Lesbian visit of the older woman

Meredith’s premiere occurred on a night it rained so hard
the raindrops sounded like hail. She was home alone when her
neighbor Helen came calling, the visit of the older woman
surprising Meredith. This was Helen’s first time in Meredith’s
small house, and after Helen entered she seemed apologetic about
not telephoning first. “I saw the lights on so I thought you’d be
in. My god, what a rotten night this is! You don’t mind, do
you?” Meredith assured Helen she didn’t mind at all, she was
happy to have her company this evening.
Helen was about fifty, a large woman with short blonde hair
and a puckered little mouth now painted with red lipstick. She
had square shoulders, and under her plaid shirt her breasts
seemed enormous, like two mountains of flesh covered by flannel.
Meredith was much younger, single and shy, a slender
brunette with a sleek body and a quiet way of dealing with life.
Did it really do any good to rush and shout at everyone? She
preferred to be quiet and passive. She was feminine, with a
liking for frills, polka-dot dresses, and home-made bread. She
was unattached, unsure of herself, and admittedly lonely. But
what she was lonely for she had no idea. What did she want? She
could never think beyond the longing for someone to share the
bread she baked.
Helen was married, with grown children who were also
married, but as far as Meredith could tell Helen had no liking
for her husband of so many years. “So many years of it,” Helen
said. “It’s a wonder I’ve been able to stand it.” The blonde
chattered easily about her marital problems, her boredom, her
husband’s lack of consideration. She called him a lout and hinted
he was sexually inattentive. Helen made a point of saying that
even if she was a lusty woman, she never enjoyed men that much
anyway. She liked women better, liked their company, liked
talking to them. Which left Meredith curious because she had no
idea what it all meant. Meredith was curious and interested,
always ready to learn something about life, aware very much of
her own sexual unhappiness, the desperate loneliness she often
felt. She hated it. She hated feeling lonely because it made her
feel hopeless.
Meredith brought a pot of tea out of the kitchen, and they
sat on the sofa sipping tea and nibbling at some cookies she’d
baked. They sipped tea while the rain pelted and shook the
“My god, what a night,” Helen said for the fourth time.
“Yes, it’s awful.”
“You don’t get out much, do you, dear? You ought to get out
more, you know. Get more pleasure out of life. Have fun, if you
know what I mean. A girl your age ought to be adventurous and try
new things.”
Meredith humored Helen, wondering what she was getting at.
She said she thought she was just as adventurous as anyone else.
“I love new adventures.”
“Do you really?”
“Yes, I think so.”
“You’re certainly pretty enough to have all the men you
Meredith blushed. “Thank you, I’m doing fine.”
But Meredith actually had no interest in men, had never had
any interest as far as she could remember. She had decided long
ago that if the problem was sexual tension, she would rather
masturbate than have sex with a man. She would rather pleasure
herself with her fingers. Was it so wrong? She was aware now of
Helen’s eyes on her legs and thighs. Meredith had pretty legs and
the robe she wore was rather short and above her knees. Under the
robe she wore nothing, and suddenly she was conscious of her
nakedness and she felt maybe she ought to be dressed for Helen’s
visit. But it was too late now, so instead she did her best to
keep her robe closed. Helen, in any case, diverted Meredith’s
attention from herself because Meredith was fascinated by Helen’s
square shoulders and large breasts. Meredith thought Helen’s
breasts must look like heavy beach balls when she was naked. She
guessed Helen must be very strong. Yes, her hands did look
strong. Meredith was amused by Helen’s apparent strength because
Helen’s husband was a small man. Wasn’t it true that opposites
attracted each other? Meredith found it difficult to imagine them
Helen talked about how difficult life was for women these
days. She sighed and said: “Most women don’t know what they want
from life.”
Meredith agreed. She said if she had her choice she’d rather
live with a woman than a man anytime. That brought a happy smile
to Helen’s face and she moved closer to Meredith on the sofa. Now
the older woman’s voice was softer as they continued talking, her
breasts jiggling under her shirt and obviously unfettered.
