Cinematic Incestuous Lives

Something was up for sure when I came home one night a couple of months
ago, from college to find my Mother, Nancy waiting for me with her dark
hair loose around her shoulders and the lacy, sexy white gown, that she’d
worn on her wedding night for my Father who had died years before, covering
her naked body .. I didn’t complain when she greeted me with a warm,
passionate kiss and led me to the bedroom. I’d always wanted her to.

“What’s gotten into you?” I said, chuckling nervously, as she started
undressing me.

She answered with a sultry smile, then knelt down to lower my pants and
take my cock into her warm mouth. She grabbed my ass, held me firmly and
gobbled me up as if she couldn’t get enough of her sons dick. She sucked,
quickening the pace and pressure, until my cock had time to pulse its way
to a stiff erection, and then her tongue started to swirl and she began to
drive me deeper into her throat.

Overwhelmed by her minstrations, I quickly reached the point of
ejaculation. But only after I warned her did she reluctantly free my cock.
She stood and kissed me, letting her hands sweep across my balls.

“Fuck me, son,” she whispered. “Fuck me now.”

I was stunned by her behavior, but more so by her frank request. It was
so unlike Mom, the quiet, proper school teacher. But obviously I wasn’t
about to refuse her now, especially after that mind blowing blow job.

We fell back on the bed, embracing and kissing and rolling over each
other. I started kissing her neck and fondling her large breasts, ones
that I’d sucked on years before, through her gown, but she kept pulling on
my hips and panting for me to hurry. And when I rolled between her legs,
she obligingly splayed herself and hiked up her gown. I’d never seen my
mom so lustful, and it served to swell my own excitement.

Lucky for me, I managed to maneuver the tip of my cock over the wet lips
of her vagina just as her hips bucked upward. She gasped as I lunged deep
into her. There was no slowing her down as she writhed beneath me, heaving
herself up to take the full thrust of my cock. With every stroke, mom’s
excitement seemed to mount. Her demands quickly got the best of me. I
continued pumping into her even as I shot my load. Mom moaned and panted
as I bore down on her, milking me until I’d given her all I had. And then,
with a loud grunt, I fell forward and rolled off her. As we recuperated
from our heavenly embrace, she leaned over, kissed my lips and left the
bed. This time I was ready for her when she returned from the bathroom, but
with questions instead of the steamy sex we had just had.

Her behavior, though certainly welcome, made me curious, to say the
least. Such bold, brazen physical passion, especially from my own mother
was beyond my comprehension.

I had been a bit of a wild man in my college days, more likely to lust
after a dancer at a topless bar than my conservative, well-mannered mother.
Not that I hadn’t thought about it before. I mean what young man hasn’t.
But this was just too much to handle without asking something about what
started this incestuous tryst.

Truthfully, though, fucking my own mother wasn’t a calculated move, at
least by me anyway, I may have started trying to peek at her and giving her
those sexual glares, but never did I imagine this. I happily discovered
during my peeking that beneath her black-rimmed glasses and conservative
dress was brewing a sexual fireball with a curvaceous body. I’d even seen
her in the shower once fingering herself to a frothy orgasm. But for mom
to welcome me home from college with a blowjob and a fast tumble in the
sack was bordering on insanity.

By way of explanation, mom handed me a dog-eared glossy magazine. It
was called “Family Love”. On the thick shellacked cover was a vivid
photograph of a well-hung stud pumping his tool into the willing mouth of
his very buxom naked mother. Barely covering he point of contact between
them was a black dot. The book was what I called a “fuck mag,” but with
incest. It was hard-core porn from cover to cover with an explicitly
depicted come shot every four or five pages. But the astonishing thing was
that mom would have such a book, much less pored over most of it. She
explained that she’d taken it from one of her seventh-grade students who’d
been reading it inside it inside his history textbook during class. Mom
had tossed it into her briefcase, intending to throw it away after class.
She forgot about it until she got home, opened her briefcase to start
grading papers and discovered it there. Her curiosity led her to scan a
couple of pages. By the time she’d finished with it an hour later, she was
enthusiastically aroused.

“It’s outrageous stuff, Mark,” my quit proper mother said, chuckling and
blushing. “Look at this!”

She kept pointing out positions and endowments to me, including a dad
coming in his daughters mouth and a brother fucking his sister in the ass
all during dinner and afterward. Instead of watching the news that night,
as was our habit, we were already in bed, reenacting some of the positions
from our trusty four-color companion.

Getting my modest, shy mother to fuck in the first place would have
meant a major seduction on my part, and even this form of lovemaking was
something I’d always thought impossible, just food for fantasy. But on
this particular evening, mom put her pussy on my face and her mouth on my
cock until I ejaculated full-force down her throat. I had no trouble
bringing her to orgasm with my tongue, and I thrilled at hearing the tiny
guttural gasps when she came.

The next morning, mom didn’t mention anything about our passionate sex
of the night before, but throughout the day, I couldn’t get out of my mind
how hot and wild she’d been, and I was anxious to encourage her in her
newfound interest. The results of her reading had obviously been
rewarding, and I was already looking forward to a repeat performance. I
phoned a florist and had a dozen red roses sent to our house with
instructions that the delivery be made after three o’clock, when she’d be
home from school. And by the time I got home that evening, I had an idea I
hoped she would go for.

All the way to the car she resisted my suggestion that we go to an adult
bookstore and rent an x-rated video. She said, “What if someone saw us?”
The notion made her nervous, but despite her light-hearted refusals, I
could tell the idea intrigued her. She wore dark glasses and held onto my
arm as we walked along the rows of explicitly decorated tape boxes and
magazines. I felt as much as saw her blush when we lingered in front of a
shelf displaying sexual novelties and toys. I had to snicker when she
whispered, awestruck, that she hadn’t dreamed such things existed. I then
led her to the huge display of videotapes for rent. I wanted her to pick
one that intrigued her, “Taboo 2” was the one she picked, but she was so
embarrassed it was difficult.

