Captive Family In Chains

Who can judge a person’s reactions during stress situations? The prisoner of war who gives in to his captors’ demands, the kidnapped heiress who joins forces with her abductors — both must act without past experience to guide them. The end result can be either a very negative or a positive experience.

In CAPTIVE FAMILY IN CHAINS the Baldwin family find themselves in just such a situation. Held captive by two brutal men in a secluded mountain cabin, degraded and forced to perform abnormal sexual acts, they nonetheless find within themselves hidden resources.

Especially young Karina suffers through an unspeakably horrible experience, but she comes through with her sensibilities intact, knowing she is more a woman.


They paused on the crest of an icy ridge, breathless after a long climb on slender cross country skis. Tracy Baldwin threw back her head to rasp in deep gulps of the chilling cold, crystal-clear mountain air. It didn’t help much. Her aching lungs still felt like two lumps of fire.

She laughed weakly and said, “I can’t wait to get back to the city and breathe smog. My body needs air thick enough to see.” A raw gust of wind swirled a soft wave of auburn hair across her face. Tracy shivered and swept back the loose strand, gazing in awe at the trackless, virgin-white snow layered deep in the valley below.

Tracy’s daughter Karina stood beside her, a lithe and tawny, redheaded teenager. Silky hair like red-golden tongues of flame fell halfway down her back. It shimmered brightly in the light of the setting sun.

“Oh, Mom!” the girl said scornfully. “Just look at that beautiful view. The jagged mountain peaks, the forest and miles of pure white virgin snow. Would you trade scenery like that for a city of glass, steel and dirty concrete?”

“Right now I’d trade my ass for a good hot bath,” her mother said with unusual frankness.

They’d been on the wilderness trail for five days with no more hot water than could be heated in a small pan. The rich, womanly scent of her musk grew stronger, despite daily sponging. It embarrassed Tracy now, and her husband, Dick, said they were still three days from the trail head.

“I could live like this forever!” Jo Decker exclaimed.

Jo was Tracy’s niece, her sister’s daughter, and only six months older than her cousin Karina, although she looked far more mature. Her once almost scrawny little girl figure had blossomed with a full set of stunning curves in the last year or so. And then, just before joining the Baldwins on their winter camping trip, Jo bleached and dyed her long hair to shining silver-blonde.

“Being in the high country makes me feel so wild and free!” Jo said. She tossed back her head and whirled it around to express that feeling of joy. The brisk cold wind caught her hair and swirled it like a silvery mist. “What do you think, Uncle Dick? Isn’t this the most spectacular view you ever saw?”

“It sure is!”

But his dark eyes had focused only on her. They flashed with a lewd gleam and Dick felt his cock twitch. He was far more dazzled by the tempting, freshly ripened curves of his young niece than all the splendor of snowy woods and ice-glazed mountain peaks.

Jo caught the look of desire in his piercing gaze. It brought a sly, understanding grin to her moist lips and a flush of warmth to her tingling cheeks. She asked coyly, “Where are we going to sleep tonight, Uncle Dick?”

He said, “Aaah,” and turned his eyes to the valley beyond. Dick knew all the wonderfully obscene things he’d been thinking were wrong. “We-we’ll make camp down there in the shelter of that overhanging rock.”

Karina edged to the very lip of the steep slope ahead. “The last one down has to cook dinner,” she said as she launched herself with a thrust of her poles.

“Oh, no!” Jo lunged forward, dropping into a deep crouch.

Dick watched them both at the start of their reckless dash, but then his gaze narrowed to the tempting sway of Jo’s ripely curved ass. The twin, softly rounded domes were snugly packed in a sleek black nylon ski suit. It hugged her lush body from head to toe and sheened as though it was giving off sparks from within. Dick blinked and had to force himself to look away.

Tracy flashed a cool grin and said, “A man almost forty years old should not be thinking such things about a young girl. And most certainly not when that young girl is his niece.”

“Huh? What things?” Dick asked with pretended innocence.

“You know damn well!” Tracy laughed and looked down at the growing bulge that strained the crotch of his tight-fitting pants. “If your cock gets any bigger it’s going to rip open your fly.”

“That’s your fault, not mine or Jo’s,” he said defensively. “You haven’t fucked it in five days.”

“I know, and I’m sorry. But we can’t have sex with the girls sleeping right beside us in the same little tent.”

Dick nodded bleakly. He knew that was right. “But now my balls weigh more than my backpack. If I can’t sneak a quick fuck tonight, they might explode!”

Tracy grinned curiously and asked, “Who are you planning to sneak that fuck with? Me or Jo?”

He scoffed and said, “You, of course.” But in the back of his mind, Dick wasn’t sure, he wasn’t sure at all.

She sensed the flicker of uncertainty in his voice and it more amused than angered her. She said lightly, “Tell the truth, you bastard. If you had your choice, who would you be fucking tonight? Your wife or your niece?”

“I’ve already said you.”

“And I say you’re lying like a God damn snake in the grass,” Tracy said with an odd smile. “You’d love to fuck her sweet cunt, suck on her big luscious tits and run your fingers through long waves of silky silver hair.”

“It sounds almost like you want me to fuck her.”

“No, I just want you to think about it until your cock gets really huge. Then you won’t be able to bend into such a deep crouch, and maybe I’ll beat you to the bottom of the hill. That means you have to cook dinner!” Tracy laughed and pushed off, blurring down the steep slope through deep powdery snow.

Dick roared, “You sneaky bitch!”

But she was already gone. He thrust ahead and streaked after her, but the awkward swelling of his long cockshaft did make it harder to ski. That big prick stuck up rigid and strong as the mast of a ship. Its hot length and his lewd craving for his young niece threw him off stride. Tracy beat him to the clearing at the base of the rock by a matter of inches.

She chuckled in triumph. “What are you fixing for dinner, slow-poke?”

“It’s your ass I’m going to fix, later tonight when the girls are asleep. And when I poke it, it won’t be slow. I’m going to fuck your ass with my eyes closed and pretend it’s Jo’s tight young cunt,” he whispered, not wanting the girls to hear.

“Hhhmmm, that sounds like fun. Why don’t I help with dinner so we can get to bed early?” The five days without sex had been as hard on Tracy as on her husband.

“Forget dinner,” Jo called to them from back of the huge rock. “Come around here and see what we found!”

As they kicked off their skis at the edge of the sheltered clearing, Dick saw what looked like smoke rising from back of the rock. “How did those two get a fire started already?”

Tracy sniffed the bracing mountain air and said, “That doesn’t smell like smoke to me.”

“You’re right. It smells more like a sultry, steaming hot pussy to me.”

“It’s a hot spring,” Karina said as her parents came into view. “Mineral water bubbling up in that pool from somewhere underground.”

“Well, I’ll be damned,” he whispered to Tracy. “There’s the hot bath you said you’d be willing to trade your ass for.” Unseen by the two girls, Dick reached over and pinched Tracy’s taut, delicately curved ass cheek.

She giggled anxiously and said, “Let’s all get naked and go in together!”

Dick edged back from the steaming pool. “Er, you gals go ahead. I’ll start setting up camp.” He thought if he sat in steaming hot water with three naked women, his balls would burst for sure.

“Don’t be a poop, Uncle Dick. Families in Japan take hot baths together all the time.”

“Yeah, but this isn’t Japan. Christ, in this country we could all be arrested for doing something like that!”

“Who’s going to know?” Tracy asked.

“Yeah, Dad, and we won’t be able to see anything through all that steamy haze. We’ll, undress on one side, and you take the other.”

“Er, well…” Dick could think of no good reason to object, and the three females were already stripping off their heavy winter outfits. “What the hell!” He reached down and unbuckled his belt. It had been torturing his giant cock that was swollen hard underneath.

A brief gust of wind swept aside the steaming haze for an instant, clearing the view just as his aching hard-on leaped out. Tracy smiled and felt her ass cringe. Karina blushed and looked away. Jo feasted her eyes on the biggest prick she’d ever seen.

The breeze stilled itself and the steaming haze rose again like a curtain between them, but not before Dick got a good look at all three of them naked and poised by the edge of the pool.

He barely glanced at Tracy. There was nothing about her small trim form that he did not already know. His eyes flicked to Jo’s lush figure and inched up and down. Her tits were huge, at least three times the size of Tracy’s taut mounds. Then he saw her narrow waist and the sudden flare of Jo’s softly curved hips. He savored the sleek dome of her pussy mound and saw that she had a dense thatch of curly dark hair. That held his attention and he never did see the elegant taper of her long legs.

The sight of her made his cock ache. So young, so ripe and so tempting — also forbidden. It was obscene to even think of fucking his own niece, but the voice of his conscience did nothing to still the hot, painful throb of his anxious cock.

He tore his eyes off her and caught a fleeting glimpse of Karina just before the veil of steam rose between them again. She was built much like her mother — small, fine-boned and sleekly curved.

Glancing down because he felt ashamed for staring, he then saw his daughter’s fiery spread of cunt hair. It gleamed red-gold through the haze, and the sight of it made the drumming pulse of his hot cock meat harder than when he ogled Jo.

“My God,” he muttered to himself, stricken with guilt. “Five days without fucking and my cock has gone crazy, lusting after my own daughter!” Even the mere thought of incest appalled him.

The three females slipped into the water and sat on a rocky ledge that rimmed their side of the steaming pool. Dick dropped in on the near side, but that was steep and slick. There was no place to sit, and the water barely came up to his waist. The swollen head of his cock projected above the surface like a periscope on an obscene submarine.

Jo got a fuzzy view of the blue-red cock knob and that swelled a lump in her throat. It looked twice the size of what her boyfriend had — both longer and bigger around. The sight of its bobbing head made her pussy cringe with anxious, spasms. She’d been wanting to try a man’s big cock because her eager boyfriend couldn’t keep his prick hard long enough to make her spirits soar.

“You can sit here, Uncle Dick.” Jo slid closer to Karina to make room at the end of the rocky ledge. But not too much room. She wanted Dick close to her when he sat down.

Tracy sat at the other end, around the curve of the narrow pool. She eyed them both with a mixture of amusement and suspicion. The woman could almost read Jo’s mind because she remembered having the same kind of curiosity when she was young.

And, ironically, it was her uncle that Tracy had most wondered about. She liked to sit on his lap at family gatherings and squirm her taut ass around until she could feel the big prick between his legs start to swell.

They’d both been fully clothed, of course. In those days, no proper family would even think of sitting naked together in a steaming tub. Tracy could only wonder how much farther her young niece would go.

Dick’s lean, hard-muscled thigh brushed the creamy smooth taper of Jo’s leg as he sat down. “Isn’t it nice to be so warm?” she asked.

“Er, yeah,” he replied, but Dick was thinking, warm? My cock feels like a red-hat iron!

