Elizabeth’s virgin asshole

Elizabeth moaned and wiggled a little as the vibrator did its job. I’d
strapped her into the passenger side captain’s chair and removed the
walkman and blindfold so we could better communicate. I tried my best
to talk to her but the hateful looks she kept giving me were
disturbing my concentration. Finally, I’d replaced the dark glasses
and gagged her accusing stares. She was a much better travel companion
after that.

She remained in the black leather coat, limbs immobilized, mouth
invisibly taped, her natural hair hidden beneath the platinum blonde
wig. I had to admit that I had a raging hardon. Elizabeth, in her
natural state as hyper advertising exec was a beautiful woman, the
power dressing and underplayed makeup really suited her, but add a
little fetishwear and she slutted up nicely. I was looking forward to
unwrapping my little parcel and using her later.

Still, there was nothing wrong with taking a little on account. As we
crawled closer to our destination I played with her, stroking the
stocking’d thigh, teasing her as she wiggled and moaned. The vibrator
strapped into her wet hole continued to tease and the smell of hot
cunt filled the small, enclosed area of the cab.

I noticed the police cruiser the moment it fell into line behind us.

I admit that my heart had stopped for a moment, but the one thing the
Seals teach you was that a dumb move is worse than no move at all. I
kept my speed, checking the warning lights in the cab that would tell
me if I had any problems. All the indictors were green, which meant
that I had no lights out or any other problems that could result in a
moving violation. I looked over at Elizabeth. Because of the dark
glasses it was hard to tell where she was looking but I figured her
eyes were firmly locked on the towing mirror on her side, watching
rescue as if followed patiently behind.

He trailed us for almost five miles without making a move. I had begun
to relax, I always drove under the limit and it wouldn’t be the first
time that I’d ended up in convoy with a cop. I was about to turn my
attention back to Liz when the cop flashed his lights and gave a brief
woo of his siren. I admit my heart stopped again before my training
took over. The road at this point wasn’t suitable for a big rig like
ours to pull over but I spotted a place a few hundred yards further on
that would do. I flashed my tail lights to let the cops know I had
seen them, then slowed a little. Using the few extra moments that gave
me to marshal my forces and come up with a plan.

Elizabeth was the first item of business. I looked over at her and
frowned. I wished I had enough time to squirrel her away in one of the
camper’s hiding places but just unstrapping her from the chair would
take more time than I had. I looked again and decided it wasn’t a
complete loss after all. The makeup covering her tape gag looked good
and she would probably pass a cursory inspection from a cop looking in
through my window. However, I doubted that Elizabeth would sit quietly
by while rescue was so close. I knew from experience that there was no
way that the gag would keep her completely silent. One muffled scream,
one noise of any kind that was enough to draw the cop’s attention to
her for more than a moment and it was all over.

I squeezed her breast hard to get her attention.

“Listen up Liz,” I said making sure that my voice was as cold as ice.
“We are pulling over. Let me explain just what happens if you are dumb
enough to try to signal these cops. I am a trained killer little girl,
far more lethal than they are and trust me I will kill them if I have
to. Signal them in any way draw attention to yourself in *any* way and
you will be signing their death warrant’s….. clear?”

She sighed then gave a small, almost imperceptible nod, the best she
could do with the posture collar holding her neck in place.

It was a bluff of course, there was no way I was about to kill some
poor sap just for doing his job, but Elizabeth didn’t know that and
anything I could do to buy her good behavior was worth a try.
I stroked her leather-covered tit.

“Good slut,” I said, not really believing that she would behave.

While I had no intention of killing the cops, I didn’t plan to be
arrested either. The time had come to edge my bets. I keyed the

“Thelma my slave,” I said the moment she answered, “we have company,
be ready to execute Plan Five.”

There was a pause. This was a test for Thelma. I had trained her long
and hard over the past few months. Now she would have to put that
training into practice. There was a pause and I wondered if she was up
to this.

My doubts were eased a moment later. “Yes Master,” she said her voice
quivering a little but still under control.

I smiled proudly. “Good girl,” I said, “operation harmless unless we
are challenged. If that happens turn on the waterworks clear?”

“Yes Master, this slave understands.”

I nodded, satisfied. If the cops did move against us they would
concentrate their attention on me. Plan Five called for Thelma to cry,
blubber, appear to be harmless and broken until she saw my signal.
Then it was up to her to take down the nearest cop as hard and fast as
she could. Hopefully the distraction would let me get the drop on his
partner. Once the two were down we would high tail it out of Dodge.

