The Birthday Present Cunt

The pretty blond girl squeezed her way over to me. “Hey! Are you


“And you’re Monica’s boyfriend?”


“Happy Birthday!”


“I’m your present!”


“I said I’m your present!”

“What do you mean by that!?”

We were right in the middle of the frat party, next to the dance floor.
The girl talking to me was holding a red cup of beer in one hand, and
wearing a tight white knit blouse that bulged in ways I was trying to
ignore. She stood on her toes and placed her mouth next to my ear,
yelling to be heard over the music. She smelled nice.

“Why don’t we go over there?” she pointed to a quieter corner of the
room, then grabbed my hand and led the way, pulling me after her across
the floor. As we made our way across the room, I thought about this new
turn of events. It was midnight, and I should have been back in my room
with Monica, but she was out of town for the week on an archaeology
field trip. Sure, she was missing my birthday, but we had agreed early
on that we were going to put academics ahead of our relationship.
Monica had said she’d give me my presents when she got back. I had
planned to go to the party, mingle, get drunk, get pissed off at Monica
for not being here, say things I’d regret later to strangers, stagger
home, and pass out. I had proceeded smoothly to the mingling part, and
was working on the drunk part.

The introduction of this pretty blonde suggested a few alternative
endings to my evening, most of them bad for my relationship with Monica.
Walking behind her, I was completely free to watch her body as she
dodged and squeezed her way through the crowd. Holding my hand pulled
her into profile, and I admired her body shamelessly as I walked behind
her. She was in incredible shape, with long tan muscular legs and taut
breasts that bounced slightly whenever she had to swerve to avoid
someone. A couple of times she looked back at me and gave me a brief
smile as she squeezed my hand lightly.

We reached the corner and looked at each other for a second in the dim
light. I looked closely at her face and said “I don’t think I know

She smiled at me quickly and said “My name’s Judy. I’m on the swim team
with Monica.”

“And you had a birthday present from her?”

She paused for a second. Then she looked me in the eye and said “I *am*
a birthday present from her.”

“What do you mean by that?” She couldn’t have meant what I thought she
meant. She must have been here to give me a backrub or something.

“Here.” She dug into her purse and found a slightly crumpled, sealed
envelope. She pressed it into my hands and said “Open it.”

The outside of the envelope was completely blank except for two typed
words in the middle of the front side:


I carefully tore open the envelope. A single sheet of laser-printed
paper was inside. I walked over to a window and read the message by the
orange sodium light on the porch:

Dear Jeff,

Happy Birthday! I’m very sorry I wasn’t able to be with you today.
However, I am giving you a present so that you won’t miss me too much
this week. Your present is named Judy, and she is a good friend of mine
from the swim team. Judy has been instructed to sexually satisfy you in
any way you wish, at any time between today and next Friday. Upon your
command, she will fuck you, give you blowjobs, and allow you to tie her
up or do anything else to her that crosses your mind. The only
limitations on what you can do are:

1. No permanent damage, of course.
2. No unprotected sex.
3. No bringing in other people. This gift is for you alone. I
wouldn’t want to fuck other guys for your birthday, so I don’t see why
my proxy should, either.

Enjoy! Control of your present began at the time you opened this
envelope, and she is waiting for your first instruction. I hope you
take the fullest advantage of your present, and think of me whenever you
use her. I love you and can’t wait to get back from this dig to be with
you again.


My hands were shaking as I carefully refolded the note and placed it in
my shirt pocket. Monica and I had brought other people into our sex
play before, but never like this. We always talked about it and planned
it out for weeks beforehand. Not only did it make the final experience
more satisfying, but getting turned on from the planning was also a
benefit. Until now, we were always together when we brought in someone
new. As Monica put it, “We never fool around behind each other’s
backs. We do it to each other’s faces.”

I looked at Judy again. She was standing next to me with her cup of
beer, looking me straight in the eye. Maybe this was some sort of weird
joke of Monica’s. We had enjoyed B&D before, and had discussed it with
like-minded people, but I’d never seen or heard of Judy when we were
playing our games. I held up the piece of paper and said “This says
that you’re supposed to do whatever I want.”

“I know. Monica dictated it to me, and I typed it up. Anything you
want, aside from those three rules.” I was getting nervous and hard at
the same time. Monica had been my “slave for a night” a few times, but
it was always just for the night, never longer. “Where are you going to
stay for the next week?”