Jo’s fingers brushed his knee with a feather light touch beneath the surface of the bubbling tot spring, where none of the others could see. She waited, letting her hand float, touching him only with her fingertips, half expecting him to push her hand away.

But he didn’t. He spread his legs and settled back against the rim of the pool, basking in the soothing warmth and breathing in the deep, misty vapors that smelled so much like steaming cunt.

His acceptance of her sly touch primed the eager teen for an even bolder stroke. She let her hand slide up his leg, letting her fingers drag ever-so-lightly over muscles tense as steel bands. She made it seem that her hand was only drifting with the bubbling current that coursed upward from the bottom of the rocky little pool.

She felt Dick stir and his muscles rippled. “Hhhmmm, your leg is so strong and hard,” Jo said in a hushed voice that only he could hear.

“You think that’s hard, you should see the rest of me.” Dick kept his voice low, but there was really no need. Tracy and Karina were busy discussing the dinner that Dick was supposed to fix.

“I did see it for just a second when the breeze blew the steam away.” Her fingers teased through the soft wet ruff of cockhair spread wide across Dick’s loins. “Can I touch it?” she asked shyly.

Dick glanced and saw that his wife and daughter were still distracted. “Sure, why not?”

Jo’s soft hand curled warmly around his long prickshaft. “Oh, God it’s even bigger than I thought.” She grasped and squeezed and pumped her hand slowly up and down.

Ripples sloshed above her hand, spreading across the surface of the bubbling pool. Their speed and size increased as Jo beat harder on his exciting cock. “I used to jack my boyfriend off before I got up nerve to let him fuck me. He says I do it real good.”

“Er, yeah. You sure do!”

Dick was having trouble keeping his voice down now, and it was even harder to keep a calm look on his face. Jo whipped the full length of his long shaft with wavering finger strokes. She pulsed her grip as she neared the tip, working her fingers on the soft tube of his prick like someone playing a flute.

“I want to make you cum. I want to feel that big thing spurt.”

“Oh, Christ, don’t do that.” Dick knew he’d grunt when the searing pressure in his balls broke free. Tracy would be sure to hear, she knew that sound well.

“Then put your finger in my pussy. Find my little clit and whirl it until I cum.”

“I’d like to, but I can’t. Tracy will hear you. She’ll know what we’re doing for sure.”

“I’ll be still, Jo promise. I won’t make a sound.” Never having experienced a full orgasm, Jo had no idea what great control it would take to remain silent as she neared the peak of rapture.

“All right, you devious little bitch. But ease off on my cock for a while.” He slipped his right hand into her lap and fingered the soft fleece of her pussy curls.

“Oooh, I like the way you do that,” she cooed. Her hand went slack on his raging cock, but she kept it in her warm grasp. Dick reached his long middle finger down between her legs and pressed lightly on the puffed, softly furred outer lips of her pussy.

“Hungh,” Jo said with a rasp of hot breath.

“Ssshhh,” he cautioned her. He worked his finger further in, deftly parting her outer shield to reach the slinky little ring of flesh inside. Her cunt surged with a vibrant pulsing and her hand clamped hard around the root of his cock.

“Aaahhh,” he moaned. Her little and ring fingers had reached down to tease his cum swollen nuts around.

“Ssshhh,” she teased with a leering grin. Tracy glanced at them, but Jo thought she had no idea what they were doing.

Dick reamed her slinky cunt and felt pliant bands of muscle grip and pulse. God, what that hole could do to a shaft as big as his cock! Just thinking about it almost made his balls unload.

Drawing back, he turned his thumb around the nub of her clit. It swelled and trembled, throbbing with lust like a little miniature prick. “Ram your finger in deep at the same time,” she gasped. “Make me cum, Uncle Dick. Oh, give me the climax I’ve been wanting for so long!”

Her hand swept up and down his cock again, frothing the water above with the urgency of her wild desire. “You little bitch, you weren’t supposed to do that!”

“I want us both to cum at once!”

“Oh, fuck…” Dick knew there was no way they could both keep quiet if they did that.

“Yes, I want to!” Jo gasped anxiously. “Tonight when Tracy and Karina are asleep. You can crawl into my sleeping bag. I want to feel your big hot prick inside of me!”

Dick’s tortured mind swirled like the steam rising from the spring. He wanted to fuck this sultry, brazen little bitch, but he didn’t dare. He didn’t even want to think what Tracy would do if she found him in bed with her niece.

“Fuck three fingers into me,” Jo begged. “I want to feel something as big as your hot cock. Oh, make me cum! Do it to me, Uncle Dick!”

“You’ll like this even more,” he groaned through gritted teeth. The way she was whipping his cock now made it almost impossible to hold back. He wouldn’t last more than a few seconds, and he did share the girl’s perverse desire to cum with her while his wife and daughter were sitting only a few feet away.

He wormed his first and second fingers into her seething pussy hole and pumped them in and out. At the full depth of each gliding thrust, he reached out with his ring finger and circled the taut rim of her asshole.

“You aren’t going to put a finger in there, are you?”

“I sure am! And tonight when I’m in your sleeping bag, I’m going to fuck your ass with my cock.”

“Oh, holy shit!” Jo’s face lined with worry. She didn’t think the giant cockshaft in her hand would even fit. “You’ll rip me apart!”

“And I’ll make you love it,” he promised. Dick could hardly believe the words he just said. The whole situation had gotten out of control.

His cock was out of control, too. He tensed as he felt the pressure swell, but now there was no way he could hold back. He fucked his probing fingers into Jo’s ass and pussy at the same time, ending each thrust with his thumb whirling around on her clit.

“Oh, yes! Yes! Yes, Uncle Dick! Hungh!” she clamped her eyes shut in joyous rapture and thrust her hips at his driving hand. “That’s it! Oh, you’re making me cum!”

Dick’s whole body tensed. His balls heaved and the boiling flood started up his cock shaft. Jo could feel the swelling in his prick. It sputtered and jerked beneath her fingers as her hand drummed faster up and down.

The stuttering bursts of silver cream shot into the water just as Jo’s climax began. She tensed and hissed, wracked by the anguished joy she could feel front and back. Her ass and pussy both flew into a frenzy. They clenched and throbbed, and after what seemed like an hour of pure bliss, her wringing holes went slack.

Dick’s massive cock had drained itself and it began to soften in her hand, but somehow Jo knew this wasn’t the end. It was the start of something neither of them could fully comprehend.


That night when they all settled into their sleeping bags in the ribbed dome of the lightweight tent, Jo felt much too excited to sleep. She squirmed inside her satin-lined bag.

Karina drifted right off with an innocent, almost angelic smile on her lips. She had no idea what had gone on beneath the surface of that steaming pool. There was nothing to excite her senses or her youthful curiosity.

Dick was still awake after half an hour. Jo knew that by the uneven rasping of his breath. He sounded as excited as she felt. He was sleeping right beside her. It would be easy for her to pull down the zipper and let him crawl into her sleeping bag once Tracy dropped into deep slumber as she usually did.

But Tracy was awake too. Jo could tell by the quick, uneven rhythm of the shallow breaths she took. “Damn you,” she raged silently in her mind. “Go to sleep so Uncle Dick and I can fuck!”

Tracy shared a double sleeping bag with him and how the young silver-haired blonde envied her for that. She could just reach out and touch the big cock that Jo craved. She thought that might be what was keeping Tracy awake and it made her jealous, but only for a moment.

If Tracy wanted his cock too, there wasn’t a damn thing she could do. After all, Tracy was his wife and they were nude side-by-side. But they weren’t doing anything. They must have been waiting for her to fall asleep, Jo decided.

And so she began to pretend, hoping that Tracy would soon get done what she wanted to do. Dick would have plenty left for her, Jo had no doubt of that. His magnificent cock had swelled hard again in the pool almost at once, and she could only think of how much she wanted to feel that huge prickshaft plunge deep into her cunt.

Jo lay perfectly still even though her ripe young body felt ready to burst from the swelling of her excitement. She forced herself to take only calm, evenly measured breaths even though her mind was racing, trying to imagine the wicked pleasure of fucking hard with a real man.

When it seemed that Jo had drifted off to sleep, Tracy nudged Dick in the ribs with the point of her elbow. “Got anything left for me?” she asked slyly.

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“You know damn well… and I know damn well what you and Jo were doing sloshing around in the steam.”

“You’re crazy!”

“Maybe, but I’m not deaf or blind. I know she was jacking you off, and I know you had at least one finger up her cunt. I watched you cum, for Christ sake, saw it all from the corner of my eye.”

Jo couldn’t help shuddering when she heard that, but for some odd reason her aunt didn’t seem to be angry. The girl half expected her to throw a jealous fit.

“And when I go to sleep, she wants you to fuck her, doesn’t she?”

“Er, what makes you think that?” Dick asked with a nervous quiver in his voice.

“Remember when we were in school? I was training to teach handicapped children, and the first thing I learned was how to read lips.”

“Oh, shit…”

“Don’t look so glum. I think it’s a great idea. Watching her jack you off really turned me on. Watching you fuck her should be even more fun.”

“Wh-what? D-do you really mean that?”

“I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t mean it. Go on, crawl in the sack with her. Fuck her pussy. Fuck her ass. Fuck the shit out of her! Just leave the zipper open enough so I can see. Watching your big cock stab into her will really make me hot!”

“Then what?” Dick asked. Things were happening so fast, it was almost more than his mind could handle. First Jo boldly grabbing his cock in the hot spring, and now his wife was practically begging him to fuck their sexy young niece!

“Then you can come back here and fuck me. Jo can watch that, and I’ll show her what a real woman can do.”

“Jeeezus Christ,” he sighed.

Nothing like this would ever happen in their suburban home. They lived a normal and almost boringly proper life in town. But all that now seemed more distant than the moon. They were in the middle of a vast wilderness, days away from society’s strict rules and the prying eyes of civilization.

“What the hell?” Dick said with a shrug. “My mind can’t quite handle it, but my cock is sure willing to try.” He inched down the zipper of their sleeping bag on the side nearest to Jo.

The silvery blonde still pretended to be asleep, but her lush body felt chilled. She trembled with nervous shivers of doubt. She wanted to fuck her handsome uncle, but not this way — not with his wife watching everything they did! That was freaky, weird. Jo didn’t even know if she could go through with it. Her pussy felt like a tight knot in a wet rope.

“Just a second,” Tracy said. She turned on her side to face Dick and Jo, and she bunched a pillow under her head. “I’ll pretend to be asleep.”

“Good idea.” Dick drew the zipper the rest of the way down then reached out to awaken his niece who was hunched down inside her sleeping bag. “Hey, Jo,” he whispered hoarsely. “Wake up. Tracy’s asleep now. We can fuck if you still want to.”

“Huh? What?” Jo blinked her eyes trying to shake off doubt not sleep, but the look was the same.

“Tracy’s asleep,” he repeated softly. “Let’s fuck. I want a lot more than a hand-job from you.”

