Loving Stepmother

How many married people realize only after a number of years have gone by that their partner for life is to them what the albatross was to the Ancient Mariner? The divorce statistics answers: too many.

Those we least suspect are often ripest for a break-up. Living outwardly normal lives, attending the local PTA meeting together. Hosting backyard neighborhood barbecues, their inner lives are a sham. Initially refusing to admit a mistake and correct it, they simply go through life on their own, often finding solace in the bottle or back street love affairs.

For Gloria, the young wife in this story, solace comes in an entirely unexpected form. Perverse and taboo, yes, but it is a solution.

LOVING STEPMOTHER — the story of a woman whose shaky marriage is subject to relentless pressures brought on by the illicit adventure she finds while her husband is on business trips. A story which provides a backdrop for many in today’s society.


Gloria hadn’t realized her step-son had followed her upstairs until she turned around and saw him standing by the doorway to her bedroom.

Such a strange teen, she thought. And so strikingly handsome.

The party was over. The guests had all gone home. Gloria had to entertain them by herself. As usual, her husband, the teen’s father, was away on business. He had phoned that morning, hoping to make it back in time, but heavy fog had suddenly forced Shannon Airport to close.

Now she was alone with Mathew. She could see the eighteen-year-old teen was slightly drunk. He had had a bit too much wine to drink during dinner.

She realized she was tired and wanted to get to bed. “Mathew,” she said, “you look like you’ve had it for tonight. Why don’t you get undressed and hop into bed?” Her head was beginning to ache. I think I’ve had a bit too much to drink myself, she thought.

“I hate parties,” he said, his voice slightly slurred. He walked into her room and sat on the bed. He sighed. “They’re so boring.”

“I’m sorry there wasn’t anyone your own age, darling.” She sat next to him and put an arm around his shoulder, hugging him to her. She kissed the top of his head.

He was small for his age, and very thin. He had long curly hair and an almost angelic face. He was often mistaken for a girl and this annoyed him to no end. It made him even more self-conscious than he normally was.

“When’s Dad coming home?” he asked, feeling her fingers combing through his blond hair.

“Probably tomorrow sometime. Depends on the fog. I heard on the radio it’s the worst they’ve ever had.”

“You two haven’t been getting along lately, have you?”

“Why do you say that, Mat?”

“Oh, I don’t know. You’ve been arguing a lot lately.”

“It’s not unusual for a husband and wife to be arguing.” She felt her pulse quickening.

“Does Dad have a mistress?”

Gloria blushed. “Mathew, where did you hear that?”

“I heard you and Dad… talking about it… the other night.”

“We thought you were asleep.”

“You were talking kind of loud. You woke me up.”


“Why would Dad want another woman? You’re so much younger than he is. I mean, you’re more like my sister than my mother.”

Gloria was glad he hadn’t said step-mother. She and Bill hadn’t been married very long, but it was true what Mathew had said. He did have a mistress. A nineteen-year-old girl. Gloria had found out quite by accident. She couldn’t believe it.

“You and Dad aren’t going to get a divorce, are you?” There were tears in his eyes.

“Oh, no, Mat. It’s not as serious as that. We’ll have to work it out. I knew before I mated your father that women were attracted to him. I’m surprised he waited so long after… after your mother’s death before remarrying.”

“I’m glad he did. Otherwise you wouldn’t have been my mother now.”

“Mat, you’re such a sweet teen.” He pressed his cheek against her tits and Gloria suddenly felt a funny feeling rushing through her. A tingling between her thighs.

There was something else Mathew didn’t know about. It had, been a while since Gloria and his father had had sex together. Gloria kept telling herself it’s just a phase he’s going through, but now, what with this girl, she wasn’t so sure. She wasn’t so sure of anything anymore. She felt like crying herself, but held back her tears.

If it wasn’t for Mat, whom she loved dearly, she would have considered a divorce, but she knew how close they were to one another and because of that — because she wouldn’t want to hurt the teen in any way — divorce was out of the question.

She had told this to Bill and he had reluctantly agreed. He had never been particularly close to Mat. His work had always come first. But he knew Gloria was right. The teen might never recover from such a blow.

“You still love him, don’t you?” he asked, his voice a bare whisper.

“Yes, Mat, I do.”

“I love you very much, Mom.”

Gloria lifted the teen’s head up and kissed him on the lips. Then something happened. Something neither she nor Mat seemed to have any control over. Their lips pressed together and she felt the teen’s breath, hot and sweet, still smelling slightly of wine.

He placed his hand on her tit and squeezed. Then his hand went down to her thigh. She quickly put her hand over his and whispered, “Mat, please, don’t…” But it was no use. She didn’t want the teen to take his hand away. She started to unbutton his shirt.

He began to pant, kissing her more passionately. She slipped her tongue between his lips and he sucked on it hungrily.

“Oh Gloria…” he whispered hoarsely.

Gloria pulled the shirt tails out of his jeans and caressed his chest, feeling his little teats hardening under her frantic touch.

My God, she thought, what are we doing? But she was powerless to stop it.

“I want to feel your tits,” he groaned, his face flushed, his eyes strangely lit.

He unzipped her dress and fumbled with her bra clasp, becoming more and more excited. Gloria looked down and saw the clear outline of his erect penis inside his tight jeans. She felt the fire burning in her cunt. His cock looked very big. She had never seen the teen naked. He had always been so modest. But now she was seeing a different side of him. And a different side of herself.

His penis looked so big!

The teen’s eyes widened as her tits tumbled out of the confines of the bra. They were full and well-shaped, the nipples very big. And pointed. She forced his head down and felt his hot lips on her tit knob.

“Jesus,” she moaned. She had never felt so aroused in all her life!

She reached down and unzipped his jeans. She stroked his cock over the white briefs, feeling how long and thick it was. His glans peeked over the elastic band of his underpants. A drop of watery pre-cum emerged from the gaping piss slit.

My God! she thought, feeling suddenly lightheaded.

He sucked on her tit like an infant. Then he lifted his head and his hot lips found hers. They French kissed. He caressed her upper thigh, bunching up her dress around her crotch. Then he reached underneath, his fingers slipping into her damp panties.

“You’re all wet,” he gasped.

“I’m excited, Mat. Oh, Mat, we mustn’t… really…”

“We both want, don’t we?”

“Yes, Mat… I never realized it before… yes… your cock is so big…”

“I want to fuck you.”

“You’ve never had a girl before?”

“No. I’m a virgin. I want to feel my cock inside your pussy.”

“Mat, don’t talk that way. It’s not right. You’re… you’re exciting me.”

She felt his fingers over her muff. His middle finger slipped between her puffy cunt lips. She moaned, reaching into his briefs to grab his cock. He lifted his ass up and she slipped down his jeans and underpants, revealing his tumescence.

“My God!” she said. “It must be almost ten inches long! And so thick! Your father’s cock isn’t anywhere near as big. It’s… it’s magnificent!”

She started to fist it. She felt him trembling. “Is it really that big?”

“Yes, Mat, it is! I can’t believe it!”

“You want it inside you, don’t you?”

“Mat… we can’t… ohhh yes, I do… I do!”

She helped him take her dress and panties off. They were then both completely naked. He looked down at her dark-haired pussy. Her pubic bush was thick and abundant. He loved running his fingers through it. It was the first time he had seen a woman naked outside of glossy photos in girlie magazines he kept hidden under his mattress.

His step-mother had the most beautiful body he had ever seen. It was lushly voluptuous. Her tits were as big as melons. He had always wanted to see them in the flesh, to touch and lick them like he was doing now.

They both fell back on the bed. She couldn’t take her eyes off his cock. She held it in her hand, the mushroom-shaped cockhead swelling up in her hand. With her other hand she cupped his balls, feeling their cum-filled weight.

His pubic hairs were the same golden color. There weren’t many of them, and his balls were virtually hairless, but this only excited her more. Bill’s body was so hairy but his dong was like a thimble compared to his son’s!

“If you keep touching me like that I’m going to cum,” he said thickly.

“There’s plenty more if you do,” she said. “I bet a teen like you can cum four or five times in a row.”

He giggled. “Sometimes I jerk off three or four times in a row.”

“Thinking of me?” she asked stroking his cock, his watery juices smearing her palm and fingers, lubricating, her fisting.

“Yes,” he said, gasping for breath, beginning to writhe as the cock sensations overwhelmed his entire body.

“I never thought for a moment we would be doing this,” she whispered, his hand wildly massaging her tits. She loved the way he was squirming on the bed.

“I want to make you happy,” he choked, throwing his head back and squealing like a little girl.

“You will,” she said, jerking him off faster and faster, his cock thickening in her hand. “We’ll both make each other very happy, Mat… so very happy…”

“Shit, I’m going to shoot… ohhh Jesus. JESUS.”

He arched his back and cried out. His cock exploded between her fingers, sending out a high arc of jism, spilling on the teen’s chest, belly and thighs.

“JEEZ!” he howled. He looked down at himself and watched his spewing cock dance in his step-mother’s hand. His semen was oozing down over her knuckles and he could feel it being smeared over his prick.

When he finished cumming, she let go of his tool. She leaned over and kissed him on the mouth, her cum-stained palm resting on his belly, on a pool of jism. She slowly rubbed the warm spent cum over his skin, kissing him hungrily.

“I’ll get a towel and wipe you off,” she said after a few minutes.

“Then we can fuck?”

She turned as she started toward the bathroom. “Yes,” she said, smiling. Her smile made him feel warm all over. He watched her swinging buttocks as she disappeared into the bathroom.

She returned with a large monogram towel and gently wiped the semen from where it had fallen on him. She wiped her hands and lay beside him.

“Was that good?” she asked.

“God, yes. Much better than jerking off myself!”

She laughed. “I bet it is.”

“You smell… different,” he said, sniffing.

“It’s my cunt,” she said, grinning. “Do you like the scent?”

“Yes. It’s… exciting.” And she saw his cock had become hard again. Or perhaps it hadn’t gotten soft?

She closed her eyes as he sat up and began fingering her oozing vagina. He stuck his middle finger deep inside her, then pulled out his wet finger and smelled her honeydew.

“What’s that little button inside your cunt?” he asked.

“I see you are a virgin.” He blushed.

“I’m sorry,” she said gently, her fingers affectionately brushing across his reddened cheeks. “I didn’t mean to embarrass you. I know you’re very curious. Vim the first woman you’ve seen completely naked, aren’t I?”

He nodded, and she could see by the look in his eyes that he approved of what he was seeing.

“That’s my clitoris,” she explained. “It’s the most sensitive part of my cunt. Like the head of your penis. If you rub it, it makes me feel good.”

“And you’ll cum?”


“Can I… lick it?”

“My darling, of course.” She spread her legs invitingly.

He grinned, feeling the blood boiling in his veins. Gingerly, he licked her vulva.

“Like the taste?”

“Mmmm. Yes! How couldn’t I?”

“Some men don’t like the taste of a woman’s pussy. I sure do!”

“I’m glad. Suddenly you’re not so shy anymore.”

“I don’t feel shy around you. I never have.”

“Yes, now that I think of it, I guess you’re right.”

“I want to make you cum. To make it as good for you as you just made it for me.”

“Why don’t we fuck? That’s when it really feels good.” She couldn’t believe she was talking this way to the teen. They had never been so explicit with each other before. Yet it seemed completely natural.

Gloria was twenty-nine. Ten years older, yet she now felt like a fifteen or sixteen-year-old. Like a teenager again!

He gently pried apart her cunt lips with thumb and forefinger and inched his tongue inside her. He came into immediate contact with her swollen clit button. He reamed the end of his tongue directly underneath it and Gloria moaned ecstatically.

“That’s it!” she cried. “Jesus, that’s it, sweetheart. Keep doing that!”

He felt her hand on his slim buttocks, caressing his flesh, pressing her forefinger between the quivering ass cheeks. He curled his body closer to hers.

He flicked his tongue against her burgeoned clitoris, her sauce running into his mouth and dripping down his chin. She tasted delicious! He scooped up her female essence with the tip of his tongue, using it like a shovel, his adam’s apple bobbing up and down, as he swallowed.

He couldn’t get enough of her candy-sweet sauce!

She could feel the pressure in her cunt intensifying, blossoming outward to embrace her entire body. Usually it took her a while to reach orgasm, but he was bringing her there so quickly! It felt as if a wave was building deep inside her, about to crash down on her.

She moaned incessantly, pressing down on the top of his head, forcing his tongue all the way into her greasy fuck channel. He inserted his forefinger, pressing it against her slippery cuntal walls, getting her more and more excited.

He loved the taste and feel of her hot cunt, and the way she was becoming so aroused by what he was doing. It gave him a tremendous sense of power, of authority.

“Let’s sixty-nine,” she said, her voice thick with emotion. She was sweating heavily and pink splotches were appearing on her body.

“What’s that?”

His innocence further excited her. He had so much to learn, and she would be his teacher!

She positioned herself, her mouth inches from his tumescence, her cunt the same distance from his hungry lips.

“This way,” she explained, “you can eat my pussy and I can suck your cock.”

“Wow! I’ve never had my cock sucked before. I can cum in your mouth and all?”

She chuckled. “That’s the general idea. My mouth is watering for your jism. I can practically taste it now.”

“Have you ever sucked Dad’s cock?”

“No. He doesn’t like that sort of thing, strangely enough, considering all the women he must have had in his life. I haven’t tasted cock in a long time. Especially a cock as manly as yours!”

“Okay… let’s go,” he said, as if they were entering a competition.

“Let’s!” she said, her heart thumping.

She never realized how beautiful his body was. So pale and slender and vulnerable, as if the merest breeze would knock him over. His legs and arms were developing muscles. His buttocks were tight and firm. Her eyes followed the natural lines of his body, admiring every square inch of his nakedness.

She had never been particularly attracted to adolescent teens, but she now realized her step-son could change all that.

She fondled his balls, her fingers trailing under his scrotum, where the hairless ridge of skin joined his asshole. She kissed the tip of his tool as she felt his tongue reentering her cunt.

I’m so hot for this teen I could melt! she thought, holding the bottom half of his impressive cock in her tightly encased fist.

He’s so big I don’t even think I can take all of his shaft into my mouth and suck on it at once, she thought. “But I’m sure as hell going to give it my best shot!”

She drilled the tip of her tongue into his gaping piss slit, squeezing his shaft to open the center hole even more. She was rewarded by a pearl-white drop of pre-cum sauce, which she quickly licked from his glans.

She then took the upper half of his cock between her teeth and began sucking it. Her lips were like suction cups. She felt his cock pulsating with desire, the veins gorged with blood, the skin smooth and feeling slightly rubbery.

There was so much to suck she didn’t know where to begin. She went down on him, but was only able to take three quarters of his member into her mouth before gagging. She breathed through her flared nostrils, concentrating hard not to choke. She loved his musky taste. It made her suck harder, determined to take all ten inches into her mouth.

Mat’s head was lodged between her thighs in a scissors hold as he inserted two fingers and his searching tongue into her. Her cum was smeared aver his cheeks and chin and nose. His nostrils were becoming clogged with it, but he didn’t care. He was completely captivated by her spicy pussy. He couldn’t get enough of it. He yearned to fuck her, but knew that would probably follow.

Meanwhile, he had enough to keep him happy. He swallowed warm tasty mouthfuls of her quim sauce, pining for more. His fingers tweaked her swollen pleasure button and she groaned in ecstasy, feeling herself getting closer and closer to that moment of sexual relief.

The sounds of sucking and of lips and tongues against wet pungent flesh filled the room. The air was sweet with her cunt juice, which was flowing like an uncontrollable river from her ecstatic cunt.

Then suddenly she came, her body shuttering with delight.

“Ohhhh my God!” she sighed, writhing in ecstasy.

“Was that good?” he asked, wiping the cream from his face.

“Mat… I never felt so good in my life. Keep on doing that to my clit. Don’t stop! Your tongue feels wonderful… I can’t begin to tell you.”

She sucked his cock harder, finally able to take all of it into her mouth at once, his glans pressing back deep into her throat.

He began to wriggle his ass. This is going to be a good one, he thought, pausing in his sucking and tongue-whipping to catch his breath. He clenched his eyes tightly shut and bit his lower lip.

“Fuck!” he called out, feeling his balls tightening. He tried to hold back, to revel in the full power of the sensations building, inside him, but it was impossible. He loved the feel of her tongue and lips, the saliva running warmly down his gorged tool.

He gyrated his hips, thrusting forward, sending his cock all the way into her mouth, humping her mouth for dear life!

It had never felt this way when he jerked off. Never!

He could no longer concentrate on sucking her nubbin. He pulled away from her, almost falling from the bed, and watched her head bobbing up and down, up and down, up and down.

“Jesus, oh wow… wow!” he cried.

A wild grin of pleasure appeared on his face. He tried to sit up but she had him pinned down to the bed. His legs and arms jerked convulsively. He couldn’t stop moaning and gasping.

While she sucked she squeezed his balls, fondling them, rubbing them together like two golf balls.

He humped her face faster. She sucked his tool for all it was worth.

“Jesus Christ!” he shrieked, his whole body in motion. “I’m on fire!”

He wrapped his legs around her head. It was as if he was on a roller coaster which just reached the apex of its ride and was now racing madly downward.

“Holy shit!”

He grabbed handfuls of the bedsheets, pulling and tugging, his ass hopping up and down on the mattress, making the bedsprings squeak loudly.

He arched his back, half of him practically off the bed, hanging over it, the most intense fuck sensations imaginable shooting through him like electricity.

Gloria could feel the cum rising up his shaft like mercury in a thermometer. Her mouth poured saliva down his penis. It dripped off his balls, onto the sheets, and pooled in between his golden pubic hairs.

She gave his balls another excited squeeze and her mouth instantly filled with his spicy hot jism.

Mat thought he was going to hit the ceiling. He saw stars before his eyes. The room began to spin in ever-widening circles. He couldn’t even speak, only moan and groan incoherently.

It was as if a flame was shooting out of his cock. It tickled and it burned and it gave him the keenest pleasure thrill he had ever experienced.

Gloria sucked like a madwoman, her lips like suction cups. She sucked the entire length of his jerking tool, her tongue running up and down the underside of his tumescence at the same time.

