead, tell Dad, and then I’ll tell him that his little girl’s a
box-eating dyke!” Matt replied as he pulled down his pants, leaving him
only in his boxers and a black t-shirt.

“Oh my God! You aren’t..?” Claire started as the reality of what was
about to happen hit her.

“Hell, you’re lucky he’s not here otherwise he’d hold you down for me,”
Matt said as he stepped out of his boxers, revealing a massive hard-on.

Claire couldn’t talk, not even if she wanted to. All she could do was
stare at her brother’s huge erection as he moved towards her.

Matt took one step and reached down with his right arm and grabbed hold
of Claire’s hair pulling her onto her knees while, he jerked his rock-hard
cock with the other.

“I’m gonna teach you what happens to cock-teasers,” Matt snarled, as he
began to rub his cock across his sister’s face.

“Please Matt..” Claire whimpered, her voice starting to crack.

“Have you even sucked a cock before?” Matt jeered

Claire answered by closing her eyes and tried to turn her head away from
her brother’s massive cock.

“Have you?!” Matt yelled, pulling sharply on her hair.

Claire cried out sharply, a sob wracking her body as she looked at her
brother, tears were starting to form in her eyes.

“No,” Claire said weakly, as she began to flex her arms against the belt
that held her arms behind her.

“Well, today is a day of firsts, isn’t it?” Matt said as he rubbed his
cock across his sister’s cheek, and then to her lips.

“No! Don’t!” Claire pleaded through gritted teeth.

“You’d better open your fucking mouth!” Matt replied tugging on her hair

Claire couldn’t answer; she couldn’t do anything. All she could do was
stare at the massive cock in front of her face, or into her brother’s face.
She kept switching between the two for several seconds.

Matt pulled roughly on Claire’s hair causing her to cry out. When she
did, Matt moved forward, shoving his cock between his sister’s open lips.

“Oh my God, Sis!” Matt moaned as moved his now free hand to the side of
Claire’s head and began to pull her onto him.

Claire screamed loudly against the cock in her mouth, her mind was
racing she wanted to bite down but it was too massive. It had her jaw
stretched until she thought it might pop out of socket, and his grip was
too strong, which meant she couldn’t pull away.

All she could do was stare with widened, tear-filled eyes, as Matt
pumped his cock in and out of her mouth.

“You sure you never done this before?” Matt groaned in ecstasy. He
moved one hand away from her head and traced it down the side of her neck
and resumed his assault on her breasts, squeezing them, pulling on the
nipples whenever he found one, and earning high-pitched squeals whenever he

Tears rolled freely down Claire’s face, her eyes wide in terror and
shock as Matt increased his pace. She struggled wildly against her bonds,
and yelped every time her brother found her sensitive nipples.

The assault on her mouth lasted several minutes before she felt his cock
start to pulse in her mouth. Before she knew it, the massive cock, that
had stretched her jaw until it was burning, was gone.

Claire took a massive breath, gasping for air before she felt something
wet slap against her face as Matt let a long beastial groan escape from
deep inside his throat.

“Oh my Gooooodd!” Matt yelled as his cock erupted in several massive
bursts of cum. The first one hit Claire right above her right eye, the
second and biggest, slapped wetly against her chin, while the third sprayed
across her heaving breasts.

Matt shuddered from the force of his orgasm. He looked down at his
sister. She was gasping for breath, a thin line of cum connected her
parted lips to his trembling cock. The cum he had shot onto her face was
running down around her eye and across her jaw and nose, while the goo was
dangling off her chin and was slowly splattering onto her still covered
breasts. Her eyes were wide, with tears streaming down her face. She
looked up at him, her eyes holding a mixture of betrayal while at the same
time begging for her ordeal to be over. The sight was truly one of the
most erotic Matt had ever had the pleasure of seeing.

“There is no way that was your first cock.” Matt said as he wiped his
cock across his sister’s lips. Claire groaned in frustration and struggled
harder against the belt that held her arms. Matt responded by dropping
down to his knees, his semi-erect cock pressing against his sister’s
stomach as he took hold of both of her breasts and began to roughly knead
them in his hands, stopping occasionally to roll her nipples between his
thumb and forefinger.

“Stop it!” Claire sobbed as she hung her head, straining to get away
from her brother’s mauling hands.

“Can’t do that, Sis,” Matt replied as he grabbed hold of her nipples and
pulled her closer to him. As he did so he stuck out his tongue and ran it
up the length of the left side of her face.

“You taste so sweet,” he added, almost as an afterthought.

“You fucking pervert!” Claire screamed in disgust.

“Oh, I’ll show you pervert!” Matt replied taking hold of the fabric of
her swimsuit at the neck line. With one solid tug, he ripped the silver
fabric in half.

The sound of ripping fabric forced Claire’s eyes open. She could only
watch in terror as her breasts came spilling out of the torn fabric,
jiggling several time before coming to rest.

