Tied Up Wife

Outwardly, most Americans maintain the strait-laced middle-class look that belies the social ferment behind closed doors.

There is the secret use of drugs, fed by the marijuana syndrome. There is the river of alcohol flooding from door to door under the euphemism of social drinking. Then, of course, there is the advent of sexual fantasies brought to life.

TIED UP WIFE is the story of one young woman, Diane, who gradually discovers that other people have some startling and perverse fantasies they are desperate to play out. And she finds that she also enjoys them. Her story is a minor of a way of life behind many closed doors. No facade, no regrets. Indeed, to Diane, her behavior and fantasies become a norm.

TIED UP WIFE — a novel of fiction for entertainment. A page from our restless society as food for serious thought.


“Ummm, not here, Paul. Not here!” moaned Diane.

“Then where? Here?” His hand moved back along her pinkly scalloped pussy-lips until he found her puckered anus. His finger stabbed out and into her depths.

She moaned again, moving her ass around the impaling finger stuck so deep up her ass. The dental assistant tried to concentrate on what she had come in to speak to Doctor Allen about. It was getting harder to think by the second.

That wasn’t all that was getting harder. As the dentist pressed closer to her, she could feel his prick stiffening into a swollen, steely fucking tool. There was no question what he wanted to do with it, either.

Normally, Diane would have readily agreed. She and Paul Allen had been getting it on for months and months. It worked out beautifully with them. The patients seldom filled up an entire day’s work schedule.

The fucking did.

She pressed her pussy mound downward so that it filled the man’s hand. He gripped it a little tighter and began wiggling his finger in her ass. As he flexed it, she felt tiny ripples of delight pass into her body. It was indescribable. And it was causing a flood of cunt-juices to leak from her twat and pour all over the dentist’s hand.

“Hmmm,” he said in his best professional manner, “I see that you are in dire need of attention. From me, of course.”

“Oh, Paul!”

She threw her arms around his neck and pulled his head down. Their lips met in a passionate kiss. At first, that’s all it was — a kiss. Then her lips parted a bit and his tongue came charging into her mouth. Once there, tongues met and erotically dueled until they were both gasping for breath.

The nurse used her tongue to good advantage to stimulate both of them. She lightly flicked the tip against the man’s. Then she stroked up and down the sides of his tongue. Not satisfied with this, she lured his tongue into her mouth.

Once it passed her lips, she lightly bit down, formed her lips in a perfect seal around it and sucked. She sucked as hard as she could to get the excited blood into the very tip. Then she teased and tormented it with her own pinkly fleeting tongue.

“Ummm, God, you taste good,” the man finally said as soon as she released him from her oral prison. “No wine ever tasted sweeter than your mouth!”

“Why, Paul, so poetic today.”

“Poetically horny!”

He pressed his muscular body against her softer one until they were sprawled across his desk. The entire time, he never once took his flexing finger from her anus.

She let the waves of passion ripple through her body. At first, she had felt the warmth building in her belly. When his finger drove all the way up her asshole, a stab of white hot, carnal delight had blasted into her loins. As he moved that finger slowly in and out of her in a mock butt-fucking, she knew she was lost in passion.

Nothing less than his prick would satisfy her now. And all she’d wanted was to talk with her employer! Some days, you couldn’t lose.

She spread her legs wider in wanton invitation to the dentist. His hand was covered with her oily fuck fluids. That alone would give him the clue that she was hot and ready to fuck.

“Get that skirt up and out of my way,” he ordered.

She lifted her ass a bit off the desk and pulled at her primly starched uniform. Soon, when it was hiked up around her waist, she lowered her firm butt back down to the desk. By this time, his finger had left her.

“I feel so hollow inside. And cold! Fill me up with something long and hard and hot!”

“Gee, what could it be?” he asked as he unzipped his pants. His prick leaped out, eager as a racehorse in the starting gate.

“I’m sure we’ll think of something.”

“Oh, yes, something will come up.”

“I thought it had.” She reached out and gripped his erect prick and pulled him toward her. The blunt nose of the cock was a fierce purple knob and already throbbing with lust.

She didn’t want to wait and she doubted if Paul did either. They were both taking a little break from seeing all the patients. It got to be a real drag looking down into peoples mouths all day long. This was a hell of a lot better than any coffee break.

It perked them both up and dulled their boredom at peering into the next patient’s wide-open mouth.

The nurse would much rather have something like his cock shoved into her wide-open cunt. That was where it was at for her. She didn’t mind sucking him off, but her cunt! That was the hot bed of activity. That was where she got her big thrills from fucking.

“Go on, Paul darling, fuck me good! I want to feel your big, swollen prick fucking me!”

“Greedy bitch. That’s all you ever think of, isn’t it? Fuck, fuck, fuck, that’s all.”

“Right! Now do it!”

He laughed and positioned himself between her widespread legs. His cock was being pulled toward her cunt. They both gasped when his glans touched her pussy lips. A bolt of sexual energy surged through the woman’s body as his prick passed between her cunt-lips and into the juicy tunnel beyond. She closed her eyes and reveled in the ecstasy of the moment.

Getting Paul’s cock shoved all the way up her cunt always affected her this way. He was so damned big! And not just long, his prick was big around in girth. He stretched her cunt-lips to the breaking point. And she loved every second of it!

“Go on, fuck me hard!”

“Just wait. Be patient, you bitch. God, every time it’s like you’re in heat or something. Let me enjoy this moment, huh?”

And he was. Buried balls deep in the woman’s seething cunt, he was letting the juices soak his prick, lubricating his cock for the really furious fucking yet to come. And there was something about remaining motionless inside her clutching twat that turned him on.

Maybe it was just the feel of an aroused woman’s cunt clinging to his prick. Surrounded by the hot sheath of pussy, he felt invincible. He could tackle the world and win.

He wanted to enjoy the quiet moment before the frenzied storm of fucking.

She began working on his prick in subtle ways. Tensing and relaxing her cunt-walls produced an effect something like a fist grabbing his cock, then massaging it. He felt the ripples run up and down his entire length of buried prick. She was telling him to fuck her.

He held off a bit longer. The feel of the cunt-juices trickling out and down onto his balls made him want to laugh. It was a prickly feeling and one he enjoyed. No one but an aroused woman would leak out juice like that.

Finally he couldn’t stand it any more. He had to move in her tightly clinging pussy. She was making sure his prick was stimulated to the bursting point and he didn’t want to cream like some teenaged kid getting his first piece of ass. He wanted this to be good. Even great.

“Fuck me,” she moaned softly.

Her body had come alive at the first touch of the man’s prick. Then, when he had fucked into her and refused to move beyond that, she found herself strangely aroused. It had never been that way before. The warmth seemed to spread like wildfire from that long, thick shaft of man meat resting so comfortably in her well-oiled cunt.

The fires burned and spread throughout her belly. Then it leaped and went racing up her spine. Her entire body was tensed and ready for the fucking. And his prick lay in her cunt without moving, save for an occasional twitch.

Tensing her stomach muscles produced the first sign that he wasn’t made out of iron. She tried massaging his entire cock, a little bit at a time. It had taken her years to learn how to control those muscles. She didn’t even remember how many men she had practiced on. It had been a lot — and it had been worth it.

Now she was in total control of her cunt. She could make a man do anything she wanted after he drove his cock into her seething hot cunt. That was her secret, that was her joy in life.

The dentist began withdrawing his prick inch by slow inch. She felt the vacuum forming behind his prick. The suction threatened to pull her guts out with it. She moaned softly and then really tightened up her belly muscles. She wanted to keep him from leaving. She hadn’t liked it all that much when he simply stayed inside her without moving.

Now she decided having him in her cunt and not moving was preferable to not having him up her cunt at all.

“No, noooo! Don’t leave meeee!”

“Shit, gotta do something. You’re burning me down to a stub with that hot pussy of yours.”

She gripped the edge of the desk with both hands. Her knuckles turned white from the powerful squeezing she was exerting. Her entire body was starting to quiver and shake from reaction to the fucking.

When the thick head of his cock remained inside her pussy-lips, she almost fainted from, it. She’d thought passing out while being fucked was something only the heroines in the silly romantic fantasies did. Now she knew the real power of a man’s prick on a woman.

He slipped back up her oily cunt with a smooth, even motion. She gasped again as he stretched her pussy-walls to the breaking point. He was big. Very big. And she loved it every inch of it!

“Ride me, ride me hard! I need you in me!”

She closed her eyes and reveled in the sensations smashing into her body through the man’s prick. The warmth had begun to spread. Her guts were being devoured and she was burning up.

As she twisted on the desk, his cock gave the first indication of real arousal. It danced a little bit. She tensed her cunt muscles and gripped down firmly on his prick. The cock began jerking with more passion.

And then he yanked it from her body with a wet plop.

She started to protest. Then she let out along, low gasp as he rammed back into her softly yielding cunt with all the power locked in his hips. The man was turning into a fucking machine. He would be able to relentlessly fuck her the rest of the day using this tempo. And that was exactly what she wanted.

“Go, go on, ohhh, yeah! So goooood!”

“So damn tight,” he muttered. “I wonder how you stay tight. I’m not the only stud fucking you and yet that pussy of yours is virgin-tight. Never heard of cunt transplants. Ummm!”

She tensed her muscles again. She didn’t have to tell him she kept in trim. She swam quite a bit and even tried the jogging routine to keep in shape. Nothing pleased her more than a man admiring her body. And she wanted to keep in trim so that more men would admire her.

She was getting quite a workout right now from the dentist’s cock. He was driving it fiercely into her cunt and making her sweat. The beads of perspiration had formed early on in the fucking.

Now she was completely drenched with sweat.

She lifted her long, slender legs and wrapped them around the man’s waist. She didn’t want him running away from her before he’d finished. She didn’t think he would, but she wanted to make certain. Besides, she could pull him into her cunt with just enough extra force to make this fucking really worthwhile.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” she chanted. She wanted him to get a rhythm established and then stick with it. Only then could she feel the full power of his cock.

His mighty bludgeon of cock surged between her pussy-lips and burned brightly the entire length of her cunt. His eight-inch prick sought and found all the right spots on its trip into her belly. He touched nerves and stimulated parts of her pussy that other, lesser men would have missed.

She could give as much in a fucking as she got — and that was a hell of a lot.

“You get tighter every time I fuck you. Damn, oh damn!”

She tightened up her grip around his waist and really pulled his crotch into hers. She felt his balls wetly slapping against her upturned ass. And their loins were grinding together in the most erotic mixture she could think of.

The man’s balls began to tighten up when he felt her pussy fur rubbing across his bush. The nuts trapped inside his hairy sac started bouncing around like ping pong balls gone berserk.

Then he knew it wasn’t going to be very long before he came. The way his balls were churning, he was turning, into a pressure cooker with only one safety valve: the piss-prick hole at the end of his cock.

His white-hot come would jet out the end of his prick and cream her cunt good. He tried to hold back. He really tried, but it did no good. She was too hot. The woman’s cunt almost sucked him dry.

The tide of his passion blasted out the tip of his prick and white-washed her cunt. He wasn’t sure if she came or not. He was too wrapped up in his own orgasm to bother.

All he knew was that her cunt clutched with feverish intensity all along his cock. She squeezed down on him with impressive strength as he continued fucking her tight cunt.

And then he was milked dry. There wasn’t anything left. As his prick limply slipped for her come-filled cunt hole, she looked up at him and said, “You’re losing your touch, Paul. That was too fast.”

“Got problems today. Can’t really keep them in, I guess.”

“I suppose I’d better tell you what I wanted to talk with you about. Before you got so damned horny.”

He looked at the beautiful nurse and nodded a go-ahead.

“I’m getting married, Paul. At the end of the month.”

He sighed. “To Matt, I assume. Well, congratulations. But I hope this doesn’t mean I’m going to be losing you as a dental assistant.”

“I don’t know yet. The money might be a little tight at first and I might have to keep on working. But we’ll see.”

He went around his desk and slumped into his overstuffed chair. It was going to be one of those days. He could tell.


“I suppose if that’s the way it has to be, it has to be all right with me. Can’t hardly argue against you getting married, can I?”

She smiled at Paul. Diane knew she had him over a barrel. But she always managed him just right. Their relationship had been an odd one from the very beginning. She had started fucking him simply to keep harmony in the office.

At first, there hadn’t been much of an attraction to him. As time went on, she found how easy it was to get things out of the dentist simply by asking, implying a little sex, then carrying through and fucking the hell out of him.

So easy, too easy. She loved him for his cocksmanship, but she also found herself pitying him a little bit for falling so easily for her feminine charms.

Spread herself open for him and he’d jump through a hoop. Diane wasn’t sure she liked that in a man.

She sighed as she thought about Matt Vance. Matt wasn’t like that. He was made of sterner stuff. He knew the real value of a man-woman relationship. When he snapped out a command, he expected to be obeyed instantly. No amount of back talk or cajoling could take care of him if he thought he wasn’t getting the respect he deserved.

Diane turned to Paul and said, “It’s not that bad. You’ve been talking about expanding the office. You could hire two new dental assistants instead of just one.”

“I’d rather stick with you and Barbara.”

“I’m sure you would. But times change, Paul. It’s not every day a man like Matt comes along and sweeps me off my feet.”

He idly rubbed his crotch. “Yeah, right off your feet. Oh well, time for another patient. Barb and I can handle him so don’t worry about it. I suspect you’ve got another luncheon date with your hubby to be.”

She realized he was being a bit bitter about this. But she didn’t blame him. Getting his ashes hauled whenever there was a lull in the office tedium couldn’t last forever. With her leaving the office, he would have to recruit some other hot to trot dental assistant.

That might not be too easy.

Paul got up and put on his white jacket. Despondent, he left to go work on still another mouth filled with rotted and decaying teeth.

Diane watched him go and decided she was going to give him a real thrill. She owed him something for the fine times they’d had together. He might not have been the most dominant man in the world but he was a good lay. What more could she have asked for the past couple years? It had filled her with pleasure every time they’d fucked.

She edged out of his office and watched from the open door of the examining room. Paul was bent over the patient and extracting instrument after instrument from the hands of Barbara, the other assistant.

Barbara saw Diane and the fiendish smile on her face. She wrinkled her forehead a little, questioning what was about to happen. Then she knew. She saw Diane drop to her knees and crawl into the room so that the patient couldn’t possibly see what was happening.

Paul didn’t notice either. And that was what made it so much fun for the woman.

She pressed a finger against her lips, cautioning Barbara to silence.

Diane moved into a kneeling position just inches away from Paul’s crotch. Fingers as deft as any pickpocket’s, she unbuttoned his white tunic and found the metal track of his zipper. She carefully unzipped it without his knowing what was happening.

From then on, he knew. He had to. She reached into his pants and pulled his prick out before he could protest. Then it was too late for him to utter even one word to her. She lifted his limp prick and held it to her lips. Kissing it, she felt a tiny stirring in its limp length. Then his cock began to rise. Soon, it was about half-erect.

No fucking tool yet, it was on its way. She decided to hurry his prick along. Licking and kissing the entire length was nice, but sucking was even better medicine for it. She stuffed the tip into her mouth and sucked for all she was worth.

The man groaned and almost dropped one of the stainless-steel instruments. He gulped and said, “Sorry, Mr. Hunt. I, uh, I have a touch of hay fever and I almost sneezed. Can’t have that.”

Diane heard an incoherent muttering from the man with his mouth propped wide open.

“Better get back to work,” Paul said, as much to himself as to Diane.

She immediately gave his prick all the attention it could stand. Paul’s cock stiffened immediately and stood tall and proud in front of the doctor’s groin. She looked at it in pride for a moment. She had caused it to rise up like that.

The shaft of his prick gleamed with her saliva. The purple knob on the very end of his prick was pulsing with desire, desire she had brought to the surface. Digging inside his pants, she pulled his hairy balls out into the open.

Then she really began kissing and licking his cock and balls. She kissed up one side, stopped for a moment to give the glans a special sucking, then went back down the other side until she came to his balls.

The man was shifting his weight from one foot to the other in his nervousness. She knew what passions must be rippling inside his groin. He wouldn’t be able to say a singe word, though. He couldn’t tell her how much he loved the feel of her soft, wet lips on his prick.

She sucked and took in a mouthful of hairy balls. Pressing her tongue against the side of the bag, she could feel his balls tumbling and lurching in their heavy stew of jism. It wouldn’t be long before she could sample the creamy load held inside.

“Good, very good,” he said in a low, choked voice. She knew he was talking to her. There was no need to say anything like that to either the patient or the other dental, assistant.

This spurred her on. He was enjoying it. And she enjoyed the feeling of power she had over him. He was on the receiving end and he couldn’t do a damned thing about it. She loved the sensations of power so much her cunt began churning and oozing out its thick oils.

How she needed a cock fucking her!

But she would have to be satisfied with sucking the dentist off. Not that she didn’t get her kicks from that. But it wasn’t anything like feeling the prick dig between her pinkly scalloped pussy-lips to plunge balls deep into her steamy cunt.

The thick, musky taste of an aroused man coated her tongue. She burrowed her nose, into the man’s bush and smelled his excitement then. Everything about him signaled to her that he was getting off on this mouth-love in a big way. Probably as much of his excitement came from the fact it was in public, in front of a patient, as from the fact that she was expert at giving blow jobs.

