Daddy’s Naked Angels

Michele had thought that it was really weird when she found out her father and her best friend were lovers.

But that was nothing compared to how she felt when the three of them all got it on together on that fateful summer day.

Michele was on her hands and knees, and she could feel her Daddy’s cock working deep into her cunt.

Her head was low, and her tongue was on her best friend’s clit, making Marlene Parkinson come again and again.

Michele hoped that they would all be able to come at the exact same time.

She wanted them to sing out together in homage to shared bliss.

“Oh Daddy, fuck me harder,” the sixteen year old said, feeling molten pleasure rippling up and down her spine.


Bernard Shakey stood in his kitchen looking out the tiny window above the white porcelain sink.

It was a beautiful summer day and the man could see that there wasn’t a cloud in the entire sky.

The sun was high and the air was warm without the humidity that made everything feel sticky.

The grass in his backyard was freshly mowed and he could see across to the neighbor’s swimming pool on the other side of the wooden fence.

The pool was round and blue — eighteen feet across — and beside it was a stained redwood platform.

Bernard could see that the neighbor girl, Marlene Parkinson was sunbathing on the platform lazily.

She was sprawled on a blanket on her belly, wearing nothing but her skimpy black string bikini.

He had been watching Marlene out of that window for the whole summer and his fantasies had been going wild.

Marlene was only sixteen years old, the same age as Bernard’s daughter, and she was already starting to look like a full-fledged woman.

The little girl had black hair that had not been cut for a long time, except for having the tips trimmed to keep them from splitting.

Her hair was long and thick, and it spilled gracefully down her back and she sprawled in the warm sunshine.

The hair was parted in the middle, and though he couldn’t see her face at that moment, he knew that it fell gently down to her forehead, that it was no doubt stylishly cut in bangs, falling just short of the tops of her eyebrows.

Her eyes were large and dark brown, so dark in fact that they appeared to be ebony in dim light.

He knew that her eyes twinkled naughtily when she was thinking about things little girls weren’t supposed to think about.

Dirty things.

Sexy things.

Bernard could feel the blood pumping down his body to his groin as he stared at the sexy nymphet.

Marlene flirted with Bernard every time she came over to visit his daughter Michele.

At first the man thought that this was cute, but after a while he started to desire Marlene more than was healthy.

He had never cheated on his wife, and he knew that balling the neighbor’s daughter was a risky business.

Still, he knew that she would just love to spread her legs for him if they ever had the opportunity to be completely alone.

Marlene was a tiny girl, standing only a fraction of an inch over five feet tall, built on a small frame.

She had never weighed more than ninety-five pounds in her entire life, even when she was soaking wet.

The little girls rolled over on her side and switched the station on the transistor radio resting on the corner of her red blanket.

As she did this the man could see how high, firm and perky the little girl’s youthful breasts were.

He could see that they were perfect half melons, resting high on her chest, the nipples erect.

He could see little humps in the top of her bikini, and he wondered if this meant she was as sexually aroused as he.

He could see that her skin had been tanned a golden brown color, and he knew that her flesh was considerably lighter on the limited portions of her torso that were covered by the skimpy black bikini. Bernard pulled open the clipboard door above the chrome toaster and searched behind the teacups.

He found his new super high-power binoculars and turned up the corners of his mouth with voyeuristic glee.

He had told his wife Margaret that he was taking up bird-watching as his new hobby.

Bernard assumed that the woman had bought the line.

He figured that his wife had taken it hook, line and sinker.

Bernard had assumed that there was no one in the entire world who knew what his new hobby really was.

Bernard had been finding himself thinking more and mere about the little girl who lived next door.

He could ten that she was going to grow up to be an incredible beauty.

Fuck that, Bernard thought to himself with an inward laugh, Marlene Parkinson was already an incredible beauty.

He could see that her waist was so slim that he could probably get both of his hands all the way around if he stretched the fingers.

Her hips were slim, yet round, and her were so shapely they made his swollen testicles ache.

As he watched he could feel the blood pumping into his prick.

His cock began to throb, aching as severely as his nuts.

He could feel his tool of manhood throbbing once for each beat of his heart.

And that lance was getting a little bit longer and thicker with each throb, making Bernard sure that it wasn’t going to stop growing until he had a full erection crammed inside his drawers.

Bernard was exceptionally well-hung, and his pants could feel like a tight prison when he had a boner.

There had been times when he thought he was going to tear right out of the crotch of his pants.

That will give you an idea the urgency he felt in his rod.

The thing needed to stand at attention, straight out in front of his hips.

His balls began to feel as if they were on fire.

Those testicles felt like two balls of sterno that had just been set ablaze by the spark of lust.

Bernard was wrong about no one knowing about his favorite past-time.

Marlene Parkinson was fully aware that the man watched her when she sprawled near naked outside his kitchen window.

She had been amused by the idea and often adjusted the top of her bikini bottoms, or allowed her fingers to brush across her erect nipples, just to tease the man a little bit.

Marlene had gotten so excited at the thought of the mature man admiring her that she often became horny and had to jump into the water just to cool down her sweet tight pussy flesh.

She was no virgin. The little girl had been around, and had a reputation in town for being a sport.

Among the high school boys Marlene had a reputation for having round heels — she tipped over easy.

The word was, among the boys, that she didn’t need much of a push before she ended up on her back with her legs spread.

Sometimes Marlene got so sexually aroused while sun-bathing that she had to go inside and masturbate.

She had often thought about masturbating right then and there, on the platform, so the man would be able to see.

But there was no telling when someone else might figure out their game.

If anyone was going to get caught, Marlene wanted to make damn sure that it was Bernard Shakey.

Margaret Shakey was a school teacher at the grammar school, while Bernard worked for a television station at night.

Ever since he had been moved to the night shift at WUPI, the local independent station, he had found his sex life slipping.

He was coming home when it was time for Margaret to get up for work, and vice versa.

It never seemed as if they talked to each other anymore.

Margaret had long felt her lust waining as it was, and she very seldom thought about the subject anymore.

The lack of sexual activity had had just the opposite effect on the married man.

He had found himself obsessed with sex, thinking about it so much that he was starting to think there might be something wrong with him.

He had heard that some men went crazy when they approached middle age, and he feared that this was happening to him.

There was still part of him that wanted to behave and be a good husband, stopping his sinning at the peeping tom stage.

But there was an ever-growing part of him that knew it was only a matter of time before he approached Marlene.

He knew that she had a lot of boyfriends. His daughter seemed almost in awe of Marlene’s popularity with boys.

Bernard didn’t know whether or not his daughter was a virgin, but he knew Marlene had a different boyfriend every week, and that was a sure sign of a girl who putout.

Bernard was not so old that he didn’t remember being in high school himself. Even though he was thirty-seven years old, he thought that he was pretty hip — at least for an adult. He knew what songs were being played on the Top Forty, and shit like that, and he thought that he could still communicate with teenagers.

When Marlene came over to visit (she and Michele being very very best friends) Bernard never talked at length with the beautiful black haired girl, but from the limited conversation they had he knew that they would get along just fine if they ever found the right time and place to get to know each other better.

Marlene had told Michele about her father’s peek-looking through the window, and Michele had said, “My daddy sure is funny sometimes. I guess he still has a lot of little boy left in him.”

“It doesn’t bug me or anything,” Marlene had added, not wanting Michele to mention the matter to Bernard.

This was a Wednesday afternoon and both Marlene and Bernard were exceedingly horny from the heat.

Marlene wondered what would happen if she became bold with Bernard.

She had never fucked a guy older than twenty. She knew that an experienced lover would have to be just wonderful.

Marlene thought that a lot of the guys she went out with were real pigs, but it was small town and you had to take what you could get.

It wasn’t that Marlene’s boyfriends were ugly.

They were all very hunky, as far as Marlene was concerned.

It was just that they had no idea how to give a woman the pleasure she needed.

Those boys — jocks mostly — were only concerned about getting their own rocks off.

All too often she found the guy was done, his passion spent, and she was still yearning for more, her near-insatiable lust far from appeased.

She just knew that that wouldn’t be the case if she ever managed to get Bernard’s cock inside her pussy.

She hoped that he wouldn’t freak out and become uncool if she became bold with him.

She turned off her radio and rolled on her back. Bernard could see that her tits were so firm that they didn’t even flatten when the force of gravity was directly against them.

She sat up and looked directly into the barrels of. Bernard’s binoculars making the man jerk the binos away from his eyes.

He thought that he had been caught, not knowing that this had first happened many weeks before.

He could feel the blood draining from his face.

The man could feel himself turning as white as a sheet.

He decided that he would lie, saying that he was watching birds.

He could feel a straight row of perspiration beads forming across his brow, dampening his thick eyebrows.

Bernard’s hair was chestnut colored, brown with a red tint, and there was some gray at his temples.

Bernard hated his gray hair and was thinking of using a rinse that would make all of his hairs the original color.

If Marlene had heard about this she would have stopped him.

She liked Bernard’s salt and pepper hair, neatly groomed, a great deal.

She thought that the graying at the temples made him look distinguished.

She thought that it made him look even more handsome than he looked already.

Marlene sat up and began walking toward the back of the Shakey house.

Bernard felt close to panic and almost broke a cup as he hurriedly replaced the black binoculars.

He scurried from the kitchen and thought about pretending he was not home.

Then he heard a gentle rap at the back screen door, and he knew that he had been caught red-handed.

Bernard knew that there was nothing for him to do but keep his chin up and face the music. He took a deep breath and went back into the kitchen.

Sure enough there was Marlene, still wearing nothing but her bikini and her sexy smile.

Bernard tried not to make his nervousness seem obvious.

He tried to hide the fact that he was admiring her tight little body.

But he couldn’t help but notice that her nipples pointed slightly upward when they were hard and erect.

He thought that her nipples pointed at the angle of anti-aircraft guns mounted on the side of a battle ship, in films he had seen of World War II.

He thought that the little girl had the face of an angel.

Her skin was dark and smooth, and he figured that Marlene had never had a blemish anywhere on her body in her entire life.

Her nose was tiny, a button, and it was turned up a little at the end.

Her nostrils were oval-shaped, and he could see them flaring a bit as she stood on his back porch.

Her mouth was small, but her lips were full and sensuous.

He could see that her teeth were pearly white and perfectly straight because her full lips were moist and slightly parted.

She had a small overbite, that Bernard thought was very sexy.

He couldn’t help but wonder what that mouth would feel like wrapping around the tip of his still hard cock.

He could see that her arms were slim, and her fingers were long.

She had carefully manicured all of her fingernails so that they were the same length.

Her fingernails were long and she kept them painted a deep red color that went well with her dark skin, like the Puerto Rican girls that Bernard had seen rising the bus in the City of Rochester ten miles north.

“Hi, Mr. Shakey, can I come in for a second?” Marlene asked tilting her head slightly to one side.

She placed her hands on the sides of her slim hips with the fingers together and pointing downward.

She cocked her head slightly to one side as her long black hair spilled over her bare shoulder.

“Michele isn’t here right now, Marlene,” Bernard said, wincing as he heard the nervous quivering in his voice.

He could feel the ache in his balls getting worse.

The little girl did not seem angry in the slightest.

In fact, Marlene was behaving quite seductively at that moment.

He had a feeling that things were about to get out of control.

Bernard prayed that he would have the willpower to nip things in the bud.

But his cock strained at the crotch of his jeans, and he knew that inevitably, his flesh would be weak.

He had been fantasizing about having sex with Marlene for too long to ignore opportunity knocking at his door.

“She went to her aunt’s for the week,” Bernard added, fully realizing that this was not news to the pretty teenager poised before him.

“Oh, I know,” Marlene said, her dark eyes twinkling.

Her eyelashes were just as black as the hair on her head.

They were very long and curled up at the tips without the benefit of make-up.

They kissed lightly at her high cheekbones whenever she blinked.

Marlene never wore make-up. It would have been like gilding the lily.

“I came to talk to you,” Marlene said. Her voice was deeper.

She had a sexy throatiness in her voice communicating carnal knowledge.

“I could help but notice you watching me. Can I come in?” Marlene said. She was feeling nervous too, not used to talking to grown-ups this way.

She would have felt as if she were in complete control if Bernard had been a seventeen year old football player.

But he was the father of her best friend, and that was enough to make even the most secure teenager feel a little on the uptight side.

“Come on in,” Bernard said. It felt as if he were surrendering.

Marlene entered the kitchen, the linoleum feeling cool on the balls of her feet.

Marlene had tiny feet with chubby toes all very close to the same length.

Bernard noticed that she painted her tiny round toenails the same color as her fingernails — a deep red.

“I was looking at birds,” Bernard said. He hadn’t expected his lie to sound so feeble. He winced again.

Marlene moved across the kitchen like a cat, slinking along, oozing with the intensity of her teenage sexuality, moving until she was so close Bernard could feel the heat from her body.

He was in his socks, wearing tight jeans, and a tee-shirt that had a little hole below the right arm-pit.

He didn’t have to be to work for hours, and even though it was the middle of the afternoon, it felt like first thing in the morning to Bernard.

He had showered, brushed his teeth and shaved, but had yet to have any breakfast.

A small glass of tomato juice was all that the married man had in his stomach.

He could feel his gut filling with butterflies. He felt as if he were about to go on stage, debuting in the lead in Hamlet, not remembering a single line.

He could tell that the palms of his hands were damp with sweat.

He licked his lips nervously with the tip of his tongue to moisten them, but his tongue was dry also.

He tried to swallow and realized that all of a sudden his throat felt as if it were filled with dust.

“Sure you were. And I’m wearing a mink coat,” Marlene said.

She was starting to lose her nervousness rapidly.

She felt natural, as if she were in complete control.

She could tell already that she had the man in the palm of her hand.

All she had to do was wink at him and he would melt into a puddle of jelly in the middle of the kitchen floor, shimmering and wet on the linoleum.

She did wink and she could see him jerk as his cock gave a sharp throb, still pinned against the inside of his thigh.

She could see the huge bulge in the crotch of the man’s jeans.

Marlene was smart enough to tell a big cock when she saw one.

She knew that he packed more than enough cock meat to satisfy her near-insatiable sexual cravings. She was in the mood for a long, hot sex session, and she wanted the man to fill all three of her sex holes with that rod before she left.

Marlene moved a little closer, feeling very tiny compared to the man before her.

Bernard stood well over six feet tall and Marlene could tell that he tipped the scales over two hundred pounds.

This is not to imply in any way that Bernard was over-weight. He did not have an ounce of fat on his torso.

He had always been careful to keep himself in shape, jogging on weekends and working out every afternoon with his weights down in the basement.

His shoulders were very broad and were covered with thick slabs of muscle.

His chest was like a barrel, and Marlene knew that both his chest and the flat plain of his belly were covered with a thick rug of chestnut colored fur.

In spite of the width of his upper body, Bernard’s waist and hips were both extremely slim. Marlene figured that the man was built for fucking.

His thighs were thick, one of his thighs being thicker than her waist, and his hands and feet were very large.

His fingernails were square and unchewed, and appeared sensitive in spite of their length and thickness.

“Do you think I have a nice body, Mr. Shakey?”

“Please call me Bernard,” he said, hoping to avoid the question.

But the mischievous look reappeared in Marlene’s eyes and he could tell that she was waiting for an answer.

“Yes, I think that you a very lovely young lady.”

“Wouldn’t you like to kiss me, Bernard?” she asked.

She placed her hands on the sides of his waist and he shivered.

“I think you had better go, Marlene,” he said.

“You don’t really want me to go, do you,” her voice oozed passion.

She tilted her chin up to face him. He stooped. They looked into each other’s eyes.

He could feel her scratching lightly at the small of his back with the tips of her long red fingernails.

It was at this point that the man’s willpower surrendered.

He could no longer deny the pleasure that had not made itself available.

He had a deep feeling of dread as their lips came closer together.

He felt as if he were falling into a trap, a deep pit from which he would never emerge the same.

He saw her lips part and begin to move sensuously, yearning to be pressed against his own tingling lips.

Marlene could feel her nipples buzzing, growing harder and more erect in that moment of anticipation.

She could feel the blood pumping down her body to her pussy.

She could feel both her inner and outer cunt lips swelling.

She knew that it wouldn’t be long before the pink flesh in her poontang was fully engorged with the rushing blood of her sexual arousal.

She could feel her clitoris start to throb sharply.

It too was swelling rapidly from her increasing passion.

The love button was peeking out from under its foreskin. It was pushing up the sheath of flesh — the sheath that usually all but covered it — and was becoming a taut feminine erection.

Marlene could feel the little glands at the sides of her tight teenage pussy begin to crank out their juice.

She could tell that her thick honey-like natural lubrication was starting to secrete in a steady now.

She could tell that the crotch of her tiny bikini bottoms would soon be wet and would draw up between the swollen outer labia.

The pretty black haired girl could feel a mounting pressure in her lower abdomen, a need to be penetrated.

There was an awesome ache in her loins, nothing like anything she had felt with her young jock boyfriends.

For a moment their lips were so close together that they could feel each other’s hot moist breath.

This made them shiver and gasp simultaneously.

They could both feel the little hairs at the base of their necks standing on end, lofted by goose bumps.

They pressed their lips together, at first gently.

But the kiss suddenly became passionate as Bernard moved his hands to the small of Marlene’s back and pulled the length of her body against his.

She ground forward with her hips, feeling the bulge in the crotch of Bernard’s jeans pressing against her loins.

Then the tips of their tongues came together in a divine moment of initial intimacy and they both thought they heard the crackle of sexual electricity filling the brightly painted kitchen.

Marlene could feel her cunt juices forming in a thick pool at the base of her aching pussy slit.

The little girl knew that spilling her fruit juices, over-ripe peach.

She could feel her toes clutching at the cool linoleum, with the flowery design on it, as she lifted her heels.

They rolled their tongue together for a long time, slowly exploring the insides of each other’s mouths.

Marlene worked the tip of her tongue under Bernard’s massaging his salivary gland, filling his mouth with drool.