His jism was salty-sweet and absolutely delicious!

She thought his spewing wads would never cease. But the cum wads gradually got smaller and the teen’s tensed-up body slowed down its gyrating pace. Mat fell back against the bed and let a long, drawn-out sight of contentment.

She let his cock fall from her lips. It was semi-erect and wet with her saliva and traces of his thick spent cum. She licked her cum-stained lips and savored his taste, swallowing the last of his jism. It was warm and spicy going down her throat.

The teen filled his aching lungs with air, rubbing both fists into his eyes. “Wow!” he kept saying, over and over, giggling in between. “Wow… wow!”

Gloria lay beside him and kissed the inside of his thighs, her hands circling over his belly, feeling the rippling of his muscles.

Then, as he lay spread eagle on the bed she straddled his loins, reaching underneath herself for his cock.

He opened his eyes and started to get up.

“Lay back,” she told him, a wild look in her eyes. “I can’t wait any longer. I have to have that magnificent fuck tool of yours inside me.”

He watched, eyes wide with pleasure and surprise, as she slowly lowered herself down on him, spearing herself with his torrid member. He propped himself up on his elbows and watched with amazement as his hard tool slipped between her cunt lips.

Immediately he thrust upward, feeling her hot cuntal muscles gripping his erect penis and pulling it up inside her. Inch by inch his cock disappeared between Gloria’s quivering thighs.

“Jesus!” was all the eighteen-year-old teen could say as he felt the inside of a woman’s vagina for the first time. The fact that it was his step-mother’s cunt didn’t matter. He was too enthralled by the sensations of her fuck channel as it slid like a hot wet glove over his penis.

Then he looked up, seeing Gloria’s beautiful tits, the way her skin glowed and shone with sweat, the look of supreme desire on her face, an exciting expression of female lust he was seeing for the first time.

He realized there was no one in the world he would rather be fucking than his beautiful step-mother.

She leaned over, a moan escaping her lips, and he took one of her large pointed nipples in his mouth and sucked on it, his hand reaching underneath the swinging tit globe to fondle it lovingly.

“Mother of God!” she breathed. “I never imagined a cock could feel so big! I never imagined yours was this big! I think I’ve just found heaven!”

She slowly went up and down, her hands placed on his shoulders to steady herself. She thought she was going to explode. He filled her like she had never been filled before, deep into her womb.

She reveled in the sheer size of his erect penis. She could feel her eyes starting to pop out of her eyes. It was as if her cunt and the teen’s cock were made for each other.

The pressure and caress on her clitoris were such that she came almost immediately after he entered her.

She felt his lips and tongue on her hard nipple and wanted to shout for joy at the top of her lungs.

Such a inexperienced teen and he is giving me the best fuck of my life! she thought. All I have to do is sit still on top of him and I can cum a hundred times!

But she started to move after the first orgasm had swept over her like a hurricane, leaving her breathless and more satisfied already than she had been in a long time.

My God, she thought. He could teach his father a thing or two! I never want him to cum. Dear God, just let him keep his hard prick inside me forever!

“Ohhh Gloria, you’re so fucking tight! I can’t believe how good it feels. I’ve never felt anything like it before! So tight and hot and wet… God!”

“And you’re so big… just think this is your first time… and you’re making me feel so wonderful… I’ve cum once already… I can feel another orgasm washing over me now… why didn’t we do this before… ohhh God… I adore you… my precious.”

She bent down and kissed him, her tongue slipping between his lips. She held his head and showered his lips and face and forehead and neck with wet warm kisses. Grateful kisses. Kisses of desire and pleasure she never thought obtainable before now.

He held her thighs, his fingers digging into her flesh, his face screwed up in an expression of ecstasy. He started humping up at her until they quickly established a mutually satisfying fuck rhythm which brought Gloria to another earth-shattering climax, the likes of which she had never known before.

“Oh Lord!” she moaned, throwing her head back, her long dark hair cascading over her shoulders in a sweaty pile.

She reared up, sending her muff crashing down onto his penis. She lifted herself up enough so half of his now-glistening penis was exposed, so he could look down and watch his prick going in and out of her, then she would slam down on him, her pussy hairs mashing into his pubes, mixing thick dark curls with blond colored ones.

His balls beat an incessant tattoo against her buttocks each time she thrust downward, sending his ten inch dick deep into her.

Her cream ran down his shaft, dripped off his balls, down to his thighs and finally puddled on the bedsheets beneath them.

She came again, feeling that the teen was now close to cumming himself, and howled like an animal in heat. His cock pulsated hotly inside her. It seemed to thicken, and even more remarkable, to lengthen another quarter or half inch until she was filled completely.

She was squealing and groaning and pumping up and down on him lice crazy.

“I can feel it, Gloria… ohhh brother can I feel it now! SHIT!”

“Don’t cum,” she called out. “Ohhh sweet Jesus don’t cum yet… not now… I want to cum over and over again!”

“I’m… trying… to… hold… back…” he gasped. “But… I… won’t… be… able to… much… longer… it feels too… fucking good!”

“My sweet, sweet son!” she screamed. He had never seen her this way before. She was almost hysterical with joy, going up and down like a human fuck machine, not pausing for breath, afraid to break the exciting rhythm they had established.

“Harder!” he called out, grabbing her arms and pulling her back down on him so he could kiss her hungrily.

“Just a little longer,” she sobbed, tears running down her cheeks. She simply couldn’t believe she could feel this good. It was as if she was dreaming. It was perfect. More pleasure than she ever thought humanly possible. It was as if every orgasm she had ever had. The pleasure thrills were intense beyond words.

She reached underneath herself and squeezed his balls. She loved the soft, pliable feel of his bouncing nuts, so smooth and hairless.

“Any second now… Gloria… can’t much longer… too fucking good!”

“My sweet… another one… ohhh… AHHH!”

She could feel herself being split in half by his cock. He was slamming up into her, matching her enthusiastic strokes. Tears streamed down her cheeks.

“More!” she screamed. “Harder! Faster! Give me every fucking thick inch of your dick!”

And he did. Again and again…

“SHIT!” he called out, his voice strained with emotion.

He arched his back, his forehead touching the pillow, half his face disappearing into it, his neck muscles straining, bulging out.

Then he exploded inside her, ejaculating thick hot wads of cum sauce.

She climaxed again and together they rose to a blindingly intense mutual climax that left them both shuddering uncontrollably.

His cock jerked inside her, digging deeper and deeper into her hot wet fuck channel.

Their bodies writhed and jerked and danced and convulsed spasmodically. They reveled in the sheer numbness of their climaxes. Gloria came repeatedly, a chain reaction of cums that built one upon the other, one more keen and long-lasting than the previous one.

She sobbed, her shoulders jerking as if pulled by unseen marionette strings.

The eighteen-year-old howled with pleasure, his balls bursting apart as he continued ejaculating into her fuck passage. Her cuntal walls massaged his tool like a hundred tiny, slippery fingers, knowing exactly when and where and how often to touch and caress.

Finally, he was milked dry by her pulsating pussy muscles and membranes. He fell back against the bed, looking unseeingly up at his step-mother as she gathered up the last of her strength and pulled herself up and fell by his side. His cock slapped back against his belly loudly. It started to grow limp.

It took a few minutes for the woman to catch her breath. It was as if her flesh and bones had turned to melted candle wax. She felt weak as a kitten, yet more satisfied than she could ever remember feeling before.

She heard a strange noise and looked over to her step-son. He was snoring!

Gloria giggled, her body aglow with the after feeling of a wonderful fuck. The teen was sound asleep.

“Poor thing,” she whispered. “I’ve worn him out.” Too tired now to change into her nightgown, and not wanting to wake the teen to have him go back to his room after having shared her bed in the most intimate way possible, she pulled the bed covering over them and fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.


The telephone woke Gloria up.

“Hello?” she said sleepily. She gazed over to the digital alarm clock next to the phone on the bedside table and saw it was past noon. Mathew was still fast asleep beside her.

“Gloria, it’s me.”

“Bill. When will you be back?”

“Tonight. Around dinner time. I’ll take a cab in from the airport. You sound like it was some party last night.”

“Mmm. You should have been there.”

“I’m sorry, dear. But the fog’s clearing up and the airport should be open again later this afternoon.”

“Alright. I’ll have dinner waiting for you.”

“How’s Mathew?”

Gloria smiled to herself. “Fine. Just fine. How’s what’s-her-name?”

There was a pause. “Very funny.”

Gloria was referring, of course, to her husband’s young mistress, Kathy.

“You should bring her over for dinner,” Kathy said. “Mathew would love to meet her.”

“I can see you’re in a great mood.”

“Actually I am. Just teasing, dear.”

“Well, you’ll be happy to know I spent the night alone. With the exception of a bottle of whiskey.” Gloria was tempted to say she spent the night alone, with the exception of Mathew. Just then Mathew’s sleepy voice sounded.

“Gloria… what time is it?”

Gloria covered the mouthpiece with her hand. “Sshh, dear, your father’s on the line. He’ll be back for dinner tonight.”

“Great. We’ll have the whole day in bed together.” He pressed up against her and reached under the covers, caressing her muff.

“Mathew… please…” she giggled. “Hello? Gloria, are you there?”

“Oh, sorry, dear. I, uh, just heard Mathew downstairs making breakfast.”

Mathew disappeared under the bedsheets, giggling. He spread her legs open and she felt his mouth pressing against her vagina.

“How did he enjoy the party last night?”

“He didn’t. You know he hates parties.”

“He should find a girl and get laid.”

“What does that have to do with last night’s party?” Gloria was beginning to find it difficult to concentrate on what her husband was saying.

“Nothing. Just a thought.”

“Why don’t you introduce him to Kathy?”

“I’m afraid he’ll take her away from me.”

“I’ll bet.”

“My, we are in a good mood this morning.”

“Just letting everything hang out, darling.”

“That’s my line.”

“Give it to me tonight.”

“I just might do that.”

“It’s been so long I thought you’ve forgotten how. Bring the girl over and we’ll have an orgy.”

“I’ll think about it. Okay, baby, I better be going. Business awaits.”

“I thought you said she wasn’t there.”

“Funny, funny. See you tonight. Say hello to Mat for me.”

“I will. See you tonight.”

She hung up the phone, giggling like a little girl, and reached under the covers to pull up the teen.

He wiped his mouth. “What a great way to start the morning.”

“Beats orange juice, eh?”

“I’ll say!”

“So, what shall we do today?”

“Stay in bed.” He grabbed her hand. “Feel me.”

He brought her hand under the covers and placed it on his erect cock.

She stroked it lovingly, pulling him toward her with her other arm.

“Kathy’s dad’s mistress, isn’t she?” he said. “Yes. Let’s not talk about her.”

“Is she pretty?”

“I don’t know. I’ve only heard her voice over the phone. Quite by accident, I hasten to add.”

“Did she sound pretty?”

“You remember the Wicked Witch of the North in The Wizard of Oz?”

He chuckled. “Yeah.”

“It sounded like her sister.” The teen broke up.

When they had finished laughing, Gloria said, “Now let’s forget about her. We’ve got more important things to think about.”

“Such as?”

“Such as you and men.”

“I’m so horny I can hardly stand it. Let’s fuck.”

“You have a way with words.”

They kissed, the teen’s chest pressing hard against Gloria’s tits. He felt her nipples digging into his flesh. Gloria reached down and stroked his hard penis with the flat of her palm.

“Oh, Gloria,” he sighed. “I love you. You make me feel so good…”

“I’ll make you feel even better today, my sweet.”

She opened her legs and reached down to guide his hard prick into her steamy portal of pleasure. Her back arched involuntarily as he slipped his ten inch dick between her pouting cunt lips.

“Jesus,” she moaned.

“Ohhh, man,” he sighed.

His cock reamed directly against her swollen nubbin, flattening it vp against her cuntal ceiling. A warm rush of tingling sensations ran through her. She shuddered with delight, a smile spreading on her face.

He was all the way inside her, his balls rubbing against her muff.

They French kissed, his tongue tracing patterns on her teeth and gums and the insides of her cheeks.

“Slowly,” she instructed him. “Slip it into me very slowly… that’s it… all the way in… ohhh Mathew I adore your cock!”

His cock sliced effortlessly through her inner cuntal flesh, like a sharp knife cutting through warm butter. He could feel her cuntal muscles tugging on his tool each time he slipped out of her.

He became more excited and found it increasingly difficult to keep up the slow cock strokes. His instincts told him to let Gloria really have it, to shove his dick into her faster and faster.

But to please her, he concentrated hard and kept the slow pace, sometimes getting carried away and pulling his cock all the way out of her cunt. Then he would have to struggle awkwardly to slip it back into her, his heart pounding like a jackhammer against his heaving chest.

“Let me go faster,” he panted. “I can’t keep going so slow…”

Gloria opened her mouth to tell him to go faster but nothing came out. She arched her back and the teen fell her fuck channel flooding with a sudden onrush of hot pussy juice.

She reached a thundering orgasm, writhing beneath him, her ass digging into the mattress.

He took that as his cue and slammed into her with all his strength.

“OHH LORD!” she screamed, her fingernails raking down his back, leaving red welts.

He reached under her ass and cupped her buttocks, raising her up off the bed and getting on his knees. He was so aroused, the fuck sensations were so close to exploding inside him, he was trembling violently.

He rammed into her, her ass hovering over the bed.

He looked down, the bedsheets now falling down his back and over his ass, exposing them both, and watched his cock going in and out of her. He had never seen his cock looking so thick before. It amazed even him!

He saw her glistening red cunt flesh blossoming outward each time he pulled from her hot depths, then, the flower-like flesh would wilt and collapse inward as he thrust forward.

His balls slapped loudly against her muff, beginning to tighten and preparing to shoot out its precious cum load.

“Fuck me!” she cried out hysterically, her body bathed in sweat.

The sheets became entangled around his legs. But that didn’t deter him. He pounded into her relentlessly, giving her clitoris the battering of its life.

She climaxed again, throwing her head back and howling like an animal in heat.

“Faster!” she screamed. “Mathew. Mathew… it’s too good… I’m melting… I can feel your cockhead slamming right against my backbone. You’re going to split me right in half!”

He moaned incessantly, and Gloria could tell from the expression on his tightened face that he was near cumming. She humped back at him, wanting to reach at least another climax before he released his spicy seed inside her.

He stopped.

“Don’t,” she pleaded. “I’m almost there again…”

“Just a second,” he panted. “Otherwise I’m going to fuck cunt.” He winced as the hot cum fell back into his balls, only a little of it oozing out his swollen prick head, lodged deep inside her pussy.

Then he continued, slamming into her harder than ever, as if to make up for the momentary lull in his fuck stokes.

Gloria reached another orgasm, and it surpassed her wildest expectations. She screamed with passion, her legs tightening around the teen’s waist until he was gasping for breath.

“You’re wonderful, wonderful!” she sobbed, her body wracked by intense cunt sensations. They spread upward from her thrusting loins to blanket her entire body.

She could feel her body temperature rising dramatically.

He was ramming into her so hard he had her pressed back against the backboard, her body beginning to curl. She dug her teeth into his shoulder, tears streaming down her face.

He let out a strangled whimper and thrust up into her to the hilt, corkscrewing his dick deep inside her.

Then he climaxed.

She clutched him tightly to her, not feeling the discomfort of being hunched against the backboard. She let out a scream and came also. Together they reveled in the magical sensations pulsating through them in ever-widening waves of cosmic energy.

It was as if they were hovering over the bed, weightless.

He grabbed her tits, squeezing them, adding to her pleasure. He bucked into her again and again, short but penetrating thrusts that sent his enormously thick cock deep into her womb.

It jerked inside her, ejaculating spasmodically, his thick stringy cum further adding to her wet, slippery passage, thoroughly lubricating his fuck strokes.

She wept in ecstasy.

He trembled so much his teeth started to chatter.

It seemed to go on forever. The pleasure, for them both, was immeasurable. Mat thought he would pass out.

When it was over they lay in each other’s arms, unable to move, barely able to breath. He pressed his cheek between the deep valley of Gloria’s tits, and listened to her hammering heartbeat.

He remained hard inside her.

After a few minutes had passed she felt him moving, his pelvis making familiar motions against her.

“You are a remarkable lover,” Gloria whispered, biting the teen’s earlobe sensually. “In such a short space of time too. You amaze me, sweetheart. God, you really do.”

“It’s your beautiful cunt,” he whispered back. “I can’t get enough of it.”

“We were wade for each other.”

“Yes. We were.”

She wrapped her legs around his slim ass cheeks and felt his cock moving slowly in and out of her, as if in slow motion.

“You know just how to please me,” she gasped.

“Mmm. Practice makes perfect…”

“So sweet… so very, very sweet.”

She felt her clit button being rubbed by his helmet-shaped cockhead. Getting caught under the sculptured ridge of the head. Sensations from deep inside her burgeoned outward, bringing with them a renewed river of her pussy juice.

His ass cheeks hollowed out as he pressed into her, turning his loins so his cock could corkscrew its way deep inside her. She moaned, combing her fingers through his long curly blond hair.

“I wish your father could fuck this well,” she groaned, writhing ecstatically.

“I thought you said he’s had a lot of women.”

“He has. Since he was younger than you. But that doesn’t necessarily mean he knows how to please a woman. He can be good in bed, yes, but he’s not consistent. He fires of a woman easily. The young girl he has now probably won’t last long.”

“I’d never want a mistress if I was married to you.”

“Ohh… that’s nice, Mat… yes, that… mmmm… you’re so sweet to me…”

He started stabbing his cock into her faster. His blood began to boil. Her cunt was very hot now. Hot and slippery.

“Sweet Mother of God!” she squealed, her eye lashed fluttering like two tiny bird’s wings.

She came, her fingers digging into his soft flanks.

“Don’t stop,” she sighed. “Don’t… ever… stop…”

She reached down and rubbed her middle finger against his moist ass crevice, feeling his puckered asshole. Hooking her finger between his quivering ass cheeks, she pressed against the entrance to his shit passage.

“What are you doing?” he panted between sharp, penetrating thrusts.

“You’ll see. It’ll feel good. Don’t move around so much…”

“Ohh!” he said in surprise.