“Where do you want me to stay? I could sleep with you in your bed, or
on your floor, or you could sleep in my room. My roommate won’t mind.”
I was still looking for an excuse not to do this. I was on the verge of
coming in my pants, and I didn’t always trust my judgment when I was
this turned on. “Don’t you have class next week?” She shook her head.
“Nothing I can’t skip. I did all my homework yesterday, and I can get
handouts later.”

I couldn’t hold back. I smiled and shook my head in disbelief. “I
guess I’m out of excuses then. Hold still, I want to look at you.” She
stood up straight and I stared at her body again. This time I was in
front of her and I made no attempt to hide my gaze as I slid my eyes
down and back up her form. She was truly magnificent. Most college B&D
types are humanities students, and they are generally out of shape, with
the more attractive women being softly voluptuous. Judy was a swimmer,
and her body was incredible, without a trace of unwanted fat. Rather
than being large and soft, her breasts were small and tight, and looked
like they would be resilient to my touch.

I had to test her obedience right there. I looked around to see if
anyone was watching us, then brought my left hand to her breast. When
my palm touched the fabric she almost recoiled, but stopped herself
before she could pull away. She took a deep breath, and her breast
pressed into my hand as her chest expanded. Still checking for
onlookers, I began to massage her breast through her shirt in the
crowded room. She was just as I had expected, firm and toned. I could
feel her hard nipple under the knit, and gave it a soft squeeze. I
looked at her face. She was red as a beet and chewing on her lower lip
as she fought to keep control of herself, but she stared straight ahead
into my face as I fondled her. I dropped my hand to her crotch and
pushed in slightly. She spread her legs a bit, and I pressed my hand
against her sex. She was very hot. I took my hand back and she let go
of her lip as she breathed out.

“Go into the bathroom and take off your bra. I want to feel your naked
breast under your shirt, then we’ll go.” She turned and left for the
bathroom. I waited in my corner, trying to hide my huge bulge. My own
sex slave! For a week! All my malicious thoughts towards Monica
evaporated as I considered the possibilities. I’d have to pace myself,
or I might run out of imagination by Monday. Okay, maybe Tuesday. I
looked around to see if there were any other B&D people at this party.
No one I knew was there except for Chuck, my old roommate. He was
talking with some people I didn’t know, possibly members of the frat
house. As I waited for Judy to get back, I stood and waved to him,
until he saw me and waved back. I caught his attention like that twice
more before she returned. Her white shirt hugged her loose tits
tightly, and I could see the outlines of her hard nipples as she stood
in front of me. She was holding another red cup of beer.

“Put your beer down.” I said. She did. “I don’t want you to drink
anything this week, or take any drugs. I want you sober at all times.
Okay?” She nodded. “Okay, now stand up straight.” I brought my hand
back to her chest, and began to knead her breast again as I waited for
Chuck to look at me again. I had waved to him enough so that he was
certain to take another look to see what I was up to. Sure enough, he
glanced my way as he talked animatedly with one of his friends. He gave
me one look that placed me, then another look when he noticed that I was
with a pretty girl. When he took his second look, I took my hand off
Judy’s chest, then slid it under her shirt until it rested on her naked

We were standing together closely and at an angle, so only a few people
could see just what we were doing, and of those few people, only Chuck
was looking. His reaction was classic. Whatever he was talking about,
he stopped in mid-sentence and gawped as I tweaked Judy’s nipple in full
view. He turned to his friends and tried to point us out to them, but I
quickly pulled my hand from under her shirt and began to talk to her,
just like any of the other couples that were near us. Chuck’s friends
were trying to figure out what was going on, and Chuck himself looked
like he was about to go insane. I couldn’t help laughing when I saw the
expression on his face, when he realized no-one would believe him. Judy
was smiling too, as she guessed at what I had just done. “Okay, Judy.”
I said. “Let’s go.”

We left the frat house and walked to my apartment. As we walked, I put
my hand in down the back of her shorts and rested it against her warm
cheek. Judy made no objection, although she had to walk with an uneven
gait to compensate for my hand. “So how did you get to be my birthday
present?” I asked her.

“Oh, that?” She looked at me with an oddly sunny smile. “Monica and I
were talking about our boyfriends, and she was telling me how you
introduced her to bondage and stuff, and I was like, ‘Hey, I can do
that!’ so then we started talking about stuff we’d done, and it just
kind of came up.”

“What stuff did you do?” My interest was piqued. She just shrugged and
said “Other stuff. I don’t tell people what I do with other people.
It’s bad for my reputation.” She laughed. “Anyway, it’s better this
way, because this way I’ll do what you think of, and not what you’ve
heard I’ll do. That’s why you’re the master, right?” She poked me a
little. “And why haven’t you called me slave, yet? Why are you still
calling me Judy?”