She’d never had any complaints from any man on the receiving end. And she didn’t figure that Paul Allen would complain. Not the way her mouth was gobbling up his cock and balls.

“I like the way this is going,” the dentist said in his low, choked voice. “I think I like it a lot.”

There was some gargling from the patient who wondered what the hell the dentist was talking about. But that was one of the benefits of being a dentist. YOU never had to carry on a two-way conversation.

Diane jockeyed for position to be better able to take the man’s cock entirely into her mouth. She was going to really give him head this time. All the way down her throat.

Her head bobbed up and down a few times sending a cascade of her rich, black hair across the man’s crotch. She was getting ready for the big plunge which would take her all the way back to his balls — with his cock spearing into her mouth.

Finally ready, she pursed her lips in a tight O around his prick and sucked. He groaned. Her head moved a little lower. More of his prick went into her hot, humid mouth.

Using her tongue to roughly cradle his cock was a stroke of genius. It was stimulating the most sensitive portion of the man’s cock. And then she felt the rubbery tip of his cock bounced off the roof of her mouth. It was sliding down into her throat before she knew it.

Once, it had almost hung up at her tonsils. A quick swallow and then the ugly red shaft was all the way down into her throat. She was no Linda Lovelace but she knew how to take a man’s, cock — all of it — into her throat. There was a trick to it.

She swallowed hard a few times. Then she had to move her head off his cock. Her air had been shut off all during this wonderful example of mouth love.

When only the thick purple glans remained inside her mouth, she heaved a few gusty, sobbing sighs. It was good to have air gusting into her lungs again, but it wasn’t so good losing that lovely prick which had been buried all the way down her throat.

She decided to make up for the loss by really face fucking herself on his cock. Her lips tightened around the huge cock and then she shoved her face downward towards his crotch.

She didn’t get all the way, nor did she want to. Just far enough to give them both the utmost in stimulation was her goal. Her tongue dashed and flew all, over the man’s prick until he was dancing along with it.

“I, uh, my foot went to sleep. Sorry, Mr. Hunt,” he told his patient lamely. The sucking nurse doubted the patient believed this. She wouldn’t in his place, but then what would she have believed?

Certainly not that the dentist was getting a blow job while he was working on a patient’s mouth!

She started really driving her head down on his prick. This was the most fun she’d had all day. She loved feeling him squirm in nervousness. The power she held over him was supreme. No matter what he said or did, he couldn’t escape her. And there was no way he could ever tell the patient what was going down.

He’d look like a sex-crazed fool.

No patient would ever understand how a hot nurse had sneaked into the room on her hands and knees just to give her boss a surprise blow job. That was stretching the imagination to the breaking point.

That was part of the power she held over him. The rest was in her sucking mouth. She held him a prisoner as long as her lips were curled around his turgid, jerking cock. He was about ready to come. That was an added factor in her slavery of the man. She controlled him not with a whip but with her sucking mouth. And they both knew it.

She really got into the face fucking. His prick split her lips wide and drove toward the back of her mouth. She didn’t allow him to go all the way down her throat this time. Her tongue controlled him perfectly.

She used that rough, wet flail to make certain that he wasn’t going to choke her at the wrong time. She didn’t mind swallowing him whole. She just didn’t want him to do it at his convenience. She wanted to be ready for it when his prick descended into her throat.

The pink tongue swirled with an erotic fury that few men have ever known. It lightly touched on the underside of his prick, then drove mercilessly into his piss-slit. They both knew it wasn’t possible to shove her tongue down that pin-prick-sized hole. That didn’t matter. Trying was enough to give them both a big thrill of sexual electricity.

Her mouth churned around the man’s cock until they were both breathing heavily. Her hot wind gusted out and through the thick bush surrounding his balls. Every little whisper of breath made him that much more aware of what was going on.

She felt his cock give a tell-tale jerk. Her tongue flashed to the end of his prick. Beaded there was a bitter drop of pre-cum. She licked it off and savored its tangy flavor. Even batter was to come.

A torrent of creamy white jism was on its way!

Sucking with all her might she felt his cock begin to swell even more. She hadn’t thought it possible, but it happened. Her lips were strained to the breaking point when a fountain of pearly come blasted into her mouth.

She quickly pressed her tongue over the end of his spewing cock. She didn’t want to miss a singe drop of that precious seed.

The salty taste thrilled her more than she cared to admit. She was the one responsible for this outpouring of jism. She had sucked his prick until he was no longer able to keep control. And she savored the taste treat she had brought on.

The gallons of come filled her mouth. She swallowed, then swallowed again. And it was all over. No more came from the end of his prick. Sucking as hard as she could failed to produce any more. She had milked his balls dry of their creamy load.

“S-see you next w-week, Mr. H-Hunt,” the dentist stammered.

“You better see a doctor, Doctor,” the man said, irate. “That hay fever of yours is turning you into a very nervous man.”

“Right. Thanks. I will.”

Diane scooted out of the room before the patient got to his feet. Paul self-consciously pulled his tunic back down over his fly. He didn’t want the departing man to see his limp prick dangling out of his pants.

Diane leaned against the wall in the next room and came close to laughing. It was so easy to keep the dentist happy — and under her thumb. Too easy.

It was a good thing Matt wasn’t like that.


Diane hurried to Matt in the sidewalk cafe. She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him soundly.

In return, he put his strong arms around her waist and spun her in a wide circle. “God, it’s only been a couple hours since I saw you and it seems like a year!”

“The same! I’ve missed you!” She kissed him again to let him know just how much she had missed him. Her lips parted and her tongue came fluttering out to grapple with his.

For a moment, the world stopped around them.

They were locked in each other’s arms and that was all that mattered. They were both panting with excitement. She felt his prick rising between their close-pressed bodies.

He would have fucked her right there, in public, if she had given him the chance. He was that hot for her.

She kicked him in the shin. “That’s for starting something you can’t finish!”

“Ouch. But you’re right. We could get arrested if I did finish what you started.”

“Arrested for what?” she teased.

“Hmmm, giving a public performance without the proper permit,” he answered. “But I’m hungry. And for some food, too.”

She laughed. It was so good being with Matt again. She took hold of his powerful arm and let him guide her through the maze of tables to one secluded at the edge of the building.

“Reserved and for us,” he told her. “Because, my dear, I have plans for this lunch.”

“Plans? Like what?”

“Come closer and I’ll show you.”

“Sounds good so far.”

She shoved her tits firmly against his chest. Then she began wiggling back and forth enough to stimulate them. She sighed in reaction. Her nipples were taut and felt as if they would explode at any moment. Excited blood had rushed into her tits, expanding them to the breaking point.

Rubbing against her lover made her even more aware of how much she needed his strength, his masculinity to guide her through this complex modern world. He was a pillar of strength to depend on. He wouldn’t let her down — ever.

And then she felt his fingers squeezing her asscheeks. She moved a bit closer. This was deliciously sinful. Him fondling her ass in public!

And then his hands burrowed under her uniform skirt. She tried to stop him, but his embrace was too strong. She buried her face in his chest and wondered what he was up to. She could still feel his cock pulsing strongly between them. Whatever it was, it excited him immensely.

Then she got excited, too.

His fingers looped under the elastic band of her panties. He began tugging on the flimsy underwear until he had it pulled down over the flare of her ample ass. Then he quickly shoved the fabric down her slender legs!

“Kick them away,” he ordered.

“No! Wait, Matt, this is…”

“Do it!”

She did it. She didn’t want to sit there in the hard metal chair with only her stiffly starched uniform between her and coldness, but it didn’t seem she had any choice.

“What are you doing?” she asked in a low, husky voice.

“Shut up and sit down. Here comes the waitress with the menus.”

Diane did as she was told. The metal chair seemed even colder to her, but that was all in her mind. She kept telling herself that it was purely psychological that she felt more uncomfortable now than before. Those flimsy panties were hardly any protection against anything. But they did cover her naked snatch.

Now she had to be careful crossing her legs so as not to expose her nakedness to any casual passerby.

She realized this was why Matt had done this to her. It was his way of showing her he could protect her against anything. With him, she was safe. She hoped.

“What’ll it be today?” asked the waitress.

Diane vaguely heard Matt give his order, then he said, “What will you have, honey?”

As she opened her mouth to answer, she felt the instep of a foot working up between her thighs. Matt’s foot was stroking and fondling her leg under the table.

“I, uh, I’ll, ohhhh!”

She gasped as his big toe rammed into her cunt-lips. He began toe-fucking her under the table.

She didn’t dare let on that anything was happening. “Anything the matter?” asked the waitress. She didn’t want a customer to pass out on her table.

“N-no, I — just that t-time of month!” Diane blurted. She felt the foot stroking against the softness of her inner thigh. She hated Matt for doing this to her. Rut she realized there was nothing she could do about it. She was held prisoner by the very absurdity of what he was doing to her.

“Humph. Yeah, okay, so order. I got other tables, you know.”

Diane ordered and she couldn’t even remember what. Matt’s educated foot had found her clit and was stimulating it. She felt a bolt of sexual electricity blast into her belly as his toe began diddling her.

He had found her clit and was now rolling the tiny nubbin around like a marble. He pushed it to one side, let it spring back erect, then moved it in the other direction.

She was gasping and red in the face when the waitress returned with their order.

“Honey, you are going to have to see a doctor about these attacks,” Matt told her as soon as the waitress was in earshot.

“It’s okay,” she gasped. “Hayfever. Yes, it’s only hayfever!”

Matt’s toe was finding all the right spots to make her squirm and wiggle with desire. She cursed under her breath when he stuffed his toe back into her gooey cunt.

She should have been able to hold back her desire. She couldn’t. The man knew all the right things to do to her to make her quiver with lust for him.

“D-don’t, please, Matt! Don’t do it to me!”

Diane was struggling to keep her voice low to avoid any more attention. “Stop it! Please, Matt, I beg you!”

“Oh, so you’re begging me now?”


That damned toe! It was working its way deeper into her cunt. She felt his other toes wiggling against her pussy-lips. She was approaching the point of orgasm. She didn’t want to scream and cry out her joy, but it was going to be hard keeping it in.

She came. She was wracked by shuddery sobs. She bit her lower lip so hard blood started welling up to dribble down her chin. But she didn’t scream or attract attention. That was important. She couldn’t let anyone know her boyfriend had taken her panties off and was fucking her with his big toe.

That was out of the question!

As soon as the world came into focus again, she brushed a strand of hair from her eyes and turned to face Matt squarely.

He wasn’t in his chair.

“Matt! Where are you?”

Then she found out. A wet, rough tongue started licking up the inside of her leg. She tried to move away from the pussy-eating man, but it wasn’t possible. He gripped her ankles firmly and kept her from escaping his eager tongue.

“Please, Matt, in public! No!”

She licked away some of the blood still oozing from her tormented lip and rocked back in her chair. She opened her cunt widely to him. It was the only way she could get him to stop. If he had his fill of pussy, he would surely stop tormenting her in public like this.

It was humiliating! She didn’t dare cry out. She would attract unwanted attention. People would come over and ask what the problem was and then see she didn’t have any panties on and that a man was avidly eating her pussy.

She didn’t dare go that far!

The tongue worked all over her pussy mound until her bush was soggy and wet. She felt her cunt churning out her fuck fluids and knew that she needed his mouth clamped firmly on her snatch. Nothing less would do now. He had lit the inner fires; now he would have to put them out — with his questing tongue!

The tender flesh of her upper leg rippled with desire. She felt her belly tighten as the tongue worked its way closer and closer to her cunt-lips.

When the tongue lightly flicked across her turgid pussy-lips, she came.

She was almost ready for it this time. She gripped the edge of the table with a ferocious grip until she thought the metal would bend. Then her raging passions subsided a little.

“Why are you doing this?” she hissed at Matt. “Why, damn you, why?”

“Tastes good,” came his muffled words.

And then she was riveted to the seat again as his tongue began slipping in and out of her juicy cunt. He was tongue-fucking her with all the precision and speed of a machine. He hit all the right places, touched all the nerve-endings in an attempt to make her respond.

She was openly crying now. The tears ran down her cheeks as she hung onto the edge of the table for dear life. That tongue was reaming her out good. It flicked across her clit, then passed down the entire length of her sex gash. When it plunged into her cunt-hole again, she felt the sexual tensions building to the breaking point in her young body.

She opened her eyes and saw the waitress standing there, a puzzled look on her face. The woman said, “Are you sure you’re okay? Look, I can call the manager.”

“Th-that’s fine. Everything’s f-fine!”

“If you say so. Here’s the check. Anything else?”


The waitress shrugged and walked away just as Matt’s driving tongue shot up far into the gooey cunt. She shivered and settled down a bit more in the chair to give him all the cunt he could possibly want to eat. His tongue-fucking was driving her to the brink of orgasm once more.

This time, when she came, she spilled her soup. It hardly seemed important that it ran off the table into her lap. But Matt noticed.

He licked, then said, “When I eat pussy, I want pussy. Not chicken-flavored cunt!”

“You’re spoiled. Go on, man, eat! EAT!”

He slurped and gobbled up her cunt until she was writhing like a fish out of water. She was gasping and panting enough to attract attention. But she didn’t care. That tongue deep up her cunt was all that mattered to her now. It was giving her more pleasure than any three of the people watching had ever felt.

She was happy. Matt cared enough for her to do this in public. He was eating her pussy in public!

She came again, this time with less intensity. Weak, exhausted emotionally and physically, she sagged down into the chair. When she opened her eyes, Matt was sitting across from her as if nothing had happened.

“Wipe the cunt sauce off your lips, darling,” she said.

He lewdly licked it off with just the tip of his tongue.


Diane sat in the chair wiggling back and forth. The way he had eaten her cunt hadn’t satisfied her. Sure, at first, she thought she wouldn’t need anything else in the way of sex for a week. She found out how wrong she was.

She not only wanted cock, she wanted it then and there.

Not in twenty minutes, but then!

“Okay, hot-shot,” she told him. “You turned me on, now you have to pay the piper.”

“Oh? What do you mean?”

“I want that nice, long, hard prick of yours where it will do me the most good.”

“Up your cunt?”

She simply nodded. They both knew how horny she had become. She wasn’t sure if that hadn’t been Matt’s idea from the very beginning. He enjoyed fucking in public places, but they’d never fucked anywhere near as wide open as this restaurant.

That was what had surprised her when he had sneaked under the table to lick and kiss and suck on her cunt. He would do outrageous things and that was why she loved him so. Sex never became boring. He always had a new twist to add as he drove his prick into her juicy twat. Or he could make her feel super simply by licking whipped cream off her body.

That one, bad turned her on so much that they’d fucked for six solid hours. He’d actually complained about being achy and sore the next day. She believed him. The pain in her cunt had finally collapsed into a hollow ache by the end of the second day — but it had been worth it. That long, lazy, frantic night of fucking would be remembered forever.

She’d met Matt Vance purely by accident. They had both gone to a party at a mutual friend’s apartment. He had come stag and her date had left her when she told him she wouldn’t put out for him. Somehow, with Matt, the conversation had always been about sex and this turned her on.

The other guy had been a real loser. Matt was a winner. Matt knew all the right things to say to her to make her feel like a complete woman. And in bed, it was even better. They were something more than human. They may have fucked like rutting animals, but it was almost a religious experience by the time they’d finished.

“Here or somewhere else?” he asked.

“Here,” she said firmly.

“Well, not exactly here. I think it would be wise for us to let some other, hungry people have this table. Let’s fuck in the car.”

The car? She thought about it and decided that was all right with her. The car was in the parking lot with millions of people pressing by it every minute or two. To fuck in broad daylight, in the parking lot, would satisfy their unusual urge to fuck in public.

And it would be a hell of a lot more comfortable than the hard metal chair that her naked ass was planted on at that moment.

Matt paid the bill and guided her through the maze of tables back to the parking lot. As they neared his car, his hand slipped back under her primly-starched uniform. His fingers spread her asscheeks apart and plunged down into the humid canyon.

When his finger found her puckered anus, she almost came. She had been growing more and more excited as time went by. The man’s nearness was enough to get her hot and bothered. The promise of his cock certainly added to her thrill.

But when he shoved his finger a couple knuckles deep up into her ass. That was it. She wanted it all right then. No waiting. She wanted to be fucked on the spot.

Pressing close to him, she kissed him with all the desire locked up in her tender, young body.

He responded, then said hotly in her ear, “Get into the car. We can do it up right there.”

“No!” she protested. “Here, in the middle of the parking lot!”

He laughed and steered her into the car. As long as his finger was flexing back and forth in her asshole, she wasn’t going to disobey him. She couldn’t. That finger could stimulate or punish.

“You’ll do it when and where I say it, you sex-hungry bitch,” he said playfully. But the finger in her ass told her a different message. It told her she had to obey him. He was the one in command and he knew what he wanted to do.

She had to obey.

“In the car?” she asked hopefully.

“I like the thought of balling you in the back seat. It’ll be just like when we were kids and had to go to a drive-in movie to get our rocks off.”

She shivered thinking about that. She’d had some great times in the back seats of cars. True, it wasn’t the easiest way in the world to fuck. It required all manner of dexterity and outright bravery, to try new positions. But she’d lost her cherry at a drive-in.