He felt her finger slipping into his rectum and inside his shit channel.


“Feel good?”

She jammed her finger all the way up his asshole, the tip of it pressing against his sensitive prostate gland. Massaging it.

Mat was climbing the wall in ecstasy. He had a sudden uncontrollable desire to shoot his heavy cum load. Each time she pressed against his prostate he lurched forward.

She imitated his fuck thrusts, sending her finger in and out of his butt hole at the same time he fucked her.

“Wow!” he enthused. “Great! Feels really good!”

He slammed into her harder. Her legs tightened their scissors hold around him. His flesh was hot and moist with sweat. She pounded back against him.

She reached another breathtaking orgasm, making guttural noises from the back of her throat.

“Can’t… hold… on… much… longer…”

“Try, my sweet… try!”

But he couldn’t. Her fingertip dug into his prostate and he yelped, his eyes wide with pleasure. He came inside her, sucking madly on her pointed nipple, nuzzling it with his teeth.

He felt his flesh melting into Gloria’s. He felt himself sinking into her gaping pussy, as if it were a vacuum, sucking his entire body into her. He almost thought his balls were going to be swallowed up by her hungry twat. She was pounding hard against him, her finger still working in and out of his shit hole, now moistened by his natural ass secretions.

They clutched each other and she pulled her finger out, letting him spend the last fleeting seconds of his pleasure thrill ramming into her all he wanted, the bedsprings screaming in her ears.

After she had caught her breath, the teen having pulled out of her and now lying beside her, she said, “Let’s take a shower. I think we can both use one.”

“Great idea!” He leapt naked out of her bed, his cock dangling impressively low and thickly limp between his pale thighs.

“You should get some sun on your body,” she suggested, getting up and stretching languidly, the sunlight streaming through the adjacent bedroom window making patterns on her flesh. “I bet you would look wonderful with a dark tan.”

“I bet you would too,” he said, watching her stretch. “We should sun bathe naked out back by the pool.”

“What about the neighbors?”

“Oh, they couldn’t see us. Not with all the shrubs and bushes and stuff.”

“I suppose you’re right. I never thought of doing it before, but then neither of us are really sun worshippers.”

“If I was sunning myself beside you I could become one.”

She laughed. “I bet you could. God, isn’t this wonderful? I mean, you and I. I feel like a teenager myself. I guess being married to an older man makes one feel older too, even though that’s the exact opposite reason your father married me.”

“He wanted a nice piece of ass.”

She smiled. “Right.”

“What do you think he’d do if he ever found out about us? What we did last night. And now.”

“Oh, I don’t know. One thing I do know. You must promise me never to teli anyone about our… special relationship. And I mean no one. Especially not your father.”

“Okay. But, really, what do you think he’d do?” Gloria thought a moment, then smiled. “It’s hard to say. Who’d know what to expect when a father finds out his son has been sleeping with his wife. Oddly enough, I think he’d be amused. Furious at first. Then maybe he’d laugh at the whole thing, as if it couldn’t possibly be taken seriously.”

“You take it serious, though, don’t you?”

She opened her arms and he came to her. “Yes,” she said, embracing him tightly, “I certainly do. More serious than I’ve taken anything before.”

“I’ve been dreaming of this for… for as long as I’ve known you. When Dad first brought you over to the house. That very night I jerked off in bed thinking of you. What we would do in bed together.”

Gloria blushed: “You’re really something. I guess it’s true that saying about having to watch out for the quiet ones. One never knows what they’re thinking. God, I never could have guessed that about you!”

He laughed. “My own little secret!”

“Until last night.”

“I’m glad it’s no longer a secret.”

“So am I. Now let’s take that shower. I’ll wash you first.”

“No! I’ll wash you!”

Gloria turned on the hot water faucet, waited until steam was pouring out of the shower stall, clouding the bathroom mirror, then adjusted the cold water so the spraying water was just the right temperature.

They both climbed into the stall, closing the glass door behind them.

He took the bar of fragrant soap in his hands and worked up a lather. Gloria stood under the cascading water until she was thoroughly wet.

“That feels delicious,” she said, closing her eyes and letting the water fall on her face.

Mat wiped the strands of wet hair from his eyes and began washing her tits, loving the slippery feel of her tit globes under his fingers. Her nipples were soon very erect.

Then he got on his knees and washed her belly and cunt, his fingers digging into her sex.

“If you keep that up it’s going to be very difficult for me to keep standing!” she warned him, his fingertips seeming to send electrical impulses up and down her entire body.

She looked down and saw his cock was now semi-erect, his well-hung balls dripping water, the two sacs pronounced and slightly red from the hot water. She wanted to get down and suck them but held herself back. Mat was enjoying himself too much to be suddenly interrupted. And Gloria was enjoying it too.

When he had finished soaping her cunt and the soap had been washed down her long shapely legs, he gripped hold of her buttocks and pressed his lips against her pussy, the water cascading down on his head.

She laid the flat of her hand on his head, feeling weak in the knees.

His tongue whipped across her clit button. She started to moan.

“Mat… I won’t he able to stand up much longer… Jesus that feels good… your tongue is fantastic. It knows just where to go…”

The teen ignored her.

She reached up and held onto the top of the shower door, to keep from sinking to the floor. She pressed her cheek against the crook of her elbow and moaned, the pleasure sensations inching their way up her belly.

She started to tremble.

His middle finger pressed against her asshole.

“Ohhh sweet Jesus,” she murmured to herself. His middle finger pressed harder and her rectum opened for it. It slowly disappeared inside. She held onto the top of the door for dear life.

His tongue slapped against her swollen nubbin of pleasure, his finger going in and out of her. She felt weaker and weaker.

“Oh, Mathew!” she gasped; “Ahh!”

He tasted the sudden flood of her cunt juice, his tongue continuing to whip frantically against her clitoris.

Her legs felt rubbery. She could barely stand up. She looked down and saw his cock was completely erect. Her mouth watered. She had a sudden desire to suck it, to taste his jism as she had the previous night. She remembered how sweet and creamy and delicious he had tasted. Like aged wine going down her throat.

She cried out, reaching a devastatingly intense climax. She felt herself falling to her knees. The teen saw she couldn’t stand any longer and pulled his digit out of her bung hole. He helped her down to her knees and was surprised to feel her lips on his glans, her fist tightly clamping over his tumescent member.

Her fleshy pink tongue drilled excitingly into his gaping piss slit, drawing out of it fresh, spicy-tasting droplets of watery pre-cum. He rested on his knees, his member jutting out from his loins, while she faced him, also on her knees, the water falling over them both.

He loved the way she was able to take all ten inches of his thick tool between her lips and suck on it like it was a big piece of candy. It was obvious just how much she loved his cock!

He placed his hand on the top of her head, pressing the back of his head against the tiled wall of the shower, and felt her hand grabbing hold of his balls and squeezing them the way he often did when he masturbated.

She separated the two sacs in her hand, pressing them with her forefinger, rubbing them together, feeling their impressive cum-weight.

Her tongue rubbed along the underside of his gorged shaft as her mouth dripped saliva. Her head bobbed up and down continuously. She couldn’t get enough of his cock!

“Go to it, baby,” be moaned. “Ohhh shit I can feel it… yes! Yes!”

He watched the way the water rolled down her naked body. It mesmerized and excited him. Water rolling down her shoulders, down her arms, pooling along the seam where her legs pressed together as she knelt in front of him, her head bent as she ardently sucked and fisted his stiff tool.

Water dripped down her hanging tits, rolled off her elbows, down her curved back and disappeared between her ass cheeks.

Unable to remain on his knees any longer because his legs were going numb, he sat, springing his legs forward, then bringing them around Gloria’s hunched-over body and pressing them against her legs.

As he positioned himself, the woman continued to fist and suck, completely unaware of his sudden movements. Or of the water falling down over them. Or the steam filling the shower stall, making it increasingly more difficult to breathe normally.

All she could think of was the teen’s thick long cock. It filled her senses completely, creating an entirely new world for her. She could almost taste the cum in her mouth already, her taste buds tingling with anticipation.

He began humping up into her mouth, his palms pressed on the tiled floor on either side of him, acting as springs as he thrust himself between her lips.

It suddenly hit him. Although he imagined himself fucking his step-mother many times he never really thought it would actually happen. Just the stuff of which wet dreams were made.

But it had happened. He was no longer a virgin! He wanted to proclaim it to the world, wanted to tell anyone who would listen that he had fucked this beautiful young woman now bent over him.

Who would believe it? But he knew he could never tell anyone.

“Ohhh fuck!” he said through clenched teeth.

He reared up, pressing down on his palms, his ass up off the tiled shower floor. He bit his lower lip and threw his head back, nearly banging it against the wall.

Then he reached orgasm, his arms trembling with the weight of his hovering body. He stayed suspended as the first wad of cum shot into Gloria’s mouth. Then he groaned and sat back down, his back slipping down the wall until he was nearly fully prone on the floor.

It was sheer ecstasy!

And the water falling over his naked body made it even better. More erotic. More sensual.

He thought, I wonder what it’s like fucking in the shower… all that hot water going into Gloria’s cunt as I rammed my dick into her.

“Ohh shit!” he squealed, his face screwing up tightly with emotion. He sighed deeply as wads continued shooting out of his cock hole. Gloria was barely able to swallow it all, and cope with his writhing body and jerking cock at the same time.

Globs of spent semen oozed out of the corner of her mouth.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” he cried ecstatically.

She rubbed her finger along his ass crevice, not slipping it up inside his rectum, just rubbing it against the puckered hole. The eighteen-year-old teen loved it!


Her mouth was like a vacuum cleaner, sucking every drop of creamy sauce from inside his bouncing scrotum. And loving every drop!

When he was completely milked of jism she continued to suck. He tried to pull her away but she gripped his erect tool firmly and just wouldn’t give up. The teen could feel another orgasm building.

“Oh, man, this one is going to be the best ever!” he cried aloud, his eyes bright with anticipation.

She was like a woman possessed. Sucking and fisting. Over and over.

He humped up at her again, his body suddenly alive again. Revitalized!

“Gloria… I love you! I love your tongue… your lips… Jesus!”

She didn’t say a word. Just kept on sucking. Her fist went up and down over the lower portion of his tumescence. She wasn’t going to stop until she tasted more of his jism!

“Intense!” the excited teen called out, his voice echoing in the stall. “I can feel it, baby, I can fucking feel it!”

His words encouraged her to suck harder. Her tongue roamed all over his hard tool, getting to know every square inch of it as intimately as possible. She dipped her head lower, her lips kissing his hairless globes.

Then she took one globe in her mouth and sucked on it like a piece of candy. Then she sucked on the other ball. Then both of them together, rolling them around in her mouth, driving the teen up the walls with pleasure.

“Gloria! Oh God!” he screamed, holding her head with both hands, forcing it down on him.

His cock was standing up straight as a soldier at attention, the mushroomed head more swollen than he had ever seen it before. It oozed watery fluid which was instantly caught by the shower water and soon lost down the drain as it spun around near Gloria’s knees.

“Suck it, baby,” he moaned. “Suck my fucking cock right off!”

She masturbated him, eyeing his prick hungrily, holding herself back so that when she tasted his dick again it would be even more pleasurable.

He humped into the hollow of her fist, at the same time reaching down to try to thrust a finger or two into her hairy pussy. But he couldn’t because she kept her knees together. She didn’t care about cumming herself now. All she wanted was another taste of his spurting cock.

She let go of his prick and it sprang back, slapping against his belly. Without further ado, she began sucking it again, this time more feverishly than before, if that was possible.

He felt the jism rising up his shaft, burning hot and full of prickly sensations.

“Here goes!” he choked.

His cock spurted like a fountain between her lips. His first cum wad splashed against the roof of her mouth, the others against her teeth and gums, getting caught between the spaces of her teeth, falling on her tongue, oozing down her throat.

The cock sensations had his ass hopping wildly again, but it wasn’t a mere copy of the previous orgasm. This one nearly tore his head off. He couldn’t believe the sheer pleasurable force of it. As if his cock was being split in half as the fuck fluid shot up his cock shaft.

“More! More! More!” he cried in ecstasy.

Gloria was in seventh heaven. His cock sauce was even spicier than before, though there wasn’t quite as much of it this time. Her throat muscles worked overtime as she struggled to swallow and keep his jerking, trembling member from falling out of her mouth.

She succeeded admirably well, sucking on his dancing cock for all it was worth.

When he had again been milked completely dry of cum she let his cock free and it shriveled up between his thighs. His heart was pounding unmercifully. He was gasping for breath. His lungs ached.

The shower water was beginning to turn cold. They had been under it for a long time.

“What a rush,” he exhaled, smiling at her as she ran her tongue over her cum-stained lips.

“Delicious,” she breathed. Her body was pink from the hot water.

Mathew giggled. “I never felt so clean in all my life!”

They kissed and the teen tasted his own spent semen on her lips and smelled it on her breath.

“It’s getting cold,” she whispered. “I’ll towel you off.”

They got weakly to their feet and Gloria turned off the water. It suddenly seemed very quiet now that the water wasn’t rushing over them like a miniature waterfall.

Shivering slightly, they stepped out of the shower stall and Gloria began drying him. He reached for another towel and patted her tits.

“You’re so beautiful,” he said.

“You’re not so bad looking yourself, kiddo.”

“I bet you say that to all your step-sons.”

“No. Not all of them,” she replied, kissing him, her tongue going into his mouth. They fell to their knees on the bathroom floor and she reached down to tug on his limp peter.

In no time at all it was hard again.


Early one Saturday evening nearly a week later, while Mathew was upstairs in his room reading, the front doorbell rang.

Mathew’s parents were out for the evening, to a movie and dinner. Mathew didn’t feel like going. He wanted to stay home and finish reading a science fiction novel.

“Damn,” he muttered to himself when he heard the bell. He didn’t want to be interrupted. He laid the book down and went downstairs.

When he opened the door there was a thin girl with frizzy brown hair standing on the porch. She was wearing a halter top and a tight pair of blue jeans. She didn’t look much older than the teen.

“Is this the Porter residence?” she asked uncertainly, looking nervous and ill at ease.

“Yes.” Mathew noticed her small, pointed tits.

“Uh, are Mr. and Mrs. Porter in?”

“No. They’ll be back later tonight. They went out to the movies.”

“Oh. Well, I’ll, uh, call Bill later I guess. I was hoping to catch them both in.”

“Something wrong? You look worried. Want to come in?”

“No, thanks. You must be Mathew.”

Mathew nodded. Then it suddenly dawned on him: “And you must be Kathy.”

She smiled sheepishly. “You’ve heard about me.”

“Yeah. Come on in. You sure nothing’s wrong?” She was uncertain whether or not to go inside.

She finally decided to and Mathew closed the door behind her.

“You’re even cuter than your father said.” Mathew blushed.

She giggled. “I didn’t mean to embarrass you.” That remark, of course, made him turn a deeper red.

“So you’re dad’s mistress,” he said, feeling foolish. He couldn’t think of anything else appropriate to say.

She giggled again, a high girlish sound. “Yes. I am. I’m surprised you know about it.”

“I overheard a conversation between Mom and Dad.”

“Oh. It probably wasn’t a pleasant one.”

“No, it wasn’t. Bit loud too.”

“I can imagine. Well, I better be going. I just thought maybe it would be good if your mom and Bill and I talked. I like your father a lot but I don’t want to… ruin his marriage or anything. I was hoping your mother wouldn’t find out about us but she picked up the phone when Bill and I were talking once. It was stupid of me to call here, but… I guess the damage has already been done. I just don’t want anyone to get hurt.”

Mathew nodded solemnly.

The girl looked at him intently. “You really are a handsome.”

She giggled. “I love your hair. So nice and blond…” She reached out and ran her fingers through his gold en curls.

Mathew could feel his prick beginning to get hard. His heart was pounding. Jesus, he thought, is she going to try to fuck me too?

She was a cute girl, tall and slender with a slim ass and a clear pale complexion which was offset by the halo of frizzy brown hair. He found her very attractive, in a kooky kind of way. He wondered how good she was in bed.

“Well… I guess I really better be going,” she said, sounding as if that was the opposite of what she wanted to do.

Mathew’s heart was pounding so hard he was sure she could hear it. He didn’t know what to do. On the one hand he didn’t want to be unfaithful to Gloria, but the more he looked at the girl the more aroused he became. There was something happening between them… as if they both wanted the same thing but neither of them could admit it.

“You want to come up to my room?” he asked, his voice trembling. He felt suddenly very foolish.

She smiled and came close to him. She reached out and ran her fingers through his hair again. “You suggesting something?”

“I, uh, dunno…”

“When will your parents be back. Like I said I don’t want anything… I do like your father… but you are awfully cute… are you a virgin?”

Her eyebrows went up in surprise. “But you’re really nervous, huh?”

“That depends…”

“Depends on what?”

“If you’re going upstairs with me.”

She giggled. “You look as cute as a button when you blush.”

She lifted his chin and brought her lips down on his. At the same time she reached down and cupped his groin, feeling his hard, pulsating cock. “Jesus, you’ve got a big one!” she said before he brought an arm around her and pressed his lips against hers. His tongue darted into her mouth.

He slipped his hand under her halter top and squeezed her tit. She moaned, a sleepy look on her face. She unzipped his jeans and reached inside to grab hold of his hard penis.

“Wow! What a cock. I’d love to have that inside me, Mathew. You really want to fuck?”

“Yes!” he panted.

“You sure we won’t get caught?” She laughed. “I mean, if your father caught me in bed with his eighteen-year-old son he might not be too happy. Know what I mean?”

“We won’t get caught,” he said breathlessly. “They only left a half hour ago and they’re taking in dinner after the movie. They won’t be back for hours. Jesus, if you keep squeezing me that way I’m going to cum in my pants!”

She giggled. “Okay, let’s go up to your room. I’ll give you a fucking you’ll never forget.”

That’s all Mathew had to hear. He took her hand and they raced up to his room. He locked the door behind them.

She reached behind herself and untied the halter top, letting it fall to the carpeted floor.

Hungrily eyeing her small, pointed breasts — a direct contrast to Gloria’s full, melon-shaped tits — Mathew slipped off his T-shirt. Kathy walked toward him and they embraced, her turgid nipples pruning like knife ends into his chest.