At least that was the theory.

Whispering a silent prayer I pulled off the road and moved into the


There were two cops in the car. The driver was a tall overweight man
in his fifties with thinning gray hair. He got out of the cruiser nice
and slow flicking though a pad of citations as if he was looking for a
blank page. He moved as if this were all routine, just another moving
violation that needed writing up. If the idea had been to lull me into
a feeling of security then he succeeded, I relaxed a little, started
to think that this would be easy. That feeling was blown the moment
the younger cop got out of the car. I could see the kid was trembling,
his hand wavering near his holster, definitely not something that you
did when you wrote up a ticket.

They moved either side of the battlewagon, the older guy on my side
the younger one on the other. I pressed a button locking the side
doors. If the kid wanted in then it would be at a time of my choosing.
Now they were closer I could see that these guys were from the local
sheriffs department. If things got unpleasant then that was good news.
Local law enforcement don’t tend to have sophisticated equipment,
there was little chance the cruiser would have video cams for instance
and it would take time for them to get access to helicopter backup. In
theory I could immobilize the police car and be over the county line
before they could do much about it. I tried to ignore kid cop and
seem relaxed and normal as the older man came alongside.

He tapped on the window.

“License and registration, please, sir,” he said giving me one of
those police looks. I reached for one set of forged documents happy to
see that he wasn’t paying Liz any attention at all. She seemed almost
unnaturally quiet and I started to think that perhaps we could pull
this off.

“What’s the problem, officer?” I asked as he scanned the documents.

“Noticed you had a tail light out back there on your trailer.” He
said. I knew he was lying, last thing a guy like me could risk was to
be pulled over for a random lamp burnout. The indicator lights on the
side panel monitored the state of all the bulbs. All indicator lights
were green meaning that the trailer was good. An icey finger crept
down my spine. This was no routine traffic stop.

“Could you step out of the vehicle please, sir?”

The game was afoot.

I went quietly back though the curtain and opened the side door
signaling to Thelma to wait in the open doorway of the bedroom. Taking
a deep breath I stepped outside.

Young cop jumped me the moment I stepped outside. I was slammed
against the warm side of the battlewagon and felt the cold steel of
handcuffs against my wrists. I think young cop thought he had the drop
on me, he certainly didn’t bother to check the snugness of the
handcuffs like he should. I figured I could be out of them in thirty
seconds if I could remain undisturbed. In my head I was counting down.
At fifteen and right on cue Thelma appeared in the doorway.

“Oh my God!” she squealed, “what’s going on?”

Young cop grabbed her arm and pulled her out of the doorway, at this
moment the robe Thelma was wearing “accidentally” fell open showing
off a nice red teddie that went well with her long red hair.

Young cop took his time cuffing her leaving me with all the time in
the world to slip one wrist free. As I rested against the side of the
battlewagon the older cop walked round. At that moment Thelma turned
on the waterworks.

“I don’t understand,” she blubbered, “we’ve done nothing wrong.”

The older cop, who’s name badge read “Talbot” scowled at her. “You can
shut up missy, I want to hear nothing from you other than the answer
to my questions, clear?”

Thelma, being a well trained little slave tended to react positively
to a anyone with a commanding tone. As I watched her nipples hardened
and she moaned slightly. Talbot nodded to his younger partner who’s
name seemed to be “Oakley.”

“You best get in there and fetch the other one,” he growled, “I’ll
look after these two.”

Oakley slipped inside and I heard him talk for a few minutes with Liz.
Talbot had turned his attention to Thelma and I could see the
appreciative look in his eyes and the bulge in his uniform pants.
Reaching forward he closed the open silk robe, tying the belt firmly.

There was something in that movement, a satisfied flourish like a
Master might make after tying a girl in an especially difficult
position. For some reason I got the impression that Talbot was no
stranger to tying half naked girls.

With the two cops separated and Thelma keeping Talbot’s attentions
elsewhere now seemed a good time to strike I started to move forward

“You motherfucking idiot! What in holy hell do you think you’re

It was a female voice, so the owner could only be Liz. It was
confirmed a moment later when the same voice demanded, “Don’t just
stand there like a gaping, slackjawed, inbred redneck! Get me out of
here!” There was an angry, demanding edge to that voice, far
different to what you would expect from a rescued victim.

