Training Our Toy – Chapter 3

My hands find the hem of her dress. Its coming off at last! As
you watch raptly from the bed I slide the hem up, past her
stomach revealing her soaked g-string, past her lovely breasts,
and finally over her head, showing her full glory.

I slide my hands down her body as she continues to press her bum
against my hard cock, now its her hot skin pressing against me
and it feels great. She sighs as my hand slides into her
g-string, running my fingers through her pubes as it slowly heads
to between her legs. I find the end of the dildo peaking out of
her pussy and its obvious to you what I’m doing as I grasp a hold
on it and start to slide it in and out. She groans and rests her
head on my shoulder, eyes still shut, I slide my other hand
around her waist, holding her tightly to my so she can’t fall

“Shall I tell you what we’re going to do to you next Sarah?” I
ask, still slowly moving the dildo in and out.

She manages to nod.

“I’m going to take off this waste of material.” I say, tugging on
her g-string, “Then we’re going to tie you to the bed, naked and
spread wide so you can’t move. Then Sharon is going to kneel
between your legs and lick your pussy until you come. Would you
like that Sarah? Would you like another woman to eat you?”

Again, somehow she manages to nod. I look up, you’ve got your
fingers in your pussy and a smile on your face as you watch me
tease her.

“And while she’s doing that I’m going to move behind her and
start to fuck her. How does that sound Sarah, would you like to
see me fuck another woman?”

She doesn’t know whether to nod or not now, so she just groans as
a finger rubs her clit.

“Why don’t we go for a 69 position instead Craig?” You suggest. I
nod with a grin, realising what you’re suggesting.

“That’s even better, isn’t it Sarah? She’s going to be kneeling
right above your head now as she licks you, you’re going to have
a perfect view down there between her legs as I move behind her
and slide my cock in to her. Would you like that? Maybe I’ll pull
out before I come so that you can swallow some of it, then I’ll
shoot the rest over her pussy so you can lick it all off. How
does that sound?” I speed up the dildo a little.

“Yes, please.” She’s so teased she can only manage a faint
whisper now.

“Sorry? Didn’t hear you.”

“Yes please master, please!” A little louder this time as I kneel
behind her and pull her g-string down, carefully easing out the
dildo as I do so.

She gasps at the emptiness in her pussy as you get up off the bed
and go over to your chest of drawers. I pull Sarah onto the bed
by her leash.

“Lie down, that’s right, legs spread nice and wide.”

She does as she’s told, and I kneel between her legs. I start to
rub my hands up and down her body, starting at her shoulders,
over her beasts, down her stomach, pressing against her pussy but
not entering her, sliding fingers up and down her inner thighs.
She’s got her eyes shut just enjoying the sensations I’m causing
and she hardly attempts to fight as you take one leg at a time
and attach it to the bed posts, spreading her nice and wide just
like I told her we would.

Then you reach for her hands and as I stroke her she offers them
willingly to you again so you can attach them to the bed posts
with the lengths of cord you retrieved from your drawer. Pretty
soon she’s unable to move, spread wide in a pure “fuck me” pose.
I’m having a hard time resisting the urge believe me, I’d love to
just lie on top of her and thrust my hard cock into her
unresisting body. Maybe later!

You reach under the bed and pull out what looks like a monster
vibrator, I can feel Sarah shaking under my hands as she watches
you kneel beside her on the bed and start to lubricate the tip of
it by sliding it into your mouth. I sit back to watch as you
straddle Sarah’s head, giving her a good view right up you, then
you move down onto your hands and knees, and the next thing she
knows, you’ve spread her pussy lips and her clit is being sucked
into your mouth hard. The effect on our poor little slave is
electric, she tries to thrash around, but you’ve tied her well
and she can hardly move, I can’t resist stroking my cock as she
tries to arch her back to let you get more of her pussy into your

Then you nod and I move behind you. She watches intently as I
place the tip of my hard cock against your pussy. Then she feels
her clit being released from your mouth and warm plastic being
pressed gently against her pussy lips….

