Abused Family

Who can judge a person’s reactions during stress situations? The prisoners of war who give in to their captors’ demands, the kidnapped heiress who joins forces with her abductors — both must act without past experience to guide them. Both must make decisions in a vacuum, without benefit of familiar people or situations to guide them. The end result can be either a very negative or a positive experience.

In ABUSED FAMILY Janet Summers finds herself and her family in just such a situation. Held captive in an isolated mountain cabin, she not only meets her captors’ sexual demands but, to her horror, finds herself responding to them. Janet and her children are forced to indulge in acts that are not only forbidden by society, but also by their own moral code. Yet, in spite of their shame, they turn the experience into a positive one, uniting them as a family.

This is a shocking story, the story of one family’s reaction under stress. Yet who are we to judge their response?


Janet Summers glanced furtively about her at the shadows cast by the abandoned warehouses that lined both sides of the street. There was no telling what lurked in those shadows, no telling who might be waiting there to do her harm. She wished that she had had enough sense to take a busier street, but she had decided on the shortest mute to the train station and there was no turning back now.

Janet had decided to work late at her real estate office this evening, which would have been perfectly all right if her car hadn’t refused to start. Now she was stuck in the city with no way home to the suburbs except the train. She could have taken the street she usually took to the depot when this sort of thing happened, but her four children were at home waiting for her and if she didn’t catch the ten o’clock train she wouldn’t be able to get home until two in the morning. The route she had decided upon would get her there in time, as long as no trouble came her way.

Janet was a very stable woman, a woman who could handle herself in most situations. She wasn’t the kind of woman who feared danger lurking in the shadows, but there was something about the deserted street that bothered her. She could almost feel the presence of danger. The more she thought about it, the more she realized that a woman just wasn’t safe out alone at that hour in that area of town, especially a woman as well endowed as her.

She tried to banish from her mind thoughts of rape, but the feeling of impending danger stayed with her. She hadn’t seen a single soul in a long time, and certainly not a policeman. No one would hear her if she screamed, and there were plenty of abandoned buildings into which she could be dragged by an attacker. She shuddered at the thought and quickened her pace. She tried to think about something else, about her four children, a subject she always loved to think about.

Terry and Lynn, her two lovely daughters, were probably whipping up something for their brothers to eat. Janet knew that Terry and Lynn loved to play mother to the bays occasionally, and she knew that Greg and Jack loved to take advantage of the situation. Greg and Jack were probably bedeviling her daughters at that very moment. She only wished she were at home in the bosom of her family rather than walking down a deserted street on the rough side of town.

At first Janet thought she was hearing things, hearing the sound of heavy footsteps behind her, timed closely, but not closely enough, with her own. She had to stop for a second, had to be sure that she was alone. She gasped audibly when she heard the heavy steps continue for a second or two after she had stopped.

She wasn’t alone. She was being followed. It was almost too horrible to believe. She wanted to look behind her and see who was walking in the shadows, but she didn’t dare. She wafted faster, increasing her pace steadily as her fears grew wilder. The click of her high heels resounded off the hard walls surrounding her. The heavy clatter of boots was getting closer and closer. Before long, the frightened woman was half running in the night.

Janet cried out when the heel of her shoe caught in a grating and sent her sprawling. She thought she would die when she felt a heavy hand on her delicate shoulder. She looked up and saw the wickedly grinning face of a teenage boy. The kid may have been young, but he had the air of a man who could take what he wanted, and Janet feared that what he wanted was her.

“Here, take my purse! Take all the money! I won’t tell the police!” she screamed. “Just leave me alone!”

“We’re gonna take that purse all right, bitch! And that ain’t all we’re gonna take!” the kid rasped, his face twisted into a look of wicked delight.

“Oh God no! Here! Take the money! Fifty dollars! Just don’t hurt me!” she cried, handing the boy the purse.

The kid dug into the purse, throwing her things out as he went through it. It was her only chance to escape. Perhaps she could get away while he was searching for her money. She somehow managed to struggle to her feet. Kicking off her shoes, she ran down the street as fast as her feet could carry her, screaming at the top of her voice as she ran.

It was no used. She heard the boy’s boots close behind her. She looked over her shoulder to see the cruel-looking boy reaching out to grab her shoulder. She had to escape. There was no telling what the boy would do to her now that she had crossed him. She darted into an alley, running blindly down the pitch-black corridor. She only hoped it wasn’t a dead end.

“Get her, Tony! She’s comin’ your way, man!” she heard her pursuer shout.

“I’m gonna get her, Mad Dog!” another voice called from the shadows at the end of the alley.

“Hold that bitch, you guys! She’s got some fight in her!” her attacker growled, still running after her.

Janet stopped in her tracks, staring into the darkness like a frightened animal. She couldn’t go back and she couldn’t go forward. She could see somebody moving in the shadows, but she couldn’t make out their faces until they suddenly stepped into a shaft of light thrown by the moon. There were two of them, both between fifteen and eighteen she supposed, although they carried themselves as if they were grown men. Both darkly brooding faces wore expressions of cockiness and lust. She knew that they wouldn’t be satisfied with the money in her purse.

The two boys walked toward her with heavy steps, the silver studs of their black leather jackets and leather pants glistening coldly in the moonlight. The boy behind her moved closer, too, moved so close that she could feel her breath on the back of her neck. She had been paralyzed with fear for a few moments she suddenly regained control of herself long enough to bolt, but it was too late. She felt the boys’ strong hands grip her arms and shoulders. She was lost.

“Hey, man! This bitch is a real fighter! She’s gonna be one hot fuck!” one of the three kids rasped.

“Yeah, Rico! She’s gonna ball up a fuckin’ storm! Bet her cunt’s hot for us already!” the boy who had attacked her on the street said in a low and controlled voice, his hands roving over her back and shoulders as he held her tightly.

“Looks like a rich bitch!” Rico, the tallest of the boys, said, his dark eyes glimmering. “How ’bout it, cunt? You from the rich side of town? Kinda out of place down here, aren’t you?”

“Please let me go! Please! I’ll do anything you ask! I’ve already given you my money! Do you want my car keys? I’ll tell you where it is! Anything!” she cried in desperation.

“Shit, bitch, we already got your money! We want somethin’ else now!” the boy they called Tony said, his pearly white teeth glittering as he smiled wickedly.

“We want some cunt!” the boy behind her rasped.

“Let’s fuck her right here, Mad Dog!” Rico growled, his hands running roughly over her tits.

“Yeah, man! Let’s get her up against the fuckin’ wall and fuck the livin’ shit out of her! Goddamn she’s got a body! Look at them fuckin’ legs!” Tony said in a deep voice, resonant with lust.

Janet shivered when Tony fell to his knees and ran his warm hands up and down her legs, raising her dress until his hand brushed against the crotch of her panties. The boy’s hands were rough against her naked skin, and yet there was something almost pleasant about the sensation, something almost exciting about the touch of a man.

Janet had been without a man for a long time, ever since her husband Dave had been killed in a hunting accident four years earlier. She had loved Dave so much that she had vowed never to let another man into her life. Lately, however, she had been reconsidering the decision to remain unwed, and unfucked.

Janet knew that Dave would never have wanted her to build a wall around herself if anything ever happened to him. He would have wanted her to go on living and try to find happiness with another man. But she had loved him so much that she didn’t think another man could satisfy her, sexually or emotionally. The past four years, therefore, had been a torment to her. The hands roving over her luscious body were a torment to her too, but a strangely pleasant torment.

“Shit! You guys gotta feel her legs! You’re not gonna believe this! She’s like silk or somethin’! I wanna fuck her right hero!” Tony cried, his hand clasping her upper leg.

Tony stood up and started to unbutton his pants. Janet cried, frying not to look at the kid’s crotch. She could see that the boy had a hard-on, a hard-on that extended several inches down his leg inside his tight leather pants. She hadn’t take a cock in four years. She trembled at the thought of having that big hard dick shoved into her tight cunt.

“Not here, Tony!” Mad Dog said with authority. “She’s gonna scream a lot! Some fuckin’ cop might hear!”

“We ain’t gonna let her go, Mad Dog!” Rico said, rubbing his swollen crotch. “We gotta get some of that!”

“We’re gonna get all the pussy we want from this bitch! But we’re not gonna fuck her out here! Come on, help me drag her into that warehouse! And cover her mouth! She’s done enough screamin’ already! She’s gonna get us blown away!” Mad Dog said roughly, grabbing her by the arms and pulling her into a doorway opening onto the alley.

Janet fought the thoughts as long as she could, biting and thrashing in her panic, but there was no stopping them. They were far too big and strong to resist, and too intent on taking from her what they wanted. Before she knew it she had been dragged into a dark and cavernous building, a place where she would never be found.

“Don’t hurt me!” she pleaded. “I won’t tell anyone! Please! Do anything you want, but don’t rape me! Please!” she cried, beside herself with fear.

“Don’t rape you?! What the fuck else are we supposed to do with ya? Stupid bitch!” Tony growled, pushing the lovely woman up against a wall and pinning her there with his heavy body.

“Oh God! NO!” she cried, feeling the boy’s body pressing up against her.

Janet stared wildly about her, stared into the faces of the three horny young toughs. She found in their eyes not a trace of concern for her well-being, not a trace of pity. She knew that they could hurt her, even kill her if they wanted to, and she knew that there was nothing in the world she could do to stop them.

The terrified woman felt Tony’s swelling cock pushing up against her leg. Her dress had gotten nicked up in her struggle with the boys. She felt the heat of his crotch against her naked flesh, felt the long hard bulge of his rod pawing steadily against her silken leg.

The boy rubbed his crotch against her leg, making his cock bigger and bigger by the second. It would be only a matter of minutes, Janet knew, before the kid would haul out his massive cock and shove it between her trembling legs. She closed her eyes and tried to prepare herself for the inevitable.

“Get your fuckin’ hands off her, Tony!” she heard the one they called Mad Dog say.

Janet opened her eyes to see the kid grab Tony’s shoulder and tear him away from her. Was he putting a stop to her violation? Was he saving her for some reason? Her heart almost stopped. Perhaps her pleas had been heard after all. Perhaps she would be set loose.

“Get your ass away from her, Tony, you dumb fuck!” Mad Dog rasped, pushing the would-be rapist away. “You shits don’t know how to treat a lady! You are a lady, aren’t you?” the boy asked with a gentle smile.

Janet nodded weakly.

“I thought you were,” the kid said, staring into her blue eyes. “I can tell by the way you dress, and by the way you act when one of us guys touches you. See, whenever a guy touches you you act like we’re dirty or somethin’! All you rich bitches are like that!” the boy grinned, letting his hand graze the woman’s silken face.

“Please let me go! You won’t let him do anything to me, will you?” she pleaded.

“Do anything? Like what?” Mad Dog said with a grin.

“You won’t let, him… let him…” she struggled, her face red with shame.

“Fuck you?” Mad Dog asked.

Janet nodded nervously.

“Shit no, lady! I ain’t gonna let him stick that big fat cock of his up your little cunt! At least I’m not gonna let him fuck you yet! See, lady, I’m the head man around here. I make the rules! And I wanna fuck you first!” the hard boy growled.

“Hey, man. You got that last bitch that! It’s my turn!” Tony said.

“Get fucked! You dip shits just watch the export! You might learn somethin’!” Mad Dog said. “You see, this is a lady, and a lady needs special treatment. Ain’t that right, lady?” the boy said, spitting out the words with contempt.

Janet nodded her head again, knowing now that it would be safer for her if she went along with the boys. She dared not resist Mad Dog. Even though he seemed to be younger than the other two boys, he had them under control. She would have to do as he told her.

“Do you like to get fucked, lady?” Mad Dog asked, running the back of his hand over her soft cheek.

Janet shook her head negatively, and then nodded quickly, realizing that she dared show no resistance. She saw the boy’s dark eyes glitter when she nodded.

“What does a lady like?” the boy asked. “Come on, bitch! Tell me what you like!” the kid rasped, grasping her pretty throat and applying just enough pressure to let her know that he meant business.

“Please don’t! Don’t make me…” the terrified and embarrassed woman cried.

“Tell me! And use a lot of dirty words! You know what dirty words are, don’t you, lady? Them are those words you see written on walls around this part of town where us slum kids live!” the boy spat contemptuously. “Now tell me what you like! You like big clicks? Huh?”

Janet nodded.

“Well you better like ’em big, cause we all got big ones!” Rico put in, reaching down and rubbing his crotch.

“How ’bout it, lady? You like big hard cocks?”

“Yes… yes… I do… I like big… big cocks!” the frightened older woman told the three toughs.

“Well? Come on, bitch!” the boy growled. “What do you like to do with ’em?”

“I… I like to… to touch them,” she gasped.

The boys all laughed a dirty laugh.

“And… I like to kiss them… and… make them hard by… by sucking them!” she cried, knowing that she had to obey the boys, knowing that they wanted her to talk dirty to them.

“You like to suck dicks?” Rico asked in a voice thick with lust.

“You heard her, man! She eats cock! Bet she’s got a sweet throat, too! Sure would like to stuff my meat in that throat! How ’bout it, lady? Would you like my cock in your mouth?” Mad Dog rasped.

“Yes… I… I’ll do that for you… if I have to… but… please don’t hurt me…” she whimpered.

“What else do you like to do with clicks?” Tony asked, crowding closer with Mad Dog and Rico.

“I… I like to… to take them into… into my… my cunt…” she cried. “I like to be fucked in my cunt…”

“Glad you like gettin’ fucked, lady, ’cause you’re gonna get it real good tonight! You’re gonna get fucked by all three of us! And we really know how to do it! We’ve fucked lots of you hot bitches! How do you like it? Like it rough?” Mad Dog asked, his hands roving over her shoulders and down to her breasts.

“Oh God no! Not rough! Please! Don’t hurt me! I… I’ll do anything you ask! Anything! I won’t struggled! I won’t scream! I promise! But please don’t hurt me!” she cried, feeling Mad Dog’s heavy hands on her warm breasts.

“That’s more like it, lady! We ain’t gonna hurt you too much if you go along with us right! Ain’t that right, you guys?” the boy said, looking at his buddies with a dirty grin. “Of course, if you give us any trouble we’re gonna beat the shit out of you! You wouldn’t want that pretty face all bruised up, would you?” he asked with a wicked look.

Janet shook her head and made her body relax. She felt Mad Dog’s exploring hands moving over her breasts, kneading the soft flesh of her boobs through the silky material of her dress. She would have to give herself to them, would have to give herself completely.

“Take that dress off, lady!” Mad Dog ordered, teaching down and rubbing the length of hard meat that extended down the leg of his skin-tight pants.

Janet shuddered. She had to do as she was told. Her hands shaking, she moved away from the hard brick wall and reached behind her and unzipped her dress. The boy still held her fast, refusing to let go of her arm until she asked him. The boy stood close to her as she hesitantly wriggled out of her dress, ready to grab her if she made any move to escape.

“Get a load of them tits!” one of the boys breathed. “Jesus Christ she’s stacked! One hot lady!”

“Take that bra off, bitch! Come on! Get it off! We wanna see those tits!” Rico rasped, reaching out and ripping her bra off her.

Janet felt the strap of her bra burn her flesh slightly as the boy pulled it until it snapped. Her tits burst into view, swelling with feminine beauty, a beauty that she wished she could hide now. She felt naked and helpless, standing there wearing only her half slip and panties. She knew that her shame and embarrassment were nothing compared to the shame she would feel when the boys started using her as they wished.

“Take it off, baby! Right now!” Mad Dog said, hooking his fingers beneath the waistband of her half slip and pulling it down a bit, exposing the slight curve of her beautiful belly.

Janet did as she was ordered, pushing her garment down around her ankles. She stood there trembling, in only her black lace panties, her cunt twitching with the strangest sensations she had ever experienced. It was almost as if the boys’ rough treatment of her was turning her on. She tried desperately to fight off the sensations that were slowly but surely overcoming her as she stood nearly naked before the three horny boys. She tried to tell herself that she should let them kill her if necessary to keep her feminine treasure from them, but it was no use. She had been without a man too long.

“Let us see that pussy, lady!” Mad Dog rasped, standing before her with his hands on his hips.

Janet refused to take her panties off. It wasn’t long before Mad Dog fell to his knees in front of her and tore her panties down, exposing the furry nest of her twat. Her body shivered with fear and strange excitement. She was naked now, and totally helpless.

“Nice twat.” Mad Dog said, staring between the woman’s lap at her furry snatch.

“I’m really gonna like getting in there with this fuckin’ dick!” Rico said in a husky voice, reaching down and unbuttoning his tight pants. “How ’bout it, lady? You gonna like havin’ this fucker up your cunt?” the kid asked, holding in his hand one of the biggest hard-ons that the frightened woman had ever laid eyes on.

Janet’s eyes widened’ when she saw the size of Rico’s dark swollen cock. It would tear her to pieces, she thought. It was as thick as a child’s wrist and at least nine inches long. She hoped he would be gentle with the monstrous organ, but somehow she knew better.

“You like that dick, don’t you, bitch?” Mad Dog asked with a dirty grin. “It’s a big one, lady! We all got, big ones! Show her your dick, Tony!” he ordered.

Tony was eager to obey the leader of their little gang. He unbuttoned his tight pants and reached inside to grasp the shaft of his hard rod. He moved it obscenely inside his pants, making her stare at the bulge in spite of herself. When he managed with the greatest of difficulty to haul his dick out of his pants she gasped audibly. Tony’s cock was even bigger than Rico’s, at least ten inches long and as hard as a rock.

Tony shook his distended pecker and smiled a nasty smile at the luscious naked woman. A droplet of crystal clear preseminal fluid flew from the head of dick as he shook it at her. She was fascinated by the dark post between his strong young legs, more fascinated than she dared to be. “You like that, don’t you, bitch?” Tony said in a cocky voice, holding his thick dick in one hand and putting his other hand on his hip. “All you bitches from the suburbs like a poor boy’s cock!” the horny kid rasped, grinning contemptuously. “Huh? You like it?” the kid asked again.

Janet shook her head negatively, but quickly changed her mind when the cruel boy balled his fist and threatened to hit her. She hated to admit it, but she did like staring at the boy’s angry erection. The thing was so hot and juicy-looking that she couldn’t help wanting to bend down and taste it for him.

“You wanna see my cock too, bitch?” Mad Dog asked, rubbing his hard rod and pushing the back of her head until she looked down the front of his body at his crotch.

“Yes!” she managed to say. “I want to see it! I want to see your cock!”

“I gotta give you what you want, lady!” Mad Dog said, his hard dick jerking in his tight leather pants. “Get down on your fuckin’ knees and get ready for it!”

“Oh no! Please don’t! Don’t make me do that! Please! It’s too big! They’re all too big!” she whimpered, knowing perfectly well that she secretly wanted to fool and suck the hard cocks the boy obscenely presented for her inspection.

The hard-handed boy forced Janet to get on her knees before him. She tried to look away from his crotch but he put his hands on the side of her pretty face and turned her head toward him. She stared at the huge bulge of the kid’s hard cock. It had to be at least ten inches long. How could she possibly do anything with such a monstrous organ? She knew exactly what the boy wanted her, to do with the thing, but she was afraid she would choke on it.

“You suck that dick, lady!” the kid rasped. “You suck it good now! And if you bite it I’ll break that pretty little neck!”

Janet struggled far a moment, but to no avail. The boy forced her to turn toward his bulging crotch. She could almost see the boy’s hard rod pulsating beneath the material of his pants, swelling and jerking with masculine power.

“Open my pants, bitch!” Mad Dog rasped, his voice smoldering with sex heat.

Janet could sense the presence of the other two boys terribly close to her. She was afraid to look to either side, but she knew that they were crowded around her. She could almost feel the heat from their hard and swollen cocks.