“Ma’am, just calm down, you’re okay now…..” Oakley was trying his
best to calm Liz down. I looked over at Talbot who was frowning and
looking towards the door. “What’s going on in there,” he demanded,
looking puzzled first at me, then at Thelma and then back to the door.

Liz’s voice wafted through the open door, “Your partner here is
getting his jollies, obviously. What kind of training do you crackers
give your police officers, anyway?” Her voice sneered over the word

“Ma’am, we’re just trying to…” Oakley tried again.

“You’re trying to what?” she demanded. A second later Liz passed in
front of the doorway, she looked far from happy. Thelma gave me a
puzzled look. I just waited to see just what was going on. Another
thing the Seals teach you is to exploit any and all advantages no
matter how unexpected.

“Shee-it! What you been doing to this poor woman?” Talbot asked.

At that moment there seemed to be a struggle inside the battle wagon
and I heard Liz say “I’m sure my lawyer will love to hear how your
refused to allow me something to cover myself. What’s next? A full
body cavity search using your… little probe?”

Oakley mumbled something and a moment later Liz stepped down, her body
barely covered by a silken robe.

“You can be a useless piece of crap, y’know?” she said turning to me,
“What happened? You were speeding? Sheesh…can’t even do one thing
right!” She turned to Oakley, “You got a cigarette?” The kid found a
packet from somewhere and Liz lit up leaning back against the
battlewagon with one foot against the side, making sure both cops got
a good look at the protruding, stocking covered leg.

She drew deeply on the cigarette. “Now,” she purred, “what is all this

“Ma’am, we received a report that a woman had been abducted and was
being held against her will,” Oakley started, “This here vehicle, and
you, match the descriptions we were given.” I could see that both cops
where aroused by the presence of the two women. I could think of no
better time to jump them. I was about to give the signal to Thelma
when Liz gave Oakley a cold look.

“Obviously, I am not being held against my will,” she said, “The games
that I choose to play with my partners in the privacy of our own home
is our business. I think you’ve been the victim of a false police
report.” She folded her arms, and looked at them defiantly.

Talbot looked her over. “Why would someone want to do that, you have
any idea?” he asked.

She shrugged. “None…unless it was that redneck in the bar a few
nights ago. Wanted a quick fuck and I turned him down, hard. Don’t
know if he’s walking right yet or not. Hope he’s pissing blood right

“Think that’s motive enough for a call like this?” Talbot was looking
her over and I knew then that he was a player. Something told me that
little hotties like Liz pushed all of Talbot’s buttons. “I think maybe
some concerned citizen saw your little games and took it seriously.
I’m sure that you’ve broken a few laws around here not least of which
is wasting police time.”

She scowled. “Firstly, no one “misinterpreted” our little games. We
are hardly novices at this and I can assure you we play very
discretely.” She paused, “Secondly while in this part of the country,
it may be frowned upon for consenting adults to do what they choose, I
can guarantee you that you do not want to push this any farther.”

She turned my way. “And you, you worthless piece of crap, you’re just
going to stand there like a bump on a log? Say something!” She turned
to Thelma, “Would you shut up your damn crying!”

“You play games like this often?” Talbot asked, looking me over.

I shrugged. “Now and then,” I admitted, “She likes things like this,
being helpless, used and abused. I don’t really but….”

“Oh, give me a break! I don’t even know why I stay with you! You can’t
even do this right! Sheesh, you’d think this was rocket science or
something! I bet I can find someone, anyone, who is better at this
than you! You are a sniveling coward and a useless piece of shit!”
I glared at her. She blinked, looked down submissively then turned on

“And you!” she said poking a finger into Talbot’s chest. “Come
tomorrow morning you will be looking for a new job…when I get done
with you you won’t even be able to get a job as a dogcatcher. Trash
companies won’t even hire you! Your ass is mine, you inbred,
slackjawed, degenerate, Napolean-complexed redneck. And don’t you
fear, I will hold you and your department up to ridicule and scorn
from here to Sweden. Are you ready for that?”

I could see Talbot redden with anger. I had no idea what had caused
Liz to decide to play the willing partner rather than the victim but
it was easy to see that she was taking things too far. Small town
Sheriffs and their deputies have almost infinite power in their
counties. While threats of litigation and ridicule might work with
some city cops, out here it would get us arrested.

“Enough,” I growled, “Slave Liz you will apologize now!”

For a moment I thought nothing would happen but then there was a
softening in her posture and a submissive glance downwards.