I press ever so slightly with my cock and feel myself slide
inside you, into you hot wet pussy. God it feels good! As I start
to make gently thrusting movements, Sarah feels her lips spread
and the vibrator slides up her, stretching her much wider than my
cock did. She moans out loud, although whether its out of pain or
jealousy we can’t tell…

It takes you a moment, but pretty soon you are matching me stroke
for stroke, as I press into you with my cock, you do the same to
Sarah with the vibrator. We keep the rhythm going for a few
minutes then Sarah feels you pull the vibrator out. When it
slides back inside her its buzzing away merrily, not realising
what its doing to her most sensitive spots. Thank god we tied her
down, as you push it as far as it will go inside her she thrashes
around, testing her bounds, realising that they aren’t going to
break. I’ve never seen her beg so much as I continue to fuck you,
my cock feels harder than it ever has before as I watch her
trying to escape from beneath you as you pleasure her with the
buzzing toy. It truly is a slight to make any man hard.

I reach between your legs and find your clit with my fingers.
Sarah watches, trying to concentrate on anything but the vibrator
you’re sliding inside her, as I rub your bud as I slowly fuck
you. Now it really is a toss up which one of the three of us
comes first!

Its almost a dead heat, the combination of my cock thrusting in
and out of you and my fingers on your clit soon push you over the
edge, although how much was my doing and how much was purely
visual stimulation of having Sarah squirming beneath you I
wouldn’t like to say! As you moan you push the vibrator as far
into her tight pussy as you can, pressing it hard against her
g-spot. She screams as she waits for it to be removed, but you
leave it buzzing inside her as you come. The next thing I know,
our little slave is begging permission to come, it would be cruel
to refuse considering she has no choice in the matter!

As she begins to thrash around even more I feel the familiar warm
glow begin to spread through my lower region. You’re still in the
midst of your orgasm when you feel me begin to thrust even harder
and deeper than before. Then you feel the first squirt of come
inside you as I moan but can’t pull out in time. The next goes
all over your pussy and ass, something for Sarah to lick off in a
minute! I can’t remember the last time I came so much, it must
have been all the visual stimulation I’ve had tonight! Its going
all over your pussy and legs, then I aim down and final jets go
all over Sarah, she manages to catch some in her mouth, but as
she thrashes around the rest goes over her lovely face, she can
be punished for that latter!

I give your sensitive clit one final squeeze and roll over so I
can watch the rest of the fun. You leave the vibrator firmly
lodged inside of our slave, but you take pity on her and turn it
off for a little while to let her recover. Then you sit back,
pressing you pussy against her mouth. Her tongue quickly starts
moving, as she licks as much of my cum off you as she can reach.
I carefully slid my hand under her head to support her so she’s
able to reach all of it. You sigh as her tongue works up and down
your slit, licking it clean of my cum and teasing you at the same
time. When her tongue flicks over your very sensitive clit you
sit back, squashing her into the pillow.

“Not just yet Sarah.” You gasp and feel her tongue move.

You relax as she carries on licking, her tongue sending shivers
through you. Then you turn round on the bed. Sarah looks like
something from a porn movie as she lies there, tied naked to the
bed, face covered in a mixture of my cum and your juices.

You’re on your hands and knees above her now and you turn to look
at me.

“Shall I lick this off or shall we leave her like this and take
her out?” You indicate the beads of cum covering her nose,
splashed over her eyes and mouth.

“It would be cruel not to let her look her best, you never know
who we might meet.” I reply.

Now Sarah is really squirming around as she tries to work out
what we’re planning. Your tongue goes to work, licking her clean,
making her squirm even more though!

You reach between her legs and flick the vibrator back on again,
her break is over! As before, the effect is electric! Her body
tries to contort with pleasure as she forgets she’s bound to the
bed by your cords. Her eyes close and she begins to beg.

“Please, please, that feels too good, please take it out,
please!” Her cries trail off into a long sigh as another orgasm
racks her body, more gently than the last, but this time the
vibrator isn’t going to be switched off just yet.