Meredith was fascinated by the billowing movements of Helen’s
Helen took hold of Meredith’s hands. “They’re beautiful. You
have such beautiful hands.”
Meredith’s fingernails were highly polished but unpainted.
As Helen stroked her fingers, it occurred to Meredith she was
young enough to be Helen’s daughter. She found the adoration in
Helen’s eyes embarrassing.
“I’m not beautiful,” Meredith said.
“Don’t be silly, you certainly are beautiful. I’ve thought
that ever since I first laid eyes on you.”
Helen touched Meredith’s face with her fingertips, a gentle
but definite caress. A moment later Meredith was shocked as the
older woman suddenly slid to the floor to press herself against
Meredith’s knees. What’s happening? Meredith thought.
“Helen, what are you doing?”
“Nothing, darling, I just want to be closer to you.”
Meredith quivered as she looked down at Helen’s blonde head,
at the carefully cut bangs on Helen’s forehead. Helen was
chattering again, bubbling with enthusiasm about Meredith’s
pretty bare legs, her hands stroking Meredith’s ankles above
Meredith’s slippers. Meredith shuddered with pleasure as she felt
the warm hands sliding over her smooth shaved legs.
Fondling Meredith’s ankles again, Helen said: “You have such
pretty feet.” She stroked Meredith’s calves as she kissed
Meredith’s knees. As she felt Helen’s warm palms on her skin,
Meredith wondered if she ought to stop it. Helen’s hands were now
under the robe on the outer sides of her thighs. The mood was
suddenly and definitely sexual and it made Meredith afraid. Where
was it going? She wanted desperately to stop it. Then she
wondered why she was so afraid. Afraid of what? Oh, everything
was too uncertain, Helen too mysterious, the rain splattering on
the window sounding more and more like stones. But before
Meredith had a chance to stop what was happening, Helen rose from
her crouched position, her wide shoulders looming even wider, and
without warning she leaned forward to kiss Meredith’s mouth.
The unexpected kiss shocked Meredith. But the kiss was sweet
and tender and she liked the taste of Helen’s lipstick. Yes, she
liked it. The kiss was feminine and lovely. As the kiss
continued, Helen’s hands slid under Meredith’s robe with more
determination. Meredith shivered as Helen caressed her naked
thighs, the older woman’s fingers rubbing up and down, her palms
stroking Meredith’s smooth skin. Meredith became aware of a
growing excitement as Helen caressed her and soothed her with
murmured endearments. The belt of Meredith’s robe came loose, and
with heavy breathing Helen parted the robe to reveal Meredith’s
nakedness underneath, the bush of dark hair at the joining of
Meredith’s thighs, her white belly, her small fruit-like breasts
and tiny brown nipples that were now stiff with excitement.
Helen’s strong hands covered Meredith’s breasts. “Oh, how
lovely,” Helen said, her strong fingers gripping the two breasts,
lifting them, teasing the nipples, holding the breasts like ripe
fruit. She pushed the breasts together, mewling with pleasure as
she gazed down at them. Then she lifted Meredith’s robe to
completely uncover Meredith’s smooth white thighs.
Meredith protested. “Helen, please…”
But Meredith’s complaining accomplished nothing. She was
afraid again, afraid of Helen, fearful of this strong blonde
woman who now showed a film of sweat on her forehead, whose hands
felt more masculine than feminine as they roamed over her body.
And then an instant later Helen again covered Meredith’s mouth
with kisses, her wet mouth against Meredith’s, the taste of
Helen’s lipstick making Meredith very much aware this was a woman
kissing her and not a man. Helen’s tongue was active, aggressive,
searching everywhere inside Meredith’s open mouth. At the same
time Meredith’s breasts were unequivocally responding to Helen’s
caresses. Meredith’s skin was hot, her nipples burgeoning,
tingling under Helen’s possessive hands. She was in turmoil. She
tried to pull Helen’s hands away from her body, but that proved
impossible because Helen was too strong. Helen now used her
strength to pull Meredith’s body forward, sliding Meredith
forward and then forcing her legs open, her knees wide apart.