He slipped his hand down the back of her jeans, over hot softly curved buttocks.

“Bet you have a tight wet cunt,” he whispered. “Such a way for a teen to talk,” she said.

“I guess you’ll just have to find out for yourself.”

“My cock will feel good going deep into your pussy…”

His words clearly excited her. She practically ripped his jeans off, pulling down his white briefs and revealing his erect cock.

She looked down at him. “Jesus!” she whispered, almost reverently. Then she pulled down her own jeans and her pale blue panties.

Her pussy hair, a light brown in color, was close-cropped, accentuating the fullness of her pouting cunt lips.

He guided her to his bed not bothering to turn down the corners.

They lay down and she began listing his cock. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a prick this big before.” She giggled. “God, I hope it fits into my pussy!”

He spread her legs and tried to pull his cock from her grip.

“Hey, not so fast. Relax. You’re so excited you’ll shoot your load as soon as you’ve entered me. Lie back and let me suck you off first. Then we’ll fuck. I like the taste of cock anyway. Usually older men, I’ve always dug older men, even when I was a kid. I first got fucked when I was twelve… by a twenty-year-old. I thought his cock was big but, man, it was nothing like yours!”

“I’m so hot I’m burning up, Kathy. Suck me now, for Christ’s sake!”

“Okay! Okay! Hold onto your balls…”

With that she pressed him down on the bed and took the upper half of his penis into her mouth, her tongue sweeping over his glans where droplets of pre-cum were already appearing.

“Oh, does that feel good!” he said in a drawn-out sigh of desire. “Move around so I can play with your clit button.”

She curved her body around him like a snake, obviously used to the most strenuous of sexual gymnastics. He parted her legs and slipped his middle finger into her. She was indeed very tight, but Gloria’s cunt was tighter.

Kathy surprised the teen by readily sucking all ten inches of his pulsatingly hard dick. Her lips and tongue were hot and searching. Soon every square inch of his member was coated with her saliva.

While one hand roamed ever his belly and combed through his pubic hairs, the other fondled his balls. She was obviously enjoying herself, sucking his tool with ardent abandon, slurping noises filling the room.

He humped back at her while he finger-fucked her gaping cunt hole.

“I wish your father’s cock was this big,” she said between sucks.

He ran his other hand up and down her smooth thighs. He loved the paleness of her body. It was the color of ivory, almost translucent.

She fisted him with tight sharp tugs, and he could feel the cum boiling in his nuts. It wouldn’t be long before she tasted his steaming essence. Not long at all.

He lowered his head and was just able to stick his extended tongue into her pussy. She tasted very spicy and very hot. She moaned when she felt his tongue inside her.

The tip of his fleshy pink tongue played with her swollen clitoris.

He tried to hold himself back from cumming as long as possible, but it was a losing battle. Instead, he pumped his loins faster against her ardently sucking mouth, a wild grin of delight appearing on his face.

“Jeez!” he groaned. “You can really suck! Shit!”

Her teeth nuzzled his prick head, clamping down over the ridge, tugging at the piece of hanging flesh just underneath the helmet-shaped head. He arched his back and forgot all about her cunt.

“Ohh brother!” he gasped.

She sucked him harder, getting on her knees so she could get the best angle of descent as she went down on him.

“Fuck! Fuck! FUCK!” he cried ecstatically.

He went wild, his entire body gyrating and twisting and writhing with pleasure. The fuck sensations built up so much he thought the top of his head would come flying off.

“Jesus! Suck it, baby… Kathy really suck it, ohhh!”

Her fist was so tight over his tumescence he grimaced. He squealed, clenching his teeth.


He ejaculated a frothy wad of cum sauce into her mouth. It splashed against the roof of her mouth, hanging down in a long sting to fall on her tongue before oozing hotly down her throat.

His mouth was open wide in a large O, but he couldn’t speak, couldn’t cry out. He thought his eyes were going to pop out of his head. The pleasure sensations were incredibly keen. They came in waves, like deep ripples on a clear, still body of water, getting larger and wider, encompassing his entire body.

“SWEET JESUS!” he was finally able to scream shrilly.

Her tongue massaged his jerking tool as she sucked him oft her lips like suction cups, squeezing his shaft and milking it completely. Her eyes lit up as the first wad made contact with her taste buds.

He’s absolutely delicious! she thought to herself, eagerly gobbling down his thick stringy semen as quickly as it was shot into her mouth.

She continued sucking even after he had spilled the last of his creamy essence down her throat. He lay back and sighed blissfully.

She took his prick gently from between her lips and lay it back against his belly. She wiped her lips with the back of her hand.

Kathy giggled. “Boy, that’s some tasty cock you’ve got, Mathew. And it hasn’t even gotten soft. But I guess I’m too used to older mens’ cock. They get soft after cumming just once. I bet you can cum a hell of a lot more times and still stay nice and hard.”

“Let’s find out,” he joked.

She grinned. “Good idea.” She lay back and spread her legs wider. Her cunt glistened invitingly.

He got between her spread legs, holding his stiff dick down at an angle to easily penetrate her hot cuntal depths.

“Really give it to me, sweetheart,” she whispered. “I like my fucks hard and good!”

“What a coincidence,” he muttered, his blood boiling.

She wrapped her legs around him, moaning as he entered her quickly, all the way to the hilt. She arched her back and bit her lower lip, her eyes opening wide.

“God… it feels like a fucking skyscraper inside me. Jesus!”

He groaned as his cock sliced through her inner vaginal depths, his cock hairs scratching against her darker-colored pubes. She was very hot. It was like fucking through hot syrup. He felt her legs locking around his waist, her ass up in the air.

“Fuck the shit out of me, baby,” she gasped.

He lowered his body onto hers, belly pressing against belly, his mouth going to her enlarged nipple. He sucked on it like he was afraid it might suddenly disappear.

“Mathew, I can tell this is going to be good… you’ve had a little experience!”

“You bet I have,” was all he had to say before pounding into her with relentless thrusts, going into her all the way to the hilt each time. She began moaning loudly, her body twisting ecstatically beneath him.

“Mathew!” she cried out. “Ohhh you’re a sweet thing! So fucking big inside me! Never felt anything as big as that beautiful cock of yours before! Shit!”

His pelvis moved in and out, back and forth, giving her a variety of cock strokes. She was climbing the walls in ecstasy, her first orgasm building quickly inside of her glowing pussy.

“Do it to me, baby! Slam that big piece of fuck right into me!”

He could see why his father found her so exciting. Her enthusiasm alone was so arousing, it took all the teen’s concentration to keep from cumming too quickly. Still, she wasn’t like Gloria. She didn’t have that uniqueness that the teen’s step-mother had.

He made believe Kathy was Gloria and that excited him even further. He groaned passionately, his hands pawing at her hot flesh as he continued sucking her pointed nipple.

“Fuck me! Fuck me!” she cued hysterically.

She came, screaming at the top of her lungs. The teen couldn’t help grinning. I guess I’m pretty good in bed after all, he thought proudly to himself.

Her screams of pleasure rang in his ears. He pounded into her unmercifully, seeing she never expected such a teen to give her such a pleasurable fuck.

Next time Dad has her he’ll have to work his ass off to match me, he thought, his balls beginning to tighten.

“I can’t believe it!” she cried. “You’re wonderful. The best. Jesus I thought my body was exploding that time — and I can feel another orgasm building up already! Mathew, we’ll have to do this more often!”

She humped back at him, making his balls slap loudly against her buttocks with every thrust forward of his big cock.

“Mother of God!” she gasped, panting for breath.

He reached underneath to grip her ass cheeks, pulled her up and getting on his knees, so her ass was sliding up and down his thighs as he fucked her. She had a wild grin on her face, her legs wrapped around the small of his back.

Her body jerked like a marionette whose strings had just been severed. She reached another devastating climax, her mouth opening wide but nothing coming out.

He was getting closer and closer to his own orgasm, so he shoved into her harder, his fingernails gripping into her flanks. He pounded the shit out of her. And she was loving every minute of it, slamming back at him, stroke for stroke.

Another scream formed at the back of her throat.

She howled passionately as another orgasm ripped though her. His cock was like a hot poker sticking into her, the tip of it ramming right against her back bone.

She held onto him for dear life, amazed he could hold out so long without cumming himself.

A whole series of climaxes slashed through her as his cock went into her again and again, the teen’s body a mere blur as it raced to and fro above her. His lips and tongue and fingers were all over her body, massaging, caressing, kissing and licking.

“Dear God!” she yelped, throwing her head back and arching her back, the teen’s weight pressing down on her. She never wanted it to end, yet she knew if he continued producing such incredible sensations inside her she would pass out.

She simply wasn’t used to such an intense and seemingly never-ending bombardment of cunt sensations. Her spicy juice flowed like a raging river out of her pussy, lubricating the teen’s fuck thrusts and wetting the bed cover underneath her writhing ass.

The room smelled of her cunt sauce and their sweating bodies. He grunted like an animal above her, his face screwing up as he prepared to let loose inside her.

Never had fucking been like this, even with all the varied men she had known in her life.

“Can’t… can’t… can’t…” he gasped. “Ohhh Jesus I can’t hold it back… any longer… too much… burns like hell… so fucking good… too good… Jesus…”

Then he lurched forward as if pushed from behind, grabbing her shoulders with both hands and shoving his jerking tool all the way inside her and keeping it there, moving only his hips and pelvis.

She screamed, biting into his flesh.

A whimper escaped his lips. Then a moan. Then a passionate sob.

“Oh!” he cried in between powerful adolescent thrusts. “Oh! Oh! OH!”

Then she felt her fuck channel filling with his hot seed. She gripped his buttocks, her nails digging into his flesh, pulling him to her, his cock slamming into her as deep as it could possibly go.

He collapsed on top of her. She wrapped her arms around his trembling, sweating body, whispering in his ears. How, wonderful it felt. How big his cock was. How much sperm he was shooting into her. How hot. How good it was!

Then his hips stopped working. He slowed down to a complete stop. He rested, her tits pressing hard against his chest.

He pulled out of her and she was amazed to see his cock was still hard.

She had a sudden driving desire to feel his cock slamming into her ass. She wondered if he had ever cornholed a woman before. She didn’t doubt that he had tried everything. She never would have thought he could be such a fantastic lover.

Kathy had never felt more satisfied in all her life!

“Was it good for you too?”

“Yes,” he whispered hoarsely. “Yes!”

“I want more of your cock. I want you to butt fuck me…”

The teen wasn’t sure he had heard her correctly. “You want me to what?” He looked into her eyes.

She smiled weakly. “I want to feel that wonderfully big cock of yours up my ass.”

“I didn’t think men and women did that…”

“You thought only queers do it?”

He nodded, blushing.

After all they had just been through she never thought she would see him blushing. She giggled. “No, sweetheart. And I thought you had done everything. You’re the best lay I’ve ever had: I only let someone I really like to fuck me up the ass. It’s great, believe me. Tighter than a cunt. You’ll really like it. Are you willing to try it?”

“You sure you want to?”

“Yes.” She giggled again. “Yes!”

“How… what do I do?”

“Do you have any Vaseline in the house? In the medicine cabinet?”

“I think so. I’m not sure. Wait, I’ll check.” He leaped oft the bed and started to run toward his door to unlock it.

“Bring a towel with you too,” she called after him, watching his slim ass as he disappeared out of sight.

He returned with a towel and a small jar of Vaseline jelly.

“Perfect,” she said, taking the jar from him.

She sat up and he knelt beside her on the bed. His cock was hard again, glistening with her juices, standing impressively tall from his loins.

Kathy dug her fingers into the jelly and rubbed the stuff over Mat’s prick.

“Feels funny,” he said, wriggling his butt a little.

“My asshole’s too tight for your cock unless it’s really well lubricated.” After she had smeared his stiff tool completely with the jelly she closed the jar and wiped her sticky hand on the towel.

She got on her stomach. She spread her legs.

“Now,” she said, her cheek on the pillow. “Just fuck me the same as you would my cunt. Only go a little easy. I’ve never had a cock as big as yours inside my ass before. Man, I can hardly wait!”

“You really get a charge out of this?” he asked, puzzled.

“Yes. You’ll see. You will too. Now spread my cheeks and let’s go!”

He pried her cheeks apart, leaning over and guiding his sticky cock to her small, puckered red hole.

At first the idea of fucking her shit hole turned him off, though he wet willing to try it anyway. But now that he was looking at her winking butt hole he found he was getting, very excited. He could feel his cock pulsating with anticipation.

Taking it slowly, he pressed his cockhead against her wrinkled hole and felt it giving way. He pressed harder and several inches of his prick readily entered her tight, moist rectum. The Vaseline helped.

“Hey, this does feel pretty good!” he enthused.

She groaned, wincing. “All the way in,” she said hoarsely. “That’s it… ohhh Jesus you’re big… fuck!”

Inch by thick inch he slipped all the way up her hot rectum. She arched her back and groaned with pain.

“Am I hurting you?” he asked, looking around to see her face.

“No. It’s-it’s okay. Keep shoving it up…”

“You sure? I don’t want to hurt you, Kathy…”

“Go! Go!”

“Okay, baby…”

He eased all the way inside her. “Ohhh,” he moaned. “That does feel nice… so… fucking… nice… ohhhh…”

“Now fuck me! Fuck me!”

He did as she asked, slowly, with long full strokes. He felt her tight, greasy ass muscles caressing his cock as he slid it in and out of her. He moaned with intense pleasure, loving each stroke.

The initial pain and discomfort quickly turned to an overwhelming sensation of ecstasy for the woman. A smile lit up her face. She wriggled her ass, feeling every delicious inch slipping in and out of her, as if in slow motion.

She reached underneath and stuck two fingers into her cunt, feeling for her sensitive clitoris.

“Get up on your knees,” the teen told Kathy. “Then I can do that for you.”

He paused in his cock stroking long enough for the girl to bend over on her knees, rearing up her ass. He reached underneath her and inserted his middle finger into her dripping vagina.

“Christ, yes, that’s much, much better!”

He fingered her clit, tweaking it with two fingers, caressing and massaging it until the girl began trembling violently.

He knew she was about to cum. He decided she was ready to really have his cock shoved up into her shit passage. He slammed hard and she cried out in ecstasy. His hand dripped her cum juice as she climaxed, her ass humping back against his thrusting loins.

“Jesus,” she panted after the peak of her orgasm had passed, another one not far behind, “you can really fuck up a storm!”

“Never thought fucking a girl’s ass could feel so good!”

“Live and learn, honey. Live and learn!”

“Does my dad ever do this?”

“No. He only likes cunt-fucking. Doesn’t even like getting blown that much. He’s not as willing as you are to try everything.”

Her honey juice ran down his arm, dripping off his palm and knuckles as he continued thrusting first two, then three, then virtually his entire hand up her wet hot pussy.

She climaxed again, squealing in ecstasy. Finally, the eighteen-year-old couldn’t hold it back any longer. It felt too damn good! He rammed forward exceptionally hard, knocking the breath from her body, and his sizzling hot fuck wads emptied into her tight shit channel.

Kathy was in seventh heaven. It had been so long since she had her ass fucked, and never had it been fucked like this!

She climaxed with him, the two of them thrashing and writhing with abandon, the bedsprings screaming as he continued pounding into her.

He pulled out of her when he had finished ejaculating and she fell forward on the bed, fingering her chit until she came again. Thea she lay still, apparently satisfied.

At least for the moment.

Mat disappeared into the ball bathroom to wash off his prick.

“Hey, it’s getting late,” he announced as he waked back naked into his room. “I think my folks will be back pretty soon now.”

“God, have we been at it that long?”

He smiled. “Yeah, sorry to have to end it all.”

“That’s alright. I’m feeling so weak now I think if I cum again my heart will give out on me.” She sat up, her legs dangling over the edge of the bed.

Mathew felt a little guilty, that he had fucked this exciting girl behind his step-mother’s back. The fact that she was his father’s mistress didn’t even enter his mind. He just didn’t want Gloria finding out about it.

He stood before her and she reached out and absently stroked his cock.

“I can’t even begin to tell you how good you’ve made me feel tonight. Wow.”

He felt his cock hardening as she caressed it. She eyed it hungrily. Her tongue slipped over her hot, dry lips.

She looked up at him, reluctant to tear her eyes away from his growing prick. “You think I have time for one more quick blow job? I’d love to get another taste of that delicious jism of yours.”

He shrugged and smiled proudly, seeing how attracted she was to his large cock, and knowing Gloria felt exactly the same way.

“Sure, I guess so.” He leaned over, still standing, placing both hands on her shoulders to steady himself. She began to suck him oft his cock visibly hardening in her mouth. He clenched his teeth and moaned softly.

“Mmmmm,” she exhaled, drilling the tip of her pink tongue into his pin slit.

She grabbed his balls and squeezed them, feeling his hanging sacs between her fingers. They were soft and slightly wrinkled.

He rocked to and fro on the balls of his feet, slipping his cock in and out of her mouth as if he was fucking her.

He rocked back and forth faster and faster. He threw his head back and cried out passionately. He let his feelings go completely, not holding himself back from cumming for even a second.

He spurted into her mouth several watery wads which she swallowed eagerly.

“Jeez!” he gasped under his breath.

He pressed her back onto the bed, his knees on either side of her shoulder, bending over and slamming his hard cock in and out of her ardently sucking mouth.

When he had finished cuming he pulled his half-erect dick out of their hot confines and she wiped her semen-stained lips with her fleshy tongue.

She smiled contentedly. “Thanks,” she said gratefully.

His cock jerked spasmodically between his thighs. Kathy giggled like a little girl. The teen looked down at himself and chuckled.

“I bet there’s still another couple of good cums there yet,” she said hopefully.

“It’s really getting late, Kathy.”

“I know. Just wishful thinking.” She started to dress. “Will I see you again?” she asked. He, too, began dressing.

Mat shrugged.

“I have an apartment with another girl not far from here. I could drive you over sometimes. My roommate’s name is Barbara. Barb for short. We could have ourselves a little orgy. I know she’d love to fuck you.”

“Ever fuck any guys with her? Bring them up to your apartment?”

