The Grand Hotel with Sarah

Another Friday night at home watching TV with Sarah, my eighteen year old daughter. The ten o’clock news has just started; I’ve had my shower and am dressed in my ‘knee-warmer’ flannel nighty. Sarah is sitting opposite me in a nighty that I would have thought more appropriate on her honeymoon rather than a night in, watching TV, with her mum. I can clearly see the outline of her areola through the material of her night dress which is very unexpected as I know for a fact that her areola are only one shade darker pink than the rest of her breast mass. I look down, I’m expecting to see her dark triangle less than an inch above the hem at the bottom of her nighty but all that is visible is a dark shadow that is obviously the start of her vaginal slit, no sign of any pubic hair at all.

Sarah catches me looking at her intently, “What?”

“You may well ask what! What if your father comes home early and finds…”

I’m cut off mid-sentence, “Wake up and smell the roses mum, I was six the last time dad came home on a Friday night…”

It was Sarah’s turn to be cut off mid-sentence by her phone ringing, there was a lot of humming and haring before she finally said “Okay, I’ll be there, give me fifteen minutes!”

Sarah jumped to her feet, she paused for a moment, it looked like she was going to leave without any explanation but eventually she said, “Elle-Kate has a problem at work, she’s taken on a… erm, job that she realises she can’t handle.”

“You can’t go out at this time of night; you’ve had your shower and are in your nighty ready for bed!”

“I have to, she’s desperate for me to help and don’t worry, I won’t be going out in my nighty.”

Sarah left the room and in less than three seconds she opened the door again, she was dressed in her lightweight mackintosh, “Elle-Kate said it would probably turn into an all-nighter so I’ll be back sometime tomorrow!”

The door was closed before I could process what had happened, I knew that there were no clothes other than coats in the hallway on the other side of that door and in the short time she was out of the room she just didn’t have enough time to change into her outdoor clothes, so she must have just put her coat on over her nighty even after her telling me she wouldn’t go out wearing her nighty.

I didn’t fancy watching TV alone so I turned it off and picked up my book so I could read a little in bed before falling asleep. I walked through to the hallway, there was a froth of pink hanging over the newel post at the bottom of the stairs, I didn’t need to pick it up to know that it was the nighty that Sarah had been wearing after her shower, so, what the hell was she wearing under her coat? I knew for certain that there were no clothes, hers or mine, anywhere close to the hallway.

I read for an hour before falling asleep with the bedroom lights still on, I didn’t wake until nine o’clock in the morning when I heard the front door open, Sarah came into my bedroom unbuttoning her coat, she was totally naked under and there was a necklace of bruises around her throat and radiating out over both collarbones. She flopped down on the bed, “Mum, I’m serious; you have to divorce my father!”

“What are you talking about Sarah?”

“Elle-Kate’s problem last night was because dad and his brother David had paid her for the whole night and she realised that dad was too much for her on her own, never mind having uncle David chipping in as well. That’s why she had to call me to help her out.”

“What do you mean she called you to help her with your own father?”

“Well, naturally she didn’t know he was my father when she called me, she just thought he was another punter from out of town in for the sales convention at the Grand Hotel, that’s where they picked her up.”

“What was she doing at the Grand Hotel?”

“She works there part time as a chambermaid after school and at weekends.”

I was a little confused, to me, hotel chambermaids worked on the mornings and afternoons, not in the evenings, “Isn’t after school a little late to work as a chambermaid?”

Sarah’s face turned into a wry smile, “The Grand Hotel only gets conventions there because they have a battalion of willing and reasonably priced chambermaids working their bedrooms throughout the evenings and overnight!”

I was even more confused now and Sarah could see my confusion in my face.

“Come on mum, you’re usually more on the ball than this, the Grand Hotel was failing as a business, their rooms were all too old, none of them have bathrooms in the bedrooms and they needed some way to make money while they were updating, so Elle-Kate and the other chambermaids are paid minimum wage to be there to comfort businessmen a long way from home on convention work, if Elle-Kate makes men happy they supplement her bank account and are happy to put up with having to leave their bedroom to use the toilet or shower.”

“So, you’re telling me that Elle-Kate has… is… does…”

Sarah stopped me twisting verbally in the wind while I was trying to put into words exactly what her friend was.

“Elle-Kate and the other chambermaids are all prostitutes mum, it’s just a job, someone’s got to do it. At least it stops the men going out looking for young girls to pick up who don’t understand what men want or need from them!”

“So, why did she call you last night?”

“I asked her ages ago to put in a good word for me with the housekeeping manager at the hotel; I’m trying to get some extra cash before going to university. As all the other chambermaids were already busy her boss agreed to let her call me in to help her out and he could see how I got on with difficult and demanding customers.”

“So, what did you do?”

“What do you mean?”

“What did you do when you found your father and uncle were the two men waiting…”

Now at this point I really wasn’t thinking straight, I hadn’t remembered that Sarah had mentioned that Elle-Kate had taken on my husband and brother-in-law before realising that they were too much of a handful for her, in my mind they were all sitting in the bar waiting for Sarah to turn up.

“…with Elle-Kate for you to get there?”

“Well, I was told what room they were in and went straight up, the door was unlocked and I could hear Elle-Kate gasping for breath and coughing so I went straight in without knocking, I dropped my coat at the bedroom door and walked over to the bed before I realised that the man trying to force his cock all the way into Elle’s belly down her throat was my uncle David but it was a little too late to do much about it by then. And when the man between her legs fucking her stopped sucking on her tits and looked over at me and I saw it was my dad, all he could say was that it was about time I started doing something useful around the place!”

“Oh my god, what did you do? Did you storm out?”