“Oh, Dick… I don’t know.”

Jo couldn’t explain it, but the idea of sex with someone else watching frightened her half to death. Her only experience so far had been secret, stolen moments in the backseat of her boyfriend’s car. Every second they were fearful that someone would see, that somehow their parents would find out. In a way, that added to the thrill.

“It’s too late to change your mind now,” Dick said. He began to open the zipper of her sleeping bag. “You got me really hot back there in the mineral bath. Now I’ve got to see what your pussy can do.”

“Er, no… wait, Uncle Dick.” Her eyes widened like those of a startled fawn. This wasn’t going at all the way she had planned.

For Dick Baldwin, it was more like a heavy weight had been lifted off his chest. Over the years, he’d enjoyed any number of secret sexual encounters. He fucked a dark-eyed, raven-haired beauty at the office many times when the two of them were supposed to be working late. He fucked a luscious, full bodied cocktail waitress he’d gotten to know. But always on the sly, always worried that somehow his wife would find out.

Knowing that she knew, knowing that Tracy wanted to share this experience added to the heat of his lust. The blue veins webbing his cock pulsed in time with the grating sound of the zipper teeth.

He slipped across the narrow gap between his sleeping bag and Jo’s. Her body quaked now more than it had the first time. He crouched above her and she could feel the heat of his long prick.

“Give your uncle a big kiss.”

Jo closed her eyes and pecked him lightly on the cheek. All the girl could think about was her aunt watching. It made her skin crawl.

“That’s no kiss,” he sneered. “I get better from Karina every time she wants an advance on her allowance. This is a real kiss!”

He tangled his hands in her silver hair and lifted her head up, drawing her trembling lips toward his. “No, Dick! I can’t do it!”

“Yes, you can. You don’t have a choice. The first thing you have to learn about being a woman is that you can’t change your mind at the last minute. You can’t tease a man’s cock and then tell him no.”

Dick sealed his lips on hers. Jo felt some of the fearful tension melt as soon as they touched. His tongue pressed out and slid between her lips. “Oh, God!” she moaned. He drove his tongue in further, forcing hers back.

“When I get you hot, my cock will slide in just as easy as that.” He slipped his tongue into her mouth again and twined it with hers. “That’s what you’re afraid of, isn’t it? You’re afraid of my big cock.”

“No,” she whined. “It-it’s not that. I know that Tracy is watching. I wasn’t asleep. I was pretending like she is now.”

“Oh, ho!” Tracy raised her head. There was no reason to continue the charade. “Then what is it, Jo? You thought fucking Dick was a great idea if I didn’t know. What’s different now that I do?”

“I-I don’t know.” Jo still could not think of words to explain her tangled emotions. She wanted Dick but felt that she must reject him at the same time. That didn’t make sense — even to her. How could she possibly explain it?

“Maybe I can help,” Tracy said calmly. “I was young once too, you know. And I’ve lived all my life with what you’re going through now. We’ve been conditioned to think that sexual desire is a sin, something dirty that we should be ashamed of. But we all have it. It’s as natural as the need to breathe. But we sneak around. Our bodies crave pleasure, but we’ve been taught that’s wrong. You know, Dick and I haven’t fucked since we started this trip because we didn’t want you girls to know we have that supposedly sinful urge.”

“Are-are you saying that what I want to do is all right?” Jo asked.

“I’m saying that’s for you to decide. Some people are truly happy living by a strict moral code. Others need more freedom to express their emotions and they aren’t afraid to make that choice. You have to decide which is right for you, it’s hell being caught between.”

“I know that,” Jo said, eyes fluttering on the verge of tears. “I like to fuck, I really do. It’s the guilt I feel afterwards that I can’t stand.”

“You have to make the decision,” Tracy said. “Once you’ve made your mind up, there’s no reason to feel guilt.”

Jo thought hard for a moment. Her brow furrowed in concentration. Her eyes narrowed, straining to hold back tears. Jo nibbled on her lower lip through one last moment of uncertainty, then her look brightened and she said, “I do want you to fuck me, Uncle Dick.”

“Are you sure?” He asked. All this deep talk had raised some doubts in his own mind.

“Yes, I’m sure. I don’t give a damn what anyone else thinks. I want to do it. I have to know what a man’s big cock is like.”

Tracy smiled and said, “Dick, why don’t you bring Jo over here? There’s a lot more room in our double bag.”

“Good idea.” He slipped his hands beneath Jo and eased her across the narrow gap. The chilling cold of the winter night stung his back for the brief moment his naked flesh was exposed, then he settled into the larger bag with Jo and his wife.

The girl felt ill-at-ease, despite Tracy’s attempt to untangle her conflicting desires. “You-you mean all three of us in the same bed?” That was a bold step that Jo was not quite ready to accept.

“Yes, why not?” Tracy welcomed her with open arms. Her soothing words and gentle touch had a calming effect. Jo stopped shivering and cuddled against her aunt.

“Your ripe young body excites me almost as much as it does Dick,” Tracy admitted freely. Since the time had come for them to quit hiding passions, she saw no reason to hold back. “I’ve wanted to make love with another woman for a long time, but I haven’t had the courage to do anything about it until now.”

Tracy circled both her hands around Jo’s large tit, the one nearest her. She squeezed gently, until the girl’s thick, dark nipple bulged. Then she kissed it and wagged it softly with her tongue.

“Haaagh!” Jo gasped. She had never dreamed that a woman’s hungry kiss could bring so much pleasure. Wild shocks of joy ran down from the nipple that Tracy had sucked between her swirling lips.

Dick decided to follow his wife’s lead. He curled his hands around Jo’s other tit, teasing the half swollen nipple up between a circle of thumbs and first fingers.

He kissed it softly, restraining the desire to pull and suck on her with all his might. Tracy’s tender attack already had the girl gasping and writhing in delight, and he wanted to double that lewd pleasure.

Jo’s mind swirled in delirious joy. She felt two mouths sucking on her tits, four hands milking her tender flesh. Dick and his wife both wanted her, and she happily gave in to them.

More than words, Tracy’s loving acceptance cleared Jo’s head of her last nagging doubts. What could be wrong if what they were doing brought pleasure to them all? Jo arched her shoulders back and thrust her tits up even more.

“Suck me,” she moaned. “Both of you. Eat my tits and make my nipples burn.”

They both sought to please her. Dick pulled hard with his lips and raked her nipple with his tongue. Tracy was more gentle. She mouthed just, the leathery little tit tip and worked her tongue around it in a slow spiral.

With two anxious mouths and four hands working her tender flesh, Jo felt more tingling delight than she had ever known before.

“Now let’s do her pussy the same way,” Tracy said. She clasped one of Dick’s wrists and brought his hand down along with her own.

They stroked across Jo’s heaving belly, one large hand and one small. Dick couldn’t help thinking how strange it was, his wife holding hands while they both excited a lovely young girl.

Tracy spread her fingers like the teeth of a comb and ran them down through Jo’s rich spread of cunt hair. She spread the soft outer lips of her pussy and held them open when Dick’s hand arrived.

He slipped down and felt the nub of her clit. It was swollen hard, slick with the honey that was gushing from her cunt. He turned a finger around that little knob while Tracy pumped one in and out of Jo’s pussy slit.

Jo bucked and writhed, the heat of pleasure almost more than she could bear. They were sucking her tits and hand fucking her cunt at the same time. Her first great climax of that night began before Dick even thought of sticking his cock into her.

The blonde cried out and tremors of raw pleasure ran the length of her spine. The steaming broth bubbled out of her cunt and the scent of lust grew stronger.

Tracy eased Dick’s hand off Jo’s clit as the wild spasms peaked. “Now kiss her,” she said. “Fondle her big tits for a while and leave her pussy to me.”

Dick wasn’t used to having another woman tell him how to work up the heat in a pussy he craved, but everything Tracy had suggested had been good so far, so he decided to go along.

He dragged his hand back up to Jo’s tit, trailing a line of glossy cunt oil over the top of her mound. He took one gorgeous tit in each hand and twirled her wet nipples with his thumbs.

Tracy bent down, burrowing under the satin cover of the sleeping bag. It was totally dark inside, but the scent of Jo’s anxious pussy guided her like a beacon in dense fog.

She tugged at the girl’s damp cunt hair with her lips just as Dick kissed her again. “Huuunnngh!” Jo cried. Dick thrust his tongue into her mouth, Tracy had hers deep in her cunt. A shocking current seemed to pass between them, and Jo’s body twitched like a broken high-voltage line.

Tracy loved the taste of pussy. Somehow she always knew that she would. She wished many times that she could bend double and suck on her own cunt. This was the next best thing. She wormed her tongue into Jo and lapped up the sleek, tangy oils leaking out.

Dick’s hands kneaded her soft tits, each quivering globe so large that one hand would not contain it all. “I just love your big tits,” he growled. “And I’m going to love fucking your sweet cunt even more.”

He kissed her and thrust his tongue in. This time Jo knew exactly what to do. She jabbed her tongue back into his mouth. Dick gasped a sound of pleasure and sucked on it, pulling like he wanted to rip it out.

“Oh, you hot little bitch!” he said when he had to draw breath. “I’m going to fuck your pussy so full!”

Tracy was still eating cunt, lapping and sucking like some kind of fiend. “I’ve got her nice and hot for you now, Dick. Fuck her. Fuck her good. Then I’ll come back and lick all your jism out of her pussy hole.”

By now Dick had decided this was all part of a wonderful dream. All the barriers of dull and proper suburban life were down. His wife eased to the side so that he could mount the restless young girl and aim his big cock at the seething cunt hole that had been prepared for him.

“Fuck her,” Tracy said. She even put a hand on his shaft to help guide it in.

“Haaagh!” he roared. Jo’s tight young cunt pulled on his swollen cockhead. His wife’s hand squeezed on his shaft, aiming it like a rifle barrel.

Dick pressed in and Tracy drew her hand away. She stretched out beside Jo and whispered in the girl’s ear. “Don’t you just love it? Doesn’t his big cock feel great?”

“Oh, yes! God, yes. I want it in me. I want it all, Uncle Dick!”

“You haven’t felt even a third of it yet,” he reminded her.

“I know… I know.” But it was already better than any fucking she’d had before. Jo’s boyfriend didn’t have the patience to excite her before, nor did he have enough experience yet to hold back and really savor the pleasures of an anxious young cunt.

Dick Baldwin had learned that lesson a long time ago. He inched into his young niece. He clasped his hands in her silvery hair and forced her to look into his leering eyes as his cock sank deeper and deeper into her quaking cunt hole.

“Oooh, God!” she cried. It was now to a place where no cock had reached. Jo felt burning pleasure deeper than ever before. Untried muscles strained. They pulsed and heaved, wringing hard on a cock even better than the one she’d dreamed of for so long.