“Sometimes. She usually drives them someplace secluded in her car. She’s crazy. But she’s careful too. She’ll probably never get caught.”

Mathew shook his head. “She sounds a little crazy.”

“Yeah, she is. But she’s fun to be with. We have a good time together. She’s great in bed.”

“You’ve made it with her?” Mathew stopped and looked at her.

“Sure. Nothing wrong with it. I still prefer guys, especially guys with cocks as big as yours. Yours is the biggest so far! But it’s nice making it with another girl. Nice and loose. And she knows just what to do, where to touch and all to make it really something special.”

“I’ll bet.”

“No, really.”

“I believe you. Maybe we’ll all get together sometime. Sounds pretty neat.”

“Oh, you won’t be disappointed. Want to make a definite date?”

“Well, I don’t know…”

“Kinda scared huh?”

“Well… yeah… maybe… kinda…”

“Well, I’ll be in touch.” She looked around. “Got a pen and a piece of paper? I’ll write down our number. But don’t let your dad see it. He knows it’s mine.”

She scribbled her phone number down for him. He watched over her shoulder. “Has my father ever made it with you both?”

“Yeah. Once. And a couple of times with Barb. But he likes it better with me alone.”

She handed him the number and he slipped it into his jeans pocket.

“Just make sure no one else sees it,” she reminded him.

“Don’t worry. I won’t.”

Together, they went downstairs to the front door. He opened it and looked around to make sure she wouldn’t be seen leaving the house. The street was deserted.

“Well, I’ll see ya,” he said, smiling.

She kissed him, slipping her tongue quickly between his lips. He sucked on it for a few seconds their lips pressing tightly together.

“We’ll have to do this again some time,” she said, giving his crotch a squeeze.

He chuckled. “Yeah, I’d like to.”

“Give it a thought. About Barb and me. All of us together I mean. It could be a real gas. Promise me you will.”

“I promise. I’ve got your number.”

“Okay, see you soon.”

They kissed again and she was gone. Leaning back against the door after he had closed it, Mathew pulled the number Kathy had given him out of his jeans. He looked at her handwriting and sighed.

He knew her offer was too good to pass up.


“Where’s Dad?” Mathew asked, sitting down at the breakfast table.

“Off on another business trip, where else?” Gloria replied, handing the teen a glass of freshly-squeezed orange juice.

“He was away on one nearly two weeks ago.”

“I know. But he had to go back to Boston to sign some papers and close up the deal.”

“How long will he be gone?”

“Just overnight. He’ll be back tomorrow around noon. Back at his office, that is. Back here in time for dinner.”

“Hey, that’s great. That means we have the whole next two days together.”

Gloria beamed. “That’s exactly what I was thinking. What a coincidence.”

After the teen finished his breakfast and placed the dishes in the sink, he ran upstairs, two stairs at a time.

“Be out in a minute,” Gloria called out from the bathroom.

Mathew quickly undressed and lay on his parent’s bed. He absently stroked his cock, waiting for his step-mother to finish showering. He thought of Kathy and wondered if she had finally gotten to speak to his father and step-mother. He would have to ask Gloria.

Probably she hadn’t because Gloria would have mentioned it to him if she had. He wondered exactly what the girl would have to say.

The more he thought of Kathy, at the same time trying to visualize Barbara. Sighing, he closed his eyes and started to masturbate.

His fist went up and down the entire length of his stiff penis. Slowly. Feeling every hard rubbery-soft inch. His cock veins were gorged with blood and pulsating with desire.

He stroked himself languidly, enjoying the slow advancement of the pleasure thrill as his cum heated up in his nuts.

He reached down and fondled his balls, feeling their cum-filled weight, their softness. He rubbed the palm of his hand over his glans, sparks of pleasure shooting through his loins.

He remembered all he and Kathy had done. He moaned softly. He could feel the tightness of her ass. The velvety hot wetness of her oozing vagina.

“Ohh shit,” he groaned softly, spreading his legs wide.

He didn’t hear Gloria as she walked naked out of the bathroom, her hair still damp. She stood by the bed, watching him jerk off. It was an arousing thing to see and she didn’t want to interrupt him.

She had never seen a teen masturbating before. Especially a teen with such a big prick.

Her eyes followed the masculine lines of his body. She wanted to run her fingers over his thighs and arms and chest but held herself back, it was almost a privilege to watch the, teen enjoying the most private of adolescent acts.

And he was so completely absorbed in doing it, his fist moving rhythmically over his impressive hard-on.

She could see his leg muscles tightening. His stomach muscles pulling in ribbons across his body.

She reached down and slipped her middle finger into her oozing cunt.

“So nice…” he moaned. “So… fucking… nice…”

He reached underneath himself and pressed his forefinger against his puckered little rectum.

Gloria started to pant, her legs feeling weak, that same weakness she felt, while the teen was eating her out in the shower. She recalled what they had done together that day and became instantly more aroused.

He pressed his digit into his quivering asshole and she watched it disappear inside him. His ass reared in the air, he finger-fucked his butt hole while slowly fisting his stiff tool.

“Ohhhh Gloria…” he groaned, his eyes tightly closed.

“Mathew,” she whispered under her breath, wanting to lie beside him.

He opened his eyes and saw her watching him. He stopped. Listing himself and reluctantly pulled his finger out of his asshole.

“Oh, no, don’t!” she said, sitting beside him. “It was so incredibly exciting to watch you. Masturbate and let me sit on the bed and watch you cum.”

“Why don’t you make yourself cum too,” he suggested. “We can watch each other. I’ve never seen a woman making it with herself before.”

“Okay,” she agreed, lying back so he could see her pussy clearly and she could still see him.

She was instantly mesmerized by the up and down movement of his tightly encased fist over his ten inch member. His prick was standing up in the air, the swollen cock veins clearly defined, the swollen head glossy smooth and turning a purplish color.

With his other hand he fondled his testicles. She inched closer to him and pressed her middle finger into his asshole, while he inserted his digit into her steaming butt hole.

They finger-fucked each other’s assholes, her finger driving repeatedly up against the teen’s sensitive prostate gland.

He alternated with his free hand between massaging his swollen nuts and continuing his cock stroking.

His fingers brushed lightly over his tumescence, the cock sensations growing steadily. He grimaced, as if in pain, as she continued fingering his shit passage. He closed his legs over her wrist, increasing the pleasurable pressure inside his rectum.

He began to moan, his ass slightly up in the air, allowing her better access to his prostate.

“That really feels so fine,” he sighed, eyelashes fluttering, eyes rolling back in their sockets.

Her fingers rubbed against the swollen nubbin of desire and her legs began jerking spasmodically.

“Your nipples are hard,” he said, eyeing them.

“I know… I can feel them.”

“What else can you feel?” His voice was tight with emotion. He was enjoying looking at the feverish way in which her digits went in and out, in and out of her steaming fuck hole.

“I can feel the fuck sensations starting in my cunt.”

“Like when we fuck?”

“No! Nothing is as good as that!”

After a pause, the wet sound of fingers driving into moist orifices filling the room, she said, “And what are you feeling?”

“My cock is burning… It’s on fire. The cum is like molten lava in my balls. I can feel my nuts tightening, preparing to cum.”

“Hold off as long as you can. I want to cherish the sight of you jerking off. It’s so exciting to watch!”

“I’ll try…”

He fisted himself at a faster tempo, the warm sensations beginning to spread outward from his fiery loins.

Gloria climaxed, arching her back and letting out a deep groan of satisfaction. The teen saw her fingers dripping fragrant cunt juice.

“I love the way your face looks when you cum,” he remarked, his voice hoarse and tinged with anticipation. He was getting closer and closer to his own orgasm. So close he could almost feel it.

“Pull your finger out of my shit hole and massage your tits. Lift them up and let me see how big they are.”

She slowly pulled her digit out of his steaming asshole and he had to clench his teeth to stop from shooting his load.

She did as he asked, lifting up her boobs, running her hand around under the big globes.

“That’s it…” he sighed. “Ohhh yes… they’re so big and beautiful…”

“After this,” she gasped. “I want to fuck you… I want to feel the real thickness of your magnificent penis inside me. I want you to give me the fucking of my life. Really slain it into me this time until it hurts.”

“Yes, yes I will… I promise… oh Jesus I can feel it now… so fucking close I can almost taste it!”

Gloria came again, the teen slipping his digit all the way up her butt hole, then pulling it out so he could caress his own balls.

“Ohh that was nice,” she moaned softly.

“You’re so wet… your cunt flesh it so hot and red…” he whispered.

“And your cock. It’s getting soo thick… turning a deep red too… it looks so damn exciting. I can cum just looking at it!”

And she nearly did. She was so aroused now she was finding it increasingly difficult to lay still. Her ass was hopping around on the bed as her entire hand worked deep inside her.

Her clit sent out urgent messages, driving her to climax again. And again.

Then the teen really started slamming his fist over his prick. He threw his back and cursed.

Very soon his fist was a mere blur as it flailed over his hard penis.

“Faster!” she groaned, imitating his quick, fun jerks with deep jabs of her four fingers.

She was coming at an incredible rate, soaking the sheets underneath her.

“FASTER!” she screamed.

He writhed and twisted on the bed, the bedspread becoming entangled around his body.

“JESUS CHRIST!” he bellowed.

A stringy white arc of cum spurted from his piss slit, splashing against his neck. More wads followed, dropping on his shoulders, chest and belly.

Gloria watched with fascination. Cum rained on the teen’s jerking body. Streams of thick jism flew from the gaping penis hole. His hand went up and down, faster and faster over his spewing tool.

“Oh God!” he cried. “God… oh God… oh God!”

Together, their bodies lurched in spasms of pleasure, the bed rocking, the bedsprings sounding.

After the first initial spurts of flying sperm, the white cream continued to ooze thickly down the teen’s knuckles, dripping off his fingers as he moaned and sighed and groaned aloud.

Thea his ass touched back on the bed and he stopped his listing. His grunts of passionate ecstasy ceased.

“Brother,” he sighed. “That was intense… fucking intense!”

Gloria sat up, wiping the sweat from her forehead with the back of her cum-stained hand.

“You were really getting into it,” she remarked with a grin.

He grinned back at her, weakly. “Can’t help it. I’m addicted to cumming!”

“Well, come over here and I’ll give you your fix.”

She got on her hands and knees, facing away from him, and he mounted her dog style.

His cock was smeared with his thick juices. They merged with her female sauce once he entered her.

“Fucking is the best thing in the world,” he gasped, her cunt very hot.

Gloria shivered when his cockhead reamed directly across her burgeoned clitoris.

“Lord, that feels so good!” she remarked dreamily, her eyes shining with lustful abandon.

“I’ll never be tired of your cunt,” he said, already panting for breath. “It feels so different each time I fuck you!”

“I never want you to!”

Together, they established a familiar but still exciting fuck rhythm that soon had them both climbing the walls with pleasure.

“Keep it hard inside me!” she said hoarsely. He gripped her thighs and slammed in and out of her, sometimes pulling out of her completely, then ramming back with breathtaking force. She loved every minute of it, feeling his full thickness with each powerful thrust of his loins.

He reached around and played with her tits, massaging them roughly between excited fingers, tweaking her nipples with thumb and forefinger, squeezing and thoroughly delighting her.

“Wonderful!” she cried. “Yes! Yes!”

He made believe he was fucking Kathy, that both women were in the same bed with him. He wished they were.

Imagine! he thought as he continued his relentless cock pounding. Fucking two women! Think of all the different possibilities, the various positions… they’re almost endless!

“Give it to me!” she screamed. “Every fucking hard inch. My darling, darling!”

Her words aroused him to a fever pitch.

She came, howling with pleasure, sparks of ecstasy igniting deep inside her pussy.

He produced sensations from places inside she never realized were so sensitive before.

As quickly as it had begun, it ended.

He let out a piercing yelp and fell forward over her. He pressed all the way into her vagina and his cock exploded. He saw all the colors of the rainbow! Pleasure shot through him like machine gun fire.

Ecstasy beyond description!

His moans were joined by Gloria’s screams as her clit was mashed against his cockhead. He rubbed his glans against it, most of his cock now out of her, and she felt the tears running down her cheeks.

“GOD!” she cried.

He whimpered like a child, choking back his own tears. His flesh was turning to the consistency of melted butter! His bones were shattering to pieces!

“GLORIA!” he bellowed, biting his lower lip until it bled.

When it was over he pulled out of her slowly, wanting to enjoy the very last cock sensations.

After he had caught his breath, a devilish grin on his face, he asked Gloria, “Have you ever fucked under water before?”

She laughed uproariously. “There’s just no stopping you, is there?”

He got up, stretching, “Come on. It’s so hot I could use a dip in the pool.” He raced naked down the stairs.

Gloria got up and looked out her bedroom window, which overlooked the backyard. She saw him leaping into the pool, sending a large spray of water in all directions.

He saw her looking out the window and grinned, motioning her to come down and join him. Seeing his slim, agile naked body in the water excited her.

She giggled as she ran down the stairs, feeling like a young girl again.

I wonder if it is possible to fuck under water, she thought. I have a feeling I’m about to find out!


Mathew dialed the number Kathy had given him, hoping she would be the one who answered the phone. If not, he was going to hang up.

“Hello?” It was Kathy. “Hello, Kathy? It’s Mathew… Oh, yeah, hi! How’ve you been?”


“So… what’s up?”

“Well, I, uh, thought, uh, maybe I’d take you up on your offer…”

“Terrific! I was hoping you’d call but I’d kinds given up hope. You want to meet Barbara?”

It felt as if his heart was shooting up to his throat. He swallowed. “Yeah. Sure.”

“Great! I’ve already told her all about you. Don’t worry, it’ll never get back to your parents or anything. I better pick you up. Are your parents home?”

“No. Dad’s working of course and Mom’s out shopping with a friend — one of the neighbors.”

“Good. Then we’ll have the whole day together. I’ll drop by your house then.”

“No, maybe you better not, just in case one of the neighbors sees us and happens to say something to my parents. Park by the corner. I’ll be able to see you from my parent’s bedroom.”

“Okay. I’ll be driving a light blue Firebird,” Barb’s said.

“Where’s she?”

“Oh, she’s here. Taking a shower actually. But I thought I might as well pick you up. That way maybe we can park somewhere first and spend a little time together.”

Mathew smiled. “Okay. Sounds good. How long will it take you?”

“About ten minutes. I’ll leave right away. I’ll stay parked at the corner till you come.”

“See you then.”

Mathew was trembling so hard he had to sit down. Just hearing Kathy’s voice brought back memories of what they had done together. It was over two weeks ago but suddenly it seemed like the previous night.

Mathew couldn’t wait to see her again.

He walked upstairs and waited by the window, his heart pounding.

“Slut!” he said to himself. “This is going to be dynamite!”

It seemed like forever, but about fifteen minutes later a light blue Firebird pulled aver at the corner and parked.

He raced downstairs and out of the house.

He had told Gloria he was going to catch a double feature in town so she wouldn’t expect him back until dinner. Outside, the hot July sun beat down on his head. He was sweating when he got into the car, leaning over to kiss Kathy, who was dressed in T-shirt and tight cut-offs and sandals.

“You look cuter than ever,” she remarked, smiling. “You’ve even got a little tan. Terrific!”

“Yeah, I’ve been sunbathing out in back… by the pool.”

“Great.” She eyed his crotch hungrily. He, too, was wearing tight shorts and a T-shirt. His feet were sockless in his sneakers.

“Will Barbara be there when we arrive?” he asked her as she started driving toward her apartment.

“Sure. She knows you’re coming. You’re a little nervous, aren’t you?”

He shrugged. “Yeah. Kinda.”

“Well, don’t be. There’s no reason for it. You and Barb will get along famously. She’s going to love you.”

“Why are we stopping here?” the teen asked, looking around.

Kathy smiled and slipped closer to him. “Thought we might be alone for a minute before going on to the apartment.”

He smiled. “Nice and cozy.”

“Mmmm…” She put her arm around him and they French kissed. He felt her hand on his crotch, massaging his prick to full erectness. Then she unzipped his tight shorts and pulled out his dick and started to jerk him off.

“God, I’d forgotten how big it was!”

With that said, she bent down and took his penis in her mouth. He pressed his palm down on the crown of her head and lay back in the seat, sighing blissfully. He wanted to get into her cut-offs, but was unable to unzip them. So he just lay back and relaxed, closing his eyes and waiting for the cock sensations to build.

He opened his eyes after a few minutes and watched her head bobbing up and down, faster and faster. She was moaning.

He started humping up into her mouth.

“Jesus!” he gasped, his fingers digging into her scalp. “Fucking-A!”

She sucked harder, her lips tight as suction cups over his hot tool.

“Mmmm,” she said, obviously enjoying herself.

“Suck it, baby,” he said, clenching his teeth. He looked around, but it was impossible for anyone to be watching them. They were completely hidden.

She dug into his shorts and pulled out his balls, fondling them, his shorts pressing against her hand. He lifted his ass and she pulled down his briefs and shorts down to his knees. She fisted the bottom portion of his hard prick as she continued her ardent sucking.

“Delicious,” she mumbled inaudibly, his cock filling her mouth.

“Jesus H. Christ, Kathy!” he called out, his eyes squinting shut. He threw his head back and hissed between clenched teeth.

Then his cock seemed to be split in half with a bolt of lightning.

His ass rose up off the floor and he heard the young woman sighing.

He ejaculated into her mouth, squealing with delight.

When she had sucked him completely dry of cum she put his still-erect cock back into his pants after he had hiked them back into position. She wiped her cum-stained lips with the back of her hand, then licked her hand of every last remnant of his cum like a cat.

“Jesus,” he said under his breath, watching her.

“How was that for a quick thrill?” she asked, smiling.

“Can’t be beat.”

“On the contrary,” she quipped, giggling that girlish giggle. “It can tie beat. But we’ll wait until we get to the apartment for that.”

“Is Barb as crazy as you are?”

“Crazier. Much crazier.” Then she added, as if suddenly thinking of it. “DO you like porno movies?”

“Porno movies? I don’t know. I’ve never seen one.”