“Damn, Sis you’ve got some big old titties!” Matt exclaimed as he took
her bare flesh in his hands and began to suck on her nipples, nipping at
one with his teeth until it was hard and swollen, before moving to the

Claire whimpered at the pain in her breasts and screamed out in
frustration as her brother continued his molestation. She screamed and
thrashed against her bonds, yelling, flexing, and turning every which way
she could in an effort to escape from him.

“I bet Lisa loves these.” Matt commented as he pinched her nipples

“I HATE YOU!!” Claire screamed.

“You didn’t hate me when I was rubbing your back.” Matt replied, as he
pushed Claire on to her back while reaching for the discared bottle of oil.
“You didn’t have any fucking problem teasing me.”

“What? You’re my fucking brother!” Claire sobbed back. “I don’t even
like guys, why would I tease you?”

“Yeah, right! I bet your loving this,” Matt sneered as he flicked open
the top and sprayed a generous amount of oil on to his sister.

“What’s the matter, Sis? None of those dykes you brought home ever
satisfy you?” Mat said, as he finished and discarded the bottle before
pulling her back onto her knees.

He moved behind her and began to rub the oil into her breasts, while he
began to kiss her the back of her neck.

“I fucking hate you! I HATE YOU!!!” Claire screamed at the top of her

Matt just replied by moaning loudly into her ear as her sobs wracked her
body. Once he had finished rubbing the oil into her breasts he snaked his
hand down to her bald pussy, moving his hand slowly and deliberately,
earning a sharp and high pitched ” NO!” from his sister. He responded by
shoving two fingers into her pussy causing her to sob even louder as she
attempted to move away from him.

Matt continued for several seconds before he pulled his fingers out of
her now well-lubricated pussy and back to her shoulders to hold her in
place as he rose up on his knees.

“Time for the main event,” Matt lerred as he pressed his erection
against the crack of his sister’s ass.

“Oh God, Matt! Don’t!!!!” Claire shrieked, whipping her head around to
look at him. The expression on her face only made him harder.

Matt responded by pushing his sister face down onto the deck, leaving
her ass high in the air.

“Tell you what, Sis. I’ll let you decide,” Matt said, his voice low.

“Wh…what do u mean?” Claire stammered, not fully understanding.

“Well I can fuck you here,” Matt said taking his cock and beginning to
smear it across her pouting pussy lips.

Claire gasped loudly at his touch.

“Or I can fuck you here,” Matt said, stressing the word here, as he
rubbed gently pressed the head of his cock against her asshole. “Either
way, one of these holes is getting stuffed!”

“No! Oh my God! No, not my ass! Anything but that!!” Claire shrieked,
her voice nearly hysterical.

“Alright then,” Matt replied, and Claire exhaled in relief.

Matt moved quickly, grabbing Claire by the shoulder and rolled her onto
her back. He wanted to see the look in her eyes, the look on her face when
he penetrated her.

“Where am I gonna fuck you, Claire?” Matt teased as he crawled between
his sister’s legs.

Claire stared at him dumbfounded for several seconds.

“My pussy,” Claire breathed.

“Where?” Matt yelled, while pulling on her nipples painfully

“MY PUSSY!” Claire screamed, her voice a mixture of terror and

Matt responded by grabbing hold of his sister’s hips and lifted them
slightly off the deck before he thrust the entire length of his cock into
his sister’s pussy.

“OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! STOP!” Claire screamed hysterically, as her
brother savagely raped her.

“Jesus, Sis. You’re so goddamn tight!” Matt grunted in reply as he
thrust his hips forward, while at the same time pulling using her hips to
pull her back onto him

“You ever have something this big in you before, Sis?” Matt yelled as he
continued to jack-hammer his sister’s body.

“NOooo! Oh gawd, Matt! Please! Please stop it. You’re hurting meee!”
Claire wailed.

“Take it! Take it, you fucking lesbo bitch! How’s it fucking feel to
get fucked by a real man!” Matt yelled, as he switched his grip to Claire’s
shoulders, the sound and intensity of their flesh slapping together
doubling as he did so.

Matt was mesmerized by both the sight and feel of his sister. Her tits
were jiggling wildly from the force of his fucking. Her eyes were huge,
almost like a cartoon, as was her mouth, a mixture of shock and horror on
her face. She never once looked at him. She still could not grasp the
fact that a man’s cock was pounding in and out of her. She was thrashing
beneath him, her hair whipping about her head like a fiery comet as she
screamed, pleaded and begged for mercy. But every time she begged, every
time she screamed, it just fuelled his passion more and more.

After what felt like an eternity, Matt felt his balls begin to tighten,
Claire must have felt it as well because she began to thrash even harder
beneath him.

“Don’t do it, Matt! Please for the love of God, don’t cum in me!”

At first, Matt wanted nothing more than to shoot his load inside the
cock-teasing dyke that was his sister, but he also knew that it could prove
difficult to explain if she got pregnant.

After a few slow, and deliberately harsh thrusts, he pulled his cock out
of her and fired a massive load of hot cum across Claire’s heaving chest.

“Ooh God, you sick fuck!” Claire cried in sheer disgust and humiliation.