Janet’s naked cunt continued to stir in spite of her shame and fear. There was something maddening about being so close to the boys’ angry rods, something that made her cunt melt. She felt helpless and on the brink of panic, but there was something stimulating about even that feeling. Her cunt grew hotter and hotter as, with trembling fingers, she attacked the kid’s tight pants.

Janet unbuckled the boy’s heavy leather belt, letting his buckle jangle at his sides. She looked up at him pleadingly, as if to beg him to let her go one last time. He smiled down at her cruelly. She unsnapped his leather pants and nervously began unbuttoning his tightly stretched fly.

She was so close to his hard dick that she could see it moving in his pants as he flexed the muscles at the root of his cock. She could sense that he knew the effect he was having on her. It made her flush with embarrassment. She was getting turned on and the boys all knew it! It was too horrible to be true.

“You like to suck dick a lot, lady?” Mad Dog asked with a twinkle of his eye.

“You like to fuck?” Rico put in, moving so close to the luscious woman that she could see his dark cock out of the corner of her eye.

“You like to get it in the pussy?” Tony asked in a husky voice, wrapping his big hand around the dripping shaft of his cock and giving it a few leisurely pulls.

Janet nodded weakly.

“You married?” Mad Dog asked.

“N… no…” she replied, not knowing why she told them the truth.

“Bet you got a lot of guys fuckin’ ya!” Tony said, putting his hand on the top of her beautiful head.

Janet shook her head nervously.

“My… husband died… in a hunting accident…” she whimpered, tears forming in the corners of her blue eyes.

“When?” Mad Dog asked, his dick dripping inside his pants.

“Four years ago…” Janet sobbed.

“You ain’t been fuckin’ since then?” Rico asked in amazement.

Janet shook her head.

“You ain’t had no cock in four years?” Rico asked.

“N… no… I… I can’t…” she cried. “The hell you can’t, lady! You’re gonna get a lot of cock right now! That’s what you need, bitch! You need to get broken in again after all those years! Goddam! I bet you gotta tight cunt! Must be hotter than hell too! No cock in four fuckin’ years!” Mad Dog rasped, his balls churning between his long muscular legs.

“Got kids?” Tony asked in a dirty voice.

“Yes…” she said softly, unable to keep from staring at the jerking post between Mad Dog’s legs.

“Got any boys?” Mad asked.

“Two,” she replied.

“Bet you wanna fuck ’em!” he said wickedly.

“No! Oh God! No! I… I don’t!” she said, suddenly flashing with the realization that she had indeed had some very strange feeling for her two young sans, feelings which she had tried to submerge.

“Sure you do, lady! You wanna take their dicks and suck on ’em and let ’em fuck you right in the cunt! All you mothers like that stuff! You might not really do anything much with the kids but you all think about it. That’s why you’re so hot for our dicks right now! We’re young and you’re hot for young cock!” Mad Dog said, his nuts burning. “That right, bitch?” he asked with a dirty grin.

“I… I don’t know… I…” the woman struggled.

“Get my dick out, lady! Then you’ll know how much you like a hot young cock! Come on! Reach right in there and grab that fucker!” the kid said huskily, his dick aching.

Janet did as she was told, opening the boy’s pants hesitantly. She spread his pants open and stared inside. It had been years since she had opened a man’s pants and stared at his cock and balls. She remembered the times she had taken her husband’s cock out and sucked it. This was a completely different situation, but some of the sensations that it inspired in her were the same.

The rapist wore no underwear under his leather pants. She could see the bush of his groin and the root of the cock that stuck down the tight leg of his pants. She wanted to touch him, wanted to dig her hands into his pants and grab his balls, fondling them until they ached with tension. If only it were Dave whose cock was so hard and ready for her. If only the boys weren’t so hard and cruel.

“Get it out now, bitch! Right now! Get in there!” Mad Dog ordered.

Janet reached into his open pants and found the hard root of his big fat cock. She felt the incredible heat of his enormous erection coursing through her hand. She barely touched his cock at first. She had almost forgotten how warm and alive a man’s dick felt, having deprived herself of sex for so long.

Janet squeezed the root of the boy’s cock with her warm fingers for a while. She wanted to see the enormous organ. She pulled gently on his pants in an effort to pull them down farther. The boy responded by pushing his pants all the way down to his knees. His rigid dick snapped up free of its confinement, towering hot and hard in front of his lean young body.

The boy put his hand behind her head and moved her face closer and closer to his enormous erection. She could see the swollen purplish head of his cock dripping with excitement. She had to flick out her tongue and touch the lips of his rod, had to taste the angry rod he was offering her.

Janet felt the boy’s body stiffen when she touched the dripping tip of his dick with her warm wet tongue. She cried the droplet of salty preseminal fluid into her mouth, savoring it, longing for more of the same.

“Suck the fucker!” Mad Dog ordered. “Open that mouth and suck it good!”

Janet did as she was told, opening her pretty mouth as widely as she could and accepting the slippery head of the kid’s dick between her moist lips. She sucked gently on the head, making droplets of preseminal fluid ooze from the head of his cock. She ran her tongue around the underside of his cock-head and down the root as far as she could.

It had been a long time since she had a cock in her face, and the excitement of it was driving her wild.

“Hey, you guys, she really likes suckin’ dick!” Mad Dog said throatily. “Just look at her go down on that dick!”

It was no lie. Janet really did love to suck cocks. She loved the taste of male meat as it swollen and dripped inside her sucking mouth. If only it was her husband Dave’s cock that pulsated inside her face. If only she were sucking a cock under less cruel circumstances. She knew that she would have to make the best of the situation. She knew that she would have to satisfy the three rough boys or suffer consequences too terrible to contemplate.

“Eat that dick, bitch! Eat it good, rich lady! I’m gonna cum right down your fuckin’ throat! Got that! Now come on and suck!” Mad Dog rasped, thrusting out his cock and driving it deep into her sucking throat.

Janet almost choked on the kid’s massive erection when he forced it down her throat. She managed somehow to get air and keep sucking at the same time. She hoped the boy would have the decency to let her take her time in getting used to his intruding cock, but he would have none of it. He began moving his hard-on inside her face almost immediately, lunging forward and pushing it down her sweet throat.

The woman trembled when the kid rocked back and forth and pistoned her face with his massive erect rod. She gagged and choked each time the swollen head of his big tool banged against the back of her throat. She felt his dick-head rubbing against the roof of her mouth, bulging her cheeks, stroking against her pearly teeth.

As uncomfortable as it was to be face-fucked so roughly, the luscious woman found a strange delight in it. There was something about the mingling sensations of fear and sexual excitement that sent shivers of depraved pleasure through her naked body.

Janet felt Mad Dog’s hairy balls slapping against her chin as he fucked her sweet face. She knew the incredible heat of his engorged cock scaring into her throat. She knew that the horny boy would soon be shooting his wad down her throat, filling her with hot sperm.

“Come on, man, don’t be so fucking selfish!” Rico said, his cock arching up in front of him.

“Shut the fuck up! I’m gonna cream in a minute! Keep suckin’ that cock! Suck that fucker! Suck it!” the boy rasped, his rod suddenly going even more rigid than before.

Janet felt Mad Dog’s blood-engorged cock snapping up inside her mouth as his rocks shot off. She felt his body stiffen, felt his penis push deep into her throat, all the way to his swollen balls. She gagged when his cock-head exploded with sperm. She felt it blasting down her throat, felt it shooting again and again.

The luscious woman almost strangled on the amount of hot thick sperm the boy pumped into her face. The thick white stuff rolled down her sucking throat in rivers as he emptied his hot nuts.

She tried in vain to swallow all the turn the boy shot into her, but it dribbled from her pretty lips and down over her chin.

“Good suck!” Mad Dog said in a husky voice thick with lust. “You give a good head job for a rich woman! You musta got a lot of practice! Your turn, you guys!” he said, standing back and pulling his half-hard plug of male flesh out of the older woman’s mouth with a audible sucking sound.

“Goddam! Look at her lick that cum off her lips! She really likes suckin’ them fuckers!” Rico said, ready to drive his rock-hard dick into the woman’s mouth.

Janet’s eyes flashed between the three cocks that stood before her. Her cunt was heating up. She had already had one fat swollen cock in her mouth. She had already done more sexually than she had done in four years and she knew that her ordeal was far from over.


When Mad was done, he stood back and shook his half-hard cock just for the hell of it, the other two horny young kids crowded around the naked and helpless woman. Their huge hard-ons towered in front of them, dripping with excitement and throbbing with tension. Janet stared wildly at the big smoldering cocks, longing to suck and fondle them but realizing that it was wicked to make any move toward them. She dared not let the bays know that she wanted them to ravish her.

“Eat me, lady!” Rico ordered.

“Yeah! Eat us both, cunt! You suck or we’ll break your neck!” Tony growled.

“Make her suck you both off at the same time!” Mad Dog gasped, wrapping his fingers around his cock and stroking himself while he watched the woman work on his buddies.

“I… I can’t… I can’t do that!” Janet gasped, staring at the two huge dicks.

“Why the fuck not?” Rico asked in a taunting voice. “Ain’t they good enough for you, rich lady?”

“They’re too big! I can’t get them both in my mouth!” she protested, her eyes wide, and glittering with obvious excitement.

“Then you’d better open them pretty lips real wide, bitch, ’cause you’re gonna suck ’em all right!” Tony laughed, pushing his dripping cock-head against her silken cheek.

“Yeah! Now are yap gonna suck us or are we gonna mess up that pretty face of yours?” Rico asked, making a fist and pushing it up against the side of her face.

“I’ll try,” she whimpered, knowing perfectly well that the boy’s were serious about their threat.

The cock-hungry woman flicked out her tongue and licked the heads of the kids’ dripping dicks, eagerly tasting the preseminal fluid that oozed from the slits of their cockheads. She wanted to take both dicks into her mouth, not only because she feared the consequences of not doing so, but because she longed for the taste of male sex-flesh.

The horny woman reached out and wrapped her fingers around the two stiff and dripping shafts, bringing them together. Her fingers could only go halfway around the thick shafts of the cocks. She began moving her hand up and down on their slippery pricks, making the boys’ balls ache with indescribable pleasure.

“Yeah! Now you’re gettin’ it, bitch! Jack us off?” Rico rasped, feeling the hot shaft of his friend’s dripping dick against his own as the woman’s loving fingers held them light.

Janet grasped the boys’ cocks with both hands to get a better hold on the hard jerking things. She moved both hands up and down from the heads to the roots, making their bodies more and more tense by the second. She hoped that she could jerk the boys off and make them shoot their wads that way instead of cramming their dicks in her face. Unfortunately far Janet, the boys knew what she was up to and decided to put a stop to it before it was too late.

“Hey, lady, what the fuck are you doin’? You’re supposed to suck them fuckers too! Now get ’em in your mouth! Right now!” Tony rasped, thrusting out his hips and making his cock seem even longer than before.

“Eat us good, bitch! Suck them cocks and make us come in your throat! You take every inch of ’em too!” Rico ordered, thrusting out his cock just like his buddy did.

Janet had to do as they ordered. She opened her pretty mouth as widely as she possibly could and wrapped her lovely lips around the hard heads of the boys’ slippery cocks. She pressed her loving lips against their dicks, trying to take the heads of their rods into her face slowly. The boys let her take her time until she accepted their bulging dick-heads between her sucking lips.

“That’s the way, bitch! Get ’em in there!” Rico rasped, beginning to move his swollen member inside her face. “You know, cunt, you suck a pretty good dick!”

Both boys soon started moving inside her, moving their cocks in tight circles inside her oral channel. They began moving back and forth too, making their slippery cockshafts stroke in and out of her sucking face. The feel of the two hot cocks moving so urgently inside her face was enough to make her hot beyond belief.

Janet’s twat was steaming in spite of herself. She tried desperately to control herself, but she was beyond that now. She knew that it was wrong to respond this way to rape, but she was heating up anyway. Her cunt twitched and tingled with lust as the cocks moved in her mouth. She almost wished that the boys’ huge rods of flesh were buried between the lips of her hot cunt.

“Eat ’em, bitch!” Rico rasped.

“Suck them dicks! Suck ’em all the fuckin’ way down that throat, lady! Play with the nuts too!”

Tony ordered, feeling his shaft scraping gently against her pearly white teeth as he moved it in and out of her face.

The boys were seething with lust for the helpless older woman. They stared down at her face, so gentle and innocent, stared at her silken cheeks that bulged with the heads of their hard cocks. She was a good sucker all right. They could think of all kinds of things to do with a woman as hot and experienced as this one.

Rico and Tony were getting hotter and hotter all the time. They were soon moving their rods in and out of her face so hard and fast that her head shook with each thrust into her. Their nuts pressed up against her face with each thrust into her. Their cocks rubbed against each other inside her sweet face. Their nuts, swollen with masculine power, nabbed against each other as they slapped spins her lips and chin.

Janet felt the helmet-shaped heads of the kids’ hard cocks banging against the back of her sweet throat, making her nearly choke with each hard thrust. They didn’t seem to care what discomfort they caused her with their hard pistoning of her pretty face. All they cared about was getting their rocks off on her. She felt used and utterly helpless in their power, but hot beyond belief anyway.

Her cunt stirring, Janet began matching the boys’ movements with movements of her own. She moved her head with their thrusting hips, bobbing back and forth on their two hard cocks. She gasped for air with each hard lunge down her throat but managed to breathe somehow. She knew that they would be shooting her face full of hot thick sperm in no time at all now. She was afraid she would drown on the volume of hot sperm the boys would pump down her sucking throat.

“Hey, bitch, I think you’re doin’ it! I’m gonna cream! Get ready, cunt! You’re gonna get one hell of a hot wad!” Rico said, his nuts slapping up against her face.

Tony heard his horny buddy and began banging into her face with a wild passion.

“We’re gonna both come in her at the same time, man! I wanna watch her choke on that fuckin’ juice!” Tony said cruelly, driving his distended pecker deep into her sweet throat.

“Fuck her, men!” Mad Dog said excitedly, stroking his now erect pecker while he watched his pals getting their rocks off on the lovely older woman. “Fuck that bitch’s face! Fuck her good! Harder! Shoot that stuff in her! Show her how a street kid fucks!” the horny boy rasped, his nuts slapping against his fist.

“Here it comes, cunt!” Tony growled as his balls exploded with great force, spurting cum through the shaft of his big fat cock.

“Drink it all down!” Rico grunted, pumping a gallon of hot wad down her sweet sucking throat as his balls blew up. “I’m coming too! Get it! Take it! Here comes a hot load!”

Janet thought she would strangle on the cum the boys shot in her mouth. She felt their cocks jerking spasmodically as they pumped her full of hot cream. The hot thick stuff spurted against the roof of her mouth, shot against the back of her throat, rolled down her sucking throat in thick rivers as they came in her.

The helpless woman struggled to breathe as the boys creamed her throat. She fought for each and every breath until she had managed somehow to swallow most of the cum they shot into her.

The horny street boys kept moving their slowly softening cocks inside her sucking mouth even after they had shot their rocks down her throat. She kept licking and sucking the cum out of their dribbling dicks. When they finally pulled their plugs of flesh out of her face and let their half-hard cocks pull from her face with a wet sucking sound she licked the cum off her sweet lips.

“You like that, bitch?” Rico rasped, his heart still beating hard from the excitement of coming in her lovely face. “You like sucking them fuckers?”

“I… I… I suppose I do…” she struggled, wishing as soon as she spoke that she had kept her mouth shut.

The boys laughed and crowded close to her again.

“We thought you’d like this stuff when you got a taste of what we got for you!” Mad Dog said, shaking his rock-hard cock in the lovely woman’s pretty face.

“You know what, cunt?” Rico smiled.

Jane shook her head nervously, her hair cascading behind her like a golden waterfall.

“We can get these things up and keep fuckin’ all Goddam day! You know why? ‘Cause we’re three real studs! We can fuck you until you can’t walk, bitch!” Tony said.

“Would you like that, lady?” Rico asked with a dirty grin.

Janet shook her head negatively, knowing that she did want their cocks in her cunt, but not daring to let them know her true feelings at the moment. Her cunt was shivering with excitement at the prospect of being fucked by the three boys. She knew that they were far from finished with her, she knew that they wouldn’t let her go until they had satisfied their depraved desires.

“Guessin’ from the way you sucked them cocks I bet you’re gettin’ hot, rich lady!” Mad Dog said, his cock longing to be buried deep in the hot wet hole between her legs. “How ’bout it, bitch? You gettin’ turned on yet?” he asked.

“Yes! Yesssssssss!” she hissed, unable to control herself any longer. “I… don’t know what I’m saying! I…” she gasped, a rush of shame passing through her.

“Yeah, bitch! That’s the way! That’s the way you all get! You wanna fuck but you’re scared to admit it!” Rico said. “That’s all right, baby! You’re gonna get what you want!”

“Damn right! We’re gonna fuck you all Goddam night! We’re gonna ram these fuckers in your cunt until you scream!” Tony rasped, shaking his stiff prick in the lovely woman’s face.

“That cunt gettin’ hot and wet, baby?” Mad Dog asked wickedly, staring between her long lithe legs.

Janet nodded weakly. She was sitting on the cold floor with her legs curled beneath her. The boys could see the tuft of light brown hair that grew between her legs. They obviously knew that her cunt was as hot as a steaming jungle. It would be only a matter of seconds, she knew, before the horny boys would find out for themselves how hot her seething cunt really was.

“Mind if we take a look at that, little lady?” Mad Dog asked in a taunting voice.

“Why don’t you just sit over there on one of them boxes and let us have a little look?” Rico said, squeezing his dick until it stood up in front of his body again.

Janet resisted only weakly, refusing to stand up until the boys took her by the arms and half-carried her over to one of the crates that lines the walls of the old warehouse. They threw her down on the rough wood of the crate and held her legs.

The woman shivered with a mixture of fear and excitement as the horny boys opened her legs. Mad Dog fell to his knees between her legs and put his hands on her knees. He pushed outward and spread her legs until he could see all the way up her gaping cunt.

Janet felt her cuntlips opening, felt the little lips of her twat jiggling as they opened her up. She knew that they could see how hot and excited her twat was. She tried to clamp her legs together, but it was no use. The boys were much too strong to resist.

“Oooooweeee!” Mad Dog said, staring up her snatch. “Look at that Goddarn cunt! Nice and juicy! You ain’t been usin’ this thing enough, lady! Don’t wanna let a pussy like that go to waste!” the boy said, running his hand up her inner leg.

The other boys fell to their knees, too, and craned their necks to get a look at Janet’s lewdly exposed cunt. Rico spread her legs apart while Mad Dog explored her hot twat with his eager fingers. The hot-assed woman didn’t bother to try hiding her cunt by closing her legs any longer. She spread them herself after awhile and let the boys had their fun. She was beginning to enjoy it almost as much as they were.

She shivered with strange delight when Mad Dog tickled the rubbery lips of her cunt with his fingertips. He stiffened his finger and pushed it between the hot lips of her cunt, making her seethe deep down inside with maddening passion. It had been so long since she had felt anything in her pussy, so long since she had felt the friction that could drive a responsive woman wild.

“Goddam that’s tight!” Mad Dog said, feeling the muscles of her hot cunt squeezing his finger. “That’s gonna feel real fuckin’ good around my dick!”

“How ’bout it, bitch? You like his finger in your cunt?” Tony asked, running his hand around the mound of her cunt.

“Oh God yes! Yessssss! I… I love it!” she gasped, going wild with naked lust.

“Let’s try two fingers! How ’bout three?” Mad Dog said, inserting another finger and another and another until his whole hand was stuffed in her tight wet cunt.

“Oh Jesus! Don’t hurt me! Please! Oh God! I… I love it! Move your hand inside me!” Janet hissed, her twat seething with heat.

Expertly. Mad Dog twisted his hand inside her twat, moving it in and out ever so slowly, letting her cunt become used to the intruding hand until he could move it faster and harder inside her. When he had stretched her cunt for a while he made a fist. He twisted his fist inside her, making his knuckles rub against her sensitive inner flesh. Her cunt ran with love juice, juice that trickled down his wrist.