“No, it was my test wasn’t it, if I did well I’d get a regular shift, if I’d stormed out just because I didn’t like the men involved I’d never get another chance.”


“So, I took over with Uncle David and sucked his cock for him.”

“God no! You didn’t, you know that’s illegal don’t you, illegal and disgusting!”

“Oh come off it mum, a cock is just a cock, at least it was a man’s cock, if you thought that was disgusting I’d better not tell you what Elle-Kate has to do for one of her regulars every week.”

“What, at the Grand Hotel?”

I didn’t really want to know anything more disgusting than an uncle forcing his cock down his niece’s throat but in a way I kind of wanted to put off the inevitable story that Sarah had started to tell me.

“No mum, the Grand Hotel wouldn’t allow a guest to keep a dog in their room; they have a kennel in the grounds where they look after guest’s pets.”

“Dog, what does that have to do with…”

I didn’t carry on with my question, it suddenly dawned on me what a perverted man who owned a dog would pay a prostitute to do that was more disgusting than incest.

“Okay, so you sucked… him! Was that it?”

“God no, don’t be stupid mum, Uncle David wanted full service and as I was sucking his cock dad pulled me around so that he could get his hand between my legs; while he was fucking Elle-Kate he was finger fucking me, he said he was juicing me up for Uncle David.”

“I can’t believe your father and uncle would do that with you.”

“After I’d made David happy with my mouth and throat Dad positioned me on my back with Elle-Kate’s mouth between my legs licking me out while Uncle David fucked Elle-Kate doggy style and I sucked dad’s cock, he was far more violent fucking my mouth than David had been…”

I butted in, stopping Sarah mid-stream, “I don’t think I want to hear any more!”

“…you have to listen mum, you’ve got to divorce my father and kick his arse out of here and I know you, if you don’t listen to me you’ll just allow him to carry on whoring around behind your back, spending all of his money entertaining himself and his friends and keeping you short of money. When was the last time we had a holiday? I don’t remember ever having one and yet he has two weeks away every year…”

“He isn’t on holiday, he’s working…”

“…You’re deluding yourself mum, he goes away on holiday, he comes back with a great tan every year while we stay here and struggle to make ends meet…”

There was nothing I could say really, I’d seen the tan he had when he’d been on a business trip and the fact that he had no tan lines anywhere, the fact that I got three or four weeks rest or rather he didn’t make any sexual demands on me for a week or two after a ‘business trip’, I suppose I just ignored the obvious conclusion.

“…and now he’s paid to fuck me he’s told me that he’ll at least save money, he told me that he’d find you a job to get you out of the house at night so he can fuck me whenever he wants to for free!”

“He wouldn’t do that, you don’t understand him, he’s just weak and has always been easily led by his brother David.”

Sarah had a bath while I cooked us both breakfast and after she ate her bacon and eggs she went to bed while I was left reading a book with my thoughts, I’d obviously had my suspicions in the past but nothing concrete to go on before, well, Sarah had definitely given me all the sand, cement and aggregates I’d ever need.

I fumed all morning and for half of the afternoon before my husband walked through the front door all smiles. Before I got the opportunity to ask him what he had been up too all night and where he’d been until the middle of the afternoon he dropped an employment pack on the kitchen table, he smiled at me and pointing at the pack, “Thought you could do with getting out of the house more, our office in town needs a night cleaner and the money will come in handy as well.”

It was a pity that I was holding a full pint bottle of milk in my hand at the time, Blood and milk are a devil to clean up off of the kitchen carpet but it was worth it for the look on his face as I took aim and threw the bottle at his head before kicking his arse out of the house and as he stood in the front garden trying to remonstrate with me, I was repatriating all of his clothes and personal items through our bedroom window, again, aiming the heavier items directly at his head.

When I finished venting my frustrations out on my husband and his belongings I turned to find Sarah leaning against the door frame with her mobile phone in her hand, “Are you really going to go through with it mum?”

I sobbed a little and just nodded my head.

“Well, my old boyfriend Jason has finished university and is working in a solicitor’s office, shall I call him and ask him to come round to give us a little free advice?”

“You can’t do that; I’ll just have to find a lawyer on Monday.”

“Mum, by Monday you’ll probably change your mind, just let me get Jason round to talk to you, see if he can help in any way.”

Before I could protest again Sarah was talking to Jason on her mobile phone as she walked towards her bedroom to get dressed. Jason must have been very eager to see Sarah again after so long because he was knocking on our front door within minutes with his laptop bag over his shoulder. Sarah and he hadn’t been seeing each other since Jason went off to university, I was struggling to work it out, a three year degree course and then a year minimum to convert into a law degree so Sarah must have been year six when Jason was at her school and the passionate kiss he gave her at the front door made me suspicious that perhaps their friendship all those years ago was probably very inappropriate between an eighteen year old boy and an eleven year old girl!

We discussed things over a cup of coffee, I told him my story and then Sarah told him about her father paying to have sex with one of her school friends, I thought that she would stop there but she actually told him about her part in the story, she wasn’t the slightest bit embarrassed about her involvement. Sarah wasn’t embarrassed but I got the feeling that Jason was uncomfortable until Sarah asked him if he wanted to use the printer in her bedroom.

Jason jumped at the chance to go up to Sarah’s bedroom with her and as soon as he stood up I realised that he wasn’t uncomfortable because Sarah’s story was so disgusting, he was actually uncomfortable because his cock was trying to burst out of the front of his trousers, it looked to me like he had a flagpole down the front of his pants.

I heard a lot of giggling, a little talking and then I heard Sarah’s bedsprings starting to complain because of Jason and Sarah’s activities on it. two hours later Sarah came down to the living room with a copy of my divorce petition, actually three copies, one for me, one to be filed at the local court and one to hand to my husband or his solicitors.

