Jennifer find herself living out her innermost fantasies with a potential client

Jennifer was still fascinated by all that had happened with Joe. Since then, she had pleasured herself countless times to the thoughts of what had happened in his office. She struggled internally about having him as a client. As far as sexual gratification, he was wonderful. She was not comfortable, however, in keeping him as a client if they were to continue this way, and she really hoped they would.

She saw his phone number come up on her phone and a warmth came over her. She tried to control herself when she answered. “Hi Joe, what can I do for you?”. “Well, that is actually a question you may not want me to answer right now, but at the moment I need to know if you can stop by this evening, some things have changed on the contract proposal and I need to review them with you. You can drop by my house tonight if that’s okay. The address is 7010 Browning Drive”. Sure thing she replied, I will be there around 7pm.

She had yet to tell him she wasn’t completely sure about the whole client issue. She also knew she would be safe since he was married, She had seen the ring on his finger before, when he had them in her dripping wet pussy. Surely he would not try anything with his wife home. Jennifer got home and cleaned up a bit, took a relaxing shower and pleasured herself again while in there. She almost wished his wife would not be home, but then again if she walked in on them she knew it would not be good. She would just have to contain herself tonight. She wore a shirt that was tight, with a bit of cleavage for good measure. Her pantyhose were black and her skirt was black as well. The heels made the whole outfit come together. If she could not have him tonight, the least she could do was tease him. She giggled at the thought while she put on her makeup and added the lipstick as her final touch. She messed with her hair a little, grabbed her purse and went out the door.

She arrived a few minutes early and rang the doorbell. Joe answered and looked quite sexy in his dark polo shirt and khaki pants, It showed the tattoos on his arms more now, and this drove her wild. She definitely had a thing for tattoos. She entered the house and Joe offered her a glass of red wine. She accepted, although she knew red wine made her blush and her body warm. “So where is your wife, Joe?” she blurted out. “Oh, she is out with the kids, soccer game tonight. I hope that is okay?”. “Sure” she replied, she knew she would be home soon anyway, soccer games can’t go past 8:30 usually. Surely he wouldn’t risk anything with her not far. They talked about basic things, about how the week had been, the weather, work and various other issues. She had not been there for long. The wine was delicious and she asked for another glass.

Joe grinned. She again had no idea what was in store for her, he was definitely going to make this a night to remember. See, Joe had that unfortunate problem with his wife, where she did not understand his dominance and did not allow him to do those kinds of things to her. Joe had a friend, Michael who was not married. Michael had been the one who actually introduced him into this lifestyle. Michael had a slave that he kept with him all the time. She was very submissive and listened to anything he said. Joe had been fortunate enough to use her during football games in the past and she was wonderful. He wished he could have a slave of his own, but for now he was willing to accept a part time slut. He hoped Jennifer would be just that for him. Michael was out of town at the moment on business, and his slave was with him. He agreed to let Joe use his home for “entertaining” while he was away. Unfortunately for Jennifer, the wife would not be coming home soon. This was not even Joe’s house, and his wife expected him to be out of town for the night.

Joe brought her another glass, aware of the pink tint that had taken over her cheeks. He carried the glass in and she held out her hand to take it from him. “I think you are forgetting something…” Joe said as he pulled the glass back and looked down at the hard cock bulging through his khakis. Her eyes widened. “What about your wife, Joe?”. “No worries,” he replied, “now suck it like I told you to, slut”. She took off her glasses and laid them on the coffee table and began to undo his belt. She pulled his pants down and took out the massive hard cock she had been missing since their last encounter. She put it to her lips and licked up and down the shaft and all over the head. She then took it into her mouth and started to go up and down. She couldn’t help but allow the soft moans to escape her while she savored and relished the taste of him. He pulled down her shirt enough to allow him access to her breasts and was able to reach in just enough to pinch one of her nipples. He grabbed her hair and slammed her mouth down onto his cock, she quickly gagged and after three times of doing this he offered her a sip of wine. She gladly accepted. ‘See what you get when you’re a good slut?”. She was going to answer but his cock quickly stuffed her mouth again. After several minutes of allowing her to suck, lick, gag and choke on his cock, he pulled her to her feet. He pulled her shirt off above her head and yanked her bra down so that her gorgeous nipples popped right out. He licked and sucked on them while pulling down her skirt and stockings. After getting them off he licked and nibbled some more as he worked his way down to pull off her bra and then her panties. She looked absolutely edible standing there with her hands to her sides and her head tilted back enjoying the moment. “I have a present for you slut” and with that he offered her a blindfold to put on. She suddenly became nervous, where was his wife anyway? She should be back soon. He helped her put on the blindfold and led her down the hall to a room.