The woman even remembered the exact instant it had happened. The movie had been a dull one — she always suspected her boyfriend had chosen it for that very, reason. And they had somehow migrated into the back seat. She probably understood what was going on, though she protested later she hadn’t any idea he was going to fuck her.

He had been fumbling about it. The boy was probably as nervous as she was. She doubted if she was his first piece of ass, but he hadn’t knocked off too many. He was too hesitant, too unsure of himself.

Still it had been fun now that she could look back on it. That had opened the doors to a world of sex and fucking and sucking to her that never failed to pleasure her. She couldn’t think of anything she’d rather do in the whole world than screw.

She even considered it a hobby. Some women got off on cooking. Others did macrame. She fucked.

And she was good, damned good at it.

But she had never been better than with Matt. He knew exactly what to do to please her the most. Even better, there was none of the fumbling moves she had come to believe most men went through.

She’d come a long ways since the first time in the backseat of the teenager’s battered second-hand car.

She’d come all the way to the backseat of a plush, 1978 car that was on the endangered species list as “Gas Guzzler”.

“In and let’s fuck,” he said.

The way he shoved her forward, his finger still wiggling around inside her asshole convinced her that arguing was a futile thing to do. Besides, why should she argue? She wanted to fuck Matt as much as he wanted to fuck her.

“As my lord and master requests,” she said with a note of irony in her voice. She missed the sudden blaze in the man’s eyes. He was getting really turned on by the prospect of having such a willing partner in this bizarre fucking.

He quickly followed her in. For a couple seconds, there was the usual jockeying for position. The car was big and wallowing on the road, but the back seat lacked room. It was tight and cramped and Diane had a sudden attack of claustrophobia.

“Let’s go on up front, Matt,” she asked. “This is too crowded back here for my taste.”

“Not for mine. And where my friend is going will be even tighter. At least, it was the last time I checked it out.”

She gasped as his finger found her naked, flowing gash again. He stroked up and down the entire length of her pussy-lips, caressing, fondling, even taking one of the turgid pink lips between thumb and forefinger and massaging it till she was groaning in pleasure.

“You like that, don’t you?”

“I love feeling your hands all over my body, but especially all over my cunt! God, it’s on fire! Finger-fuck me, darling! I want to feel that finger of yours inside my cunt!”

“Is that all you want stuffed up that hot, steamy little passage? You couldn’t be talked into letting me fuck you with this, could I?”

He opened his fly and out jumped his prick. It was long and red with the purple cap at the end. It was obviously ready to fuck her. She wanted to take that cock into her mouth and suck and suck and suck. It just wouldn’t do now.

Not when she had it this close to her tight, hot little cunt. She would rather feel it swelling inside her, fucking her pussy, than suck on it. She loved cock and she was determined to have it.

Like a child going after candy, she grabbed for his cock. He rolled slightly onto his hip so that she could more firmly grip it. He groaned a bit as she squeezed down and began stroking up and down it. The man was giving her the best finger-fucking he could. He expected a little manual love in return. It was only fair.

He had his finger in her gooey cunt. She could jerk him off.

But she protested. “I don’t want to just feel it! Not with only your finger, but your cock! I want your cock in me, fucking me!”

“As you want it, my dear, so you shall get it!”

There was a bit more shuffling around of position and Diane found herself leaning forward between the bucket seats in the car. Her ass was up in the air and fully exposed to the man’s driving prick. She groaned when his cock lightly brushed her naked asscheeks.

She looked out the windshield and saw all sorts of people walking by. She wondered if any of them had the slightest idea what was happening in the car. She didn’t think so. Otherwise, there would have been a difference in the way they walked. They would have been slowing down and trying not to appear to be staring.

All of the people outside were too wrapped up in their own dreary lives to ever appreciate what was happening to her.

Had any of them ever been fucked in broad daylight, in the middle of a parking lot, in the back seat of a car?

The woman didn’t think so.

She groaned again as the mighty pillar of cock pressed firmly between the thick slabs of her buttocks. The purpled knob on the end of his prick dived down into the humid canyon seeking out her asshole.

“No, not there, Matt! My cunt! Fuck me there!”

She didn’t mind having her ass well fucked, but she was more interested in getting that hollow, aching feeling removed from her pussy. She wasn’t a complete woman without cock inside her cunt, fucking her, making her come totally alive. She got it.

She almost passed out as he rammed hard and fast into her juicy cunt. The way his thick cock surged into her spread her delicate cunt walls and stretched them to the breaking point. But she was flexible. Her pussy walls expanded and gripped with passionate intensity all around the man’s invading prick.

“God,” he moaned, “you’re so fuckin’ tight I can hardly stand it! And hot! Christ, you’re burning me to a nubbin!”

“Shut up and fuck me good! Fuck meeeeee!”

She twitched her ass a little bit and felt his long, hard cock stirring around in her cunt. She sighed and shut her eyes to concentrate on the feelings rippling through her tender body. This was what it was all about. This was the ultimate in human pleasure.

She couldn’t think of anything she’d like more than having her cunt filled up with long, hard, powerfully virile prick.

He began moving inside her, gently at first, then with a stronger motion. He rocked back and forth, never really taking his cock more than an inch out of her cunt.

She felt the tiny motions and they were magnified by her acute senses until she was gasping in pleasure. Then he really began fucking her. None of the tiny strokes for him. He used long, deliberate ones designed to reach to the bottom of her greedy cunt.

The wet plopping noise filled the air as his prick sailed in and out of her excited twat. Their bodies weaved a brand-new motion in the air as their passions mounted, as the fury of their fucking increased.

“Yessss,” she hissed between tightly-pressed lips, “thissss issss ittttt!”

His hands gripped her hips and pulled her body into his groin with every stroke. Her ass seemed a perfect fit for his groin. The smooth curve of her buttocks neatly filled the man’s body, made it whole.

And his cock was being gripped with such passion inside her pussy that he could hardly believe it. He felt the tide of his come rising and knew she was milking him much too fast. He wanted to enjoy this fucking longer, a lot longer.

The thrill of actually fucking her in the middle of a busy parking lot, with people coming and going all the time, thrilled him. Perhaps this was what made him so excited. But he doubted that. Sure, the exhibitionism was an added treat, almost a bonus to fucking this lovely woman.

But it was her clutching, clinging cunt that was robbing him of his normal iron control. She was just too hot to handle for long without jetting out a fountain of jism.

He fucked with longer, more powerful strokes. The faster he fucked her, the more friction he built up in her cunt. The warmth ignited his cock, made it feel like the fuse on the keg of powder that was his balls. The heat worked its way back down his entire length of prick.

He hoped the wetness in her seething cunt would help stem the tide of his passion. If anything, the flood of her fuck fluids only made his emotions run wilder than before.

The tide of heat inched along his prick as he continued fucking her tight, hot hole. When it reached his balls, he knew that was it. The sudden lurch of his nuts, then the geyser of his come into her hungry cunt was the end of this fine fucking.

She felt the flood of his jism immediately. It set off a come in her body that wasn’t as big as it should have been. She opened lust-glazed eyes and thought she saw a curious onlooker peering into the car. She wasn’t sure but it gave her a momentary thrill that hadn’t been there before.

Then she sagged forward, limp from the fucking. Still, a nagging monster lurked in her body. She wasn’t satisfied. He had built her up to a monumental fuck and it hadn’t been that good.

For the first time, Diane started to have doubts about the marriage. Matt excited her, but the thrill seemed to be wearing off. What would it be like after a week, a month, a year? Would he still please her?

She had insatiable sexual appetites. They both knew that. Matt was normally able to match her in bed and keep her happy.

But now?

She wondered.

“Better pull down that silly uniform of yours. A cop might come along and think you’re mooning him.”

She turned over and managed to put one leg on each side of the man’s body. It was an uncomfortable position, but two people in the backseat of any car was.

“How was it, Matt?”

He smiled and said, “Super!”

That was what she had been afraid of he’d gotten his rocks off. He had liked it. And he didn’t even realize she wasn’t completely sated sexually. The next question flowed from her lips, almost unbidden.

“What about the wedding?”

“Everything’s set for next Saturday. Not a high-society wedding or anything like that, but fairly big, of course. And then the honeymoon, just the two of us alone up at the lake.”

“Sounds nice,” she said, her heart not in it. Would that honeymoon be nothing more than a week of sheer boredom for her? She hoped not. She hoped that Matt would be able to fuck the entire week long and keep her happy. But the more she thought about this wedding, the less she liked the prospect.

Then she put it out of her mind. It must just be a case of cold feet at the last minute.


Diane was decked out in her full-length wedding gown. She swirled a couple times in front of the mirror, watching the way the material flowed around her. It was so smooth, made of the finest silk. She almost wished she could simply stand there, admiring herself, stroking over the beautiful fabric and not have to go through with the ceremony.

She had gone to the rehearsals and they struck her as stupid. This was all too much stage-acting for two people to live together with the sanctions of society. Still, her parents had wanted it and were picking up the tab for the entire wedding. She couldn’t complain.

But she wished she’d just moved in with Matt and been able to forego all this ceremony and bother.

A timid little knock came at the door.

Standing there in a tux was Matt.

“Let me in!” he whispered.

“Matt! You’re not supposed to see me before the ceremony!”

He pushed his way into the room and said, “Bullshit. It’s all bullshit and we both know it. Now, how about a little kiss?”

The kiss wasn’t so little. His lips crushed passionately against hers. Then his tongue came surging into her mouth to tangle with her tongue. The rough, wet, pink tongue stroked and massaged hers. She was soon gasping for air.

She tried to break off the kiss, but he wouldn’t let her. She decided to surrender to fate and continue with the kiss. Besides, this was so much more fun than simply standing around waiting for the entire thing to get going.

She slipped her tongue past his. As they stroked each other’s tongue, she tasted the wine-sweet saliva of his mouth. That was better than any liquor ever could be. It didn’t get her drunk, it got her horny.

She could feel her cunt beginning to water. She rubbed up against his leg, pressing her twat down hard on his upper thigh. The friction through the layers of cloth wasn’t much, but it was better than nothing at all.

The stimulation she was getting made her hot to fuck. She didn’t want to marry him now, she wanted to fuck him!

“Screw the ceremony, Matt,” she said hotly. “Fuck me!”

“Why not invite in all the guests?”

“I don’t give a damn as long as you’ll fuck me!”

“A quickie wouldn’t be too bad, would it?”

She twined herself around his leg, clutching it between her thighs. She began rocking back and forth so that she could fuck herself on his leg. The friction was warming her pussy-lips, but it left her inner hollowness unattended. She wanted more. She wanted his prick.

His hands began working through the miles of satin to pull up the hem. She didn’t fight him off. Instead, she let her tongue rove back along the line of his jaw to his ear. She stabbed out with her tongue and began a mock-fucking of his ear.

He got the message.

By this time, he had succeeded in lifting the bulky skirt up around her waist. His fingers fumbled a moment, then found the band of her panties. He quickly stripped them off around the flare of her ass.

Then she had her naked, flowing gash exposed to him. His hand still clutched her panties. Almost idly, he thrust the white cotton garment into his pocket, then he pulled down his zipper. His prick snapped to attention, ready for action.

She gave it to him right away. She spread her legs wide apart so that her pussy-lips separated. Moving with the speed of a tiger, she quickly positioned herself so that he could get a straight in shot at her cunt.

“Go on,” she urged, “and do it!”

“God, you’re a hot bush! I never thought you’d let me fuck you just minutes before the wedding.”

“What’s wrong with a little taste of the honeymoon beforehand? I mean, we’ve been doing that sampling for months now.”

He wasn’t going to argue with her. His cock was straining too hard. This was exactly what he had in mind when he’d come to her room. But to find her so eager!

It made him even hotter to fuck her.

A slender-fingered hand gripped his cock with a fierce tenderness, then guided him directly into the berth he so passionately desired. They gasped in unison as his prick shot up into her clinging cunt.

She closed her eyes and rocked back, secure in the strong circle of his arms. The man’s prick was dancing around in her cunt, making her even more aware of how large he was. The way he spread her pussy-lips apart when he penetrated her was one thing — lots of men felt that big when they began fucking her.

But his prick was huge inside her, and that’s where it mattered. To have him fucking her, that large cock moving relentlessly, was sheer heaven to her. She could have stood there and let him bounce up and down inside her all day long.

“Go on,” she urged, “fuck me good. I want to feel that strong prick of yours against my pussy walls.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll get down to it in a second. But now, Christ! You’re so hot. I just can’t get over the way your cunt walls seem to grip me. It… it’s like fingers all up and down my pecker!”

She tensed her belly muscles to give him a taste of what it would be like. Rippling from the top to the bottom of her cunt, she was able to send a strong constricting pulse down his cock. It was as if he was being gripped by fingers instead of her twat.

At the very end of this erotic squeeze, she let her pussy lips flutter a bit. This stimulated him even more than the powerful contractions of her cunt.

“Do it to me!” he begged. “Go on and use that sweet, tight little cunt on my prick!”

She gripped his strong upper arms and leaned backwards even farther. This drove his prick deeper into her cunt. She could feel his cock begin to pulse wildly. The knobby head of his glans was swelling even as the cock moved sluggishly in the well-greased sheath of her pussy.

Things were beginning to work for them. Their bodies were starting to respond in all the right ways.

Her pussy flared with bright desire. The motion of his huge prick against her pussy walls made her glow inside. The warmth was rapidly turning into a full-fledged fire threatening to consume her entire body.

She let it.

The flow of heat into her belly made her weak in the knees. She had to grip the man’s arms even harder to keep from collapsing. Still, lowering her body a bit more drove the impaling spike of virile cock even farther up into her cunt.

“That’s so nice,” she cooed. “But it’s not fucking me fast enough. I love the way your prick jumps around inside me. But you’ve got to fuck me good! I’ll go mad if you don’t!”

He didn’t answer her with words.

He let his body show her what he was going to do. Bending at the knees a little, he pulled his prick from between her juicy cunt lips. Her cunt lips were drooling with thick juices. Then, with just the glans poking between them, he shot up into her needy cunt with the force of a rocket being launched.

She was literally lifted off the floor for a split second. Her cunt was filled to overflowing with cock. Fuck fluids dribbled out around the plug of manmeat to ooze over the man’s balls.

“That tickles,” he told her. “And you’re burning me up. That cunt is too damned hot and small for my cock!”

“It’s just that you’re so large in me!”

He began to rhythmically fuck her. Each stroke sent his fucking cock a bit deeper into her seething cunt. Spinning from side to side worked his cock into her.

She wrapped her slender legs around his body and dung to him for dear life. The man’s cock seemed to sink deeper and deeper into her. Then they were both startled by a loud knock on the door.

She felt Matt’s prick melt inside her as the words came, “Hurry up, dear. The ceremony’s about to begin. If we can find Matt, that is.”

It was her mother. Struggling to get the words out so they didn’t sound sex-slurred, she said, “Be right there.”

“Well, hurry!”

“I’m coming, I’m coming!” she cried.

But she wasn’t coming from the man’s prick. It was already limp from the shock of the near-discovery.

“Better give me back my panties,” she whispered to Matt. “The wedding is about to begin.”

“I’m not giving them back to you. Not till later.”


“You heard me. Your panties will stay in my pocket all, through the ceremony. And during the reception, too. If you don’t want anyone to find out, you’ll do everything I say.”

The words thrilled her strangely. More than anything Matt had done to her, this excited her.

The ceremony went smoothly, but Diane grew increasingly uneasy as Matt’s hand sneaked under the thick folds of her dress and began stroking bare flesh. As the minister was reading the last of the ceremony, his fingers found her pussy lips. A single finger rocketed all the way up into her cunt. She began wondering if he’d injured her, if it were blood oozing from her snatch.

It wasn’t. It was her own cunt juices. The finger in her cunt was turning her on, while the minister was still in the process of marrying them!

She almost blew her lines because of that wiggling finger. But they were finally married. From that point on, it was all ritual with nothing new or different to do.

Or so she thought.

Diane floated through fifteen minutes of the reception, thanking people, politely listening to relatives boring her with little pieces of wisdom accumulated from thirty or more years of unhappy marriage. Then she found Matt sitting near the table with the punch bowl.

“Come sit on my lap,” he urged.

She started to say that she had other obligations, to relatives, to friends, then she saw him begin to remove the panties from his pocket. She didn’t want her parents to see this, so she hurried over and deposited herself on his lap as he’d asked.

“I knew you’d see my way, with a little urging,” he told her.

“Blackmail is closer to the truth.”

“I feel very uptight over not finishing what we’d started earlier.”

“I can tell. I’m sitting on yolk lap, remember?” The man’s cock was poking up through the thick folds of her dress to nudge against her bottom.

“I want to continue where we left off.”

“Fine. In an hour or so…”

“Now.” And his hands began working on her dress in ways she didn’t want to think about. After all, she didn’t have any panties on.

“What do you think you’re doing!” she hotly whispered in his ear.

“I know what I’m doing. Just sit still.”

But she couldn’t. Not with his erect prick pressing into her cunt lips. He reached around her waist and caught hold of her. In this way he was able to lift her just enough to fully insert his cock.