Back home I fed the tape into the VCR and settled beside mom on the
sofa. The movie began innocently, with a dishy young blonde getting ready
for her daddy. Her preparations were interrupted by the unexpected arrival
of her mother, a stunning brunette. As the two chatted, the girl’s father

The action on the TV screen quickly heated up as the father and the
blonde started necking. He unfastened her blouse, unhooked her bra and
began sucking her hard nipples. As the incestuous couple sank down on a
sofa and the blonde’s skirt slipped off, the man’s fingers pushed aside her
panties and exposed her sweet, creaming pussy.

Then there was a close-up of the blonde’s fingers busily unbuckling her
dad’s belt, unzipping his fly and pulling out his mammoth cock. Mom was
spellbound, transfixed by what she was seeing, and as my crept under mom’s
dress, on screen the man’s cock slipped into his daughter’s mouth.

Mom moaned softly as my fingers grazed her wet pussy through her
panties. She didn’t take her eyes off the TV screen even when I slipped a
finger inside and touched her hard clit. On the screen, the brunette, now
naked, who was the girl’s mother, joined the party, and the lucky dad
welcomed her by sucking her breasts and fondling her cunt. He dove down
and buried his face in her pussy while continuing to pump his cock in and
out of his daughter’s mouth.

By now I’d lost track of the action on the screen. Mom was getting my
full attention. With a little groan, she took my cock out of my pants and,
still not taking her eyes of the TV, slowly caressed me.

Mom gasped and I glanced up to see the guy on the screen blast his load
into his little girl’s mouth, leaving droplets on her lips and chin.

Mom dove for my lap and started gobbling up my cock. Her eagerness
thrilled me as I reached again to stimulate her clit. This time when I
touched my mom , she came. As she shuddered and moaned, her head bobbed up
and down on my shaft and I knew she wouldn’t stop until I’d shot my come
down her throat. The tape played on.

Later that night, after we’d watched the rest of the video, mom
practically dragged me to bed, Imitating one of the scenes late in the
movie, mom positioned herself on her hands and knees and had me enter her
pussy from behind. In my excitement at having a woman like my mother be so
wanton and insatiable, it was all I could do to stall my orgasm until she’d
enjoyed two bone-jarring climaxes in this new position for her.

Even the next day after school, I couldn’t wait to strip off her proper,
conservative dress, unknot her silky dark hair and make long, sweet love to

Well, it started out sweet, with my suddenly super-sexy mom and I in a
sensuous sixty-nine, leisurely licking and sucking each other’s genitals.
Soon, however, we were ready for the main course. A saliva wet finger
carefully inserted in mom’s pretty asshole started her moaning around my
pulsing cock, and a moment later she was on her back in the living-room
carpet, throwing her legs up in the air. “Do me, son,” she said in a
lust-charged voice. “Now.”

In a flash I was in position and bending her knees back so that they
grazed her breasts. I placed the head of my cock at her gooey opening and
then, in a single bold thrust, buried myself to the hilt inside her up
tilted pussy. With her arms stretched out full length, fingers digging
into the carpet, mom began grunting and groaning with joy as I thrust hard
and fast into her. We came within seconds of each other; Mom, her face
flushed, her eyes screwed shut, announcing her orgasm with a shrill cry of
pleasure as I drove into her one last time and spilled my seed in my mom’s
soaking pussy.

In the weeks since, mom has come to grips with the sensual self she has
finally unleashed from within. We average two trips a week to the video
shop to rent x-rated video tapes. So far, the only “fuck book” in our
private library remains the one mom confiscated from her student. If a
picture is worth a thousand words, mom likes to say, moving pictures blow
words right off the charts. Hard-core tapes were all she craved until last
Friday’s trip to the bookstore, when she quietly suggested that I but one
of the battery powered vibrators on display near the cashier.

With the TV and VCR now conveniently located in her bedroom, mom and I
snuggle naked under the covers to watch our latest tape. Friday’s movie
showed a steamy foursome, and mom and I were sixty-nining before the two
sisters on the screen started eating each other. By the time the two
actresses were lowering themselves onto their brothers’ cocks, I was
shoving my erection into mom’s hot sopping vagina from behind. It was then
that she handed me the vibrator and, remembering a scene from a previous
tape, I touched the vibrating tip to mom’s clit, instantly bringing both of
us off in a jerking, squealing crescendo of utter ecstasy.

Over the weekend I learned just how wild and adventurous mom’s erotic
imagination could be. I sure didn’t complain when, with her mouth
devouring my rigid cock, she used the vibrator to stroke the sensitive area
between my balls and anus. My load shot into her mouth with a force I’d
never dreamed was possible. And, of course, I rewarded her by sucking
mommy’s clitoris while teasing her pussy with the vibrator. In fact, the
only time we dressed during the weekend was when a fellow faculty member
and her husband visited Saturday evening to play cards. For me it was an
exhilarating break in our steamy action. Just watching mom talking
sedately with our guests whetted my appetite for the sex vixen I knew was
bubbling inside her.

Today I picked mom up after school and we went to an electronics store
to buy a video camera and a tripod. The salesman showed us several models,
but we settled on one that he’d innocently suggested would be perfect for
home movies. Mom and I exchanged knowing glances, and my anticipation
began to surge. With mom’s demure appearance and manner, the salesman
could never suspect the steamy x-rated roles mom would be performing in
front of this camera. And I couldn’t be happier or more satisfied now that
my favorite teacher makes our private homework an expression of her vivid
erotic imagination.

I, of course, am her star pupil.