The room felt much cooler, compared to the temperature of the living room. Jennifer became quite aware of this as her nipples started to harden. He guided her farther into the room and told her to kneel on the chair, when she did so he strapped in her ankles and then told her to put her hands on the bar and then strapped those in as well. She was now on her knees with her ass in the air and unable to move. Fear struck her as she realized how vulnerable she had just become. She felt his breath on her neck and his voice seemed to change back to the way he sounded in the conference room. “You look beautiful, slut”. She couldn’t help it as a chill went down her spine from his compliment. She felt his hands on her ass cheeks, rubbing them and caressing them. “You like feeling this way don’t you? Confined, restricted, open and ready for any abuse I want to give you”. “No, sir” she quietly said. “No? Really?”, she suddenly felt his fingers roam to her pussy and he slid 2 fingers inside of her with ease. “If that is the truth, why is your cunt soaking wet then slut?” she felt his hand strike her on the ass “Don’t lie to me slut, you might not like the punishment”. He heard a slight whimper come out of her.

He wanted to taste her, she was delicious before and he had longed to get a hold of her again. He came up behind her and buried his face in her throbbing cunt and she moaned louder than she had before with him. He felt amazing, the way his tongue danced on her clit and he lapped up the juices flowing from her pussy. His fingers roamed to her ass and she felt him enter a fingertip inside. He felt her tense up and knew she was loving it. She slowly started to accept the intrusion and even began to rock with him. Her moans got louder and he suddenly stopped and stepped away from her.

He came around to the front and shoved his cock back in her mouth. “Suck it good and maybe I will let you cum…eventually”. She was really pissed off at this point, she was ready to cum now and he had denied her that. Could he be any more of a jerk? She sucked his cock for all she was worth, up and down, faster and deeper than before. He grabbed her head face fucked her until she couldn’t breathe. He pulled out and admired his work. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she tried to catch her breath. Saliva was dripping from her lips and chin, even smeared on her nose and cheeks. Her lipstick was gone and her eyeliner streamed down following her tears. She was gorgeous. He especially admired the line of saliva from her lips attached to his wet cock glistening from the dim light in the room.

He came behind her and she felt something on her ass. In all honesty it felt wonderfully amazing. It was half pleasure, half tickle and she moaned while raising her ass in the air as high as she could. He had the bottle of lube above her and was slowly letting it drip into and onto her tight asshole. He enjoyed watching her body jerk and her sweet,little pink hole spasm while he did so. He slowly inserted a finger into her and one into her dripping cunt. She was rocking and moaning now, almost uncontrollably. She felt his finger disappear and suddenly something larger take it’s place. ‘No, please!” She screamed. “I don’t know why you think you have a choice in this matter slut. You belong to me right now, and the way you loved my cock jammed up your ass last time, I know you will enjoy this too”. He slowly fucked her ass with the tip of the butt plug and after a few minutes he worked it all the way into her as she begged and whimpered. He slapped her ass a few times for good measure. She howled when he did and he admired the way her cheeks turned a perfect pink with the imprint of his hand on them.

He came to the front and grabbed her nipples. “Do you know how beautiful you look, my hand-print on your ass, a plug shoved in your tight hole, your makeup smeared and your pussy juices flowing all over the floor beneath you, loving every minute of this”. She hung her head and he slapped her milky white tit with one hand while still holding a nipple. She jerked her head up and cried out in pain. He repeated this on the next side and she cried out again. He came to her and passionately kissed her briefly, she melted in his mouth. He then put a ball gag in her mouth before she could protest. It wasn’t very comfortable and she could feel herself unable to swallow.