She bit her lower lip to keep from crying out. This was an outrage! He was her husband. They’d just gone through the ceremony, but even a husband couldn’t fuck his wife in plain view of all their friends and relatives.

It wasn’t right. But he was doing it, any way.

He began bouncing her up and down. His cock was wiggling and dancing around in her snatch so much that she began to grow wet. She wasn’t able to speak for fear of giving away what was happening.

To all outward appearances, nothing was amiss. A loving husband was sitting with his new bride and they were cuddled close. Nothing more. The fact that he was fucking her couldn’t be seen due to the acres of white satin dress surrounding their crotches.

“Don’t do this!” she squealed.

“Why not? I wanted to finish what we’d started earlier. This is the best I can do.”

“But in public!”

“Why not? Don’t you like it. The hell with it. I’m going to get my rocks off fucking you, my lovely new wife, and if you don’t like it, fuck you!”

“You are!” she reminded him.

Then she wasn’t able to say another word. The cock was moving faster and faster in her cunt. The juices squirted around her pussy lips and made her entire snatch feel liquid and oozing.

She sighed and then tried to hold down the tide of warmth passing into her belly. The fucking was building up nicely. The friction of his cockhead against her pussy walls was sending out tiny fingers of delight that she simply couldn’t deny.

The woman was enjoying this public fucking. And the fact that none of the others in the room suspected made it all the more deliciously sinful!

Bending over, she managed to kiss him squarely on the mouth. Then their tongues began duplicating what was going on lower. His tongue flashed back and forth into her mouth with the same rhythm his cock was using to fuck deeply into her cunt.

Every time she wiggled her ass on his lap, this gave a new and different entry angle into her cunt.

“This is living,” he said, breaking off the kiss for a moment. Sweat was beading on his forehead as he became more and more aroused. The man was going to carry through with this fucking.

He had to. His balls ached so badly, nothing less than a real fucking would erase the soreness.

His balls were boiling inside and made him all the more uncomfortable. During the ceremony, he had thought to fondle her, even finger-fuck her a little bit. That had gotten them both in the mood for fucking again.

But now was his moment of triumph.

They both knew it, too. Diane had been thinking he wasn’t quite what she wanted in a man, what she needed to keep her sexually happy. Their fucking didn’t have all the zest it once did. But it had returned. The finger up her pussy during the ceremony had told her how much he cared about keeping their sex life exciting.

She was having real problems keeping from responding to him. She couldn’t scream and moan and kiss him like she wanted. That wouldn’t do. The others would certainly catch on to what was happening. She didn’t want that. This was part of the thrill of the fucking.

She started turning around on his lap. The thick pillar of cock was thrust directly up into her cunt. Whenever she twisted around, it pulled the delicate flesh of her cunt into an erotic spiral. This tightened the skin around her clit and made her even hotter.

Tensing her cunt muscles on his buried cock made him groan once. Then he began really jerking hard inside her. The man’s cock was about at the breaking point. Diane kept her body moving both up and down so that she was fucking herself with even more powerful strokes.

The flood of juices signaled her orgasm. She closed her eyes and leaned against the man’s strong upper torso. She wanted to cry out her joy.

Instead, she held it all locked up inside. She had to. There was no way she could tell everyone in the room that the man was avidly fucking her and that she loved every sinful second of it!

Her mother came over and asked, “Are you feeling okay, dear? You look a little flushed.”

“It… it’s all right, Mom,” she answered. “I was just feeling a little empty inside.”

“Well, certainly hope that passes.”


“Well, doll, here we are,” Matt said, putting on the brakes. “A genuine rustic cabin set high in the mountains. We are truly alone for a whole Goddamn week!”

She clung to his arm for support. They’d had some real experiences on the way up here. On the freeway, he had insisted she suck his cock. When he came, he had almost smashed into a concrete overpass.

But the thrill.

That was where it was at. And it had been an added excitement for her when he’d balled her on the balcony of the motel they’d stopped at the prior night. True, it had been four in the morning, but cars were constantly coming and going when he’d bent her over the railing and fucked her up the ass. They might have been seen by any number of people.

But they hadn’t.

The thrill of discovery was what counted. The possibility of the discovery appealed to the exhibitionist in her.

Inside, however, Diane had lingering misgivings about this marriage. She felt Matt should be giving her something he wasn’t. He had one hell of a big cock and was generous with it. He could fuck and fuck and fuck and never tire. And he knew all the right moves. He was a real stud.

But she knew something else was missing, something in the way he acted. She couldn’t put her finger on it. The sex was exciting, but it was also lacking some element. Until she figured out what it was, she’d never be really fulfilled, by the man’s lovemaking.

“Should I carry you over the threshold?” he asked.

“Hell, why bother, unless you want to get a hernia. A man shouldn’t lift things when he’s got a hard-on as big as yours.”

She reached over and patted the huge bulge at his crotch. The merest thought of spending the week alone up here turned him on. And having his sexy woman so close to hand made him even hornier than before.

He wanted to fuck her — non stop — all week long. He doubted if he could keep it up that long, but it was going to be one hell of a week finding out if he could!

“Let’s just walk in, like normal people. Can this newlywed crap. After all, we more or less had our honeymoon before the wedding.”

She sighed. Being romantic didn’t appeal to her a whole lot. She had simple needs: cock and more cock. But what he was saying was true. She was almost afraid that the edge had been taken off their fucking by doing it too much before they were married.

Still, he was aroused and she loved nothing more than feeling his prick driving into her cunt, hard and fast, then pulling out to repeat the fucking. That was the week ahead of them and she was eager to begin.

“Lemme see it,” she said, unzipping his pants. “I want to see what I’m getting.”

“Hey!” he protested as she grabbed his cock. Holding it like the handle of a pump, she began jerking him off.

“NO! NO, YOU DON’T!” he yelled. “I got rights as a husband and a lover, don’t I? No hand jobs. Mouth, sure, but cunt is where I want to bury this little hatchet.”

“Not so little,” she admitted.

“Then let’s find out what the bed looks like in the cabin.”

They never made it as far as the bedroom. The huge bearskin rug stretched out in front of the fireplace was the spot where they ended up.

Matt turned and saw Diane standing in front of the fire. She began slowly unbuttoning her blouse in a provocative manner.

First the top button was undone. Then the next and the next. Her creamy white boobs flopped heavily out of her now completely open blouse to dance back and forth in the shifting light of the fireplace.

Flames seemed to lick at her tits. He went to her, taking one pendulous tit in each hand and squeezed. She moaned, deep in her throat, a cat purring. He pressed in closer to her.

The nipples came alive under his probing fingers. Excited blood hammered into her boobs, making them firm and stiff and even more enticing. He couldn’t resist the temptation to suck on the very end. The tip of her boob slipped easily into his mouth.

His tongue raced around the coppery disk surrounding her nipple. The rough, wet pink tongue shoved down hard into the nipple itself. He could actually feel the response as her heartbeat quickened.

“Go on, darling, go on and undo my jeans. Make me completely naked for you!” she begged.

Her fingers guided the back of his head as he kissed around the tip of her jiggly tit and then smothered himself in the deep canyon between her boobs. She kept him pressed firmly into her bosom while his tongue raced in tiny little circles around on her soft, creamy skin. Then he moved his head lower, toward more interesting territory.

The fastener on her jeans eluded him for a moment. Then he angrily ripped at it with his fingers. It came free. He pulled the offending material away to expose the very top of her bush. Tiny strands of pussy fur poked out above the rim of her panties. It was the work of a moment to discard those white cotton panties and reveal her snatch.

Already, cunt juice was beading up on her bush. His tongue sought and found tiny dewdrop after drop. She was moaning constantly now, more aroused than she had been in days.

He was building up to a really fine fucking. The hollowness she felt in her pussy would go away after she got every single inch of that huge prick of his jammed up into her. She spread her legs a bit wider to allow him easier entry into her cunt.

His tongue felt divine. It was making her tingle all over, just as the sharp contrast between the warmth of the fire and the chill of the cabin made her completely aware of every nerve in her body. While her ass was cool, her cunt and tits were blazing hot.

“Go on,” she urged. “Eat me out good. My pussy loves it!”

He gurgled something, but didn’t bother repeating it coherently. They both knew it was unimportant. All that mattered to either of them was her pussy lips — and the deepness behind those labia.

His tongue shot out and speared deeply into her cunt. The flood of juices released made her moan and sink down to her knees. She was too weak to stand. But the mouth sucking and licking all over her snatch never left.

The bearskin rug under her buttocks was scratchy and irritating. She had somehow thought it would be soft and downy, fine to fuck on. If she didn’t move, this would tear her smooth skin to ribbons.

“Don’t want it here,” she sighed. “Too rough on my skin. Must turn and move and…”

She began thrashing around as his tongue found her tiny clit. The spire of erectile flesh was throbbing with lust now. And when his tongue pressed it back down into its sheath of protective flesh, it sent out excited messages throughout her body. Her spine arched and she shoved her snatch downward toward the mouth giving her such fine pleasure.

And then she was thrashing, not with excitement but with the ice and iron grip of orgasm. He’d brought her off simply by tonguing her clitoris.

When she came to her senses, she was flat on her belly, her tits rubbing sensually — almost painfully — against the surface of the bearskin rug. The man’s mouth was working on her soft asscheeks, tongue pressing down to her asshole.

When he got to her puckered anus, she came again. Her universe shattered into colored pieces. It spun and tossed her onto wild winds blowing through her mind and body.

She lifted her behind so that her lover could better stuff his tongue all the way up her asshole. When she felt the wetness, the softness, the imploring hardness of his tongue, she climaxed again. He tongue-fucked her ass until she was weak and sweaty.

Then she felt his long, rigid prick spreading her asscheeks apart. The thick globes of flesh were already quivering in lust. When the cock penetrated the space between them, she immediately came to her hands, and knees. There was nothing she wanted more in the whole Goddamn world than to feel his sweet prick fucking deep into her cunt.

“Go on, darling, let me have it — all of it!”

His hands moved sensually along her naked flesh. Then his fingers pressed into the curve of her groin. Pulling her body back, he inserted his prick into her cunt.

She groaned as he plunged balls deep into her cunt. One second, she was empty and wanting. The next, she had all the hot, quivering cock she could stand.

“Oh, fuck me, fuck me goooood!”

The fucking was good.

He pulled her body back into the curve of his crotch. They seemed to fit together perfectly, two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. His prick descended into the woman’s cunt like it was a heat-seeking missile aimed dead on target.

He plunged it into her seething body again and again until it gleamed in the dancing firelight like a silvered wand.

He felt like fucking the living hell out of her.

She shoved her ass back to meet his incoming cock. She groaned loudly as their bodies met and merged into one. His balls wetly slapped against her pussy-lips, made her feel an extra surge of desire.

“Keep going!” she begged. “I need this, oh sweet Jesus, how I need to feel that cock of yours fucking me!”

His hands gripped a little tighter around her waist. The woman’s belly was heaving now from the exertion of the fucking. He stroked along the smoothness of her belly, then groped forward to find her dangling tits. He seized first one, then the other in a firm grip.

All the while he was fondling her boobs, milking them like a farmer milks his cow, he was driving the spike of his hard cock into her softly yielding cunt. The smoothness of her boobs, the way her tits grew and inflated with excited blood like overgrown balloons, all this made him even lustier. He was horny. He had to get his rocks off. He fucked harder.

And she came.

The feel of the hands working all over her tits had helped. The super-sensitive jugs were swaying to and fro under her body until he gripped them with firm resolve. Tiny volts of carnal electricity blasted into her chest, filling her with a tension that she had seldom felt.

This was a fucking she would remember. The tautness in her belly, the way her cunt burned with a hot fire, the tingling in her boobs, all signaled something special this time.

She abandoned herself to the feelings racing up her spine. The man’s heavy body pressed down into hers. She had to work harder to support both their weights, but it was worth it. She was getting all the cock she could bear.

But it was the way he licked and kissed the back of her neck that added the special spice to this fucking. His mouth was restless all over her neck. His tongue licked across each and every bone in her spine before moving to her ear.

There, his hot breath made the flesh quiver. When he began to lightly nibble and kiss it, she came. When his tongue shot out, cock-hard, duplicating the motion going on lower, she came again.

No matter how she turned, he was there, stimulating her, making her come completely alive with the joy of sex.

His cock was working industriously at her cunt. The wet, squishy noise he made every time his prick shot up into her juicy cunt filled the room, mingled with the pleasant crackling noises of the fire. His hands were merciless in the way they gripped the base of her tits, then pulled toward the very tip. She became acutely aware of how they throbbed, how they made her gasp in delight. And the man’s entire body rubbing across her softer, more feminine one was a turn-on, too.

Even the way her ass fit neatly into the curve of groin was a big thrill for her. She shoved her bottom into his body as hard as she could. This gave her lots of prick up her cunt.

She tried to concentrate on just one part of her body. Her tits. They swelled. They were going to pop at any instant. She knew it. They were shivering, covered with gooseflesh, tingly and ever so exciting. And the nipples! She just knew they were going to explode.

But no matter how she thought of the way his fingers stroked across the smooth expanse of her boobs, the man’s cock always intruded on her thoughts. This was burrowing into the center of her being. This was what warmed her until she could barely stand the blast-furnace hot blaze in her gut.

The friction of his fucking had slowly burned away the thick fluids lubricating her cunt. Her pussy was ablaze now with a new feeling, one which she had seldom felt. She was slowly being consumed by an inner blaze.

When she came this time, the top of her head seemed to blow off.


Her screams of passion filled the tiny cabin.

“God, your cunt’s squeezing down on me too hard!” the man grunted. “I don’t know if I can stand that! So hot! And fucking tight! Tiiiiight!”

He felt his balls begin to chum under his long prick. The balls inside the hairy sac started boiling and lurching too hard for him to bear. He knew it wouldn’t be long before she milked him of his come just like he was stroking her tits.

His entire prick was buried in her orgasm-convulsed cunt. He felt as if a velvet gloved hand had gripped his prick and squeezed as hard as possible. The soft pussy walls clamped down with the full fury of a raging come.

But he had pulled out, his prick still greasy from her cunt juices. He knew that his best pleasure would come from fucking that impossibly small cunt. He didn’t hesitate after his prick was exposed to the cool air of the cabin.

He rammed back in, making them both grunt with the suddenness. His world spun around him as momentary dizziness struck. He wasn’t sure if he had fucked into a vise or not. She was even hotter and tighter than before.

Rocking to and fro, he managed to fuck her with the deliberate strokes that kept him aroused to a peak just under orgasm yet allowed him to collect his thoughts and keep control. He didn’t want to come like some kid knocking off his first piece of ass. He wanted this to last. She wouldn’t let him.

Her cunt smashed down on him. His cock was trapped and pressed in on all sides by wonderfully hot, intensely stimulating pussy walls. There was no escape. And he lost all the carefully nurtured control.

Fighting back the rising tide of his steamy hot jism wasn’t possible any longer. His prick felt as if it had been dipped in acid. He burned with an intensity that he had seldom felt before.

His prick exploded with wild fury. It danced around and bucked strongly in the woman’s cunt. Her muscles tensed at the first shot of his creamy manseed. The seething hot jism had lit the fire of another orgasm in her passion-wracked body.

By the time his balls had quit pumping out their last drop of come, he was sweating and limp as a rag. He collapsed back onto the floor, sitting cross-legged.

She fell forward, her tits burrowing into the prickly mass of bearskin. For a long time, neither of them spoke. They were relishing the misty post-fucking period, reliving some of the feelings they’d just experienced.

Then, Diane said, “Let’s do it again.”

And they did.


The days flew by for Matt. For Diane, however, they were beginning to drag. Matt hadn’t lost his zest for fucking. But Diane felt hers fading away.

She couldn’t understand it. She loved the feel of his prick, whether she was sucking it or letting him fuck her cunt. His huge cock was so beautiful!

She loved the sight of it, she loved the feel and taste of it, she loved everything about it. But there wasn’t the spice to the fucking any more. She tried to pin down her feelings. It simply didn’t seem possible. Matt hadn’t changed any. He was still the horny fucker he had been when she married him.

It had to be something inside her that was changing. She had felt the stirrings before the marriage ceremony. At that time, she’d thought it was just nervousness over the wedding itself. Now, after almost a week of uninhibited fucking, she felt even more acutely the lack.

The lack. She couldn’t imagine what it was. She had all the cock she could want. Matt was a careful, meticulous lover who made certain she came. Sometimes, she’d climax a dozen times and be left washed out both emotionally and physically. That certainly wasn’t sex deprivation.

But that didn’t take away from the fact that she would sneak off into the john and masturbate herself to climax several more times. And even this wasn’t making it. There was still something lacking in her sex life.

Hadn’t they fucked in just about every way and place she could think of? She’d sucked him off while they were racing down the highway at a breakneck speed. At the time she’d been both horrified and excited more than ever in her life. Sex and death were mingled together in a wine more intoxicating than any liquor.

And out on the lake in back of the cabin. They’d even done the old trick of fucking in a canoe. Sure, they’d both gotten wet. So they ended up fucking in the water.

Hell, even the prosaic fucking they’d done in bed, in the missionary position, man on top, had been fine. She couldn’t find a single flaw with that. Not one. But something was missing.