Bernard could feel his hot spittle dripping over his puckered lower lip running down both of their chins at the same time.

They were both breathless with passion by the time the kiss ended.

“That was nice, Bernard,” Marlene said, gasping a little.

“This is so wrong,” Bernard said. But he was weak. Marlene could tell that they had already reached the point of no return.

She knew that there would be no stopping. She was going to get all of the hot sex she needed that afternoon.


“Let’s go into the living room. The rug is thick and soft,” Bernard said, his voice sounding calmer.

He felt the little girl squeeze at the back of his neck as she intertwined her long fingers gracefully.

He slid the palms of his hands downward until he was holding her by the buttocks and she pressed her tits against him.

He could feel her erect nipples pressing against his muscular chest, enhancing the acute passion he felt. They kissed again and Bernard took Marlene by the hand.

He led her into the living room and offered her something to drink.

“I want to drink your come,” she said naughtily, and he knew that he was going to have to take off his clothes.

His huge cock was starting to feel as if it were in prison.

His prick needed to stand at attention and breathe.

Marlene slowly reached behind her and removed her bikini top. Bernard gasped as he got his first look at those tits.

They were so firm, so high, so filled with her youth.

They looked like twin scoops of coffee ice cream, each breast graced with a pert cherry on top. She could tell that the crotch of her bikini bottoms were getting very wet, and she could feel the thin soft material working its way up uncomfortably between the swollen outer lips of her burning cunt.

She threw the bikini top aside carelessly, not caring where they landed.

As it turned out they fell half on and half off an easy chair in the corner, before falling to the rug in front of that chair.

The little girl looked right into Bernard’s eyes, twinkling with mischief as she hooked her fingers under the top of her bikini bottoms, gyrating her hips sensuously as she began to pull them down.

At first Bernard thought that Marlene Parkinson was the sort of girl who shaved her pussy hair.

He could see the top of her mound, and couldn’t help but notice that it was as bald as a baby’s bottom.

But then he could see that her pubic patch was very tiny, two black curls directly above the top of her slit.

The hair grew in the shape of a black heart, and the tininess of that patch made Marlene look even younger than she really was.

She made a purring sound like a cat when she felt the material pull out from between her swollen lips.

He figured that he had better take off his own clothes.

He quickly pulled off his tee-shirt and threw it onto the couch.

His fingers went to his large brass belt buckle. He was worried that his fingers would shake with his piqued expectation, making him appear clumsy.

But his fingers were sure and nimble as he unbuckled his belt and unsnapped the single snap that held the top of his tight jeans together.

He pulled down his zipper and they were both staring at each other’s crotches, getting naked becoming a ceremony.

He pulled his fly all the way to the bottom with his thumb and forefinger before hooking his fingers under the tops of his pants and the elastic to his strained white underwear at the same time.

He pulled down his drawers and his erection came popping out like some kind of horny jack in the box.

Marlene pointed her toes as she removed her bikini bottoms and puckered her lips as she got her first glimpse of his awesome tool of manhood.

She sucked in cool air and made a low whistling noise.

Bernard Shakey had the biggest prick she had ever seen.

The damn rod had to be at least ten inches long, Marlene figured.

And it was so thick she knew that she wouldn’t be able to get her fingers all the way around it without the help of her long red fingernails.

She could see that it was thickest at the head, and she thought about how wonderful it was going to feel having that thing shoved in and out of her holes.

She knew that it was thicker than anything that had ever been stuck inside her before and she correctly assumed that it would launch her to new heights of pleasure.

Bernard quickly pulled off his pants and underwear, removing his white socks last so that they were both as naked as the day they were born.

Bernard could feel his cock bobbing up and down with anticipation, snapping upward, coming ever-closer to slapping him in the belly.

His cock was so long that the tip was about to slap him several inches above the belly button.

Marlene could see that the head of his cock was a deep purple color, and was already fully engorged.

The skin that covered the glans was tight and smooth as glass.

The head looked as if it would blow up if another drop of blood tried to pump its way inside.

Bernard watched as the little girl slowly lowered herself to her knees in front of him straightening her back so that her face was crotch high on him.

She could smell the sweaty scent of his manhood wafting up from his awesome cock to her nostrils.

She looked at the shaft of his prick and saw that it was a lighter shade of purple than the head.

The shaft was a little thinner than the glans, but not much, and she could see that it was lined with blue dilated veins, running the entire length, making it look like an even angrier weapon.

Marlene looked at the thick patch of chestnut colored pubic hair that grew all around the base of the shaft.

She lowered her eyes so she could look at his scrotal sack.

This too was the largest she had ever seen. She cupped her hand under his scrotum and stretched her fingers as far apart as she could get them in a vain attempt to hold the whole thing.

No matter how big she made her hand some of that scrotum still spilled over the sides of her palm.

The sack that held his swollen testicles appeared and felt filled to the brim with his fuck juice.

She wondered how long it had been since the man had had sex with his wife.

Marlene got the impression — from the information Michele had given her — that Margaret Shakey didn’t put out much.

She taught third grade and had when Michele and Marlene were going to the grammar school.

As a teacher the woman had a reputation for being a real bitch, and it was hard for the girls to imagine her fucking. This was especially true for Michele, who thought her mother was as cold as ice. Marlene could see that Bernard’s testicles were huge.

They were resting at the very base of his cock, looking to be the size of golf balls, an image that carne easy to Marlene because her own father was always putting on their living room rug, and there were usually a few of those white suckers around to trip and fall on in the middle of the night.

She began to squeeze lightly at his balls pushing in with her fingers delicately, realizing how easily she could cause his hypersensitive manhood glands pain if she gripped too hard. The last thing the little girl wanted to do was hurt the man’s balls. She could see that there were little short and curly chestnut colored hairs growing directly out of the wrinkled sack.

She lowered her head and rubbed the tip of his pulsating cock with her long, silky black hair.

She pucked her lips and began to kiss lightly at the insides of the man heavily-muscled thighs.

The man could feel a little tickle at the base of his prick.

He could feel his come swirling around his testicles.

The ache in his balls was getting worse by the second.

He feared he would blow his wad before she even got her mouth wrapped around his purple cock head.

She looked like the kind of girl who enjoyed drinking a man’s come juice, and it never occurred to him to ask if she wanted him to come in her mouth.

It was the first time in seventeen years that Bernard had had sex with anyone other than his wife.

He remembered the last time he had cheated — the night before his wedding — with a painted prostitute.

He had been very drunk, and even though he had been able to fuck her for a long time, he had been too fucked up to come, and had found the experience ultimately disappointing in every way.

But this was going to be different. He could tell that the little girl was going to suck his balls dry.

He figured that his writhing cock would be having the dry heaves by the time Marlene finished with him.

He wasn’t sure he liked the idea of a girl like this hanging around with his daughter, but he figured that that was a worry best thought about at a different time and place.

Marlene threw her head back so that her long ebony tresses would move out of her face falling between her rather sharp shoulder blades.

She could feel her cunt juices rolling down the insides of her thighs and her clit felt as if it would pop right out of her pussy.

The center of her womanly pleasure was quivering with sharp throbs, and it was demanding to be stroked.

Marlene decided that it was better to tease herself and wait for the man to touch her on that magic spot.

Still, the urge was great to diddle her clit as she moved the tip of her tongue to the base of his scrotum.

Bernard moved his feet a little more than shoulder-width apart on the rug, and felt his toes digging into the shag rug.

Bernard’s big toes were a good deal larger than the remaining eight, making his feet look even larger than they really were.

He arched his back and moved his shoulders back.

Bernard puffed out his chest and drew in his belly.

He looked down at the top of Marlene’s head and moaned.

He arched his back and bent a little at the knees.

The tall, middle-aged, handsome man stood with his slim hips out in front of the rest of his torso.

“Oh, Marlene, that feels incredible,” he said, feeling her flick the tip of her tongue back and forth across his balls.

She moved her right hand so that only the balls of flesh at the tips of her fingers were touching his sack.

She lifted his balls so that she could get her tongue on the sensitive patch of skin between the base of his balls and his asshole.

Bernard could feel his cock slapping hard at his belly, the tickle at the base of his rod getting worse.

Marlene bobbed his balls up and down on her fingertips for a long time, moving them playfully.

She looked as if she were trying to determine how much his twin testicles weighed with this motion.

She switched to the flat part of her tongue and did not stop licking under his balls until the area was dripping from the hot spittle she spilled.

The little girl loved the taste of his flesh and removed her fingers from his balls so she could lick the sack until that too was all wet and slimy.

She got one of his pubies, between her thumb and forefinger, arching her fingers so that her long red fingernails would not get in the way.

She lightly tugged at the chestnut colored hair growing directly out of his filled to the brim sack.

Bernard found that this felt very good and he gyrated his hips, starting to move them in a slow circle.

Marlene found that she had to move her own head in sync with his hips to keep her tongue right where she wanted to.

The wrinkled skin covering his balls was pulled out as she tugged on the hair.

This felt a lot better than Bernard thought it would. His pleasure was amplified by his aroused nerve-endings.

He gasped.

He found it difficult to breathe.

He was panting.

Just like the animal he wanted to become.

She placed the fingertips on her right hand on the underside of his cock, and she loved the way it felt as it throbbed against her.

She pushed the shaft upward, until it was pinned against his belly, the tip pointing at the ceiling of the living room, straining to become longer and thicker.

She could feel the thick dilated vein that ran close to the surface, the entire length of his prick on the underside, and sighed.

She parted her lips and relaxed her mouth so she could suck on his balls one at a time, again being careful to be gentle so as to not hurt him.

She made her lips cottony soft and could feel them tingling as she sucked gingerly at his glands.

The man was moaning and groaning with each exhale, and his heart felt like it was going to beat its way right out of his broad chest.

“Suck… me. S-Suck… me,” Bernard said, spitting out the words in between gasps for air.

Marlene knew that teasing him was in her best interest.

She wanted to make the man wait a long time before giving him the blissful release of his mind-boggling sexual climax.

The little girl knew that his come would be better if she built him up to the saturation point with patience.

This was a rule that Marlene Parkinson had first learned when jacking off in her bedroom years before, learning about her body’s potential for giving her womanhood.

Marlene straightened her back and placed the tip of her tongue at the very base of his big cock.

She looked at the dilated vein and decided to use it as a roadmap to guide her path to his glans.

She could tell that she was going to have to open her mouth as far as she could to get that throbbing purple cock head between her full, sensuous lips.

She knew that he was not going to be satisfied with just having the glans sucked, either.

He was going to want to ram all ten inches of his tube steak into her throat.

Marlene had opened her throat to guys before.

She had learned to let guys fuck her face without pain.

But this was by far the biggest cock she had ever tackled.

It would be a true test of her skills as an oral lover.

She flicked the tip of her tongue slowly upward, and Bernard thought that it was going to take her forever to get to the tip.

She knew that he would be most sensitive on the fleshy patch just below the head, where his glans split, making it look like a plum.

She paused at this spot and smiled inwardly as she sensed the man’s thigh muscles tighten with his sexual tension.

Bernard could feel the muscles in his legs weakening.

He began to move his hips back and forth in a fucking motion.

It was as if he were pretending his cock was already in her throat.

She allowed his cock to fall away from his belly a couple of inches — just far enough so she could roll her thick tongue lazily over the head.

She thought that his cock head looked like a purple mushroom.

Or perhaps more like a doorknob, she couldn’t be sure. It really didn’t matter, she decided, loving the taste.

The skin that covered his glans felt just as smooth as it looked.

She used the tip of her tongue to play with his piss hole, in the center of that engorged cock head.

This made all of the man’s muscles tighten and he was wondering how much longer his legs would be able to support the weight of his body.

Marlene moved her left hand to the man’s tiny ass.

She was amazed at how firm his buttocks were against her palm.

The muscles in Bernard’s ass were as tight as they could be.

He was pressing his ass cheeks together so hard there was no way Marlene could pull them apart.

This disappointed her because she just loved to make guys squirm by fingering their assholes.

She gripped his buttocks and moved her fingers around the shaft of his prick, making a fist, lowering the tip so that it was pointing at her mouth. She moved her knees back on the rug and straightened her neck.

“SUCK ME!!!” Bernard screamed out at the top of his lungs.

He could feel all civilized behavior leaving his sinning soul.

The man could feel the devil invading his tempted brain.

He became a beast, and he wanted to fuck that pretty little girl’s face fast and hard with his tool.

Marlene could tell that the time for teasing had ended.

The man was ordering her. It was no longer a request.

She could tell that Bernard Shakey was not in the mood to take no for an answer. His passion was too extreme.

She relaxed the muscles in her jaw and allowed it to drop until it threatened to lock in the open position.

She could feel the corners of her mouth pulling tight as her mouth fell gaping, as if she were in the dentist’s chair.

The tip of her tongue still protruded a little and flicked across his swollen piss hole a fraction of a second before her mouth wrapped around the ring of scar tissue at the base of his glans.

She wanted to continue to massage his cock with her tongue but found her tongue pinned to the bottom of her mouth by the awesome girth of the lance.

Marlene concentrated on relaxing the muscles in her throat as the man began to press forward with his hips.

Bernard used a steady pressure, feeling the tip of his cock entering her throat, determined to achieve the complete violation that they both craved so badly.

Marlene felt a stabbing pain in her throat as he entered, as if she had just been penetrated with a hot poker.

She could feel her eyes welling up with tears.

Those tears soon spilled on to her cheeks and ran down the sides of her nose.

Her twinkling eyes became red and swollen from the pain.

She battled to control her urge to gag, but could not.

The spasming of her throat muscles squeezed at his cock, enhancing his already intense pleasure.

Marlene managed to relax her muscles a little more so that the sharpness of the pain faded into a dull ache.

She could feel her tears staining her cheeks with tracks as they made their way toward the corners of her mouth.

Some of her tears managed to get inside her mouth somehow and she could taste them hot and salty on her tongue.

She could feel her lips crawling down the shaft of his cock getting ever closer to the base when it joined his huge dangling scrotum.

It seemed like an eternity before his cock was all the way in, and Marlene was pleased to find that she had matters under control and the pain was gone.

Her tears stopped and the redness faded, so it was easier for her to blink.

For a moment it had felt as if her eyes were filled with sand.

She could feel the tip of her nose about to imbed itself in his pubic patch, which would make it even tougher for her to breathe since she was forced to suck air exclusively through her flaring nostrils.

“All the way in. Deep into your throat,” Bernard said, and Marlene loved how deep and secure his voice sounded.

It was Bernard who felt like he was in control, and he could feel a latent sadistic nature bubbling up inside of him.

He moved his hands to the top of her head and ran his fingers through her thick black hair until he was holding her securely at the base of the skull.

He moved his large palms so that they covered her smooth wet cheeks, holding her so tight that she was unable to move her head either back and forth or from side to side.

He pressed his fingertips into the muscles at the back of her neck so hard that he sent twinges of pain directly to her brain.

But Marlene did not mind the pain. She enjoyed being dominated by a man.

This was the reason she had gone for an older man. She wanted him to teach her the finer aspects of love-making, and she could tell by his complete domination of her that the process had already started.

She could feel her hot lips wrapped around the very base of his cock.

She removed her hand from his prick and once again tried to hold his entire scrotum in her cupped palm.

She couldn’t believe how stuffed with cock meat her throat felt.

She could feel the tip inside her where a cock had never touched before.

She squeezed at his cock rhythmically, now fully in control of the talented muscles inside her throat.

He drew back with his hips until once again only his glans was inside her mouth, her lips wrapped tightly around the ring of scar tissue.

He paused for a second and then drove the entire length of his thick cock into her with a single forward thrust of his slim yet powerful hips.

The little girl’s throat went from completely empty to completely full in one fell swoon and her eyes felt like they were going to pop right out of their sockets.

Fresh tears rolled down her cheeks, following the same tracks laid down by her initial crying.

Bernard could feel the tickle at the base of his cock getting very intense and he knew that he wasn’t going to have to fuck her throat for long before he would be feeding her a hot meal.

That tickle told him that his climax was rapidly approaching the point of inevitability, and he could feel his silver seed churning impatiently inside his scrotum.

He found that he could think of nothing but the pleasure he was feeling in his groin as he worked his cock in and out of her throat with a smooth steady motion.

Again Marlene’s pain faded and she made a muffled humming sound to let the man know how much she was enjoying the deep throat penetration.

He fucked faster and faster until he could feel the explosions in his balls filling his hips with pleasure.

His face was as red as a beet and his body was glistening with the perspiration of his sexual exertion.

He moved his hips back and forth so fast that they appeared a blur, his pubic bone striking the tip of Marlene’s nose sharply, making her wish that she wouldn’t sneeze before she got a chance to gobble his goo. Bernard moved his hips so that only the head of his cock was in her gaping mouth.

He wanted to shoot his come directly on her tongue so she would be able to savor the flavor of his fuck juice.

His back teeth were clenched together very tightly.

The muscles at the sides of his jaw protruded from his handsome face.

His jaw ached a little but it was insignificant when compared to the pleasure he felt with his impending orgasm.

He hung on the edge of bliss for a split second, a moment elongated by the intensity of his anticipation.

Then his back teeth suddenly became unclenched.

His mouth fell gaping open and he arched his back sharply.

His entire body trembled and he flung backward with his head so that he was facing the ceiling of the living room.

He piss hole dilated and his cock exploded with hot semen.


There was a lot more of the fuck juice than Marlene ever could have anticipated and she swallowed as hard and fast as she could in a vain attempt to keep all of that sticky semen inside her mouth.

She could feel his thick come oozing out of the corners of her taut lips, rolling down onto her chin to cool.

A couple of droplets of the thick goo dripped off of her chin and fell onto the shag rug between Bernard’s large feet.

The come was very hot and for a moment the little girl thought that her tongue and cheeks were being scalded.

She could feel the come slithering down her throat with the consistency of hot raw egg whites.

She felt her taste-buds tingling, stimulated by the salty, fishy flavor of the man’s silver seed.