The other two boys ran their hands all over her naked body. Tony rubbed her cunt, tangling his fingers in her love-hair. Rico squeezed her naked knockers, pinching her nipples, making them stiff with excitement. He slid his hands up and down over her silken belly, making the excited woman seethe with desire.

“I think she’s ready for a cock!” Rico said, reaching down and rubbing his swollen cock with the palm of his hand.

“Yeah, man! She’s ready all right! She wants a fuckin’ dick in that cunt!” Mad Dog said, pulling his hand out of her sucking cunt with an audible slurping sound.

“I’m gonna fuck her!” Rico said, moving into position between her spread legs.

“Like fuck you are!” Mad Dog growled, pushing his buddy away. “I get her first!”

“Okay, okay! But I’m next!” the boy said, looking at Tony.

“You got to fuck the last one before me!” Tony complained. “I get her after Mad Dog!” he argued.

“You get her next, Tony! I don’t wanna hear any shit!” Mad Dog said, laying down the law for the two roughnecks.

“Oh God! Please! Please hurry! I need your cock! Thick me! Fuck meeeeee!” the lovely woman hissed, burning with desire.

Mad Dog gave his big fat cock a few strikes and fell against the hot-assed woman. He pushed the hard head of his cock against the quivering lips of her sex. He kept pushing his organ against her tight wet snatch until it pushed into her.

Janet cried out with pleasure when the big hard cock-head forced tits way into her creamy gash. She felt the hard pulsating member filling her grasping cunt, filling her with stiff male meat. She wanted it desperately, wanted it jerking and throbbing inside her cunt, wanted it pushing into her hot and urgent.

“Oh fuck me! Hurry! Fuck me! Use me!” she cried, alive with desire.

Encouraged by her cries of delight, the horny street kid began banging his big hard-on in and out of her pussy. He felt her lips against the shaft of his hard cock as it punched in and out of her. He felt her cunt muscles squeezing his hard rod like a thousand lips working over it. He moved harder and harder, faster and faster inside her. His nuts slapped against her crotch with each mad thrust into her.

Janet’s cunt was on fire now. The friction of his dick-shaft against the blazing bud of her clitoris had turned her sex into a furnace. Her cunt ran with hot juices, juices which were soon whipped into a heady froth by the boy’s pistoning cock.

“Suck her tits while I fuck the bitch!” Mad Dog rasped, his heart racing with excitement.

“Oh yesssssss! Please! Suck them! I love it so! Suck them while he screws me with that beautiful cock of his!” the hot-assed woman hissed in the searing heat of her lust.

Rico planted his lips on her hardened little nipples and began sucking with a passion. Her nipples tingled and twitched as the boy stimulated her wildly. The cock racing in and out of her sucking snatch was making her quiver with excitement, making shocks and tingles race through her naked body.

“I want to… suck a cock too!” Janet cried, abandoning herself to her depraved desires.

“That’s the way, bitch! You suck my cock! Man alive! You really are a hot cunt!” Tony rasped, positioning himself over her face and pushing his distended pecker against her sweet lips.

“Okay, Rico! You get her now! Get it in there and fuck the piss out of the bitch!” Mad Dog rasped, pulling his stiff dick out of her hot cunt and standing aside to let his buddy have a turn.

“Get ready for this dick, lady! You’re gonna feel it all the way to your throat!” Rico growled, taking his position between the lovely older woman’s spread legs.

Janet cried out when the rough kid drove his distended dick between the super-sensitive lips of her cunt. She gurgled deep in her throat as Tony kept punching his hard-on in and out of her sucking throat. Mad Dog bent over her and began nibbling and sucking her hardened nipples, making shivers and shocks race through her naked body.

The horny boy fucked her with ever-increasing speed and urgency, making the lips of her cunt shiver with delight. He stretched her cunt with his mighty cock, making her feel filled with stiff male meat. She knew that her orgasm would soon be rushing through her, filling her with the most delicious sensations imaginable.

“Let Tony fuck her now, Rico!” Mad Dog ordered after Rico had driven his rod in and out of the helpless woman’s sucking cunt a few times.

“Shit, Mad Dog, I’m about to come in her fuckin’ cunt!” Rico complained.

“I want Tony to get it in her right now, man!” the kid rasped, rubbing his dick against Janet’s naked belly.

“Oh fuck!” Rico grunted, reluctantly pulling his rod out of her sucking snatch and standing aside.

“Look at that bitch! She’s drippin’ for it!” Tony said huskily, staring between the lovely woman’s spread legs.

Tony pushed his massive erection into Janet’s stimulated cunt with great force and urgency, pushed it all the way into her in one rough lunge.

She felt the big fat cock corkscrewing around inside her channel as the kid gyrated his pelvis. She felt the head of his huge cock rubbing against the silken inner flesh of her cunt, felt the moving shaft tingling against the lips of her cunt and her blazing little clit. She was wild inside, ready to flash off in ecstasy.

“Okay, Tony, get the fuck out of here!” Mad Dog ordered, pushing his buddy away. “She’s gonna come and I’m gonna be the one to squirt in there when she does!”

The hot-assed woman felt Mad Dog’s monstrous rod plunge into her cunt again, banging in and out with a wild frenzy. Tony had pushed his dick into her face again and was banging it in and out of her, hot and hard. She nearly choked each time his stiff whang plunged against the back of her sucking throat.

Janet tried to cry out with delight when the flashing storm of her orgasm rushed through her. She would have uttered a little shriek of pleasure if her mouth hadn’t been full of hot cock. Wave after wave of delicious pleasure passed over her as her cunt flashed. The cock in her cunt kept punching in and out of her, driving her wilder and wilder by the second, and driving the boy wilder too.

“Oh fuck! Hot fuck! I’m comin’! Oh shit! I’m shootin’!” Mad Dog rasped, his nuts exploding.

The boy felt his heavy wad blasting through the root of his cock and spurting from the hard head of it. His balls felt like hand grenades exploding between his tense legs. Shocks raced up the shaft of his dick. His stomach tightened. Every muscle of his hard young body tightened as he shot his sperm into her cunt.

“Come on, man! I’m next!” Tony rasped, puffing his rod out of Janet’s sweet face and pushing Mad Dog out of the way.

Janet cried with pleasure when she felt Tony’s big cock plunging in and out of her. It wasn’t long before she felt his heavy wad spraying against the inner walls of her hot wet channel. His cum exploded into her with great force, splattering all over the walls of her twat, filling her with hot cream.

“Me now, you guys!” Rico said homely, getting into position between the woman’s spread legs as soon as Tony stepped out of the way.

Rico banged in and out of her until his dick shot off too. The other boys crowded around the luscious and helpless woman, rubbing their dribbling dicks against her creamy pink body, stroking her naked tits, planting hot wet kisses all over her sweet body. Their tongues raced over her tingling flesh, tickling her all over.

When Rico shot off and pulled his rod out of her he too fell on her. It wasn’t long before she and the three boys were on the floor of the warehouse, rolling around and fondling each other hotly. Janet didn’t really know what had come over her. She knew only that she was hot beyond belief, hot for a good rough fucking, and she knew that she would get exactly what she needed with the three street kids.

She knew that she had denied herself the fucking she craved for far too long, knew that her desires had built up inside her for too long. She was wild now that the three horny boys had made her abandon herself to her deep desires. She felt that she should be ashamed of herself for succumbing so completely to her naked lusts, but she was beyond control. Her cunt had been violently fucked by thee hard cocks, but still she longed for more. Her hands were all over the boys’ half-hard cocks as they rolled with her on the cold floor. She was a bitch in heat and she realized that the three hard boys knew it.


“Don’t forget the gasoline lantern, Jack!” Janet called from the station wagon. “We have to be prepared for all emergencies, darling!”

“Got it, Mom!” the boy called, carrying the lantern out of the garage around to the front of the house.

“Do you have your fishing equipment, Greg?” she asked her son, glancing behind her at the jumble of belongings crammed into the back of the family bus.

“That’s the first thing Greg packed, Mom!” her daughter Terry laughed. “Honestly, I don’t see what Greg and Jack get out of catching those awful slimy fish!”

“It’s better than spendin’ the whole vacation pickin’ flowers!” Greg said with a sneer.

Janet was used to the friendly rivalry between the members of her family and managed to ignore it all. The children were obviously excited by their suddenly planned trip to the country. Actually, their trip was more than a mere vacation, at least for Janet.

She had had a wild night of fucking at the hands of the three boys who had raped her, a night that had reawakened her womanly instincts. She had been cruelly ravished, even though she had eventually come to enjoy the sensations they had inspired in her with their wild fucking, and the ordeal had had a shattering effect an her.

She had managed somehow to come through the ordeal with only a few scrapes and bruises, and some wounded pride. The boys had balled her for what had seemed like hours, each time fucking and sucking with wilder abandon. By the time the boys had finished with her she had been fucked in her mouth and cunt so many times that she was, sore. She had swallowed what had seemed like gallons of sperm and had taken gallons of it in her hot cunt. The boys had told her that they had never had a woman as fuck-hungry as she was. They had released her after hours of fucking without unduly harming her, partly, she thought, because she had given them exactly what they had wanted.

It hadn’t been easy recovering from the shock and shame of the gang rape. She had been at her wits end for two weeks, seeing shadows lurking everywhere, ready to attack her and put her through hell again. Only after telling her sister about her ordeal and she finally recovered her senses. Wendy had been the perfect sister, comforting her and assuring her that she knew how disoriented she had to be after such an experience. She had offered Janet the use of her family’s cabin in the woods for a few days of rest and recuperation.

Janet had gratefully accepted her sister’s offer of the cabin. The real estate business had gotten awfully hard to concentrate on lately and she knew that she needed some rest. The woods about thirty miles south of Watsonville seemed the perfect place to get away from it all. Wendy had offered to go along for company, and Janet had almost accepted her offer. After all, it wouldn’t be easy managing in a cabin in the middle of nowhere, especially since Janet didn’t have much experience in roughing it. She had had to tell the family where she was going, however, and once the kids had found out about her five days in the woods they had all gotten their hearts set on going along too, to keep their mother out of harm’s way, of course. Janet had eventually decided that she would feel more at home with her four loving children than out in the woods alone, and after all her sister had her own family to take care of. Her vacation wouldn’t be exactly carefree with the four kids, but it would be a pleasant experience.

It was four hours before the station wagon turned into a dusty lane that led deep into the woods. The kids seemed to get more excited the deeper the shadows became. Janet had to admit that the peace and quiet that surrounded them was a calming influence on her nerves. Even the light seemed cool and relaxing. The air was fresher, cooler, sweeter smelling. She couldn’t be farther from the scene of her recent rape at the hands of Mad Dog, Tony, and Rico. Perhaps with the darning influence of her surroundings she could forget them.

“How much farther is it, Mom?” Jack asked, his head out the window, looking up the road as far as he could.

“I’m not sure, Jack,” Janet said, shaking thoughts of her ravishment from her mind. “Wendy said the cabin is about a mile into the woods. We should see a small lake first. The cabin is up on a hill in a clearing, just a stone’s throw from the lake.”

“Hope the fish are big!” Greg said excitedly.

“Aunt Wendy says there’s a canoe in the shed, Greg!” Jack said. “That oughta be a lot of fun!”

“Hey, Terry, if you and Lynn are real nice to us we might take you for a canoe ride!” Greg said.

“You’d probably drown us!” Lynn laughed.

“Mother, is this going to be as bad as that camp-out we went on last year?” Terry asked. “I almost got eaten up by mosquitoes! And those awful spiders all over the place!”

“I think not, darling,” Janet smiled. “We were in a tent then. The cabin is really quite nice. Wendy tells me it has all the comforts of home, except electricity of course. We have everything we need right here. In face I’m not sure we really needed to bring half of these things! Wendy always keeps the cabin well equipped. Of course it might be just a bit dusty. You and Lynn can help me take care of that!” Janet said.

“I sure hope we brought enough food!” Greg said, rubbing his belly. “I’m starved already!”

“It must be the country air, darling!” Janet laughed.

“We brought enough food to feed an army!” Lynn said.

“I hope so!” Terry said playfully. “Greg and Jack eat like horses!”

“There it is, Mom!” Greg said, pointing through a clearing in the trees to a shimmering lake.

The cabin sat atop a hill behind the lake. A path led down from the cabin to the shore of the lake. The woods behind the cabin seemed about to reclaim the cleared area around it at any time. Janet was struck by the wildness of the area, by the isolation of it. They were miles away from civilization, completely on their own. A shiver ran through her body, a shiver of some emotion she couldn’t quite put her finger on, perhaps a shiver of fear.

Janet didn’t find it particularly difficult to adjust to life in the wild. They found the cabin just as her sister had described it, well equipped, surprisingly roomy, and as comfortable as could be. The boys took to the woods like ducks to water, spending most of their time fishing, swimming and hiking. The girls seemed to be enjoying themselves too, although she knew that Lynn missed seeing her boy friend. She and Ted Evans were seeing a lot of each other lately. Lynn had even hinted that they should invite him along. Janet was quite open-minded about her children’s love and sex lives, but having the boy in such close proximity to her daughter was a bit too much.

Janet sat on the rustic old porch in front of the cabin thinking about her children. They were growing up before her eyes. Already they were getting interested in the opposite sex. Jack had girls following him around like sheep. It was no wonder, she realized, that the girls found her son so attractive.

Janet had thought of her son’s attractiveness before, but not in the way she found herself thinking of him now. She closed her eyes and imagined seeing him naked, imagined seeing him not only naked but sexually excited. She could see his well-muscled arms, his sculptured young chest, his long strong legs, his flat stomach, and, most excitingly of all, his big healthy cock.

Janet imagined watching his rod harden before her eyes. She saw the boy standing beside her bed, his big cock swelling more and more by the second. She saw his rod standing straight up between his fine young legs. His organ glistened in the light that beamed through the open window of her bedroom. A droplet of crystal-clear preseminal fluid oozed from the slit of his hardened dick as she watched him.

The horny mother had never in her life thought of her son as a sexual object. She didn’t know exactly what made her think of the boy in that way all of a sudden, but she thought it might have had something to do with her wild fucking experience with three young boys. She had to admit that she had enjoyed the fuck the three hard-cocked young studs had given her. Whenever she recalled the experience her cunt moistened with desire. Now that she thought of her young son Jack, her twat began to steam with the same desire.

Jack would be so much gentler than the boys in the alley, so much more loving.

The way the girls chased him she knew that he would get all the experience a boy could want.

As she imagined watching her son standing before her in full erection, his dick dripping, she realized that she really wanted her son. She wanted to reach out and feel the balls that hung between his legs. She wanted to touch the hard shaft of her son’s cock, wanted to wrap her loving fingers around it and stroke it up and down. She wanted to press her lips against the silky head of his prick. She wanted to suck the head of his member into her mouth and take it all the way down her hot wet throat.

Janet shivered with strange excitement. She was ashamed of feeling so hot for her son, but her desires were undeniable. He was so young and handsome, so capable, she knew, of satisfying the hunger for hot fucking that the three young studs had awakened in her. She imagined herself beckoning her son toward her, imagined herself luring him into her arms.

Janet reached out in her sexed-up imagination and touched the slippery head of her son’s big jerking cock. Size felt it throb with tension as she ran her warm fingers over the head of it. She moved her thumb up and down over the slippery glans, making his body shiver as her fingertip tingled his super-sensitive sex-flesh.

Janet looked up and thrilled to the boyish grin that passed over her son’s face. She cupped his heavy nuts in her warm and loving hands and fondled them until she could feel them seething with masculine power. The warmth of her son’s balls coursed through her body, seeming to soak into her hand and go right to her cunt.

Janet could almost taste the salty pre-cum that oozed drop by drop from her son’s dick as she bent toward him in her imagination and flicked out her tongue. She felt the slippery fluid on the tip of her loving tongue as it went into her pretty mouth. She ran her tongue around the pulsating head of Jack’s big hard cock, making it jerk and throb more and more by the second.

Janet opened her lovely lips as widely as she could and wrapped them around the head of Jack’s standing rod. She sucked at his wet cock, sucked at the flesh that gave him the greatest possible pleasure. She could almost hear the wet slurping sounds that filled the air of her room as she sucked at Jack’s wet organ.

Janet could feel her son’s hard-on swelling inside her mouth, filling her oral channel. She felt the big hard head of it bulging her cheeks, felt the hard shaft of it scraping against her teeth as she began bobbing up and down on the kid’s erect dick.

The hot-assed mother felt her twat melting, felt the fluids of her depraved desires flowing between her pretty legs. Her cunt was alive with delicious sensations, alive with the most exciting feeling she had ever experienced. She had to have her son’s cock in her cunt, had to feel something hard and warm pulsating with power deep inside her sucking twat. She knew how depraved her desires were, but she could not deny them. Her wild imagination had run away with her.

“Fuck me, Jack darling! Fuck your mother! Oh please! Please!” she cried softly in her daydream of depraved lust.

Janet felt the bed move slightly when her handsome son crawled into bed with her. She felt his hands on her naked breasts, felt his warm and loving fingers trailing over her softly swelling breasts, felt his exploring hands moving down over her soft warm belly. She shivered when the boy’s fingers touched the love-hair between her legs.

The hot-assed mother felt her cunt responding powerfully as her eager young son explored the area between her silken legs. She longed to feel his fingertips moving against the sensitive flesh of her tight little cunt, and when she finally did feel the sensation she whimpered with delight.

It was like nothing she had ever imagined before, the feeling of her son’s fingers between her legs. It was depraved and delicious beyond belief. She wanted to feel his lips there too, wanted to feel her son kissing the hot spot between her pretty legs.

“Kiss it, Jack! Put your face down there and kiss your mother’s hot pussy! I need it! Lick it, lover! I want my son to kiss and lick my cunt!” she cried.

It may have been only a lusty daydream barn of her sexual frustration, but it was affecting her powerfully. Her cunt ran with musky moisture, dampening the crotch of her panties. Her nipples were stiff and excited. She was so terribly horny that she couldn’t help stimulating her cunt. She reached up under her dress and ducked her hand between her pretty legs, finding the warm nest of her cunt.

Janet couldn’t resist moving her fingers against the softness of her sensitive cunt. She was alive with maddening sensation. She could hear the sounds of the woods all around her, could feel the breeze wafting over her, could fell the solitude of nature all around her. It was as much the isolation of the cabin that made her horny as it was the wild daydreams of sex that danced through her mind. She had the strange feeling that she was free to do and think and feel almost anything out in the wilderness.

The luscious older woman’s twat seethed as she imagined feeling her son kissing and licking her hot honeyed cunt. Her twat twitched and tinged as she moved her fingers between her legs, pretending that it was her son’s lips that touched her sensitive flesh. She scratched at her panties with eagerly moving fingers, making her cunt wetter and wetter by the second.

“Oh God, Jack! Lick my twat! Put your tongue up inside me! I want to feel it, darling boy! I want to feel it moving inside me! I want it! I’ve waited so long!” she cried.

Janet knew that her four children were out in the woods finding a good place for a picnic later that afternoon. She felt safe enough to pull off her panties and masturbate while her wild imaginings had her hot beyond belief. The kids made a lot of noise all the time, she knew, and she would be able to hear them long before they were within eyeshot of her nasty self-manipulation.

The horny older woman wriggled out of her panties and pushed them down around her ankles. She spread her legs and pushed her hand between them. She tickled the naked lips of her seething sex, making fluids flow freely in her hot twat. She found the little bud of her clit and began stroking it, making shivers and shocks of sexual electricity shoot through her body. She was wild with lust for her son and getting wilder all the time.

“It’s so beautiful!” she heard herself say in a soft voice. “I love your tongue in my cunt!”