“Diane! Honey, where are you?” came the shout from the wooded area to the south of the cabin.

“Over here, stud!” she called back. She decided to sit on the tree stump and wait for him.

He sneaked up behind her and grabbed her around the waist. Before she could turn, she was flung up into the air, squealing in fright. He caught her easily and spun her around, laughing. “What a sight you were! Bet you thought you’d been snatched by Martians or something.”

“You cocksucker! You nearly scared me to death!”

“We wouldn’t like that, would we? After all, I’m not into necrophilia.”

“That’s about all you’re not into,” she said. “I bet you were out in the woods molesting small, furry animals.”

“Nope. The only small, furry thing I like to fuck is beaver. Like this one.”

“Hey!” she yelped. He’d grabbed her crotch and squeezed down hard. “I’m a little sore there from the fucking we did last night. Shit, I thought it would last all night long!”

“Didn’t it? Damn, I’ll have to see about that tonight. Can’t disappoint my nubile young bride. She’s got to think I’m a real superman. Cock of iron and all that fine stuff.”

“Bullshit. I’m happy with a nice warm prick of purely human flesh. Having a cock made out of icy cold iron shoved up my snatch doesn’t turn me on very much.”

“No experimenting in your soul, I see.”

She snuggled closer to him and whispered, “No, and there’s no cock in my cunt at the moment, either.”

“You said you were still sore.”

“I am. But I’ll live if you fuck me again. And if you don’t, I might not make it through the day.”

Without a word, he grabbed her around the waist again, tossed her into the air and neatly caught her so she was facing away from him. Before she could ask what he was doing, he’d reached around and unfastened her jeans. A quick jerk brought them off.

She wasn’t wearing any panties. She’d learned they only got in her way. Better a little chaffing than an extra second’s delay when they were both hot to fuck.

The smooth, white flesh of her ass gleamed in the soft sunlight filtering down through the leaves overhead. His hands found the curvy globes and cupped them. The assflesh flowed as smooth as satin under his fingers.

Tightening his grip a little, he felt her quiver in excitement. She shoved her hips backward to fill both his hands with nothing but her creamy skin. He began stroking along her ass until he was satisfied he knew what he wanted to do most.

Sure, he could fuck her up the cunt again. But she’d said she was still sore from the reaming out he’d given her the night before. He didn’t want to wear out that nice, tight, juicy little cunt. The last thing in the world he wanted was for her to become floppy and loose in her pussy. That would destroy sex entirely for him. Hell, better to fuck a whore.

He liked her twat the way it was. Almost virgin-tight, but no virgin knew all the tricks to fucking. She did. And that excited him more than he could put into words.

No, he wasn’t going to fuck her cunt. But there was another opening which was small and tight and hot. And he had never driven his spike of hot cock into it. He wanted to try it out and this seemed to be the best chance he’d gotten so far.

He was going to fuck her up the asshole and he told her so.

“No, darling, not there. It’s so…”

“Exciting?” he furnished. He felt her body tremble at the thought of taking his entire length of prick up her ass. She didn’t like the idea. But he wanted her asshole. And he was going to get it. No matter what she wanted, he was going to butt-fuck her.

“No, not exciting, not exactly. Just sort of shivery thinking about your huge cock drilling into me. I… I don’t want to get all ripped up, you know.”

“I won’t tear you apart. I promise. You’re resilient. You’ll expand to take my prick.”

“Sure, I have managed in the past, but none of the men cornholing me have been anywhere near as big, oh, ohhhh! Oh, my God!”

He had tired of listening to her arguments. He’d pulled out his prick and shoved it forcefully between her asscheeks. The long cylinder of prick shot down to the floor of the canyon formed by her roundly formed buttocks.

Her anus clamped down hard. It was refusing to let any prick inside.

“I see you’re going to take some persuading. And I’m just the buggery expert to do it!”

“No, please, don’t. Oh, shit! It… it hurts already, Matt. Don’t try fucking my ass!”

With all the strength in his arms, he bent her over the stump on which she’d been sitting. Her tits ground into the splintery wood making her cry out. The man ignored it. He wanted her ass presented to his prick in a more inviting angle. He got it.

She was forced almost flat on the thick stump. But her ass was spread just enough to encourage his further probing around using his prick.

“Don’t do this to me! You’re gonna rip me apart!”

“Yeah, baby, I’m gonna rip you apart all the way to your fucking chin! And I’m gonna do it with my cock. You hear that, with my fucking cock! Just you wait and see how it feels!”

She struggled and tried to escape. His hands gripped firmly around her hips and prevented her from getting away. His cock was beginning to hurt with need. He had to bury it all the way up her asshole and soon or he’d end up as sore as she was complaining about being.

He tentatively stabbed out at her anus. The tightly held little muscle refused to let his purple-tipped cock in. No matter how much force he applied to the end of his cock, her asshole refused to open. He saw this wasn’t the way to go after what he wanted.

He would have to be more subtle. He would have to get his prick well-greased before entering her slit chute and fucking the living hell out of her.

Just the thought of what he was going to do to her made him all the hotter to do it. Somehow, even her struggles added to the zest. The fucking had been good before. This was tremendous. Fucking tremendous.

“Spread that fine set of thighs a little more for your old man. He’d sure like to dip his wand in your oil.”

“No, Matt, don’t. Please, can’t you see I don’t want this?”

“Fuck you! Hell, that’s exactly what I’m going to do! I’m gonna fuck you but good. But good!” he laughed. He was going to ram his prick into her asshole whether she liked it or not.

That sent tremors racing through his groin that spurred him on. Let her whine. She’d end up liking it. She’d whimper as he stroked into her, buggering away, but she’d end up liking it. He was sure of that.

He was too good with his cock for her not to like it a hell of a lot.

He had to reach down and force her legs apart. She wasn’t about to let him have a clear shot at her asshole. But it was her gaping cunt he wanted at the moment. He had to get his prick greased for the trip up her seething hot ass.

She groaned as he shoved himself balls deep into her dry pussy. He moved in tiny circles, letting his hips stir up her passions. Before he knew it, there was a sluggish flow of her cunt juices. He stroked back and forth a few times until a flood greeted his every stroke.

The thick inner oils oozed out and down onto his balls, tickling him and making him want to laugh. The power was on him. He was going to cornhole her and there was nothing she could say about it.

“Oh, it’s so good, in my cunt, your cock is so good! Fuck me there, Matt. Don’t worry about me being sore. Feels sooooo goooood!”

“Fuck that!” he cried, yanking his prick from her gooey cunt. “I know where I want to go. And this ain’t it, babe!”

The wet plopping noise seemed to resound through the forest when he pulled out. But he immediately thrust his hips forward again, shoving the purple glans of his cock against her tight asshole. She was sobbing out loud now.

He didn’t care. He was going to butt-fuck her.

His pressure on her anal sphincter muscle was relentless. He didn’t try to slow down his entry as the muscle finally surrendered and he went rushing all the way into her rectum.

Sue screamed in agony. It was as if a red-hot poker had been thrust against her most sensitive tissues. The cock seared its way into her guts and made her come close to passing out. Her rectum was too small to take such a big prick. She told him so.

He only laughed at her. “I’m doing the fucking here. You just relax and you’ll enjoy it more!”

She tried to relax. It wasn’t easy to do. The hot length of prick was burning her up inside. It made her guts quiver. No matter how she turned, he was always there, waiting, his prick driving deeper into her belly.

“Why? Why are you doing this to me?”

“God, I never thought it would be this tight. So fuckin’ tight I can’t believe it!”

His prick was surrounded by a thin sheath of flesh impossibly tight and hot. He might have fucked into a surgeon’s glove filled with flowing lava. The sensation was almost the same.

Hot. Tight. Seething. He could feel her guts churning in response to his twitching moves. His prick was slowly coming alive. Soon, he wouldn’t be able to restrain himself.

“Gotta fuck it. Got to bugger you good!”

He pulled out of her shit chute, the vacuum so hard inside her body that he felt as if he were pulling his guts out through the end of his cock. When only the thick, purpled crown of his prick remained inside the hangman’s noose of her ass, he paused. Gasping for air, he gave his head a jerk to get the hair out of his eyes.

He wanted to see what was happening. Looking down at his groin, he could see his long red cock disappearing into the pale, puckered hole of her ass. The white mounds of assflesh on either side seemed to contrast beautifully.

Never had he seen anything quite so beautiful. Never had he felt any woman’s body quite so hot and tight.

He had to have more.

His hips worked forward. He didn’t drive himself in the way he had fucked her originally. This entry was slower, more sedate. And he enjoyed it just as much.

The woman was slowly coming to the realization this wasn’t as bad as she’d thought it would be. As he fucked into her a second time, her membrane had a chance to expand. Sure, he still felt as if he were tearing her apart. But it was a good pain now.

The hard length of his cock bucked and jerked erotically inside her tightest passage. The shivering of his cock transmitted itself throughout her gut. Soon, the messages of pleasure — not pain — were zinging up her spine to blast into her brain.

“Go on,” she was begging now, “fuck my ass good! Don’t just sit there, fuck me goooood!”

He smiled. How quickly she’d changed her tune. But he felt his control slipping away. The impassible heat steaming out of her guts was melting his prick. He began fucking her with slow, deliberate strokes. When he had established a smooth rhythm, he knew that he’d come in a few seconds.

His hips took control of his body. The heat had reached his balls and ignited the powder keg lurking there.

He exploded in a wild frenzy of motion. He rammed as hard and deep into the woman’s ass as he could. She moaned and sobbed, but she was getting off on it now. Her ass was moving back to accept the full length of his cock. Nothing else mattered to them now but burying his turgid cock as far into her guts as possible.

She came. It wasn’t the powerful orgasm she had come to expect, but it still surprised her. She hadn’t thought she would get off at all on this butt-fucking.

When he whitewashed her entire rectum with his pearly jism, she felt all weak and watery in the bowels. Never had she gotten such a sexy enema before.

As his prick slipped from her asshole, limp and deflated, she wondered how long it would be before the burning went away. Her entire ass was on fire. And it was a fire that couldn’t easily be put out.

Especially now that he’d come and lost his boner.

She wondered what she could find that would be long and stiff and not tear her asshole apart when she fucked herself with it.


Diane rocked back in the chair and propped her feet up on a low stool in front of the fireplace.

She was worded about her week-old marriage. She had simply not been getting the kind of sex she needed. There had been ample fucking, so many she’d lost count. But it had taken her a long time to come to grips with the fact that it wasn’t the amount of fucking she needed.

It was something else.

And she still didn’t know what it was.

She was getting edgy and snapping harshly at Matt as if it were his fault. She was sure it was something wrong inside her, but she wanted to cast off the blame as much as possible. And that hurt her. She simply couldn’t figure out what was going wrong.

It wasn’t the amount of fucking or sucking, that was for sure. It had to be the type.

But hadn’t they tried virtually everything? She’d sucked him off more times than she could remember. And his tongue working all over her pussy was one of the greatest things in the world.

He’d butt-fucked her and she had ended up liking it. Strangely liking it because she hadn’t wanted to even get started on something she considered a little bit outrageous. The feelings lingering in her gut after he’d finished had been even nicer than the actual cornholing.

She didn’t understand that. And it certainly wasn’t any lack with getting all the cock she wanted up her cunt. They weren’t locked into a one-position rut. They experimented. Seemingly with every conceivable position, they experimented and loved them all.

If she’d been writing them all down, she would have had an inch-thick sex manual.

Diane was growing more and more listless. She wanted out and there was nowhere she could go. There was no one to whom she could talk about this strange void in life.

The fire grew dimmer and burned down to embers. She watched it glowing a dull red and thought that was exactly the way her life was heading. She was glowing white hot, then the flames died down inside until she burned herself out.

She wasn’t any different from the fire.

“Honey, what’s for supper? Got anything in mind?” called Matt from the porch outside.

“No. Nothing.”

“Hey, what’s with you lately? You’ve been grouchy and snapping at me like I’d done something wrong. We’re, supposed to be on our honeymoon. We’re supposed to be enjoying this.”


“You are not. You’re so damned surly I can’t stand it any longer. Either tell me or shape up.”

She felt something perk up inside her. They were arguing, but there was a slightly different tone to it. This wasn’t going to be any argument. Not if she could help it. She might even find out what was wrong with her sex.

“It’s dead between us, Matt. And I don’t know why.”

“Dead? You mean the fucking? You’re out of your skull.”

“No. It’s dead and we both know it. I guess I want a divorce. Isn’t that rich? After all of one Goddamn week, I want a divorce.”

“The hell you say. You’re not gonna get one. And my cock is feeling damned neglected right now. You haven’t been giving out with the wifely chores lately.”

“You mean I haven’t been spreading for you for all of an hour. Fuck you, guy. All you think of me is a convenient receptacle for that cock of yours. I’m not a Goddamn thing more.”

“And I said, I want to fuck. Let’s go.”

She leaned back in the chair and ignored him. Maybe he would go away and leave her alone.

But he didn’t. Not only didn’t he leave her alone, he came over to the chair and grabbed her by the arm hard enough to pull her to the floor. She landed on her knees, the shock taken up by the bearskin rug.

“What the fuck are you doing?” she demanded. But there was a tiny spark glowing inside her. That ember wasn’t entirely dead. And why this scene should start fanning it back into life, she didn’t know.

“Going to fuck you, that’s what the fuck I’m doing.”

“Bugger off!”

He hit her. Not hard, but the flat-handed blow smarted. The fingerprints left on her face gleamed an ugly red in the dim light filtering into the room.

She reached up and gingerly touched the spot where he’d slapped her.

“Apologize,” she said in a flat monotone.

“The hell I will. I ought to tie you up and fuck the shit out of you, that’s what I should do.”

The tiny tremor passing through her turned into an earthquake. The man’s words were electric. She couldn’t believe he’d actually say anything like that. And it excited her more than any of the fucking they’d done in the past week.

“You wouldn’t do a thing like that to me. Would you?” The words came out in a curious rush. She didn’t want him to tie her up and then rape her. She didn’t.

Then why was she so excited at the prospect of it? There was a gnawing sensation deep inside that wasn’t going to vanish without cock and lots of it. But not just any prick would do. It had to be prick stuffed up her cunt when she couldn’t stop it.

She wanted that cock. Oh, how she wanted every inch of his long, hard cock. But it had to be forced on her.

Such a contradiction. And she couldn’t figure out what was happening to her, her. Shivery feelings raced up her spine and made her even more aroused. She was going to be raped!

By her own husband!

“The hell I wouldn’t,” he snarled, rage on his face. “I’ve taken about all I can off you, you stupid cunt. You think you’re God’s gift to men or something. Well, I’ve had it. I’m fed up with the way you think I’m here to please you and nothing else.”

“You don’t like being treated as a sex object, huh?” she taunted. She knew what his reaction would be. And she was right.

He slapped her again, the blow ringing in her ears long after the initial pain had begun to fade.

“That’s all you’re able to do, isn’t it? Beat up women.”

His powerful hands gripped with impressive force on her upper arms. He easily lifted her off her feet and threw her to the floor. She landed on her rump. The way her ass felt, she was sure she was going to have a monster of a bruise where she’d landed. But it didn’t matter to her. Finally, after all this, time, she was seeing some fire in the man.

He was reacting like a man should. No namby-pamby stuff now. He was showing her what he was made of. And she loved it.

“I bet you think the only way a woman can respond is if you tie her up and then fuck her. You said as much. You stupid motherfucker!”

“I’ll show you what it’s like to wave a real man fucking you. By damn, I’m gonna show you but good!”

She tried to scramble away from him, but he was too quick for her. He moved like lightning to grab her leg and pull her flat onto the floor. She kicked out, but that didn’t work, either.

His fingers snared her other leg and he held her perfectly in a double-handed grip that she couldn’t kick free from. Her body twisted and thrashed about trying to elude the man. He was simply too strong for her.

“You son of a bitch! Let me go!”

“Hell I will, you bitch.”

Fingers looped under the neck of her blouse. With a powerful jerk, he ripped the fabric all the way to her waist. Her tits gleamed whitely in the dull light. He ripped again and her blouse was in tatters blowing wildly around her trim body.

Her snowy tits poked out from the destroyed blouse, the nipples a dull red. She didn’t understand what was happening inside her, but the violence was making her nipples become erect and throbbing with lust.

She cried out in pain when he grabbed one of her tits and squeezed with all the strength in his strong hands. The nipple was pulsing hard now.

She felt as if it was going to pop at any second. It was filled with aroused blood, blood so excited she could hardly stand it. The nipple was paining her greatly. And when his finger pressed it down into the soft, marshmallowy flesh underneath, she had to gasp in horror.

He was intent on hurting her. Maybe even maiming her. She couldn’t deny that possibility because he was so furious with her. He was in such a rage, he might do anything. Anything at all.

Even tie her up and rape her like he’d said he would.

The thought made her cunt gush out its thick, heavy fuck sauce. She tried to keep her legs tightly pressed together so he couldn’t see the telltale wet spot spreading all through her crotch. It was no use. That was the first thing he did.

He pulled her apart like yanking the wishbone on a chicken. She was aching now from the muscle strain of the unnatural position. But she didn’t dare cry out. That would only encourage him.