“Yes Master,” Slave Liz said submissively. She looked up at Talbot.
“Please Sir, this slave apologizes for her harsh words.”

Talbot looked down at the shivering Liz then flashed me a knowing
look. “You gag her often I suppose?” he asked.

“Whenever she asks me to,” I said, “and a lot of times when she
doesn’t The bitch has quite a temper when she doesn’t get her own way.
Sometimes I gag her just for a quiet life.

Talbot nodded. “I hope it’s a lot.” He said, “I wouldn’t put up with
that from any of my girls.”

He signaled me to turn and I just had time to slip my loose wrist back
in place.

“Do me a favor,” Talbot said as he uncuffed my wrists, “collect your
bitches, get out of my county and I don’t ever want to see you here
again, understand?”

“Whatever you say, Officer.” I said looking over at Liz as she looked
submissively down at the floor.

Talbot stroked Liz’s cheek. “If I were you I’d find someone a little
less mouthy to play with soon.”

I could see Liz tremble a little, obviously something was about to
happen. Grabbing her arm I pushed her into the battlewagon and
signaled for Thelma to follow her inside.

“Thank you, Officer,” I said keeping my voice respectful, “This is
awfully embarrassing and I assure you we’ll get out of your county
right now.”

“Son, go for the biggest gag you can find and keep that mouth of hers
full of something at all times, your life will be a helluva lot easier
that way.” Talbot said.

“I agree,” I said nodding, “And I’ll do my best. Peace and quiet is
better for my nerves.” Sighing with relief I closed the door.

I looked over at the redheaded teen. “Thelma, drive.” I turned to
Liz, “You, sit and explain.”

Beth sat on the bench seat, the robe falling open. “You got a
cigarette?” she asked.

I ignored her. “What’s your name?”

“I’m Beth. Just…Beth. Call me Bethie and I’ll rip your balls off and
shove them down your throat, clear?”

I smiled. “Ok Beth, now, what’s going on?”

“Nothing’s going on…” Beth slipped to her knees in front of me. I
felt her fumble for my belt buckle, “I just need a little fun that’s
all. I’m wound up tighter than a watch spring.” She freed my erection
and slipped her cherry lips around it moaning and slurping deeply. Her
technique was good, better than any of her other aspects by a
significant margin. In no time I had reached boiling point, filling
her mouth with my cum and watching as she swallowed down every drop.
She settled back licking her lips. “That party pooper Elizabeth is
about to wake up any time now so you’d better make her comfortable.
You could start by taking this fucking vibrator out, it’s getting
really annoying.” She held out her wrists for the cuffs.

I pulled her to her feet.

“I think I deserve a reward for getting you out of that mess back
there. If it wasn’t for me, you’d be facing life in prison…or maybe
a nice needle.” She said.

“And just what kind of reward did you have in mind…Beth.” I asked.

“Oh…how about that one” she glanced in Thelma’s direction “tied up
on her knees, sucking your cock.”

“And how is that a reward for you?” I asked puzzled.

“You would be tied over the table, and I’d be fucking you with a strap
on while she did it.” She whispered.

I laughed “I don’t think so…” I said and pushed her into the


The intercom crackled. “Master, I think that slave Elizabeth is back,”
Thelma said. There was a bemused quality in her voice, one that showed
she was trying to adjust to our new recruit’s various aspects.

“Come up here slave,” I said, “you can take over driving while
Elizabeth and I get reacquainted.”

I glanced in the towing mirror only to find Talbot and Oakley still on
our tail. It seemed the two were serious about escorting us from
“their” county. In my head I went over the road map. The county line
coincided with a small truck-stop which served the only cooked food
for several miles. I bet that the cops were actually heading there for
lunch and that escorting us was just killing two birds with one stone.

Talbot had seemed to accept Bethie’s story without hesitation though I
had no doubt he would file a report. Still at least they would call
the dogs off now and cancel the APB, which meant I didn’t need to
worry about being stopped again. As I drove I went over the incident
in my mind. Grateful as I was to have survived the encounter Talbot’s
report worried me. Far more criminals have been caught through routine
police reports than had ever fallen to FBI profilers or Federal
taskforces. The last thing I needed now was any official attention.
Now if there was only some way to bury that report?