Dick liked the way her pussy squirmed. Tracy was more skilled and more precise. She knew exactly how to tease and please his long prick. Jo’s tiny hole didn’t know what to do. It clenched one second and recoiled the next. It tried to suck him in, then it tried to squeeze him out.

“I don’t think I can take any more,” she moaned.

“You said you wanted it all, and it’s too late to change your mind now,” Dick said. He knifed into her, filling her pussy, then he began twisting the thick root around. He mauled her pink-lipped cunt hole and ground the top of his shaft on her clit.

Jo sobbed and wailed, then he began tucking that huge long cock in and out. He arched high above her until only his bulged cockhead remained in her cunt slot. That gave her insides a split second to relax, then he rammed back in, harder and deeper than before.

“You’ve got a great cunt,” he said with a hot rush of breath. Slowly, he arched back out. Dick felt his confidence swell. Because she’d jacked him off in the mineral spring, the surging pressure in his nuts had been relieved. He could take his time with her now, really enjoy fucking the shit out of her.

He drilled and twisted, trying every combination of cock strokes he knew. Jo climaxed once, twice, three times, and there was still no sign that he was through. He kept fucking, slamming down and rearing back. “Oh, stop!” she begged.

“He won’t… he can’t until he cums,” Tracy whispered in her niece’s ear. “Reach down and finger his balls. Take one in each hand and twirl them around with your fingertips.”

Dick roared. That last bit of teasing pleasure was all it took. He bottomed his cock in her and it began to fire. Jo took the first small blast with a shudder of joy. The next made her cringe. It seemed to be seeping all the way to her brain!

Dick clenched his teeth, grunting to add force to each shot. Hot cream splashed her full and it bubbled up around his long cockshaft. He began thrusting again, determined to wring out every last drop. Slick with cum, his cock moved faster. The quick, slithering friction made her pussy feel like it was on fire.

Jo thought she’d cum, that her climax reached its peak when jism first splattered the walls of her pussy. But, no. It was all starting again, better than before. Her gut wrenched, sweat beaded on her brow. Her fingers clawed Dick’s back. Her lips parted to scream in rapture, but Jo didn’t have strength left to make a sound.

She collapsed beneath him, weak and trembling, but still clinging to his cock shaft. He felt the shuddering aftershocks and smiled. “There’s still a lot more you have to learn,” he said.

“What more can there be?” Jo could barely get the words out.

Tracy winked. Dick grinned. Jo stared blankly at the roof of their tent. The truth was, at that moment, none of them really knew.


Karina was the first up next morning. She’d slept right through a noisy sexual romp that had lasted most of the night. Dick fucked Jo, then Tracy, then Jo again. It was even better the second time.

He fucked Tracy in the ass as he’d promised to do, and her wild orgasm made Jo want to try that too. Then the two women took turns sucking his cock to keep it hard enough to do it all again.

The innocent young redhead never paused to think why her father was still so fast asleep at dawn. When she leaned over to kiss his cheek, he didn’t even stir. Karina shrugged and crawled out of her down sleeping bag.

She lit the sputtering little camp stove and busied herself melting fresh snow to make coffee. She’d hand her father a steaming hot cup as soon as he woke up. That would please him, and pleasing him had always pleased her.

For some reason she could not quite understand, that seemed particularly important now. Karina wanted very much to please her father. This wilderness trip had changed her view of him.

At home in the suburbs he was just a man who got up early and went to work. He came home tired, had a drink or two, ate dinner and then went to bed. He was not really a part of her daily life.

He was still the final authority, the one she had to butter up when she needed an advance on her allowance. But her mother made most of the routine decisions. She actually ran the Baldwin family. Tracy steered the ship, Dick was hardly more than a figurehead.

But it was different out here in the wild. Now their very lives depended on him. The first night, Tracy wanted to make camp at the base of a narrow V-shaped cleft between two steep slopes. Dick had made them press on. That seemed cruel at the time, but at dawn they all knew why.

The warming rays of the morning sun loosed an avalanche of snow that roared down that narrow slot. It tossed aside pine trees thirty feet tall and smothered the place where her mother had wanted them all to be.

Karina grinned as she thought about that, slowly stirring the melting snow. Dick even had to teach them all to do that. Tracy filled the little pan with snow right up to the brim and then wondered why it took so long to melt.

Her dad had dumped the snow out, put the pan on the stove empty and let it get hot. He dropped in a little handful of snow. When that melted, he dropped in a bit more. In no time at tall, the whole kettle was steaming hot and brimming full.

Karina did the same thing now and spooned in instant coffee as the water began to boil. The red light of dawn complimented the natural hue of her long hair which ran like a river of fire down the back of a fluffy white rabbit fur parka. Karina had no idea how sexy she looked at that moment.

Dick said, “Good morning,” as he crawled out of the tent.

“Hi, Daddy. Did you have a good sleep?”

“Er, yeah.” Dick yawned and stretched, hoping he didn’t look as worn and wrung out as he felt. Karina’s wide, innocent blue eyes were on him and he felt guilty as sin. What he’d done the night before with Jo seemed terribly wrong when he looked at his own young daughter.

“You want some coffee?” she asked. “It’s fresh and hot.”

“Sounds great.” He thought the steaming liquid might clear the cobwebs from his head.

Karina handed him a cup and stood close by while he took his first sip. “Oh, that hits the spot!” he said.

“I melted the snow the way you taught me, a little bit at a time.”

“Good girl.” She was still standing very close, beaming up at him, anxious for praise. Sunlight glinted in her fiery hair and made her eyes sparkle like two deep pools.

“Don’t I get my good morning kiss?” she asked after he’d taken another sip of the steaming brew.

“Oh, sure.” He bent down and Karina pressed her soft lips to his cheek, but closer to his mouth than usual. The corners of their mouths actually touched. Dick’s tongue moved impulsively to that side.

Karina giggled but did not break off the kiss. She used her tongue to wet his cheek and Dick shivered uncomfortably. All of Tracy’s talk about sexual freedom seemed to make sense during the night. But now it seemed very sinful in the light of day, especially with his daughter teasing him with her tongue.

“How about a real kiss?” she asked, aligning her lips with his, hardly more than an inch away.

Dick answered with an uneasy laugh. “You haven’t kissed me on the lips since you were a little girl,” he reminded her.

Karina shrugged and kept her lips poised close to his. “That was just a silly phase I was going through. Remember, I didn’t want you taking snapshots of me either because I thought I looked so ugly.”

“Yeah, I remember. You’d run and hide whenever I got the camera out.”

“Well, I’m not running any more.” Her lips reached up toward his. Dick gave her a warm, but dispassionate kiss. His arms curled around her and his fingers sank into the soft white fur on her back. His tongue was quivering in his mouth and he knew hers was too, but they never touched.

“Well, well… look at you two!” Jo said in pretended shock. She’d just crawled out of the tent and stood by the door brushing her long, silver hair.

“There’s nothing wrong with a girl kissing her father,” Karina said defensively.

“Nothing wrong with a man kissing his niece either, is there Dick?” Jo walked toward him, letting her long mane sway in the morning light.

“Er, no. No, I guess not.” What else could he say after last night? He bent down, avoiding her lips, and gave Jo a perfunctory little kiss on the cheek.

Jo snickered and said, “Oh, come on! Is that all I get?”

Dick planted his mouth firmly on hers, mostly because he was deathly afraid she might say something about last night. He didn’t want her even dropping a hint that Karina might pick up. As their lips parted, he whispered, “Not a word about what we did!”

Jo grinned and winked, but he wasn’t sure what that meant. He knew how young girls like to talk. Karina might hear the whole thing before noon. That thought cinched a knot in his gut.

Tracy crawled out last. With her auburn hair gleaming, she looked as bright and fresh as a new penny. “Hi, everybody!” If she felt any guilt or misgivings about her part in the night’s revel, it certainly didn’t show. She smiled and went right to fixing breakfast.

Dick walked over like he wanted to help. That left the two girls out of earshot. “Are you sure Karina slept through all we did?” he asked, with concern.

“Positive. I checked several times. She never stirred. Why do you ask?” She was opening a large packet of freeze-dried scrambled eggs.

“Because this morning it was almost like she was making a play for me. She all but insisted I kiss her on the lips.”

Tracy just shrugged. “That’s natural. Young girls learn about men from their fathers.”

“Learn what, for God’s sake?”

“Sometimes they learn everything.” Tracy put special emphasis on the last word.

“Hey, you aren’t suggesting…”

“I’m not suggesting anything. I’m just telling you that it happens, that’s all. And I’m not sure it’s such a bad idea. I mean the first time, why not with a loving man who knows what he’s doing? Isn’t that better than some cunt crazy kid with pimples in the backseat of a car?”

“Oh, shit… I don’t know. I couldn’t do…”

Tracy grinned as she whipped up the eggs. “And five days ago you wouldn’t have done it to your niece.”

Dick thought about that all through breakfast. It didn’t help him enjoy the meal. He was glad when they got packed and on the trail again.

“I wish we could stay here another day,” Jo complained as they started off single-file with Dick in the lead. “I’d be happy soaking in that hot spring for hours!”

Dick called back, “I explained why we can t. We’ve got just a three-day supply of food, and it will take us that long to get back to the road where we left the car.”

“Maybe we’ll find another,” Karina said brightly. “It was fun! I’ve never seen my dad naked before.”

“You weren’t supposed to see me then,” he said gruffly. “It was the damn wind.” Dick still had not shaken off his feeling of guilt.

“The wind’s even stronger now,” Jo said. “You’d get a real good look today.”

Dick said to himself, “No you wouldn’t. Today I’d have sense enough to avoid the hot spring. That’s what really started all this.” But the girl was right about one thing, the wind had picked up. It came howling out of the north, and it brought with it the dark, leaden clouds of a gathering storm.

That gave him more than guilt to worry about. A heavy fail of new snow would slow them down. A raging blizzard might stop them altogether, and with a limited food supply, that could mean real trouble.

He increased the length and speed of his long, gliding strides, wanting to gain every inch they could. Very soon, the three women were huffing, struggling to keep up.

“Dick, can’t we slow down?” Tracy moaned. She was sagging under the weight of her pack and the two girls had fallen even further behind.

Before Dick could answer, they heard a long, eerie wail. “My God, what was that?” Tracy quickened the pace despite her fatigue.

“A wolf,” Dick said as calmly as he could. “Don’t worry, it’s behind us.” But then answering calls came from the left and right.

“They’re all around us!” Tracy whined.

“But it’s all right. They almost never attack humans.”

“Almost never? I’d like something more certain than that!”

“So would I.” By then Dick had heard at least a dozen other yips and growls. He knew the pack was circling, closing in. “I’d give my left nut for a good rifle and a full box of shells.”

“Oh, not your left nut!” Tracy was trying hard to make light of their situation. “I have plans for that when we make camp tonight. And I’m pretty sure Jo does too.”