Janet felt her son nibbling her hot little bud of flesh, felt his teeth tugging gently at her blazing clitoris. She felt his tongue sneaking between the hot lips of her sex, felt his tongue flicking over the rubbery lips of her sex as it pushed farther and farther inside her. She felt Jack’s young tongue stiffen inside her, felt him moving it inside her sucking channel.

The horny mother’s twat responded to her son’s oral stimulation, dripping with cunt-honey, seething with naked desire. She had to have the boy’s rod stuck in her hole, had to feel it throbbing and jerking hot and hard inside her clutching sheath.

“Oh Jack! Fuck me, son! Fuck your mother! Drive it in me! Fuck me hard, darling! Fuck meeeee!” she cried in the heat of her passion, feeling her son’s cock push against her twat-lips as if he were really there on the porch fucking her.

Janet closed her lovely eyes tightly when she felt her son’s dick push into her hot cunt. She felt her cunt-muscles tightening around the boy’s impaling rod, felt her cunt squeezing his dick hard and fast. She felt him stiffen incredibly inside her, felt his dick-shaft racing in and out of her seething sex.

Janet’s hand worked faster and faster against the flesh of her wet sex. She inserted first one finger and then another and another into her tight cunt until her whole hand was buried between her legs. Her dress was pulled up around her waist, her cunt completely exposed, her hand twisting inside her. “Fuck me, son! Fuck me with that lovely hot cock! Drive it in and out of me! Oh God! Fuck me hard, darling! I’ve waited so long for this! I’m so hot, so fucking hot!” she cried, her cunt seething, her imagination alive with lust.

The hot-assed older woman burned with unfulfilled desire. She felt Jack’s pistoning cock banging in and out of her, making her shiver with depraved lust. The juices of her twat were flowing freely around her hand as she moved it inside her. She made a fist inside her sex, feeling the friction of her knuckles against her hot clit. Her body quivered and shook as she stimulated herself to the brink of orgasm.

“Oh Jack, lover! Screw me! Your cock is so huge inside me, Jack! Fuck me! Fuck your mother! Move that lovely rod in my aunt! Make me come! Oh Christ! It’s so lovely!” the wild-assed older woman hissed.

Janet was fist-fucking her cunt with a passion. She closed her eyes so tightly in the frenzy of her self-manipulation that she could see stars. Her mind flashed with memories of the three studs who had fucked her so roughly in the warehouse. She flashed with images of jutting cocks and swollen young balls. She saw cocks spurting heavy cream into the air, felt it splattering against her naked body. She felt cocks in her aunt and mouth, felt them erupting in her luscious naked body.

“Fuck me! All of you! I’m so hot! I want all of you boys to fuck me! I need boys! I need young studs fucking my cunt!” she cried.

“Oooooowheeeeee!” Janet heard a voice call. “You’re gonna get your wish now, woman!”

Janet opened her eyes and stared wild-eyed at the source of the voice. Standing there before her were three young men, all staring between her legs and wearing dirty grins. All three of the young men were carrying guns. She screamed in terror, but her scream was quickly muffled by a heavy hand against her pretty mouth.


“Get up against that tree, little girl!” A big burly man in a heavy black beard growled, pushing Terry up against a maple tree.

“Get your damn hands off her!” Jack shouted, struggling to get at the muscular giant.

“Watch it, kid or you’re gonna get your fuckin’ back broke!” another man shouted, holding Jack’s shoulders in a powerful grip.

“Leave my sister alone!” Lynn screamed.

“Hey, kid!” another rough looking man said, lifting his shotgun and pointing it in Jack’s direction. “You see this fucker? This is a shotgun, boy! You know what a shotgun can do to a kid? I could blow you apart with this little baby! Now you keep that in mind! See?” the man said in a low and menacing voice.

“You just do like we tell ya and everybody’s gonna be all right! Got it?” a fourth man said, holding Greg’s arm tightly.

“Let us go!” Lynn cried. “My mom’ll find out! She’ll hear us!” she screamed, struggling to get away from the strong man who held her and Greg at the same time.

“You don’t worry about that, little girl! Your mother’s bein’ taken care of too! Our boys are up there at that cabin takin’ care of her! I don’t think we got much to worry about from her!” the tough with the beard growled, looking back over his shoulder and grinning at his three pals.

“What do you bastards want anyway?” Jack asked in a voice full of anger and contempt.

“Nothin’ much, kid,” the bearded giant said, his hand on the silken flesh of Terry’s throat. “Just your sisters!”

“Jesus Christ! What the fuck are you talkin’ about?” Jack rasped, staring into the barrel of a shotgun.

“My buddies and me here are from around Watsonville. We come up here sometimes to hunt in these hills see. I guess watchin’ you kids and that foxy mother of yours all day was just too much for us! We’re all horny and hot for a fuck! Now you know what we want?” the man said menacingly, his fingers stoking Terry’s throat.

“You… you gonna hurt my mom?” Greg asked, his fists balled.

“Shit no!” the man holding the shotgun laughed. “Not unless she wants us to!”

“Or unless she gives us any trouble! I don’t think our boys would like that too much!” another man said in a low voice.

“What boys?” Lynn asked in a frightened voice. “Joe and Hank! They’re my two kids! Bob’s boy Rod’s back there at the cabin too. I’ll just bet they’re havin themselves a time and a half! Your mother’s a real hot-lookin’ bitch!” the man holding Terry said.

“You know she was sittin’ there on the porch playin’ with her cunt?” the man holding the gun said, reaching down with one hand and rubbing his swollen crotch. “No shit! She just pulled her fuckin’ dress up and stuck her hand down there! Goddam! That little lady must like to fuck a lot. She’s been out here just a couple of days and already she’s that hot! Bet them kids are gettin’ into her pants right now!”

“Do you want money?” Jack asked.

“Money? Fuck no! We got all the money we need, boy! What we need is some good hot pussy, and that’s just what your mother’s got between them nice legs of hers! See, kid, we’ve been watchin’ you folks since you got here! We just been gettin’ hornier and hornier all the time, just like your little mommy! Bet you’re gettin’ kinda horny too, kids! Bein’ out here all by yourselves in the wilderness, you know! Mother nature just seems to have that kind of effect on some people! Take you for instance, little lady!” the man with the gun said in a low voice tense with lust. “I just bet you wish you had a little boy friend with you up here right now! How ’bout it, little girl?”

“I… I don’t have a boyfriend…” Lynn said nervously.

“Bullshit! A pretty girl like you? Hell! I bet there’s lots of boys at school who’d just love to get their hands on you, little lady!” the man with the menacing shotgun growled.

“Don’t talk like that to my sister!” Greg shouted, still unable to break the grip that held him.

“Shut the fuck up, you little punk!” the man yelled, throwing Greg down roughly. “Keep that fuckin’ gun on that brat, Bob!” he ordered. “I wanna talk to his little sister!”

“Get over here, kid!” the man with the gun ordered, motioning for her and Jack to move. “Both of you get over there against that tree! And you stay there too! In fact, kids, if just one of you moves I’m gonna have to blow you away! Got it?” the rough-looking man asked with a dirty grin, cocking his shotgun and holding it steadily.

“What’re you gonna do to my sister?” Jack asked hoarsely, wishing he could beat the shit out of all the men.

“I ain’t gonna do nothin’ to her, boy. I’m gonna do somethin’ for her! Know what I mean?” the man laughed, reaching out and putting his rough hands against Lynn’s silky cheeks, holding her head fast.

The bearded man was still running his hands over Terry’s frightened body. He felt her young breasts through her light summer dress, felt the little boobies soft and warm beneath her garment. He ran his hands up and down her arm, the warmth of her skin soaking into his hand and seeming to go straight to his hairy balls.

“Little lady, you are one beautiful girl!” the bearded man said.

“Hey, Bear!” the man holding the gun rasped, watching his buddy feel the little girl up. “Save some for us!”

“Yeah, yeah! You just keep them two kids against that tree! There’s plenty of cunt to go around!” the man rasped, his hands running over Terry’s thighs through her dress.

Jack and Greg wanted to attack the four menacing hunters with all they had, but they didn’t have much. They both knew that any one of the guys could beat the living shit out of them. To fight all four of them would be unthinkable, even if they didn’t have a double barreled shotgun. Greg and Jack were forced to watch what the men were doing to their sisters, not yet knowing what to expect.

“You filthy pig!” Terry spat as Bear ran his callused hand up under her dress.

“Come off that shit, little lady! You like that and you know it! Don’t tell me you never felt a man’s hand under your dress!” the bearded giant rasped, his hand clamping over her upper leg.

“No I haven’t!” Terry screamed, the man’s hand moving closer and closer to the hot spot between her young legs.

It wasn’t quite true. Terry had indeed felt a hand on her leg before, but not the hand of a man as big and mean as this one. The only hand Terry had felt on her pretty legs was the hand of Rick Toiler, the only boy she had allowed to go that far with her. She had always let him feel her up until his hand had gotten to within an inch of her crotch. Then it was all over for the night. She had intended to let him go all the way with her eventually, of course, but that just hadn’t happened yet.

As the man’s hand moved over her silken flesh beneath her dress she began to shiver with fear. There was no way in the world that she could fight off the huge man, and besides, there were four of them. She was afraid that they would hurt her sister or her brothers if she put up much of a fight. She struggled, of course, but not very hard.

“Nice legs, little lady!” Bear said in a throaty voice as he explored her secret places.

“We’re gonna get us some hot young pussy today, men!”

“Looks like it, Sanders!” the other man rasped, his hands roving over Lynn’s nervous young body. “You wanna get some of this too, man?” he asked, making room in front of the frightened girl for his horny buddy.

“You better save me some, you bastards!” the man with the shotgun said. “I’m not gonna hold this fuckin’ gun all day!”

“Shit, Bob, there’s gonna be plenty for everybody! Right, baby?” Bear asked Terry, his fingers moving over her crotch.

Terry felt the heavy hand against the crotch of her panties. She hated to admit it, but there was something strangely pleasant about the sensation of the man’s rough fingers against her sensitive snatch. It wasn’t the same sensation that she had felt when Rick had felt her up. She hadn’t really been afraid of Rick, at least not much. She was terribly afraid of the man they called Bear, however. The mingling sensations of fear and sexual excitement made her slightly dizzy, made a sort of sinking feeling rush through her body.

The man was as big as a bear. He pushed his heavy muscular body against her, forcing her back against the tree. She could feel the rough bark of the free against her silken back. It wasn’t the most pleasant feeling she had ever had, although she knew she could endure it if necessary for her sake and the sake of her brothers and sister.

“You like that, little girl?” Bear asked in a husky voice smoldering with the heat of sex.

“No! I… I hate it! I hate you all!” she cried.

“Shit, little lady! You’re gonna love it! It ain’t every girl that gets fucked by Bear! I’m gonna give you a fuck you’ll never forget!” the man growled, rubbing up against her.

Terry felt the man’s heavy body pushing up against her, felt his bushy black beard rubbing against her cheek. She felt the man’s heart beating heavily in his heaving chest, felt his breath against her face. She felt his animal heat radiating through his flannel shirt and soaking into her own body. He was excited, she knew, just as excited as Rick always was when he wanted her, only this man wasn’t likely to take no for an answer.

“Leave… leave me alone… please…” Terry whimpered, her pussy warming up in spite of herself.

“Get that dress off!” Bear ordered, evoking a chuckle from Bob, who was trying to watch the boys and watch the action at the same time.

“I… I can’t! Please don’t make me do that!” she cried, knowing that it was really no use to plead.

The big horny man tugged at Terry’s dress until she had to either take it off herself or have it torn off her. She struggled out of her dress. The man took his hands off her only long enough to let her get her dress off. When she had struggled out of it the man took it and threw it to the man with the gun. The man they called Bob caught it with his free hand and rubbed her dress against his face.

“Oh man! That’s some sexy perfume for a little girl!” Bob said, sniffing her sexy fragrance.

“You wait until you get close to the real thing!”

Bear grunted.

Terry stood trembling against the tree, wearing only her bra and panties. She had lost her shoes in the scuffle with her burly attacker. She felt as if the whole world was watching her. She knew that her brothers were trying not to look at her nearly naked body, but the four men were staring at her with naked lust in their eyes.

“Ummmmmm!” Bear said, licking his lips and grinning wickedly. “Let’s get that off!” he rasped, reaching out and tearing at the girl’s bra.

Terry gasped when the strap of her bra brake and her breasts were exposed to the men’s gaze. She felt totally helpless. She glanced over at her brothers, seeing a helpless look on their faces too. The two men who held Lynn were feeling her all over. She knew that Lynn too would have to give herself to the two rough men.

“Get a load of them tits!” Bear rasped, staring at the lovely boobies that he had exposed.

Bear hadn’t seen such a beautiful pair of tits since he had torn off his stepdaughter’s blouse and sucked ha tits a year earlier. The girl had run away from home soon after the incident and hadn’t returned, which was just as well as far as Bear was concerned. She put up much too much of a fuss when he tried to get into her pants. Bear like to fuck young girls, and he had gotten pretty tired of just screwing his wife. He hadn’t sunk his big fat cock into a girl’s twat for a long time, and he knew he was going to enjoy these two.

“Ever had those little tits sucked, honey?” Bear rasped, trailing his rough fingers over her naked titties.

“No! Don’t! Oh please! Leave me alone!” she cried, her body shivering with a strange mingling of fear and sexual excitement.

Terry had let Rick touch her breasts a few times, but she had never allowed him to go that far. She had always wanted to let Rick kiss her there, had always wanted to feel his lips touching her sensitive nipples. In fact, her nipples had always tinged and stiffened when Rick had touched her tits, even through her bra. But this was definitely not the setting that was conducive to her enjoyment of such stimulation.

The frightened girl shivered when she felt the rough man press his lips against her naked tits. The man kissed her boobs all over, trailing his eager tongue around the globes of flesh, trailing it down the crevice between them. He pressed his warm lips against the little circle of flesh around her nipples. In spite of her disgust her nipples began to respond to the oral stimulation.

Terry’s little nipples stiffened and tingled between the man’s pressing lips. She felt his teeth scraping gently against her sensitive flesh, making little shivers race through her body. The man’s beard was rough against her tits as he sucked at her feminine treasures.

“Them are the nicest titties I’ve ever sucked, baby!” the rough man rasped, looking up at the frightened little girl’s lovely face, grinning nastily at her.

Terry felt Bear’s face press against her tits again when she turned her face away from him. She felt his mouth pressed hard against her little boobies. He began sucking at her hard little nipples with a passion, making wet slurping noises that filled the air. The man’s saliva slickened her nipples, making his tongue race around them in a circle while he sucked the hard little points. The girl tried desperately to fight off the maddening sensations that the man was inspiring in her, but it was no use. She was getting hot in spite of herself. Her cunt was warming.

Lynn wasn’t being spared either. The man they called Sanders and the other man they called Mack were pushing up against her, their hard cocks pressing against her legs. She tried to fight them off, but it was no use, no use at all. They were much too strong for her, and they were much too urgent. She had to resign herself to the fact that she would simply have to give them what they wanted, no matter how it disgusted her.

Lynn wasn’t a virgin, although her sexual experience was limited. She had let her boy friend fuck her three times and she knew what a wonderful experience fucking was. She would have let him take her every night if the circumstances had been right, but since she and her young lover lived with their respective parents the circumstances were rarely right.

Lynn loved fucking, but not when she had to be forced. She hated the two rough men who held her up against the free. She didn’t know what they would expect of her. She was afraid for her mother and her sister too. She was also afraid of the monstrous cocks that she could easily feel through the men’s tight pants. They were much too big, far bigger than her boy friend’s rod. Surely they didn’t expect her to accept those huge organs into her little cunt.

“Hold that little bitch, Sanders!” the man called Mack grunted. “I gotta get these fuckin’ clothes off!”

Sanders held the girl up against the tree, grinding his pelvis against her thigh, which he had exposed by nicking up her dress. He rubbed his big fat cock against her nearly naked flesh until the end of it was wet with his oozing preseminal fluid. His nuts were aching with lust for the hot little teenager. He had to get his cock out and rub it against her leg.

Lynn stared in terror as Mack tore off his checkered flannel shirt and unbuttoned his pants.

She gasped when the hairy-chested man reached into his pants and hauled out his ten inches of stiff male flesh. He held the big fat organ in his hand, moving the skin on it back and forth. The monstrous cock grew before her frightened eyes, swelling and lengthening until it was as big as a baseball bat, and just as hard.

“You like that, little lady?” the man asked, his balls swelling between his strong legs.

“Yeah, Mack! She likes it! I can tell by the fuckin’ way she’s starin’ at it, man! She’s gonna love cock! And she’s gonna get all the cock she can stand!” Sanders said, reaching down and rubbing the shaft of his rod.

Terry couldn’t help glancing down at the man’s crotch and seeing what he was rubbing there. She stared at the long length of hard cock that stuck several inches down the leg of his pants. She could see a wet spot at the end of his dick. She has seen the same kind of wet spot at the end of her boy friend’s cock-bulge when she had stroked it through his pants. She knew that both men were wildly excited, and she knew what they would expect her to do for them.

“Hey, bitch, get your pretty ass over here and suck this fucker!” Mack said in a rough voice, shaking his rock-hard cock.

“Came on, you guys! Don’t make her do that! Don’t! She… she’s our sister! Don’t make her do it!” Jack begged, every muscle in his body tense and ready to lash out at his sister’s attackers.

“Shut your fuckin’ mouth, kid! If you don’t like it, don’t watch!” Sanders growled.

“Shit, man! I want him to watch!” Bob said, shaking his shotgun at the two boys. “They might learn something!”

“Maybe, Bob ol buddy! Shit! If they watch us two fuck that little bitch they’re sure gonna learn somethin’! You just watch us, kids! We’re gonna show you kids how to screw a girl right!” Mack said in a voice thick with lust.

“Shit yes, kid! Maybe she’ll ask you to fuck her too! How’s that grab you, kid? You wanna have a crack at your little sister?” Sanders asked with a dirty chuckle, his fist wrapped around his cock through the material of his pants.

Jack stared wild-eyed at the crazy goings on. He glanced over at his kid brother and saw that he, too, was staring in amazement. Something else was happening to Jack too, something that he fought against unsuccessfully. He was getting a hard-on.

There was something about watching the three guys undress his two lovely sisters that made him feel kind of funny inside. He hated the bastards for doing such a rotten thing to Terry and Lynn, but he couldn’t help feeling something stirring in his balls as he watched. He stared at Terry’s pretty little boobs, eyeing the hard nipples that stood out so pertly from her silky globe. He watched Bear running his hands over his sister’s luscious body as he sucked and nibbled her nipples. He watched Mack and Sanders exposing themselves lewdly to his sister Lynn, their cocks swollen with depraved lust.

“Get your sweet ass over here and suck me off, little girl!” Mack said, beating himself off obscenely while she stared in shocked amazement. “I wanna feel those little lips on my dick right now!”

When Terry hesitated Mack moved toward her again, his balls and cock bouncing in front of him. He reached out roughly and grabbed her shoulder, puffing her toward him and throwing her on the ground. She fell to her knees and stared at the bulging head of his hard dick.

“Come on, bitch, kiss it!” Mack rasped, his rod dripping with lust for the sweet young thing.

The hard-cocked man moved closer to Terry, pressing his cock-head against her silken cheek. She felt the searing heat of his dick-head against her face and jumped back. The dripping rod left her cheek slippery with free-flowing preseminal fluid. “Like that?” the man asked in a voice thick with lust. “Take some more! Eat me!” he rasped.

“Do it, Sis!” Greg begged. “They’ll hurt you if you don’t!”

Lynn knew that she had to do as she was told, in spite of her disgust. She dared to purse her pretty lips and move them close to the hot head of the man’s bulging cock. The horny man grasped the shaft of his stiff rod and pushed it against her lips. She planted a nervous kiss on the hard head of his rod and tasted his swollen meat.

