Cuckold Ceremony – Parker’s sperm tastes better

After the ceremony, Annie was eager to mingle with the guests. Of
course, her mother rushed up to us first, giving Annie a long hug. “I’m
soo happy for you, dear,” Catherine began. “You’re so lucky to have a big
strong man like Parker take care of you!” “I know,” Annie answered,
smiling. “He really does – take care of me – like no other man I’ve
been with.”

“Go ahead, you can tell her,” I added. Annie blushed at first, then
quietly told her mother, “He has a huge, beautiful cock, Mother. When
we’re in bed together, well, I just never knew that sex could be that
amazing.” Her mother winked. “Good for you!” she whispered. “I’m sorry
your dad couldn’t be here. You know how old fashioned he is – he called
this a ‘perversion of the marriage ceremony’ and wouldn’t have any part
of it.” “It’s OK Mom,” Annie assured her. “Everyone likes Parker. He’ll
warm up to him eventually. Jeffrey’s parents wouldn’t come either, but
I understand.”

Annie spotted Eric close by and headed straight for him, carrying you
and I along, holding each of our hands. “Well Annie, congratulations.
You really are a special woman,” Eric said in his usual smug way.
Cuckold Sex Stories
“More special than you know, Eric,” Annie told him. “I’m pregnant with
your baby.” Eric’s eyes widened as he glanced first at you, then at me.
“I – I’m not sure what to say, Annie,” he replied. “Don’t worry,” Annie
said. “Parker and I will care for it as our own. I just wanted your
sperm, a son just like you for my child. I have Parker’s blessing.”

“And what about you, Jeffrey,” Eric asked, grinning cruelly. “You’re
the one who helped pump my cum into her. Does she have your blessing as

You couldn’t face him. It wasn’t until this moment that you knew Annie
was carrying his baby. You stood with your head down, imagining her
belly swelling larger and larger with Eric’s child. How would you be
able to face him every day at work, along with everyone in the office
who would be certain to know after so many of Annie’s private visits in
his office? A tiny replica of Eric was growing inside Annie’s belly,
one you had most likely helped place there by pumping his throbbing
cock as he emptied his sperm into her in your own bed. Even after all
your training, it was brutally humiliating to accept Annie’s elation at
bearing your boss’s child.

“Don’t be such a wimp, Jeffrey!” Annie scolded. “Tell Eric how glad you
are that I have his baby inside me. Don’t be so rude! You should thank

Looking up into his grinning face, you did as you were told. “I’m glad
my wife is having your baby, Eric. Thank you for impregnating her.”

“And you should compliment his cock…” Annie continued.

“Annie loves your cock,” you admitted. “It’s so thick and hard – she
says she cums just thinking about it stretching her pussy.”

“Well, thanks for the compliment,” Eric joked. “Maybe you’d like to
suck it sometime if you like it so much,” he said, laughing.

“Ohhhh, that would be sooo hot!” Annie exclaimed. “You’ll do it for me,
won’t you Jeffrey, after Shayla turns you into a little girl? I’d love
to watch you suck him while Parker stuffs me with his cock. Maybe we
could even cum at the same time! Mmmmmm – I’m getting horny just
thinking about it, Parker. Take me into our bedroom and fuck me,
please? Just a quickie? No one will notice.”

“Absolutely,” I agreed.

“Oh, and Jeffrey,” she added quickly, “tell Eric you still want him to
fuck me, in his office, in front of all your co-workers. Tell him how
much you like having your wife take your boss’s thick, juicy cock
inside her, fucking me senseless while I scream for more. It’s what you
want, isn’t it Jeffrey?”

You looked Eric in the face while you told him. “Please,” you begged,
“I still want you to fuck Annie in your office every day, to fill her
with your cum while everyone knows I’m a cuckold. I want you to. I do.
I really do.”

“Don’t worry little man,” Eric assured you. “I’ll drain my cum into her
anytime she wants. And I’ll be sure to let everyone in the office know
why she comes to see me.”