She was pleased to find that his plentiful thick come soothed her ravaged throat as it worked down toward a warm spot forming in the pit of her stomach.

Marlene swallowed the come the first time she ever gave a blow job, years before, under the bleachers next to the football field by the high school.

She had heard that there were a lot of girls who were disgusted at the thought of having a guy come in their mouth.

Marlene thought that girls like that were really stupid.

Didn’t they know how good it tasted, and how warm it felt in their belly when it had been swallowed down?

Didn’t they know that a man’s sperm was almost one hundred percent protein, and was actually very good for them?

Marlene was always on a diet and figured that come was so healthy, she sometimes skipped a meal after sucking dick.

Marlene squeezed at Bernard’s balls rhythmically.

She squeezed once for every beat of his racing heart.

Bernard felt as if she really were sucking his balls dry.

He could hear himself screaming out with his absolute bliss. His howl reminded the little girl of a wounded animal.

It was hard to tell if he was experiencing ecstasy or agony.

He reminded Marlene of a werewolf, paying homage to the full moon.

“CCCOOOMMMIIINNNGGG!!!” Bernard screamed at the top of his lungs.

He could see little stars shooting across the insides of his tightly clenched eyelids as he climaxed.

Wave after wave of pleasure rippled up and down the tall, handsome man’s arched spine, making his mind reel.

He wondered if it were possible to pass out from the pureness of the joy that accompanied an orgasm.

He could no longer feel the balls of his feet touching the thick shag rug.

He felt as if he were drifting up toward the ceiling of the living room.

He was being launched into outer space by her loving mouth.

After the initial blast of semen, Marlene had no trouble swallowing the rest.

No more thick creamy fuck juice oozed onto her chin.

As quickly as it had started, it was over. Bernard could feel all of his muscles relaxing at the same time.

Marlene could feel the urgency leave his glans, and the spasming stopped.

All of Bernard’s muscles relaxed at the same time.

He loosened his grip on the back of the little girl’s neck.

He found that he could once again fill his lungs completely with air.

He was badly out of breath since he had been totally unable to breathe during the last few moments before his mind-crunching come.

Bernard could feel the ecstasy of his orgasm being replaced by the warm contentment of his afterglow.

He could feel his racing heartbeat slowly returning to normal.

The man was drenched with sweat, and he lightly caressed Marlene’s hair, running those long ebony strands between his affectionate fingers.

Marlene removed her hand from his balls and once again gripped the base of his cock with tiny fingers.

She could tell that the force of gravity was starting to have an effect on the tip of his cock.

She pulled her mouth slowly off of his cock head and moaned as she closed her jaw, which had stiffened from being forced open for so long.

Her jaw felt like it needed oil as she closed her mouth for the first time in what seemed like ages.

As she pulled her mouth away from his awesome pole of masculinity she looked down, crossing her eyes, to see a string of come connecting his piss hole with her upper lip.

She pulled her head back a couple of inches further and the bridge of semen broke in the middle.

Half of the string fell over Bernard’s deflating glans and the other half fell onto Marlene’s front teeth.

She rolled his come around on her tongue, and worked her tiny fist up and down the shaft a couple of times.

She could see a single bead of post-orgasmic fuck juice emerge from his still swollen piss hole.

That droplet was just about to fall onto the rug between Bernard’s big feet when Marlene caught it on the tip of her slightly curled tongue tip. She thought that his come was the tastiest she had ever known.

It reminded her of when she was a little girl and her mommy and daddy had taken her to Atlantic City.

Bernard’s come tasted just like the sea had smelled when the tide was all the way out in the afternoon.

She could see that there was a thin film of semen covering his cock head so she licked him clean with the flat part of her tongue.

By the time she finished licking his prick the only thing making it wet was her sweet saliva.

She released her grip on his cock and looked up at.

He could see a look of sincere affection in her eyes.

He knew that her cunt had to be burning with desire.

“I hope I didn’t hurt you too badly,” Bernard said, caressing her streaked cheeks with his fingertips.

“On no,” Marlene said truthfully. “It was wonderful. You have a beautiful cock, Bernard.”

Bernard could feel a glow of pride at the compliment.

He reached down and grabbed the little girl by the armpits.

He lifted her to her feet and placed his hands on her ass.

He ran his palms gently over her sweet round buttocks.

Then he increased the pleasure, kneading at the supple flesh.

He worked his fingers through her ass flesh as if he were a chef kneading unrisen dough for baking.

She ground forward with her hips, her pussy flesh quivering.

Her natural lubrication continued to secrete in a steady flow.

Her inner thighs were slick and slippy from her cunt juice.

Bernard could smell her womanhood wafting up from the moist delta between her slightly parted thighs.

Marlene tilted her chin upward and parted her puffy lips.

She looked like she needed to be kissed very badly.

Their tongues came together before their lips as they fell into a passionate kiss, having a wet internal swordfight with their tongues.

“I’m so hot, so fucking hot,” Marlene said. It was the first time in her entire life that she had ever used a vulgarity in front of an adult.

She liked the saucy way it made her sound, and she was pleased when Bernard smiled in reaction to her language.

“Get on your back and open your legs for me,” Bernard said.

“I want to kiss every square inch of you.”

“My cunt is on fire,” Marlene said, throwing back her head, making a purring sound, her entire throat vibrating like a cat’s.

She got on her back on the rug and Bernard sprawled beside her, kissing and licking at the side of her neck.

He used his teeth to give her little love bites.

He bit hard enough to sent sharp twinges of pain shooting up and down the little girl’s spine.

But Marlene was so aroused that her brain could no longer distinguish between pleasure and pain.

Her brain translated the pain into pleasure as she felt herself becoming a complete sensate concerned only with sensation.

She nibbled at his earlobe as she gyrated her slim hips in a slow sensuous circle on the rug.

She could feel her cunt juice pouring like a thick waterfall out of the base of her pussy slit.

She knew that her cunt juices were sweet and looked like melted pearls as her poontang drooled.

Her nipples were dying to be sucked, straining to grow even harder and more erect than they were already.

The man kissed her face, lightly licking at her gently closed eyelids in a subtle moment of sensuality.

She could feel every sensation making its way through her aroused nervous system to her cunt which throbbed.

Her clit was red and hard as it poked out from under its equally swollen protective sheath of flesh.

Her inner lips opened and closed as if they were silently trying to form words.

Her inner cunt needed to be stretched open and filled with his lance.

First she would learn the divine pleasure’s that came from an experienced man’s tongue on her pussy.

“I knew that you wanted me. I knew it,” Marlene said.

“Oh God, it seems like I have wanted you for years, ever since you started turning into a woman.”

“When I realized that you liked to look at me while I was by the pool I did things to make you horny.”

“How long have you known that I watched you?”

“Ever since the very beginning of the summer.” Bernard could feel his salivary glands working overtime.

His mouth was filling rapidly with spit as he kissed his way down toward her breasts, allowing his right hand to rest, palm flat, on her abdomen, between her dimpled bellybutton and her tiny heart-shaped black pubic patch.

He showered both of her perky tits with tiny peck kisses.

The man then placed the tip of his tongue on her right nipple.

He began to flick it back and forth, making Marlene groan deeply, a sound that seemed to come all the way from the pit of her stomach, where she could still feel his sticky spunk resting. She sounded wanton, and she loved the way his hot tongue felt on her quivering feminine erection.

The man could feel her nipple getting harder against his tongue as he licked it, until it felt like a tiny pebble resting on top of her breast.

He pulled back his mouth an inch and puckered his lips when her entire nipple was wet and shiny from spit.

He blew cool air on the wet nipple, this sensation causing Marlene to shiver as if she were trying to get out of her skin.

She could feel her entire body covered with a thick layer of gooseflesh as she began to buck up and down with her slim hips.

Bernard could tell that she would be bucking her slim torso like a whip by the time he got his face between her thighs.

Marlene moved her feet so that the bans were pressed flat against the rug, and her toes were digging into the pile.

Her toes clutched whenever she was horny and this was just as much a symptom of her arousal as her swollen nipples and wet cunt.

She raised her knees up in the air and pressed the outside of her right thigh against the side of his hips, straining to point her knees at opposite paneled walls of the living room.

The little girl opened and closed her knees rapidly as she felt the man wrap his lips around her nipple to suck.

He sucked gingerly at first but quickly made the vacuum so intense that his cheeks were drawn in and her erection was deep in his mouth.

“SUCK! SUCK! SUCK!” Marlene screamed out, her face turning as red as a fire engine. Her face felt hot.

She pressed the back of her head hard against the rug, and then did the same with the balls of her feet.

She lifted her buttocks completely off the rug and tightened the muscles in her ass as she arched her back. She offered her tits to the man and he responded by opening his mouth gaping, mouthing as much of her breast flesh as possible at once.

Even as he sucked he flicked the tip of his finger across her nipple as hard and fast as he could.

Bernard then got his teeth on her nipples and began to nip lightly there, the twinges of pain feeling delicious.

“HARDER! BITE HARDER!” she screamed out, her facial features contorting from the intensity of the sensation.

She began to toss her head from side to side, and now it was she that was shiny from the perspiration of her sexual exertion.

He chomped down very hard on her nipple making the little girl let out a shriek of agony that turned into a shriek of ecstasy in the middle of her exhale.

He pulled her nipple, still keeping it clenched tightly in his jaw, until the flesh all around it was taut.

He released the nipple, allowing it to snap back into place, and repeated the process with the other nipple, once again starting with up most delicacy and working his way slowly to brutality.

By the time he was done with her tits Marlene’s nipples were longer and harder than she had ever seen them before.

Her eyes went so wide as she looked at those twin erections, that Bernard could see the white all the way around the near-black pupils.

She could see that her nipples were sticking almost a full inch out from the tips of her perky breasts.

The man kissed his way down her rib-cage and her soft belly, pausing at her cute little bellybutton.

He traced a circle around her navel with the tip of his tongue, enjoying the taste of her sweat.

He explored the inside of her bellybutton with his curious tongue, and Marlene was sure that it would tickle.

But instead it felt sexy and good and she realized that her nerve-endings could not be ticklish once her horniness reached a certain pitch.

“Please eat my cunt,” Marlene said. Her voice was high-pitched.

She sounded the same as she had when she was nine. She was begging him, just as she would have begged for candy when she was a child.

Her request was so sexy, so wanton, that he could not ignore it.

He kissed and licked his way rapidly down her abdomen.

He rubbed his nose in her tiny black pubic patch.

He got a mouthful of pubies and tugged them with his lips.

He heard the pretty teenager let out a sharp gasp of pleasure.

She lifted her right leg up in the air, pointing her toes at the ceiling, so Bernard could get his face between her legs.

He kissed at the back of her thigh as he moved his head under her leg.

When she replaced her foot on the rug he found that he was facing her cunt.

He could smell the musky aroma of her womanhood, and he placed his nose very close to her shimmering cunt flesh so he could fill his sinuses with that delicious scent.

He could see that the little girl did not have any hair at all growing at the sides of her vulva.

She rolled back so that her weight was on the small of her back and her buttocks were off the rug.

Bernard peeled back her ass cheeks and saw that she was equally bald between them, her asshole looking like a sweet pink asterisk poised only an inch away from the base of her wet cunt.

Bernard stroked her tits with his palms, and found them to be perfect handsful when he wrapped his fingers around to squeeze them.

He moved her tits in slow, sensuous circles, pressing them together so that her cleavage was long and deep.

He removed his palms from her tits so he could work on her nipples exclusively with his thumbs and forefingers.

He pinched and pulled on her sore nipples until she was writhing like crazy on the soft shag rug.

She could tell that her natural lubrication was rolling over the inch-long patch of tissue between her puckered anus and the base of her pussy.

The asshole itself was being lubricated by her cunt juice, and she could feel her sphincter muscle tingling.

She hoped that Bernard had enough jam for three comes.

She wanted to feel that big cock inside her ass also.

Her asshole was opening and closing, looking as if it were winking at him.

She could feel a craving deep inside her bowels.

She hoped that he was man enough to bugger her brutally — until she bled — after he finished fucking her tight teenage cunt.

The man began to kiss at the insides of her thighs, sliding his palms down her belt to the backs of her thighs.

He pressed upward with his palms on the backs of her thighs so that she drew her knees back further, still keeping them pointed in opposite directions.

Her thighs were opened past ninety degrees at that moment.

He kissed, licked and nipped his way down the insides of her smooth tanned thighs until his mouth was on the cheeks of her ass.

She could tell that he was going to rim her asshole with his curious tongue as he pulled her ass cheeks apart until the skin in the crack was pulled as tight as the skin on a drum.

Marlene could feel some of the puckers in her sphincter muscle being pulled smooth by this pressure.

Bernard placed the tip of his tongue at the top of the crack of her ass, which was closest to the rug.

He flicked back and forth lightly, and moved upward, getting ever closer to her burning nether eye.

Marlene let out a sharp grunt and closed her eyes tightly as she felt the tip of his tongue find her rectum.

He traced a circle around her ring of muscle and then licked at her asshole with the flat part of his tongue until all of the delicious flavor was gone.

He placed his nose close to her anus so he could savor the rich aroma of her aching inner bowels.

Marlene had heard that there were a lot of women in the world who didn’t like to get fucked in the ass.

Either they thought that it hurt too much, or they thought it was dehumanizing, degrading and humiliating.

Marlene put these women in the same category as those who didn’t like to swallow a man’s silver seed.

In fact, Marlene suspected that they were the same women.

Fucked-up tight ass bitches, just like Bernard’s wife.

Marlene wanted to show the married man just what he was missing.

She wanted to let him know that there were pleasures in the world he would never find in his own bed with his iceberg of a wife.

Bernard made the tip of his tongue pointy, and concentrated on keeping it as stiff as possible.

He placed the tip right on her anus and pushed forward with his head, tensing the muscles in his thick neck.

As he began to work his tongue up past her sphincter, feeling the ring of muscle opening willfully to let him inside, he could feel the blood pumping down his body, returning to his cock and balls.

His balls once again felt as if they were on fire.

His cock began to throb and grow, and he knew that he would be ready to fuck her by the time he made her come with his mouth. She made little whimpering and whining noises as she tossed about, and Bernard had to wrap his arms tightly around the tops of her thighs to keep her lower torso relatively still, and making it easier for him to keep his tongue inside her ass.

Marlene loved the way it felt to be tongued in that way.

Even though she had fucked a lot of boys she had never had any of them stick their tongue up her asshole before.

She figured they would have thought it was disgusting.

They didn’t know that being disgusting was the whole point.

One had to forget about society’s rules to be a complete sexual animal.

Bernard got his tongue as deep as possible into her bowels.

This felt very very good, but Marlene knew that his tongue was neither long enough nor thick enough to appease her anal cravings.

She knew that that was job for his cock and prayed she could know the bliss of sodomy that afternoon.

But the desire in her pussy only got worse and she knew that she was going to burst into the first of what she hoped to be many orgasms the second the handsome man got his tongue on the center of her womanly pleasure.

“EAT MY C-C-CUNT!!!” Marlene screamed loudly.

She could feel a vein bulging at her right temple.

Her jaw was set and her eyes were closed, her eyelashes pressed very hard against her high cheekbones.

Bernard pulled his tongue out of her ass and licked at the base of her cunt where the accumulation of natural lubrication was thickest.

The little girl had the sweetest cunt juice he had ever tasted.

It tasted as if it really did have honey in it.

He moved his fingers to the outer lips and pulled them apart slowly.

He could see that her inner lips protruded furthest from her slit.

They were very swollen and large enough to suck on. He got his tongue between her inner lips and plunged it deep into her fuck hole.

The man licked at her poontang with long broad strokes, quaffing deeply from her plentiful secretions.

He allowed no nook nor crannie of her pussy unexplored, and he saved the quivering clitoris for last.

He placed the forefinger on his right hand at the top of her pussy slit and pulled it upward so the entire visible portion of her love button was open and available to his tongue’s caress.

He had to lift his hips up a little because his cock was hard and he had been pressing it against the rug painfully.

He placed the tip of his tongue on her love button.

She let out a sharp cry of pleasure that emptied her lungs.

She sounded slightly asthmatic as she struggled to inhale.

He began to flick his tongue back and forth across her little man in the boat.

She could feel the explosions starting inside her hot twat.

The pleasure spread in ripples to fill her slim, bucking hips.

Bernard quickly increased the pressure of his tongue on her clit.

Soon he was digging hard at her cunt, and the pleasure moved up her spine.

The physical joy rested in a cluster at the base of her skull for a moment.

Then it surged into her brain, and she let out a blood-curdling scream.

Marlene sounded as if she were being tortured by a masked sadist.

She looked like she were in the throes of a spastic seizure.

One would have almost expected foam to come spilling from her mouth.

“OOOHHH MMMYYY GGGOOODDD!!!” she screamed, pausing between words.


The Shakey’s and the Parkinsons’ lived in a tiny village south of Rochester called West Rushdale.

Nobody wondered why it was called that, even though there was no Rushdale nor an East Rushdale.

The only thing that West Rushdale was west of was the Burns’ large corn field and Evergreen Hill, where the teenagers parked to screw.

It was the sort of town where everyone knew everyone else by name.

Strangers were noticed immediately and new-comers were not encouraged.

On certain streets there was a town rule that said you had to keep your house painted white with dark green trimming.

Many of the streets were lined with maple trees so that they looked like green tunnels in the summertime.

At that moment, on the north end of town, Michele Shakey was sprawled on her bed in her aunt’s guest room.

Her aunt was actually her great aunt, her grandmother’s sister on her mother’s side.

She was a nice enough old lady, but she napped a lot and there wasn’t much to do while Michele was staying there.

Michele found that she spent more time than usual thinking about sex, which was because she had no other distraction, and sex was by far the most fun thing to think about when there was nothing to do.

At that moment she was naked on the bed with her legs spread and her head propped up on both of the foam rubber pillows.

She was stroking her own nipples, moaning lightly.

She really didn’t have to worry about how much noise she made.