“Well, then you’re in for a treat. We have some at the apartment. They’re Barb’s. She has a beautiful projector and a screen. We can watch one before we fuck. It really gets you turned on.”

They made small talk the rest of the way back to the girl’s apartment.

They went upstairs after Kathy parked outside the building. She let them in with a key.

“Barb? We’re home!” she called as they walked into the small livingroom.

A young girl with short black hair greeted them. She looked at Mathew and smiled warmly. The teen was instantly put at ease.

“Hi. You must be Mathew.” She shook hands formally with the teen. “I’m Barb. Kathy’s told me a lot about you. Or more to the point about your cock. Seems you’ve got some piece.”

Mathew blushed. “I’ve heard a lot about you too.”

Barb looked at Kathy and laughed. “Yeah,” she said. “I’ll bet you have.”

Mathew couldn’t help liking the girl. She wasn’t much taller than him, with a deep tan and large doe-like eyes. She was very beautiful. Stunningly so. And equally as friendly. He could see how she had no trouble getting teens into the apartment.

She took his hand and led him to the sofa in the middle of the living room. On the table behind it was a film projector. He sat on the couch and she walked to the wall in front of them and reached up to pull down a large white screen, which was attached to two wooden beams criss-crossing the ceiling.

Mathew looked around. “Where’s Kathy?” he asked.

“Oh, she’s probably inside getting herself ready. You want me to go get her?”

“Na, it’s okay. I… like it here with you.”

She beamed. “Good. Want to see a film? Just got it yesterday. It’s a bitch.”

She closed the curtain to the teen’s right and the room was instantly dark. Then she closed the living room door and they were alone.

“Sorry if this all seems so formal,” she said, sitting beside him. “But it tends to break the ice, know what I mean?”

“Yeah. Sure.” He put his arm around her and she slid toward him.

“This is more like it,” she said as they kissed.

He placed his hand on her tits. She, like Kathy, was wearing a T-shirt, one too loose to really be able to judge the size of her breasts, but now that the teen was feeling her up he knew they were big and round, much like Gloria’s.

“God,” she whispered. “You’re just as cute as Kathy said. A real lady’s man.”

As if by magic the film began. Then Mathew saw she had a remote control button under the couch.

As Barb started to undress him he watched, fascinated, as two girls and two older men stripped and fell on a huge water bed. They coupled off and began to fuck and suck.

“Wow,” he said under his breath.

“Turning you on?” she asked, unzipping his pants.

“Shit, yeah!” He could feel his cock uncoiling quickly. By the time she pulled down his white briefs he was thoroughly hard.

She started to undress. “Jesus,” she whispered, and he saw in the flickering darkness that she was staring at his hard cock, practically tearing the clothes from her body.

Then, as he sat, she climbed over him and sat on him, spearing herself with his cock and wrapping her arms around him, facing away from the film. It happened so quickly he was completely taken aback. He continued watching the film, not knowing what was expected of him.

He arched his back, slipping his dick all the way inside her.

“Holy shit,” she moaned, her entire body shuddering with delight. She buried her head against his neck. “Ohhh sweet Jesus,” she whispered. “You’re so mother-fucking big!”

Her cunt wasn’t tight. He had a lot of room to move inside her.

She must have had a lot of cocks inside her, he thought to himself, putting his arms around her neck. He reached down and cupped her slim buttocks in each hand, pulled her up so his cock was in her as far as it could possibly go.

“…that feels good!” she groaned, started to move up and down over him, showering him with exciting wet hot kisses.

The atmosphere was suddenly very dream-like. In this strange living room with a porno movie unfolding in front of him, and this beautiful dark-haired girl fucking him so casually.

But because it was incredibly casual — they had barely spoken a word to each other before she started feverishly humping him — it was all the more exciting.

He watched the movie, with the writhing bodies and the big tits and stiff hairy cocks and it was as if he was part of the orgy flickering on the screen. He dug his fingers into the small of the girl’s back and started letting her have it.

Soon she was moaning more passionately than he had ever heard a girl moan before. As if his cock was really ripping her in half. She nuzzled his earlobe, whispering obscenities into his ear, telling him how good he was making her feel.

“Fuck me,” she kept whispering. “Fuck me, fuck me with your big hard prick!” She wriggled her ass, grinding her butt into his thighs, his cock slicing through her innermost cuntal depths.

“You’re so fucking hot and wet,” he groaned back.

“And you’re so fucking big… the biggest fucking cock I’ve ever had inside me… Jesus… Mathew… you’re incredible… ohhh FUCK!”

She trembled violently and her juices poured out of her pussy.

She climaxed, howling with animalistic pleasure.

When she had finished she licked his ear, drilling her tongue into it. “You’re fantastic! Really fucking fantastic! My beaver’s never had it this good!”

“There’s more,” he gasped, feeling ready to cum himself. “Much more.”

“I believe it honey, I believe it. Just keep it coming. All of it! Every hard thick inch. Jesus, it’s like a thick hard hot poker is being slammed up inside me! I love it! Fucking love it!”

In front of him a girl was getting her hairy thatch eaten out while next to her a man was butt-fucking a blonde-haired girl for all she was worth. Mathew half expected the characters to leap out of the screen at him.

Barbara’s cunt juice stained the cushion underneath them as it seeped down between the teen’s thighs. Her buttocks were smeared with it as they rubbed against his legs.

He grabbed her heaving tits and fondled them excitedly, feeling the cock sensations beginning to take full hold of his loins. Her nipples were small but very erect. He rubbed against them both with the flat of his thumbs, making her groan with pleasure.

Barb climaxed again, throwing her head back and howling in ecstasy.

“Kathy was right,” she panted, her eyes wide as saucers. “You are a great fuck. Jesus I wish some of the teens I’ve had were this good the first time. Usually they cum so fucking quickly. But you… you… ohhh sweet Jesus…”

He ran his hands down her smooth, sweaty flanks, down her back, her shoulders, her tits and belly, and she leaned back so he could comb through her cunt hairs as she continued going up and down, up and down, up and down.

They French kissed passionately, their tongues reaching deep into one another’s mouths.

He looked over her shoulder at the screen, watching one woman being ass-fucked. He remembered cornholing Kathy and thinking how disgusting it would be, but then finding out just the opposite was true.

“Make me cum again, my pet,” she moaned in his ear, “You’re so big inside me… you’re filling me like I’ve never been filled before… ohhhh you’re so fucking sweet…”

“Can’t hold on any longer,” he gasped, gripping her buttocks, digging his fingers into her soft flesh.


He shrieked with pleasure and exploded inside her.

“Oh yes!” she breathed, her hot breath fanning his flushed cheek. “Ohhh yesss!”


“Let me feel every thick hot drop of your jism, my sweet… yes, yes that’s it… keep it coming… ohhh Christ it’s hot and so, so good!”

He humped into her, directly activating her sensitive clitoris and she came again, both of them clutching each other for dear life.

When it was over, and her vaginal muscles had massaged all the jism from his balls, she got up. The porn movie had ended minutes before, leaving the screen a blinding white so that when he actually reached his thunderous orgasm it was as if they were both spotlighted from behind, theft heads and shoulders appearing on the screen as they jumped up and down on the couch.

She walked over to the projector and set the machine so the film rewound itself.

“Shall we go upstairs and join Kathy?” she asked him, sweat gleaming on her body. “I’m sure she’s wondering where we are.”

“Sure, Jeez, that was great. I thought my fucking balls were going to rip apart!”

She grinned. “You’d be surprised how many teens tell me that. It was fantastic for me, too. God, you’re really something. That cock of yours isn’t to be believed!”

“Do you bring a lot of teens up here?” he asked, walking to her side and putting his arms around her, pressing his hard tool against her buttocks.

“I’ve lost count, if that’s what you mean,” she replied, stroking his thigh as the film finished rewinding. She turned off the machine.

She reached down and cupped his balls, giving them a slight squeeze.

“At least in terms of sheer endurance. Like when we fucked. God, it was heaven, sweetheart, absolute heaven!”

Mathew grinned.

“I’m serious.” She stroked his handsome penis, reluctant to let it go. “I guess we might as well go upstairs.”

“Suck me first. Then we can make it with Kathy. First I want to taste you. Alone. You’re so… so different.”

“Want to see another movie?”

“How many have you got?”

“Lots. They turn teens on. Loosens them up. And Kathy and I dig them when we’re alone. It’s like having a roomful of people, all fucking and sucking to their heart’s content.”

“That was the first porno film I’ve ever seen.”

“Oh? What did you think?”

He shrugged. “Nice, I guess.”

“Nice?” She laughed. “Never heard a porno flick described as ‘nice’ before, but I suppose they can be. Well, what do you say?”

“About another movie?”

She nodded.

He stroked his dick in front of her. “Well, maybe later. I was hoping to concentrate on the real thing. Maybe sixty-nines.”

“Well, aren’t we sophisticated! Sure, I’d love to sixty-nine with you. I can feel my cunt watering for your lips and tongue right now.”

She took his hand and led him to the couch. “No, on second thought, let’s do it on the rug. There’s more room.”

The carpet was so plush Mathew could almost feel himself sinking into it. He sighed.

“This is nice,” he remarked, the blood pounding in his ears.

Without a word she curled herself around his body, both of them on their side, her mouth poised by his cock, his mouth by her gaping pink cunt.

“I’ve never heard the word nice used the way you do, but then I’ve never had a teen quite like you before,” she said, taking firm hold of his erect peter.

She diddled her tongue into his slit, tasting his warm pre-cum fluid as it oozed from the opening.

He spread her legs, inserted his head between her tanned thighs, and started licking her labia.

“Delicious,” she sighed, a dreamy look in her eyes.

The room was dark and her body seemed to blend right into the darkness, becoming almost invisible.

She combed her fingers through his pubic hairs, tugging them upward, watching the skin pull up beneath them.

Goose bumps rose on his thighs as her fingers ever-so-gently ran up and down her fingertips just brushing against him. She nuzzled his cockhead with her teeth, at the same time wrapping her tongue around the upper half of his manly shaft.

He could tell she had sucked off many cocks before. Her lips and tongue had that special knowing, delicate touch that only came with constant practice. And she enjoyed giving head, her sense of enjoyment sparking off a keen excitement inside the teen.

She sucked on his balls as if they were large round sugar cubes.

Saliva oozed out of the corners of her mouth as her tongue, like a snake, embraced his hot tool. He could feel every pore on her fleshy tongue’s surface. They made his mushroom-shaped cockhead swell up and become extraordinarily sensitive.

She raked her teeth up and down his cock, pulling at the flap of hanging skin just underneath his prick dome. He started to tremble, feeling intense excitement. His nerve endings tingled with sensations, communicating them throughout his body.

Jesus, he thought, this is going to be incredible… just incredible!

Her cunt oozed a steady supply of her aromatic fuck sauce. He let it trickle like a gentle rainfall down his throat. It was soothing and delicious. His taste buds screamed for more.

He stuck his tongue as deep into her as it would go, his lips pressing hard against her vulva. Her flappy cunt flesh was red and it vibrated with hidden delights.

He licked and sucked on the succulent flesh, his head buzzing as blood rushed to it.

She wriggled her ass in a slow, but steady little dance, as if forcing the cunt sensations out of her. He could feel her inner trembling and knew she would be cumming shortly.

“You’re big fat prick,” she muttered between loud sucks. “The biggest… fattest… fucking prick… I’ve ever… sucking… delicious… So so delicious… I’m waiting for it to explode in my mouth… so I can taste all your… hot… jism… cum in my mouth… cum soon… I want to taste all of you, every gooey hot drop…”

He loved the sensual quality of her voice when she spoke this way. It excited him even further until he thought he was going to burst from the anticipation of his approaching climax.

His orgasm was building… growing like a live thing inside him… pressing against his balls in an effort to leave his body. He felt his cock jerking slightly in her mouth, a sure indication that she was doing all the right things to it.

His lips dripped her sauce as he held onto her thighs, which pressed on either side of his head, pinning him to her cunt. He didn’t have to be forced. His lips and tongue found her without any prompting whatsoever.

Her butt wriggled more frantically now. He felt the rich carpet under his naked body, soaking up his sweat and saliva and her abundant juices, forming a wet stain just underneath his chin.

She felt his tongue rubbing continuously against her raging clitoris and she wanted to scream out loud with joy. He was wonderful! He knew exactly where to tongue her… where to press his eager hot lips… she knew it would only be a matter of seconds before her first climax crashed over her.

She pressed her middle finger between his slim ass cheeks and rubbed it against his puckered asshole. He moaned, knowing what she was going to do next. He waited, his body tensing up for the pleasure and sudden exhilarating pressure of her digit up his slit passage.

Then she slowly drilled her finger in a corkscrewing motion up his anal channel.

Shove it all the way in! a voice in his head cried. That’s it! That’s it! That’s it!

“Ohh shit!” he grunted, screwing his eyes shut. He felt her fingertip pressing against his sensitive prostate gland. A warm, weak feeling enveloped him. He moaned, then thrust his loins against Barb’s sucking mouth.

Her eyes opened with delight as his cock shot its heavy cum load into her eagerly awaiting mouth.

The teen screamed, his nails digging into the woman’s thighs.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” he cried ecstatically.

He writhed on the carpet, every ounce of energy melting into a blindingly intense orgasm. It was as if his entire body was being drained into her mouth through his cock.

His ass cheeks hollowed inward as he pumped hysterically into her, her lips embracing his throbbing tool tightly, as if they would never let it go.

“Shit, Barbara, shit, shit, shit!” he squealed, his body gyrating as the intensely pleasurable fuck sensations shot through him. His pulse quickened and his heart pounded.

He clenched his teeth until they were grinding noisily.

She sucked on his tremendously swollen glans, while fisting the lower portion of his spewing cock at the same time.

His veins pulsated in her mouth. His balls pressed tightly against his pelvis.

“Jesus, I can’t stand it!” he cried out, as weak as a kitten.

More, she wanted to shout, but couldn’t because his cock filled her mouth. Instead the word rang silently in her head. More! More! MORE!

“So good! So fucking good! Ohhh! Ahhh! Agggrhhh!”

She sucked like a madwoman, craving the taste of his very last drop of cum.

Her fingers were all over his balls. Her middle digit went in and out of his asshole, in hot flashes of ecstasy, increasing the thrust of his orgasm immeasurably.

It seemed as if the pleasure would never come to an end!

He bucked against her, nearly snapping her jaw as his cock snaked in and out of her mouth.

“Can’t take it! Can’t fucking take it!” he cried shrilly.

More! the voice in her head screamed. More! More!

His delicious spicy sweet cum taste filled her brain. She had never tasted anything so delicious in her life. None of the teen’s cocks she had sucked had brought forth such an abundance of jism. Nor was their cum as candy-sweet! She couldn’t get enough of it.

She let it sizzle on her tongue before swallowing it and feeling it oozing warmly down her gullet. It splashed against her teeth, creaming over her gums and dripping down the inside of her cheeks.

There was so much jism being spilled inside her mouth that she couldn’t swallow it all. Cum wads dripped down her chin. She tried to scoop them up with her tongue, but she couldn’t. His cock was slamming into her mouth too powerfully for that. She wanted to suck and suck and suck.

Stay hard, the voice in her head continued. That way I’ll have more cum!

Barbara craved his saucy essence. Her body writhed with lust as she tasted it.

But after what seemed like hours, her mouth having been flooded with his spunk, he was suddenly dry. She couldn’t believe it was possible. She didn’t want to believe it was possible.

More! More? More!

But there wasn’t any.

The teen sighed deeply and fell back onto the carpet, arms and legs splayed. Reluctantly, she let go of his shrinking penis. It had shriveled up and his balls had shrunk in size.

She ran her tongue over her lips, tasting the last remnants of his warm jism.

He looked at her and smiled.

“God…” was all he could say.

“Jesus, that tasted good, Mathew, I’m in love with your cock! So spicy and good.” She felt her crotch. “Christ, I’m so wet it’s as if I came myself. I think if I sucked your cock long enough I could cum!”

The teen lay beside her, absently massaging his aching nuts.

The living room door suddenly opened. A shaft of light fell on the two naked bodies, sprawled on the carpet.

“Jesus, when is it my turn?” Kathy asked, annoyed. She was wearing a loose terrycloth robe. Mathew suspected, and rightly so, that she was completely naked underneath.

Barb burst out laughing.

“Why didn’t you tell me his cock tasted so good? He cums like a fucking fountain! There’s so much cum in his balls I could swim in it!”

“I did tell you that. Don’t you remember?”

“Oh, you probably did, but you say it about every guy you’ve had. Mathew is different. I mean really different!” She sighed deeply. “What a cock… what a fucking cock.”

Now Kathy laughed. “You’re really something, Barb, you know that? Really something. I never thought I’d see the day when you’d meet your match.”

She caressed the teen’s chest lovingly. Then her hand slipped down to his thigh, and finally his balls, which she cupped in the palm of her hand and squeezed.

While she touched him intimately, she whispered, so only the teen could hear her, “You’re magnificent, baby. The best. I really mean that. I’ve never been this excited about a teen’s cock before. I mean, never!”

All this talk about the teen’s fabulous cock made him horny.

Barb watched as his cock slowly grew erect.

“Are you two finished now?” Kathy asked impatiently.

“Barb… let’s go upstairs. The three of us,” Mat suggested, feeling the sudden irresistible urge to shoot his load again.

Barb took his cock hard cock in her hand and fisted it gently, her eyes moving up and down, watching her own hand as it glided over his prick.

“Yes,” she sighed after a few minutes.

Mat dislodged his pulsating member from her hand and stood up. Then Barb got to her feet. She looked at his prick, standing straight up from his loins, the tip of it rising past his navel.


“Enough, for Christ’s sake,” Kathy said. “Are you going to stand there all day and talk about his cock or do you want to feel it inside your creaming cunt, sister?”

“Okay! Okay! Let’s go!”

She grabbed the teen’s hand and led him out of the room. They squinted against the sunlight, stumbling as they banged into a chair. Giggling like small children, they got up and raced to an open room directly across from the front door.

Indian print bedcovers were draped against the walls and hung down from the low ceiling, making it seem as if they were entering a large tent. Pillows were scattered everywhere. Soft rock music sounded from a corner.