An idea popped into my head at about the moment that a flushed and
excited Thelma joined me in the cab. She smelt of sex and hot cunt
juices. I could see she was happy and relaxed again. I smiled at her,
happy that one of us wasn’t worrying. Silently we switched places
without stopping and then I headed back to the bedroom to torment

Liz was still in the position Thelma had left her in after their fun
and games. Naked, legs spread wet juices rolling down her legs. As I
entered she looked up, turning her blindfolded face in my direction
and snorting with disgust. I laughed and rolled a hard pink nipple. It
was amazing just how much of a person’s personality you can tell from
body language. Liz’s erect head, taught muscles and cold manner was
enough to tell me that Elizabeth was in residence even when most of
the girl’s face was covered.

I teased her inner thigh and she stiffened again, trying to control
the reaction of her body as I played with her wet sex. Soon though she
lost the battle and in moments her hips were quaking as she whimpered
and fucked my hand. The sobs were coming faster now as was the shaking
of her head. Smiling I bent down and ran my tongue slowly up her damp
crack. Poor Elizabeth, she was trying so hard to resist but her body
kept betraying her. Over time Elizabeth’s will would weaken and her
mind collapse. In a month or so I would purge her from my slave’s mind

But first I had plans.

It didn’t take long to retie Elizabeth into a better position. She
tried to resist but she had spent too much of the last few days in
strict bondage and that had seriously sapped her strength. In a few
minutes I had bound her ankles to the underframe of the bed spreading
her legs open and forcing her to balance on her high heels. Another
rope was wrapped around her wrists and then led off to a hook built
into the alcove at the head of the bed. I chose a nice big gag to keep
her quiet, a large inflatable penis shaped plug to fill her mouth with
padded leather front to seal her lips. She managed to say “please no”
in the brief moment that her mouth was free but I had no mercy.
Forcing her jaws open I shoved the rubber cock into her sobbing mouth.
Once tightened and inflated the contraption ensured her complete

I selected a flogger with long braided leather tails then stepped
back, judged my distance and started to whip her behind.

“You….” …swat… “are”….. swat….”a”…..swat…..”slave.”

I paused then and adjusted my position. Her ass cheeks were starting
to redden nicely and Elizabeth’s muffled cries of “please” mixed
nicely with her tears and shaking head.

“You..” …swat… “live” …swat… “to serve.”

Elizabeth bucked and howled into the muffling leather. Her ass was
glowing now and a trickle of cunt juice flowed down her thighs. I
reached up between her parted legs, stroking the wetness finding her
freshly shaved sex to be drenched in girl juice.

Raising an eyebrow at this unexpected reaction I brought my fingers to
my nose and sniffed the odor of female sex. “What a slut you are Liz,”
I said bemused. “Look how excited you get when I whip your sorry ass.”
She looked at me with begging, tear-filled eyes and shook her head,
sobbing and trembling. I could tell that Elizabeth was horrified by
her present condition, she looked lost and confused, like she couldn’t
work out why her nipples were hard or why her cunt yearned to be
fucked. I gently stroked her reddened flesh, feeling the heat through
my finger tips as I played my hand up and down her body. Reaching over
I cupped her naked breasts from behind, rolling and pinching her erect
nipples. Moaning into the gag Elizabeth began to gyrate back and
forth, fucking the air with her hot cut and I continued to play with

Terrified she tried her best to shut me out but her newly sensitized
ass robbed her of the concentration needed. I was about to whip her
cunt when the intercom buzzed.

Leaving the shivering girl on the bed I walked over to the wall and
pressed the button.

“Master?” Thelma said, “this slave is sorry to interrupt you but we
are approaching the rest stop you asked this little one to watch for?”

I glanced through the window just in time to see the sign that showed
we’d crossed the county line. I looked over at the bed where a tearful
Elizabeth waved her red ass for my attention.

I grinned then hit the button. “Pull over at the truck stop my little
one,” I said, “time has come to deal with our legal problems.”


As predicted Talbot and Oakley had followed us across the county line
and pulled over at the little dinner that formed part of the truck
stop. I gave them half an hour, amusing myself by sliding a wide,
ribbed vibrator in and out of Elizabeth’s wet hole. It took me only a
few minutes to get her to the edge of orgasm and then I held her
there, whimpering and begging until Thelma saw the cops leave the
dinner. Leaving the begging slut to her own devices I set out to reel
in our pigeons.

“Hi there,” I said to Talbot as he walked past the camper. The older
man scowled for a moment and then gave me a small grin.

“Ah do hope you gagged that bitch again,” he said, “woman with a mouth
like that has to be shown her place.”