Aunt Helen was deaf. You had to scream to make yourself heard even when you were standing right next to her.

In spite of the fact that Marlene was Michele’s best friend, Michele remained a virgin. She had been out on a few dates but had never let things get out of hand.

Michele envied Marlene’s promiscuity, wishing that she could be open and free with her sexuality like that.

But the truth of the matter was Michele just didn’t think that the boys she went to school with were sexy.

She had decided a long time before that she would be damned if she would lose her precious cherry to a boy with stale beer on his breath in the backseat of a car parked on Evergreen Hill.

This didn’t make her very popular with the boys but she didn’t care.

She wanted her first lover to be a mature man, someone who would love and respect her rather than just fuck her for his own pleasure.

She knew that it was supposed to hurt when her cherry popped and she didn’t want some spastic teenager tearing at her hymen carelessly.

She wanted to lose her virginity to a man who was experienced enough to be slow and tender with her. It would be her first time. Her pussy was a blossom. When she received her first prick it would become a full-fledged flower.

Michele was at a very tough time in her life, and she wondered why Marlene never seemed to have the same problems she did.

Marlene adjusted to her role as a sexual being without trauma.

Michele could feel about a zillion butterflies flapping around in her guts when she thought seriously about getting laid.

She knew that she was pretty enough to be desired by grown-up men.

But she had no idea how to go about finding one.

West Rushdale was the sort of town where married men had to be very careful because there was no such thing as keeping a secret.

She thought about hitchhiking just to see who would pick her up, but decided that that was too dangerous.

Just because she wanted to get laid didn’t mean that she wanted to get raped.

She pinched lightly at her nipples and then placed the centers of her palms over them in an affectionate sensuous self-caress.

She had her father’s chestnut colored hair, which had been cut short into a cute pixie with bangs.

There was still a large part of Michele that felt the same as it did before she reached puberty.

She still enjoyed climbing trees and being a tom-boy.

But there was an ever-growing part of her that was in a rush to grow up.

She knew that having sex would be no trouble at all when she went to college.

Once she got out of the house and lived in a dorm room, she was sure that her life would be one blissful fuck after another.

She assumed that boys did a lot of growing up by the time they got to college, and figured college guys to be the kind of experienced lovers she needed.

Michele tried to let her mind go blank, thinking only about the growing tension in her pussy.

Michele thought about the years she had spent suffering with her ache of desire before she started to touch herself.

There had been a period of time when Michele was afraid of having her first orgasm.

She had been afraid that she would enjoy the sensation too much and would become obsessed with it.

As it turned out, she had been right. Her first come had opened a Pandora’s Box, and she touched herself in an impure manner every night and sometimes even snuck off into the girls’ room at school, locking herself in a stall, so she could quickly diddle her clit to climax in between classes.

There were times when she was so horny she knew she would have to jack-off or be unable to think of anything else.

It seemed like her panties ended up getting wet every day just from the fantasies she had of wrapping her arms and her legs around a humping hunk at the same time.

Michele stretched her thighs so far apart that her feet dangled off the sides of the single guest room bed.

Michele had much larger tits than Marlene. She had big jugs that stuck out straight from her chest.

She knew that guys liked her big tits a lot, but so far her willpower had held out and now of them had touched her tits, even when she necked a couple of times.

The little girl clutched her big tits hard and pushed them together.

Her fingers were not long enough to hold all of her breast flesh at the same time.

That was a job for a larger hand, a man’s hand.

She released her breasts and ran the palms of her hands lightly down the front of her body.

Her waist was slim and her hips were on the broad side, though firm and without fat, giving her a near-perfect hourglass figure.

Her skin was fair. She was the kind of girl who had to suffer through a few sunburns at the beginning of each summer before the tanning process began.

Even when she did start to tan, she had to worry about peeling and she never got anywhere near as dark as her friend Marlene.

She had a pubic patch that grew in a perfect inverted triangle, neatly covering her entire mound.

One would have thought that she trimmed her pubies to make them so neat, but only Michele knew that that was the way they grew naturally, and she didn’t even have to shave in order to wear her bikini.

She twirled her forefingers around in her pubies, gathering them up as she would spaghetti on a fork.

She could feel little spasms of anticipation in her pussy.

When she was in a hurry she could make herself come quickly.

When she had some time to kill she liked to bring herself to climax slowly, exploring her different erogenous zones thoroughly.

She placed her feet flat on the foot of the bed and raised her knees up in the air.

Unlike Marlene, Michele’s nails had been filed short, and she never wore any polish on them.

Michele had never been particularly vain, and had figured that long fingernails got in the way.

She placed her soft fingertips on the insides of her thighs, very close to her bent knees, then drew then downward.

She stroked lightly, not stopping the caress until she was a fraction of an inch from the swollen outer lips of her virgin pussy.

Michele lifted her feet from the bed so she could stroke her buttocks lightly, sighing and gyrating.

She liked to stick her finger up her asshole sometimes, even though it hurt a little bit, just because it was as close as she could come to simulating a cock penetrating one of her sex holes.

She pulled the cheeks of her ass apart and dabbed at her tingling anus with the ball of flesh at the tip of her right forefinger.

She winced as she pushed her finger inside, not stopping until she was in all the way to the third knuckle.

She wiggled her finger around, touching different spots within her spongy inner bowel tissues.

Michele could tell that her ass penetration had been aided by the cunt drippings that had fallen down into the crack of her ass.

She began to stretch her sphincter by moving her finger, wondering how far it would have to open to allow a real cock inside.

Michele had never seen an erect penis in her entire life.

She had seen diagrams in books of what one was supposed to look like.

But the actual male genitalia was always vague in her fantasies.

She pulled her finger out of her ass until only the tip remained inside her burning ring of rectum muscle.

She then plunged the whole thing back inside, letting out a sharp gasp that emptied her lungs.

Michele could feel the ache in her pussy growing.

She knew that she would have to make herself come right away.

The little girl could tease herself no longer.

She pulled her finger out of her ass and brought that hand up to her face.

She held the finger under her nose and sniffed at it lightly.

Then she inhaled deeply, drawing the scent of her inner bowels deep into her sinuses with a sigh.

In a compulsive moment, she plunged the finger deep into her mouth and sucked on it with puffy lips.

She sucked and rolled her tongue over the soiled finger sensuously at the same time until it was whistle clean.

She put a fingertip to the base of her pussy slit, where the accumulation of natural lubrication was thick and slippery.

She was moaning and groaning with each of her exhales.

Her breaths were getting shorter and closer together as she rapidly approached orgasm, running her fingertip lightly up and down the swollen outer lips of her burning fuck delta. She pushed the inner lips apart a little with her finger, pushing her finger inside until she could feel her maidenhead.

Michele pressed against her intact cherry, feeling the thin wall that had protected her virginity for so long pulling tight under the pressure.

She had a great urge to push her fingers right through the hymen so she could touch herself where she had never been touched before.

There was a great need to be stroked up past that membrane, a spot near the mouth of her womb that demanded to be touched by a piercing cock.

Michele wondered how much longer she would have to wait before she could find a man she would feel comfortable in bed with.

She wondered how long she would have to wait to feel her virgin pussy completely filled with humping cock meat.

Michele drew her finger up until she was touching her clitoris.

She felt the pressure in her hips growing in leaps and bounds.

The ache in her loins was becoming unbearably good.

She could feel the pressure in her lower torso reaching the saturation pound.

She knew that that tension could get no worse before the explosions of her sexual release were inevitable.

She touched her love button very lightly at first, seeking the subtlest sensation with her fingertip.

But then she began to increase the pressure and she could feel the outer third of her vagina flesh begin to convulse wildly.

She could tell that she was making a wet spot on the center of the red bedspread beneath her round hips.

She could feel all of her muscles tensing and she bucked so hard on the bed that her left leg feel off the edge and dangled with the toes tightly curled under.

She moved her hips up and down wildly realizing that this was an instinctive motion — the same motion she would make if a cock was inside her.

She began to roll her clit around in a small circle, moving it as if it were a marble rolling in oil.

She began to let out a series of sharp screams, each a little higher-pitched than the one before it.

As the pleasure spread in waves to fill her entire body her sound was so high that she figured only dogs would be able to hear it clearly.

She pressed her clit flat against the base of her pubic bone and began to flick her fingertip back and forth across it as hard and fast as she could.

Then it was over and she fell back limp on the bed, basking in the wonderment of her warm afterglow.

She held her breath, feeling like she never would be able to cross her legs again.

She never wanted to put her knees together. It felt so good sprawled with her thighs open, her pussy an open slash of raw meat.

She finally got her head together enough to slip into her robe and pad down the hall to the bathroom.

She locked herself in the john and hung her robe on a hook on the back of the bathroom door just above the full-length mirror that was mounted there.

She sat on the toilet seat and peed, moaning a little as she wiped herself with a tiny ball of toilet tissue to remove the excess droplets of urine.

She stroked her clit a little, which was still very sensitive and then steeped into the shower.

She liked her showers to be just short of scalding and she loved the way the needles of hot spray felt against her flesh.

In a matter of seconds the bathroom was filled with steam.

Both the mirror on the back of the door and the one above the medicine cabinet were completely fogged over.

She washed all of her nooks and crannies before getting out and drying herself off with a large white bath towel.

She brushed her hair, slipped on her robe and returned to the guest room where she kept her blow dryer.

She dressed and walked down the hall, pressing an ear against her Aunt Helen’s bedroom door quietly.

She could hear gross snoring coming from inside and knew that Aunt Helen was still doing what she did best.

Bored out of her skull, Michele decided that she would go for a walk around town to see what she could see.

Maybe she would find some of her friends hanging out that she could spend the afternoon with.

She scribbled a quick note on the small square blackboard mounted on the wall next to the kitchen phone.

She then bounced out into the summer sun and headed for the old railroad depot where her gang hung out.

There were a lot of guys in her group of friends, and she had managed to have platonic friendships with most of them.

There were a few who didn’t seem to like her very much.

That was because they had once had crushes on her and had been rejected.

There was no one behind the depot so she took the dirt path through the gravel pits, finding the school grounds on the other side equally as deserted.

She wished that she could just go home. Her daddy would be there, and he was always a lot more fun than Aunt Helen.

She loved her daddy very much.

She had decided long before that she wanted her first lover to be as much as possible like her father.

She could never understand why her daddy had put up with her mommy for so long.

He was so warm, loving and handsome. She was an icy bitch.

Michele thought that her father was perfect in every way.

If only they weren’t related, she would be making plans to seduce him.

She strolled down Maple Street toward the downtown section of West Rushdale.

One might think that West Rushdale was not big enough to have a downtown, but it did, and all of the town’s businesses were gathered on one block in the center of Main Street.

There was the fire station, the police station, the Huckleberry Dairy, where kids go to eat ice cream and steal comic books.

Michele sat for a moment on the park bench in front of the dairy hoping she would see some friends cruising down Main Street looking for action.

Of course, there was no guarantee that they would stop and pick her up.

People who were looking for action usually weren’t looking for Michele.

Only boys from out of town flirted with her much because they didn’t know about her reputation as a goody-goody.

Nothing was happening. She had a great urge to go to her own house, or maybe stop by, and see Marlene.

But she didn’t. She knew that Aunt Helen would be upset if she wasn’t there when she woke up and she had to get back.

At that moment Bernard could feel a little spritz hitting him just below the lower lip tickling him a little.

He knew that the pretty black haired girl was ejaculating fluid from her urethra.

He had read about this in sex books but had never experienced it before.

It made him wonder if his wife had been faking orgasms during the early years of their marriage.

After a while Margaret had not bothered to pretend any longer and had treated sexual activity as a chore.

The man licked at Marlene’s clit until her spasms were over. She fell back onto the bed still panting and moaning with her afterglow.

Bernard pulled his face out of her cunt and rested his chin lightly on her pubic bone just above her tiny heart-shaped patch of black pubies.

He looked at her beautiful face between her breasts.

She opened her eyes and he could see that they had welled up with tears during her crushing climax.

Bernard placed his palms flat on the shag rug on either side of Marlene’s slim, petite torso.

As he did this the little girl could see that his cock was already stiff and ready for fucking.

She knew that she wasn’t going to have very long to bask in the glorious relaxation of her glow.

The second she saw that huge ten inch prick flopping beneath the flat plain of his belly, her tremendous ache of desire returned.

But this time the ache was not centered in her clitoris, but rather in a magic spot near her cervix.

She wanted to feel the tip of that cock working deeper inside her pussy than any cock had before.

She could feel her inner and outer cunt lips begin to spasm a little as she thought about how far open that hole was going to have to stretch to take the girth of the man’s throbbing purple cock head.

The man crawled up on the rug, moving so that he was hovering directly above the pretty little girl.

She could feel the tip of his prick touching her soft lower belly, and he lowered his head to kiss her.

She stretched her legs open as the man moved his hips so that the tip of his prick slid down across her near-bald mound.

He could feel her downy black pubic hairs caressing his glans.

He held his elbows locked in the straight position.

He looked as if he were about to do a series of push-ups.

This thought made Marlene feel like giggling, because, after all, he was going to do push-ups on top of her.

The man supported the weight of his upper body exclusively with his left arm, reaching back with the right to get a grip on the base of his cock.

He gave his prick a couple of quick squeezes, just to make sure that it was as hard and thick as he wanted it to be. He was satisfied.

“Oh God, Bernard, I want your cock inside me so badly. I want you all the way inside my pussy,” Marlene said.

Her voice was breathless with her passion as she spoke.

Bernard used his hand to guide the tip of his prick.

The little girl let out a sharp cry of pleasure as she felt him massaging her love button with the tip of his tool.

She wished that he would do this for a moment longer, but didn’t mind when he began to move his thick glans downward so that it was touching the curled back edges of her protruding inner cunt lips.

He had his cock poised at the mouth of her fuck hole.

He began to press down with his hips, using a steady pressure.

Marlene felt the muscles in her legs tighten as his prick began to slip inside.


The inner lips were stretched open until the flesh was taut.

The little girl could feel her lips gripping at the ring of scar tissue at the base of that cock head.

She began to push upward with her hips, feeling an arousal within her that she had not known with any of her other lovers.

He began to push down a little harder.

Marlene responded by pushing up with her own hips. She was used to having cocks slip into her pussy easily and then sloshing around until the guy came.

Even though her pussy was still fully engorged with the blood of her arousal, and her cunt juices were plentiful with slippery lubrication, it was still a tight fit and the man was going to have to exert himself to achieve the complete penetration that they both needed so badly.

The inside of Marlene’s cunt was on fire with lust.

She could tell that she was going to come the second his cock touched the magic spot near the mouth of her womb.

She placed her weight on the small of her back so that her cunt hole would be at the best angle for violation.

She lifted her feet up off the foot of the bed.

She drew back her knees and got herself in a position where she could squeeze at the sides of his slim yet powerful hips with the insides of her thighs.

Then the tip of his cock reached the magic spot.

Marlene let out a loud scream of pleasure and trembled. Her face was once again as red as a beet.

She tossed her head front side to side her long black hair falling in strands across her pretty features.

She blustered her lips to blow a few hairs out of her mouth as she felt the ripping pleasure moving up and down her spine like bolts of sexual lightning.

“Oh God, Bernard, make me… make me COME!” she screamed and the man hammered down with his hips.

He drove the entire length of his prick into her.

She could feel her inner pussy walls being stretched both length-wise and width-wise by that humongous tool of masculinity. She screamed again.

“CO-CO-COMING!” she called out, and she closed her eyes, her lips pulling back very tight over her straight white teeth.

He could feel her inner cunt lips gripping at the base of his cock.

She could feel his glans lodged in her inner belly, touching her in a spot that she didn’t even know could be reached from the outside.

Her orgasm was shorter and sharper than the ones she received through direct clitoral stimulus.

But the best thing about it was that she could tell it would be only the first of many that would follow during the course of the fuck.

Bernard could feel the entire length of his prick being squeezed blissfully by her talented cunt muscles.

Her pussy felt as if it were filled with magic fingers, all put there especially to give him pleasure. Marlene thought that he was going to start his savage fucking motion right away, just like the many jocks she had balled.

The man continued to grind downward with his hips, moving his hips from side to side, their loins pressed firmly together.

He stretched at the walls of her inner pussy in every possible direction with his ever-moving lance.

Then he began to pull out, and he could feel the magic fingers inside her tugging at the withdrawing shaft.

“So tight, so fucking tight,” Bernard said in a strained voice, his throat muscles tensed with his passion.

Marlene pointed her toes at the comers of the living room ceiling, making a vee-shape with her shapely gams.

She placed her arms across the tops of his shoulders and began to lightly stroke at his back.

She used her fingertips at first, and then switched to her long red fingernails, scratching at him.

She could feel his finely toned back muscles rippling and she made sounds like an alley cat in heat.

She sounded like a jungle beast as she drew downward with her own hips until only the head of his cock remained between her inner cunt lips.

Then he plunged down, she thrust up, and their loins slapped together loudly, their pubies intertwining.

The entire length of his prick went into her cunt at once and she could hear herself making a sloppy wet sucking noises, as ten inches of rigid manhood made its way though her tight, soaking wet, yielding poontang flesh.

Marlene’s eyes went wide open, so far that the whites were visible all the way around the pupils.

The little girl could tell that he wouldn’t have to do that too many more times before she would come again.

The man began to fuck her slow and steady, being sure to use the entire length of his prick with each stroke.

He steadily increased the pace of the fuck letting out sharp grunts with each downward thrust of his hips.

Once again the muscles in his buttocks were tight.

The cheeks of Bernard’s ass were tightly pressed together.

Marlene felt as if his cock were finding her deepest core.

She felt as if she were being impaled by his thick lampoon.

It really did feel as if his prick were going out her back and in to the bed, pinning her down.

And she loved every thrust and little more than the one that came before it.

She reached peaks of sexual pleasure that she had never before known.

The man was just as talented with his cock as he was with his tongue.

But Marlene had had faith in him from the word go. She wouldn’t have come over unless she knew the risk would be worth taking.