There was no posh letterhead, just Jason’s initials, last name and the letters LLB in enlarged font and his email address and mobile phone number beneath it in smaller letters but then you didn’t need a large law firm to file for divorce petition, just ďż˝67 and the petition written in the right way and you had to follow the rules about delivering a copy of the letter to the respondent by hand or through registered delivery.

Jason walked in a few minutes after Sarah, he was buttoning his shirt up as he walked in and as luck would have it, he had just slipped my husband’s copy of the divorce papers into an envelope as my husband came banging on the front door in drunken rage at finding the deadlock on so his keys wouldn’t open ‘His’ front door.

Jason smiled when he realised who was knocking on the door, his smile widened when he realised that Sarah’s father was in an advanced drunken state. Jason marched to the front door, he opened it and placed the envelope with my divorce petition in it into my husband’s hand, fortunately Sarah was filming the event on her mobile phone because as soon as her father realised what he’d just been handed he took a swing at Jason. Jason could easily have dodged the swing but instead he stood there and took it on the chin for the camera.

The police and an ambulance were called in because of the assault and while everything was being sorted out, Jason whispered in my husband’s ear that he knew about the incest and if there were any problems over the divorce he would use that information in the court battle.

Jason also applied to the courts for an emergency injunction against my husband to prevent him coming within one hundred yards of Jason, me or Sarah, the court injunction was served on my husband in the police cells while he was being processed for being drunk and disorderly as well as common assault, both charges were insignificant in reality and only took a few hours before he was out on the streets again.

Everything went quiet for the next few days until Thursday when I received a letter from Sarah’s school. I was surprised to get a communication from Sarah’s headmaster’s secretary, calling me into school for a meeting, it wasn’t the first time that Sarah had broken the rules at school and I’d been called in several times to have the riot act read out to me to try and force Sarah to toe the line. I didn’t have to talk to the headmaster but Sarah’s carrier’s advisor.

“We’ve received a request from the Grand Hotel, apparently your daughter has applied for a job there and because your daughter is still in full time education, they have contacted us for our agreement, we have to supply a form before they can put her on their books.”

“Why did you call me in to just to tell me that?”

“Well, we believe that the grand hotel uses young girls as prostitutes, I felt that I should bring this to your attention.”

“Have they described her duties as prostitution?”

“Well, no, they’ve put her duties down as part time chambermaid.”

“I know my daughter very well, she told me that she was trying to get part time work at the hotel because it’s close to home and she was trying to earn a little money before going to university.”

“Most girls who go from this school to work at the Grand Hotel never actually get to university, they seem to prefer… let’s call it ‘Personal Service Working’ to the hard work involved in further education.”

“My daughter is over eighteen years of age, old enough to marry without parental consent, old enough to vote and old enough to choose the shape of her future life!”

“But, you don’t understand, they’ll expect her to have sex with customers at the hotel!”

“I think you’ll find Sarah has been free to choose her own sexual path for the past two years. The choice is hers.”

I think my attitude to my adult daughter’s behaviour and the choices she was making annoyed her career’s councillor because he just signed the form and threw it across his table at me and told me I’d have to get it in the post to the Grand Hotel myself. I left the school and headed home, as I had to pass the front door of the hotel on my way home I decided to drop it off at the reception desk as I passed.

The receptionist told me I’d have to hand the form into the housekeeping manger personally and she invited me to wait in his office for him. I hardly had the chance to warm the seat on the leather, Chesterfield chair before Gustav Shornyk entered the room, I got the feeling that he was undressing me with his eyes, not that it would have been a big job, I was wearing a thin summer dress, spaghetti shoulder straps, bra and knickers and because I was sitting down and Gustav was standing above me looking down he could see rather a lot of my chest.

Because I’m rather big busted I’m well used to men staring at my ‘charms’ but usually if I look at them they realise what they are doing, most blush because I’ve caught them looking but all men look away if spotted. Gustav was different, he didn’t blush, didn’t look away, in fact, he moved in a little closer and stretched up slightly so he could get a better look down the front of my dress. Well, even though I always thought that it was very rude and bad mannered when men stared at a woman’s breasts, my breasts, I found myself doing the same. No, not looking at my own breasts but when Gustav stretched up, a certain part of his anatomy came level with my eyes and because looking at my dďż˝colletage and lower was inflating that part I found myself staring straight at it as it moved around inside his trousers, heading up towards his belt.

Gustav said, “I can see where Sarah gets her good looks and beautiful breasts from, have you ever considered working in the hospitality industry Mrs Clark or can I call you Victoria?”

As Gustav was talking to me he was swaying his hips from side to side and as my eyes followed the bulge in his trousers from side to side he smiled at me. It took a few seconds for his words to sink in through the fog that was clouding my head as I wondered just how big Gustav’s cock would be if it were out in the open instead of trapped behind his tight trousers. When the meaning of ‘Hospitality Industry’ sank in I felt my face heat up as the blood suddenly rushed close to the surface of my skin and I gasped and managed to force my face away from the front of Gustav’s trousers to look down at my lap.

Gustav moved around the back of my chair as he carried on talking to me, “We get a few requests from men for the more mature woman, I’d be able to give you lots of work with such beautiful large breasts as you have…” Gustav’s hands were now rubbing my shoulders, massaging gently, “…and I can give you even more work if you double up with another girl and work the mother – daughter angle, you could work with any other young girl but fortunately Sarah has already listed her willingness to do mother – daughter and as you two could be twins you’d clean up.”