“And I used to think you were a stud, Jeffrey!” You recognized the
voice from behind you. It was Sherri, eavesdropping on your talk with
Eric. As Annie and I discreetly made our way to bedroom, Sherri took
our place between you and Eric. Her eyes were full of mischief, her
smile dangerously twisted.

“Eric, did you know that Jeffrey has always wanted to fuck me?” Sherri
asked, grinning widely. Eric looked at you in mock surprise. “Why
Jeffrey, what would Annie say if she knew?” he teased. “Never mind
Annie,” she added. “What about Parker? He’d have your balls, wouldn’t
he Jeffrey?”

The fear went through you like a sudden sickness as you imagined what
the consequences might be. “Please – please, I really didn’t Sherri – I
really didn’t want to have sex with you – honest!” you pleaded.

“Now you’re lying, Jeffrey. You know you are. Why just yesterday you
jerked off staring at my bare tits, right over there in your kitchen.
Don’t deny it, or I’ll tell Parker right now.”

“OK, OK,” you confessed. “I – I guess – I – did want to have sex with
you – but I didn’t! I didn’t do it! You know I didn’t!”

Sherri grinned at Eric, who was enjoying this just as much as she was.
“But Annie and Parker would still be really pissed, wouldn’t they?” She
paused, watching you squirm. “Wellll, maybe we can come to an
agreement, Jeffrey. Think we could do that?” she asked.

Suspecting the worst, you eagerly agreed. “Tell me what you want,
Sherri,” you offered. “I’ll do it. Anything.”

“Ok, Jeffrey. Let’s assume I know some things – like how Annie won’t
let you get hard anymore, but you still eat her pussy anytime she
wants. I think the least you can do is give me equal time. Any time I
want, Jeffrey. You’ll put your face between my legs and lick me till I
cum. And you’ll give it your best too, won’t you?”

“B-but, what if Annie finds out?” you stammered. “She would…”

“Just leave the details to me, Jeffrey. If you’re good, if you make me
cum every time, I promise she’ll never know. Oh, I’ll want you naked
while you work, of course. And if your little dick gets hard, I won’t
even mind. But each time it does, you’ll jerk off while I watch, then
eat every drop of your cum. Understood?”

“I will,” you agreed. “I’ll do it, but please don’t tell Annie!”

“Oh, one more thing,” Sherri added. “Since Eric here is such a stud, I
think I should get a little too. I always fucked Annie’s boyfriends
behind her back – except for you, Jeffrey. You were too much fun to
tease, your little prick always twitching to get at me, your face so
disappointed when I practically promised you my pussy, then changed my
mind at the last minute. You never did catch on, did you?”

You were stunned. “I – I guess I always thought it was because you
didn’t want to hurt Annie,” you said slowly.

“Hardly,” she answered sarcastically. “You still don’t know how much I
love to fuck, do you Jeffrey? Still clueless, after all these years!
That’s right, you’re probably the only guy from here to the coast that
I haven’t fucked. Which brings us to Eric here. I want you to beg him
to fuck me, in Annie’s house, in Annie’s bed.”

“But, you can’t!” you interrupted. “It would be too risky! If Parker or
Annie found out…”

“Exactly,” Sherri smirked. “Which is why you’ll beg him to do it, and
find a way to keep it a secret. If you fuck up, Eric and I will explain
that you put us together – AND, provided us with a place to fuck. And
you’d better get creative. If he’s as good as Annie says, I’ll want him
all the time. I’m between boyfriends at the moment, Jeffrey. I need
sex. Lots of it.”