I nodded. “Yeah,” I said, “I agree and trust me the little cunt is
paying for all the trouble she caused.”

I could tell I had his interest then and there. Talbot was a player
and players are just naturally curious.

He licked his lips. “What did you do?” he asked.

I smiled. “Well of course I took your advice,” I said, “filled her big
foul mouth so as to keep the peace. Then I stripped her and tied her
down and showed her that she has to treat those in authority with more

I could see that I had his interest so I played the line out a little

“Yes she’s a forceful little bitch when she doesn’t get what she
wants,” I said off hand, “that bound in plain sight thing is her
deepest fantasy, you should have heard the names she was calling you
afterwards. I mean I *had* to gag her.

I could tell that I had him hooked, now all that remained was to reel
him in.

“Would you like to see?” I asked innocently.

Talbot looked towards the prowl car where Oakley was waiting. He
thought for a moment and then nodded.


Thelma was kneeling patiently for us just inside the door. I’d had her
deck herself out in the full slave kit, leather corset, seamed
stockings, high heels and long latex gloves. Her head was bowed, her
face covered with her long red tresses. Her gloved hands were raised
to the level of her forehead and held a riding crop on her open palms.
I took the crop without a word or a glance of acknowledgement, flexed
it and headed towards the bedroom. Thelma waited until we had passed
then followed submissively behind.

Liz was exactly as I’d left her, tied over the bed with her ass
presented for my use. When the door opened she turned and looked over
her shoulder, her eyes widening when she saw the cop by my side.
“Ummmm,” she moaned, her eyes wide above the thick gag. I admit that
it was hard not to smile. Liz wiggled a little, screamed and pleaded.
Her looks of relief and distress turning first to puzzlement and then
to horror as instead of jumping to her aid Talbot instead stroked her
red ass.

“You punished the bitch well,” he said nodding.

I laughed “Well the cow deserves it,” I said, “would you like a turn?”

Talbot looked at the crop I offered and frowned. I could tell he was
tempted and to be honest he wasn’t actually on duty at the moment. I
could see the conflict in his eyes, a look that disappeared a moment
later when Elizabeth intervened.

“Ummmm!” she begged, shaking her head and pleading with her eyes. She
tugged at the ropes and wiggled probably trying to show Talbot that
she didn’t want to be whipped. Of course it had exactly the opposite
effect. Smiling the cop accepted the offered instrument of correction
and laid into her.

Talbot was good with the crop, very good, he’d turned Liz’s ass
another 2 shades of crimson in just a few minutes. The earlier teasing
with the vibrator and her involuntary arousal when whipped conspired
against her. The flow of juices became a torrent and the muffled yelps
of pain decayed into a deep sultry moan after every strike. Nobody in
the room was left in any doubt that Liz was getting off on the whole

It was effecting Talbot too, I could see how his uniform pants were
tented out as he lay into her again. Smiling I handed him a condom.

“Help yourself,” I said generously, “little slut needs to be reminded
that she is property and that her ass can be given to anyone *I*
choose to give it to.”

“Ummmmmpppphh!!!” Elizabeth screamed into the gag but by then Talbot
was too far gone to worry about her opinion. I signaled Thelma over.
Kneeling, my girl slowly and sensuously unzipped the cop’s fly, her
latex covered hand reaching in to grab his manhood. She started to
work on his cock, holding it firmly in her black rubber grip as he
stroked him to full erection. A moment later she slid the rubber onto
his dick and directed him at Elizabeth’s defenseless hole.

Elizabeth screamed as Talbot thrust it. She tried to move herself out
of the way, but the cords restricted her motion too much. One hard
thrust and the cop was ball deep in her soft cunt. He started to pump
faster, mauling her breasts in his hands as he hammered into her. The
muffled screaming lasted for the first five hard thrusts then Liz
seemed to realize that he wasn’t about to stop. For a moment she tried
to close her eyes and deny his existence but a sharp twist of her
nipples put paid to that idea. Soon she was squirming, her ass
thrusting up to meet him even as she sobbed and shook her head.
Talbot really knew what he was doing. He fucked her hard and fast,
varying his stroke to prolong the moment. Elizabeth shook, sobbing and
begging as he hammered into her. The end was inevitable. With a squeal
of defeat and arousal Elizabeth came –hard and long– and a moment
later Talbot grunted slowing his pace as he filled the rubber. He
pulled out and again Thelma was waiting, taking a handful of tissue
with which she removed the full condom and cleaned his softening cock
before she returned it to his pants.