I was shivering now, not because it was cold but because Gustav had mentioned one of the most taboo subjects any mother could possibly imagine, teaming up with her daughter to have sex with a man, and sex for money made it even more socially unacceptable. And now, I could feel Gustav slipping the shoulder straps of my bra and my dress away from my neck. Deep down inside a voice was telling me to stop him doing what he was doing but I’d been several weeks without sex and that was a very long time for me, especially as I’d served divorce papers on the only man who had ever fucked me as well as a restraining order banning him from coming within a hundred yards of me.

Gustav applied extra pressure to his massaging of my shoulder muscles as my shoulder straps fell down my arms, any feelings that I wanted Gustav to stop dissolved as my dress fell into my lap and my bra sagged forward allowing more of my breasts to slip into view.

Gustav leaned down and kissed the top of my head, his left hand slipped down behind my back as his right hand slipped down over my upper chest and his fingers burrowed under my right bra cup and he began to massage and palpate my right breast quite vigorously. His left hand worked the clasp at the back of my bra and my bra followed my dress into my lap. It took a few moments for Gustav’s left hand to begin working my left breast like his right hand and then I felt the reason why it took so long for his left hand to get to work on my breast as the tip of his cock touched the nape of my neck, it felt scalding hot and soaking wet as copious amounts of pre-cum started trickling down my spine and Gustav started easing me to my feet by my breasts.

Once on my feet my dress fell to the floor along with my bra, I was pulled gently towards Gustav’s desk, a thought pricked my foggy brain, ‘Thank God I’ve got reasonably sexy knickers on today!’ If this had been winter I’d have been wearing my thick cotton ‘passion-killers’ and I would have looked ridiculous in a situation like this wearing ‘granny-panties’. I was turned and my eyes latched onto his cock, it was nine inches long and as fat as a Cuban cigar. He lifted my chin and pressed his lips against mine as his hands slipped down over my body and on to the sides of my hips.

He was pushing me backwards slowly, he kissed me hungrily, forcing his tongue into my mouth as he pushed my knickers down, they reached my ankles as my bottom pressed into the edge of his leather inlayed tabletop. His cock was in me before my back hit the leather, I gasped with the pain of such a large member burying itself all the way in me, bullock deep without getting me ready first.

I soon got over the shock of the sudden assault on my body and soon reached an orgasm. This was the first time I’d ever had sex on a table, the first time I’d had sex outside my own house, definitely the first time I’d had sex in a place of business. My husband had a reputation as a womaniser and I’m sure that his many girlfriends had more fun with him than he ever gave me. As I gasped through my climax I expected to feel the warmth spreading into my body from Gustav’s orgasm but he didn’t stop, I kind of went off the boil slightly mainly because of the shock or surprise that he hadn’t climaxed himself. Once again, I was in uncharted waters, Gustav spotted that I’d ‘finished’ and he started to work on my breasts, he wasn’t gentle or tender really but he wasn’t out to hurt me either and as he bit my nipple hard I found my fire suddenly reignited.

My second orgasm shocked me, the intensity and the length of time I was gasping out of control were way outside anything I had ever experienced. He suddenly pulled his cock out of my cunt, dragged me upright so I was sitting on the table top and he thrust his cock into my mouth. My husband had often tried to get me to give him oral sex but because of my upbringing I had always seen it as an insult and had refused to do it for him. In my mind sucking a man’s cock was something only a prostitute would do for a man or a woman desperate to ‘capture’ a man, to keep a man who was losing interest in her.

I didn’t really get the chance to refuse Gustav, I was still gasping through the most powerful orgasm of my life when he pushed his cock into my mouth. My lack of skill surprised him, “Don’t tell me mine is the first cock you’ve had in your mouth!”

I looked up into his eyes; my mouth was stretched totally wide open, wider than I’d ever opened it before in my life, even so I managed to nod my head. Gustav began to give me instructions on how to give professional oral sex and between talking me through my task on his cock he was taking phone calls from guests and sending out instructions to his staff via a ‘walky-talky’ radio, all without even slowing down fucking my mouth.

He was just explaining to me how to use my hands, in our position I had both hands free so I should use my right hand to massage his cock between my lips and his balls and my left hand should be gently fondling his balls, “Unless the man specifically asks for rougher treatment on his balls always be gentle, if he wants rougher treatment he’ll tell you, he’ll also tell you if you…”

The phone rang once again, I was concentrating on all the things I’d been told to do to Gustav’s cock and only half listening to his side of the conversation, “We never have girls around at this time of day…isn’t he actually going to the convention at all…ask him if he’d consider an older lady…good, good, tell him I’ll send her right up, usual terms.”

Gustav started to back away from me, trying to pull his cock out of my mouth, it was funny really, after steadfastly refusing to perform oral sex on my husband for so many years, now that Gustav was pulling his cock out of my mouth I was following it like a hungry baby would follow a teat that was being pulled from its mouth. I would have fallen off of the table if Gustav hadn’t placed his hand on my forehead and pushed my head away from his belly.

“I’ve got a little job for you to do, just wait there a moment.”

Gustav left the room but returned moments later; he had a hand full of condoms in his left hand and a towel in his right hand. He passed me the towel, “Wipe between your legs.”

Gustav dropped the condoms into my handbag, “I have a customer in room four-two-five, he’s supposed to be here for a training course but he got bored and now he’s looking for company, he knows the prices and when you get to his bedroom he will give you money, count it, if he gives you one hundred pounds he’s looking for straight sex, if he gives you one-twenty he wants full sex and oral, one fifty he wants anal sex…”

Gustav stopped when he saw the look on my face, “…I guess you’ve never had anal sex either, well, if he gives you one fifty, just give him fifty pounds back, he’ll understand. Make sure that you look his cock over before putting a condom on it, you put it on, don’t let him do it for himself, if he asks for bareback the answer is just no! We don’t expect our employees to risk unprotected vaginal or anal sex.”