“But in Annie’s bed?” you asked incredulously. “Why? You could do it

Sherri’s eyes went glassy, staring into the distance, then narrowed
with revenge. “The little bitch always got what she wanted. She was
prettier, smarter, the perfect little princess. So I waited until she
had something she cared about, a guy usually, and I took it. It was so
easy. She was such a prude. I fucked every boy she ever went out with,
as many times as it took. When I stopped putting out, and they didn’t
get sex from her, they’d always go looking somewhere else. Like you,
she never figured it out. But now…”

Her eyes widened with fury, her fists were clenched tightly at her
side. “NOW, the little bitch comes out on top again, playing MY game!
After all this time she uses the only weapon she didn’t know she had –
her cunt! It’s not fair! She has Eric’s baby, Parker’s money and cock,
and more sex than she could ever dream of! I may not get Parker, but I
WILL fuck Eric. You’ll ask him, no, beg him, right now in front of us,
and you’ll see that we use Annie’s bed whenever I want. Refuse, and
Parker will probably kill you after I have a little talk with him. I’ll
keep Eric here so fucked dry that he won’t be able to get it up for my
dear sister. At least I’ll have that.”

How small you must have felt – now a slave to me, Annie, her mother,
and Sherri. You couldn’t begin to imagine the hours you would spend
lapping at their cunts, all the while living in fear that one of the
others would find out. Again, defeat was beginning to have a new
meaning to you.

Sherri handed you a scrap of paper, folded twice into a small square.
“Read what’s on it. Make it convincing,” Sherri warned. She reached
into her purse and started the mini-recorder concealed inside.

“Why Jeffrey,” she began, “you didn’t tell me Eric was such a handsome

You read your lines from Sherri’s script.

“If you think so, you two should really get together, Sherri,” you

“I wouldn’t mind that at all,” Eric adlibbed, grinning.

“Hmmm, I don’t know,” Sherri continued. “I’m not sure Annie would

Your next lines were damning, but you did your best to deliver them

“To hell with Annie,” you said. “You two were meant for each other. You
should be carrying Eric’s baby, not Annie.”

“But Jeffrey, Annie’s your wife!” Sherri went on, pretending to be
shocked by your betrayal.

You stared at the last line, swallowed hard, and tried your best to
sound convincing.

“Annie’s a pig compared to you, Sherri. If I were you, I’d fuck Eric in
Annie’s own bed. In fact, if the two of you are interested, I think I
can arrange it.”

Sherri turned off the recorder and smiled at you. “I’m waiting,” she
reminded you. “Beg”

You turned to Eric, knowing what you had to do. You heard the recorder
come to life again.

“Please Eric, will you fuck Sherri instead of Annie? Please do it, for
me? Please?”

“Well, I can’t promise I won’t fuck your cute little wife again
Jeffrey, but if you want this so badly, sure, I’ll fuck Sherri any time
she wants.”

After the recorder stopped for the second time, Sherri took Eric by the
hand. “Get busy Jeffrey,” she said sweetly. “I’m very hungry, and a
good cock is a terrible thing to waste.”

When Annie and I returned, you could see the freshly-fucked look on her
face. She approached you wearing a satisfied smile, her hips swaying
seductively. Pressing her body against you, she reached for your
crotch, checking to make sure your worthless penis had not responded to
her appearance. When she brought her face close to yours, you thought
she might kiss you. Instead, she brought her lips to your ear, nibbling
for a second, still rolling your dick between her fingers through your

“You know Parker just finished fucking me, don’t you?” she whispered.
You nodded as her tongue flicked into your ear. “He made me cum three
times, Jeffrey – with his big, fat, hard cock.” She licked slowly
around the outer curve of your ear, leaving it soaked with saliva. “I’m
full of cum, Jeffrey. Your pregnant wife is holding another man’s cum
inside her cunt – so much thick, creamy cum that it’s nearly spilling
out of me. It’s wonderful, isn’t it – so sexy, don’t you agree?”

“Yes,” you whispered back.

“You must call me Mistress now, my little cuckold. Say it, please? I
need to hear you say it on my wedding day.”

“Yes, Mistress,” you whispered again.

“Mmmm, I love that,” she responded. “Do you know what else I’d love,
Jeffrey? As a present, on my wedding day? I love to have my pussy
sucked – sucked so long, so hard, that all Parker’s cum would end up in
my little cuckold’s tummy. Would you do that for me, Jeffrey? Would
you? For me?”

“Now?” you asked quietly.