Matt just stood there looking down at his cum soaked sister and smiled.
There she was, lying on her back, spreadeagled on the deck. Her swimsuit
lay shredded about her, a few tatters still clung to her body, which only
heightened his arousal. This combined with his cum soaking into her, while
the afternoon sun glinted off of her well-oiled skin. And torrents of
tears were running down her face while her lower lip quivered

It was then that he wished he could save this moment forever, and a
realisation hit him. Moving quickly, he stepped over his sister and
disappeared back inside the house for a moment or two.

A soft electronic beep, forced Claire to open her eyes, and what she saw
chilled her to the bone. Hovering above her was her brother, who not only
had just raped her but was now taking pictures of her as well.

“Gimme a good pose, Sis. I know quite a few guys who’d love to see you
like this,” Matt smirked as he clicked away. Claire attempted to cover
herself, or at the very least hide her face from the camera.

Matt laughed at Claire’s attempts to cover herself as continued to take
pictures, all the while shouting things like ” Work it you u, little slut!”
and “Yea, wiggle that ass for me, baby”, while she struggled.

It was during this that Claire managed to roll herself onto her stomach,
and when she did so she gave Matt a perfect view of her tight little ass
and his cock began to stir again.

Matt set the camera down on the nearby lawn chair he had occupied. He
grabbed the remote control before moving in behind his sister, who was
trying to raise herself up on her knees.

“Not so fast, Sis!” Matt growled as he shoved her back down to the
deck,and held her there with one hand, while the other jerked his hardening

“Please just leave me alone!” Claire whimpered.

” Not just yet,” Matt replied.

Claire was about to speak when she felt something press against her

“Matt, no! You promised!” Claire screamed, whipping her head around to
look at him, while at the same time trying to scurry away.

“Oh, I promised alright!” Matt sneered as he snaked an arm around
Claire’s waist, preventing her from escaping.

“I promised I was gonna teach my cock-teasing, lesbo sister not to tease
anymore,” Matt added, as he began to run his now hard cock up down the
crack of his sister’s ass.

“Oh no…..oh God. Please don’t!” Claire begged.

“Mmmmm. That’s right, Sis. I’m gonna fuck you up that stuck up little
ass of yours,” Matt teased.

“P..Please not that! NOOOO! Please! OH God, oh God! PLEASE NO!”
Claire shrieked, her voice breaking as she began to cry hysterically.

Matt responded by putting his elbow in the back of her neck before
slamming his cock into her tight little hole.

“Oooohhhhh my G-GOD! It hurts….p-please STOP…take it o-out of
m-me….take it OUT OF MEEEEEeeee” Claire screamed wildly in sheer pain.

“Any of those Dykes ever fuck you like this, Sis? Bet you love it when
you got a hunk of plastic up your ass!” Matt screamed at her, thrusting
harder and harder into his sister’s thrashing body.

“Oh My God! Oh my God! Y-your splitting me in two!” Claire screamed in
terror, as she threw her body forward in an attempt to end the searing

“Oh my God, Sis!” Matt bellowed as he grabbed onto her shoulders and
began to pull her back onto his cock while he slammed her harder and
harder. ” You look so fucking hot with my cock in your ass, Claire!”

Claire couldn’t answer anymore. All she could do was scream, and thrash
as her brother raped her, again and again and again.

“You love it don’t you, Claire!!! Tell me you fucking love it!” Matt
screamed as he yanked painfully on her pony tail, each time he thrust into
her. Claire wailed, begging her brother to stop. Claire heard the
clicking of the camera again, capturing her in a screaming frenzied state
while her brother sodomized her without mercy.

After what seemed like an eternity, Matt yanked his sister’s head back,
screaming at her, “I’m gonna cum! I”m gonna cum in your ass, u lesbo

Claire’s scream was so shrill and so long when she began to feel her
brother’s white hot semen shoot into her that she thought she’d never be
able to speak again. The liquid fire poured into her for what seemed like
an eternity. The fire finally subsided and Matt collapsed on top of her
sobbing form for several seconds before, he slowly and painfully withdrew
his cock from his sister’s ass.

Without Matt to hold her, Claire crashed into the deck face first, cum
running down her thighs as she lay there half gasping and half sobbing.

“How’s it feel to be fucked by a real man, Dyke?” Matt asked as he
leaned down and untied his sister’s arms.

Claire didn’t answer. She just lay there on the deck, cum leaking out
of her abused body.

Matt looked at her for a second before reaching down and grabbed what
had been the crotch to his sister’s swim suit and wiped his cock clean
before discarding the scrap of clothing.

Claire wasn’t sure how long she had been laying on the deck, maybe an
hour, maybe two, before she found the strength to move. Several minutes
after that she summoned the strength to stand up and begin walking.

The trip to her room was a slow painful one. As she entered her room,
Claire saw herself in the mirror.

She looked for several seconds before a weak smile crossed her lips.

Tearing herself away from the mirror Claire opened her closet and pulled
out her diary, normally she’d sit at her desk and write but her ass was
just too sore. Instead, she opened it to the first blank page and put
today’s date at the top.

“Dear diary……” Claire started to write, the smile on her face
getting bigger by the second.