“So you’re getting turned on by this, huh? You stupid cunt, I’m gonna really fuck you.”

Kneeling on one leg and holding her other to the floor with his hand, he ran his zipper down and pulled out his half-stiff prick. The man was slowly getting a boner. As the horrified woman watched, his prick jerked aloft one slow inch at a time.

It was like a bird being hypnotized by a snake. She didn’t want to watch, yet she did. It was fascinating. She had to stay there and watch every instant of it because of the way he held her pinned down. And her eyelids somehow refused to shut.

She was a captive of this brutal man. And there was no way of telling what he was going to do to her. No way in hell!

“You’ve got to be taught a lesson, bitch,” he said. “You’ve been acting so high and mighty, I’m gonna take you down a notch or two.”

Why was she excited by those words? She felt her cunt convulse weakly, a flood of fuck fluids oozing from between her pussy-lips. She tried to tense up and keep her cunt-lips closed to that betraying flow, but she wasn’t able to do it. The tide of her passion was simply too high — higher than it had been any time since she’d met Matt.

His fingers reached out, and undid her jeans. He began ripping the thick, heavy denim off her body. He didn’t seem to care if she was being hurt or not. His fingernails cut into soft, tender flesh several times. The rough fabric scraped her skin when he finally succeeded in getting it around the flare of her ass.

Her cunt was now widely exposed to his lusting gaze. The pink pussy-lips were rimmed by a forest of black pussy fur, now wet from her excitement.

A finger shot into her cunt as he held her down. “Damn, you’re so fucking wet, it’s a crime. You enjoy this, don’t you, you cock teasing bitch!”

She managed to grab his wrist, the wrist driving the linger deeper into her twat. She jerked hard and felt the finger flex inside her agitated pussy. But she managed to get him off balance. With a powerful shove, he toppled to the floor and she was free.

Sprinting fast, she ran to the dining area. She didn’t want to be seen like this, half naked, the blouse hanging in tatters from her shoulders. She wanted to get her coat on and flee. To get away from the enraged man was all she could think of.

And then she went tumbling down in a heap as he executed a perfect tackle. His arms wrapped around her legs, just above the knees and his shoulder drove in hard. She couldn’t stand under that impact.

“You bastard!” she cried. “Why are you doing this to me?”

“Shut your face or I’ll shut it for you! You know why. You’ve been putting me down for a long time. It’s just taken me this long to figure out what it’ll take to fix you but good. You’re gonna like this, damnit, or I’ll keep fucking you till you do!”

His arms picked her up and dumped her on the dining table. She flopped like a fish out of water and only found herself in worse trouble than before. Each of her legs was caught up by one of the man’s arms. He held her as if she were a wheelbarrow. In this position, she couldn’t hope to get away from him.

Hands with clawed fingernails came up to scratch. He easily caught her wrists and a piece of rope appeared. A loop around one, then the other, and her hands were securely tied together. He bent forward and fastened the rope to something over her head, perhaps one leg of the table.

“That should hold you,” he said, his face flushed from the exertion.

She was still struggling against her bonds. The more she fought them, the tighter they became. He had been masterful in his fixing of her bindings. And with the way his arms held her legs, this kept her hips off the table. She couldn’t get the proper leverage to fight him off.

She began sobbing with frustration. This wasn’t the way it was supposed to work. She was so damned helpless! No matter what he wanted to do to her, he could. And from the look blazing in his eyes, he would!

“Now isn’t this a pretty sight to set before the king?”

“You bastard! You Goddamn, cocksucking bastard! Let me go!”

“No way, chickie, no way! I’m gonna have the first good fuck since we came up here. And you can’t stop me. That’s what’s gonna make it so good. I can please myself and not worry the fuck about you!”

She shuddered as she looked down and saw his thick, knobby-headed prick nearing her gaping pussy-lips. He held her wide open. She couldn’t turn or move to avoid the massive crown of his cock as he poked forward and entered her. He didn’t even try to be gentle. He rammed balls deep all the way up her seething cunt. She had to scream in pain. He was too big.

Too big!

His prick spread her soft inner membranes to the breaking point. She hadn’t experienced such pain since she’d had her cherry popped. His prick stretched her in every direction. Just as she thought she was expanding enough to take his huge girth, he pulled out.

And that was almost as bad as the sudden, raping entry into her cunt. She gasped at the suction he formed behind his cock. It felt as if he were dragging her guts out.

She cried openly now. The hunger in her cunt was being stroked by the man’s driving, fucking cock. Rut it wasn’t the softness she had come to enjoy — even hate. He was virtually raping her. She didn’t want him fucking her like this, certainly not with her hands tied over her head.

He bent her into an arch that made her tits collapse onto her chest. She had to gasp for air every time she sucked in a breath. Her hands were going numb from lack of circulation. And her cunt burned. Oh, how her cunt burned from that fucking entry he’d made!

“Stop it! Why are you doing this to me?”

“You know. Goddamn, you stupid cunt, you should know by now!”

She felt his prick surge back into her. She didn’t want this. She didn’t want him forcing sex on her. And yet she found herself even more excited by this than before. The chase had been brief, but it had turned her on in a big way.

And now she couldn’t stop him from fucking her. Before, she knew who was in control — she’d been. Each time they’d fucked, she was the one who had been calling the shots. And she had begun hating the man for it. She had figured he was too easily manipulated. She could make him do anything she wanted simply by withholding sex and denying his cock entry into her mouth or asshole or cunt.

No longer. He knew what he wanted and he was taking it. And she loved him all the more for it. Even while she was hating it, what he was doing, what he stood for, she loved it.

Confused, tears rolled unashamedly down her cheeks. She tried to brush them away, but she had forgotten her hands were securely bound to the table on which he was brutally fucking her.

His grip on her ass had tightened. As long as he didn’t let her put her hips on the table, she couldn’t possibly have any control at all over the fucking. She couldn’t move from side to side, she could lift up and cram her snatch down around his impaling spike of hard-driven cock.

All these things were denied her.

And she loved it even more.

His fingers cut into her soft assflesh as he bounced her up and down on his prick. She felt the pressure mounting on her shoulders and neck as he bent her farther and farther back in his effort to get the maximum pressure all around his prick.

“Stop it!” she begged. “You’re killing me!”

“Hell, no, baby, I’m fucking you! This is what I should have done a long time ago.”

His cock split her cunt-lips squarely. His long rod of jerking, steely hard prick sailed all the way up into her cunt and buried itself in the steamy flesh. There was no defense she could mount to stop him.

His ugly red cock drilled deeper and deeper into her softly yielding, bound body. Almost bent double now, she had to struggle for each breath. Her upper legs were being shoved down mercilessly into her tits. This would have normally excited her. Not now.

Her cunt was stretched taut around his prick — wide open and as taut as a cunt can get. He was the one pleasuring himself. He didn’t worry about if she were enjoying the fucking or not. He had bothered himself with that for too long.

Now was the time to get his rocks off and in a big way. The other fucking had been good, but he was coming to realize exactly how she’d been controlling his every move. She liked this, so he did it.

Now he was capable of doing what he wanted and to hell with her. He’d been her pawn for too long. She’d been using him as nothing more than a warm, fucking dildo. A plastic rod would have suited her purposes just as well.

No longer.

He fucked even deeper into her wide-spread pussy. His finger ripped at the soft flesh of her ass, spreading the cheeks, trying to twist them off her body. This tightened up the flesh around her cunt which made her pussy snap down hard on his prick.

He knew this was no virgin cunt he was fucking. But it felt like one. His entire prick was surrounded by the hot, clutching pussy walls. Juices leaked out around the thick plug of his cock as he fucked back and forth and he’d never felt more excited in his life.

She was beginning to feel the full effect of his brutal fucking. Her cunt was screaming for relief from the hard-driving cock. He could feel her pussy walls clamping down with impressive strength all around him. This only spurred him on. Her fear made the fucking even more enjoyable. The look in her eyes was something that had never been there before. The stark terror was a good to the man.

He fucked even harder.

Feeling her wince with every stroke deep into her cunt made him into a giant. He was invincible. He was the stud of all studs. And she deserved what she was getting from him. She deserved it and he was enjoying her horror to the utmost.

“Feel my cock, you dumb cunt? Feel it all the way up that twat of yours? You’re gonna get more of it, I promise!”

“No, don’t do this to meeeee!”

He smirked. This was the best he’d felt in almost a week. No longer was she able to use him as her toy. He was the one in command now — and he’d be damned if he was going to let loose the reins of such power over the woman.

In a way she didn’t understand, Diane was actually enjoying this, too. It was degrading and even terrifying to her and that was what turned her on the most. She needed this kind of treatment. She needed to know that a man cared for her — a real man and not some pliable wimp who could be twisted around her finger.

Matt was showing himself to her as a true man, virile and capable of taking what he wanted.

Sure, the ropes bit unmercifully into her wrists making her hands turn blue and numb as he fucked her, but that didn’t really matter. She was spread wide open — painfully so — so that he could better fuck her. Maybe rape was a better name for it. But she didn’t care.

She enjoyed this in a perverted way. She wanted to be used, even abused by her man. There was none of the confusion in the man-woman roles in this. None at all. She cursed a society so intent on erasing all differences between men and women.

She loved being a woman and she loved a man who could do such a thing to her, even while it frightened her.

Her cunt was achingly aware of his huge prick driving deep into it. The friction had long since burned away her cunt fluids. And the heat seeping into agitated cunt finally took its toll on her.

She came. And it was an orgasm like she’d only dreamed about. She thought a come of this intensity was something dreamed up by the writers of the romantic books she read.

It wasn’t. It was for real and she got it, while she was being virtually raped.

He dropped her ass to the table and let her legs dangle over the edge. Looking down at her supine figure, he said, “So you really got off on it, huh? Look at my prick, slut! Look at it!”

She licked her lips as she saw his prick was still erect. His boner was so huge she wondered how it could have gotten so swollen. It had felt bigger than ever inside her but this was a monster!

“I didn’t get off I still want to fuck you until I do. And you know what?”


“You’re not going to have any say at all about this. I’m the one who’ll decide. Me and no one else. How’s that grab you?”

“You beast!” she screamed.

“Yeah, you’d say that, you who were the expert at manipulating me. Promise the kid a little pussy and you knew he’d do anything. You had me jumping through hoops at the drop of a hat. No more, bitch, no more! Got that?”

“So you are going to force sex on me, is that it?”

“Just like you were doing, but I’m doing it my way. You were a cockteaser. You’d promise and show me enough to get me all hot, then pull it back. Until you got what you wanted. That’s not my style.”

“Your style is rape.”

“If you want to call it that. All my cards are on the table. You can see the way I’m gonna operate and if you don’t like it, tough shit.”

He reached out and grabbed her leg to pull her cunt wide open for his driving cock once again. She didn’t know whether to cry with relief that he still cared or to cry from the pain ripping through her body, starting in her strained pussy.

She decided to simply cry and to hell with the reason.


“I figure you’d make a right pretty picture if I had you tied up over a straight-backed chair. That ass of yours would wiggle up in the air and look so nice I couldn’t help but want to fuck it.”

“Go to hell.”

“I bet you’d like to send me back there. Yeah, baby, send me back. I been there. I’m just figuring out how to discover heaven on this fucking planet. And by God, I’m gonna take what’s rightfully mine.”

“By raping me.”

“Call it what you want, slut.”

He took the leg he held so firmly by the ankle and yanked. She cried out as a lance of white-hot pain shot up into her cunt. He was bending her all out of shape and enjoying the play of her muscles as he did so.

“I like this. See the way your ass tightens up when I jerk your leg around?”

She felt a stab into her ass as he bent her leg to one side. This she could do without. But it was still getting to her. She didn’t understand what it was about being abused like this that made her get so hot to fuck. She wanted that huge prick of his more than ever.

“I’m gonna tie you down. My cock needs some action and you’re gonna provide it for me. Aren’t you, slut?”

“You can go to hell, you bastard!” She didn’t have to act much to get the words out. She halfway felt that way. He was making her feel pain. That wasn’t right.

“That cunt of yours looks mighty empty,” he said in a quiet voice. She wasn’t able to turn her head and see him. The way her hands were bound kept her from turning around on the table top.

“Yes, oh yes!” she moaned. “Fill me up! I need you!”

“The hell you do,” he flared. “You’re still trying to use me. You think I’ll shut up and be content if you offer me a little cunt. No more, baby, no more!”

He came around the table and she saw what he was holding in his hand. She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“I’ll fill your cunt for you. All the way. With this candle!”

She cried out in pain as he rammed the thick wax candle into her pussy-lips. She felt the thick wax began to flow a little as he twisted and reamed it into her twat. As it stretched her inner membrane to the breaking point, she passed out.

When she came to, there was incredible pain in her belly and it was all radiating out from her cunt. She was filled all right, filled with a candle.

“So you’re back, eh?”

“Words can’t describe you, you motherfucker!”

“Words can describe you, my dear. You’ve always had a hot bush. And ifs gonna get hotter.”

He pulled out a cigarette lighter and flicked it. The butane flame looked six inches high as he approached her.

“You can’t burn me! You can’t!”

“You? Hardly. The candle. The candle is going to show you what it’s like to burn at both ends!”

She tried to close her legs, to keep him away from her tender pussy-lips. She found that he’d tightly bound her legs to the table while she’d been unconscious. There was no way she could possibly keep that dancing flame away from her bush.

She felt the hot caress of the flame and then nothing. But by straining, she could see he had lit the wick of the candle protruding from her cunt. And, as it burned, the flame came closer and closer to her twat.

“Go on and watch. You’re going to enjoy this. Want to suck my cock to keep your mind off the fire getting closer and closer to this?”

His fingers lightly caressed her clit. The surge of delight that arced into her body startled her. She hadn’t been expecting anything of the sort to happen.

He laughed and it was a cruel laugh. He held his rigid prick and moved it closer to her lips. In a soft whisper, he said, “Suck on my prick. Go on, you stupid bitch!”

Her body hurt with an intensity she hadn’t thought possible. The candle crammed up her twat was ripping her apart. She thought she could feel the beginning flow of sluggish blood. Or it might have been melting wax from the huge candle. She couldn’t tell the difference. It didn’t matter one way or the other.

She hurt.

And the warmth of the burning candle was slowly turning into heat. And that heat would rapidly sear her tender cunt-lips. She couldn’t stir around to snuff it out. She would have to let it burn her pussy-lips, char her fleecy cunt fur and even allow the flame to sear her inner legs.

The hot wax running from the candle was making her legs feel like they had blisters all over them. Her soft, tender, yielding thighs were quivering with every light touch of the hot wax. It wouldn’t be long before she went out of her mind with fear and pain.

And he wanted her to suck on his cock!

It brushed across her lips. This ignited all the old desires in her body. She wasn’t able to deny that she wanted that cock resting nicely between her lips so she could suck on it.

But not now!

Not with a flame working closer and closer to her cunt. Not when she might find her pussy fur set on fire. Not when the man was torturing her in the most diabolical way imaginable!

Not now!

But he was insistent. His prick forced her lips apart. He laid the throbbing length along the woman’s lips and then began stroking back and forth in a sensuous, slow motion.

“If… if I suck on it, will you put the candle out?”

“No bargains. You’re trying to use sex as a weapon against me. I don’t give a damn if you have a headache or not. Suck my cock!”

Her lips parted and her tongue slipped out to move sensually along the turgid prick. He smiled. He’d won and she knew it. He yanked his cock from her mouth and laughed harshly.

“I win this round… I want my cock in something a bit more to my liking. Like that asshole of yours!”

“The candle!” she moaned. She could feel the heat growing. The tender pussy-lips were cringing from the searing flame inching closer. She wished she could put it out. It was blistering her delicate cunt-lips, making her entire body shudder in reaction.

“I’ll put it out when I feel like it,” he told her calmly. “I’ve got to arrange that chair I mentioned. Tying you up on its back and then fucking that sweet ass of yours sounds like just what the doctor ordered.”

As the tip of the flame touched her pussy fur, she screamed and kept screaming. She hadn’t done anything to deserve this. The flame licked and caressed her soft flesh until it singed. She could smell the heavy odor of burning flesh — her flesh.

The pain shot into her body like a flaming arrow shot into her cunt.

It was no longer the painful reality she’d come to think was normal.

The flame at the candle’s tip was all that mattered to her now. The man wasn’t going to put it out, riot even if it was setting her on fire — which it was.

Then her own body came to the rescue. She hated this, she hated it with all the passion locked up in her lusty body. But she was responding in ways she didn’t fully understand. She was feeling pain and it was turning her on sexually.

The flow of cunt-juices leaking around the candle put out the flame before it really did any great harm to her.

As the flame sputtered and went out, she collapsed weakly to the table. It had been more of an emotional strain on her than she’d thought. For the first time, she was able to really feel the pain inching into her limbs.

Arms were dead from lack of circulation. He’d fled her down so tightly it would be long minutes after he released her before she could get the blood flowing easily through her wrists again. And her legs were hardly in better condition.

One ankle had been tied to one leg of the table and the other had been bound to the far leg. She was held spread-eagle in a painful stretch that hit directly at her cunt. It wouldn’t have taken much to rip her apart all the way to the chin. This was another reason the candle had affected her pussy so much.