“I’m not your employee, I was bringing my daughter’s form in, I’m not here for myself!”

“Don’t be ridiculous, you’re a natural, why not make money at something you obviously enjoy doing!”

I looked confused. I’d never enjoyed sex in my life, it was just something that my husband expected me to do for him and I didn’t do a particularly good job of it either, I never went as far as he wanted me to go, ever. I sat looking down at the puddle on the floor under the edge of the table where my inner juice had fallen while Gustav was fucking me. He was right, I had quite enjoyed what he was doing when he was doing it and even the oral sex part, something that I had run from for over twenty years had been okay, well, more than okay actually, once I’d learned the skills needed to do it I’d actually enjoyed that a little too.

“He gets one hour maximum for his one hundred pounds, if he wants to go on longer you have to charge forty pounds for every thirty minutes he runs over the hour, he knows that as well, you don’t have to stop to get the extra, just remind him if you get close to the hour mark, if he doesn’t cough up the extra the concierge will see him later but you’ll have to report it to me as soon as you finish.”

My head was in a spin, usually if I’d had sex with my husband I’d be totally satisfied and sex wouldn’t enter my consciousness again for a month and if he approached me for sex in that month I wouldn’t have been at all receptive to him, it wouldn’t stop him fucking me but he wouldn’t give me my orgasm, just take his pleasure from me and then roll over and fall asleep. Gustav had given me not one orgasm but two and the second one was mind-blowing. I shouldn’t have been at all interested in sex again for around thirty days but as Gustav was telling me how to manage a customer as a prostitute, I was beginning to feel strange stirrings in the pit of my stomach, for the first time in my life I was getting excited at the prospect of sex with a stranger.

Gustav brought me back to earth with the boring housekeeping part of my proposed new venture by saying, “When you’ve finished with Mr. Smith you’ll have to come back here to my office, you need to fill in some forms, get measured for your uniform and have your ID photograph taken. The house takes fifty percent but that’s not as bad as it sounds, we pay you minimum wage when you’re on shift to do a little running around the hotel, delivering towels or cleaning up spills, take extra pillows, that kind of thing.”

I thought about things, I was still sitting in Gustav’s office totally naked, I had just wiped between my legs for a second time, my juices were still flooding out of my body at an alarming rate considering Gustav had finished fucking me almost thirty minutes earlier. The additional moisture was caused by the exciting prospect of visiting a total stranger in a hotel bedroom for money, well, money and sex.

I slipped off of the edge of the table, reached for my bra and said, “I’m not sure I’m cut out for this but I’ll go and see your Mr. Smith because you’ve already promised him but I don’t think I want to work for your hotel in any capacity!”

Gustav smiled at me, “I’ve had very many woman through my office, lots have turned down my offer of work but usually they come back when they remember just how much money they can earn. One man a shift, plus wages, that works out to a hundred pounds a night, if you work five nights a week, you’ll take home five hundred pounds for doing what women do for their husbands for free. If you go the extra distance, two, three or even four men a night…don’t look at me like that, sex is addictive, even bad sex with someone you don’t like is better than no sex at all and the extra cash, well, women stop looking at the man, just get on with the act. I’ll give you one tip though, most working girls won’t let a punter kiss them, they save their kisses for the man they love, you let Mr. Smith kiss you and I’ll guarantee he’ll give you a generous tip when he cums.”

I was untangling my bra straps, “Don’t bother with that, just pop your dress on, let me see what you look like with no bra on.”


“I know my business, just try it for me.”

I pulled my dress on over my head, no knickers or bra under it, Gustav twisted me this way and that, “You look fantastic just the way you are, it’ll save time getting undressed anyway.”

I left my underwear in Gustav’s office, and made my way up to Mr, Smith’s bedroom. I had to pass through the lobby on my way to the stairs, the hotel was busy, there was a convention and a training course on in the hotel so there were lots of people milling around the hotel and as I walked along almost totally naked, just my flimsy thin summer dress covering my body, to me it felt like everyone in the hotel knew that I was naked, everyone knew that I was going to Mr. Smith’s bedroom to ‘Service his needs’. I’d never been the centre of attention before. I was almost on the point of being agoraphobic in my ‘real’ life but as I headed for the stairs I got that feeling of excitement in the pit of my stomach again, I started to swish my tail like the cat that had found the European cream lake.

As I approached the room I started to get palpitations, I was about to knock on the door and I chickened out, I turned just as Mr. Smith opened his door to put out his breakfast tray. “Hi, are you here for me?”

I stopped in my tracks, turned slowly. Mr. Smith stood six feet tall in his bare feet, he had jet black hair that was greying at the temples but apart from that it was all there and very well groomed for a man standing in just his dressing gown. A full moustache covered his upper lip and it was twisted into a broad smile, his eyes bright and sparking, piercing blue with flecks of silver around the outer ridge of his irises.

I had to force myself to breathe, he was a good twenty years older than me but as handsome as a film star. “Are you okay Mrs…?”

I tried to speak but my mouth and throat were too dry, too thick to speak, I had to swallow several times to make my voice box work, “I’ve made a big mistake, I thought…”

He reached out his right hand and took my left hand; he pulled me in, like a fisherman reeling in a huge fish. I was in his room before I knew it and the door closed behind me. “I take it you’re new at this kind of work!”

I nodded my head, “If you hadn’t opened your door I wouldn’t be in this kind of work, in fact I’m not sure that I’m going to stay and start this kind of work.”