And it was worth it, she thought. Oh yes, it was definitely worth it. There could be no doubt about that.

She had her second orgasm which made the little sparks appear on the insides of her tightly clenched eyelids.

This was followed by her third which made the cunt juices gush out of her hole, looking a little foamy.

She was in total bliss and she could think of nothing but how bonkers her entire nervous system was going.

The man fucked her hard and fast and she could feel her orgasms getting closer and closer together.

After a time it felt as if she were having one continuous orgasm.

It was splendid. She realized that brand new doors were being opened for her sexually at the moment.

She felt as if she were being sent into another dimension — into the Twilight Zone — she had no perception of time nor space.

“FUCK ME! FUCK ME!” Marlene screamed. “HARDER!”

The little girl was thrashing about, out of her head with joy.

The man moved his hands to Marlene’s slim shoulders.

He used his weight to keep her relatively still.

He was afraid she would pull a muscle and hurt herself if she continued to buck around spastically.

Then Bernard could feel the tickle returning to the base of his cock and he knew that he was in the home stretch of the fuck.

He gave it once last kick and moved his hips so fast that they appeared to be a blur. Marlene clung to him as tightly as she could with both her arms and her legs, trembling with her breasts pressed flat against his chest.

He fucked her as hard and fast as he could until he screamed out like a wounded animal and thrust his cock all the way inside her.

She could feel the entire length of his cock convulse.

This triggered one last spectacular orgasm in her pussy.

She was pleased that the two of them were going to come at the same time.

In her entire sexual career, this was the first time that had ever happened.

“COME INSIDE! COME INSIDE!” Marlene screamed.

She could feel her inner lips wrapped about his cock’s base.

She could feel her inner cunt being bathed with his hot come.

They screamed out together, sharing the moment of bliss.

She felt as if there were only one orgasm, and the two of them were sharing it equally.

They had merged into a single sexual being — a blessed union — obviously the work of fate.

He fell limp on top of her and they shared a single afterglow.

Michele had almost reached Aunt Helen’s house when an old white Thunderbird convertible pulled up on the shoulder beside her.

The driver was MacIntyre Symms, the captain of the football team.

Even though it was still summer vacation for most of the kids, the football team had already started to practice.

He was wearing his numbered jersey and a pair of shorts.

On the bucket shotgun seat was his navy blue gym bag.

His blonde hair had been mussed by the wind, but Michele didn’t care.

She thought that he was very good looking even when he was all sweaty and dirty right after he got off the playing field.

This didn’t mean that she was pleased he had stopped.

She thought of him as the sort of guy Marlene would go out with.

He was loud crude, and threw up at parties after mixing beer and whiskey.

She thought that he was going to mock her or something.

Michele concentrated on placing an irritated expression on her face.

She cocked her hip to one side and placed a tense fist against her waist.

She tilted her head to one side and gave him an un-amused stare.

But he was smiling friendly, not mocking, and he seemed genuinely pleased to see her, although she couldn’t imagine why.

“Hi, Shelley!” MacIntyre said. “What are you doing here?”

“Staying at my Aunt Helen’s for awhile. She’s old.”

“Want to go for a ride?” MacIntyre asked. He reached over to throw his gym bag behind his seat. He patted his palm on the emptied bucket as an invitation.

Michele was feeling very horny all of a sudden and she cursed herself.

Sometimes having weak flesh could be a real pain in the ass.

“I don’t think so. Thanks. I gotta take care of my aunt.”

“Come on, just one spin around town. You don’t like my car?”

“I think your car is very nice, MacIntyre. I just have stuff I gotta do.”

“Climb in. I’ll only keep you a second,” he said.

“Do you promise, MacIntyre Symms?” She sounded maternal.

“Cross my heart and hope to die,” he said, crossing his fingers along with his heart, making Michele giggle.

“Oh, okay,” Michele said and walked around the front of the car.

MacIntyre leaned across to open the door for her and she climbed in.

The little girl really didn’t want to see her Aunt Helen.

Listening to the old bag cough up green shit was not her idea of a good time.

MacIntyre drove aimlessly, at least so Michele thought, and soon they were on the straight country roads south of West Rushdale.

A lot of the roads were infrequently used, flat and straight.

This is where the boys took their wheels to see what they could do.

MacIntyre floored his sleek white machine and took her to ninety in seconds.

Part of Michele wanted to tell the boy he was acting like a fool.

But part of her was thrilled by the speed, and she could feel temptation over-coming her rapidly. “WHERE ARE WE GOING?” Michele screamed.

The wind whistled through her ears and she felt like sticking her face over the side of the car just to feel the intense air-pressure.

“Evergreen Hill,” MacIntyre said, turning up one corner of his mouth into a half-smile of inward amusement.

Michele knew that there were only two reasons to go there.

If you were a bunch of guys you went there to drink and smoke pot.

If you were a guy and a girl you went there to fuck.

“I don’t think so, MacIntyre. I think you had better take me back,” Michele said, leaning over to get her mouth closer to his ear.

“I just want to talk to you,” MacIntyre said. “Seriously. There have been things I’ve wanted to say to you for a long time.”

“Why can’t you tell me now?” Michele asked.

“I want to say them, not scream them,” he said.

“Surely we could have talked before this. Someplace, uh, a little less suggestive,” Michele said.

“I was scared. I guess I have to keep up my image as a beast when the guys are around, you know what I mean?”

It had never occurred to Michele that there might be another side of MacIntyre.

She softened with this and stopped resisting. She knew that he was going to try and kiss her sooner or later.

It just wasn’t fair. Why did these things have to happen when she was horny?

The answer was simple. Michele Shakey was always horny.

MacIntyre slowed the car down gradually until he was crawling along.

He turned right down a dirt road that disappeared into a thick pine woods before starting to ascend.

Michele had never actually been to Evergreen Hill, but she had heard a lot about it from her friends.

From what she gathered a perfectly beautiful natural site had been littered with used condoms and empty beer bottles.

By the time MacIntyre got to the top of the hill, to the little clearing where the teenagers parked, Michele had changed her tune.

There was not the strewn ugliness she had anticipated.

In fact she thought that she had been taken to Heaven.

She could see all of the surrounding county, even the tallest building north in Rochester. It was awesome.

She lifted her butt off the bucket seat with her straight arms so she could get a better view.

“This is nice!” Michele exclaimed enthusiastically.

“You mean you’ve never been here before?” MacIntyre was astonished by this news but stopped short of a mocking tone that wanted to gurgle up into his throat.

MacIntyre thought that Michele was the hottest chick in all of West Rushdale High School, and he wasn’t about to botch things once he had gotten them this far.

“Nope,” Michele said, not feeling nearly as embarrassed as she thought she would at the confession.

“Well, there you go,” MacIntyre said, slapping his knee. “That fits right in to what I want to say.”

He looked at her huge firm tits pressing against her tee-shirt and he felt like drooling all over them.

He could see that her nipples were erect, and wondered if that meant she was horny.

“Tell me all about it,” Michele said. She looked right into his eyes. She could feel her face turning red. She was flirting with him. Michele couldn’t remember actually ever flirting with a guy before.

She could handle being called a goody-goody.

But Michele had never had any intention of being a prick-tease.

She knew that.

She was getting into dangerous territory.

“You are a very pretty girl…” MacIntyre began.

“Thank you,” Michele interrupted.

They both smiled nervously.

“But it never seems like you have any fun. This is really hard for me to say,” MacIntyre faltered.

“No, please don’t be shy. I’m interested in what you guys think of me.”

“Michele, I’m not telling you what the guys think of you, I’m talking about what I think of you,” he said sternly.

“Sorry,” Michele said meekly. She looked away from him for a moment, at the late afternoon sky. There were no clouds in it.

He was saying the right things. Things that a mature man would say.

She knew that her willpower was in deep trouble.

“I think that you are scared to have a good time,” he said. He sighed, glad that he had gotten it off his chest.

“I agree,” Michele said. He looked at her funny, like she had suddenly sprouted a second head or something.

“You do?”


“Why are you afraid?”

“I think I’m afraid of growing up,” Michele said. She thought about keeping her words simple, so she would not confuse the jock.

But then she realized that he seemed a lot smarter when he was alone than he did when he was hanging out with his friends.

“There is something very secure about being a little girl. I remember sitting on my daddy’s lap when I was little and I felt like I didn’t have a care in the world. Now things are kind of scary and I’m in a position to make decisions that can affect the rest of my life.”

“But what does that have to do with fun?” MacIntyre asked.

“You don’t understand,” she said looking at her hands, which were folded lady-like in her lap. Michele was wearing a pair of beat-up old blue jeans with equally faded denim patched sewn to each of the knees.

“I do understand. Every body is afraid of growing up. But that doesn’t mean that we hide in our bedrooms and read books. I know that you don’t want to drink beer and throw up like the football players. I don’t think that I’m nearly as dumb as you think I am. And I know that you don’t want to whore around and be called a tramp behind your back. That has nothing to do with it. You are too afraid to even kiss me!”

“Am not,” Michele said, and she could feel her lips tingling.

MacIntyre looked at her astonished, and then his face broke into a grin.

“No time to start having fun like the present,” Michele said. She parted her lips and felt the ache in her pussy growing as she saw the boy’s handsome face moving closer to hers.

“I don’t go all the way on the first date,” Michele said.

“Are you going to make me limp home?” Macintyre asked.

Michele realized that it would be cruel to get him all worked up and then not relieve his ache. She could handle being cruel to herself better than she could handle being cruel to MacIntyre.

“I’d make it worth your while,” Michele said sexily. She simply loved the sound of her voice. It was the first time she had ever sounded throaty and wanton when talking to a boy.

They kissed with their tongues and Michele could feel his hand moving to her large right tit.

Her natural instinct was to grab his wrist, but she didn’t.

MacIntyre could feel her jerk a little as she felt him get bold.

But she relaxed once again as he got his palm on her boob, fondling the flesh, making her pussy turn to molten jelly.

She wondered if she would ever be able to stop him. Michele knew that things had already gotten out of control.

She figured that the boy would be telling all of his friends what happened in intimate detail the next day.

She burned with her weakness, but moaned as she felt his tongue exploring the inside of her mouth, making her shiver with passion.

The only thing she could do was end his passion. If she made him come quickly she would be able to keep her own desires manageable.

She placed her hand on the crotch of his tight jeans and felt the big bulge there.

She rubbed at it with her palm and loved the little whimpering sounds MacIntyre made in his throat.

She couldn’t believe that this big tough jock was making those tiny sounds.

He sounded so vulnerable. So lovable. She caught herself.

She knew that it would be easy to take off her clothes and let him give her thrilling sensations that she had never before known.

“Take down your pants,” she said when the kiss was over. “I want to kiss you down there too.”

She could feel her mouth watering at the thought of sucking his cock.

She could feel the crotch of her white cotton panties getting all wet from her pussy secretions.

She could feel the material uncomfortably crawling up both between the cheeks of her ass and the outer lips of her boiling honey pot.

The boy quickly reached down and unbuckled his belt.

He lifted his ass off the seat and pulled his pants and his underwear down at the same time, not stopping until they were both wrapped around his ankles.

He pointed his knees in opposite directions, his boner sticking straight up in the air from his lap.

“I’ve never seen one before,” Michele said. Her eyes were wide and she had to concentrate on keeping her mouth closed.

Her jaw insisted on sagging with her astonishment.

She just loved the way his erect phallus looked, long thick and purple. She could see it throbbing and she swallowed deliberately, licking her tingling lips with the tip of her tongue to moisten them.

“Can I touch it?” Michele asked, never taking her eyes off of it.

She could see his balls dangling over the edge of the seat, and she could feel fresh goose bumps forming.

The boy picked a little at her nipples through her tee-shirt, and Michele moaned before begging him to stop.

“You are afraid of getting hot,” he said. She tentatively touched his piss hole with the tip of her right forefinger.

“Please don’t, MacIntyre. I’ll give you pleasure. Don’t worry about me. I’ll do enough worrying about me for both of us.”

He placed his hands on top of her head and caressed her cropped chestnut colored hair affectionately.

She wrapped her fingers around his cock and slid her palm up and down slowly and lightly.

She had heard all about blow-jobs and hand-jobs from other girls who had wanted to save their virginity.

But most of those stories were on the old side. Michele’s girlfriends had all gotten laid since. She was the last remaining virgin in her gang.

Michele supposed that you had to get to the real dogs to find another cherry in her high school class.

Michele moved her right hand to his balls and got them in her cupped palm.

This made the boy’s whole body stiffen and she continued caressing his prick with her left hand.

The little girl lowered her head, glad that he wasn’t pressing with his hands, and puckered her lips.

She had expected him to smell bad down there, but found that his cock and balls smelled of soap. Then she remembered that he had showered after practice before picking her up.

It had been a long time since Michele had given any thought to her obligation to Aunt Helen.

The little girl was living foot-loose and fancy-free, at least for her, and she fully intended to do it without conscience.

She stuck out her tongue and began to lick his cock.

She used the flat part of her tongue, starting at the base and licking to the tip.

Soon his entire penis was wet and shiny from her tongue bath.

“Suck it, Michele. Please,” he said. He sounded so sweet.

He needed her, and there was no way she could turn down the request.

She opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around his cock head.

She squeezed his balls at the same time and could feel him stiffen and tremble.

She didn’t want the come to spurt into her mouth, fearing that it would make her gag and vomit.

She sucked his cock noisily, drawing in her smooth fair cheeks, until he lifted his ass off the seat.

She could hear him crying out and she could feel his cock head start to spasm against her lips and gums.

She flicked her tongue back and forth across his swollen purple glans as she sucked him, pulling away just as he climaxed.

She grabbed the base of his cock with her right hand and pumped it hard, the tip still pointing at her pretty, though reddened face.

His piss hole puked his thick white fuck juice, spewing it into her face.

He screamed with pleasure and Michele could feel the sticky semen spilling over her right hand as she jacked him off.


Marlene and Bernard took a break. There was still a great deal of time before Margaret would be home so they pulled all the blinds and walked around the house naked, feeling like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Marlene made ice tea and they drank out of the same glass — a tall thin one with plenty of ice — out of two straws.

“I haven’t had a day like this in years and years,” Bernard said.

“Gee, Bernard, I’ve never had a day like this.”

“I think that you and I are going to be very good friends from now on.”

“I think this is going to play havoc with my sun-tan,” Marlene said.

“I can feel the ache coming back,” Bernard said. They sat next to each other on the couch. He stroked her nipples, pinching them until they were hard, and allowed his hand to rest on the inside of her thigh.

She set the glass down on the varnished wood coffee table on the rug in front of the over-stuffed couch.

“Have you ever fucked a girl in the ass before?” Marlene asked.

Bernard remembered his single experience with anal intercourse.

He had been in high school, going out with a Greek girl.

Some girls gave hand jobs, some sucked guys off, all were afraid of getting knocked up in those days.

Her name had been Melia and her solution to the birth control problem had been to anew guys to fuck her in the ass.

At the time Bernard wanted real pussy and had only fucked Melia once before moving on to something new.

He remembered that a drought followed going out with Melia, a sexual drought, and he had spent a whole summer thinking how much better her asshole had been than his own right hand.

“Never,” he lied.

“Oh, Bernard, I want you in my ass very badly!” she said.

She opened her legs and sighed as she felt Bernard working his middle finger up and down her wet and slippery pussy slash. Her clit grew.

She slipped his finger up inside her cunt and wiggled it around playfully.

Marlene tensed her cunt muscle, squeezing snugly at his finger.

She moved her hand to his cock and squeezed at the shaft, feeling it grow harder and thicker against his palm.

They got off the couch and moved back to the rug.

Michele could feel the tingling in her ass getting very bad.

The yearning in her bowels demanded to be appeased.

She took his cock in her mouth and sucked him, opening her throat to him.

Soon he was hard and erect. He was ready to fuck her ass.

It was impossible to tell that he already had two orgasms under his belt.

Bernard was amazed at his cock’s ability to recharge itself.

It had been years since he had had occasion to get it up for the third time in a single sex session.

He thought about it and wondered if it had ever happened before.

He could count the twofers since he had been married on one hand.

When he was hard Marlene rolled over on her belly and stretched out flat on the soft shag rug. Marlene lazily stretched her arms up over her head. She had to keep her fingers relatively straight even when she made a fist because of her long red fingernails.

She could feel the man’s mouth on the back of her thighs, working up slowly toward her sweet ass.

She tensed and relaxed her ass muscles as she felt his lips on her buttocks.

He began to bite hard at her ass, leaving red marks, and she squirmed with the diving combination of pleasure and pain this caused.

He placed his hands on the cheeks of her ass and turned them so that the fingers were pointing inward.

He allowed his fingertips to creep slowly closer to the crack, increasing the pressure, puckering the yielding flesh.

He pulled her buttocks apart as if he were separating the sections of an orange.

The man began to lick enthusiastically at the crack.

He used the flat part of his tongue and drooled. This was on purpose. He wanted her asshole to be all wet and juicy.

“Do you want me to get something to grease you up?” he asked.

“Don’t bother, just smear some of the juice from my pussy on your prick. I want to be able to FEEL you,” she said, closing her eyes, resting her cheekbone on the rug.

He tongued her asshole, which felt very good and made her desire grow rapidly.

He pulled his face away from her ass and got up on his knees.

The little black haired girl pulled her arms back so that her palms were beside her face.

She placed her weight on her elbows and crossed her arms beneath her head.

She got up on her knees and arched her back so that her sweet ass rose in the air, stopping when it was at the appropriate angle for savage buggery.

She could feel Bernard placing three fingers between the swollen inner lips of her pussy. He stroked the walls of her cunt being stretched by the penetration.

He pushed those fingers as deep as he could get them into her twat, twisting them to get them as wet as possible.

He worked the fingers in and out a couple of times before pulled all the way out to smear the accumulated cunt juice on the head of his cock.

He straightened his back and Marlene could feel the tip of his prick touching the right cheek of her ass.