Meredith groaned and again attempted to resist and close her
legs. But in a moment Helen had herself wedged between Meredith’s
spread thighs, the lower half of Meredith’s body exposed and
available, Meredith’s belly and dark-haired cunt revealed, her
sex ripe and ready below the mound with its neatly clipped
triangle that Meredith cared for religiously with scissors and
hand mirror. Meredith felt ashamed because she thought herself
ugly down there, thick-lipped, too much ripe flesh, her sex like
a hungry mouth, obscene, the dark lips protruding like wattles.
She was embarrassed now as Helen gazed at her, another woman
looking at her most intimate secrets. But there was no sign of
derision in Helen. Instead her eyes were heavy with lust as she
gazed at Meredith’s cunt, and this made Meredith groan and cry
“Please, I don’t want this!”
Helen pleaded. “Give it a chance, darling. Let me show you
what I can do.”
They struggled together, Meredith desperate, rejecting her
excitement, pushing at Helen to get her away, Helen feverish to
get on with it, to finish what she’d started, her breasts
wobbling beneath her shirt like two mountains of jelly. Helen was
too relentless, too strong. Bending forward again, her face
flushed, she sucked one of Meredith’s nipples, pursed her lips
around the nipple and pulled at it, then a deep sucking of
Meredith’s breast, the flesh taken, her mouth filled.
Meredith watched it, fascinated by the way Helen sucked her
breast like a hungry infant. She seemed so hungry for it, her
lips pulling at the nipple with such force. Meredith felt both
nipples tingling, her breasts swelling.
She finally yielded to the delightful sensation, the fire in
her belly too intense. She relaxed, sighed, threw her head back
in a gesture of surrender, aware of what she was now permitting
but unable to prevent herself from permitting it. She was
yielding her body to another woman, and what an awful sin that
was. Well, wasn’t it? She fought a duel in her mind even as the
pleasure overwhelmed her. The spreading feeling of ecstasy was
irresistible. She was lost, a great warmth enveloping her belly.
She wanted everything now.
Helen continued sucking Meredith’s breast, squeezing the
nipple with her lips, nibbling at it, pulling it outward, the bud
extended to a maximum. Helen’s hands were now underneath’s
Meredith’s body and on her buttocks, the hands exploring
everything in reach, her strong fingers squeezing the firm flesh.
Meredith felt a keen pleasure being handled like that. She
instinctively moved her body forward against Helen, her ass
sliding on the sofa. But now Helen’s mouth suddenly left
Meredith’s breasts, and her wet lips slid down over Meredith’s
belly to Meredith’s sex, to the hairy mouth already partly open
with expectation.
Helen sniffed at it and Meredith blushed. Meredith’s mind
was in a turmoil as she confronted Helen’s lust. She realized
Helen was about to lick her there, use her tongue in there to do
god knows what to her sanity. She’ll make me crazy, Meredith
thought. She found herself unable to close her legs. Did she want
to? Her fascination struggled with her need to push Helen’s head
away. Did she or didn’t she want it?
“Helen, please…” Meredith begged.
But Helen ignored her pleading. “Relax, honey. You just
relax and let me show you how good it is.”
Then Meredith surrendered as she felt the first touch of
Helen’s tongue around her clitoris, the tongue tickling, licking
along the shaft at random but still rubbing against that one spot
that always brought Meredith the greatest pleasure. Her clit felt
enlarged, her sex so available. She heaved her body, groaning,
desperate to get free again, whimpering. But she succeeded only
in bringing her clitoris into stronger contact with Helen’s
insistent tongue, the sudden full contact producing a hot flame
in Meredith’s sex and making her realize her defeat, the pleasure
too keen to give up. She wanted it. She relaxed, and Helen
immediately recognized her victory and she began sucking with
more determination. The older woman pulled out Meredith’s juices
with her mouth. She now used her fingers to open Meredith’s cunt,
spreading the dark flaps and holding them apart with her fingers.
