Fuck my brains out

Tara was one of my friends that I met at Karaoke near where I use to
live. When I first met her, I thought, “WOW! What a babe!” And if you saw
her too, you’d probably think the same thing. Long blonde hair, very skinny,
very sexy looking. I thought she was single when I first met her, but she
turned out to be involved with somebody, so I kept my distance. But nothing
would prepare me for what happened on Christmas day when she invited me to
stay over at her house with her and her boyfriend for the holidays because
I didn’t have anybody else to spend it with.

It was Christmas day. It was a day no different from any other day
for me in my 2 bedroom trailer out in the middle of nowhere. I was alone,
my girlfriend had left me and took the kid with her 2 years before, I was
just having a lousy life. But I was excited, cause my friend Tara had
invited me the night before to spend Christmas with her and her family. I
figured, “Hey that’s great! I won’t be alone this year.” And alone, I

It was all planned out. Tara would stay behind and do a little shopping
to get prepared for Christmas dinner, and her boyfriend Rrian would come
across town and pick me up. So until he arrived, I just sat on my computer
playing around on the Internet. Had a lot of fun.

Finally Brian came and picked me up. And we went to their house. When
we arrived, Tara’s Sister and a few friends were running around the kitchen
trying to get the Christmas dinner ready. It was like noon or something.
Brian asked where Tara was, and her sister said she had gone out to do some
last minute shopping. While everybody was running around getting stuff
done, Brian put on some Christmas music on the stereo, and I just sat down
on the couch in the living room and stared at the beautiful tree that they
had decorated. It was so beautiful. I had never seen anything like it in
my entire life.

It had regular ornaments on it and sashes and tinsel and all that stuff
on it, just like a regular tree, but it also had these really pretty green
and red bows and ribbons on it. I told Brian that it was really cute, and
he said, “You like that? Tara did that.” I was impressed.

Within about 10 or 15 minutes, the rest of the family showed up. Tara’s
Mom, and aunt, and a few kids. The place was beginning to look like a
regular party. It actually seemed fun to be there. I was actually enjoying
myself. And it got even better when Tara showed up. She blazed through
the door with bags and packages in her hands. Man did she ever look GOOD!
I stood up and followed her into the kitchen cause I knew she was going to
want to give me a hug, she was that type of person. And low and behold,
after she had everything put away, she said hi to me, and gave me a nice
big hug. It was really nice having her arms around me, even though it was
just a hug.

After that, I just kinda stood there in the living room for a while
watching her go around the kitchen preparing dinner. She was wearing the
tightest white pants I had ever seen. I mean they were so tight, you could
actually see her panty line. I was really enjoying myself just standing
there watching her. Brian would walk by a few times and I would just stare
up at the ceiling or something acting like I wasn’t staring, but I think he
knew something was up, cause he would keep walking by me every now and then
between the bedroom and the living room.

Anyway, I’m gonna shorten this up cause this is supposed to be an erotic
story, but needless to say, it was a really wonderful experience. We all
opened presents, Tara got me some socks, etc. When it was all over, Tara
had to go to her ex husband’s house to wish her kids a Merry Christmas and
have a small party with them. I could tell Brian didn’t particularly like
that idea, cause she called him from her ex’s house and asked him if he
would mind if she spent the night over there, cause her ex husband was
really lonely and she wanted to spend more time with her kids. Ofcourse,
he was the jealous type. And I would be too, cause Tara is such a beautiful
woman, I’d be worried 24 hours a day somebody would take here away from me
if she were mine.

Anyway, while Tara was at her ex’s house, Brian and I stayed behind and
cleaned up the house. We put the ornaments away and took down the tree
so they wouldn’t have to deal with it in the morning, he vacuumed the floor.
By the time Tara finally got home, Brian was tired, I was tired, and she
was tired. Everybody was too tired to take me home, so Tara told me I
could sleep in her daughter’s bedroom and Brian would take me home in the
morning. I said, “Okay”, and they went to their bedroom and I went to
her daughter’s and closed the door and turned off the light and went to