But Dick was thinking, if we make camp tonight. What he told Tracy was true. Wolves seldom attack humans — if they’re moving and appear capable of defending themselves.

“You lead for a while,” he told Tracy. “Head straight for that craggy peak that looks like a witch’s tit.”

“O.K. But what are you going to do?”

“Bring up the rear and keep the girls moving.”

“You just want to watch Jo twitch her ass,” she said wryly.

“Yeah, sure… that’s it.” Actually, that was the furthest thing from his mind. He knew that if the wolves did attack, it would most likely be from behind.

As Tracy started off, he bent down and broke the ring of webbing off one of his ski poles. It was meant to keep the sharp-pointed shaft from sinking too deep in soft snow. Without it he might have trouble maintaining an even stride, but he could use the pole as a spear if he had too. Not much of a weapon against a pack of hungry wolves, but certainly better than nothing.

Karina came gliding up and saw the pole he’d stripped of its ring. “Oh, did it break?” she asked.

“Er, yeah. But it’s all right. I can fix it. You keep moving. Catch up with your mom if you can.”

“What was that awful noise I heard?” the redhead asked.

“Just some wolves,” he answered calmly.

“Are they dangerous?”

“No.” But Dick couldn’t help thinking, they are now that we can’t hear them. The yips and barks had stilled. The pack was silent, stalking. “You go on,” he said. “I’ll wait for Jo. Where the hell is she, by the way?” There was no sign of her yet on the trail.

“Oh, one of her skis came off a ways back. She had to tighten the binder. She’ll be along soon.” With that, Karina went striding off, her long red-golden hair whipped and swirled by the chilling wind.

She had not been completely fooled by his apparent calm. Karina knew there might be trouble, but she felt safe as long as her father was near. Her respect for him and the closeness she felt had increased greatly on this trip.

Karina was thinking, if I knew anyone younger who was anything like my dad, I wouldn’t be a virgin right now. I’d melt in his arms and do anything he wanted me to…

As her thoughts wandered, so did her skis. Karina had almost caught up with her mother when they slowed off the trail that Tracy had left.

Karina lurched into deep, untracked snow by the side of the trail. Her leg twisted slightly and she felt her left ski pop off. Half sliding, half stumbling, she veered down-slope toward the trunk of an ice-crusted pine.

Something clanked in the snow beneath her left foot and a biting shock of pain like a lightning bolt ran up her leg. Her foot was yanked to a sudden stop, pitching her over on her side. “Yeeeooow!” she cried. The pain grew worse as she wallowed in the snow.

“What’s wrong?” Tracy whirled her head in time to see the girl fall awkwardly on her side, her left leg dragging back.

Karina screamed mindless sounds and thrashed like a wounded animal, clawing frantically at her leg.

“What is it?” Dick hollered from down the trail. He could not see his daughter, but her wild screams made his blood run cold with fear. He raced toward the sound, off-stride and faltering because the pole he’d fashioned into a spear sank half its length in the snow.

Karina’s high-pitched screams deepened into sobs of anguish when he reached her. “What is it, Karina? What the hell?” She jerked up her leg and then he could see the icy cold jaws of a steel trap.

That glinting steel jaw held a crushing grip on her ankle, biting in just above the top of her boot. Dick pulled off his gloves and worked his fingers between the metal bands, fighting against cold and the strength of the spring to wrench them apart.

He almost had her leg free when his numbed fingers slipped and the spring-powered jaws snapped shut again. “Aaaggghhh!” the girl cried, almost passing out as the second bolt of pain shot up her leg to burst like a rocket at the base of her brain.

In her pained, half conscious state, Karina remembered hearing a cry much like that in a fitful dream she had the night before. It was her cousin Jo she heard then, and with that she dreamed she heard her father’s voice, rough and demanding. Nothing like the way he usually talked.

She remembered thinking that he must be hurting Jo, but she knew that was a dream. A bad dream. A silly nightmare. Her dad would never hurt anyone.

Dick glanced up at the darkening sky, then down at his daughter’s leg still caught in the steel trap. He couldn’t help thinking that God was punishing him for what he had done last night. First the storm, then the wolves, now his beloved daughter cruelly hurt and turned into tempting prey.

That’s bullshit, he thought. If there is a God, he doesn’t give a damn what people do. So many have done worse. They shoot and kill in pointless wars. They build missiles and bombs intended to blow whole cities off the face of the earth. He had to laugh then, a dry and bitter sound.

“Don’t worry, Karina. I’ll get you out.” Dick used the point of his ringless ski pole like a lever to pry the jaws apart. The biting pressure eased and she jerked her leg free.

“Oh, thank God!” Karina moaned.

Dick threw the trap as far as its anchoring chain would allow. “How about a few kind words for your old man?” he teased.

“Oh, yes! Thank you, Daddy!” Karina threw her fur-sheathed arms around his neck and hugged him, planting her lips warmly on his. They moved impulsively, and this time her tongue shot out. It laced with his until he pulled away.

“Hhhmmm. Let’s see it you can stand up.” The sweet taste of her still lingered in his mouth. Dick forced aside the thoughts that brought to mind. He slipped his hands beneath her arms and lifted.

“Hunnngh! No, Daddy, I can’t stand up. It hurts too much!”

“Is her ankle broken?” Tracy called down from the trail above.

“No, I don’t think so.” Dick checked with practiced hands. He’d worked on the Ski Patrol at a large winter resort when he was younger. “But she’s got a nasty bruise and probably a sprain.”

Karina enjoyed the warm, reassuring touch of her father’s strong hands. “My knee hurts too,” she said. “I must have twisted it when I fell.”

“Oh?” Dick slid his hands up her legs, not thinking at all of the tingling shocks of pleasure that he sent racing through the young girl’s body. Her knee was already swollen. A bad sign, considering, their limited food supply. It could easily be a week before she felt fit enough to ski again.

“I must have wrenched my hip too,” Karina moaned. “It hurts all the way up there.”

Dick slid his hands up her leg, but the reaction he felt was not one of pain. Karina smiled, she almost purred. She loved the touch of his hands. She would never let any of the boys she knew put their fingers so close to her crotch and feel the taut flesh of her smoothly tapered thigh.

The boys were all too grabby and rough. Her father’s hands were stronger, but there was reassurance in his strength. Karina felt limp, and then she felt her pussy start to squirm and dampen itself with desire.

“Dick, is she all right?” Tracy asked sharply. The woman had suddenly realized that what she said about freedom of sexual expression was not all quite right. It bothered her greatly to watch Dick finger his daughter’s crotch. It bothered her most of all because Karina obviously enjoyed it so much.

His wife’s sharp rebuke made Dick jerk his hand away. “You just lie still,” he told Karina. “You’ll be all right.” Then he climbed up the slope to where Tracy was standing, where the girl could not hear if they spoke softly.

“You want to fuck her too,” Tracy hissed. Her voice was low, but full of rage. “Look at your damn cock, it’s about to rip out the front of your pants again!”

“It doesn’t really matter,” he said quietly. “None of us could be fucked worse then we already have.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean the storm is closing in. It’s already starting to snow. Karina can’t ski. Hell, she can’t even stand up. And now the damn wolves are coming after us.”

“What?” Tracy felt the hair on the back of her neck almost prick through the collar of her ski jacket.

“Look over there.” Dick tightened his grip on the pole he’d made into a spear and used it to point. Through the haze of falling snowflakes, Tracy saw a dark shape moving toward them.

It was blue-grey and covered with long, shaggy hair. It had to be a wolf.


“You folks got trouble?” A deep male voice roared aver the howling wind.

“We sure do!” Dick called back.

Tracy heaved a great sigh, almost a sob of relief. “Oh, thank God! It’s a man!”

Jo came gliding to a stop beside them and gaped at the towering stranger plodding along on snowshoes. “Not just a man,” she exclaimed. “He’s a fucking giant!”

The man was tall, about six-four Dick guessed, and he was clad in a knee-length parka made of wolf skins. He carried a long black rifle in the crook of his arm. Against his huge frame, the gun looked more like a child’s toy.

He looked at Dick, who was still clutching the ski pole like a spear. “Sorry if I gave you a start,” the man said. “I wear this old parka so them mangy critters all remember what happened to the ones who tried fucking with me.”

Jo gulped and thought, I’d fuck with you any time! He was in his mid-to-late twenties, she guessed, blue-eyed and blond. A ruff of snow-glazed golden hair poked out from under the top of his shaggy parka hood. And strong? He was built like a man born to push mountains aside.

Dick jammed his pole-spear into the snow and extended his hand in greeting. “I’m sure glad you came along when you did. My daughter is hurt, and I thought the wolves might attack.”

“Might have,” the rugged young man replied. “Wolves like a victim that can’t run or put up much of a fight. But don’t worry, they won’t come near while I’m around.” He made his way down to Karina then. “What happened to this pretty little thing?”

She beamed up a warm smile. “I-I got my leg caught in a trap.”

“Oooh, let’s have a look.” He bent down beside her and Karina’s eyes fluttered to sweep away tears. They also blazed with a look that Tracy had never seen before. In a way she felt relieved. At least it wasn’t Dick the girl was looking at now.

Jo grumbled softly, “I’d break my damn leg to get some attention from that handsome sonuvabitch!”

Tracy heard her and grinned. “Yes, he is quite a hunk!”

Dick suddenly felt cold and alone. This was an aspect of sexual freedom he’d never considered. All three of the women now had their eyes fixed on the tall, powerfully built young stranger. Even his wife — she was practically drooling, wetting her lips with anxious sweeps of her tongue.

The young man completed his examination of Karina’s injured leg, a slow and sensuous fingering that left the girl’s eyes glazed. “Nothing broken, but it’ll be at least a week before she can ski,” he said.

That confirmed Dick’s diagnosis. “And maybe longer if we get heavy snow,” he said. The flakes were already the size of quarters, falling so thick that it looked like a white curtain had dropped over the woods.

“It’ll be heavy, you can count on that. Radio says it’ll be a full-blown northern blizzard. Maybe six feet of new snow before it’s through.”

“Shit, that’s all we need. We’ve got a three day supply of food and nowhere near enough equipment to last through a storm like that.” Dick felt like the whole damn world was coming to an end.

The young mountain man grinned. “Lucky for you my pa and me got a well-stocked cabin just yonder through the trees. You can all bunk with us until the storm blows over. By then, this pretty red haired doll should be able to ski just fine.” The look in his pewter eyes made it plain who he planned to bunk with.

“But-but I can’t even stand up.” Karina half sobbed the words to play on his sympathy. “I won’t be able to walk to the cabin.”

“Not to worry. I’ll carry you.”

The young man in wolf skin reached out a long arm to hand Dick his rifle. He lifted Karina as though she weighed nothing at all, held her cradled in one arm and used his free hand to brush crusted snow off the front of her fur parka. In doing so, he also stroked across her tits and that made her wiggle and squirm and giggle soft cries of delight.