He came behind her and started to finer her pussy again. She quickly forgot about the restricting ball in her mouth and focused on how good his fingers felt inside of her while she moaned, barely being audible. He jammed his cock into her as hard as he could without warning and she squealed through the gag. She would have bucked higher than she did but being bound to the chair prevented her from doing so. He grabbed her hair and yanked her head back causing her back to arch more and her ass to raise higher in the air. She loved the feel of him inside of her. She was so lost in the feeling of his cock that she almost didn’t hear him when he told her not to cum yet. She stopped rocking back on him so hard trying to contain herself.

He walked around to face her, removed her gag and as before, he pressed his wet cock to her lips. She gladly accepted it and started sucking on him again. She didn’t mind the taste of herself on him, it wasn’t an issue for her. He pulled out and shot cum all over her. The look of her eyes begging him to cum all over her lips was mesmerizing. He shot cum on her face and neck and tits for what seemed like forever. She tried to catch with her tongue what she could. “Clean it” he ordered, although he really didn’t have to, she knew what she was supposed to do. She licked him clean. He then unhooked her and took her to a large leather chair. He handcuffed her and let her sit back, her feet up on the arms of the large chair. This caused her wet dripping cunt to be completely exposed to him. He admired her there before him, wide open for his use. She had been a good slut today and followed his orders.

He grinned and leaned into her, his lips sucking in her clit and licking with his tongue, she thrashed around but was stuck because of the handcuffs. Her legs were holding her up onto the chair. he sucked and licked her pussy for what felt like forever. You have been a good slut today, I will let you cum as you want, you will not need to ask me permission but only during this part.” She had an intense orgasm, he enjoyed her juices flowing down his chin and lapped her up. She moaned louder as he inserted two fingers into her and moved them in a rhythm with his tongue on her clit, every few seconds sucking on her clit which made her pussy clench his fingers every time. Every once in a while he would twist the plug inside of her and it drove her wild.

He then lifted up from her and she was worried he was done. To her surprise she heard ‘I have a present for you my little slut”. he then stepped away briefly, she tried to catch her breath before he returned. He came back and plugged something into the wall but she had a hard time trying to see what it was over her breasts since she was positioned at a slant. “This is a wonderful tool my slut, It can cause such intense pleasure that it can cause pain” She was shocked, she had never seen one of these before. He turned on the Hitachi Wand and put it near her clit. She instantly bucked with pleasure. “Oh…..God….Mmmmmmm…….fuck!!!” She was already cumming. He enjoyed watching her body tense up and try to squirm out of the chair. He would tease her with it, on and off of her clit, rubbing it all over her pussy. He watched her cunt glisten and contract as orgasm after orgasm racked her body. It was delicious watching her breasts come up as her back arched, her nipples hard as rocks, and her cunt….oh, her cunt. Her sweet nectar was flowing out of her at this point. Joe lost count of which orgasm she was on but juices flowed down her thighs and onto the chair. Sweat covered her body as she couldn’t control the screams and moans that came out of her mouth. Never had she sounded like that. He had planned on being done with her but between the screams he was able to procure from her divine lips and sights of her cunt dripping he stood up and came all over her pussy with only a few strokes of his throbbing cock. His hot cum seemed to spurt out in waves all over her cunt and her ass. He stopped at that point and lightly slapped her pussy, she jerked up. “Good little slut, you liked that one didn’t you” barely able to breathe, sweat dripping all over her she slowly tried to let out a “oh, yes sir”.

Good, now clean up for me and try to look presentable. He explained what she was to do as he helped her up and removed her handcuffs and the plug from her ass. There is a bathroom down the hall. Feel free to take a shower before you leave. I will call you in a few days. He went to leave the room. ‘What about your wife?” She called out. “That will not be an issue, trust me” he smiled and walked out. She was spent, her body had orgasmed more times in the last few hours than it had in a year. She was feeling muscles ache that she didn’t even know she had. Despite all that, it was still the most intense feeling of her life. Jennifer got herself together in the shower. She tried to hurry as she washed all the cum from her body in fear that his wife would be home soon. There would be no way to explain this at all. When she went to retrieve her clothes from the bed she noticed two boxes laying there that said “For my slut” on them. One had a black and burgundy corset inside with a pair of matching burgundy colored thongs. The box also contained a pair of thigh highs with lace on them. The second box contained a pair of 4 inch heels. Inside this box was a note that read “For next time…”