The next morning, I got the most incredible surprise of my life when I
was pleasantly awakened by an arm around me, and a nice sensuous kiss on
my lips. I opened my eyes and turned over and saw Tara laying next to me
in her blue silk nightgown. I sat up and said, “What are you doing here?”
But all she did was put her finger to her lips and say “Shhhh”, and she
layed me back down on the bed and put her head on my chest and put her arm
around me and just layed there. I didn’t quite know what to do right then
and there, I was so surprised by her actions. Never in a million years did
I ever think she would actually resort to cheating on her boyfriend with me.
I mean, all we were doing was laying in bed together, but I was pretty
certain it would go further than that cause she was moving her arm up and
down my belly to my chest, and each time her hand reached my belly, it would
go a little further down. She was staring into my eyes the whole time. I
was getting incredibly aroused by what she was doing.

“Does that feel good?”, she asked me.

“Yeah, it does.”, I smiled at her.

“How about this?”, she said as she ran her hand down the front of my
shorts and cupped by balls and started gently squeezing them.

I let out a gasp and started to breath heavy. She apparently liked
my reaction, cause after she squeezed by balls a few times, and noticed that
my cock was getting extremely hard, she pulled it out of my shorts and began
stroking it gently at first, but then a little harder as my reactions to
what she was doing started to arouse her. She would say things like, “Ooooh
do you like that baby?” and ofcourse I would reply whenever I could get
a breath, “Mmmmmm yes…. Don’t stop…..”, and she would reply with, “I
won’t.”. God it was such an incredible experience.

By the time I realized it, she had gotten my cock so hard when she played
with it, I was then sent through the roof and into the clouds when the next
thing I knew, her lips were around my cock and she was literally swallowing
it. By this point I was so surprised at what she did, I let out another gasp
and lifted my head and began watching my rock hard cock disappearing into
her mouth and down her throat. She was good at this. Even better than my
ex girlfriend. She would momentarily look up at me as she continued sucking
me off, and she would smile and play with the head of my cock with her tongue
and then I would see it disappear down her throat again. Oh man, watching
my cock disappear into her mouth just turned me on so much that it wasn’t long
before I filled her mouth with my juices, letting out light screams here and
there. Not loud enough to wake anybody up though. If her fiance had known
about this, he’d kill both of us. But that’s what was so erotic about it.
I don’t know what it was, but watching her perform sexual acts on me instead
of her own fiance was just a huge turn on.

When she was finished, she laid down next to me again and began playing
with my balls again. I had to do something for her. I mean she was nice
enough to come into the bedroom and get me off, I just had to do something
for her. So I sat up. She had no idea what I was about to do, but I guess
she kind of had some idea that I was going to do something to her, cause
when I sat up and began to move down to the foot of the bed, she scooted to
the middle of the bed and laid on her back and spread her legs. I guess she
thought I was gonna get on top of her and fuck her. Ofcourse that was my
plan at first, but when I saw the beautiful sexy curves of her feet, I just
had to lick them. I don’t know about anybody else, but I believe a foot
fetish is the most erotic thing in the world to have, and it’s quite
exhilarating. I mean, you lick a woman’s feet and suck on her toes, she’ll
start screaming.

And as I ran my tongue from the heel of her left foot up to the tip of
her big toe, she grabbed the pillow and buried her face in it and started
screaming as loud as she could. It was a good thing she had done that, cause
if she had screamed without it, Brian would have heard her and come running
and we would have been caught.

After I was done licking her feet and sucking her toes, I moved closer
to her pelvic area and just stared between her legs wide eyed. Either this
woman took her panties off just for this occasion, or she doesn’t wear any
under garments under her nightgown. When she spread her legs I could see
all that hair on her pussy, and I just had to go for it. I didn’t see the
look on her face as I lifted up her nightgown and buried my face between her
legs and started lapping away at that sweet pussy of hers, but I’ll bet it
was a look of both surprise and ecstasy.

I was too busy sucking her clit and pushing my tongue in and out of her
slit to look up and see her facial reactions as I continued with what I was
doing, but I could hear her moaning softly as she was getting closer and
closer to orgasm. And I think I sent her through the roof and into the
clouds when I took one last lick and then as hard as I could, shoved my
tongue DEEP inside her and began moving it around. It wasn’t long before
she got to moaning so hard, that with one final silent scream, she blew her
juices down my throat. When I was finished, my jaw was in pain from wildly
licking her, so I just crawled up next to her and laid my head on her stomach
and began squeezing her soft plump breasts. She put her arm around me and
allowed me to continue. This went on for about 10 minutes.