He was brutal and forthright. He made his move and then stood behind it without flinching. Torture? Sure, if it suited his purposes. But she wouldn’t allow pain to intrude.

Yet a dominant man was so sexy! She got off in a big way on all he was doing, though she could hardly admit it to him or herself.

“The chair’s ready,” he said. He didn’t bother to yank the candle out of her cunt, but then he didn’t relight it, either. He said nothing about it. She wondered if he really cared at all that her pussy-lips were still stinging from the flame’s searing touch.

She doubted it. He didn’t seem to even notice as he pulled her off the table after untying her. She tried to fight him off and found her arms and legs didn’t obey her.

The cut-off circulation betrayed her and she fell heavily to the floor, a sobbing heap of woman.

“Get up. Come on and get-up. I’m gonna fuck you good this time.”

She writhed on the floor trying to find a position where the candle wasn’t ripping at her guts. A man’s cock bent a little bit when it went into her cunt all the way. The candle was rigid and didn’t bend at all. It was digging into her guts in a way that was designed to give her nothing but sheer pain.

He pulled her to her feet and she almost fell again. Then she felt the sharp edge of the back of the chair shoving into her belly. The candle squired out of her cunt, perhaps two inches. This gave her a surge of relief.

But this time she didn’t. She was fully awake from the beginning as he grabbed first one wrist, then the other and tied them to the chair’s front legs.

She had trouble breathing. She began moving her feet to find the best position to worm her way off the chair. Suddenly hands pulled hard at her left ankle. She was jerked forward and felt the wood banging into her knee.

That ankle was firmly secured to the chair leg. And then her right ankle was tied down to the other back leg of the chair. She was firmly bent over the back, her ass poking up into the air.

She was helpless, still his prisoner.

If anything, she was in a more painful and degrading position. Her ass was up in the air for his every lewd, obscene attention. The candle still jutted out of her cunt, despite the flood of her fuck fluids. And the way her entire body ached, she didn’t know how much more she could stand.

The only relief she had was that her cunt was no longer stretched to the point where she felt delicate tissues tear and rip inside her.

“Don’t do this to me!” she begged. Her head flopped around on the seat of the chair, a halo of hair all around her.

“I’ll do anything I want! Feel this cunt? Feel it?”

She shuddered as his prick drove between the thick slabs of her asscheeks. The huge prick spread her rosy pink ass into two separate globes of firm flesh, then plunged down into the humid canyon to seek out her asshole.

When she felt the huge, knobby crown of his cock poke into her asshole, she had to let out a low moan. And it wasn’t a moan of pleasure. This hurt. It hurt worse than she’d have thought possible.

At his prick nudged deeper into her anus, she began to twitch and writhe around, trying to escape. But that wasn’t possible. The ropes held her hands too securely. And they weren’t any looser around her ankles. The flesh on her wrists and ankles was chafed and cut and raw. She could barely stand the dancing needles of pain she felt.

But it was the candle still stuffed up her cunt that gave her the most agony. She hadn’t thought such a thing was possible. Even melting down from her body’s heat, it was a constant source of pain for her.

The long, thick candle was rigid and refused to bend. No matter how she squeezed down on it with her cunt muscles, it refused to budge. It was too firmly lodged up her twat.

And now that he was poking into her asshole, he would soon be fucking her. That would make two long, thick rods in her body. One was made of unyielding wax. The other would give — a little. But it would also be moving inside her with all the pent-up desires in the man’s loins.

He would fuck her while that candle remained thrust all the way up into her tortured cunt.

“Stop it! STOP! I can’t stand this any longer!”

“You’ll have to, won’t you, slut? I’m not going to help you. You tried using sex against me to make me stop. I won’t stop. I’m going to get my rocks off and to hell with you!”

The purple glans was inside her rectum now. She felt torn apart, betrayed. He was driving his cock into her with the slow, sure moves of man totally certain of his territory. There was none of the desperate fucking she’d hoped he would demonstrate.

The faster he fucked her, the sooner this would be over. But he was determined to do it right, to get the maximum of pleasure — for himself.

“God, you’re even tighter now that you’ve got that candle shoved up you. I… I can rub my cock against it through your guts. It’s super!”

It was super for the man, but not for her. She was assaulted on all fronts by unforgiving pain. Nowhere to turn, she suffered. She let the pain wash through her body, a relentless tide of agony not to be denied.

There should have been intense pleasure from feeling the man’s prick slowly moving in her rectum. She had gotten off in a big way before on the way he butt-fucked her. It was a thrill, a joy.

The way his prick worked against the candle in her pussy was sheer murder. The pain surged all the way into her belly, exploded and raced up her spine. The cornholing had once been fun. Now it was killing her by slow inches — and there wasn’t a Goddamn thing she could do about it.

She’d brought this on herself. And every time she felt his cock work another inch into her ass, she knew it. But the woman was a prisoner and was totally at the man’s mercy. He could extract all the joy he wanted from her bound and tortured body. And she would have to endure. That was now her lot in life.

Try to enjoy if at all possible.

But it wasn’t. The pain was too great. The candle was being dragged back and forth inside her with every throbbing movement of the man’s cock stuffed up her ass.

Then his hips exploded in a frenzy of activity. He butt-fucked her with all the power of his frustration. His hands ripped and tore at the creamy globes of her ass. He tried to tear the doughy mounds from her body as his cock plunged deeply into her anus.

The tightness of her body was increased by the pain. He felt the ring of muscle surrounding his prick tense with every move. The greeking was enough to get her uptight. That made her asshole even tighter to fuck.

But this was something else. She was hurting — bad. That lit inner fires of desire that the man had never known existed in himself. He fucked her with more power, more confidence, more ability than ever before. And he loved every second of it.

She was in pain. That made his pleasure all the more intense. His fingers tortured her ass. This tightened her asshole around his prick. He fucked into the tightest hole imaginable. She was crushing him flat with her ass grip.

And the candle he stroked against her thin inner membrane threatened to rob him prematurely of his excited pleasure. It touched and moved against the most sensitive portion of his cock.

He had to fight down the creamy tide of his pearly come. He wanted to fully enjoy. Nothing less would do. Her asshole was convulsing around him like a cunt in the throes of orgasm.

Vaguely, he realized she was coming. She’d gotten off in a big way on his butt-fucking. And being tied up. And the pain. And the humiliation. She’d gotten off on all those things.

He fucked faster.

He had to feel his come spurting from his prick. The emotional and physical release was all that counted now.

His come. His pleasure. HIS!

The white-hot fountain of his jism splattered into her clutching asshole. Gallon after gallon of his jizz gushed in and he felt himself propelled into a vastly better world.

Then it was all over. His prick was limp. He watched as a tiny stream of his jism leaked from her well-fucked asshole. It dribbled out and down onto the candle still protruding from her cunt there, the thick white cream mixed with the thinner fuck fluids that had leaked from her pussy.

He took a step back and surveyed the scene. She was bent double over the back of the chair. The wooden back cut mercilessly into her belly. She was panting for breath. He didn’t care if it was the chair or her orgasm that had robbed her lungs of the precious oxygen. All he cared about was his own satisfaction.

He decided this was enough for him. For the moment.

“I’ll be back. Don’t go away,” he told the bound woman.

“You cocksucker, you Goddamn cocksucker!” she moaned. But it was to an empty room. He’d left her tied and hurting and waiting for his return.

Oh, how she was waiting for his return!


Diane must have hung over the chair’s back for an hour. The wood cut into her stomach and left a red welt two inches wide. Breathing was becoming more and more difficult. It was as if someone had sandpapered her throat and then forced napalm down her windpipe.

Her tits were even hurting and he hadn’t touched them. In the bent-double position, all the blood drained down into them. This made them expand and throb with a life that she hardly felt except when she was sexually aroused.

She kept telling herself she wasn’t feeling the least bit aroused over what Matt had done to her. How could she?

He’d tied and raped her. The man was being as brutal as a human could be. He had thrust a candle up her cunt and then lighted it, letting it burn her pussy-lips.

And that had only been the beginning. The way he’d tied her to the chair insured she wasn’t going to escape. Her fingers were completely numb. Even if her hands were untied, she wouldn’t be able to grasp anything. She would still be helpless for a long time.

Cursing under her breath didn’t help. If anything, it added to her frustration. It told her exactly how helpless she was. No matter what the man planned, she was at his mercy. Completely at his mercy. No small whim need be ignored now that he had her a slave.

She’d been thinking about divorce. The thrill had gone out of their sex because she’d found him too easy to dominate. All she had to do was keep the cock hard and the pussy scarce and he’d do anything for her. But he’d caught on after a few days. And she realized that she loved him more now than before.

In spite of all he’d done, she loved him. No man who couldn’t dominate her was worthy of her love. But why did he have to hurt her so; she actually was suffering!

She heard the click-click of his heels coming into the room. She turned her head and managed to see his feet. The muscles in the back of her neck refused to obey her command to lift her head. With her forehead pressed into the seat of the chair, her line of sight was severely limited.

As limited as her movement were by the ropes binding her to the chair.

“I’d have thought you could have gotten free by now. I’m disappointed in you,” he said.

She didn’t answer. What could she say?

“So you’re sulking. My, my, we can’t have that, can we? Let’s all be friends, at least. And more. Yes, definitely, let’s be more than simply friends.”

“Fuck off,” she managed to say.

“Not a bad idea. But my poor cock needs some reviving. I think it would be very nice if you’d do the honors. By sucking my cock back to life.”

He kicked out and the chair fell over, taking her with it. She gasped in pain as she slammed hard on the floor. From this position, she could see him perfectly. He towered over her, his limp prick hanging from his pants. His cock was still flecked with white from his prior butt-fucking.

“Like what you see?”

“I hope you fry in hell.”

“Not, likely. But I’ll put you through hell unless you obey my every command!”

He came to her and rapidly untied her bonds. She thought she would feel relief when those ropes were loosened. She felt nothing but pain. The returning circulation was worse than the lack had been.

She had to cry out in pain and rage. She wanted to take those fingers and claw at him, scratch his eyes out. She could barely flex her fingers.

Before she regained the use of her hands, he had them tied once again, this time behind her back. He stripped off the ropes around her ankles and immediately retied them together, then lashed ankles to wrists so that she was held in a permanent kneeling position.

“On your knees, slut, and suck my cock.”

She was still on her side. She didn’t want to obey. The candle in her cunt was shooting lances of stark pain into her cunt. From there it blasted hard into her belly and spread like wildfire into the rest of her body. Simply breathing was still the utmost agony for her. The time she’d spent tied over the back of the chair had taken its toll on her stamina and determination.

“On your knees and suck cock!”

His roar made her ears ring. She watched as he pulled the cigarette lighter from his pocket. A quick flick had sent the six-inch pillar of flame shooting towards the ceiling. His face was outlined and it looked more like a skull’s head than anything human.

“I’ll light the candle again. And with the wick so close to your pussy mound, I might miss. Just a little, you know. But how would you like to smell your own cunt on fire, burning away and you unable to do anything but piss in fright to put it out?”

“I… I’d do anything to stop that!”

“On your knees, then. And call me Master like a good slave should.”

“Yes — Master!” Her eyes refused to leave the flame dancing from the top of the lighter. If he decided to apply that to the candle still shoved painfully deep into her pussy, she would faint. The pain on her cunt-lips would assure that.

She vowed to avoid the lighter at all costs. Even if it meant degrading herself by getting to her knees and doing as her master bid her.

“Faster! Faster or you’ll feel this!”

He snapped the lighter to flame once again. She struggled, her muscles complaining bitterly of the exertion. Managing to get her knees under her, she rocked forward. This brought her to a kneeling position. With her wrists and ankles tied together the way they were, she couldn’t straighten up the way she wanted. It was impossible for her to move forward.

“Come here and suck my prick. NOW!”

“I… I can’t move! The ropes! The way you’ve got me tied, it’s not possible!”

“All the time making excuses! Come here immediately or I’ll have to severely discipline you!”

The words thrilled her strangely. She had some vague idea what he might do to her and it wouldn’t be pleasant. But she felt her cunt beginning to chum again. All around the wax candle came a new flow of her cunt oils. She was getting more and more turned on by the man’s words, the promise of pain, than anything else he’d ever done to her.


She tried to make as much speed as the ropes would allow her. She tried to arrive when he wanted her. But he told her it wasn’t good enough.

“I tire easily of your games, slave!”

He pulled off his belt and smacked it a couple times against his palm. She looked in stark horror at the thick leather strap. It could cut her to ribbons if he used it on her back.

The leather rose and fell. It hit her across the shoulders and her world shattered in red pain. Again and again, he whipped her with the leather strap until she was sure he’d cut all the flesh from her bones.

And then, he said, “You’re supposed to be sucking cock. So suck damn you, suck!”

She lifted her head and saw the man’s prick was hanging limp just inches above her eyes. She straightened and felt pain shoot into her back and all across her shoulders. She even forgot about the candle in her pussy. That was a pain she’d long since learned to endure. This was more immediate, more intense.

And continuing.

He never missed a stroke as he whipped her. She managed to get her lips to his flaccid cock. She touched it with her wet lips and felt an immediate response. He was able to get aroused quickly. But was it from her wet lips or from the fact he was beating her?

She didn’t know. She couldn’t even answer why she was getting so hot. Her cunt was beginning to pour out its inner lubricants. Her tits were like over inflated balloons, the nipples throbbing with life. She was more excited than ever before.

Sexually excited and all due to the pain and degradation he was handing out to her.

She couldn’t explain it. All she could explain was her longing to suck on the man’s prick. That she understood. She could give great head. She would please him as no woman ever had before. That would make him stop whipping her with the leather strap. That would make him pull that Goddamned candle from her churning twat.

It’d have to!

She put her lips close to his prick, savored the nearness of his flesh, then sucked the tip of his limp cock into her mouth. The loose flesh was like a dash of water in her face. She came totally alive.

Her entire body was quivering. She wanted to please. That was her destiny in life, giving him head, making him happy.

No matter that he still whipped her with his belt, long, slow, agonizing strokes across her back. She tried to ignore them. Sucking on his cock was so much more fun.

His prick was coated with a thin covering of his jism from when he fucked her ass. She could even detect a faint trace of shit. Her shit. From her ass fucking. Shivers ran across her shoulders as she thought of that. She was mouthing a cock that had been responsible for buggering her. She almost lost her balance as an especially hard blow from his belt smarted. It had landed on her arm and knocked her to one side.

But she never lost his prick. It remained firmly inside her wet, sucking lips. As her tongue began playing with his cock, she felt life returning to his manmeat. She sucked harder. Her goal was in sight.

She could actually feel his cock stiffening under her oral attentions. Her rough, pink tongue stroked over the sensitive head of his cock. This spurred it to even harder lengths. She sucked and licked and drove her tongue down into the man’s piss-slit. It wasn’t possible for her to get her tongue down into his cock.

They both knew it and it excited both of them that she would even try.

He stopped whipping her, when his cock was about half erect. It had been gradually stiffening thanks to her sucking. When her tongue went swirling all around the purpled head, the cock snapped to rigid attention. She lovingly stroked across the head, over the flap of skin dangling under the glans.

This was the most sensitive portion of his entire cock and she gave it her undivided attention. Her tongue worried the loose skin until it was part of the rigid shaft throbbing in her mouth. His cock was a virile post of fucking tool now.

“I like it. Keep sucking, slave.”

She wanted to answer him. But with the cock in her mouth, she didn’t want to take the time to. It was more important to her to suck, suck, suck!

She began bobbing her head up and down on his prick. The rubbery tip of his cock bounded from the roof of her mouth and homed in on her throat.

She gagged as his cock drilled deep down her throat. She hadn’t been prepared to take it.

“So,” he bellowed, “you gag on my cock!” He took a step backward and commanded, “Come after it now. Come!”

The leather strap smacked wetly on her back. She could feel tiny rivers of blood oozing from the welts he striped her with. His cock was jutting up from his crotch inches away from her lips. Struggling to keep her balance under the rain of his blows, she inched forward.

And he took a half step back.

“HURRY! Suck on it!”

She felt her knees being rubbed raw on the rug. Her shoulders were hunched under the blows and her arms and legs felt like they were ready to fall off.

But all that mattered was in front of her. His cock. Sucking on it. Sucking on her master’s prick.

That spurred her on, made her exert just a little more effort to take it back into her mouth and give him exquisite head. The first touch of the purpled glans on her lips was like a gift from heaven.

Tongue spinning wildly around the end of his cock, she laved and licked and lapped at the tasty rod of flesh until he was groaning. He stopped whipping her when the tiny drop of pre-come beaded on the end of his fuck stick.

Her sucking rapidly pulled the bitter droplet away from his piss-slit. She concentrated on working her head back and forth. Her lips were pursed in a tight O shape all around the man’s prick. Then she rapidly moved up and down the entire cock.

The red spike of cock vanished between her ruby lips, only to reappear in a few seconds. The look of bliss on her face convinced the man she was getting off on this. And he couldn’t say anything bad about the way she was giving him head.

His groin was burning with joy. The lightest touch of her lips was bliss. And her tongue was stimulating him to levels of arousal greater than anything he’d known before.

“Keep sucking, slave, suck!”

He thought his guts would go shooting out the end of his cock. The vacuum around the end of his prick was more intense than anything he’d experienced.