“Ooooo,” Jo gasped. “Some people have all the luck!”

“I wouldn’t be giggling. I’d be down on my knees sucking his cock in gratitude,” Tracy whispered to her niece. “Damn, do you suppose his prick’s as big as the rest of him?”

“The cabin’s this way,” the young blond giant said with a wave of his gloved hand. “You all stay close so you don’t get lost in this storm.”

He took off through the woods on his snowshoes with Karina nested in his strong arms. Jo pushed off to follow, his tracks, and Tracy came right behind her.

Dick heard his wife’s anxious grunt as she launched herself forward with a thrust of her poles. “Fickle damn bitches!” he snarled. “They’re all chasing his cock like their cunts were on fire!”

He could hear Karina’s excited girlish laughter and watched her nestle into the stranger’s arms as they topped a low rise and shrank from sight going down the other side. Tracy and Jo were abreast, both striding hard to keep up.

It took Dick longer to get organized. He had the broken pole to deal with and the bulky rifle to carry. He picked his way back down the slope to the base of the tree where Karina had stumbled into the trap. There he saw something then that made his blood run cold.

The trap had been reset! Sometime while he was bending down beside her, the helpful stranger had opened the steel jaws wide and brushed them over with a light film of snow. It gave Dick the uneasy feeling that his daughter had been lifted out of one trap only to be carried into another that might be even worse.

“Hey, wait for me!” he shouted, but by then all the others were long out of sight — headed toward what, he didn’t even want to think.

“My name’s Eric. What’s yours?”

“Karina,” she purred. He’d pulled off one furry glove to finger the gossamer strands of her red-golden hair. His tender stroking made her scalp tingle, but that was nothing compared to the shock waves the rest of her young body felt being held so close to his.

“Pretty name,” he said. The deep, rich tone of his voice made her feel like warm blood was seeping through her pores. The feelings her father had awakened, this man turned to fire! “A pretty name for a pretty girl.”

“D-do you really think I’m pretty?”

“No, not really…” He paused to watch her wide blue eyes darken with sadness. “I think you’re beautiful!” He stroked her shimmering red-golden hair again. “I like girls with long hair!”

He dragged his free hand down through the fiery strands, then he capped it on Karina’s tit to feel the cone through a soft mantle of white fur. “I especially like girls with long hair who wear silky furs,” he said.

“Oh? Why is that?” Karina’s heart was beating so fast that she could hardly speak. The nipple beneath his swirling fingers felt like it might explode.

“Because I’m a trapper,” he said. “All the furry little things I catch in the woods belong to me.” His strong arms curled possessively and his free hand slid down to her crotch. Even through thick white fur, he could feel the taut rise of her pussy dome.

Karina thought she might faint from the excitement of his touch. In the city, she would never allow any man to fondle her that way, certainly not a stranger. But pain and fear had broken down her natural defenses, and the sudden appearance of this handsome rescuer made her heart leap.

“What do you do with the poor, helpless creatures you catch?” she asked with a coy little grin.

He raised her head and pressed his lips to her ear. “First I skin ’em,” he whispered hoarsely. “I strip ’em bare!”

She giggled and squirmed as his hot breath flooded her ear. “My parents won’t let me do that. We’ll have to slip away from them somehow. Maybe tonight, after everyone else is asleep.”

“Tonight, my ass! I’ll have you fucked five minutes after we walk through the door.”

“But my mom and dad…”

“Your mom won’t be a problem. My father will be fucking her.”

Karina gasped in shock. “My dad would never allow that!”

“He won’t have anything to say about it. He’s lagging way behind and the storm is closing in. I doubt he’ll even be able to find the cabin.”

Dick Baldwin had to stop his awkward, off balance strides when the howling wind drove stinging crystals of snow into his eyes. He blinked and tears flowed, running down and freezing like miniature icicles on his cheeks.

When he finally wiped his vision clear, Dick could no longer see the faint tracks he’d been trying to follow. Drifting snow filled them completely, erasing all signs that anyone had passed through this barren, frozen reach of hell before him.

Feeling lost and weak from the cold, Dick was tempted to sink down and let the snow cover him too. Why not? The women had all deserted him, all sniffing after fresh cock like a pack of hounds.

“Fuck them! Fuck them all!” he roared, trying to out-scream the storm. “And if I ever find them again, I damn sure will!”

It took another ten minutes for Eric to reach the rustic two-room cabin that lay half buried in glistening snow. A thin wisp of smoke rose from the stone chimney to be whipped away by the wind.

He balanced Karina’s limp form in his arms. The young redhead fainted when he began telling her some of what he and his father planned to do.

Tracy and Jo caught up just as the house came in view. They assumed Karina had passed out because of the pain. They had no idea what Eric had said, and no idea what he and his father planned to do. They only knew he was smiling and stroking her cheeks with his hand.

A narrow ramp of hard-packed snow slanted down to the rough plank door of the cabin. Eric took off his snowshoes and went down while Tracy and Jo were undoing their skis. “You can leave all your gear on the porch,” he said.

He reached out, tripped the latch and pushed the door open with a sweep of his foot. “Hey, Pa! Look what I caught in that trap set up on the knoll!”

A rough looking red-bearded giant grunted and sat up on the edge of a bunk set against the far wall. His shaggy hair, matted beard and thick, drooping mustache were all the color of rusted iron.

“Well, I’ll be God damned, go to hell!” His voice boomed and his breath smelled like it came from the bottom of a whiskey barrel.

“And we got two more comin’, both as sexy as this bitch.”

“Damn, boy! You done good!” The older man stood up and walked over to get a closer look at the girl. “If they’re as good as this bit of fluff, we’re gonna have us a ball! And I do mean a ball!”

The hot, fetid smell of his breath snapped Karina back to her senses. She gasped and almost passed out again when she saw how the big man was looking at her.

“My name’s Thor,” he said. “What’s yours?”


He laughed at her halting speech and the dazed look of fear in her eyes. “Well, you’re about the prettiest young c-c-cunt I ever did see! Set her down, boy. Lemme get a better look.”

“She can’t stand up, Pa. Her leg’s hurt.”

“Then dump her on my bed. Don’t matter if her leg’s hurt, not as long as she can spread ’em!” He laughed again, a sound like rolling thunder.

Tracy and Jo walked in as Eric laid Karina down on the crude bed. “Er, hello,” Tracy said. “I’m Mrs. Baldwin, Karina’s mother, and this is my niece, Jo.”

“Mrs. Baldwin?” Thor looked her up and down, grinning coldly as he took in her small, sleek curves. “Does that mean there’s a Mr. Baldwin out there somewhere?”

She glanced back at the door. “Yes, he fell a little behind, but he should be here soon.”

“Like shit he will!” Thor circled around her and bolted the door, snapping it shut with a lock.

“Now wait a minute!” Tracy said.

“No, you wait!” Thor whirled to face her again. “You wait until I decide which one of you I want to fuck first.”

“Oooh!” Tracy grabbed at the door latch and rattled it fiercely.

“Won’t do you no good. That lock’s strong enough to keep out a grizzly bear. It’ll sure keep three little foxes inside.”

“What about my husband? He can’t survive out there in a blizzard like this!”

Thor laughed and said, “Well, if all three of you fuck real good, then maybe Eric and me’ll go find him before he gets frozen clear through.” Outside, they could all hear the wind howl and the snow lashing the cabin’s thick walls.

“I-I guess that doesn’t give us much choice.” Tracy reached up to her neck and began inching down the long zipper of her snug ski suit. A narrow V of tawny flesh came into view, then the glossy black of a lace trimmed bra.

“What about you?” Thor said to Jo. “Eric and me wanna see if all the big lumps under your fancy clothes are real.”

“Er, yeah. Sure.” She didn’t like the idea. She didn’t even like the way the handsome young Eric was looking at her now. But she had no choice, no chance against the two hulking giants, only the vague hope that the good looking one would choose her.

Eric and Thor both ignored Karina for the time being. They focused their eyes on the impromptu strip-tease, hooting and clapping like two kids at a circus as more naked flesh came into view.

Tracy slipped her arms free of the sleeves and let the top of her quilted suit drop to her waist. Snaking her arms back, she unclasped her bra, keenly aware of two sets of eyes poring over every inch of her.

Jo wasn’t quite so brash. She didn’t have a husband to think about or a daughter she’d do almost anything to protect. She took a long time baring her magnificent tits.

“God damn! That girl has a body that won’t quit!” Thor said. “It’s gonna be damn hard to figure which one I want to fuck first.”

“Not for me, Pa. I want that redhead. She told me she’s still cherry.”

“A virgin? No shit?” Thor wheeled around and shot a leering grin toward the girl cowering on the bed. “Is that right, honey? You’ve never been fucked?”

Karina grimaced and began to cry, slowly nodding her head. That sent red-golden waves of hair spinning over her shoulders. Thor walked to where she was sitting on the edge of the bed and ran a gnarled hand down the silky strands. He fingered the soft white fur and pinched her left tit.

“Aaaggghhh!” Karina howled.

“Leave her alone!” Tracy streamed.

Thor glared at her and said, “Shut up!”

“She’s only a girl, for God’s sake.”

“She’s as big as you, just not yet so nicely filled out.”

“Then why don’t you fuck me? Are you afraid a real woman will laugh at your withered old prick?”

Thor lashed out and slapped her backhand across the face. The force snapped her head around and made Tracy’s auburn hair swirl. “I’ve heard how high and mighty some of you city cunts have become. That ain’t how it is here, lady. You keep a civil tongue and act humble, or I’ll tack your hide to the wall and take my fucking pleasure with you standing up.”

Only then did Tracy pause to really take in the walls of the stuffy, rank-smelling room. Almost every available inch had been covered with some kind of animal hide. It looked as though the cabin had been wallpapered with fur. She saw mink and fox and other tawny pelts she did not recognize.

Jo took in the same view with her darting eyes, but she noticed something that Tracy had missed. Among the luscious furs stretched and tacked to dry on the wall, she also saw four pairs of chains — one set mounted high on each wall. The pairs were fitted with metal wristbands and set wide apart so that a manacled victim’s arms would be spread.

Apparently these men made a practice of detaining their guests, women who were unwilling or unable to endure their idea of winter sports.

“Chain up that big-mouthed bitch,” Thor directed his son. “And if she spouts off again, stick the dirtiest sock you can find in her mouth. I’m sick of listening to her shit.”

“You don’t know what sick is!” Tracy snapped up a knee aimed at Thor’s groin, grunting with vicious determination to mangle his balls.

Because he was so tall, she could hardly reach the target. He swept a hand down and brushed her knee to the side, spinning her around. Then he raised a booted foot and pushed on her ass to send her sprawling.