The room was semi-dark.

“Mat do you like it?” Kathy asked with a sweep of her hand.

Mathew nodded and smiled. “Not bad,” he said admiringly. “Not bad at all.”

Barb took one look at his hard cock and got down on her knees in front of him.

“Oh, no, you don’t!” Kathy said, laughing. She pushed the other girl aside. “This time it’s my turn!”


“Hey, I thought we were going to do this together,” Mathew said.

“He’s right,” Barb said, getting to her feet.

Mathew took the girls by the hand and led them to the bed. He had to throw pillows to the floor to make room for them all. He then lay on his back.

Holding his prick up he motioned for Kathy to straddle his thighs. Then he told Barb to straddle his face.

“Now why didn’t I think of that?” Barb asked, her heart pounding. She couldn’t wait to feel his searching tongue against her swollen clit button.

So excited that she started fingering herself, anticipating the sudden sensual pressure inside her loins once his cock entered her, Kathy positioned herself over his waist. She reached behind herself and grabbed hold of his stiff penis.

She reared up, the lowered her ass and at the same time guided his thick prick between her wet pussy lips. She shivered as he entered her.

“God… that feels good…” she sighed, eyes rolling back in her head.

The teen’s face tightened, then relaxed into a wide grin. “Yes,” he groaned. “Oh yes!”

“You don’t know how much I’ve been longing for this moment, sweetheart,” Kathy whispered, her face flushed with excitement. “I was hoping you would call after I left your house. I waited for days for you to call. When you finally did I had all but given up. But this moment makes all that waiting worth while…”

Mathew said nothing. He was too intent on enjoying the swirling sensations which automatically accompanied the insertion of his stiff dick into the girls bush.

He felt her buttocks rubbing against his upper thighs as she ground down on him, sending his cock all the way up into her. To the hilt. He saw the expression on her face — dreamy and aroused to feverish pitch — and he felt his blood boil.

She rose and fell slowly, reveling in the sensations going through her loins. He looked down the length of his body and saw his cock was now glistening as it emerged from her pleasure hole. Her flesh petals blossomed outward as she rose, then collapsed inward as she went down.

His prick was massaged by her inner cuntal flesh. Wet and hot. Like being jerked off by countless tiny fingers.

“Lovely,” she said. She placed her palms on his belly, leaning her body slightly over his, her long hair falling on his chest. He reached up with both hands and pulled her hair to either side of her face, then he hooked his hand around her neck and brought her lips down to his, savoring her sweet breath.

After a few minutes of passionate French kissing she sat up straight again, giving her roommate an opportunity to join in the lascivious activities.

Gratefully, Barb straddled the teen’s face, parting her pussy lips she so wanted his lips to touch. He looked up inside her gaping channel and saw her clitoris winking, bathed in her womanly juices.

“Are you ready to taste my pussy?” she asked, a wild gleam in her eyes.

“Yes!” he panted, feeling his heart hammering against his chest.

“Are you sure it won’t be too much for you?”

“No! No!”

“It’s so very juicy now. Maybe you won’t be able to handle all that hot, yummy juice.”

“Please… I can almost taste it now…”

She smiled.

“Show me how much you want my cunt. Let me see your tongue.” Teasing him excited her.

He stretched his tongue out and waved it in the air, just under her cunt. He could smell her fragrance. His mouth watered.

“It’s so hot it’s going to burn your tongue…”

“Let it! Please, Barb… I want your twat now,” he pleaded.

She leered down at him. She lifted up her tits, squeezing them, which accentuated their fullness. Her nipples were very pointed.

“And my tits. Do you want them too?”

“Yes! Yes! I want all of you!”

“What will you do with my tits if I let you have them?”

“Whatever you want me to. I’ll suck them. I’ll-I’ll eat them!”

She chuckled. “And my ass. Do you want my ass too?”

“Please, Barb, you’re killing me!”

She reached down and slipped her middle finger up her cunt. He watched it going in and out, dripping her juices. She let her head fall back and a moan escaped her lips.

“Tell me again,” she gasped. “How much do you want me?”

“Shit, Barb… come on!” He reached up and pulled her down, his fingers digging into her flanks.

His tongue jumped from between his hot lips and rubbed against her clit button. He felt the teardrop shape and wrapped his tongue all the way around it, expertly caressing it.

She gritted her teeth and leaned overt her tits hitting his forehead. She rested on her palms, feeling already too weak to even sit straight.

His fingers separated her buttocks and rubbed against her puckered asshole.

“Turn around,” Kathy panted. “Barb, turn around and face me!”

She was going up and down like a yo-yo, spearing herself with his thick member.

At first the girl didn’t hear her. Kathy had to repeat her request. Finally, the girl turned around, the teen’s tongue still drilling in and out of her cunt and the two girls smiled at each other.

They reached out and played with one another’s tits, kneading the pointed knobs between their thumb and forefinger. They French kissed, sucked on each other’s tongue.

“Isn’t he incredible?” Barb whispered in her friend’s ear.

Kathy smiled and nodded, a sleepy look of love in her eyes.

Suddenly, Kathy cried out, her face seeming to explode with emotion. She threw her head back and howled like an animal in heat. Her entire body trembled convulsively.

She climaxed and it was as if a flame was shooting up her cunt passage.

She felt the teen’s enormous domed-shaped cockhead pressing deep inside her, increasing her pleasure to the point where she thought she was surely going to hit the ceiling.

“JESUS H. CHRIST!” she bellowed, giggling hysterically at the sudden release of sensations.

Barbara laughed with her, vicariously enjoying her friend’s obvious pleasure, and knowing hers was quickly building and would soon explode all over her.

Mathew slipped his tongue from her oozing vagina to her moist asshole. He felt the puckered rectal opening widening for him and he inserted his fleshy tongue as far up as it would go.

Barb began gyrating wildly, going crazy as she felt his pointed invader slipping up her rectum like a corkscrew.

But it was her cunt that the eighteen-year-old really craved. He pulled out his tongue and Barbara sighed, knowing he would then insert it back into her cooze. Her clit button vibrated with anticipation.

When his tongue did hit her clitoris again she climaxed, cunt juice rushing out of her fuck hole.

She leaned over and Kathy took her in her arms, her hands running up and down the girls sweaty back.

“Feels good?” she whispered in her ear.

“Jesus, yes… ohhh God I can’t begin to tell you how good… never this good before… never!”

“Feel it…” Kathy moaned, a second orgasm building up inside her. “Feel every bit of it…” She ran her fingers over Barb’s tits, then down her belly to her cunt hair.

She watched the teen’s arching tongue dipping in and out of the gut’s cunt. It made her fuck even harder, pounding down on him and sending his cock deep, deep inside her.

She could feel that he was near climaxing himself. His cock was sending out tremulous pulsations.

Just then he let out a muffled ay, most of which was lost inside Barb’s cunt.

He started humping up against Kathy and together they established a mutually satisfying thrusting pattern which enabled his cock to slip deep into the girl’s creamy cunt and at the same time to give her clit button maximum stimulation.

They humped furiously, as if racing against time.

“Shit… ohhh God… ohhh God…” she moaned, feeling Barb’s fingers on her tits.

“Is it good?” Barb asked.

“Good? It’s… it’s fantastic! He fills me like I’ve never been filled in my entire life!”

Then she came, showering his belly and upper thighs with droplets of her pussy juice. He arched his back, nearly throwing both girls off of him. He dug his fingernails into Barb’s buttocks and stopped tonguing her out long enough to squeal with pleasure.

He shot his load into Kathy’s steaming fuck hole, hollering with passionate delight.

He thought he would pass out. The thrill raced through him, enveloping every square inch of his body. He was bathed in wonderfully warm sensations. His prick head enlarged in Kathy’s pussy, pushing against her clit button and she experienced another orgasm, this one much more intense than the last.

Together, they moaned and sighed and screamed in ecstasy.

He was writhing and twisting so much he threw Barb off him. Without a word, as he reached the apex of his climax, legs and belly quivering, he thrust his entire hand up Barb’s gaping hole.

The girl didn’t know what hit her!

“SHIT!” she cried, wrapping her legs around his wrist.

She came instantly, the pleasure thrill rushing to her head. She arched her back and grabbed handfuls of the bedsheet, squeezing tight, unable to fully comprehend the sheer intensity of the unexpected orgasm.

He first fucked her unmercifully, reveling at the same time in his own cum.

The pressure inside her cunt increased dramatically. It was as if rockets had gone off inside her. Fireworks! Lightning! Thunder! She screamed at the top of her lungs.

His fist went in and out of her, pounding against her backbone. She thought she was going to explode!

She tried to sit up, her body needing to move as, the fuck sensations raced through her with breathtaking speed. But his fist slammed into her again and she fell back on the bed, writhing ecstatically.

Kathy continued fucking the teen, even though he had finished ejaculating inside her. She wanted more of what she had just experienced.

Willing to give it to her, the teen thrust his loins up into her and together they rose toward another climax.

He leaned over, pulling out his fist, and pressing his lips against her dripping vagina. His tongue whipped unerringly against her clit button and she came again. Once, twice, thrice, over and over again.

Her arms and legs were moving in the air with spasmodic motions, as if her body had been plugged into an electrical outlet. She couldn’t speak, only open her mouth in a wide O.

Tears came to her eyes, filled them, then spilled down her cheeks.

She wept, reveling in the phenomenal sensations now overwhelming her.

When she had enough, she had to pull herself away from the sucking teen. She closed her legs, curled up into a ball and wept freely.

Barb was content, at least for the time being, to simply lay back and watch the two teens bring one another to another dual orgasm. Barb’s lower body felt completely numb. Her chest heaved as she filled her aching lungs with air. She wanted to giggle, but held back the desire to do so. She felt giddy and weak and satisfied.

She let her forefinger trail along the puffy shape of her cunt lips.

Kathy rode the teen, her hips churning, her body twisting and turning with delight. A grin appeared on her face. Sweat dripped off her chin and rolled down her body from under her armpits.

Mathew arched his back, his ass cheeks quivering. He felt the familiar building of sensations in his loins and drove up into Kathy’s vagina to meet them, head on.

Kathy’s head lolled and her tongue darted out over her dry lips. She could feel the fire in her loins getting hotter and hotter, her body temperature rising. He seemed to be getting thicker inside her, his prick lengthening another quarter of an inch as it rammed steadily against her swollen clitoris.

She could feel her body traveling heavenward up and up as if being propelled by a burgeoned force from inside her. It was an exhilarating sensation, one she reveled in completely.

“Soon,” she heard the teen whisper. “Soon…” She wanted him to remain hard inside her forever.

She climaxed.

He sat up, his lips on her nipple, sucking and massaging her tit globes at the same time. Feeling her pointed breasts, lifting them upward, squeezing them. She sought out his lips with hers and wrapped her arms around his neck, her nails digging into his back. They tongue-kissed.

“I want you… always…” she moaned.

Her legs tightened their hold around his waist as her body shuddered with the ecstatic sensations ripping through her. She thought she heard her bones crack… breaking apart. It felt as if her flesh was being melted off her body.

She screamed, holding his head to her breast.

He whimpered like a little teen, his arms tightening their hold around the small of her back. Then he lurched against her and she felt her fuck channel filling with his spicy seed.

“Ohhh, sweet Jesus…” he whispered against her tits.

“Yes… ohhh yes, yes!” she muttered, squeezing her eyes tightly shut. His cock expanded even further inside her, pressing against her cuntal walls, forcing them to widen to accommodate his cock’s growing width.

She creamed like she never had before, and this lubricated his fuck thrusts to such an extent that his cock seemed to be gliding through her vagina as if on wings.

His balls slapped loudly against her muff.

They kissed passionately, her teeth nibbling furiously on his lips and tongue. Tears filled her eyes.

Then it was over as quickly as it had begun. She sighed deeply, not moving, and they sat on the bed, as still as statues.

Finally, the teen helped her up and his cock fell out of her warm inner depths. They smiled at each other and kissed affectionately.

“Beautiful,” he sighed.


Then he felt Barb’s arms around him from behind. He turned his head and found her yielding lips.

“Fuck me now,” she said throatily.

“I’m all fucked-out.”

“No you’re not. I know you’re not. Fuck me. Now!”

His cock still wet with Kathy’s pussy juices, he got on his knees and forced Barb back on the bed. He lifted her ass up and inserted his cock into her rectum.

“YES!” she cried. “LORD, YES!”

He thrust forward and sent his wet cock all the way up her moist asshole.

She let out a scream and threw her head back, but a smile spread over her face and the teen knew he was giving her just what she wanted — exciting sex.

He pressed hard, until his scrotum was against her butt.

“I love your cock,” she murmured softly, her hands caressing her clit.

Kathy leaned over the girl and replaced Barb’s hands with her own.

Barb wrapped her legs around the teen’s waist and gasped each time he slammed into her rectum. He touched off something inside her and she felt herself rising upward, already preparing to cum.

The two girls kissed, Barb’s hands reaching up to fondle Kathy’s swinging breasts.

With her free hand, Kathy reached down and inserted several fingers inside Barb’s cunt.

“I want to taste you,” Barb whispered. Without a word, Kathy moved herself into a sixty-nine position above the girl, so she too could taste pussy. They sucked each other out as the teen continued ravaging Barb’s asshole.

The sounds of moans and sucking and slurping filled the air. The smell or sweat and jism and cunt juice filled their nostrils.

Barb was the first to cum, the sensations from her pounding ass connecting with those being sparked by Kathy’s flicking tongue deep inside her cunt. She shivered with delight.

Next, Kathy came. Barb’s tongue whipped across her swollen nubbin of pleasure and Kathy opened her mouth and screamed, her face shining with the other girl’s fragrant cream.

It seemed to Barb like hours had passed before Mathew finally shot his cum wads into her asshole. And when he did everything seemed to come together and the three writhing bodies experienced pleasure together.

Afterward, they were too weak to move a muscle.

“It’s getting late,” Mathew said, breaking the silence. He didn’t want to leave.

“I better drive you home,” Kathy suggested.

“I’ll go too,” Barb said.

They got up off the bed and Kathy started to dress. Barb and Mathew went back downstairs where their clothes lay scattered around the living room floor. Before dressing, Mathew forced Barb down on the couch and fucked her again, until she cried out for mercy.

Later, in the car, he assured the girls he would [missing text].


Mathew lay naked in bed, hands clasped behind his head, and watched his stepmother undress. She was feigning a striptease for him, getting him turned on, and now she was down to her bra and panties.

She did a little dance, shaking her ass vigorously, and at the same time reached behind herself to undo her bra clasp. She let the bra fall to the floor in front of her. She shook her tits, walking toward the teen. Mat giggled, his right hand suddenly disappearing under the sheets to stroke his hard cock.

She lifted up her tits, feeling theft weight. Her pink nipples were pointed and looked like two blood-shot eyes. She turned around, wriggling her ass, and the teen saw the curved outline of her shapely buttocks under the pale blue panties.

A moan escaped his lips.

“Feeling sexy tonight,” she whispered, smiling as the teen grinned up at her.

“And looking it too,” he added, noticing her eyes were fixed on the rhythmic motion of his right hand.

She hooked her thumbs under the elastic waistband of the panties and slowly peeled them off. Down over her thighs. To her knees. Then to her ankles. She kicked them off and they landed right on top of the teen’s head.

“Hey!” he cried, with mock horror. “What’s going on!”

She bent over double and laughed until the tears ran down her cheeks.

“What’s so funny for Christ’s sake?” he said, chuckling. He threw the panties back at her, hitting her tits.

“You were interrupting me at the wrong time,” he said, his hand going to work again, stroking his cock under the sheets.

“Jesus, do that dance again… I’m going to cum any second now.”

“And waste all that good cum?” she said, wiping the tears from her flooded cheeks.

“Don’t worry. There’ll be more.”

“You’re telling me,” she said.

She improvised an erotic dance, slipping her fingers, which soon became wet and shiny with her abundant juices, in and out of her gaping pussy. She spread her legs and bent over backward so he could look up the inside of her fuck channel. He saw her clitoris. His mouth began to water.

“You ready now?” she teased, finger-fucking her dripping cunt.

“Almost,” he gasped.

He arched his back and clenched his teeth.

“Make it a good one,” she said. “Just for me.”

“Ohhh shit… it’s going to be good alright…”

She pulled back the covers and lay between his spread legs, her cunt staring him right in the face.

He watched her as she pried apart her cunt lips. Beads of sweat stood out on her forehead. She had on her face an intense look of concentration. He gazed into her, open vagina and saw her clitoris, covered in a glistening layer of her fuck cream, swollen so much that it almost blocked the opening to her fuck channel.

He fisted himself, his ass hopping on the bed, as the cock sensations began climbing up his loins. He felt her thighs over his as she lay between his legs, her wet fingers imitating his fist stroking motions.

“Does looking at my cunt want to make you cum, sweetheart?” she gasped.

“Yes! I can feel the cream boiling in my nuts!”

“I want to see you shoot your jism all over yourself. Then I want to lick it off your body while it’s still warm.”


“I want to taste your jism… I can’t get enough of it.”

“Any fucking second, baby… any fucking second…”

She watched his balls swinging between his spread thighs as he stroked his tumescent prick. She could plainly see he was becoming more and more excited. His eyes were becoming wider… his facial muscles were tightening… his entire body was preparing itself for that sudden blissful rush of desire.

His free hand scooped up his balls and fondled them in front of them. He started thrusting his loins upward, imaging he was fucking her.

She, meanwhile, was ardently fingering her clit button, moaning softly as she approached her own moment of release.

“Can you feel it, baby?” she asked, her head moving to and fro as the feeling crept up from her fiery loins.

“Yes… yes! I’m almost there.” He giggled. “We’ll see who cums first!”

Then he gave out a cry of ecstasy. He arched his back and his prick shot out its first wad of jism. The white substance flew into the air and splattered on his upper chest. The next creamy wad hit his right nipple.

“Ohh Christ!” she hissed, cumming herself. She half-closed her eyes and groaned, her thighs quivering.

She wanted to cum quickly, so she could taste his jism while it was still warm.

She fingered herself quickly, jabbing into her fuck channel and moaning and sighing with pleasure.