She knew that there would be pain when he pushed that thick rod inside her tight, puckered anus.

But she did not fear the pain in the slightest. She knew that the pain would be all but insignificant compared to the joy of having her third and last hole penetrated by the beautiful magic wand Bernard packed between his muscular thighs.

He placed one hand on each of her buttock and again pulled them apart.

Marlene could feel her asshole opening and closing, again feeling as if it were winking at him.

She shivered and panted as she felt him press his glans between those twin globes of ass flesh, finding her burning sphincter.

He pressed his wet cock head against her wet asshole.

He knew that he was going to have to hold the shaft of his cock to keep the tip from sliding away from the hole until the initial penetration had been accomplished.

Marlene tried as hard as she could to relax the muscles in her ass.

For a long time her asshole did not open and she thought that perhaps they were attempting the impossible.

She worried that it was a matter of physics his prick simply being too thick to fit in her hole.

But then she opened for him and he stabbed forward with his hips.

His cock was thicker than anything that had ever come out of that hole so that her ring of anus muscle was stretched further than it had ever been stretched before.

She could feel her sphincter wrapped around the base of his glans.

He was able to let go of his cock at this point, and he moved both of his hands to the base of her rib-cage.

He dug his fingers into her flesh hard enough to hurt her a little.

He pulled at her body as he pressed forward with his hips, using her as leverage.

She could feel the tip of his cock moving into the soft yielding tissues of her bowels a fraction of an inch at a time.

Bernard grimaced and turned red as he pushed harder, and it seemed like forever before his cock made it all the way inside.

Marlene let out sharp cries of pain as she felt tissues being torn by his probing penis, and she could tell that the man had drawn blood.

Her asshole was wrapped around the base of his cock and she felt stuffed once again with cock meat.

The pain equaled the pleasure, but Marlene enjoyed it all.

She pushed down with the palms of her hand and raised her upper body off of the rug slowly, stopping when only her erect nipples were touching the floor.

The man released his grip on her belly and slid the palms of his hands to her tits squeezing her boobs, loving the way her rock-hard nipples felt against the centers of his palms.

He pushed forward, giving the illusion of sinking deeper, and gyrated his hips, stretching even further at the walls of her inner bowels.

Bernard could feel her sphincter being stretched outward as he drew back with his prick, stopping when only his glans remained inside her. He paused and grabbed her tits very hard, and then thrust forward with his hips once again, and Marlene could tell that her bowels were about to convulse wildly, just as if they had the capability to orgasm on their own.

He fucked her ass, loving the way her spasming muscles felt around his shaft as he moved in and out.

She threw back her head and felt her mouth falling gaping open with her deep anal sexual bliss.

She arched her back as he fucked her faster and faster, and she could tell that his cock was even more slippery than before from the film of blood that was covering it.

Bernard looked down at his cock watching it appear and disappear with the motions of his hips.

He could see that a thick ring of blood was forming at the base of his pole and the whole thing was turning a red, color.

Bernard was ashamed of himself, but he found that he liked the idea that he had drawn blood with his cock.

It was kick. He had never thought of himself as a sadist.

He wondered what it was about this girl that brought out the real beast in him.

He could feel his come churning around inside his scrotum.

His testicles felt very swollen and heavy in the sack.

In spite of the fact that he had already shot his wad twice, his scrotum still looked filled to the brim with fuck juice.

The man removed his hands from her tits and slid his palms over her ribs and belly, seeking her love button.

He could feel the tickle. He knew that he couldn’t fuck for much longer.

The sight of blood had made his groin impatient for release.

He kicked into high gear as he found her engorged clit with the forefinger on his right hand.

He did not bother touching her gently there. He flicked his finger across her little man in the boat hard and fast from the very first stroke.

“FUCK MY ASS! FUCK MY HOT ASSSSSS!!!” she screamed.

Marlene sounded like a hissing snake with the final sound.

Marlene felt like she was coming twice at the same time.

Her bowels continued to spasm, and her pussy was filled with joy as he touched her perky love button.

Then he pushed forward hard, ramming all of his cock in her.

Her asshole strained to grip at his cock base.

She could feel his cock convulsing for the third time.

He shot his come, though there wasn’t as much of the thick creamy stuff this time, and howled with his now familiar wounded animal coming sound.

He pulled his bloody cock out of her ass and her face was still contorted even after he had withdrawn.

She stayed on her hands and knees for a long time, her tits bobbing up and down as she caught her breath.

She didn’t think the burning in her butt would ever go away.

Marlene could tell that she was all fucked out. She collapsed onto her belly on the rug and moaned.

She thought that her lust was insatiable. But she felt thoroughly appeased.

She finally rolled over on her back and looked at the handsome man that had just satisfied her incredible lust.

“I have to get something to wipe myself clean,” Bernard said and started to rise to his feet.

The two of them were both covered with sweat and she knew what she wanted to do.

“Let me lick you clean,” she said, giving him a saucy wink.

He thought that it was a splendid idea and returned to his knees while Marlene moved to lick his prick.

On Evergreen Hill MacIntyre pulled a white rag out of his glove compartment and tenderly wiped his semen from Michele’s face.

He kissed her on the lips and said thank you.

“My pleasure,” Michele said. She wanted to go straight back to Aunt Helen’s guest room and jack off.

MacIntyre then pulled up his pants and buckled his belt.

“Did I do okay?” Michele asked sweetly, her voice quivering a bit.

“It was really nice,” MacIntyre said. “But it seems a shame that I get my rocks off and you don’t. It’s not fair.”

“Go slow with me, MacIntyre. I know that you want to enlighten me to all of the joys of the world, but a little girl can’t learn too much at one time. I’m still blown away from what just happened. I mean I can’t believe it.”

“Okay,” MacIntyre said.

He sounded sympathetic and sincere.

He allowed his lips to graze lightly across her cheek and kissed her ear.

The smacking sound he made with his puckered lips sounded very loud since he was so close to her ear-drum.

“I really have to get going,” Michele said. He knew she meant it.

He started up the car and turned it around so he could head back down the hill to the paved country road.

He got her back to her Aunt Helen’s house very quickly, once again flooring it on the open road.

Again the little girl felt the thrill of the speed, and couldn’t wait until she could drive a car so she could race around like that all the time.

She found that Aunt Helen had not woken up while she was gone.

Her chalk message was still there on the blackboard beside the kitchen telephone.

She ran upstairs to her room and locked herself inside.

Her cunt was a soupy mess and she went straight for her clit.

She didn’t even bother to take off her clothes.

She just sprawled on her back in the center of the bed and lifted her ass to hitch down her faded blue jeans and her white cotton panties at the same time.

She dipped her fingers into her drooling honey pot, searching around the top of the slit for the center of her womanly pleasure.

She only had to diddle herself for second before she was bucking and crying from the divine pleasure.

She knew that her orgasm was nothing compared to the sensations she would have received if she had allowed MacIntyre to pop her cherry up on Evergreen Hill.

Bernard and Marlene took a long loving shower together.

They washed each other sensuously, lingering over the erogenous zones.

Bernard had to keep pinching himself to make sure he wasn’t dreaming.

If someone had told him he would spend the day fucking the neighbor girl in all three holes when he got up that morning he would have said they were crazy.

They dried each other off with the bathroom door open to let out the thick steam that had filled the john during the shower.

When the shower was over Marlene put on her bikini, finding the two-pieces right where she had left them on the living room floor.

They paused in the kitchen to kiss and embrace one last time.

Marlene then crossed the Shakey’s backyard, into her own, climbed up on the pool platform and dived into the water.

Bernard stood in front of the sink watching her.


Marlene Parkinson told her very very best friend all of her secrets. She was in a jam. How could she ever tell Michele that she was having an affair with her father?

She hated the idea of keeping secrets from Michele, but she knew that she would never have the courage to confess. She thought that it would hurt Michele.

Being young and compulsive, Marlene felt a light bulb going on over her head.

She snapped her fingers and called up Michele on the telephone.

It was a week later and the girl had finished her stay at her Aunt Helen’s house.

Marlene decided that she would seduce her friend. If she and Michele were lovers it would be easier to talk about the affair she was having with Bernard.

Bernard answered the phone and Marlene used her sexy voice.

It was the middle of the afternoon. Bernard thought that it was a little bold to be calling him while Michele was home.

“Hi,” Marlene said chipperly. “How’s your old meat?”

Bernard stammered a little and said, “Hi, how have you been?”

He sounded phony. Bernard did not like the sound of his voice at all.

“I didn’t call to talk to you silly,” Marlene said with a little giggle. “I’m your daughter’s friend, remember?”

“Ah yes, it seems like an eternity ago,” Bernard said.

“Maybe it was just last week. Is Shelley around?”

“Yeah, I’ll get her.” Bernard could feel his face turning hot as he cupped his hand over the receiver and called out his daughter’s name.

She was upstairs in her bedroom looking at her rock star magazines.

“I’ll pick it up in your room, Daddy,” Michele called out cheerfully.

Michele was anxious to talk to Marlene about her incident with MacIntyre.

She knew that Marlene was the only person in the whole wide world she could tell about the first cock she sucked.

Bernard wanted to express lust and passion to Marlene, but knew that he had to keep his cool. He had never had an affair before and wasn’t used to deception as part of his daily routine.

“‘lo,” Michele said quickly after she heard her father click the receiver downstairs.

“Hey, come over here. Wanna drink some of my old man’s wine?”

Michele wasn’t much of a drinker. In fact she had never been drunk in her entire life.

But she was in the mood to learn. She knew that it would be easier to tell Marlene about MacIntyre if her inhibitions were starting to break down.

“Yeah, okay. I’ve got oodles of things to talk to you about.”

“Me too. It seems like we have a lot of catching up to do.”

Michele hung up ran down the stairs, shouted a careless good-bye to her daddy and ran across the backyards to the Parkinsons’ house.

Marlene was at the back screen door waiting for her and let her into the kitchen.

The two houses were very similar only reversed, since their backs were to one another, and Michele had found that she had no trouble finding anything in the Parkinsons’ house even the first time she had been in it years before.

“I went out with a guy!” Michele said excitedly.

“Who?” Marlene asked, pulling out a bottle of wine.

She filled two glasses with ice and filled both glasses to the brim with the wine.

The drink was a deep red color, the same color that the pretty black-haired girl painted her fingernails and toenails. Michele took a quick sip from the top of her glass and decided that she liked the flavor a great deal.

The wine wasn’t too sweet like the stuff she was usually served at Christmas time, and she thought she would be able to drink a lot of it.

“MacIntyre Symms,” Michele said. “I went for a ride in his convertible.”

“Where did he take you? Did he fuck you?” Marlene asked.

They both gulped at their drinks and Marlene refilled their glasses.

Within minutes the two of them were feeling tipsy. They were in the mood for anything.

“He didn’t fuck me, but I sucked him off,” Michele said.

“Did you swallow it?” Marlene asked. She couldn’t believe that Michele had actually gone out and done it.

Marlene thought that it would be years before her friend would go out with a guy.

She was amazed that Michele Shakey had found the courage.

“Did you like it?” Marlene asked. There was an expression on the black haired girl’s face that Michele had never seen before.

It confused her for a moment, but then she realized that her friend was flirting with her.

There was an expression of lust on Marlene’s face.

Michele thought that Marlene looked very very sexy.

Michele had never thought of herself as bisexual. All of her fantasies up to that point had involved becoming intimate with men.

But she started to think that it would be very nice to roll around in the sack with Marlene.

It must be the wine, she told herself. But the seed had been planted, and Marlene only became bolder.

“Tell me about when you masturbate,” Marlene said. Her voice was deep and throaty a voice usually reserved for her jock boyfriends.

“You really want to know?” Michele said with a giggle.

“I want to know EVERYTHING about you!” Marlene said.

“I don’t know how to describe it. I get naked and lay on the bed with my legs open. Then I touch myself. All over. Gentle like.”

“Show me,” Marlene said. She freshened up their drinks. They were both getting very drunk.

Michele giggled, putting her hand over her mouth.

“Why are you in such a naughty mood today, Marlene?”

“I don’t know. I thought that it would be fun to play doctor.”

“Okay,” Michele said. She didn’t feel like saying no. It sounded like it might be fun.

Michele decided that she had started a new era in her life. She was going to take a good look at MacIntyre’s lecture. She decided that he was right. It was about time she had some fun in her life.

“Are you going to get naked with me?” Michele asked. Her voice was tiny, making her sound like a child.

They had been friends ever since they were little, and their mannerisms indicated a retention of old habits.

“Uh huh,” Marlene said. They stood and moved together in the hall between the kitchen and the living room, only six feet from the stairway that led to their pink love nest.

Marlene placed one hand on Michele’s cheek and the other on her ass.

Drunk, they kissed sloppily, bold with their tongues, drool running down both of their chins at the same time.

Marlene took Michele by the hands and they intertwined their fingers up over their kissing faces.

They rubbed their torsos together, feminine hips grinding, breasts pressed flat, nipples hard and erect.

Their movements were sleek and graceful even in their eagerness to get down to the pink and wet stuff.

They both let out pitiful little whimpering noises of desire as the passionate kiss finally ended.

The tips of their tongues came apart long after their lips.

“Feels so good,” Michele said. “I had no idea that it would feel that good.”

“Think of an of the time we have been wasting, sweetie.”

“Never again. Let’s go up to your room and lock ourselves in.”

“That, my love, is the best idea I have heard all day.”

Their words were slurred and their eyes were a bit glazed.

But they weren’t too fucked-up to feel the aches in their pussies.

Both cunts were becoming engorged rapidly with their horniness.

Their breaths quickened and shortened. They scampered up the stairs like children, hand and hand, innocent in their lust, taking the steps three at a time.

They giggled wildly as they ran into Marlene’s room.

The door was slammed loud and the sound of the hook being put in the locking hoop could be heard from the hall.

Inside the girls were quickly pulling their tee-shirts up over their heads.

Michele’s breasts were larger, but both sets were firm and youthful.

Four erect nipples, two erect clitorises and twin pairs of tingling lips moved together at the foot of the bed once they were naked.

The cunt juices flowed freely. Michele thought that this was all very weird, and things began to get surreal.

The little virgin was not as used to carnal knowledge as her friend, and was in awe of the intimacy she felt.

She knew that they were going to lick each other’s pussies and make each other come.

Michele could feel her salivary gland going berserk as she thought about sticking her tongue into the black haired girl’s dripping honey pot.

They kissed and rubbed their bare bodies together, feeling their pubic patches pressing together.

They both moaned loudly and moved their hands to the other’s ass.

Fingers rolled through ass flesh. Cheeks were parted.

Cracks were explored and asshole were delicately massaged.

Both anuses were wet and slippery from the plentiful lubrication dripping from their swollen pussy slits.

“Let’s get on the bed,” Marlene said. “Get on your back. I want to kiss you allover. I even want to kiss your smelly parts.”

Michele giggled and she could feel the hot ache in her cunt get worse.

Their was a great pressure throughout her loins, and she could feel her clit peeking out from beneath its foreskin.

She moved quickly to the bed and sprawled with the back of her head resting on Marlene’s single foam rubber pillow.

She opened her legs as far as she could, feeling both her buttocks and the lips of her swollen poontang parting in the process.

Marlene sprawled on her belly at Michele’s side and began to kiss the side of her neck.

She quickly worked her mouth down to Michele’s breasts and took the right nipple into her mouth.

She licked and sucked at that nipple at the same time, making Michele squirm on the bed.

“BITE! BITE! BITE!” Michele called out, thrashing her head from side to side, her fair skin turning red as her muscles tightened and her jaw clenched.

Marlene got her teeth on Michele’s erect nipple and began to nip at it lightly with her pearly-whites.

Marlene began to tug at both nipples, one with her teeth, the other with a pinching thumb and forefinger.

Michele could tell that she was making a wet spot on Marlene’s bedspread, and assumed correctly that this was not an uncommon happening.

Michele figured that Marlene’s cunt juices were getting on her bedspread all the time, now that she knew her friend was so much like herself when it came to physical desire.

“Oh, God, it feels so GOOOOD!” Michele screamed.

Her voice was a high-pitched wail and filled the room.

Michele didn’t care if the whole world knew about her lust.

She would have hung a banner out the window saying, “I NEED TO COME!” but she didn’t have time to think about it.

Marlene allowed both nipples to snap back into place and rolled them at the same time between her fingers.

She massaged the tits with her hands, straining and failing to hold all of the breast flesh in her parted fingers.

She kissed in between those tits and the licked her way down to the little girl’s dimpled navel.

She stuck her tongue into the bellybutton boldly.

Michele let out a moan and moved her hips sensuously.

Michele was finding it increasingly difficult to keep still.

Her pussy felt as if it were filled with crawling insects of desire.

She couldn’t help but gyrate and writhe with her lust.

Marlene kissed the soft warm flesh of Michele’s abdomen.

She tugged at the chestnut patch of pubies with her teeth.

Michele lifted her right leg so Marlene could get her face between her patted thighs.

Marlene could see that Michele had a lot more pubic hair than she did.

It ran down along the sides of her vulva and was thick in between the cheeks of her creamy ass, especially around her puckered asshole.

Michele could feel her natural lubrication rolling down the crack of her ass in a steady flow.

She could smell the sweet scent of her emerging womanhood wafting to her nostrils from her soaked delta.

“EAT IT!” Michele called out, her lips quivering as they pulled back tight over her teeth.

She contorted her facial features into a grimace of pain, closing her eyes, wrinkling the lids.

She could feel tears of joy welling up in her eyes as Marlene began to lick her swollen outer labia.

Marlene placed her fingertips on the outer lips and pulled them as far apart as they would go.

She flicked the tip of her tongue up and down rapidly, exploring the folds of flesh between the inner and outer lips.

She got the tip of her tongue between Michele’s inner lips and stiffened it so she could penetrate.

She could feel the tip of her tongue touching the cherry.

She smiled inwardly as she felt the intact hymen.

She pressed until the maidenhead was taut from the tension.