“Slave seems too general. I can never identify with it. I need a name
for you.”

“Well, then give me a name.” She said. “Something other than Judy.”

We walked in silence as I tried to think of an appropriate name for her.
Judy wasn’t like anyone else I had topped. She had a way of acting
servile without actually being servile. As a top, you were supposed to
discourage that, but it seemed right for her. I rubbed her ass with my
hand absently. Her gluts tightened every time she took a step forward.
Monica swam to stay in shape, but she was nothing like this. I guessed
that Judy swam competitively.

“Swimmer.” I said. She looked at me. “Your name will be Swimmer.”

She nodded her head and said “Okay.” I pulled my hand out of her shorts
and gave her rear a hard swat before she figured out what I was doing.
She yelped. “It doesn’t matter if you think it’s okay. I’m the master,
and I decided the name. And don’t shout when I punish you. It’s bad
form.” I gave her another swat for yelping, right on the upper thighs.
She jumped a bit, but remained quiet. I placed my hand back in her
shorts and we walked the rest of the way to my apartment.

As soon as we were inside the door I had her undress for me. She took
off her clothes casually and left them in a heap next to the door. Once
she was nude, she walked over and sat down on the couch next to me. I
was at a loss for what I wanted to do first with her, so I told her to
stand up and display her body for me. She stood and held her arms out,
then turned around slowly so that I could view her from all angles. It
was going to be a great week. Swimmer was a hardbody, and she looked
like she could go all night and not get tired. By the time she
completed a full turn, I had decided that the best thing to do would be
to start out slow. I got up and had her follow me into the bedroom.
She stood and watched me as I took my clothes off and lay on the bed.

Stretching out on my stomach, I told her to give me a massage. She
climbed onto the bed and knelt next to me as she kneaded my back and
arms. Running her hands lower, she moved to my ass, and I began to get
hard as she grasped and molded my butt and thighs under her strong
hands. Sensing my arousal, she slid her hand down and in to cup my
balls lightly in her hand. Gasping, I told her to stop immediately.
The massage was good, and I didn’t want to interrupt it just yet for
sex. I told her to continue working on my legs. When she finished, I
turned over and had her do my front. Swimmer’s technique was very
different from Monica’s, and she felt exotic as she loosened up my chest
and arms. I got hard again when she moved down towards my crotch, and
this time I didn’t stop her when she took me in her hands.

“Just a hand job for now, Swimmer.” She nodded and stroked my cock,
unafraid to hold it with a firm grip. Her free hand covered my
testicles, and gently massaged them as she slowly fisted her hand up and
down my shaft. A drop of pre-come leaked out of the tip, and she spread
it over my shaft, providing lubrication to let her move her hand more
quickly. Swimmer’s talented hands were too much for me, and I came
quickly. With a loud groan, I spurted my come over my chest and
stomach. When she had finished stroking me, Swimmer silently got up and
walked to the bathroom, returning with a wad of toilet paper. She
carefully mopped the come off my chest, then brought the wad of paper to
her nose for an experimental sniff. She walked back to the bathroom to
flush the paper.

When she returned, I said “That was an excellent hand-job, Swimmer. I
am going to reward you by giving you your own hand job.” “You don’t
need to do that, master…” “Sir is fine, and I want to reciprocate. It
will also give me the experience of touching your beautiful pussy.”
Swimmer blushed all the way down to her breasts when she heard me say
that. I had her sit on her knees by my side, and open her legs. From
this position, it was easy for me to place my hand between her legs and
run my finger over her lips.

She must have really been enjoying the hand job she gave me, because she
was very wet, and my middle finger slid inside of her easily when I
probed her. As I pushed my finger inside, she began to flush deeply and
clench against me as she fought to hold her position. Looking up, I
could see her face and breasts were a deep shade of red as I moved my
finger in and out. When I began to rub my thumb against her clit, she
opened her mouth and began to breathe heavily.

Just when she was about to come, I pulled my middle finger out of her
and rested my hand against her outer lips. I lay my index finger
against my middle finger, then slid the two fingers back into her pussy.
When she felt this increased size, she began to shake when I brought my
fingers in and out of her. When I brought my thumb back to her clit,
she twitched, then clamped her pussy around my hand as she came
violently. Immediately she looked embarrassed, and she looked away from
me as she thanked me for getting her off.

I was tired, and I had to figure out just what I wanted to do with my
newfound slave, so I decided to call it a night. I told Swimmer to get
under the covers with me, and we fell asleep together as I made my plans
for the coming week.