“Yaaah!” Tracy cried as she hit the floor.

Jo flew at him with fingers curled like the claws of a cat. “You bastard, leave her alone!”

He blocked her flailing arms and tangled one hand in her long silver hair. He whipped her head around and pushed her roughly toward the wall.

“You little bitch, if I didn’t want to fuck you so much, I’d skin you alive!” Thor yanked up her right arm and locked the dangling band around her wrist. He grabbed the other, stretched her out facing the wall and locked it tight with a cold metallic click.

Tracy was just dragging herself to her feet, bare to the waist, tits swollen in bitter fury. Her tits heaved with each rasping breath of anger and her eyes flicked about in search of something to use as a weapon.

She spied a heavy, glass-based kerosene lamp on the table by the door. Tracy snatched it up and raised it like a club. Eric screamed, “No!” and lunged to stop her, but he was too far away.

Tracy slammed the flickering lamp down on the back of Thor’s head just as he clacked the second wristband shut. The glass shattered, kerosene sprayed and filled the room with a petrol stench. The burning wick dropped into a puddle and soon half the room became engulfed in flame.

“You stupid, fucking cunt!” Thor shouted, still rubbing the back of his head. The ragged cuffs of his faded jeans caught fire. Tongues of flame crawled up his legs where the kerosene had spilled.

Thor began a bizarre dance, whirling and slapping at the fire. The sight brought tears of laughter to Tracy’s eyes. Jo screamed when she smelled the black smoke. She wrenched her body as far from the spreading fire as she could, clanking the chains in a desperate effort to escape.

Tracy’s grin of triumph faded into a sick look of horror. She could see Jo tugging at her shackles, a terrible vision misted by the swelling plumes of acrid smoke. On the far side of the room, Karina screamed in terror as she struggled to stand on her injured leg. The fire was spreading her way.

Karina couldn’t walk a step without help. Jo was chained to the wall. The door was bolted and locked, and the flames were leaping higher. Tracy’s valiant effort had only thrown them all from one kind of hell into another!


“You dumb cunt! Don’t, just stand there with your fucking eyes pepping out of your head! Wet somma them blankets in the sink and throw them on the fire.” Thor gave orders while kicking free from his burning pants. “Eric, grab a shovel — heave some wet snow on the blaze!”

Eric unlocked the door and rushed out, leaving it ajar. For one spilt second, Tracy saw that as a chance to escape, but she could not abandon Jo and Karina. A mother’s protective instincts are too strong. She wet the blankets and did as she was told.

When Thor stripped down to his shorts, he stomped on his smoldering jeans to put out the flames. Some of the curly red hair furring his huge legs had been singed. He looked like a raging bear. “God damn, stupid women must all have slit for brains!”

He grabbed another big scoop shovel on the porch. With his son Eric, Thor ran back and forth hurling fluffy wet snow on the worst of the blaze. It hissed and the flames sputtered. The smoke got thicker, the oily stench more intense. Tracy’s eyes watered until sooty tears streamed down her cheeks. At last she gave a thankful gasp. The last tongue of flame hissed and died under a mantle of snow.

“Chain that fucking cunt to the wall!” Thor ordered his son. “Do it before I get pissed and bust her stupid head with a shovel. Put her back to the wall so she can see what a dumb crazy thing she done!”

Tracy offered no resistance when Eric grasped her arm. She was still too stricken with shock, thinking how close she’d come to killing them all. Eric led her to the wall opposite Jo and snapped her right wrist into the shackle.

“You shouldn’ta tried that,” he said in a low voice. “It’s just gonna make Pa mad… make it harder on you and them two girls.”

“You just wait until Dick gets here. He’ll kill you both if you hurt either of us!”

Eric sneered. “Now just how do you figure a dumb city-shit is going to do that? My pa could bust him in two with one hand.”

“You let Dick carry your rifle, remember? My husband is a hell of a good shot.”

“Yeah? Well, if he ain’t found the cabin by now, it ain’t likely that he will. And after what you just done, you can be damn sure that Pa and me aren’t goin’ out into that storm tryin’ to save his ass.”

Tracy’s head slumped and she felt sick. Her knees buckled, dropping her entire weight on her shackled wrists.

Thor slammed and bolted the door again when the smoke had cleared. “At least Mrs. Wise-Ass helped me decide one thing,” he said. “I sure know who I’m gonna fuck first!”

Tracy winced but covered it by forcing a smile. Her only hope now was to keep the two men busy it she could, keep their minds off her innocent daughter until Dick could find the cabin. If he could find it in time — if he could find it at all.

“Strip off the rest of that fancy ski suit,” Thor told his son. He opened his tattered work shirt, baring a barrel-sized chest matted with thick, tightly curled rusty hair.

That done, he pulled down his shorts. “Maybe you’ve heard of my namesake,” he said. “The Norse God of thunder, his name was Thor.”

“Thunder is just a big noise,” Tracy sneered. “There’s nothing to it at all.” She hoped by taking his abuse she could spare the two younger girls.

“Oh, shit! She’s a regular spitfire,” he said. “I’ll bet her pussy has fangs!” He dropped his shorts then and let her gaze at his enormous and odd-shaped cock.

“The God Thor was supposed to have a magic hammer,” he said, lifting the long shaft, stroking it fondly in the curl of a ham-sized hand.

At the end of Thor’s long, thick cock dangled the biggest blue-red cockhead she’d ever seen. It looked almost the size of a normal man’s fist! “That’s sort of what I got too. A hammer like Thor.”

Tracy felt a cringing wave in the depths of her pussy. It rolled to the front and clamped her pussy lips in a knot. As Thor walked toward her, his long prickshaft stiffened, his cock looked more like a hammer with each step that he took.

Tracy bit her lower lip, trying to keep the forced smile on her face. She didn’t want to show fear. She wouldn’t give the hairy bastard that satisfaction. But it was the biggest and most grotesque cock she’d ever seen. A gasp slipped out, despite her efforts to appear calm.

Karina slumped back and sat on the edge of the bed, gazing in awe. Except for that one brief glimpse of her father standing naked by the edge of the hot spring, she’d never seen a real prick before.

Jo craned her neck, but she couldn’t see. Thor stood with his back to her. She watched his right arm sway as he flogged his cock, tormenting Tracy with the sight of it. Thick muscles rippled across his broad, hairy back. She knew his prick must be huge by how far his arm had to move.

The lushly built blonde felt tremors of anticipation. Dick’s long ram had thrilled her, and Thor’s must have been bigger still. Her soft, creamy white tits swelled with each anxious breath she took. Dark, leathery nipples tensed and burrowed into the deep, tawny red pelt of a fox tacked to the wall in front of her. The silky caress of fur made her tingle. She pressed herself against it and swayed side-to-side, breathing a dreamy sigh.

Tracy stood frozen, eyes locked on Thor’s hammerhead cock. It was fully hard now, throbbing and twitching with restless desire. The tangle of veins along the shaft pulsed and gorged the big knob with blood. The cum slit quivering at the very tip looked almost as large as her cunt. She hated the thought of what that awful thing would do inside her.

Thor dropped to his knees and unlaced her boots. He slipped them off and then removed her heavy wool socks. The skin of his gnarled hands felt like sandpaper as it scraped across her ankles. He laughed at how the rough touch made her cringe.

Reaching up, he gripped the waist of her snug ski suit and eased it down, letting his long fingers drag on the smooth taper of her delicate legs. Tracy felt sparks shoot up her legs into the V of her crotch.

Only her sleek black panties remained. Thor leaned forward and snagged the waistband with his broken teeth. The coarse mat of his mustache scratched on her belly and down to the auburn-haired mound of her pussy.

Tracy arched back, grinding her ass against the wall. Sleek, dark mink brushed her backside, a sensuous pleasure. In front, it felt more like she was being scrubbed with steel wool. Thor’s beard was thick and rough, and she felt it scrape when he stretched his mouth wide to devour her naked pussy slit.

His big tongue lapped up and down on her puffed outer lips, parting them with steady pressure. Tracy groaned, choking back a scream of disgust. But at the same time, she felt the damp warmth of honey welling up inside.

She hated the huge man and detested the lash of his hungry tongue, but it reached and twitched nerves that her conscious mind could not control. Thor caught the scent of steaming vapors rising from the mouth of her cunt.

“You like that, don’t you? The haughty bitch loves having her pussy sucked.”

She avoided a direct answer. What she might say or what she really thought didn’t matter any more. Her cunt was heating up, betraying her. Thor’s rasping tongue felt like it was spitting fire. Tracy growled.

Thor found her clit and lifted it with his tongue, hooking and sliding as he circled her slick little nub. Tracy threw back her head and let out a long wail, a mix of angry frustration and raging desire.

Karina shivered, struck dumb by the way her mother was bucking her hips, writhing and jamming her pussy at the spear of Thor’s tongue. She couldn’t imagine her mother enjoying what he was doing to her, but it was obvious that she did. The girl felt sick. She didn’t want to watch any more, but she could not turn her head away.

“This pussy’s been fucked,” Thor said, smacking his lips. “And not too long ago.”

“Yes, by my husband. Last night.” She let that trail off, still clinging to the vague hope that he could find the cabin, that he would use the rifle and avenge the abuse she was suffering now.

“Well, that don’t matter. You ain’t felt nuthin’ until you feel the hammer of Thor!”

“Let me suck it. Let me swallow the whole thing.”

“No need. I’m plenty hot right now. Maybe later, after I’ve popped your daughter’s cherry. Then I’ll let you suck and lick her sweet juices off my cock.”

Tracy cringed when she thought about that, but his tongue was still running in tight circles around the bud of her clit. Her sultry oils bubbled and dripped down her legs. “Fuck me first. Let me show what a real woman can do.”

“I guess it’s about time at that.” Thor dragged his hands down her thighs, smearing the slick flow to a thin glossy film. Breathing deep of her rich, tangy scent, he stood up.

Tracy edged back, gazing down at his giant cock. She clamped her eyes shut and bit hard on her lips to hold back a scream. Sucking her cunt had swollen it longer and harder than before. Her ass felt the delicate softness of mink. Her cunt felt the pressure of Thor’s mighty cock.

“I want it, you bastard! I don’t care how big and hard it is. Fuck me! Stick it all in.” Tracy swiveled her ass around, hoping to enlarge her pink-lipped cunt hole.

The soft wet mouth of her pussy felt strained already. Burning pressure made her gut feel like a boiler about to explode. She tossed one last nervous glance at the locked door, hoping and praying that Dick might crash through. But she heard only the mournful howling of the blizzard outside.

Thor capped his hands on the cheeks of her ass, hooking his fingers as he lifted her up. “You’re too damn small to fuck proper standing on your feet,” he explained.

At least that took the strain off her shackled wrists. She felt a warm rush of relief as the circulation went rushing back to her fingertips. Thor lifted her chest high, spreading her legs. His cock lanced up at a sharp angle below, its bulged head still wedged in the taut grip of her cunt.