Marlene then lightly pulled the sheath of flesh above the clitoris away from Michele’s feminine erection.

She licked upward to the point where her inner lips came together, finding the love button with her tongue’s tip.

She began to flick back and forth lightly, and Michele began to let out a series of sharp cries of pleasure.

Michele could feel the explosions starting.

Her pussy began to spasm, pulsating wildly with joy.

She could feel her clit being battered back and forth.

Marlene treated the love button as if it were a small punching bag.

The climax rolled up Michele’s spine to her reeling brain.

It was the best orgasm she had ever had — by far.

Michele could tell right away that being touched by another was a zillion times better than touching herself.

Marlene pressed the little man in the boat flat against the base of Michele’s moving pubic bone. The little chestnut haired girl was bucking up and down, and Marlene had to move her head to avoid getting her nose smashed.

Marlene puckered her lips and pressed them against the ballooning flesh surrounding the convulsing clitoris.

She began to suck, and Michele could feel her love button being drawn blissfully into Marlene’s mouth.

Marlene found that she could suck on the spasming clit and flick the tip of her tongue across it at the same time.

Just when Michele thought that the ripples of pleasure were bound to die down, she could feel that sucking bringing them all the way up to full intensity once again, and she thought she was going to faint.

“CCOOMMIINNGG!!” Michele hollered, but Marlene had already figured that part out, being a smart girl.

Marlene sucked very hard, drawing in her cheeks.

She did this until Michele collapsed on the bed.

Michele’s breasts heaved up and down with her panting.

Her pink skin had become wet and shiny with sweat during her come.

There was a straight row of perspiration beads across her forehead. Her eyes were filled with the tears that had welled during her climax.

Marlene pulled her face slowly out of Michele’s cunt, giving the slash a series of delicate kisses, making tiny smacking noises.

Michele could feel the most wonderful glow filling her lower torso.

She felt like she wanted to lie in that position forever.

Any thought of crossing her legs just then would have seemed absurd.

Michele blinked a couple of times so she could focus her eyes on her new lover’s pretty face.

She could see that Marlene’s lips were wet from her natural lubrication as well as the black haired girl’s drool.

“That was so very nice,” Michele said. “I had no idea it could be like that. I didn’t know that it was possible to feel something that good. I guess you learn something every day. You look so beautiful. I want to kiss you all over now.”

“Ummm,” Marlene said. “Lick my face clean.”

Michele was anxious to lick the sticky juices from her lover’s lips.

Marlene moved up on the bed so that she was sprawled on her belly directly on top of Michele.

Her legs were between Michele’s parted thigh, and their pubic patches were pressed tightly together.

They moved their upper torsos, kissing only with their nipples.

Marlene could feel her pussy aching wildly as Michele began to lap happily at her lips and chin with the flat part of her tongue.

This turned naturally into a passionate kiss that lasted a long time.

The girls rolled on the bed, almost falling off, so that Michele was on top.

Michele sucked on Marlene’s nipples and worked her way slowly and lovingly down toward the near bald honey pot.


“Do you shave yourself down here?” Michele asked when she got her face between Marlene’s thighs.

“I just never had any hair,” Marlene said. “Lick it. I want to feel your tongue inside my cunt.”

The two friends had talked about many things, but they rarely used vulgarities casually. Words like “cunt” were whispered and usually only came up when one of them was quoting something a boy said.

Michele wanted to see everything and placed her palms lightly on the backs of Marlene’s dark thighs.

She pushed upward, and Marlene drew her knees back, lifting her tiny feet off the foot of the bed.

Marlene’s toes were tightly curled under, and she could tell she was making her own contribution to the wet spot that was already on the bedspread.

Michele slid the palms of her hands, heels first, to the slim buttocks, pulling them apart so she could see the skin in the crack.

Michele was amazed at how young the slim hips and baldness made the little girl look.

From the waist down Marlene did not look much different than she had when she was only twelve.

Michele began to lick boldly at the crack of Marlene’s ass.

Michele could feel all of her inhibitions drifting away.

Now that she had discovered the marvelous world of intimacy, she knew that she was going to be obsessed with it.

Just as she had anticipated, she had opened a Pandora’s Box when she got into MacIntyre’s Thunderbird.

Michele ran the flat part of her tongue across her lover’s asshole, and she could feel the ring of muscle there throbbing.

“Stick it up inside,” Marlene said urgently, feeling the muscles in her thighs tensing up. She kept her feet aloft and her knees apart.

Michele loved the flavor, and guessed that she was permanently altering the way she looked at things.

Michele could tell that her priorities were being changed, she was becoming a sexual animal. She loved it.

She knew that she would no longer have any desire to behave like a tom-boy by the time she was done making love with Marlene.

She had discovered adult games and had found that they were a hell of a lot more fun than hide and seek.

Michele made her tongue as pointy as she could at the tip.

She tightened the muscle in her tongue so that it was stiff.

She placed the tip at the center of Marlene’s writhing anus.

Michele tensed her neck and pushed forward with her face.

She could feel the ring of ass muscle being opened up.

Her tongue worked past the sphincter into the yielding bowels.

Michele stuck her tongue as deep as she could get it up that asshole.

She wiggled it around and then pulled it out, replacing it with her middle finger which could get much deeper.

As she began to steadily work that finger in and out of the anus, driving it in all the way to the third knuckle, she began to flick her tongue at the curled back outer edges of Marlene’s inner lips.

She pushed the lips apart with her now relaxed tongue, and then stiffened again to penetrate the fuck hole.

“YES! YES! YES!” Marlene called out her black hair whipping as she tossed her beautiful head.

Her voice was very high, screeching, echoing against the walls of the little girl’s upstairs bedroom.

Michele flicked that hole with her tongue for a while, allowing her taster to protrude far from between her full, sensuous, parted lips.

She pulled her face away from the cunt and found that she could work three fingers in and out of the cunt, and her pinky in and out of the asshole at the same time.

The combination of Michele’s short fingernails and Marlene’s used cunt was a magic one for the black haired girl.

Michele could do more things to Marlene than could be reciprocated, because of Michele’s intact cherry.

Michele got her fingers so deep inside Marlene’s pussy that she could feel the tip of her middle finger touching the dimpled cervix.

It felt like a hard nub deep inside the pussy on the top wall.

With her free hand she pulled the foreskin away from Marlene’s clit.

She placed the tip of her tongue on the love button as lightly as she could.

She then increased the pressure and Marlene could feel herself rapidly approaching the release of her orgasm.

She could feel the pressure in her hips growing in leaps and bounds, approaching the saturation point.

Marlene tensed every muscle in her body and trembled, keeping herself from bucking upward into Michele’s busy face.

The little girl curled the tip of her tongue and dug it deep into the swollen flesh below the love button.

She then licked upward, snapping the clit as she straightened her tongue at the end of the stroke.

Marlene could feel the spasms in her pussy starting.

Michele remembered how good it had felt when she had her own clit sucked.

She thought that it would be a nice gesture to do the same for Marlene.

She licked her clit until Marlene was well into the throes of her ecstasy and then she wrapped her lips around the erection.

She sucked on it, making Marlene let out a deep coughing noise that emptied her lungs of air.

Michele sucked until the come was over and then crawled up beside Marlene so they could cuddle.

They could both feel the glows filling their hips as they kissed, Marlene now licking cunt juices from Michele’s face.

“I have to pee,” Michele said, making a cute frown.

“Let me go with you. I have to pee also,” Marlene said.

Michele realized that there would be no taboos between them now that they were best friends and lovers too.

They walked hand in hand out of the bedroom, into the hall, and down to the john, where they once again locked themselves in.

Michele squatted on the toilet and began to pee. It felt so good to be naked and free this way.

Marlene knelt in front of Michele as she took her piss and they tongue kissed passionately.

When the black haired girl heard the steady flow turn to a trickle, and then stop.

“I want to wipe you,” Marlene said, moving her lips very close to Michele’s left shell-like ear.

“Ummmm, sounds marvy,” Michele said, throwing back her head, stretching and baring her throat to her lover.

Marlene took this as an invitation and kissed up and down the front and sides of Michele’s neck.

She licked and nipped hard enough to leave little red marks.

She then reached to the roll of toilet paper and tore off a handful.

She balled up the soft tissue with her fingers as Michele moved her knees as far apart as she could get them.

She leaned back against the white porcelain tank and lifted her feet a bit off of the bled floor.

Marlene looked down between her legs and could see her pink cunt lips sticking out from between the pubic hair that grew on either side.

Marlene placed the ball of toilet paper at the base of that slit and drew it slowly upward, moving it only a fraction of an inch at a time.

It seemed like it would take forever, but she finally ended the stroke by lingering on the clit for a moment.

Michele made a purring noise and Marlene dropped the ball of tissue, a little damp into the yellow water in the bowl.

Michele flushed the john while she was still sitting on it because she liked the way the cool water felt splashing up against her hot ass.

“I have to take a pee too,” Marlene said with a giggle.

Michele got up to let Marlene sit down, but Marlene made no move toward the toilet bowl.

Michele tilted her head a little to one side with curiosity.

“I want to pee all over you,” Marlene said, covering her mouth as she giggled.

Michele could feel her face getting hot and she knew she was blushing.

At first the idea of being urinated on disgusted the little girl.

But the more she thought about it, the more she liked it.

Anything that came out of Marlene’s cunt had to be wonderful.

She thought about the hot spray falling over her body, and her clit gave a little throb that made up her mind for her.

“I’ll get in the tub,” Michele suggested, sounding as if she liked the idea very much at this point. She spoke enthusiastically. The porcelain that covered the bottom of the tub was cooler than the tiles that covered the rest of the bathroom floor.

Michele got on her back and rested the back of her head on the side, placing the balls of her feet flat on the tiles next to the nozzles for the hot and cold water in front of her.

Marlene climbed in right after her and straddled her.

Then Marlene turned around so that Michele was looking at her ass.

Marlene got her feet as far apart as she could in the tub, pressing her ankle-bones against the sides.

She bent at the knees and Michele could look up to see her ass getting closer to her face.

Then she could see the yellow stream of piss come out of the hole in the center of that twat slit.

Marlene reached down and separated the inner lips of her cunt, making a vee with two straight fingers.

The piss splashed off of Michele’s big tits, and she loved the sensation, the odor. She loved everything about it.

Michele shivered when she felt the piss on her tits.

She could feel her body become covered with goose bumps.

Marlene placed her hands on the tops of her thighs, gripping at the flesh with her fingertips.

She leaned back even further until the piss was splashing all over Michele’s beautiful face.

Michele shut her eyes and opened her mouth, allowing some of the liquid to splash on to her tongue.

She found that it was a little bitter, but not nearly as disgusting as she might have thought.

When the pee was over, Michele sat up and buried her nose between the cheeks of Marlene’s ass.

Her tongue shot out far between parted lips and found the black haired girl’s still damp urethra.

Her tongue acted as toilet paper, and soon Marlene was on the verge of orgasming once again.

Michele licked and sucked at her best friend’s clitoris until Marlene trembled with her bliss.

When the come was over Michele stood up and Marlene turned on the shower.

The water was very hot and washed all of the piss from Michele’s shapely body immediately.

“I have something I have to tell you,” Marlene said.

Then it occurred to Michele that she had told Marlene her news but had never heard what she had to say.

“Oh yeah, other than the fact that you are having a lesbian affair, what’s new in your life?”

“I hope you are ready for this,” Marlene said softly.

She placed her hands on Michele’s buttocks.

She pulled their bodies together, nipples kissing.

“I am having an affair with you father, too,” Marlene said.

Michele’s eyes went wide with shock. She tried to inhale and no air entered her straining lungs.

She tried to speak but her throat suddenly felt as if it were filled with chalk dust or something.

“I don’t believe it,” Michele said finally. She gasped for air.

Marlene gently stroked the cheeks of the little girl’s ass.

“I know that this must be kind of hard for you to take.”

“Wow, when things start getting weird they really get weird.”

“When it rains, it pours,” Marlene said, a bit I too cheerfully.

“I guess it was inevitable that the old man started fooling around.”

“He’s a pretty horny guy. Your mother is a bit on the pinched side.”

“Tell me about it. Hey, how was he? Was he good?”

“The best I ever had, Shelley. It was marvelous. My first married man. Don’t worry, I don’t plan on doing anything that will upset your home life. I mean, your mother is never going to know.”

“It would be good for her if she did find out. It wouldn’t be good for you, but it might snap her back into the real world. I think it’s about time that Mommy realized that the world is not made up of over-anxious third-graders who need a scolding,” Michele snapped, her face reddening.

Michele hated her mother. She loved her daddy. She loved Marlene. It was all starting to make some strange sense in her confused mind.

She shook her head, still struggling to let the news sink in.

“I had to tell you. You know that I could never keep a secret from you, my love,” Marlene said.

She placed a gentle palm on Michele’s smooth cheek.

They kissed gently, touching the tip of their tongues together for a split second.

“I know. I’m glad that you told me,” Michele said.

She looked directly into the black haired girl’s near-ebony eyes.

“Are you going to tell Daddy about me and you?”

“Do you want me to. I can keep a secret when it’s just the two of us.”

“I don’t know. I have to sort all of this out in my mind.”

They washed each other off tenderly, and went out by the swimming pool.

Michele was nervous about having to see her daddy. The alcohol was starting to wear off and she was losing her reckless abandon.

But the afternoon grew late, and the girls did not want to be intimate out by the swimming pool.

Michele knew that Daddy was looking at them out the kitchen window.

She figured he was probably feeling lust when he looked at Marlene.

She wondered if he felt lust when she looked at her too. This was a new thought for her and she was amused by it.

Michele couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if she flirted with her father.

She knew that she was at least as sexy as Marlene, and she had managed to seduce him with no trouble.

Michele’s face burned with these thoughts of incest.

But by the time Michele went back into the house that afternoon wearing only her bikini, she knew that she had the courage.


It was the next afternoon and Michele was still wearing only her bikini.

She had dressed during the previous evening when her mother had been home.

Margaret didn’t even approve of Michele wearing cut-off jeans around the house.

She wanted Daddy to look at her so she danced around the kitchen as he sat at the kitchen table reading the newspaper.

He lowered the paper and looked at her. She smiled brightly.

“I feel wonderful today. Tingly all over,” she said.

“I feel pretty good myself,” Bernard said with a small smile.

“Do you think I have a nice body, Daddy,” Michele asked.

Where had he heard those words before? Marlene?

“Oh no, not you too,” Bernard said placing his palm on his forehead, lowering his eyes to the wood table.

“What does that mean, Daddy?” Michele said. “Can I sit on your lap? Can I? Please. Pretty please.”

“You know all about it, don’t you, you little munchkin? You’ve been talking to that friend of yours.”

His eyes were twinkling so Michele saw no reason to lie.

“Uh huh. She told me all about it. I think that it’s wonderful. You see she and I are lovers also.”

Bernard took a few seconds to get a handle on this. He moved his legs to one side so she could sit on his lap.

She rubbed her fanny against his crotch, and he could feel his balls starting to ache badly.

He was becoming sexually aroused at the touch of his own daughter, and for a moment he was filled with shame.

But as he had found with Marlene, he was weak to temptation, and he found himself craving his daughter with all of his heart.

“What are you trying to do little girl? Are you trying to get friendly the way your friend did?”

“Uh huh. I want to get friendly with you just the way Marlene did,” Michele said in a baby’s voice.

“I suppose that you know everything there is to know about sex, huh?” Bernard said paternally.

He really had little idea about Michele’s sexual experience.

He figured that she was popular enough to have had sex.

“I don’t know anything, Daddy. I just know that it feels really good when Marlene eats me and diddles me. I’ve never, you know, had a man.”

Bernard could feel his cock getting very hard in his pants.

Michele could feel it too since it was pressing against her buttock.

“You are a virgin?” Bernard asked. He raised his right eyebrow into an arch.

He turned up one corner of his mouth into a sadistic grin.

Bernard Shakey had never popped a cherry before in his life.

He knew that it hurt a girl to get fucked for the first time.

He thought of doing that to his daughter, and at first it didn’t appeal to him, but then he realized that the pain he would cause by popping his pretty daughter’s precious cherry would be simply opening up the doors to a life-time of pleasure.

This thought appealed to him a great deal and he put his hand on the back of her head, guiding her face toward his own.

“Give Daddy a little kiss,” Bernard whispered.

“Untouched by any man,” Michele said. She didn’t sound like a baby anymore.

Michele didn’t even sound like a little girl, like she did when she made love with Marlene the previous day.

She knew that she was about to receive her first cock.

She was going to graduate forever into womanhood.

She paused to say a nostalgic farewell to her childhood.

She knew that a part of her was going to be torn away — a part of her that would never grow back.

Michele continued to grind downward with her round hips.

Their lips got closer together and he moved his hand to her tit.

They kissed gently, with mouths closed at first.

Then they parted their lips and touched the tips of their tongues together.

Michele could tell that her daddy had a big cock from the size of the bulge pressing in her ass.

But she had no idea just how big it was. She still had a major shock ahead of her.

They rolled their tongues together, and Michele realized that Daddy was an even better kisser than MacIntyre.

It was kind of weird doing this kind of stuff with her own father, the man who had bounced her on his knee when she was a little girl.

Now he was squeezing her tit, for the first time holding the entire thing.

Their lust rapidly grew and Bernard took Michele up to her bedroom.

He closed the door securely behind him but did not lock it.

Michele could feel her cunt boiling. She had never felt the craving for penetration this intense before.

It was as if her cunt knew that it was about to be impaled.

Her cherry felt like it needed to be popped badly.

It would be a not-so-sad farewell to her virginity. She was ready to take this step toward adulthood.

She was not drunk. She was cold sober and knew exactly what she was doing.

The little girl was throwing herself over to absolute pleasure.

She thought of the many times she had fantasized about faceless men.

She knew know that the body had belonged to Daddy.

She had wanted her first lover to be as much like her father as possible.

She was doing herself one better by losing her cherry to the original.