“Open wide, baby!” he growled, his rod burning. “Open wide and eat that meat! And if you bite it I’ll beat the livin’ shit out of you and your sister!”

Lynn opened her pretty little mouth and wrapped her frightened lips around the purplish swollen head of the rough man’s rod. She sucked at it nervously, not knowing what she was doing, not knowing whether or not she was doing the right thing. She had played with her boy friend’s cock a few times, but she had never put her lips on it.

She found the salty taste of his hot cock strange, but at the same time not at all unpleasant. She looked up at the man’s face as she sucked the head of his boner, pleading with her pretty eyes. It was no use.

“Suck it in there! Come on! Take more of it in there! Keep suckin’ on it too!” Mack rasped, his nuts seething with lust.

Lynn resisted until Mack put his heavy hand behind her pretty head and forced her to go down farther on his cock. She couldn’t resist the strength of the man’s arm as he pressed her face closer and closer to his hairy groin. The enormous head of his cock filled her face, rubbing against the roof of her mouth, pushing at the back of her throat. She tried desperately to catch her breath as his pulsating cock filled her throat.

“You’re choking her, man!” Jack shouted.

“Yeah! Leave her be! You’re hurtin’ her!” Greg yelled in a voice full of tension.

“Shit, she’ll get used to it! She’s gonna love it! All the bitches love suckin’ a cock like mine, kid!” Mack said proudly, moving his swollen member deep in her sucking throat.

Mack began gyrating his pelvis, moving his rock-hard dick inside her mouth in a tight circle. Her cheeks bulged with the thickness of the man’s angry cock-head. Mack felt the little girl’s teeth scraping gently against the super sensitive flesh of his engorged dick. His nuts were seething, swelling with hot cum.

The horny man began flexing the muscles of his hairy ass, driving his hard-on deeper and deeper into her tight throat. He pulled his rod out of her face until it almost pulled free of her sucking lips, pushing it back into her with great force and urgency. He pistoned her sweet face again and again, his heavy nuts slapping against her chin each time he drove his distended dick into her wet mouth.

Lynn stared wildly about her, not knowing what was going to happen to her now. The rough man kept banging his huge blood-filled organ in and out of her little mouth, getting closer and closer to an ejaculation. She had jacked off her boy friend a few times and she knew how much of that thick stuff he had shot into her hand. If this man filled her throat with that much sperm she thought she would drown on it.

“I want some of that too, Mack!” Sanders rasped, stepping up to the girl and rubbing his dripping dick against her cheek.

Out of the corner of her eye, Lynn could see the massive pecker jerking against her cheek, dripping with preseminal fluid. His cock wasn’t quite as big as the other man’s, she noticed, but it was big nonetheless. Surely he wouldn’t want her to suck that one too.

“Get out of there, man!” Sanders rasped, his dick aching. “She’s gonna suck me some too!”

“Oh fuck! I guess you can have some too, Sanders! We got plenty of time! Here ya go, man! Fuck her face!” Mack said in a low voice.

Mack pulled his swollen pecker out of Lynn’s face with an audible slurp. The girl took a deep breath when his cock pulled from her sucking lips. It wasn’t long, however, before Sanders replaced the plug of flesh with his own hard cock. Sanders wasn’t even as gentle as Mack in face-fucking the girl. He bucked his ass hard and rammed his cock all the way down her throat in one hard motion. She gagged when his cock-head banged against her tonsils.

“Eat that fucker, bitch! Suck that dick all the way down that throat! Oh yeah! That’s the way, little cunt! Suck me! Come on, honey, make some sounds so I know you’re enjoyin’ it!” Sanders said in a throaty voice thick with hot lust for the girl.

Lynn gurgled deep in her throat, sucking and licking his cock all the while. He kept jamming his pecker deeper and deeper into her throat, making her gasp for breath. She could feel the man’s wiry bush of pubic hair against her face as he pushed in and out of her.

“Play with my balls, girl! Move! That’s right! Feel ’em! That’s the way!” the man rasped.

The frightened little girl reached up and took the man’s hot and heavy nuts in her hands, moving them around in their hairy scrotal sac, frying not to hurt him by squeezing them too hard. She rubbed them with the palm of her warm hand. She pinched the skin of his hairy sac between her thumb and forefinger. She pushed her finger between his balls, hoping that he would enjoy the sensation enough to treat her more gently.

“You’re really learnin’ fast, little girl!” Sanders said, his nuts swelling more and more by the second as she played with them. “You can play with my nuts any old time!”

Mack pushed up against the kneeling girl and rubbing his hard cock against her face. He told her to play with his nuts too, and she obeyed. She reached out with her free hand and grasped Mack’s swollen balls, fondling and squeezing them just as she had Sanders’. She held both men’s balls while she sucked Sanders’ bulging cock.

“I’m gonna fuck this one!” Bear grunted, his lips trailing over Terry’s naked belly. “She’s really gettin’ hot for it!”

Terry’s body shivered with fear and strange excitement. The bearded giant had sucked her tits until shivers and shocks raced through her frightened body. Now his lips were playing over the naked flesh of her belly, driving her wild with sensation. His tongue tickled her belly button, sneaking inside and making her tingle.

It wasn’t long before the man’s fingers found their way beneath the waistband of Terry’s panties. She gasped when she felt her panties being slowly removed and pushed down her legs. She was totally exposed now, totally helpless and under the man’s power.

Bear ducked his big hand between the girl’s leg and brushed his hand over her downy cunt a few times, stroking her gently and watching her body tense under his influence.

“You’re really gettin’ hot now, ain’t you, baby?” Bear rasped, his hand moving over her down twat. “You want to feel somethin’ real good down there?” he asked in a thick voice.

Without waiting for a reply, the horny man cupped his big hand between her legs and grabbed her hot snatch. He held her crotch tightly for a moment or two, feeling the heat of her cunt soak into his hand. Her legs were tense, her cunt shivering beneath his hand.

Bear began moving his fingers against the hot lips of her cunt, tickling her twat-lips until she gasped with undeniable pleasure. Terry wanted to hate the feeling he was giving her, but she found it impossible. The sensation was too beautiful, even in her disgust. Her cunt was heating up more and more by the second, and there was nothing in the world she could do about it.

The burly man felt her cunt melting in his hand, felt her feminine juices flowing freely in her steaming cunt. He knew that she was ready for anything he wanted to do to her. She was just the girl he needed to satisfy his craving for youthful fucking.

“You are hot!” he growled. “That cunts on fire, honey!”

Bear raised his fingers to his lips and tasted the free-flowing honey of the girl’s cunt. He licked his lips and ducked his face between her legs. Terry quaked with fear and excitement as the horny man clamped his lips over her little sex.

“Now you’re in for some fun, baby! Bear’s gonna give your cunt a good suckin’! Now you just lean back against that tree and enjoy it!” the hard-cocked man said throatily.

Terry’s cunt fluttered uncontrollably when the man began licking and sucking at the rubbery wet lips of her twat. The man sneaked his long wet tongue between her cuntlips and stimulated her inner channel. She felt his tongue stiffening inside her twat. She felt him moving his stiffened tongue in and out of her as if it were a tiny cock racing in and out deep in her sucking hole. She felt his beard against her crotch as he tongue-fucked her with ever-increasing passion.

The sounds of cuntlapping and cocksucking filled the air of the little clearing in the woods, wet slurping sounds that made everyone horny. The man holding the shotgun had a huge hard-on sticking down his pants leg. Greg and Jack were hard too, unable to fight off the wild excitement of watching their sisters being raped before their eyes.

“This is turning you two on, right?” the man with the gun asked Greg and Jack with a dirty grin.

“Get fucked!” Jack shouted.

“Naw, kid, it’s your sisters that are gonna get fucked! Don’t you know that yet?” Bob rasped, reaching down and rubbing the bulge of his cock.

“We’re all gonna get a turn at ’em! How ’bout it, boys? You wanna fuck your sisters?” he asked in a teasing voice.

The boys shook their heads negatively, feeling embarrassed about the hard-ons that stuck down their pants legs. It wasn’t that they wanted to do anything to their sisters. It was just that watching all that fucking and cocksucking was too much to ignore completely, too much for such sexually responsive young boys.

“You know what, kids? I think you ought to get in on this stuff! Shit yeah! You both got hard-ons down there! Get ’em out!” Bob ordered.

“Uh! Uh!” Greg shouted. “No way!”

“DO it, kid, or you’re gonna get your balls blown off! Now!” Bob shouted back, aiming his gun at the kids’ crotches.

Jack and Greg did as they were told, unzipping their Levi’s and hauling out their stiff dicks. They tried to hide them until the man with the gun ordered them to drop their hands to their sides.

“How ’bout that! These two kids wanna get into the act too! That’s somethin’, girls! Your brothers wanna get some too!” he said over his shoulder.

Neither Terry nor Lynn heard what Bob was saying, so wrapped up were they in the conflicting sensations the two hard-cocked men were inspiring in them. They writhed with undeniable lust as the men turned them on powerfully. Lynn was still sucking Sanders’ cock while Mack was between her legs playing with the hot little lips of her pussy. Rear was still sucking Terry’s hot twat and driving her wild in the process.

“Why don’t you two punks just beat off while you watch!” Bob ordered. “Then maybe when we get done we’ll let you fuck ’em too! In fact maybe we’ll make you fuck them hot little cunts! That’ll be real good for kicks!” the wildly excited man rasped.

“You ready for a dick now, little girl?” Bear asked in a gruff voice, licking the pussy juice off his wet lips.

“Oh God no! Please don’t! Don’t do that to me! Don’t make me do it! I can’t!” she cried.

“Sure you can, bitch! And you will too!” the rough man growled, throwing her to the ground.

The muscular giant fell on the helpless girl and drove his post of male flesh between her legs. The horny hunter bucked his hard ass and banged his hairy pecker all the way into her juicy cunt with one mighty thrust, making her scream.

Terry’s body tensed as she felt the incredible but fleeting pain of his entry. His massive cock poked into her and filled her grasping cunt with hard masculine meat. It was like nothing she had ever felt before. She tried to keep him out of her by clenching her cunt, but it was no use. The harder she flexed her cunt muscles the tighter they held his cock and the more he seemed to enjoy what he was doing to her.

“You just fly to enjoy this, lady!” Bear said, moving his long hard organ deep inside her wet cunt.

The man began bucking his ass harder and harder, driving his rod in and out of her faster and faster by the second, making her cunt hotter and hotter. Her juices flowed around his dick-shaft as it raced in and out of her tight wet hole. It wasn’t long before the man’s pistoning cock had worked the juices of her pussy into a froth.

Terry’s little clitoris burned and tingled with excitement as Bear’s big thick cock banged in and out of her. The friction of his cock against her hot bud of flesh was driving her mad. She groaned and moaned with undeniable desire, and her cries of delight seemed to spur the man on to greater heights of passion. She wanted to just lie there but it was impossible now, impassible now that she was as hot as a blazing fire.

While Bear was fucking Terry, her sister was about to get her own cunt reamed by a big hard cock, by two of them in fact. Mack and Sanders pulled her to the pound and rolled her over on her stomach.

“On your knees now, bitch!” they growled. Lynn did as she was told, her heart fluttering with fear. She raised herself off the grass and waited for the men to use her exposed cunt. She trembled as Mack reached down and rubbed the heel of his hand over the exposed tuft of hair between her legs.

“Now that’s a hot pussy!” Mack said, putting his hand to his lips and licking his juice-covered fingers. “Nice and wet too! Bet it’s all ready for a big hard cock! How about it, baby? You want this fuckin’ dick stuffed in your aunt?”

Mack didn’t wait for the frightened girl’s reply. He fell to his knees behind her and pushed the swollen head of his prick against her hanging cuntlips. He grasped his cock in his fist and pushed it hard against her dewy flesh, parting her lips and forcing his cock-head into her.

Lynn gasped when she felt his cock pushing into her hot cunt. She felt her tight little pussy grasping his rod in an effort to exclude it, but it was no use. He pushed his dick into her with great force and urgency, filling her inner channel with swollen meat.

Lynn felt the incredible heat of his hard organ searing into the inner flesh of her cunt. Her hot sex-fluids flowed around his impaled organ, slickening her flesh and his. He began to move inside her, and her cunt responded with movements of its own. Lynn tried to ignore the sensations that his cock caused in her, but to no avail. As much as she hated to admit it, the feeling of a cock in her cunt was an enjoyable one.

The girl screamed once when, in one rough thrust, Mack drove his rod into her cunt all the way to the balls. Her scream lasted only a second. When the pain subsided she closed her eyes and let a flood of relief pour over her. She felt the hairy man’s chest against her silken back as he fell against her. His muscular arms were around her slender body, his hands on her young titties. She felt his hot urgent breath against her cheek as he began fucking her from behind.

Mack bucked his lean ass and forced his pecker in and out of her cunt with a mad passion. He had never felt such a tight wet bole in his life. His cock felt as if it had been grasped by wet hands that held him fast inside her sucking twat. He knew that the girl was enjoying what he was doing to her, even though she wouldn’t admit it.

Lynn’s luscious young boobs shook with each heavy thrust into her cunt. Her naked body rocked back and forth as the man pummeled her hard and fast with his rock-hard prick. His hairy balls slapped against her damp crotch each time he lunged into her. He pinched her nipples as he fucked her, making them tingle with excitement.

“Go down on this fucker now, little girl.” Sanders ordered, stepping up in front of her and falling to her knees.

The horny man presented his hard post of flesh to her, holding it in his fist and pushing the dripping purplish head of it against her wet lips. She couldn’t help flicking out her tongue and laying the slippery head. He ordered her, to open her mouth and take the whole thing down her throat and she could only obey.

“You suck that cock and make me come, bitch! Suck it good!” Sanders growled, his cock swelling more and more in her lovely face.

Lynn sucked and licked his cock at the same time. He began rocking back and forth on his knees, punching his dick in and out of her sucking mouth in rhythm with the rough man who was fucking her cunt. Her body was alive with maddening sensation as she was fucked in the cunt and in the mouth.

It wasn’t long before Mack was ready to shoot her cunt full of hot cream. Sanders too was about to fill her with his sperm. Lynn grew hotter and hotter by the second as the friction in her cunt increased. Mack fucked her harder and harder, faster and faster, more and more urgently. She felt the flood of her orgasm about to rush over her.

“Take it, bitch! Take that dick up your cunt! I’m gonna come in there!” Mack growled as his nuts tightened between his legs.

“Suck that dick! Take it down your throat, little lady! Drink it all down! Here it comes, baby!”

Sanders grunted as his rocks shot off down her sucking throat.

Lynn felt her orgasm tearing through her cunt. She was overcome by a rush of sensation that made her see stars. Her body shook and shivered with delicious feelings as her curt flashed between her legs. She was suddenly aware of something spurting deep inside her hot wet sex. She felt what seemed like gallons of hot cum spraying against the inner walls of her cunt. At the same time a gush of sperm shot down her throat, making her nearly strangle.

Terry was also flashing, unable to resist the sensations of sex another second. Bear’s big hard cock banged in and out of her tight cunt until it stiffened suddenly inside her. Terry cried out when she felt a hot wad of thick cum shooting inside her. She cried out again when her cunt exploded with sexual lightning.

“Keep that cunt workin’, girl!” Bear growled, still banging into her hot cunt hole.

The sounds of fucking filled the air, heavy grunts and moans mingling with the girls’ cries of undeniable delight. Jack and Greg were jacking off as they had been ordered, making their balls ache with tension. Bob’s big fat hard-on strained in his pants. He had to get his rocks off too. The girls’ ordeal was far from finished.

“Hey, you guys, I gotta get my dick in there too!” Bob said.

“Yeah, sure! But we gotta get back to the cabin and see how the boys are doin’ with that hot-assed mother of theirs! We don’t wanna let the boys wear out that pussy!” Sanders said, pulling his cock out of Lynn’s mouth and shaking the dribbling sperm off the head of it.

“Shit yeah!” Mack said, pulling out ox Lynn’s tight cunt. “I wanna get me some of that hot cunt too! How ’bout you, Bear?” he asked. “You ’bout finished over there?”

“I filled her pussy with a wad alright!” Bear rasped, pulling out of the tight little cunt and standing up. “She’s gonna be one hot girl when we get her broke in!”

“Come on, men!” Bob said, eager to get back to the cabin so that he could get his rocks off on one of the three women they held captive. “Get your pants on and let’s get movin’!”

The three horny men got back into their clothes and made ready to leave the clearing in the woods. The girls tried to struggle into their dresses, but the men would have none of it.

“Shit, ladies, you don’t need to wear nothin’ around us! We’ve seen you without a stitch! You just leave your clothes off from, now on! How ’bout that, men? We’ll have us our own little nudist colony!” Bear said with a laugh, pushing Terry ahead of him.

“You punks take your pants off too!” Mack said. “Leave ’em right here! That way you won’t think about runnin’ for help!”

Jack and Greg did as they were told, shucking their pants and walking through the woods in front of the men, their stiff dicks bouncing up and down in front of them. Bob pushed the bold barrel of his shotgun up against their naked asses from time to time as they walked, provoking hearty laughter from the other men.

The brothers and sisters glanced at each other occasionally. They could not see in each other’s eyes any hint of a plan of escape.


“Oh God no! Don’t do it! I… I can’t take all of you at once!” Janet pleaded, staring at the cocks the three boys presented for her to suck into her pretty mouth.

The three tough-looking boys had forced her into the cabin, threatening to hurt her if she didn’t obey. They had torn off her clothes and had fallen on her, all three of them licking and sucking her tits and playing with her already hot cunt. Janet had found it hard to believe what was happening to her at first. It was as if her horrible experience with the three boys in the alley was repeating itself.

Without explaining themselves, without even telling her what they were doing there, they proceeded to haul out their stiff dicks and rub them all over her stark naked body. She tried to scream for help, but they quieted her with a heavy hand over her mouth.

She had struggled at first, hoping against hope that she could find a way to escape before they ravished her. She had realized eventually that it was safer to be quiet and not to resist too violently. She dared not scream for fear of attracting her sons and daughters. The intruders had guns, hunting rifles and shotguns, and her children would be no match for them.

The boys had propped her back up against a chair and had crowded around her, their big hard cocks jutting up from their groins. Now they were pressing the fat swollen heads of their dicks against her cheeks and lips, all expecting her to suck them.

Janet had learned from her experience with three horny boys that she would eventually have to do whatever they expected of her. She knew that they wanted her to suck their cocks, and it appeared that they wanted her to suck them all at the same time, a feat she thought was beyond her.

“You don’t really want me to take them all at once do you?” she said in amazement. “I… I couldn’t…”

“Suit you can, lady! You’re hot for boys’ cocks! We heard you talkin’ on the porch! We heard you beggin’ for your son’s cock!” one of the boys said. “Shit, lady, if you’re that horny you ought to eat all three of us!”

“Fuck yes! Just look at them dicks! Big fuckers, aren’t they? Hell, lady, you eat them and you won’t wanna eat your kid’s dick for a week!” another boy said, his hand moving up and down on his dripping dick.

“You suck your kids’ dicks a lot?” the third boy asked, pushing his huge cock-head against her frightened lips.

“No! Oh God! I… I don’t!” she cried, tears welling up in her eyes.

“Bullshit! We were watchin’ ya! You was playin’ with your fuckin’ cunt and talkin’ to your kids! Goddam, lady, that must’ve been some hell, of a daydream!” one of the horny kids rasped.

“Must’ve been like one of them wet dreams us guys have all the time! You wanna know what those are like?” he asked.

Janet shook her head, her face flushing with embarrassment.

“Well, see, the last one I had was about a bitch just like you; I mean a lady just like you. See, uh, me and my buddies Joe and Hank,” the boy explained, motioning at the other two boys who presented their hard dicks for her to suck. “We’re out in the woods huntin’ with our dads and a couple of other guys when we just happen to see a woman sittin’ on the porch of this cabin. Well, she’s not just sittin’, you know? She’s playin’ with her cunt! No shit! Some wild dream huh?” Bob’s son Rod said with a dirty grin.