I was pulled against his chest and he kissed me passionately on the lips. “I hate having to come away on convention tours like this, but I can usually make it to Wednesday or Thursday before I have to seek comfort at the Concierge’s desk. I had a blazing row…” He stopped talking to kiss me again, “…you don’t want to hear my problems though, my biggest problem as I see it at the moment is to try and convince you to stay and help me get over the blues.”

He took something from the pocket of his dressing gown and pressed it into my hand, “One hundred pounds, please take it so I can get you out of that uncomfortable dress and I can drop this heavy dressing gown.”

We kissed again, my eyes were closed, I searched his arm, found his hand and took his money. “I’m supposed to count this before…well, you know!”

“I know but if you’re short Alan the Concierge will visit me and teach me to count properly and the next time I’m here I won’t find it easy to find another…partner to ease my loneliness!”

It was like being in a whirlwind as he danced with me towards the double bed, his own dressing gown fell to the floor halfway between the door and the bed and my dress followed it right at the edge of the mattress, he paused with me just long enough for the cheap Rayon dress to form a puddle of material around my feet, I was so close to the bed that I didn’t even have to step out of my dress, just falling onto the bed freed me.

I was fighting with him to stop him injecting me without protection, I had to scramble on my heels and elbows up the length of his bed to stop him, he didn’t follow me instead he bent lower and pulled my legs wide apart. Gustav hadn’t mentioned anything about what to do if a customer wanted to give me oral, should I charge him, ask for more…Oh God no! My husband had never offered to give me oral, mainly because I refused to do it for him. I sometimes wondered why he’d married me in the first place; he wanted so much from sex and because of my upbringing I wanted so little, it probably had something to do with my father being his manager at work and because my father was now his Managing Director, it probably explained why my husband was so pissed off at me for serving divorce papers on him.

Well, I was definitely a convert to oral sex, if a man got one tenth of the pleasure from oral sex that I was getting at that moment I’d happily give any man oral sex that asked for it in the hopes that I could get a little reciprocation. I was driven over four ever increasingly powerful orgasms before he began to kiss his way up my body, dragging his cock along my leg heading for my cunt.

I got my senses back just before his cock breached my pussy and stopped him, “I’ve been told, no condom, no playtime!”

I found my handbag and dug out a condom, I was a little disappointed at the size of his cock, he was only half the size of Gustav but then again, my husband wasn’t as big as Gustav either but my husband was bigger than Mr. Smith. I needn’t have been disappointed, as it turned out, size wasn’t as important as skill and he had skills to spare!

I’d checked the time before I hit the bed and it was coming up to the fifty minute mark, I was almost passing out from the pleasure I was getting from his small cock but I had enough of my wit’s about me to remind him about the hour limit on his payment. If I thought he was fucking me hard before, I was wrong, he suddenly doubled his efforts, I was a babbling idiot within seconds and then, just as the hour was up he climaxed, filling his condom almost to overflowing.

We kissed as I pulled my dress back on and that was it, I was outside in the hallway, my lubricating juice running down my inner thighs as I walked back to Gustav’s office.

“Well, do I need to get the forms out?”

I cropped the hundred pounds on Gustav’s desk, I also dropped the twenty pound tip Mr. Smith had given to me as he saw me to the door, “Was the twenty a tip?”

I nodded my head and Gustav handed me the twenty pounds back, “We just take our cut from the payment, not the tip.”

It took an hour to fill in the forms and to have my photograph taken; Gustav enjoyed measuring me up for my uniform and showing me around the bowels of the hotel. We had service lifts for staff to get from the basement area up onto the other floors so that the cleaners could trundle their carts and trolleys around the hotel without inconveniencing the guests too much. I was given a copy of my roster; I noticed that my daughter’s name was on the roster every time I was. Before I left Gustav’s office he gave me an envelope to take home for Sarah as well containing her employees pack including her ID badge.

I got home just at the same time as my daughter got in from school; she gave me a strange look for two reasons as we bumped into each other in the street at the start of the path leading down to our house. She just wasn’t used to seeing me out and about in the daytime, I would go to the shops but it was straight there and straight back but I didn’t have any shopping bags with me and it was obvious from the way that my breasts were swaying under my thin summer dress as I walked and the fact that there were no straps visible on my shoulders that I wasn’t wearing a bra. Sarah had never known me not to wear a bra, even in bed; I always wore a bra under my nighty.

I opened my handbag when we reached the front door and as I twisted the clasp my bag sprang open, the ball of material that contained my bra and knickers sprang into view. “Mum, what have you been up to?”

“Nothing much, I had to go in to your collage this morning to see your carrier’s advisor because of your application to work at the Grand Hotel. I didn’t realise that even at eighteen you’d still need a letter from school giving permission for you to have a part time job.”

Sarah shrugged her shoulders, “Neither did I, everyone in collage has a part time job, no one told me I needed permission. So, where is the letter? I’ll run down to the hotel before dinner, see if they’ve got my contract and ID card yet, I might even have a start date already. I dipped my hand into my bag and took my handbag and fished out Sarah’s envelope and my roster, “Your first shift is Thursday afternoon.” Sarah went to take my sheet off of me but I stopped her, “That’s mine, yours is in here!”

I handed Sarah her envelope, she looked confused before but now she looked doubly confused, I could almost read the expression on her face as she tore open her envelope. ‘Why does my mother have a copy of my work roster?’ “How…why…what?”

“I decided to drop your letter off at the Grand Hotel, Mr. Shornyk wanted to see me and he signed me up to work there as well. I’m going to need an income once my divorce goes through. Sarah looked totally shocked, “Mum, you can’t work there, it isn’t an ordinary job, you can hardly leave the house on your own most of the time…”

I stopped her in her tracks, “I’ve already started working, I looked after a customer today!”