She was amazed that she hadn’t realized the passion she felt toward her father earlier in the ball game.

Michele could tell that she was making a wet spot in the crotch of her tiny bikini bottoms. She was lubing up beautifully.

Michele was aware of the pain she was to face also.

Even though she had tried to deny it, she knew that one of the reasons she had waited so long to get laid was that she was afraid of the pain that initial penetration would cause her unused pussy.

Michele removed the top of her bikini and sat on the edge of the bed.

Bernard dropped to his knees in front of her, as if she were his Goddess of Eros, and he was praying.

He took her nipples into his mouth and sucked on them.

He nipped at them with his teeth and pulled at them.

He flicked the tip of his tongue back and forth across them.

They were large nipples, like her mother’s, and he could see that they got very hard and erect when she was aroused.

Michele sprawled onto her back and hooked her fingers under the tops of her tiny bikini bottoms.

She wiggled her hips as she tugged them down and sighed as the material pulled out from between her outer labia.

The man could see his daughter’s virgin cunt lips, wet, pink and swollen, and his cock became fully engorged.

He could no longer keep his pants on. His jeans felt as if they had just shrunk three sizes, and he had to free his prick from its cage.

He unbuckled his belt and unsnapped his button nimbly.

He got the top of his fly between his thumb and forefinger.

As he pulled down the zipper Michele got her first real good idea of how big the prick was going to be.

He hooked his thumbs under his underwear’s elastic and pulled them down along with his tight pants.

Michele thought that she was going to faint when his ten inch rod came popping out, standing at attention.

She couldn’t figure out for the life of her how a big thing like that was going to fit in little old her.

She was sure that Daddy would tear her sweet pussy apart with that thick, awesome tool of manhood.

“Daddy, is that really going to fit?” Michele asked.

“Of course my darling. It might be a bit of a struggle, but we’ll make it if we both work very hard.”

“It sure seems like it will hurt when you stick it in me, Daddy,” Michele said, still worried.

“It will hurt, my darling. But once the pain fades there will be pleasures like you could never have imagined,” Bernard exclaimed.

“I guess that every little girl has to go through this sooner or later, huh, Daddy?” Michele said.

“That’s right, my little munchkin. I hope that you are getting all wet and juicy down there.”

He placed his fingertips against the inner lips of her pussy and pressed firmly, keeping his fingers together.

“Oh yes, I can feel that you are well lubricated. That will make it easier for my cock to get in.”

“I guess that nature has a way of taking care of these things,” Michele said.

She could feel her fear of the pain fading.

She was excited and anxious to be penetrated.

Her pussy told her that everything that happened was going to be very good.

Even though it was her pussy that was going to be hurt, it was the part of her body that wanted the fuck worst.

She could see the entire length of his prick bobbing up and down.

The head of his cock was the thickest part and she couldn’t help but think about how far open her cunt lips would have to stretch to take that glans.

The cock was a darker purple than she thought it would be, and of course, it was about twice as large.

Bernard took off all of his clothes, so that they were both naked and horny.

He sprawled on top of her, pinning the long thick prick between their lower bellies, where Michele could feel it throbbing intensely.

She was dripping with juice and the flesh was fully engorged.

This was good. The violation was going to need all of the help it could get.

Bernard showered his daughter’s face with kisses.

Her breasts heaved up and down with her panting.

Her erect nipples dug into his thick chest hair.

He moved his palms flat on the bed beside her head.

He lifted his upper torso with his long, thick arms.

He rippled the muscles in his back and gyrated his hips, moving them so that the tip of his prick was in the center of Michele’s perfect inverted triangle of chestnut colored pubic hair.

Michele intertwined her fingers tightly at the back of her daddy’s thick neck for a couple of seconds.

Then she decided that she wanted to caress him and ran her palms over his tight, muscular back.

She opened her thighs as far as she could feeling her inner cunt lips curl back as she moved.

The handsome daddy moved his slim, firm powerful hips back so that the tip of his prick was touching her clit.

He supported his weight with his left arm and reached back with his right to guide his glans.

He didn’t have to squeeze it to make sure it was fully erect.

The head of his cock felt like it was going to explode at any second.

The humongous lance was so swollen that it ached badly for relief.

He told himself that he had to be gentle with his little girl because it was only her first time.

But he knew, somewhere deep down inside, that the beast in him was bound to emerge sooner or later.

He had a feeling that he was going to be fucking her as hard and fast as he could before the passion was spent.

Bernard rubbed his piss hole against her erect clitoris until she was on the verge of exploding.

She could tell that she was going to come soon after he stuck his cock through her thin maidenhead.

Michele knew that she was going to come in a way that she had never come before. She couldn’t wait.

All of her other orgasms, both from masturbation and Marlene’s tongue, had come from clitoral stimulation.

Michele could tell that her clit’s role as center of her womanly pleasure was about to be usurped.

She knew that her orgasms, her deep vaginal climaxes, would be centered in the magic spot near the mouth of her womb.

She was still shivering with fright and she felt herself grow pale.

She tried to take deep breaths, but this was next to impossible.

No matter how hard she tried not to, she continued to pant like a wild animal.

She made little whimpering noises in her throat that her daddy liked a great deal.

He could feel his come churning around inside his scrotum. His testicles felt very swollen at the base of that sack.

He wondered how long he would be able to fuck the little girl.

He hoped that he could get inside without hurting her too badly.

He moved the head of his cock to the base of her cunt slit.

He wiggled it from side to side, parting the already curled back inner lips.

He began to press down with his hips and Michele could feel her labia open for him, the tip of that thick prick pressing against her cherry.

Bernard let out a sharp grunt and thrust down with his hips — a sharp, savage stabbing motion.

Michele could feel her cunt filled with fiery agony.

She felt as if a sharp poker had just been driven up her pussy.

She heard a tearing sound and heard herself scream bloody murder.

She was drenched with sweat, her face contorting. She trembled.

She felt something warm and sticky inside her pussy, mixing with her natural lubrication.

Michele realized that this was her own blood she was feeling. Her inner cunt lips were stretched further than Michele knew they could go.

The flesh was so tight that it was threatening to tear. But it didn’t.

They were both amazed and pleased at the elasticity of her twat lips.

“Fuck me, Daddy. I want you all the way inside me,” Michele said, a sob caught in her throat.

Her eyes had filled rapidly with tears, and soon they poured down her cheeks and the sides of her nose.

She could feel the sharpness of the pain from her popped cherry fading rather quickly, the nerve-endings numbing from overload.

The pain turned into a dull ache which blended perfectly with the dull ache she felt deep inside — the ache of desire.

She could feel her magic spot growing in size and intensity.

She knew that her agony would turn into ecstasy when the tip of his thick prick reached her dimpled cervix.

She knew that he would bang against the mouth of her womb repeatedly with his long dong during the course of the fuck and she assumed correctly that her first orgasm would be the first of many.

Her pussy was shriveled and withered closed from lack of use.

Bernard had to pry it open with the tip of his cock.

This was difficult in spite of her plentiful lubrication.

This was the tightest pussy Bernard had ever felt and he tensed the muscles in his buttocks as he pressed downward with his hips.

He pulled his lips back over his teeth, the tip of his cock moving deeper inside Michele’s pussy a fraction of an inch at a time.

Then the tip of his cock struck her cervix and she felt the fiery pleasure rapidly filling her body.

She pressed up with her as her pussy convulsed, and her eyes went wide with awe as she watched the remainder of his prick slip all the way inside her with relative ease. Only the last inch was a struggle when painful pressure was put on the back wall or her vagina.

She could feel the tip of cock deep up inside her belly, and she stuffed full of rock hard cock.

Her spasming cunt muscles gripped and massaged at the entire length of his cock as her inner cunt lips — still gaping — gripped at the base.

The man pulled back with his hips and looked down between them to see blood on his cock.

The blood was dripping out of the base of her stretched hole, onto the bedspread beneath her hips.

She had lost her virginity to her own father! One would have thought the little would have felt ashamed.

If there was any guilt in the room at all, it was on Bernard’s shoulders, and that was only because he was battling sadistic feelings.

Michele felt no guilt at all. It felt natural and good to have her daddy’s huge cock inside her.

The man began to fuck her very slowly, even though he wanted to batter the hell out of her loins.

“FUCK ME HARDER, DADDY!!!” Michele hollered out.

This was the only cue that Bernard needed. The beast inside him emerged.

She was going to get fucked just as if she were an experienced woman.

He rapidly picked up the pace of his fucking motion.

He pulled his cock almost all the way out of her pussy.

He stopped when only the tip remained between her inner labia.

He pushed down viciously driving the entire length of his thick phallus in at the same time. Michele was very close to coming again.

He repeatedly drove himself inside, letting out a sharp grunt with each savage hip and cock thrust.

“MAKE ME COME AGAIN! OH GOD!” Michele screamed.

Soon the man was fucking her as hard and fast as he could, feeling her tight muscles tugging very hard at the shaft each time he withdrew.

He could feel the tickle at the base of his cock growing fast, and he knew that he would only be able to pump a few more strokes into her.

He gave those last strokes everything he had and drove her with them to her third and last orgasm of the fuck.

He rammed his cock all the way inside and felt his sticky semen gathering at his cock’s base.

Then it exploded forth and bathed the bloody insides of Michele’s pussy.

She was coming as she felt his cock spasm, and this enhanced the intensity of the convulsions that were already there.

She lifted her feet from the foot of the bed so she could wrap them around the backs of her daddy’s legs.

He could feel spurt after spurt shooting inside her.

Each spurt was joined by a wave of fiery pleasure.

The little girl pushed up with her hips so that the cock would be as deep inside her as possible.

She could feel the top of the base of his prick pressing against her quivering clitoris, working as a catalyst to strengthen and lengthen her blissful release.


Bernard pulled his cock out of his daughter’s pussy after she removed her feet from the backs of his legs.

They had remained still for a long time after their orgasms, with his cock dwindling inside her.

Even when his cock had lost its urgent stiffness, and was only semi-erect, it seemed to fill her cunt.

When he pulled it out she felt very empty and wondered how long she would have to wait before they could do it again.

They both looked at the ring of blood on the base of his cock, and Michele knew she wanted to lick him clean.

In her aroused state it seemed like a perfectly natural extension of her sensuality to want to taste the blood from her popped cherry.

The man rolled on his back and Michele got between his legs so that her head was hovering over his cock and balls.

She placed the tip of her tongue on his scrotum and licked lightly, making the wrinkled skin all wet.

She pulled at a couple of the short and curly hairs with pursed lips and lifted his balls to lick beneath him.

His cock was resting on his belly, the tip pointing toward his face.

They were relaxed with their afterglows and breathing normally.

Michele licked at the base of his cock where the blood was thickest.

She discovered that she liked the slightly metallic flavor, and lapped hungrily at his prick until it was as clean as a whistle.

“Why don’t we go down to the kitchen and get something cool to drink,” Bernard said. “I’ll wipe the blood off your thighs with a damp towel.”

This all sounded very good to Michele and she hopped off the bed, realizing that she had to walk funny.

Her pussy was a little sore and she moved bow-legged down the stairs.

Just at that moment Marlene Parkinson decided that she would pay a visit to the Shakey household.

She didn’t necessarily have anything naughty in mind. She just wanted somebody to keep her company.

Of course, if something naughty did develop, Marlene would have been the first one to say she was game.

She threw a terry-cloth top over her shoulders but didn’t bother to pull it closed over her bikini top.

She wanted to see how the two of them would react to her being around.

Marlene did not know that Michele had already spilled the beans about their lesbian affair. She trotted barefoot across her backyard, hopped the fence gracefully and walked right into the Shakey’s kitchen without knocking.

Michele was standing in front of the refrigerator with her feet far apart on the linoleum floor.

She was bent slightly at the knees, her shoulders were thrust back and her back was arched sharply.

Her mouth was gaping open and her fun, sensuous lips were quivering from the pleasure she was feeling.

Kneeling in front of her was her handsome daddy.

They were both completely naked and he had his face in her pussy.

He had already wiped the blood from her fuck hole.

The bloody towel was lying on the kitchen floor beside his right knee.

Marlene felt very funny for a second, and thought about turning around and returning to her own house.

But she realized that it was too late. Michele had already seen her, and the screen door slammed shut noisily.

Bernard took his tongue tip off of Michele’s clitoris and looked back over his shoulder at the embarrassed black haired girl.

“I’m sorry. I don’t want to interrupt anything. I can come back when the two of you aren’t busy.”

“Don’t be silly,” Bernard said with a cheery smile.

Marlene could see that his face was wet with juice.

“You might as well join in on the fun,” Bernard said.

Then he thought that perhaps he was being rude.

“If that’s okay with you, pumpkin,” he said to Michele.

“I think that it is a wonderful idea,” Michele said.

She thought about getting it on with her best friend and her daddy at the same time.

Michele wondered if life was ever going to get any better than this.

“You guys finish what you are doing,” Marlene said. “I’ll be in the living room waiting for you.”

She left the kitchen and could hear Michele’s moans and groans starting up again right away.

Marlene could hear Michele’s screams of pleasure getting louder and louder, and correctly assumed that Bernard had replaced his tongue directly on her clit.

He was sucking and licking at her love button, and she was bucking wildly as the climax rippled through her shapely torso.

She gushed cunt juice onto his face and fell limp.

He had to use his strong arms to keep her on her feet for a second, pinning her to the refrigerator door.

He stood and she fell into his arms feeling the muscles in her legs getting weaker by the second.

She knew that she would take a few seconds to recover from the wonderful come she had just received from her daddy’s tongue.

When she had cleared her head, caught her breath and composed herself, her knees stopped wobbling.

Bernard wrapped a fatherly arm around her slim waist and allowed his hand to sneak downward onto her ass.

He worked his forefinger in the crack of her ass and playfully touched her puckered anus delicately.

He gave her ass a little sway and led her into the living room where Marlene was sitting in the corner easy-chair touching herself.

She had the thumb and forefinger on her left hand wrapped around one of her perky nipples while she slid the length of her middle finger on her right hand in and out of pussy.

Her face reflected her bliss, but she stopped when she saw them enter.

“Come on, Michele. Let’s both get him at the same time,” Marlene said, quickly rising to her feet.

Bernard sprawled on his back in the middle of the living room floor while the girls knelt on either side of him.

His cock flopped onto his belly and the girls could see that it was starting to throb and grow.

Michele began to flick the tip of her tongue across his testicles, stopping to suck on his balls one at a time.

Marlene used the flat part of her tongue to lick the underside of his pole, all the way from base to tip.

It wasn’t long before the man’s incredible cock was fully engorged and ready for some hot fucking.

“I want you to fuck me in the ass Daddy,” Michele said.

She didn’t want to be a hog, so she said that she would eat Marlene’s pussy as he did it. She hoped inside that they would all be able to come together. Michele could tell from the tingling she felt in her anus and the ache of desire deep inside her bowels that she would come when her daddy fucked her there with his thick ten inch lance of masculinity.

All three of them agreed. They knew that they had found the magic combination and the three of them would be getting it on for the rest of the summer.

They knew that there would be plenty of time to experiment and they would have no taboos when the three of them were together.

Michele got on her hands and knees, placing her bent knees very far apart on the soft shag rug.

Bernard got on his knees behind her working the tip of his erect cock between her slightly parted buttocks.

At the same time Marlene sat in front of Michele with her legs open.

All Michele had to do was lower her head and she could dip her tongue into Marlene’s soupy cunt flesh.

Michele could feel Daddy’s hands on the cheeks of her ass.

He pulled the buttocks apart until the crack was tight and exposed.

Some of the wrinkles in her sphincter had been pulled smooth.

She felt the tip of his cock pressing against that ring of muscle.

Michele shuddered with a chill of fear at that moment.

She thought that she had bit off more than she could chew.

She lowered her head and began to kiss at Marlene’s thighs.

Marlene placed her palms over her own tits and fondled herself.

Michele quickly moved her mouth to the outer lips of Marlene’s pussy. Michele just loved the scent and flavor of Marlene’s cunt.

Michele moved her trembling fingers to Marlene’s labia.

Marlene placed her palms flat on the rug at her sides and lifted her ass up to make it easier for Michele.

Michele flicked the tip of her tongue back and forth across the curled back inner lips and then tongue-fucked the hole.

Bernard realized that her asshole and his cock were too dry for fucking so he lowered the tip and slid it deep into her cunt, covering it with her thick, slippery pussy cream. He then pulled it out and replaced it against her nether eye.

He began to press forward and Michele did everything she could to relax that all-important ring of muscle.

She felt the pain as the ring of muscle stretched taut, but again she didn’t tear and soon her asshole was wrapped around the base of his glans and there were no more obstructions between them and complete penetration.

Michele pushed back with her hips, feeling his cock sinking deeper into the burning tissues of her bowels.

Bernard ran the palms of his hands up the front of her body until he had handsful of breast flesh.

He managed to get all of his cock inside her butt.

He released her breasts and moved his right forefinger to her love button which felt like it was going to pop right out of her slit at any second.

He began to fuck her ass using all ten inches of cock meat.

He flicked his finger back and forth across her hard clitoris.

Michele raised her tongue to the top of Marlene’s slit.

Marlene used her own finger to pull the clit’s foreskin away.

Michele began to suck and lick at the love button sloppily.

Michele could feel explosion starting inside her pussy and her ass at the same tithe.

Her scream of pleasure was muffled. She was sucking cunt.

Marlene exploded into an orgasm, relieving a tension that had been started with her own finger.

Bernard plowed his cock deep into her butt, as deep as he could get it, her asshole gripping at his cock’s base, and spewed his spunk.

All three of the pure lovers had their orgasms at the same time.

Bernard’s come felt like it was shooting from the base of his cock, all the way to the tip, in slow motion.

He could feel the muscles deep inside the little girl’s ass sucking the juices out of his scrotum.

He figured that the tight ass was not going to stop sucking until his testicles were dried and withered.

They felt cleansed.

Their souls were white.

They sang together in homage of shared bliss.

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