It was as if he’d shoved himself into a milking machine gone wild. But he wasn’t complaining. He enjoyed the wet warmth surrounding him. His balls had hardened into a tight little sphere dangling under his long, hard prick. It wouldn’t be long now before he blasted off his come into her mouth.

Into her mouth.

The words rattled in his head. He didn’t want her tasting his jism. That was a gift too precious for her. She had to be punished for using him as a fool for so long. She had been toying with him, stringing him along. He didn’t doubt she loved him — in her own way.

She used him for whatever she wanted. There were times he felt he’d gotten the upper hand on her, but not many. The time in the restaurant when he’d diddled her with his toe under the table, then sneaked under the table and eaten her out in public.

She was excited by all this, as excited as he was.

He didn’t dare let her get the upper hand again — ever.

Besides, this was too damned much fun. He could command and she would obey and wasn’t that the way it was supposed to be? Fuck all those people who wanted to tell others the roles men and women should fill. Let nature take its course and see how things worked out best.

Matt wouldn’t have traded the bound, sucking woman for a million so-called “liberated” ones.

But he still took a full step backwards and sent her falling forward on her face. With her hands bound to her ankles and behind her back, she couldn’t stop her fall.

With a hurt look, she stared up at him and his jerking cock covered with her saliva. “I want more than your mouth.” And that pleased her, as it should.


Matt reached down and grabbed the ropes holding her tied so securely. As if she were a sack of meal, he dragged her across the floor and into the bedroom, a room dominated by the brass bed.

The brass rails on either end were perfect for what he had in mind. But he really only needed those at the head of the bed. Lifting the trussed-up woman, he dumped her on the bed. She moaned softly as she rolled across one of her whipped shoulders.

“I tired of your mouth. I want to feel that gripping cunt of yours all around my cock.”

He didn’t wait for her to reply. He reached out and jerked free the candle still in her twat. She screamed as the candle broke the intense vacuum formed inside her pussy. He ignored it and threw the candle aside. He ran his fingers over her blistered and bruised pussy-lips.

“You cunts are all alike, never taking care of your most precious possession. I must cleanse you, I see.”

She lay in pain on the bed. The candle being pulled out of her was worse than she’d thought it would be. The nagging ache left inside her needed immediate attention. And she was fearful of what he would do to cure her of that agony.

When she saw him come in with a short length of hose and a hot water bottle, she panicked. He was going to give her an enema!

“I fixed this up special for you, my dear. Kerosene?” He waited to see the horrified expression on her face. “No, not when you’ve been so burning hot all day long. That might catch you on fire and we couldn’t have that. No, my dear, it’s filled with wine.”

He put the enema bag aside for a moment as he refastened her bonds. When he was done, both her hands and feet were bound thoroughly to the head of the brass bed. But it wasn’t in any position she would have chosen for herself.

He had her bent double so that her cunt was widely exposed to his evil attentions. Upper thighs pressed firmly into her own tits making them pulse and throb with desire. But the pressure on her belly was intense and she thought her hips would be pulled out of their sockets.

“Don’t do this to me, I beg you!”

“Beg all you want, slave. I will do to you what I please. If you want to scream, do so. It pleases me.”

She bit down on her lower lip to keep from crying out when he thrust the tube of the enema bag into her asshole. She didn’t want to give him the pleasure of hearing her sob and cry.

But she had to scream when the burning hot wine seared into her anus. He had heated the wine and it was burning with both alcoholic and heated fury. It was making her go mad from the pain.

“You’re burning me up! Why are you trying to kill me?”

“Stupid slut. If I’d put in cold wine, it would have killed you for sure. This is almost at your body temperature. And, damnit, you’d better not spill one Goddamn drop out that tight little ass of yours or I’ll really discipline you!”

There was no telling what horrid things he could do if she allowed even one tiny drop of that wine enema to leak from her rectum.

It filled her, made her feel bloated. She was momentarily sick to her stomach but it passed. If she’d puked, it would have been all over her face and tits. She couldn’t have stood that. The pressure in her bowels was more than enough.

“Hold it,” he said sternly. “Got it?”

“Yes, ohhh! It… it’s so hard!”

“It’ll get harder!”

He jumped onto the bed and knelt down so that his prick was just barely separating her cunt-lips.

“Y-you can’t fuck me!”

“The hell I can’t!”

And his prick shot down into the hollowness which had so recently held the thick wax candle.

His cock was so much different from the candle that she had to scream. The long wax rod had been unbending. His prick followed the corridor of her cunt and probed mercilessly into every soft fold of her pussy wall. He burrowed deeper into her cunt than the candle ever could have.

She fought hard to keep her ass tight. She must not leak out any of the wine enema. He said he would punish her if she did. And yet it was so damned hard! She wanted to relax and go with the flow. She wanted to enjoy the feel of his cock fucking her cunt as hard and fast as it could.

But relax? She didn’t dare.

“Wh-why are you doing this to me?”

“Keep that ass tight, cunt. I love the way your hot pussy feels all around me when you stay nice and tensed up.”

He began fucking her tight manhole with short, swift strokes. The friction mounted faster than it ever had before. Her guts were on fire, with erotic need. But she couldn’t abandon herself to them. She couldn’t enjoy the man’s prick like she normally did.

She had to hold in every last drop of the wine he’d shot all the way up into her bowels. It seemed to be boiling hot, gnawing away at her flesh, but she didn’t dare relax, not for a single instant.

She felt his cock surge a little deeper into her cunt. The friction of his cock-head against her pussy walls lit inner fires that had been smoldering for some time. She was coming alive with the fucking.

Hating herself for responding to a man who could do such terrible things to her, she began to moan — this time in pleasure. The warmth fed upon itself in her cunt. She could almost stand the pressure of the wine in her rectum. And the agonizing pain lancing across her shoulders could be forgotten.

Even the pain in her ankles and wrists could be ignored as the pleasure from the man’s fucking prick burned into her body.

“Fuck me, fuck me good! I need it!”

“You can say that again,” he muttered. His body was drenched with sweat now. Forcing the enema on her had been a master stroke for him. This kept her cunt tighter than it had ever been before. While she was close to virgin-tight normally, her cunt gaped and got sort of floppy loose after he’d fucked her a couple times in a night.

Not now.

Now she would keep that virgin-tightness that he loved to feel all around his cock.

He fucked deeper, faster. He felt her pussy walls smooth out in front of his onslaught. His cock roared down the tight passage until he bounced off her cervix. Seldom had he penetrated this far into her cunt. But bent double as she was gave him an opportunity that was seldom available otherwise.

“Hold it all in,” he commanded. “Not a single drop to be spilled or you’ll regret it!”

“Oh, oh, yes, yes, Master! I won’t dribble any of it out! Just give me the sweet gift of that prick! Ride me, ride me hard!”

She was lost in a carnal wilderness of pleasure and pain. Strangely, the pain accented the pleasure she was getting from his prick, the way her cunt had been so cruelly mistreated, she would have dismissed the idea as ridiculous if anyone had told her she would be begging a man — this man! — to fuck her.

That’s what happened, though. And the pain made the pleasure that much more intense. She had something to measure the height of her desire against. The pain in her shoulders was fading to be replaced by agony from the way her hands and feet were cruelly bound to the head of the bed.

Bent double, she could barely breathe.

But there was a bit of stimulation in this, too. Her legs rubbed seductively across her turgid nipples. She was able to crush her tits almost flat against her chest. The motion of her legs across her tits as he fucked her gave an added thrill she would have missed otherwise.

But the worst of her pain came from her anus. She was vainly trying to keep the wine enema locked inside her body. It was a losing battle. The harder he fucked her up the cunt, the more she wanted to let loose the stream of wine in her bowels.

She vaguely realized that holding so tightly to the wine was what made the fucking so superb. It was better than any fucking she had ever gotten before.

“Hurry, hurry and do it! I… aaaaaieeeeee!”

She came in a rush. She wasn’t even aware of how she clamped down with her asshole in an attempt to keep the wine locked up inside her body. The orgasm ripped through her cunt, pressed the soft, yielding cunt walls into the man’s cock until it was pulsing and dancing with lust.

He had to force down the rising tide of his own jism. If he had simply relaxed, he would have been fountaining out his come into her greedy cunt. But he wasn’t finished. He wanted to fuck her more.

This tight and hot a cunt was a rarity and he wanted to enjoy it to the maximum before he came.

“K-keep fucking,” she said weakly.

“Keep fucking what?” he demanded.

“Keep fucking my cunt, damn you. With your cock, with your pussy-pleasing cock!”

“Master! Say Master!”

“Fuck me, Master, fuck me, damnit!”

He drove in even faster in response to her words. They excited him to new levels. He was the one in command. She was the one in bondage. She was at his mercy, begging for his cock, trying vainly to please him.

She was the one who was securely tied to the brass bed, hand and foot, who had the wine enema she was trying to save for him.

And he was the one in full command now. He had only to ask and she would take it as an order. No longer was she able to withhold her cunt from him to force him to do something against his wishes.

She knew he would take what was rightfully his and without question. She would only suffer if she fought him. That was the way it was now. And they were both planning according to those rules.

He was fucking her with hard, deep strokes designed to push her over the edge of orgasm. The more he drove into her pussy, the more she responded.

Her clit was erect and throbbingly alive. She felt like it was pulling up and would explode at any second. As his crinkly bush brushed against it, she came.

The impact of another orgasm on her sensitively tuned body almost caused her to relax her feverishly tight grip on her anal sphincter. All through the ice and iron grip of the climax, she maintained her tight-assed hold on the wine enema.

That seemed more important to her than anything else. She couldn’t anger him. Not now. Not when he was giving her so much enjoyment, so much cock, so much pure delight.

“Tighter!” he demanded. “Clutch my cock tighter with that cunt of yours. I know you can do it, slave. DO IT!”

She grunted as her belly muscles spasmed. The way she was bent double was plaguing her with all sorts of muscle cramps. The little enjoyment she got out of having her upper thighs pressing down into her boobs was erased by the pain of being twisted into such an unnatural shape. She didn’t mind staying like this for a few minutes while he was fucking her. In no other position could she take his cock so far up into her gooey cunt. But to be tied in this pretzel shape was becoming unbearable.

She felt his cock swell and grow inside her impossibly tight cunt. She was able to feel the pulsating of the big blue vein on the top of his prick. Even the thick cockhead was expanding with added blood that hammered excitedly into his prick. The organ was growing as his lust mounted.

Then he came. The rush of his pearly hot come made her gasp and she almost lost control of her asshole. But she bit her lower lip and held on. That seemed more important than the flood of the man’s seed into her greedily sucking cunt.

“So fuckin’ tiiiiiight!” be groaned as he came.

His hips exploded in a frenzy of activity. He drove himself balls-deep into her pussy. There was no holding back. Not with his lust burning so fiercely in his loins. His balls demanded release. They got it.

When he’d finished filling her small cunt with his load, he leaned back on the bed, tucking his heels under his ass for support. He looked at the bound woman and smiled.

“So you managed to keep all the wine enema inside, eh? Good. Let me drain it out now.”

She screamed as he cruelly rammed the tube back into her. And she screamed again when he leaned forward and pressed his hand down hard into her belly. But soon it was all drained from her guts.

She had never felt such relief in her entire life.

The feelings rippling through her now were nothing but pleasant ones. The fucking had left behind a warm glow. The thin trickle of the man’s come out of her cunt-hole was familiar, welcome. And the emptiness of her bowels was such a relief she could have cried, cried with tears of joy.

She could forget the pain in her belly and arms and legs. It was somehow distant. And she knew that she would be able to regain control over the man.

He had been brutal to her, dominant in the extreme, but she knew that she could handle anything he dished out. She would end up calling the shots again. In this war, she would be the eventual winner.

She’d show him.

Then there was a stinging slap to her cheek. She opened surprised eyes to see the man grinning.

“Here, drink this.”

He thrust the tube of the enema into her mouth and released the bag. She gagged on the wine and shit he forced into her. Suddenly it wasn’t at all obvious to her she could ever slip free of the man’s domination.



Diane was finishing off the last touches of her makeup. Everything had to be perfect for tonight. This was the night when Matt’s boss would announce who got the promotion, who would be the new senior vice-president in charge of public relations.

She’d worked hard, damned hard, to make sure it was Matt who got that spot. She wanted to be in top shape tonight when it was announced.

“Hurry up, dear. It’s almost seven and we have to be over at the Bryants’ by eight.”

Matt mumbled something from the direction of the bathroom. She smiled into the mirror. Their relationship had gotten off to a shaky start. She still remembered that hell-week they’d spent on what they laughingly called a honeymoon.

“Don’t think you can distract me or my friend! I won’t stand for it!”

He opened his fly and out leaped his erect prick. She licked her lips and felt her cunt begin to ooze out its thick juices. He was going to fuck her! Just minutes before they were supposed to be at the promotion party! She would be walking bowlegged all night long!

And the bastard knew it!

She started to drop her skirt and found herself wrapped in the man’s strong arms. He crushed her body to his. And she responded immediately. Her nipples hardened. But neither of them seemed to notice this.

Their interest was lower. Her hand reached down and guided his long, thick, straining prick into her cunt-lips. She moaned softly as the prick penetrated her and worked a full inch into her pussy. He didn’t fuck her all the way. He hadn’t for some time.

This way was so much more torturous for her. She desperately desired him to ram balls-deep into with the first thrust. He never did that simply because she so badly wanted him to. This kept her guessing. Would she be so honored? Or not.

He jammed in another inch of his cock. The pussy-lips lewdly kissed and fluttered around the thickness of his glans. For every inch he inserted into her needy cunt, this increased her desire for him ten-fold.

By the time he was fucked to the hilt in her cunt, she was weak in the knees and actually shaking in reaction.

Tears stained her careful makeup and she was begging, “Fuck me, fuck me good!”

“So you want my precious cock, eh? What will you give me in return?”

“Anything, Master, anything!”

He actually lifted her off the ground using only his prick. While in mid-air, he turned and dumped her on the bed. His cock slipped out of her well-oiled cunt as the bedsprings took up the shock of her landing, but he was quick to climb back on top of her.

With her wrists tightly pinned to the bed by his right hand, he balanced himself with his left and levered into her yawning cunt. She left her legs spread wide as possible for him. Nothing was too good for her lord and master.


He began fucking her in the rhythm she liked best. She felt her inner tissues begin to quiver in response. The cunt-walls were actually shaking with desire at the touch of the man’s cock. She wanted nothing else out of life than to be fucked by Matt.

Then the tempo changed rapidly. He was no longer giving her his cock in long, smooth strokes. He was using a short, choppy fucking motion designed to burn away the thick cunt juices and build the friction rapidly in her body.

She felt the coming orgasm building rapidly in her belly. The sexual tension finally exploded and she came.

It wasn’t as big a come as she usually got. But it made her cry out and beg for more.

“Keep fucking me. I need your cock, Master! I need it so desperately I’ll do whatever you command of me.”

“Of course, you will, you stupid slut. What else is new?”

“Oh, Master, my clit! It… it’s erect now. Touch it. Diddle my clit for me!”

His left hand stroked lightly over her bush, making tiny little spires in the thick pussy fur. His finger descended a bit and found her clit.

He began stroking it. And she came. With his cock still inside her cunt, filling her to overflowing with hot prick, and his finger on her clit, she came.

It felt as if the top of her head ripped off as she thrashed about wildly on the bed. He held her firmly, not allowing her to move as much as she would have liked. The grip on her wrists was turning slick with sweat, yet he managed to hold her with contemptuous ease.

“Hot, aren’t you, bitch?”


His fucking had set her off still another time. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around his waist to pull him even deeper into her cunt. For some strange reason, he didn’t try to stop her this time. In the past, any hint that she was trying to guide the way he fucked her was met with punishment.

Her ass still carried the rosy red marks of the last time he had punished her, then fucked her up the ass. She had burned with an inner fury for over a week after that butt-fucking. And she had actually found herself wanting more.

She pulled him deeply into her cunt. Then she started writhing around, stirring the man’s cock against her softly yielding pussy walls. She was gushing out her fuck juices and there was a lewd squishing noise as his cock slid back and forth in her pussy.

She was gasping for air, having trouble focusing her eyes, luxuriating in the feel of his prick inside her, moving steadily, fucking hard, when she heard him say, “Call the Bryants and tell them we’ll be late.”

“Yes,” she agreed, “yes! Oh, sweet God, yes!”

She turned to the phone and found his prick fucking even deeper into her hungry twat.

“Call them while I fuck you.”

The words thrilled her. He expected her to carry on an ordinary conversation while she was being fucked!

She tried, oh, how hard she tried! But the cock moving slickly in her pussy almost betrayed her twice to the woman on the other end of the line. Finally, after what seemed an eternity, she had her apologies made, told Mrs. Bryant they would be late, then collapsed back on the bed.

Her cunt convulsed and another orgasm blasted its way into her. As she was rocked by the ultimate in human pleasure, she realized how lucky she was. This wasn’t a man who could be dominated by her. She was a complete woman to his complete man.

And what a pair they made.

She tried to think through the fog of lust over her brain why she had ever tried to dominate him. The answer wouldn’t come.

This was too satisfying!

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