Sarah’s jaw dropped, she looked like a goldfish in a bowl, her mouth opening and closing but no sounds were coming out of her mouth until a very thin, “But they only take girls under twenty one as evening chambermaids. How come you were offered a job?”

“Well, Gustav was interviewing me, teaching me how to give a man oral sex when a customer asked for a girl, because all you young girls were in college Gustav told the concierge to ask if he’d like an older woman to keep him company and he did, so I went up to his room dressed like this and he seemed very happy.”

“But mum, you’re not like that, you never go to parties because you don’t like having to talk to strangers, and I thought that dad was the only man you’ve…wait a minute, how come Gustav had to teach you how to suck a guy’s cock?”

“Because I never did anything like that for your father, I only allowed straight sex and in the dark. He never pushed me for more.”

“Oh, well that explains something my father said as he was forcing his cockhead past my oesophagus the other day, he told me that it was a good thing I had Elle-Kate to show me how to be a woman instead of relying on you to teach me things.”

I was checking the kitchen cupboards to see what I was going to cook for dinner when Sarah’s mobile phone rang, I heard the muffled conversation and then Sarah say, “I’ll ask her and call you back!”

“Mum, that was Gustav, he told one of his regulars that he had a mother and daughter on his books now, the punter would like to have us both together, a straight thousand pounds for the night, Gustav has agreed to the price providing the man books into a suite at the hotel and buys us both dinner before the ‘show’!”

I felt my face redden slightly, Gustav had intimated that some customers might ask for a mother and daughter team for sex and that in the past he had just put a younger girl with an older woman and made them pretend to be mother and daughter. If Sarah and I turned up at a room the customer wouldn’t need to ask the question, we were like two peas in a pod in looks and body shape and size. I just had a little bigger breasts than her, she had firmer breasts than me. Eight hours ago I’d have blown my top if Sarah had said something like that but I’d kind of mellowed out after two fantastic fucks in one day. “Well, at least I won’t need to find something to cook for dinner tonight!”

Sarah looked shocked again, she was looking shocked a lot this afternoon, “Mum, did you hear what I said? The man will want to have sex with us, both of us, both together! You know, at the same time!”

“I heard you; Gustav told me that he wanted me to work for him because he needed a mother and daughter to double team a customer from time to time.”

“Time to time and yet our first customer as a team is actually two days before we officially start working!”

“Yes, that does seem a little suspicious.”

Sarah grabbed hold of my hand, Come on, I need to check your wardrobe out, see if there is anything half decent in there. Sarah went through everything in the wardrobe in my bedroom, the side that held her father’s clothes up to a week earlier was of course empty as I’d thrown it all at him as he stood in the front garden protesting that I was over reacting to his philandering ways.

“This is ridiculous mum, there’s nothing in there that you could wear to a dinner date in the Grand!”

“We could look through the stuff your father had bought for me over the years, I never even take them out of their bags, I just stuff them in the wardrobe in the box room.”

Sarah got that confused look on her face again, “You mean the junk room, the room that no one can even walk into?”

“Sounds like the same room to me.”

I dug a path through to the wardrobe in the box room, “Of course your father hasn’t brought me anything new for a few years so everything will be out of date by now.”

Sarah searched through thirty outfits in my alternate wardrobe, most were way out of date, so far out of date that they were actually coming back into fashion, in the end she pulled out a black Lycra dress and held it up for a closer look, “Little black dress has been in for thirty years, I think dad bought me one exactly like this one three years ago!”

I took it off of her and held it up against myself, “I dumped this in there because it’s about a size ten, I’d never fit in it.”

Lycra dresses like this are one size fits all, on skinny women they hang lower; on us they will be a little shorter but will still look great. I don’t suppose he bought you a purple, red and black basque to go with this dress did he?”

“Yes he did, how did you know?”

“Because he got the same for me but I’ve worn my dress and basque a few times. Where did you put the basque he bought you?”

“In old chest of drawers behind the door.”

Sarah searched through the drawers, she pulled out several items, “Hey mom, these are great, if you don’t want them I’ll give them a good home for you.”

Sarah carried the dress and the basque through to my bedroom, then she fetched her own dress and basque and hung the two dresses side by side, the two dresses were exactly the same size. Sarah said, “You take the first bath, I’ll have a quick shower after you finish, then I’ll do our hair and makeup, with the dresses and basques on we’ll look like twins rather than mum and daughter.”

While I was in the bath Sarah phoned Gustav and told him that we’d take the commission, she walked in on me while I was washing and stepped in the shower, “The client is on his way, he’s coming up from London by train, we have to meet him in the hotel restaurant at seven o’clock, we just ask for Mr. Taylor, that’s not his real name, it’s actually his occupation.”

It took Sarah an hour to do my hair and makeup and just fifteen minutes to do her own, obviously the benefit of youth although I wasn’t exactly old at just a fraction over forty years old. We both wore golden tan stockings, Sarah’s not mine although when I saw them I thought that they could easily have been my mother’s stockings, they looked like something from the war, the main stockings were extremely sheer but the tops, the heels and toes were reinforced, double thickness and far darker than they really should have been, there was even a false seam running down the backs of our legs. We both wore black thongs, the red, purple and black basques and the black Lycra dresses. I teetered along in four inch high black patent leather shoes while Sarah wore almost matching six inch high shoes, bringing her five foot four inch height up to meet my five foot six.

We walked around to the hotel, I have to say we got some strange looks from our neighbours as we walked along, me struggling to walk and Sarah gliding along like a cat-walk model. We were taken to the table in the restaurant, Mr. Taylor was in his eighties, he looked really frail, when I saw him I couldn’t believe that he could possibly want to have sex with one woman, never mind two at the same time.