I looked into her eyes as I slowly ran my hand up and down her chest,
and began seeing her facial expressions. I smiled at her and said, “Are
you alright?” She smiled back at me and in a soft voice she said, “Mmmm, Oh
yes. I’m just wonderful. I… I just never felt like this before.” “Like
what?” I asked her. “Well when Brian and I make love, I end up going to
sleep unfulfilled at night, cause it seems sex turns him on so much that
he blows his wad before I even get a chance to get excited. With you, it’s
a whole new world.”

“Do you like this?”, I asked as I put my left leg around her and got
on top of her and pulled the shoulder straps of her nightgown down, revealing
her large plumb breasts. “Ooooh YES.” she said. And that’s all I needed
to hear as I leaned down and took her right nipple in between my teeth and
started lightly nibbling on it. She let out a few soft moans and her whole
body began to shake all over.

“Oh baby… Oh baby… I’m cumming.. Oooh… Mmmmmmmm!!!!”, was all I
her say. And to give herself more leverage or something, she wrapped her
arms and legs around my body and squeezed as hard as she could, and I suddenly
felt something warm and silky squirting all over my belly. She tasted so
sweet before, that I decided to go down for seconds as I licked every drop
off of the sheets and off of her.

By this time, my cock was rock hard again and was ready for something
new. And she knew this. “Now it’s my turn.”, was all I heard her say as
she sat up, scooted over, and pushed me down on my back and straddled my
body. On her knees, she slowly scooted herself up closer so that my rock
hard cock was positioned right under her hole. And she took it in her left
hand and began to rub it up against her pussy. Oh man I was so turned on
by this, I almost cummed right then and there. But she wouldn’t let me.
Every time I showed a hint of excitement, she would stop for a few seconds,
and then start up again. She was driving me crazy, but that was okay, cause
I loved every minute of it.

“Tell me what you want baby.”, she said.

“I want you.”, I managed to say to her through all the soft moans I
was letting out.

“Ooooh you do huh…. And what would you like me to do?”, she asked.

Apparently women like guys to tell them what they want them to do to
them during sex. I myself never understood that concept, but I guess they
need that sorta thing. So I told her exactly what I wanted her to do. I
whispered, “I want you to fuck me.” And I reached up and slid my hands under
her nightgown and began to squeeze her breasts.

“Ooooh I’ll be glad to baby. I never thought you’d ask.”, she said as
she slowly lowered herself onto my cock. And as my hard shaft slid inside
her, she threw her head back and let out a soft moan. I continued to squeeze
her breasts harder and faster and she apparently liked that, cause it made
her move up and down faster on top of me.

“Mmmmm!!! Mmmm fuck me baby…. Fuck me!! Fuck my brains out.” I began
whispering to her as I squeezed her breasts harder. She looked into my eyes
and bit her lower lip and squinted as she moved up and down on me faster and
faster. Every time she came down, I would push my cock up inside her and
this got her even more excited. And I continued talking dirty to her.

“Oooh baby, yes… That’s it… Mmmm I’ve always wanted to fuck you
from the day I met you at Karaoke… Mmmmmm….”

And right before she squirted her juices all around my cock I heard her
manage to say through all her moaning, “Mmmm, what took you so long? All you
had to do was ask.” God it was such a wonderful experience. And what got
me so excited within the next few minutes that made me cum deep inside her
was when she said, “Ooooh baby, I want you to cum inside me… That’s it…
Let it out… I want you to fill me with your sweet juices…” and finally
with one last moan and thrust, I grabbed her hips and pulled her down and I
rammed my cock so deep into her, it almost came out her mouth and I let my
juices flow up inside her.

When we were finished, the whole room smelled like sex, so she had to
go to the kitchen and get some air freshener and spray it around. And that
was the end of it. We never did it again, but the last time I talked to her,
she told me that she was pregnant, and she was pretty sure it was mine. She
then thanked me for her Christmas present and we never saw each other again.