She massaged Meredith’s swollen clit with her tongue, around and
around the fat pod, then down to the vaginal opening where the
white cream had gathered. Helen’s tongue snaked inside, scouring
the tunnel.
Meredith squirmed and heaved as Helen sucked noisily at her
flowing sex, and then finally she yielded completely. Now she
responded to every movement of Helen’s lips and tongue. She had
never had so much pleasure. She pulled her knees back and
them wide, craning her neck to look down at Helen, at the blonde
head, the nose rubbing her clitoris. She was lost, completely
lost now, unwilling to stop for anything.
Helen felt joyous, sucking furiously as she now unbuttoned
her own shirt to free her huge breasts while she kept her mouth
clamped against Meredith’s wet cunt. Her breasts were indeed like
beach balls, the nipples fat and extended, but Meredith had only
a momentary glimpse of them, and then her head fell back and her
eyes closed and she saw nothing. Her clit felt so huge and hot,
she wanted the sucking never to stop. She rocked her knees back
and forth as Helen fed on her drenched cunt, on her drippings.
Helen’s caress now became more adventurous as she lifted
Meredith’s knees. She held Meredith’s ass up, fingers clutching
her buttocks as she moved her mouth down beyond Meredith’s
to the groove between the globes. The blonde’s tongue fluttered
over the tight ring of Meredith’s anus. After a careful lapping
of the opening that drove Meredith wild, Helen pushed her tongue
inside the tight orifice to possess it completely.
Meredith groaned. Helen’s tongue remained where it was a
long moment as her fingers rubbed Meredith’s clitoris. The
sensations were now too much for Meredith and she had a sudden
and violent orgasm, her body shaking, her knees jerking in the
air out of control.
Finally Helen pulled her mouth away from Meredith’s ass and
she sat up, grasped her own melon-like right breast with its
enlarged nipple and brought the tip to Meredith’s sex, her
dripping flower.
Her eyes open now, Meredith realized for the first time that
Helen was half-naked. Meredith stared at the huge breasts. She
was both shocked and fascinated as she watched Helen maneuver
nipple against her clitoris. The long nipple rubbed against
Meredith’s swollen clit as Helen started a massage with her huge
breast. In a few moments Helen’s breast glistened with Meredith’s
juices and the older woman groaned. “Oh, honey, look at it. Look
at the way you’re coming on me!”
Meredith had been highly excited by Helen’s tongue in her
ass, the absolute lewdness of the caress, but this madness with
Helen’s huge breast turned her off. She was aware that Helen was
masturbating herself with one hand as she used the other hand to
rub her nipple over Meredith’s clitoris. The act fascinated
Meredith but it left her cold. She was content to watch, however,
until Helen finally reached a groaning climax and then dropped
down to press her face against Meredith’s belly.
She’s a cow, Meredith thought, and that idea suddenly caused
her excitement to return. Helen’s huge breasts did indeed excite
her, especially the fat nipples that made her mouth water.
After a few moments, Meredith gently pushed Helen away and
closed her robe. “I think that’s enough for now.”
Helen’s eyes were glazed as she looked at Meredith. “Did you
come, darling?”
“Yes, of course. I think you’d better dress now.”
Nothing more was said until Helen was at the door ready to
leave. “Can I come to see you again?”
Standing close to Helen, Meredith gazed at the older woman’s
huge breasts now hidden by her shirt. She placed her palm over
one of the breasts where she thought the nipple would be and she
smiled softly. “I’ll call you.”
“Will you?”
Meredith took the nipple between her thumb and forefinger
and gently pinched it. “Maybe tomorrow.”