Talbot seemed full of himself. Grinning widely he slapped Elizabeth’s
ass. When she yelped and glared at him over her shoulder he grabbed
her by the jaw and tilted her head back looking deep into her eyes.
“Hope that teaches you a lesson little bitch,” he laughed, “in future
respect your betters and obey your Master!”

Elizabeth gave him a sullen look, one that prompted him to twist her
nipple. “Understand?”

She nodded, eyes wide. That seemed to satisfy him. Picking up his hat
he headed towards the door.

“I’m sorry for all the trouble we caused,” I said as soon as the
bedroom door was closed, “she has a tendency to piss people off I can
only assume that one of the people she crossed filed that false report
out of spite.”

Talbot nodded. “Turns out it was a misunderstanding after all,” he
said, “some couple over in Charlotte county had an argument with their
teenaged daughter. Some citizen spotted her daddy dragging her to the
camper and reported it as an abduction….. all cleared up now. The
news came over the radio about twenty minutes back.”
A feeling of relief flowed though me. Deep down I *knew* that I’d
hadn’t screwed up. Ok, so if Beth hadn’t come though when she had I
would have still been in trouble, but now at least I knew it wasn’t my
fault. Ok so it’s a silly distinction but it matters to me. Call it
professional pride.

“Well I’m glad it was all sorted out,” I said nodding. I paused by the
door. “I was wondering if you *had* to report what happened. I mean
with the case solved and all. I mean what takes place between
consenting adults is not really the affair of the law…”

He looked at me for a long moment. “Guess not,” he agreed at last,
“though I think you and your little playthings would be better off not
indulging while the vehicle is in motion. If an accident happened you
could leave yourself open to charges of negligent homicide…”

“I guess you’re right,” I said eyes wide as if the secret of the
universe had been suddenly revealed to me.

Talbot laughed and slapped my shoulder. “Just be careful is all,” he
said with a smile, “I doubt any other cop would be so ….
understanding.” He opened the door. “And don’t worry about the report,
I’m sure I can persuade my partner to keep this between ourselves.”

“Thank you,” I said taking the hand he offered.

Talbot grinned. “If you and your ladies are in town again look me up
at the local sheriff’s office. We have a little club here, nothing
fancy by big city standards but you may get a kick out of it.”

“Thanks I will,” I said, though in truth I was going to make a special
effort to avoid this county from now on. Waving the cop headed over to
the prowl car and his waiting partner. As they pulled into traffic
Oakley flashed me an envious look, smiled and waved. I doubt either of
them would forget us any time soon which was another good reason to
avoid the area from now on.

I turned to find Thelma kneeling behind me and offering the crop.
“Master?” she breathed. I could tell she was needy, her little sexual
games with Beth hadn’t been enough to burn off all the nervous energy
from this morning. I wished I could spare the time to give her a good
fucking but the cops had eaten heavily into our day and we had an
appointment to keep.

I looked down at her. “Get dressed,” I ordered as I took the crop from
her hand.


Elizabeth was sobbing as I entered the bedroom. Talbot’s rape of her
had been fairly brutal but I think it was the fact that he was a cop
that effected her hardest. Elizabeth was all about control and order.
I suspect that she voted the straight Republican line, probably saw
the police as defenders of society. To be used by one against her
will, to be raped by a man who she thought should protect her from
rapists had seriously undermined her world view.

Taking the crop I gently rubbed her red ass. She moaned and squirmed,
body reacting even though her mind was in turmoil.

“Nobody is coming to save you little slut,” I said as I stoked the
shaven folds of her wet sex. “Only one person in the world cares what
happens to you, only one person can help or protect you now.”

She looked up at me, a trace of defiance still in her eyes. It wasn’t
the main emotion though. She looked tired and cried out. Elizabeth’s
world was gone, she was thrust into a place she did not control where
all the rules had been changed. I smiled and started to stroke myself
erect. It was time to see just how close I could push Elizabeth Monroe
to the edge of insanity. In the past I had backed off afraid of
breaking her. Now I knew she was already broken, a cluttered mass of
shards, of separate personalities, rattling around in her brain. I no
longer had a need for Elizabeth.

I slowly slipped a rubber onto my erect cock. I was in no hurry, the
battlewagon was underway again and I was sure we would make our
appointment by nightfall. Reaching between her legs I scooped up some
of her juices, smearing it on my rubber covered cock until it was
slick and standing proud. I wasn’t ready to begin just yet. A quick
trip to the toy cabinet got me a pair of nipple clips, some thin
string, a vibrator and a waist belt.