“The funny thing is that me and Joe had the same wet dream!” Bear’s son Hank said, joining in the fun. “See, we saw this woman playin’ with her cunt and we all got horny as hell! Our dads and Sanders and Mack went down through the woods to see if we could find these kids you — I mean the lady in the wet dream — was talkin’ to herself about! And you know what, lady, I just bet they found ’em down there! We just decided to kind of stick around and see what we could get goin’ with this fox on the porch!” the boy said.

“Right! And so we get her down and make her suck our cocks! She sucks ’em real good too! And then we all fuck her right in the cunt!” Joe said with a cruel smile.

“And we even fuck her in the ass!” Rod added, stroking his poker. “And before we know it our cocks are shootin’ all over the place!” the boy laughed. “How ’bout that, lady? Sound familiar?”

“Oh God no! Will… will they hurt my children!” she cried.

“Now why would they do that? They just wanted to keep ’em out of the way for a while! What would they want with two boys? They’re not hot for boy-cock like you are, lady!” Joe said.

“But my daughters! They wouldn’t…” she cried.

“Hot damn!” Hank said excitedly. “You shittin’ us?”

“You got girls down here too?” Joe said, his nuts swelling at the mere thought of it.

“Hey, you guys, this is gettin’ better all the time! This little wet dream is really turnin’ out to be a winner!” Rod said.

“Yeah! I bet my dad’s fuckin’ them bitches right now!” Bear’s boy Hank laughed.

“No! No! It can’t be! This is too terrible!” Janet cried, fearing for her daughter’s safety at the hands of the men.

“Oh shit, lady, it’s not that bad! Your little girls won’t get hurt I mean… well… they might get hurt a little by our dad’s dick! But that won’t last too long! They’ll get used to it! They might even learn to like it!” Joe said.

“I bet they’re gonna bring them chicks up here, you guys!” Rod said.

“Right, man! They’re gonna bring ’em up here for us to fuck, too!” Joe said excitedly, his dick dripping at the prospect.

“You suck them dicks now, lady! You get a taste of what your little girls are gonna get!” Hank rasped.

Janet could hardly breathe when the boys pushed their stiff cocks against her lips. She had to either open her mouth and suck them or suffocate. She opened her pretty mouth as widely as she could and took the first swollen dick that was thrust into her.

“That’s the way, lady! Suck that fucker! You think it’s big now, lady? You wait’ll you been suckin’ it for a while!” Joe rasped, his nuts tense between his strong young legs.

Janet sucked and licked the boy’s throbbing erection, tasting the saltiness of his slippery preseminal fluid. His dick grew and grew in her mouth, bulging her cheeks and filling her face with hard dick. The other boys rubbed their hot rods against her cheeks, slickening her skin with their free-flowing pre-cum. She knew that they were all hot to have their cocks sucked, but she didn’t see how she could accommodate all of them at once.

“Come on, bitch! Open wider! Wider! You gotta suck mine too!” Hank said thickly, his balls seething.

The horny kid put his finger into the woman’s mouth and spread her lips open until he could push the swollen head of his cock into her. He bucked his ass hard and drove his stiff pecker into her mouth and down her throat, making her nearly choke as the head of it banged against the back of her sucking throat.

Janet gasped for air as the two hard-cocked boys banged in and out of her. They made her head shake with their mighty thrusts, pushing their silky cock-heads against her tonsils, scraping their dick-shafts against her pearly teeth, nabbing the flanges of their cock-heads against the roof of her mouth, nuts slapping up against Janet’s chin and pretty mouth. It was enough to make her faint with fear and excitement, and there was still another rod aching to get into her face.

“I want some of that too, lady!” Rod rasped, shoving his cock as hard as he could against the lovely woman’s tightly stretched lips.

Janet shook her head violently, trying to dissuade the kid from jamming his dick into her already filled face, but to no avail. Rod pushed and pushed his unyielding cock against her sweet lips until it finally pushed into her. The boys felt their rods rubbing against each other inside her sucking face. They felt her tongue pressing against their pulsating cocks, felt her throat sucking at them as she tried to swallow their preseminal oozings.

Crowded around her, their cocks buried in her mouth, the three boys began flexing the muscles of their asses and forcing their dicks into her mouth. She desperately tried to swallow all of the sperm the kids shot into her. When she pulled violently away from the boys they finally had the decency to let her pull her head off their dribbling cocks. She took a deep breath when the three cocks pulled out of her face. Sperm dripped off her cheeks, running down over her chin. She tried to wipe her lips with her hands but the boys stopped her.

“Shit no, lady! We wanna watch you lick it off!” Joe said with a dirty grin.

“You know what, little lady? You were so good to us that we wanna do somethin’ for you. How’s that grab ya?” Hank asked. “You want us three handsome young studs to make you feel good?”

Janet nodded, looking down at the floor. It was true. She really did want the boys to make her feel good, wanted them to make her feel like a woman again after so many years of sexlessness. She only hoped they would be kind to her. She had had enough rough treatment lately, and through no fault of her own.

“Sure, lady! We thought you’d come along with us!” Rod said with a boyish grin.

“Sit over there and spread those legs!” Jack rasped, standing with his legs spread, his hands on his hips, his long half-hard cock hanging low in front of him.

Janet stood up and moved to the overstuffed chair, sitting down at she had been told, but holding her legs together nervously. “Spread them legs, lady!” one of the boys ordered. “We wanna see what you got hidin’ down there!”

Janet shivered from head to toe. In spite of the fear that had overcome her she was getting awfully hot. It was the first time she had actually had a chance to look at her three horny young captors.

They were all handsome and well built, three good-looking muscular young studs that she would have been happy to invite into her bed, and into her cunt, under less frightening circumstances. But the circumstances were beyond her control and she would simply have to make the best of them. Perhaps if the boys would treat her less roughly she might even learn to enjoy herself at their hands.

Rod was the tallest of the boys, and the boy with the biggest cock. He stood there before her, letting her look at his huge prick. He seemed to know that she was looking him over, and he seemed to be enjoying her attention. He brushed his long blond hair out of his eyes and put his hands on his hips. His naked cock hung out of his open fly, a drop of cum still dribbling from the lips of it.

While Janet watched the kid reached into his pants and dragged out his heavy young nuts, letting them hang out of the V of his fly. He held his turgid dick in his young hand and shook it until it was in full erection again. He stroked himself leisurely for awhile, making his rod as hard as a rock and ready for more hot fucking with the luscious older woman.

The other boys too reacted to her bold eyeing of their cocks. It was the first time she had had the nerve to look the boys over, the first time her fear had subsided enough to allow her to size them up.

The boys realized this and made the best of it, showing off their considerable endowments to the lovely helpless woman.

Hank and Joe were shorter than Rod was more muscular. It was fairly obvious that they were brothers. They stood before her with cocky self-assuredness, their long cocks hanging down in front of them like lengths of rubber hose, half hard and pulsating with male power. They unfastened their pants at the same time and pushed Terry to the floor, letting the naked woman feast her eyes on their equipment.

It was obvious that the three boys had had plenty of fucking experience, obvious too that she wasn’t the first woman they had ravished. She could tell that there was no use in trying to appeal to their good natures. She would only make it harder on herself. Perhaps she could match their boldness with boldness of her own. Perhaps she should let her own long-denied desires out into the open. Perhaps she should try to outdo the horny boys with her own lasciviousness. The more she thought about it the hotter she became.

“How ’bout it, lady? You like what we got for ya?” Joe asked, shaking the length of meat that hung between his thick legs.

Janet nodded, her eyes twinkling with a glimmer of delight. She could tell from the way the boys looked at each other that they were surprised at her reaction. Perhaps they expected her to shake her head and act the frightened innocent victim as she had all along.

Joe and Hank pulled off their pants and shoes and peeled off their shirts, standing naked before her with growing erections. Rod did the same, struggling out of his tight pants and skinning off his sweat shirt. Her eyes flashed between the three boys’ excited cocks and balls, drinking in their masculine perfection, longing to have their rods buried between her legs.

“You really love them things, don’t you, lady?” Rod asked, his nuts swelling with naked lust.

“What’s the matter, lady? Don’t your husband give you enough?” Joe grinned, stroking his hardening cock.

Janet shook her head, brushing her long silken hair away from her lovely face. Her lips shimmered as she managed a nervous smile.

“That’s a real shame! What’s the matter with the guy anyway? Shit, lady, I’d be in your pants all fuckin’ day!” Hank said, his eyes twinkling with young lust.

“My husband is… dead…” she struggled.

“Goddam! How long?” Rod asked, glancing at his buddies.

“Four years,” she whispered, looking down at the floor.

“I’ll be damned! Four years! How long since you been fucked?” Joe asked, looking at the furry nest between the woman’s legs.

“A long time,” she said softly.

“A week? A month? How long?” Hank asked in a low and controlled voice.

“F… four years!” she said, preferring not to mention her experience with the three young toughs in the alley.

“Ooooooweeee!” the boys all shouted in unison, clasping their hands and expressing their surprise and obvious delight.

“Four fuckin’ years! You gotta be shittin’! Four years without no dick!” Hank rasped, his pecker jerking uncontrollably in front of him.

“Goddam, lady! You must really be hot by now! No wonder you’re after your kids!” Joe said.

“That cunt of yours must really be tight!” Rod said in a voice thick with lust. “Let us have a look at it!”

Rod moved toward her and put his hands on her knees, spreading her long lithe legs wide apart. She felt her hot little cunt opening obscenely for the boys’ inspection, felt her secret place being shamelessly exposed. Her cunt twitched and tingled with undeniable desire. The fluids of her passion were already beginning to flow within her.

“Shit! What a pussy! How’d you keep away from men all those years, baby? You lock yourself up somewhere or somethin’?” the tall boy asked.

“You know, lady, we could have a good time if you’d just cooperate with us. You know what we moan?” Joe said huskily, his cock as hard as a rock now and sticking straight up in front of his naked body.

“You know, little lady, if you go along with us you could have all this cock in that cunt! Wouldn’t you like that, lady?” Hank said with a dirty grin, his hand working up and down over his swollen pecker.

“I… I suppose…” she said weakly.

“I thought you’d say that!” the boy smiled.

“What’s your name anyway, lady? We gotta be on a first-name basis, right?” Rod said.

“Janet,” she answered softly.

“Janet, we’re gonna fuck you real good!” Rod said, falling to his knees between the lovely woman’s spread legs. “Now, do you like to have your cunt licked?”

“I… I… yes… I do… I love it…” she stumbled, feeling the boy’s hands on her silken legs as he held them apart.

Janet could feel the boy’s eyes burning into the sensitive flesh between her legs. The heat of his stare seemed to melt her seething cunt. She knew that he liked what he saw between her legs, knew that he would like to bury his face there, knew that he would like to lick and suck her hot cunt until it ran with free-flowing honey.

Janet felt her self-control disappearing in the heat of her lust for hot cock. She felt her hands going between her legs, felt her fingers trailing over the sensitive flesh of her hot twat. She stroked and stimulated the lips of her wet want until shocks of electricity shot through her body. She was getting hotter and hotter by the second.

The hot-assed woman gasped the lips of her sex and opened them, tugging at them gently, letting Rod have a good look up her steamy cunt. She moved the lips of her twat lewdly, arching her back a bit and thrusting her pelvis out toward him. She was feeling more and more like a wanton.

“That’s the way, Janet baby!” Rod said throatily. “Show us some cunt!” the kid said as she opened her treasure box.

“Lick it!” she heard herself say in a voice hot with lust. “Lick my cunt! I… I need it! I need a tongue on my cunt!” she cried.

“You’re gonna get licked all right, lady!” the boy said, pressing his face against her seething pussy. “I’m gonna eat that pussy until you scream, baby!”

Janet gasped when she felt the kid’s eager tongue lapping at her wet sex. He stiffened his tongue and thrust it inside her as far as he could, stimulating the inner flesh of her cunt, making her shiver with passion. He licked her hot little clit, making it tingle and burn with ever-increasing heat. His tongue ran up and down the crack between her honey-tanned legs, making her twat flutter with delicious sensation.

“You like what he’s doin’ to ya?” Joe asked, kneeling next to his buddy and watching him lick Janet’s tight wet cunt.

“Oh yes! Yesssssss! I… I love it!” she gasped, unable to control herself another minute.

“Tell him how much you like it then!” Joe said, rubbing his dick against her leg.

“I love it so much! I need it! I want you to lick and suck my fucking cunt!” she cried, her cunt burning. “I want you to put your tongue all the way inside me! Oh God! Yes! Put it into my twat! Suck my cunt! You’re making me feel so good, so hot, so fucking hot!” she gasped.

“Jesus Christ!” Hank growled, jerking himself off slowly. “I gotta have some of that twat too! Get out of there, man! Let us have some!” the kid said in a voice brimming with lust.

Rod did as his buddy suggested, standing up and contenting himself with rubbing his dripping cock against Janet’s silken cheek. He licked the pussy juice off his lips and grinned down at the hot-assed older woman.

“You got one tasty pussy, Janet!” he said. “You see how you like it down there, Hank! But save some for the rest of us!”

“Sheeeeeeeit!” Hank said excitedly, inhaling the intoxicating fragrance of Janet’s spread cunt.

“Like that?” Rod asked.

“Shit yeah! That’s the hottest pussy I’ve ever seen! I’m gonna suck your cunt good for ya, lady! I’m gonna lick you until you pass out!” the kid said as he sniffed her dripping twat.

“Suck me!” Rod ordered, rubbing his cock against the woman’s wet lips. “Suck me off real good! Get me good and hard so I can jam tills fucker all the way up your cunt!”

Janet opened her pretty mouth as widely as she could and sucked Rod’s dripping organ deep into her throat. She ran her eager tongue around the super-sensitive head of the boy’s cock, making it pulsate in her mouth. She ran the tip of her tongue up and down the shaft of it from time to time, tickling the base.

“Hey, lady, you can really suck a dick when you want to, you know that?” Rod said, his nuts aching between his long legs. “She’s hotter than hell! Can’t wait to sink this fucker into that snatch!”

“Me too!” Joe said excitedly, pushing his brother away from her pussy and taking his turn between her spread legs.

Janet opened her legs wide, cooperating in every way with the three horny boys. She was hot now, hot for a good hard fuck. She had abandoned herself to her desires. Nothing would stop her from enjoying the maddening sensations that raced through her body. She knew that she should be resisting the wild things the three bays were doing to her, knew that she should be ashamed of the wild abandon with which she had joined them, but she could feel no shame. She felt only the burning of her lust.

Joe lapped at the horny older woman’s tingling cunt, driving her wilder and wilder by the second. Her cunt was wet with cunt-honey, wet and hot for a big fat dick. Her legs moved wantonly, clamping against the boy’s broad shoulder and then opening widely. She gyrated her pelvis, grinding her cunt flesh against the horny kid’s handsome face.

“She’s ready for a dick, you guys!” Rod said, pulling his swollen pecker out of her sucking face with a loud plop. “She’s gonna get mine!” the hard-cocked kid rasped, his nuts churning.

“Oh God yes! I… I need a cock! Fuck me, stud! Stick that big fat cock in my cunt and fuck the piss out of me! Oh Jesus! I need it! I’m so hot for it! Hurry! Please!” the hot-assed woman cried, her cunt burning between her writhing legs.

Reluctantly, Joe moved out of the way and let Rod have the lovely woman’s seething cunt. He told her to get back on the floor. She obeyed, eagerly this time, falling onto a soft fur rug in front of the fireplace and raising her long honey-tanned legs.

Joe and Hank stood by and watched while their buddy Rod fell on the eager beauty and buried his shaft all the way up her tight dripping cunt. The two horny brothers wrapped their fingers around their dicks and jerked off while Rod punched his pecker in and out of Janet’s pussy.

Janet cried out in delight when she felt the boy’s hard dick-shaft jab into her wet hale. It was like nothing else in the world, a delicious sensation that she had needed to feel for so very long. She felt his cock divide the lips of her hot sex, felt his cockhead rubbing against her inner flesh of cunt. His meat filled her with heat, filled her with unutterable pleasure. She thought she might die of sheer excitement.

“Oh Rod! Fuck me! Use me! Hard! Bury it deep! All the way, lover! I want to feel it deep inside me!” she cried.

“Oh shit!” Rod rasped, his balls tense between his long muscular legs. “You are good! Goddamn! You won’t believe how her cunt feels, you guys!” he said excitedly, his heart beating faster and faster, his muscles tensing more and more by the second.

Janet’s body was dive with sensation. Every fiber of her body tingled and twitched with excitement. Her cunt felt charged with electricity, ready to flash at any moment. The boy’s cock banged in and out faster and faster, harder and harder. Each thrust seemed deeper than the one before. She could feel his hard-on growing inside her, getting stiffer and stiffer by the minute. It wouldn’t be long, she knew, before Rod erupted into her. She would hate to lose that hard dick, but there were two other stiff-dicked studs to satisfy her, and satisfy her they would.

“I’m gonna shoot! Hang on, Janet baby! I’m gonna shoot my juice right up your hot little cunt!” Rod rasped as his nuts tensed unbearably between his lean young legs.

Janet felt her cunt tightening as the boy lunged into her with a hard final thrust. She gasped as she felt his semen spurting into her tight twat. It seemed that the kid would never stop shooting his wad into her. The stuff seemed to run in her cunt like a river of cum.

“Oh fuck! Fuck! Wild! What a cunt!” Rod gasped as his dick slowly relaxed after his nut-busting ejaculation.

“My turn now, man! Get the fuck out of there!” Joe said, his dick standing in front of him like a wooden post.

“I got her all worked up for ya, man! You oughta get your nut in a couple of minutes!” Rod rasped, pulling out of the hot-assed woman and letting his dick hang half-hard in front of him.

Rod flapped down on the davenport and let his buddy take his place in her cunt. He and Hank watched as Joe reamed the hot-assed woman’s cunt with his big swollen cock. He pound it into her, moving his pelvis in a tight circle inside her, making her shiver with delight, making her cry softly.

“Oh Joe! Joe! It’s so beautiful! Move it inside me! Oh God! Hard! Please! I want you to come in me! I… I want you to make my cunt flash! I’m so close, so very close!” she sobbed.

Joe poked his dick in and out of her gasping cunt until his wad was ready to spurt into her. He began fucking her harder and harder, lunging all the way into her with each hard forward thrust. His balls slapped against her steamy crotch as he fuck the living piss out of her.

“Now! I’m comin’! Right now! Take it! Take it all!” the boy growled as his cum shot out of his hard pipe.

The friction of Joe’s pistoning dick against her hot little bud of flesh had taken Janet to the brink of orgasm. He kept fucking her hard as his rod blasted sperm into her, kept fucking her until her pussy started to flash. The sensation made her dizzy. Her cunt flashed again and again as her orgasm exploded in her tingling pussy.

“Me now!” Hank growled when he saw his brother close his eyes tightly in the throes of his ejaculation.

Hank waited only a minute or two after his brother shot his rocks off before he grabbed his shoulder and pushed him away. He replaced his brother’s turgid dick with his own and began pumping her pussy wildly. He rammed his hone in and out of her even harder than the other boys had, making her writhe with pleasure. It wasn’t long before she was coming again.

Janet’s twat flashed in ecstasy a second time as the boy blew up inside her. He gasped as his balls shot their wad into her clutching sheath. His nuts tightened between his striving legs as he bucked his ass and jammed his poker all the way up her hot snatch.

“I want you all!” she cried in the heat of her lust. The other two boys fell on her, rubbing their dribbling cocks over her warm silken flesh. They writhed together on the thick fur rug, their arms and legs intertwining, their naked bodies seeming to melt one into the other. Janet was empty of fear, so lost was she in the heat of the moment.