He was very complimentary to both Sarah and me as we ate; his conversation was witty and erudite and we were the centre of attention for the whole restaurant as the three of us ate. Sarah and I were dressed like film stars or models, he was dressed like James Bond, his tuxedo was very ‘Savile Row’ but it turned out that he had made it himself, all hand cut and stitched.

It took over two hours for us to eat our meal and by nine thirty we were all heading for the lift. In the bedroom we got straight down to business. “Right ladies, I would really like the two of you girls to make love together for me to watch, I’ll get very close but I’ll try not to get in your way.”

I think the look on my face gave my shock away, “Would you ladies like to discuss this between yourselves in private?”

I pulled Sarah through to the living room; it was handy having the use of a suite to play in. I got in first, “I wasn’t bargaining on this, I was perfectly happy to let him fuck me while you were there and then watch while you and him fucked but I can’t have sex with you, for a start off, I wouldn’t have a clue what to do!”

Sarah smiled at me, “Come on mum, we can’t falter at the first hurdle, I’ll do all the work.”

“How the hell do you know what to do with a woman?”

“Come on mum, I’ve been going to sleepovers at my friend’s houses for six years, what the hell do you think we get up to all night?”

“I’d never guess, I doubt I’d come close.”

Sarah was holding both of my hands in hers, she grinned at me, “Well mum, time to do the deed or go home and forget about working at the Grand Hotel for both of us!”

I grimaced slightly and then nodded my head. Sarah dragged me into the bedroom, he was naked, his cock was small and flaccid, he smiled as Sarah dragged me through the door. “I’m glad that you’ve come back to me ladies.”

Sarah whispered, “Here goes mum!” and then she leaned in and kissed me, softly at first and then slightly more aggressively forcing her tongue deep into my mouth as her hands started to explore my body through my dress.

Things spun around for a moment or two, he was dancing from one side of us to the other looking at how we were kissing, looking at where Sarah’s hands were exploring my body. My dress slipped down, helped by Sarah but also by Mr. Taylor who took over after Sarah got as low down as she could reach. While he was busy Sarah whispered for me to start touching her like she was touching me so I pulled myself together and started copying what Sarah was doing.

He stood up and looked in closely as Sarah kissed down my neck, over my collar bone and down onto my upper chest, he reached in and eased my left breast out of the confines of my basque, he fed my breast to Sarah and as she went to town on my left nipple he rushed around our body and lifted my right breast out of my basque so then I had two people eating my breasts simultaneously.

After twenty minutes of nipple nibbling I was pushed down onto the bed by Sarah and she worked between my legs, easing my panties off over my stockings and then dropping down between my legs eating my pussy out, picking an occasional straggle of pubic hair out of her teeth as she ate greedily. He knelt at the side of my head, his cock was still flaccid but now there were signs of life down there, he pulled my face round to his cock as I gasped through a powerful orgasm. I opened my mouth, trying to remember everything that Gustav had taught me earlier, I sucked Mr. Taylor’s cock into life and he suddenly jumped off of the bed and ran around behind Sarah, pulled the gusset of her thong to one side and used the erection I’d given him on her cunt.

It didn’t take long for him to climax and as soon as he did he was right back watching us again, he whispered, “Sarah, feed my spunk to your mother.”

Sarah stopped licking my cunt and pulled her knickers off before hopping up on the bed and straddling my face, pressing her cunt against my mouth and she took up licking me out again as she fucked my mouth, covering my face in the old man’s semen. He watched this part of the act for twenty minutes before saying, “I’ve got a brand new strap-on dildo in my case, Sarah, I’d like you to use it on your mother!”

The dildo with its tangle of webbing straps was produced, Sarah didn’t need the instructions that came with the dildo, she knew exactly how to wear the device. Within minutes Sarah was fucking me with the dildo and she was putting a hell of a lot of effort into fucking me and she was very expert at it. For most women the period immediately after serving divorce papers on her husband is usually a sexual drought period but for me, I’d never had so much fun in my life, never had so many orgasms or learned so much about sex and myself in so few days.

The fucking went on for hours, Sarah fucking me mainly but then he told us to change over and Sarah had to strap me into the gadget so I could take my turn on top of her. It was mind blowing to play the man’s role; I’d spent my whole sexual life being the passive recipient of sex and all of a sudden here I was, actually fucking Sarah, I was in charge, I was on top and I was suddenly taken over by the whole power trip and I fucked my daughter’s brains out. Mr. Taylor got a second erection watching me going mad on top of my daughter and asked for another change, I didn’t really understand what he asked Sarah for but he said, “Sarah I would like to fuck your mother while you ‘peg’ me!”

Sarah stopped me fucking her with difficulty, I was well into my stride and my power trip. Sarah slipped back into the dildo’s strapping, she pushed me onto my back and then she rolled a condom down his cock, he climbed between my thighs and began fucking me while Sarah climbed up behind him and eased the dildo that had already been used on Sarah’s and my cunts and she eased it up his bottom and she fucked him gently as he went wild in my cunt.

We eventually all fell asleep naked and in the same bed at just after one o’clock in the morning, after four hours of frenetic sexual activity. I woke around four o’clock and watched Sarah sucking his cock for a few minutes before I fell back to sleep. We woke at eight o’clock in the morning, we all went down for breakfast, I felt a little over dressed for breakfast dressed in my sexy little black frock from the night before and very much under dressed as we walked home, Sarah had to rush out almost as soon as we got home, she pulled her school uniform on over her basque and stockings, grabbed her book bag and ran off to school.