“Yes, Jeffrey, now. In my bed. You haven’t been there in so long. I
thought it might also be a good test – you and I, together in our own
bed, just like it used to be. If your little penis stays that way,
doesn’t twitch, or throb, or do anything except lie there like a tiny
deflated worm, I’ll know for sure you could never fuck me again. It
would make me so happy, Jeffrey. And you do want me to be happy, don’t

She rubbed her firm breasts against you as she spoke, her voice so soft
and inviting, her hand still exploring your limp prick. Did you want
her to be happy? You really had no choice, did you?

“Y-Yes,” you uttered.

“Yes what, my dear cuckold?”

“Yes, Mistress. I want you to be happy. I’ll do it.”

“Let’s hurry then,” she said. “I’m so full I could burst.”

She wasted no time shedding the white second skin, climbing onto the
bed, and spreading her long, sleek legs, pulling her knees up, waiting
for you to begin. After undressing, as you crawled between her legs,
you were shocked at how red and swollen her pussy had become. You
looked closer and noticed the short white string hanging from her
distended labia.

“It’s a tampon, Jeffrey. I wanted to save all of his sperm for you.
Pull it out and see. But be ready – there’s so much cum in me – I don’t
want you to miss a drop.”

You removed the tampon, immediately feeling the warm flow of liquid
over your tongue. As you sucked and licked, it seemed to spill
endlessly from deep within her, the thick bitter cum mixed with the
pungent juices of her steaming cunt. The soup of sex had been stewing
inside her, my cum and her secretions, held tightly in her warm belly,
a special treat saved just for you.

She moaned while you worked on her, her eyes closed, thinking not of
you, but of any of a hundred men she would fuck in an instant, given
the chance. One orgasm after another hit her, each forcing more of my
cum from the depths of her womb into your waiting mouth.

Her scream startled you. “Jeffrey! How could you! Oh my God! Oh no!
Noooo!” She was staring between your legs where your little prick had
come to life, standing at attention, unnoticed by you as you lapped at
her crotch. You were terrified.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Please – I didn’t want to – honest!” you

“Now you’ve ruined everything!” she wailed. “Everything!”

You backed off the bed, standing in naked front of her, your erection
throbbing and twitching in the air. As hard as you tried to make it go
soft, it only became harder. She was staring at it, horrified. You knew
what she was thinking, that she had forgotten how small you were after
months with Eric and me.

“You know what I told you, Jeffrey. If you can’t control your penis,
you have to masturbate for me.” She handed you a drinking glass from
beside the bed. “Here, cum in this glass, and be quick about it!”

When you started in front of her, she yelled at you again. “Not here!
Not in front of me! Do you think I want to see you pulling at that
little thing? Do it in the bathroom, then come back with the glass.

You took the glass into the bathroom, stroked yourself furiously,
finally spurting several times into the tall glass. When you returned,
she looked at the glass and shook her head in dismay. “All this time
without sex, and that’s it? That’s all of it?”

“I – I’m sorry, Mistress,” hoping that remembering the name she ordered
you to use would please her.

“Yes, Jeffrey, you certainly are sorry. Now drink it! Drink all of it!
If you don’t, I’ll have you sucking cocks all night to fill your
stomach. You’re the one who will be full of cum tonight – one way or
another. It’s your choice.”

Of course you drank all of it. After the mess you coaxed from her
soaking vagina, it was a small thing to endure. And it seemed to make
her happy again so quickly.

“Mmmm, that’s it Jeffrey. So tell me, who’s cum tastes better – yours
or Parkers?”

You knew what the answer had to be. She smiled and waited, still
lounging on the bed with her legs spread, the large patches of my cum
and your saliva glistening on her inner thighs.

“His,” you answered quietly. “Parker’s sperm tastes better.”

“Because he’s…” she teased, waiting for your answer.

“The better man,” you replied, “with superior sperm.”

She sighed and closed her eyes again, her fingers gently dancing over
her puckered nipples.

“Yes – yes, Jeffrey – he certainly is.”