Janet was still writhing on the rug with the three young studs when the door opened and Bear walked in. She looked up and suddenly realized the seriousness of her predicament. She looked out through the open door and saw a man holding a gun on her four children. Two other tough looking men stood beside them, watching to see that they didn’t try to get away.

When Janet saw that her children were naked she realized that the four men had already taken the girls’ virginity in the woods. She wanted for a moment to jump up and fly at them like a tigress, but she knew better. The kids didn’t seem much the worse for wear. She could see no bruises on their naked bodies. Apparently they had managed somehow to cooperate with the four horny men just as she had with the three young boys.

“You kids have a good time?” Bear grunted, rubbing his beard and looking down at his two boys and Rod.

“Shit yeah, Pa! We all fucked her! No shit!” Joe said, obviously trying to impress his father with his masculine accomplishment.

“You been fuckin’ them girls?” Hank asked, his eyes glittering with excitement.

“What the fuck do you think we been doin’ with ’em?” Bear said in a gruff voice. “Now get off of her so I can see what she looks like!” he ordered, eyeing Janet’s naked body.

“Mom! Are you all right? Did… did they… did they do anything to you?” Janet heard Jack call from outside the cabin.

“I’m all right, Jack!” she cried, trying not to sound afraid. “They didn’t hurt me!”

“Shit, kid, I told you the boys wouldn’t hurt her too much!” Bear rasped.

“You want these kids in the cabin?” Bob asked.

“Sure! They might as well come in and join the fun!” Bear said.

Janet ran to her children and hugged them. She held the girls in a warm embrace, trying to comfort them. Their captors let Janet and her family reassure each other for a while. It was more than obvious that the men’s minds were on something more than a little family reunion.

“Goddam, girls! Your mother’s even prettier than I thought!” Bear said, his cock straining again at the material of his pants. “Bet she knows how to use what she’s got too!”

“No! Don’t! Not in front of my children!” Janet protested as the man moved toward her, reaching out and laying his heavy hands on her naked tits. “I won’t let you! I won’t! It’s disgusting!”

Janet struggled for a moment but soon realized that it was no use. The man was built like an ox. He held her arms tightly to her sides, pressing his hot lips against hers, stifling her protests.

“That’s the way, Pa!” Joe said, watching his dad push his tongue deep into Janet’s throat.

“You better not hurt my mom!” Jack said, breaking toward Bear and getting to within a few feet of him before Bob’s hand slammed against his face.

The girls screamed when Bob knocked Jack to the floor. Janet tried to cry out too, but Bear pressed his lips against her too hard. His hands were all over her, stimulating her naked flesh with the expertise of a man who had fucked many women. Janet tried to fight off the wild sensations that his hands and lips were inspiring in her, but it was no use.

Bear’s heavily muscled hairy body pressed against her. She could feel his wiry chest hair nabbing against her stiffening nipples, making her tingle all over. When he clamped his heavy hand over the mound of her warm cunt she gasped with pleasure. She was getting more and more excited by the minute, even though she knew that her two sons and two innocent daughters were watching the whole nasty scene.

“I guess we’d better tie these fuckin’ punks up, you guys!” Mack said, throwing Joe and Hank a length of rope he had found in the shed out back. “We don’t need two boys for nothin’!”

While Joe and Hank were tying Greg and Jack securely, Rod was giving Terry and Lynn a good look. They tried not to look him in the eye, but it was awfully difficult. Both girls hated to admit it, but they found him powerfully affecting. In fact, both girls’ little cunts began to warm.

It wasn’t long before Rod was letting his hands rove over Terry’s fine young breasts. His fingers trailed over her resilient young boobs. He gently pinched her nipples until they stiffened and stood straight out.

She couldn’t resist staring down between Rod’s legs at the lengthening cock that hung there. It had been terrifying being fucked by older men, but Rod was closer to her age, and his presence so close to her made her feel funny all over.

When he had made Terry’s nipples stiff he moved over to Lynn and did the same for her, bending down and planting kisses on her tits, sucking them until they tingled deep in her breasts. He let his hands move down over her silken sides. He tangled his fingers in the light down between her shapely legs. Her warmth seemed to soak into his hand and go straight to his young nuts. Soon his dick was as hard as a rock and rubbing against her silken belly.

“Wanna fuck?” he asked with a dirty grin, looking at both girls at the same time.

The girls didn’t say yes, but they didn’t say no either. Rod could tell by the glimmer in their lovely eyes that they wore receptive. Maybe he wouldn’t have to take them by force after all. Maybe the others had warmed them up enough to release their womanly desire to fuck.

While Bear was busy stroking Janet’s silken flesh and the other guys were watching, Rod led the two young girls over to a far corner of the cabin and told them to sit down with him. Rod sat cross-legged, his big hard cock arching up from his lap. He patted the rug and invited the girls to sit on either side of him.

“You girls like that they did to you out there?” the kid asked, smiling warmly.

“They were awfully rough!” Lynn said.

“They were terrible! They’re like animals!” Terry said.

“I’m not like that,” he said softly, trying to act the perfect gentleman.

“But you and those two boys raped our mother!” Lynn said with contempt.

“She told you we didn’t hurt her, baby!” Rod said. “You know what, girls? She hasn’t had a man in four years! I mean it! She was frustrated!” the boy said.

“You mean… she… she liked what you did to her?” Terry asked in amazement.

“Shit yeah! I mean… uh… sure she did!” the boy said.

“But how could she have?” Lynn asked.

“The same way you did, I guess!” Rod said, his eyes twinkling, a grin on his handsome young face.

“Who said we like what those men did to us?” Terry asked indignantly.

“Aw c’mon, baby! I know you liked it! Every girl likes gettin’ fucked, if she’s a real woman!” the hard-cocked kid said with a smile, looking straight into Lynn’s pretty eyes.

“I… I don’t know…” Lynn said.

“Neither do I,” Terry whispered.

“Come on, girls! I can make you feel real good! I made your mother feel real good! She loved every minute of it! She was even beggin’ for more!” the boy said. “Say, what are your names anyway? Mine’s Rod. I think my dad named me after this!” the boy chuckled, reaching down and grasping the shaft of his rock-hard cock.

Terry and Lynn both blushed when they saw the kid show off his hard cock so obscenely. The girls bated to admit it, but there was some truth in what he was saying. They hadn’t enjoyed the roughness of the men who had buried their cocks in their cunts, but they had enjoyed some of the sensations that they had experienced during the hot fuck.

“How about it? Can we be friends or not?” Rod asked, intending to take what he wanted by force if his gentle approach didn’t work.

The girls looked at each other and communicated something in the flashing of their eyes.

“I’m Terry,” the beauty smiled.

“I’m Lynn. I guess we can be friends, that is if you don’t try to hurt us and if you promise not to hurt my mother!” Lynn said.

“Nobody’s gonna get hurt! No shit! We’re just gonna have some fun and get out of here!” Rod said, his dick beginning to drip with preseminal fluid as his excitement increased.

“… do we have to do it out here where all those men can watch?” Terry asked softly.

“Shit no, Terry baby! We can go in there and do it on the bed if you want to!” Rod said, his dick arching up from his lap.

“Well… I… I suppose we could…” Terry said with a half-hearted smile, glancing over at her mother and seeing the lusty smile that had come over her pretty face. “Mother does seem to be enjoying herself!”

“Shit yeah! You might as well have some fun too!” Rod said in a throaty voice. “Wanna suck my dick for a minute first?” he asked, looking down at his massive erection.

“I… I don’t know,” the beauty said weakly.

“Aw go ahead! You’ll like it!” Rod encouraged the pretty girl, guiding her face down to his groin.

Terry resisted only a moment. When she felt the heat of his hard cock against her lips she opened them and planted a quick kiss on the lips of his cock. It wasn’t long before her tongue was licking at the slippery head of his rod, tasting his salty oozings. It was a taste that she would learn to love.

“That’s real nice!” Rod said. “You’re learnin’ fast, baby! Lick the head of it some more! That’s great! Ummmmmm! You give great head for a beginner, Terry! Lick that dick!” the boy said, shivers and shocks racing through his excited nuts as the pretty girl licked his cock.

Terry ran her wet eager tongue around the helmet-shaped head of his hard organ. She flicked it around the lips of his dick, making it jerk uncontrollably with excitement. His dick oozed pre-cum that ran in little rivulets down the shaft of the thing. She slurped it up and savored the oozing juice. She wanted to open her mouth and suck his cock all the way down her throat.

“How ’bout you now, Lynn?” the kid asked, his eyes glittering as he looked at the incredibly beautiful girl. “You wanna help your little sister out a little?” he asked.

“I don’t know…” Lynn said, staring at the back of her sister’s pretty head as she licked at the boy’s big dick.

“Give it a try, girl! You’ll get used to it real quick, just like your sister did!” he said huskily, his nuts seething.

“Oh, all right!” she said. “But you’d better not hurt me!”

“Hell, baby, I wouldn’t do that!” Rod said, lifting Terry’s head off his dick and making room for her sister.

Lynn licked the kid’s darkly swollen prick from the head to the root and back again, making it stiffen even more than before. She tangled her eager tongue in the nest of wiry hair between his legs. She nibbled at the skin on his cock-shaft. She ever-so-gently nibbled the lips of his cock-head. Then she opened her pretty mouth as widely as she could and took his rod into her lovely face.

“Oh yeah! That’s the way! That’s the fuckin’ way! Suck that dick! Eat it! Eat my fuckin’ meat!” the boy said excitedly, his heart racing, his balls squirming in their sac.

Lynn loved the taste and feel of the stud’s hard-on deep in her throat. She gurgled with pleasure as she sucked him hot and hard. She pressed her pretty lips around the cylindrical shaft of his cock and held him tightly in her mouth as she sucked him off.

“Up and down, baby! That’s the way! Move that pretty head up and down on it! Now that’s givin’ head! That’s really wild!” Rod said in a voice smoldering with sex-heat.

“Let me try it to.” Terry said.

“Sure! Let her have it again!” Rod said excitedly, tapping Lynn’s sucking face with the back of his hand.

Lynn pulled her face off his dick and let her sister take her place. Terry plunged down on Rod’s throbbing erection and sucked it deep into her throat. Rod resisted the urge to start flexing the muscles of his ass and jabbing his prick in and out of her face. The girls were cooperating so well that he hated to do anything that might frighten them.

“Hey, man, you gonna let us have some too?” Lynn and Terry heard a low voice ask.

The girls looked up and saw Joe and Hank standing over them, their long hard cocks jutting out in front of them. They both had dirty grins on their young faces, grins that told exactly what was on their minds, Hank reached down and took his prick in his hand, working the skin up and down on it. Joe cupped his nuts in his hand and fondled them obscenely.

“My nuts are full already! It’s about time I shot a wad! How ’bout it, ladies? You gonna be the lucky girls to get my cunt this time?” Joe asked, holding his balls with one hand and brushing his cowlick out of his eyes with the other.

Lynn and Terry snuggled up to Rod and shrank away from Joe when he reached down for them. Hank moved forward and reached out to take Lynn’s hand. She gasped and held an to Rod’s arm tightly.

“No! I’m afraid! Please don’t!” Lynn cried, her pretty eyes staring.

“Don’t let them hurt us! Don’t let them touch us, Rod! Please! We’ll do anything, but don’t let them touch us!” Terry begged.

“You heard the girls, men!” Rod said, wrapping his arms around the two apparently terrified girls.

“What is this shit, man?” Hank asked in a rough voice.

“Yeah, man! You can’t keep both of these chicks for yourself!” Joe rasped menacingly.

“Hell if I can’t!” Rod said, standing up and confronting his two buddies with blood in his eyes.

Rod confronted his two horny friends for a moment or two until Mack saw what was about to happen from the other end of the room. He managed to tear himself away from the action with Janet and quiet the three kids down.

“What the fuck’s happenin’ here?” Mack asked in a voice that left no mistaking that he meant business.

“This bastard won’t let us share the chicks!” Joe said, his eyes flashing.

“Okay, okay! Cool down! Get your asses over here!” Mack said, leading the three horny teenagers into a corner.

Lynn and Terry huddled silently together while the four men discussed the situation, their voices rising and falling and finally subsiding to hushed whispers.

“That the fuck’s the matter with you punks anyway?” Mack asked gruffly.

“That bastard thinks he’s gonna hog all the pussy!” Joe said, his fists balled at his sides.

“See that fucker?” Hank asked, pointing down between his legs to his pounding hard-on. “I gotta get that fucker in that bitches cunt!”

“Now wait a minute! Just hold on! Now I guess the girls are scared like bitches always are, right?” Mack said.

“Damn right! That’s why I wanna break ’em both in myself! See, I figure if I work real hard I can make them bitches wanna fuck us all! No shit! I got ’em to suck my dick without even tryin. They’re hot bitches! You guys are gonna get yours! Just let me work on one!” Rod said.

“Sounds good to me, men!” Mack said. “They’ll be better fucks if they really wanna get fucked!”

“Okay, Rod. You go ahead and break ’em both in! But remember, man, we gotta get ours too!”

Joe said after a few moments of thought.

Hank and Joe went with Mack over to the corner of the room where Janet was writhing with sex-heat. She was on the floor now, Bear’s furry face buried between her luscious legs. The horny woman was cooing with undeniable delight as the bearded man darted his eager tongue in and out of her sweet cunt. Her belly fluttered as the man stimulated her with an expertise that drove her wild.

“You know what, man?” Hank said, staring down at Janet’s writhing body. “I think she’s gonna keep us busy! Rod can have them two! Right now I wanna fuck her some more!”

“You’re just gonna wait for us real men to get through with her, kid!” Bob said, his dick threatening to tear out of his pants.

Neither of the boys wanted to risk tangling with the older men, so they stood quietly by, their dicks aching, while Janet was used by the three.

“Come with me, ladies!” Rod said, reaching out his hand to the two young girls.

“Please be gentle with us, Rod!” Terry said, taking the hard kid’s hand.

Lynn grabbed Rod’s rock-hard cock and pulled herself to her feet. Rod gasped in pleasure-pain when her fingers clasped around the super-sensitive shaft of his swollen cock. When she let go of his rod, it snapped up against his hard belly.

“Goddamn!” he said. “Watch that shit!”

Lynn and Terry glanced at each other and smiled lightly.

“I’m awfully sorry, Rod darling!” Lynn said softly. “I didn’t know boy’s cocks were so sensitive! I’ll just have to be more careful next time!” she said, following Rod into her mother’s bedroom.

“You girls just lay back on the bed and spread those pretty legs of yours!” Rod said, his dick dripping.

Lynn and Terry smiled at each other with a strange little twinkling, of their pretty eyes and fell back on the bed, spreading their legs and opening their cunts for the horny stud. Rod fell to his knees and pushed his handsome face up against Lynn’s open pussy, sniffing at her cunt like a puppy looking for something in the grass.

The excited kid began licking at her snatch, pressing his lips against the hot flesh of her raggedy cuntlips, kissing her steaming cunt. He sucked her hot clit, making wet slurping sounds as his lips pulled free of the little bud of flesh. He shoved his tongue into her snatch and pulled it out again with ever-increasing speed and urgency, tongue-fucking her wildly.

Rod lifted Lynn’s silken leg and let it fall over her sister’s. He ran his hands over both beautiful girls’ legs at once, making their skin tingle with excitement. It wasn’t long before he had moved his face between Lynn’s sister’s spread and trembling legs. He licked her with the same eagerness with which he had sucked her sister’s cunt, driving her just as wild as he had driven Lynn.

“Oh yeah! Yeah!” Rod gasped, his lips covered with the girls’ hot cunt-honey. “You’re really hot! Goddamn! I just love to eat cunt! You like it too, don’t you?” he asked, his eyes blazing.

“We love it, Rod baby!” Lynn said in a strange voice that made Rod’s cock tingle.

“I’m a real stud, ain’t I?” Rod asked with a wicked grin.

“You certainly are!” Terry smiled, spreading her legs even more widely, reaching between them and rubbing her little cunt.

“I bet you’d do anything I told you to do, wouldn’t you?” Rod asked, his dick jerking out of control.

“Oh yes! Anything in the world! We just love you!” Lynn said.

“Hot damn!” Rod said, clapping his hands in his excitement. “You know what? There’s somethin’ I’ve always wanted to see!” the boy said softly, staring into the girls’ mysterious eyes.

“What is that, Rod lover?” Terry smiled, planting a little kiss on the kid’s cheek.

“I’ve always wanted to see two chicks make it!” he said.

“T… together?” Lynn gasped.

“Yeah! Together! You ever done that?” the stud asked.

“God no! Never!” Lynn said, shuddering somewhat.

“I want you to! I wanna watch you two girls make it together!” he rasped.

“No! Never! You don’t mean it!” Terry gasped. “We couldn’t!”

“How ’bout it?” he asked Lynn.

“I… I… I don’t know…” the girl said nervously.

“I’ll never do that! Never! It… it’s dirty!” Terry said.

“You’d better do it!” Rod rasped, his eyes flashing with anger.

“You’re an animal!” Terry spat, shrinking any from him in disgust.

“You’d better talk your little sister into this right now, bitch!” Rod ordered, his heart racing.

“Alright… I… I’ll try…” Lynn said weakly. “Let us talk about it privately!” she said.

“I don’t know ’bout that!” Rod said. “You bitches might try to get away!”

“How could we? You’re too big and strong!” Lynn said, running her hand gently over her captor’s muscular arm.

“Okay. Go ahead. But you’d better not try no shit!” he said.

Lynn quietly lead her little sister over to a far corner of the room and whispered in her ear. Rod couldn’t make out what the girls were whispering about, but the conversation, was quite animated.

Their conversation ended rather abruptly. The two lowly naked gills sauntered over to the bed together, holding hands and looking as if they had reached some kind of agreement.

“All right, Rod,” Lynn said. “We’ll do what you asked. But don’t you dare tell anyone about it!”

“Okay, okay! Damn! I’ve always wanted to see this! Go on! Get at it! This is real wild!” Rod rasped, his balls threatening to blow up between his young legs.

Lynn and her young sister fell together on the bed, their long lithe legs entangling, their hands running over each other’s bodies. Their naked breasts crushed together, their pointed little nipples scraping against each other, tingling with undeniable desire.

Rod grabbed his big swollen dick and started beating off while he watched the horny sisters go at it. They seemed to know what he wanted to see instinctively. Terry lifted her pert little breasts and let her sister plant wet kisses on her delicate pink globes. Lynn kissed and nibbled at her sister’s bud little nipples until both girls moaned with pleasure.

The girls writhed with passion in each other’s arms, uttering little cries of delight as they put an a hot show for their horny captor. Their wet lips trailed over each other’s bodies, their tongues flicking over each other’s young flesh.

“Rub your cunts together!” Rod ordered.

Lynn and Terry did as they were told, spreading their legs and joining themselves together. Their legs entangled, they gyrated their pelvises, rubbing their downy cunt’s together until their bellies quivered with sensation. Their responsive little pussies moistened and ran with cunt-honey. Their juices intermingled as their cuntlips rubbed together. Both girls thought that their twats would burst into flame at any minute.

“Eat each other out now! I gotta see that!” Rod growled, his hand racing up and down over his enormous rod.

The two horny sisters slithered into a sixty-nine position and began rubbing their warm cheeks against each other’s cunt. It wasn’t long before the scent and sight of the girls’ hot twats were driving them both wild with incestuous lesbian desire.

Their tongue flicked over each other’s steaming cuntlips. Their noses rubbed against each other’s blazing little, clits. Their lips pressed against the rosy inner flesh of each other’s juicy cunts. Both girls cooed softly as their bodies became charged with sexual electricity. They writhed in the heat of their newfound lust.

Rod listened to the slurping and kissing until he couldn’t stand it any longer. He stared between the girls’ legs at their tongues and lips working wildly. He had to get into the act now, had to get his dripping dick into the girls’ hot juicy cunts.

“Okay, you two, I gotta get it now! Spread them legs!” Rod rasped, his nuts swelling with masculine power.