She watches with rising panic as you and I get up off the bed and
start to retrieve our clothes and get dressed. Surely we aren’t
going to leave her there, tied to the bed all evening, waiting,
begging, for the batteries in the vibrator to run down so she can
relax again?

“Don’t worry Sarah, we’ll deal with you in a moment.” I assure
her as I button up my shirt but leave the jacket and tie off.

I smooth your dress down over your hips and then pull you tightly
towards me, Sarah watches from the bed as our tongues meet, then
the start of another orgasm flows through her body, making her
groan involuntarily.

We return our attention to our slave as her orgasm begins to
subside. You untie her feet and I untie her arms. You push her
legs together, leaving the buzzing vibrator trapped inside her. I
gently tug her leash and she rises unsteadily to her feet, the
poor girl, it looks like her legs will give way at any moment,
and we haven’t even used your new toy yet…

“Turn around Sarah.” I order. “Now bend down and touch your

She felt exposed before, her limbs tied spread-eagled to the bed,
waiting to be used, now for some reason it feels even worse, as
she bends over to show us her ass and pussy, the tip of the
vibrator clearly visible.

“Spread your legs slightly. Good girl.”

As she does so, you get up and go over to your drawer of tricks
again and fetch a set of leather cuffs, ankle to wrist
restraints. You quickly attach them, binding her into the

“I know its uncomfortable Sarah, but it wont be for long.” I
promise her. “There’s something we want to do first.”

The next item from your drawer is a gag which I quickly make use
of, I kneel beside her and shove it into her willing mouth,
securing it as the vibrator causes another orgasm to race through
her body and she starts to shake.

I’ve got quite a nice view of her face where I’m kneeling so I
decide to stay there as you get the final items from the drawer.
I watch Sarah’s face contort as she tries to work out what they
might be, then her lovely blue eyes widen as she realises. Its
going to be another new experience for her tonight….

“What size shall we use?” You ask, holding up the straps and
small, medium and large butt plugs.

“She’s never had anything like this done to her before, so I’d
suggest the small one this time.” I reply, enjoying the look of
worried anticipation on our little slave’s face.

I hold her shoulders so she can’t lose her balance as you switch
off the vibrator in her pussy and take the lubricant and start to
smear it over the small butt plug. Then she feels the cold
lubricant being rubbed onto her anus, I’m holding her in place as
she tries to get away from your probing fingers, it feels nice
but naughty, and then the butt plug slides in. She moans loudly
into her gag as both of her holes are stretched wide, and that
was only the small one! You fiddle around with it for a bit,
pressing it into her, wiggling it around a bit, getting her used
to the feeling of fullness, then you attach the straps, holding
both the plug and vibrator in place.

I unfasten the ankle to wrist restraints and we help her stand

“Do you think you can walk like that Sarah?” You ask. She shakes
her head.

“No Mistress.”

“Well it might be an idea to try it.” You say with a grin. “Get

We watch as she tries to walk over to the other side of the room,
she makes it but virtually collapses against the dresser, every
step she takes moves the plug and the now motionless vibrator
deep inside her. I was all for putting some woo balls in her, but
you assured me this would be bad enough, I can’t help but wonder
how you know though!

I take the leash off the collar and she manages to pull the
skimpy dress down over her lovely body. I refasten the leash and
you move behind her, she doesn’t complain as you take her wrists
and cuff them together again behind her back.

“Now Sarah, we’re going to see how well you behave in public.” I
say. “If you’re good, we’ll think of a reward for you. If not,
well, we’ll leave that to your imagination.”

“Its only a trip to the cinema.” I explain to the worried girl
as we lead her out to the car. “We’ve done this plenty of times
before haven’t we?”

She nods as you open the car door and indicate for her to get in
the back seat. I can almost hear her thoughts. Yes, we’ve been to
the cinema lots before, but never dressed like this and with both
of her holes filled by objects that send waves of pleasure
through her every time she moves.