I started by fastening the belt around her middle and attaching the
string to it. The vibe had an eyelet in it’s base that I threaded the
string though before I inserted the toy in her abused hole. I
continued the strings up over her shoulder then fastened the clips to
her already erect nipples. I quickly looped reach string around a clip
and tied it then I turned on the vibrator.

The yelp/gurgle/moan sound she made was funny. You would have assumed
from the way she reacted that I had run 20,000 volts though her cunt.
I have to admit that it was neat though, the taught strings between
vibrator and nip clips transferred some of the vibration directly to
her tortured and sensitive nipples. A moment later, as her ass
squirmed under the influence of the toy she felt another sensation as
the strings pulled her poor abused nipples downwards. However, as she
soon discovered I wasn’t finished yet.

As I stroked Elizabeth’s puckered asshole she took a deep breath and
reared up. That was a mistake since the clips pulled painfully on her
nipples and the string pulled the vibrator deeper into her hole. She
gave a muffled yelp and looked around, tear-filled eyes wide and
begging, her head shaking in horror.

She was gagged too tightly I realized. The penis gag had been great
for preventing communication with Talbot but now it deprived me of the
audio feedback I needed. I reached for a ball gag, deflating the penis
plug and removing her old gag.

Elizabeth looked up.

“Please….” she croaked. There was no power in her words just a

“Please what?” I asked as I got the ball gag ready in my hand.

“Oh… oh God please,” she sobbed, “please Master, no more. Use this
worthless slut’s mouth, her cunt, fuck her for your pleasure but
please no more pain.”

“Beg me to fuck your ass,” I said, holding the gag ready.

She swallowed and looked down, body shaking. I had taken her ass
before but Slave Liz had been in control then. As far as Elizabeth
knew her asshole was still cherry. I could see her eyes wide and
panicked, her face framed by the blonde wig. She knew by now that I
would take what I wanted no matter what she did, obedience would make
her life easier but it also kicked against her deep rooted control

“Please Master….. f….fuck my ass,” she sobbed.

“Fuck it how?” I pressed, prolonging the moment.

“F…fuck it hard…. oh God please no more. I’ll give you my money,
I’ll do whatever you want…”

I rubbed the ballgag up and down her damp mound, coating the rubber in
Elizabeth juice.

“Now beg me to gag your big mouth,” I said.

Elizabeth looked down, gave a big sigh then looked up with wide,
tortured eyes. “Please Master, gag this slave’s big mouth. Silence her
for your pleasure.”

I reached forward, brought the ball to her lips and waited. Her
nostrils flared, taking in the smell of girl juice and rubber. She
gave the ball a look of distaste, hesitated a moment, then gapped

Smiling I pushed the ball between her teeth, making her bend as I
tightened down the strap.

She sobbed in earnest then. Being gagged had always been the worst
part for her, her voice, her ability to argue and reason, had always
been Elizabeth’s oldest and most potent weapon, to be without it made
her feel even more helpless. Silently I slipped a gloved finger up her
ass, probing and teasing and spreading a mixture of cunt juice and
saliva up her back passage. She squirmed, squealed a little, but in
truth there was nothing she could do. I took a little pity on her,
used some lube to supplement her juices. That done I pressed hard into
her ass sliding in slowly and deeply as she moaned and wiggled beneath
me. I could feel the low, insistent buzz of the vibrator through her
guts as I pressed home, then I started to pump, slow and deep onto her
tightness. Over time the tightness of her ass loosened some more and I
chose that moment to pull on the strings as if they were the rains of
a horse, tugging on her clamped and tortured nipples and sliding the
vibe up and down her love canal. She gasped and stiffened for a moment
but it didn’t stop me from thrusting in harder.

I rode her then, fucked her like an animal, told her how she was mine
now, how she would come to like being used, how eventually she would
come to need it.

Elizabeth sobbed and screamed beneath me, shaking her head and
babbling into the gag. It made no difference though, the sensation
still overcame her and she still found her arousal building. Suddenly
she arched her back, her eyes sightless and full of horror. And she
let out that scream again…. the scream of the dying that tore at my
heart. Then just as suddenly she was fucking me with a power and
enthusiasm that I hadn’t expected. Her head shot back as her orgasm
claimed her and she looked me directly in the eye…