The girls seemed reluctant to move from their cuntlapping positions, so wrapped up were they in their newfound incestuous activities. Rod, crawled into bed with the two girls and rubbed his dick against their silken skin. They could hardly ignore his thrusting heavy body.

“Who’s first?” Rod asked, his rod of flesh rubbing hot and hard against Lynn’s thigh.

“Lain, Rod! Oh God! I… I need you! I’m so horny! I didn’t know sex could be this much fun! I’m so hot! Fuck me! I want that big hard cock of yours buried between my legs!” Lynn cried, her cunt open, her wet flesh steaming with sex-heat.

Rod fell on the excited girl and pushed his long hard-on into her sucking gash. He bucked his ass hard and fast, shoving his pecker in and out of her madly, making her cunt blaze with excitement. Her pussy sucked at his slippery dick. Her fluids ran freely as he stimulated her cunt to the flash point. Her cunt shivered with the tension of sex.

“Lick my balls!” Rod rasped. “Tent you lick Terry fuckers while I’m screwin’ your sister!”

Terry did as she was told, getting behind the horny stud and licking his sperm-laden balls as he bucked in and out of her sister’s tight cunt. She nibbled on the stud’s hairy sac as his nuts swayed back and forth, flicking her eager tongue around over his hot testicles.

“Suck ’em, baby! Suck them balls! Yeah! That’s the way, baby! Suck ’em into your mouth! I wanna hear you slurpin’ on ’em! Make me hot, baby! Make me hot!” Rod rasped.

Terry took the boy’s balls into her pretty mouth and at a time, sucking on them gently. She ran her tongue around over the egg-shaped balls while she sucked and nibbled on the sensitive organs. His nuts slapped against her cheek as he fucked her sister.

“Move that cunt! Yeah! Take that cock! Suck it all the way up there. Oh yeah! Great! I’m gonna fill that cunt with sperm, baby! I’m gonna fuck you so hard you’re not gonna be able to walk for a fuckin’ week!” the kid rasped as he lunged in and out of her sucking twat.

“Oh yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!” Lynn cried, her cunt clutching at his pistoning cock.

The bed creaked as the three horny young people writhed in the heat of their lust. Rod was so wrapped up in the mind-bending sensations the two girls were inspiring in him that he failed to notice the mysterious little sidelong glances that flashed between the sisters. Even though they were both enjoying the sensations of sex, there was something else on their minds besides fucking and sucking.


“Oh Jesus! Fuck meeee!” Janet hissed, her cunt stretched by Bear’s post of hard flesh. “I want it! Bury it in me! Oh God! You’re so strong, so masculine! Screw me! Screw me hard!”

“Fuck her, Dad! Yeah! Give her what she wants!” Joe rasped as he and the other guys watched his dad fucking the hot-assed woman.

Bear banged in and out of her until his nuts could stand the tension no longer. He gripped her shoulders tightly as his heavy balls shot off. He arched his muscular back and drove his distended dick deep into Janet’s sucking twat as his rocks shot off.

Janet shivered with excitement as she felt the hairy man’s body tensing. She gasped when she felt his semen squirting deep into her juicy cunt. The heavy wad blasted against her inner flesh, spraying against the inner walls of her seething twat. Her body tensed unbearably as her orgasm tore through her like a tornado.

Janet flashed again and again as the man’s balls blew up between her legs. She felt the rush of her orgasm melting her cunt. Just as soon as the first rush had passed over her she felt the man raise up and pull his still hard cock out of her tight cunt.

“Okay, Bob! Give it to her, old buddy!” Bear rasped, standing up and letting his pal have a crack at her.

Bob drove his huge tomcat into the woman’s juicy cunt with one mighty lunge. She almost fainted when she felt the slippery dick pushing into her hot wet cunt. It wasn’t more than a second or two before the man started punching his tool in and out of her sex. The friction drove her mad with lust. She closed her eyes tightly as she felt another orgasm tearing through her. It was the first time in years that she had had two orgasms at almost the same time. Her cunt grasped the man’s hard dick as she came, making his balls gather tightly between his legs. She felt the man’s dick stiffen suddenly inside of her after only a few hard lunges in and out of her.

“Oh fuck! She’s so fuckin’ hot she’s makin’ me come already!” Bob rasped as his dick shot off in her.

Bob tried desperately to hold back his ejaculation, but it was no use. Her cunt held his cock in a viselike grip. It was as if a thousand wet hands were racing up and down the stiff shaft of his tool, making his nuts ache unbearably. His balls tensed and then exploded wildly as his cum shot through his stiff sperm pipe.

“Oh Jesus! I can’t stop coming!” Janet cried as her body flashed with one wild orgasm after another. “Fuck me! I love it! Keep fucking me hard with that wonderful cock!” she begged.

“Okay, man! You got your nut! Now it’s my turn!” Mack rasped, grasping his buddy’s shoulder and urging him to pull out of the hot-assed woman.

“How about us, you guys?” Joe asked.

“You punks wait for us men to get ours!” Bob said with a laugh. “There’s plenty of cunt there for all of us!”

“Hell, man! You guys are gonna wear her out!” Hank said.

“Shit no! She’s so fuckin’ hot she’ll screw all night! She’s a fuckin’ mink!” Bear said, slapping his son on the back. “Don’t worry, kid, you’re gonna get some too!”

“Oh God! I want another one! I want another big beautiful cock! I want to come again! Please fuck me! Oh please don’t stop now!” the horny beauty cried, her cunt seething.

“Hear that kids?” Bear growled, looking over at Jack and Greg, who were securely tied to two chairs. “Your mother really loves gettin’ fucked!” the man laughed.

Jack and Greg were amazed and embarrassed to admit it, but it did seem that she was enjoying the things the men were doing to her. Every time the men lunged into her she shivered all over as if she were enjoying every bit of it. And now she was actually begging for more.

Jack and Greg also hated to admit the fact that they were getting turned on by the wild scene they were witnessing. They were still stark naked from their experience in the woods. If the men had let them put their clothes back on it wouldn’t have been as bad. As it was, however, their cocks were sticking up from their laps and there was no hiding their excitement. They only hoped that their mother wouldn’t happen to glance over at them and see what an embarrassing state they were m.

Mack pounded his big hard cock in and out of Janet’s sucking snatch until he shot his heavy wad into her. Her pussy was alive with maddening sensation, fluttering with excitement, grasping at the hard meat that was thrusting in and out of her. She had never felt so many conflicting emotions in her life. She loved the feeling the men were giving her as they fucked her one after the other. At the same time she hated the animals for using her so cruelly. She was afraid for her children too, and yet there was something strangely stimulating about the situation.

When Hank and Joe had had their turns at her Bear looked over at Jack and Greg and brake into a guttural laugh.

“Hey, hey! Look at that will ya! Them kids want some too!” Bear laughed. “How ’bout that, little mother? Your boys are horny for ya too!”

“How about it, Janet? You wanna give ’em some?” Bob asked.

Janet stared over at her two young sons. Their cocks jutted up from their laps as hard as rocks. She realized that not even her own sons could resist the excitement of watching her get fucked so furiously by her captors. She knew that they had to be feeling the terrible embarrassment of the situation. She could tell by the way they writhed in their chain that they were ashamed of their involuntary reaction to the scene.

“Come on, baby! Speak up!” Bear laughed. “You wanna give the kids some?”

Janet shook her lovely head negatively, but it was no use. No amount of pleading could change the minds of the horny captors. They were bent on their own satisfaction, and nothing could stand in their way, not even the taboo act of incest.

“Hey, kids, you want some pussy from your mother?” Hank asked, grinning a dirty grin.

“What’s the matter, boys? You shy or somethin’?” Bear asked. “Shit, your dicks are hard enough! You must like what you been lookin’ at! Why not get in on the act?”

“But… uh… we… we can’t! She’s our mom!” Greg rasped, his young balls squirming between his bound legs.

“Who gives a shit? You know what, boys, I’d really like to see two kids fuckin’ their mother! Makes my dick hurt just thinkin’ about it!” Bear laughed. “Why don’t you just get over there and give them kids some head?”

Janet struggled, but to no avail. The men picked her up and carried her over to where the boys were seated side by side, tied so securely that they couldn’t possibly escape. They forced her to her knees and pushed her pretty face between Jack’s nervous legs. When she tried to draw back Bear gripped the back of her neck and pushed her closer to the boy’s arching cock.

“No! I… I can’t!” she gasped.

“Shit, Janet baby, you know you want to!” Joe said. “Remember, lady, we heard you beggin’ for this kid’s dick while you were playin’ with your cunt on the porch! Can’t deny that, can you?”

“But… I… I was… I was only…” Janet protested, her eyes glittering with the fire of lust.

“Well, how your dreams are gonna come true!” Joe laughed.

“Are they ever! How ’bout that? Now you get to suck both of your boys off! That oughta make you real happy!” Hank said, grinning a nasty grin.

“No you know your old lady was hot for your cocks?” Joe asked the boys.

They shook their heads and stared into their mothers lovely eyes.

“She wants to eat your meat! Ask her! Go ahead and ask her!” Hank ordered, enjoying the way Jack and Greg were squirming.

“D… do you, Mom?” Jack asked in a nervous voice.

“You… you really mean it, Mom?” Greg said hoarsely, his young nuts seething with desire for his mother.

“I can’t!” she gasped. “It… it isn’t right!”

“Just answer the question, lady? Do you wanna suck their dicks or don’t ya? Nobody has to find out about it! We’re gonna be gone in a few hours! Then you and the kids can keep your little secret!” Bear said.

“I… I want to…” she said weakly, staring at Jack’s dripping dick. “I want to! I… I’m so… so ashamed…” she sobbed.

“Cut the shit and start suckin’!” Bob said. “Well? Do you boys want to get sucked off or not? You know, your mother’s one hell of a good cocksucker!” the horny man rasped, his dick rising.

“You really want to, Mom?” Greg asked.

Janet nodded, unable to resist the temptation. She only hoped the boys would understand. She had been hungry for her sons’ cocks for a long time, and now the opportunity to satisfy her hunger had presented itself. She had to do it. She had to taste the fruit of her own womb. She knew that the men could force her to do it even if she resisted. It was better to do the act on her own than to be forced.

“Now we’re gettin’ somewhere!” Mack rasped. “Suck them dicks! And do a good job on ’em too! You want your boys to enjoy this! Make ’em feel like we did!”

Janet reached out to Jack’s hard, throbbing young tool. She dared to let her fingertips touch the shaft of her son’s erection. His body jerked when her fingertips made contact with his super-sensitive flesh. Her fingers tinged when she felt his silky cock-flesh, as if she were suddenly filled with electricity.

Janet let her fingers brush lightly over the boy’s hard cock at first, barely daring to let herself feel his flesh. When she realized that the boy was enjoying the feelings she was giving him, she pressed more tightly on the shaft of his hard dick, making his balls shiver with excitement. She pressed the base of the boy’s cock with her thumb and forefinger, moving her fingers up along the stiff shaft of it until she had forced a droplet of crystal clear pre-cum to ooze from the lips of his dick-head.

Feeling the eyes of the horny men burning into her, the hot-assed woman dared to bend closer to her son’s big cock and flick out her tongue to catch the droplet of preseminal fluid that glistened on the end of his organ. She carried the droplet into her mouth on the tip of her tongue and tasted for the first time her son’s preseminal oozings. She longed for more.

“You like that, kid?” Bear rasped, standing behind Janet and letting his half-hard cock rest on her silken shoulder.

The boy nodded weakly as his mother let her tongue flick over the super-sensitive head of his rod. He had never felt anything like the sensations that were racing up and down the shaft of his rod. He felt dizzy with excitement as his mother licked the hard head of his rod. His mind was flooded with conflicting emotions. He knew how wrong it was to let his mother suck his cock, knew that it was even worse for him to enjoy it so much. There was no resisting the wild sensations that raced through him. He wanted his mother to suck his cock deep into her throat.

Janet pressed her wet and eager lips against the underside of her son’s hard dick. She sucked at his cock-head until it swelled to enormous size. She opened her lovely mouth as widely as she could and took his tool into her face. She plunged down on his erection until the head of his cock touched the back of her throat. Her cunt fluttering with undeniable desire, the horny mother began sucking her son’s dick with a mad passion.

Jack thought his balls would blow up immediately. His mother’s tongue fluttered around the shaft of his prick, making his nuts gather tightly between his tense legs. He could resist the urge to flex the muscles of his ass and thrust his hard-on deep into his mother’s throat.

Janet bobbed up and down on the boy’s dick while he jabbed his pecker in and out. Her chin pushed against his warm balls as she went down on him. She knew that she was driving her son wild with excitement. It wouldn’t be long before his wad came shooting down her throat. She swallowed hard as the kid buried his big young tool in her throat. When she felt his rocks shooting off in her throat she almost died with excitement. She was actually swallowing her own son’s cum. It was almost too much for her to believe.

Jack felt his nuts flashing between his tense young legs, flashing with sexual lightning. His nuts tensed unbearably and then exploded with great force. His wad shot, hard and fast down his mother’s sucking throat, filling her with hot cream. With every shot he pumped into her, his dick jerked hard in her throat. His nuts felt as if they were pumping gallons of cum into her.

Janet gurgled deep in her throat as what seemed like a never-ending river of sperm ran down her throat. She tried desperately to swallow all the hot cum that the boy poured into her, but it was no use. The thick stuff ran out of her mouth and dribbled from her pretty lips.

“Oh gosh! Gosh, Mom!” Jack gasped as his balls blew up.

“There ya go, baby!” Mack rasped. “The kid liked that! And so did you! Come on, baby! Admit it! You liked it, didn’t you?”

Janet pulled her head away from Jack’s cock and nodded weakly. She could see in her son’s eyes that he had indeed enjoyed the maddening things she had been forced to do to his cock. She hoped he would understand what had made her work on him so eagerly.

“Give the other kid some too!” Bear growled, forcing her to bury her pretty head between Greg’s young legs.

Janet found her younger son’s rod just as stiff as Jack’s had been. It was slippery with preseminal fluid already. He had tried not to watch the wild things his mother had been doing to his brother, but it had been no use. It was all too exciting to turn away from. Just watching her suck Jack’s dick had almost made him shoot his rocks off. His cock was harder than it had ever been. His nuts were aching unbearably. He wished his mother would plunge down on his cock and made him come in her mouth.

“Come on, Mom! Do it for me! Please!” the boy pleaded. “It hurts! Suck it for me!”

“Oh God yes! Yessss!” Janet hissed, her cunt seething.

Janet took her son’s jerking prick into her face and sucked hard and fast on it. She had never felt so stiff a cock before. It throbbed in her face with youthful vigor as she sucked and licked it. She reached out and grabbed the kid’s balls, kneading them gently while she sucked him off. It wasn’t long before his sperm was spurting into her, almost drowning her with its volume.

“Oh, Mom! God! That feels so good!” the kid rasped as his semen filled his lovely mother’s face.

“Sure it feels good, kid! I bet you’re gonna want her to do that for you all the time now!” Bob said with a grin.

Janet let her son’s hard-on slip from her pretty mouth with an audible slurp. She licked her lips and smiled weakly at her two sons. They didn’t seem any the worse for wear. In fact, they were all smiles, as if she had just done something wonderful for them.

Janet became aware of the heaviness of a big hard cock rubbing against her naked shoulder. She looked up and saw Bear stroking back and forth against her silken flesh. His rod was swollen and ready to be worked on again. In fact, all the men and boys were ready for more fucking and sucking. They would have taken what they wanted if the click of a shotgun hammer hadn’t scared the piss out of them all.

Everyone in the room stared at the door. Lynn and Terry wore standing there in the doorway. Lynn held the heavy shotgun that Bob had left leaning up against the wall. Her finger was poised on the trigger, and, although the gun looked much too big for her, she held it steadily.

“What the fuck!” Bear growled. “P-put that fuckin’ gun down, girl! It… it might go off!” he said, his eyes flashing with fear.

“It will go off if you don’t untie my brothers and leave my mother alone!” the angry girl shouted, holding the shotgun in Bear’s direction and looking as if she would use it.

“Come on now, girl!” Bear said, walking slowly toward her. “That’s too big of a gun for a little girl! Now you just let me have it!”

“I’ll blow your head off!” Lynn said coldly.

“Okay, okay!” Bear said.

“Better do what she says, Bear!” Mack said, his hard-on wilting as he stood there shaking.

“Yea, Dad! Come on!” Hank almost cried. “Do what she says!”

“Untie my brothers!” Terry said.

The man did as they were told, fumbling nervously with the ropes that held Jack and Greg. When the boys were free they rut over and took the gun from Lynn, holding it steadily at the frightened men.

“Don’t shoot.” Joe begged. “Please! We’re sorry! Honest!”

“Mom?” Jack asked.

“Do you think we should shoot these animals?” she said, winking at the boys.

“We oughta do something to ’em!” Jack said, shaking with anger.

“They don’t look so tough now!” Greg laughed, watching the men shaking with fear.

“That one in there wasn’t so touch either!” Terry laughed.

“We took care of him all right! I clobbered him with a lamp while he had his back turned. Well, well, it looks as if he’s awake again!” Lynn laughed as Rod crawled weakly through the bedroom door.

“What should be done with these beasts?” Janet said.

“Let’s just let ’em crawl away on their knees!” Greg said.

“No, Mom!” Jack said. “Let’s turn ’em in to the cops!”

“Oh no, Jack darling! We can’t do that! That could be awfully embarrassing! We have to keep this our little secret!” Janet said.

“I’m not embarrassed, Mom!” Greg said. “Neither am I!” Jack admitted. “I enjoyed what you did to me, Mom!” the boy said.

“And you girls? Are you all right?” Janet asked.

“We’re a little embarrassed, Mom!” Lynn said, managing a smile. “But I think we’ll get over it!” she said, glancing over at her sister with a secretive little smile.

“In that case I suppose we don’t really need to punish those beasts too severely. I suppose we could have them crawl away and keep crawling until they’re far gone,” Janet smiled wickedly.

Mack rushed to put on his clothes, but was stopped by an order from Janet.

“Don’t be silly! You can’t wear your clothes! We want you to crawl away from here like the animals you are, and animals don’t wear clothes!” Janet said, picking up the man’s pants and throwing them into a corner.

“Get movin’!” Jack ordered.

The men got on their knees and crawled out of the cabin. When they were near the edge of the woods Jack fired one shell over their heads and sent them scrambling through the briars and brambles. Janet’s family broke into wild laughter and kept laughing until all the tensions of the experience had dissolved.

It wasn’t long before they were hugging each other and trying to forget the terrible experience. But there were things they could not forget. Janet could hardly forget the way she had enjoyed sucking her sons’ hard cocks and the boys could hardly forget the wild sensations that their mother had inspired in them. Lynn and Terry couldn’t help remembering the new pleasures they had discovered in their forced lesbian embrace.

It wasn’t long too before their loving embraces had crossed their sexual instincts again. In a matter of minutes the air was filled with little sighs and whimpers of pleasure as they began to explore the taboo joys of intra-family sex. Their hands were everywhere as they stimulated each other beyond the point of no return. Cocks stiffened and pussies moistened as their embraces melted the barriers of society against incest.

Janet knew that their little vacation in the woods was going to turn out to be the wildest experience of her life, if it hadn’t been that already. The possibilities for fucking and sucking were almost limitless, and many of those possibilities ran through her mind.

“Gosh, Mom!” Greg said as her hand fondled his genitals. “What are we doin’?”

“I don’t know really, darling, but I don’t think there is any way of stopping it now!” Janet said.

“Who wants to stop it anyway?” Jack asked, his hand exploring his mother’s juicy cunt.

“Nobody wants to stop it, Jack!” Lynn said, her lips pressing against her brother’s dick.

“Then it’s agreed!” Janet said, her cunt melting. “From now on we’ll be one happy family!”

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