“God… so sweet… it’s always so sweet with you…”

She reached out and grabbed his balls, giving them a squeeze. The teen cried out and a grin flashed across his face.

“Gloria!” he cried.

She pulled out her wet fingers and forced his hand away from his spewing tool. He lay back, his lower body hovering over the bed, and she took his prick into her mouth, sucking the rest of his cum and swallowing eagerly.

“Jesus,” he said between clenched teeth. He balled his hands into fists and waved them in the aft, as if trying to strike at something.

She felt his member jerking tremulously between her teeth. She drilled her tongue-tip into his prick, his heady aroma drifting up to fill her nostrils.

When he had been sucked dry, she let go of his peter. It continued flopping on his belly, like a fish out of water. She licked the cum residue off his body, her saliva leaving a glistening trail over his flesh.

“You’re beautiful!” he gasped, running his fingers through her silken hair as her tongue and lips darted over his cum-stained skin.

When she had cleaned him off, she sighed. Then she lay beside him, her head resting on his chest. She heard the pounding of his heart and listened to it as it gradually settled down to a normal rhythm.

Suddenly she laughed.

“What’s so funny?” he asked, exhaling a lungful of air.

“Your father.”


“He and his girlfriend have broken up.”

“Why?” His pulse quickened.

She brought her head up and lay next to him, her cheek pressed against his shoulder.

“Apparently she’s found a better lover.”

“Did she say who?” he asked, trying to keep his voice calm.

“No. Apparently not. I’m surprised your father even mentioned it to me. I guess he did because he was feeling so lousy about it. What a funny marriage. I never thought it would get to the point where he would be confessing such things to me.”

She paused. “I should talk. Here I am listening to his stories about his mistress, taking it all for granted as if it’s normal for every husband to have a mistress, and he seems to think it’s normal not only to have one but to be telling me, his wife, all about her, as if she was a distant relative or something. What a crazy world.”

Mathew smiled. Apparently, he thought, she doesn’t think it’s funny for a woman to be balling and sucking her step-son. Now that, he thought, is funny! At least she’s not discussing that with Dad!

“It seems she’s found someone younger,” Gloria continued, “which shouldn’t surprise your father considering the girl is only eighteen. I’m surprised he’s lasted with her this long.”

“Some girls like older men,” Mat interjected.

She smiled. “And I suppose some older women like teens.”

“I suppose,” he said, giggling.

She nudged him playfully in the ribs.

“Maybe we should invite her over for dinner.”


“The girl. What’s her name…”

“Kathy? Ha! That’ll be the day. God knows who else your father will find, now. I feel like a character in Peyton Place.”

“And it really doesn’t bother you that he’s got a mistress, or maybe I should say that he’s going to get another mistress?”

“It should, and God knows at first it did. But now… now I guess it doesn’t. I know he always comes back to me in the end. Share and share alike I suppose.”

Mathew smiled.

“Hey!” she said. “How come your cock is limp. It looks like it’s dying!” She started to caress it, running the flat of her hand over the smooth, mushroom-shaped head.

“Too much talking.”

“All talk and no action, eh?”

“Something like that.”

“Well, just between you and me, what do you suppose we can do to rectify the situation?”

“Well, I don’t know. This might take some thought…”

She bent down and took his cock in her mouth. He giggled.

“Just suck it until it gets hard,” he said. “Then I want to fuck.”

She ran her tongue in circles over his dick head. “Mmmm… lovely…” she murmured, her fingers kneading his plump balls.

In a matter of minutes his cock was hard and thick in her mouth, wet with her saliva. She was sorely tempted to keep sucking it, her mouth already watering as she thought of tasting his delicious cum sauce again, but she held herself back and let his hard dick fall from her lips.

She turned over on her back and spread her legs.

“Fuck me hard,” she whispered, her eyes burning with lustful desire.

He positioned himself between her spread legs and entered her so forcefully she cried out in pain and surprise. He was lodged inside her fuck channel all the way to the hilt.

“Mother of God!” she gasped, her eyes rolling in her head.

“Good… huh… good.”

“Yes… ohhh sweet Jesus in heaven, yes! Yes!”

He reached under her and pulled her ass up while at the same time getting on his knees. He wanted the most exciting angle of penetration possible.

Her ass slid up his tanned legs and he gripped her ass cheeks, his fingernails digging into her hot flesh. She wrapped her legs around his slim, waist and began pounding toward him, reveling in the thick, snake-like feel of his member going in and out of her vagina.

“Ohhhh… ahhhh…”

“Can you feel me inside you?”


She looked down the length of her supple body and saw just the bottom part of the teen’s thick penis emerge from her cunt before it was immediately slammed back into her. His pubic hairs were already becoming wet with her juices, as were her own.

He grunted each time he rammed into her and she could swear she could feel the tip of his hard prick biting her backbone with every lustful thrust of his loins.

It was a thoroughly exhilarating feeling. She was completely filled with his hard tool. It felt as if a hard, hot shaft of steel was being rammed deep between her thighs.

She ran her fingers over his rump as he forced her ass to slide up his thighs so his cock could enter her completely. It was like being on a see-saw, her head thrown back, her entire body being jarred each time he inserted his meat into her.

“Fuck me harder!” she groaned, though he was balling her so hard now she thought he would split her in two. It was like that when they made love. Each time he fucked her she reached such new heights of sensations she craved for even more.

If only his father could fuck like this, she thought to herself, a thought she often had when they fucked. But she was glad she was able to enjoy such intense sensations with him, sensations she never thought existed before he released then inside her.

“Give it to me,” she moaned. “Every fucking hard inch of your beautiful cock!”

Mathew was more than happy to do so!

The bedsprings creaked loudly and the sound echoed the powerful thrusts of his adolescent loins.

She climaxed, screaming out loud.

He grunted, slamming into her over and over and over.

She climaxed again.

He pounded into her unmercifully.

Again, she came, writhing in ecstasy, a pool of her fuck cream running down his legs and dripping onto the sheets underneath them.

The teen lifted his ass up in the air and slammed downward, giving her increased cuntal sensations. Her clit button reverberated.


She reached another breathtaking orgasm.

He pounded the life out of her, feeling his own cock sensations about to burst over him.

Harder! Sending every thick inch into her and shoving forward hard, his balls crushed against her wet muff.


It was hard for him to control himself. He was ramming into her so hard his face was almost purple.

“Holy fuck!” he gasped under his breath, straining for the air necessary to keep filling his lungs, to keep him from passing out. It was becoming an endurance test. He was holding back his seed as long as possible, but it was becoming too difficult. He would have to let go soon. Very soon now.

She felt his hands on her tits, kneading her flesh, squeezing her hard nipples between his thumbs and forefingers.

Again she climaxed.

Finally, he couldn’t hold it back any longer. He exploded inside her, sending his cum wads into her burning womb. She started to cry hysterically.

He kept pounding into her, not only to increase his own pleasure sensations but hers as well. He loved the way her body twisted beneath him, as if trying to pull away from him, when what she wanted was to have his hard penis thrusting even deeper inside her.

“More!” she whimpered. “Ohhhhh Christ you’re so thick inside me I can’t stand it!”

Her fingernails raked down his back, leaving welts from the small of his back to his shoulder blades.

He thought his balls were being pulled right through his pelvis. The sheer force of his orgasm made him cry out, his screams echoing in her ears.

“Oh Lord!” she groaned. “Lord… ohhh Lord!”

Then he let go of her and she slid down his thighs and lay spread eagle on the bed, his cock reluctantly leaving her steaming twat. His seed oozed out of her pussy, down the inside of her thigh.

She felt thoroughly satisfied, though her body ached as if she had just done an hour of strenuous physical exercise.

“God,” she breathed. “You get better and better each time we fuck. You’ll rip me in half before the end of the summer!”

He beamed proudly from ear to ear, his hands on her tits. He wasn’t finished with her yet.

She smiled. “My God… again… you’re incredible!”

“You make me feel that way.”

“In the ass this time… in the ass!”

He turned her over on her stomach and spread her legs, her puckered hole partially revealed between her smooth, curved buttocks. His cock, now wet with her cuntal juices, was still rock hard and ready for more action.

Prying her cheeks apart, he positioned himself between her thighs and guided the head of his quivering penis to her puckered ass entrance.

She instinctively reared up her ass and he eased himself into her. Slowly, she could feel every thick inch of his pecker.

Gloria loved it! The feeling was so different from when he inserted himself into her cunt. The feeling in her ass was one of a tremendously exotic pressure. Her rectum widened to accommodate his ten inch tool. She gasped, first in pain and discomfort, then in pleasure.

She reached underneath herself to play with her swollen clitoris.

He pressed forward and entered her to the hilt, his balls flattening against her ass cheeks.

That was all the teen had to hear. He started pumping into her, his hips gyrating rhythmically, the intensity of his thrusts putting a wide smile of ecstasy on the woman’s face.

She fingered herself to orgasm, the building pressure in her ass increasing the pleasure of her cum.

We’re so wicked, Mathew and I, she thought. Imagine, a woman my age with a teen, so virile… and he’s my husband’s son! If anyone ever found out… the neighbors… our friends.

Bill! It would be all over. God knows what he would do to us!

But this made her pleasure all the more exciting. It added a special something to it. Something which was missing when she and Mat’s father made love together. Something that had been missing with all her previous lovers. She had never been made to feel this good. Again and again, and for so long! The teen was simply incredible!

Her ass muscles and membranes gripped his cock in a tight loving embrace each time he plowed into her.

She climaxed a second time.

Then the eighteen-year-old teen started slamming into her so hard, so quickly, she thought she was going to lose consciousness. Instead, she came again, screeching with pleasure.

Finally, the teen came, his body being flung forward on top of her, the lower half of his slim body working like a demon as he panted loudly, grunting like an animal in heat.

When it was over, they both lay still and Mat pulled his dick out of her warm tight confines and lay beside her, his naked body pressed against hers. They lay like that for many minutes.

Then the teen turned Gloria over on her stomach, and without a word entered her, his cock reaching the innermost depths of her steaming vagina. She sighed blissfully, wrapping her legs around his slim ass, and they were at it again.


Barbara felt Kathy’s hand on her right tit and moaned, leaning back on the bed, her head sinking into the pillow. A shaft of sunlight, like a spotlight, fell over her pussy and thighs from the window behind them.

They were passing the time until Mathew arrived.

Both girls were naked, their pale bodies glistening with sweat. Outside it was another hot, sultry summer afternoon. Inside their apartment it was sticky and humid. But they liked it that way. It made them feel more passionate.

Barb’s forefinger was inserted into the girl’s hot, wet cunt. She could feel the girl’s swollen pleasure button. She reamed underneath it and felt the girl’s body quivering with delight.

“I love you…” Kathy sighed, her eyes half closed. Sweat dotted her forehead. Her face was flushed with passion. “You know just how to make me so very happy…”

“I want to taste you,” Barb whispered, her tongue running down the length of the girl’s body.

“Yes… with your tongue… your tongue…”

Kathy spread her legs and relaxed, her hands lifting up her small tits. She felt the pointedness of her rosy red nipples.

Her legs and arms started to twitch with anticipation of the pleasure Barb was about to give her.

“Lie still,” Barb whispered. “Let me make it good for you. Just lie back… that’s it mmmm… so sweet… delicious…”

She felt her cunt lips being pulled gently apart and the fleshy pink tongue being thrust up into her fuck hole.

“Think of Mathew…” Barb whispered between licks. “He’ll be here soon…”

“I can feel his big cock inside me already.”

“I can feel him inside me too. It’s such a good, good feeling!”

Kathy’s fingers combed through Barb’s hair as she ate Kathy out. Kathy’s belly muscles tightened and she sighed.

“I can feel it… feel it already,” Kathy groaned.

“Don’t move so much, my sweet.”

“I can’t help it. It feels so good!”

“I know… I know… I can taste your excitement.”

Bab’s tongue curled around Kathy’s clitoris and manipulated it in such a way that Kathy reached a spontaneous spark of pleasure. She arched her back and let out a stifled cry of ecstasy.

The pleasure thrill was so keen her voice sounded almost frightened.

“Barb! Ohhh darling Barb!”

Barb tasted the sweetness of the girl’s ample juices. She swallowed repeatedly, pining for more of the warm, spicy liquid.

“I adore you.”

Her hands roamed over the girl’s trembling body. Then her right hand felt between Kathy’s buttocks. Her middle finger rubbed against the moist puckered hole.

“Stick it up my ass,” Kathy moaned. “So I can feel your knuckles pressing against my ass cheeks!”

She did as her female lover asked. Her middle digit slipped up the puckered red rectal opening. The entrance to her shit passage opened readily, familiar with the pointed invader.

Once her finger was all the way inside Kathy’s shit chamber, she began inching it out again. She finger-fucked Kathy’s butt hole with rhythmic intensity, giving the girl the feeling she wanted.

Then Barb’s head dipped down between Kathy’s spread thighs and her tongue darted out between her hot lips. She licked the girl’s vulva, her labia, then it disappeared all the way inside her until both the girl’s orifices were filled and vibrating with pleasure.

“Lovely… never felt anything so good before.”

“Not even with Mathew?” Barb teased.

“No… not like this… only a woman can really give another woman the pleasure she craves… you know exactly what to do… when and where to touch… ohh… there… just there… ohhh Christ!”

She climaxed, the girl’s finger thrusting all the way up her steaming shit hole.

“I can’t begin to tell you how delicious that felt… Barb… ohhh so sweet and good!”

“It will get even better, my dear… much, much better!”

“Oh sweet Jesus!”

Barb loved the way her lover’s body squirmed under her. It gave her such a feeling of power! As if she controlled the girl completely!

Kathy reached out and massaged Barb’s rounded breasts, feeling the hardness of her nipples between her thumb and forefinger.

Barb couldn’t wait to feel the girl’s lips and tongue against her own pussy. But she could wait. She wanted first to give Kathy the pleasure she craved.

Kathy’s body tightened up like a spring. Tighter and tighter. About to snap. Her head was thrown back and she was moaning incessantly. Barb gave her the tonguing of her life, concentrating on her clit button, her lips and tongue reaching deep inside. Sucking the nubbin. Reaming across it. Squeezing and caressing it.

When Kathy finally climaxed it was as if something had exploded inside her. She saw spinning stars. The room darkened for a minute as she closed her eyes. When she opened her eyes again she opened them wide. They nearly popped out of their sockets.


A hotness flooded over her, spreading upward from her joins to blanket her in sweetness.

She bit her lower lip and screamed, her back arched.

She exhaled after a few minutes and her body fell back on the bed. Babs lifted her head up and wiped her lips of Kathy’s juices. She grinned down at the girl. Kathy grinned weakly back, her lips forming a kiss.

She didn’t have to say a word. Both women knew how much pleasure had been experienced.

Now it was Barb’s turn.

Kathy sat up, stretching, her arms thrown up, fingers spread apart and wriggling.

“I feel on top of the world,” she said happily.

She looked down at Mat’s lean body. Her eyes rested on the girl’s large round tits. Like melons, they were so large. But well-shaped. Firm. Kathy wanted to suck on the pointed nipples.

She lay on top of her lover, taking her right tit in hand and lifting it up to her open lips. Barb sighed and relaxed completely.

“Yesss,” she hissed.

“I want to give you as much pleasure as you’ve just given me,” Kathy whispered earnestly.

She reached up and let her fingers run through Kathy’s hair. “I know, my precious, I know…”

Kathy smiled. “Now you lie back and relax.”

Barb spread her legs invitingly.

After sucking on her tits, her tongue trailed down between them, down to her belly, where she paused to drill the tip of her tongue into Barb’s navel, then down to the woman’s pubic hairs.

The hairs were glistening with fuck cream. Kathy licked them clean.

Barb pressed her palm on the top of Kathy’s head, prompting her to kiss her ragged vagina.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned as she felt Kathy’s hot, dry lips on her labia.

“Delicious…” Kathy whispered.

Barb arched her back and waited for her clitoris to tingle as it did when Kathy touched it lovingly.

Kathy’s tongue reamed underneath the button and she groaned with pleasure. Kathy’s other hand went to the woman’s breasts, fondling and kneading them.


Kathy lifted her lover’s butt up and her tongue found the girl’s wrinkled asshole. The rectum opened convulsively and she felt Kathy’s tongue slipping all the way up inside.

“Christ!” she gasped, her eyes wide as saucers. “You like this, don’t you?” Kathy asked, her voice muffled.

“God, yes! Yes, my sweet! Yes!”


She licked out the woman’s musky shit passage. Barb was ready to hit the ceiling.

After Kathy’s tongue left the hot confines of Barb’s asshole, she replaced it with her forefinger, drilling it upward in a corkscrew motion until her knuckles were firmly pressing against the woman’s buttocks.

As Kathy finger fucked the woman’s asshole, she took the swollen clitoris between her teeth and nuzzled it, pulling on it slightly, until Barb cried out with pleasure. Her fuck chamber filled with sweet-tasting juices and she came, her body jerking spasmodically.

In this way, imitating Barb’s rhythmic lovemaking tactics — one finger going in and out of the woman’s asshole while teeth, lips and tongue worked together in her cunt — Kathy brought her beloved roommate to one crashing orgasm after another.

Barb thought she would go mad. She was crawling the walls in ecstasy!

God, make it last… last forever! a voice in her head cried out ecstatically.

As if silently reading her thoughts, Kathy tried to do just that. Finally, after giving Barb countless orgasms, she brought her head up for air. Both girls panted wildly.

The doorbell rang. It was Mathew.

“What took you so long, anyway?” Kathy asked, putting her arm around him. She kissed him fully on the lips.

“Mom made me do a few errands first,” he said. “I couldn’t get away.”

“Well, now that you’re here, let’s go inside,” Barb said, giving him a French kiss.

“The show’s about to begin,” Kathy said, giggling.

“A movie?” Mathew asked as they led him into the darkened living room.

“You guessed it,” Kathy said, standing by the projector, waiting for Barb and Mathew to sit on the sofa. “Picked it up yesterday.”

“A new one? Great!” He untied Barb’s robe and started sucking on her right tit.

Kathy smiled, then closed the door and turned on the projector.

Here we go again, she thought, sitting beside the teen. She started to undress him.

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