She hooked her legs around him and clamped in a scissor grip, both dreading and craving the moment when he let her down on that stiff cock.

“You ready, cunt?”

“Y-y-yes, I’m ready. Let me have it. Drive it in. Beat my pussy with the hammer of — Thaaaagggghhh!”

He dropped her without warning. Tracy felt the big knob stab into her slender cunt tube. It made her pussy walls bulge as it passed and started convulsive waves of pain that rippled down the length of his prickshaft.

“Oh, God! Gruuunnngh! Haaagggh! I can’t stand it! Lift me up! I can’t take it all at once.”

Thor lifted her, only to savor the joy of dropping her on his cock again. He loved the wet, gushing noise it made sliding in. He loved the clinging ripples of shuddering cunt muscle. He dropped her again.

“Hhhooo!” This time it didn’t hurt quite so much. The swollen head sank deep, spreading the sinewy walls of her cunt cave until her full weight rested on the root of his cock. “Oh, shit! It’s like being fucked by a shovel handle! I love it! I love your big-knobbed prick!”

Tracy clenched her legs and ground her pussy around on the hilt of his cock, raking her clit through his coarse muff of hair. Blazing jolts ran up her back. Spasms of fierce, raw pleasure flowed to her toes. She tossed her head in thankful agony and cried, “Again! Faster. Lift me, drop me. Get cruel! Oh, fuck my cunt. Rip it! Screw it. Make my pussy bleed!”

“No, it’s your daughter who’s going to do that,” Thor said.

“You bastard! I won’t let you. I want your cock all to myself. I want to fuck on your big prick all night. I want it in me for a week!”

Her hips jerked violently back and forth. She had to feel the straining tension of that huge cock sliding back and forth. It had nothing to do with sparing Karina now. She just wanted to fuck. She wanted to feel heat where even Dick’s big cock had never reached.

Thor responded with a deep grunt and thrust with his hips, slamming her ass against the wall, fucking into her as hard and fast as he could. “More!” she begged. “More!”

He grinned, jamming and twisting his hammerhead cock. Searing muscles ringed the whole shaft. Wet, slithering friction pulsed with wave-like motions, running up and down. It was by far the best fuck he’d enjoyed in a long time.

And it had been too damn long. That was the hell of long, lonely winters in the high country. He meant to make up for all that now. “I’m going to fuck and fuck and fuck!” he roared, ramming in hard each time he said the word.

“Yes! Oh, God… yes! Fuck me. Make my pussy ache. Set it on fire, then spray me with your cum!”

“Hungh! Grungh! Haaaggghhh!” Thor stabbed and twisted, and each fleshy slap of his body against hers loosened the heavy load of jism in his dangling ball sac.

The big orbs swayed in a pouch lightly fuzzed with rust-colored hair. They ached from the weight of a massive charge. Tracy’s chained arms tensed. Her fingers clawed the air. She would have loved to get her hands on his nuts. She wanted to tease them with begging finger strokes. She wanted to feel the steaming pressure swell. Most of all, she wanted to feel the rumble of that blazing flood just before it shot into her.

“Ooooh,” she sighed, not thinking of Dick, or Karina, or her niece, Jo. Only thoughts of a big gushing cock filled her mind. She could feel it start to twitch. She could hear Thor grinding his teeth, uttering savage grunts as he strained to hold the wet charge, a few seconds more.

It was no use. The quicksilver stream broke free. It swelled up and out of his balls. It roared the length of his cock rod, burning and straining, gathering strength every inch of the way.

“Hhhaaaggghhh!” He let it fire. His massive body shook. He tensed, drilling into her, then he froze like a statue and let the jism rush into her in steaming bursts.

Tracy shrilled a wild cry when she felt the first blast. Dick’s cum always thrilled her, but it barely sputtered compared to this. Thor’s hot cream shot deep in stinging jets. It slathered the walls. It splattered and rushed back, swirling around his giant cock in a sultry flood.

“Hhhmmmm,” Thor gasped, but he wasn’t done yet. He ran his hands up her sides, letting her dangle on the chains. His fingers clamped over her tits. His thumbs flailed her nipples around, and then he began pumping his cock in and out again.

“You’ve got more?” Tracy moaned. He’d already fired enough cum to fill her sleek cunt hole. She could feel it bubbling from the mouth of her pussy.

“A lot more!” he said. His cock jumped faster, with long piston strokes. He grunted and fired, reared back and fired again.

“You’ve got more cum than three ordinary men!”

“And you ain’t got it all yet!”

“I want it. Oh, I want to taste it. Fuck me until it backs up into my throat!”

“You’ll get it there soon enough,” he said. Thor was already thinking of the pleasure it would be to fuck his long cock down her throat.

Tracy had her back to the wall. She squirmed against the sulky furs and then hurled herself forward to feel Thor’s cock spit another hot blast. It seemed like an hour before she’d wrung out the last one.

Karina watched, but she could barely understand the convulsive shocks of lewd pleasure that wracked her mother’s slender form.

She didn’t seem to mind being chained, and she obviously enjoyed being fucked brutally hard and long. Tracy wailed, “I’m cumming!” and her whole body tensed. Karina saw her toes curl, heard her breath hiss out in a long, raptured sigh of delight. Then she went limp, gasping for air.

Like many young girls, Karina held an idealistic view of her mother. She was a symbol of purity, a walking example of everything decent and proper. She’d never seen her mother drunk, never seen her show the slightest interest in another man. With Dick, she shared only tender affection when Karina could see. Somehow the girl had assumed that her mother was above the raw and debasing pleasures of the flesh.

Jo was less shocked. After Tracy had so willingly shared her husband the night before, nothing much could surprise the young blonde. She remembered how anxiously the woman ate cunt, how she taught Jo to suck Dick’s cock and make it hard again. She knew her aunt was a woman, but until now she hadn’t known just how much of a woman Tracy was.

Eric watched it all with only mild interest. He’d seen his father in action many times before. His mother died when he was very young, but there’d been a lot of women since then. The one he remembered best was a buxom widow his father brought home on Eric’s birthday one time.

“She’s for you,” Thor said. “She’s your birthday present. She loves hot young cock. She just can’t get enough.” Eric’s lips curved as he recalled the pleasures of that wild night. By then he’d been fucking young girls from school for over a year, but none of them took cock like that ripe-bodied widow twice his age. He marveled at the things her pussy could do.

Watching Tracy Baldwin reach her screaming climax brought all those wonderfully lewd pleasures back to mind. That widow taught him a lot. Mostly, she taught him the difference between a woman and a girl.

He decided to take Tracy next, while she was still weak and trembling with the aftershocks of the climax Thor had given her. The next one should be even better, and the two young bitches could wait. At least for now.

Eric stood up and stripped off his heavy wolf-skin parka. “Hey, Pa… lemme have her while she’s nice and hot!”

Tracy gave him a warm smile. So far, her plan to spare Karina was working, but that look of warmth faded when she began to wonder how long she could keep it up. Maybe she could satisfy them both until Dick found the cabin. Just maybe. She had to try.

Dick had fallen into a drift of freezing snow. He wallowed in the airy lightness, stung by the bitter cold. His eyebrows, lashes and the tuft of dark hair sticking out of his parka hood all looked stark white with a crusting of snow. At first glance, he looked like a man eighty years old.

The screaming wind cut through his winter clothes. His cock shriveled and his ball sac shrank tight to preserve warmth. His fingers felt numb. It was hard to hold the bulky rifle. He thought of throwing it away.

Then he caught a whiff of smoke carried by the wind. The cabin had to be nearby. He could track the smell to its source. He had to find that hidden shelter. He had a score to settle. The women had abandoned him, and Dick found strength by thinking of all he’d have to do to even things up.


Thor let Tracy down and stepped aside. His son Eric had stripped nude. His long, rippling muscles gleamed under a film of moisture. He’d worked up quite a sweat rushing back and forth to pitch snow on the fire she’d started.

“You gave us a heap of trouble,” he said as he approached. “Tryin’ to bust my pa’s skull with that lamp, settin’ a fire that might have burned the whole damn place to the ground.”

“I know,” she croaked. “I’m sorry.” Her blue-green eyes sank down. It didn’t matter that he was one of her captors. Eric was the most sexy and magnificently well-built young man that she’d ever seen. Tracy had to look again.

His upper body was shaped like a wedge. Well-defined straps of muscles banded his shoulders and laced his broad chest. They tapered smoothly, flowing down to his slender waist. Like arrow points, they drew attention and directed strength to his groin.

There dangled the most beautiful, big cock that Tracy ever laid eyes on! Still half soft, its size matched Thor’s. But Eric’s long prick ended with a smooth, softly rounded knob, not an ungainly hammer-like head. His was the sleek kind of cock that women can’t wait to suck.

And also in contrast, Eric’s tall frame had almost no body hair. His mouth-watering big prick sprang from a sandy-blond thatch, but above and below, Eric’s body was bare. His skin looked sleek as polished bronze. Tracy itched to run her hands over his sculptured frame.

“If I unchain your arms, you won’t try anything stupid like that again, will you?”

“No,” she promised. “I’ve learned my lesson.”

“Good.” A smile added warmth to the look of his boyishly handsome face. Eric reached for the key and unclasped her wrists.

“Oooh, thank you!” Without the chains to support her weight, Tracy almost fell into his arms. Eric held her, lightly stroking her back. That hint of kindness warmed her even more than his stunning sex appeal.

Her supple body pressed anxiously against his. She hugged him, running her hands up and down his strong back. Blood went rushing back to her fingertips until it felt like they glowed with warmth.

With a sigh, Tracy sank to her knees. “I want to suck your cock,” she whispered, sliding her hands down the backs of his legs. She kneaded his tapered thighs, pleading silently with the warmth of her hands.

“How do I know you won’t try to bite it off?” he asked doubtfully.

“I wouldn’t do that.”

“Damn right you won’t.” His large hands fisted in her auburn hair. “I’ll break your pretty neck if you try. And my pa, he’ll do even worse to your daughter.”

Tracy moaned. It felt like her head had been clamped in a vise. “Just let, me suck. Let me show you how good I can be!”

“You do that. And if I don’t like it, I’ll let you know.” He tightened his grip on the twin knots of silky copper hair, twisting it around his hands until her scalp tingled with needles of pain.

Tracy reached for the shaft of his half swollen cock, touching it lightly, lifting it up. “It’s so beautiful,” she crooned in a breathy voice. It took both of her small hands to support the lengthy shaft and bring its knobbed tip to her lips. “I like to start with a cock that’s not fully hard. I like to lick and suck and make it swell in my mouth.” Her lips circled, slowly reaching out.

Thor stalked to the other side of the room where Jo had been shackled facing the wall. “You better watch this,” he said. “I never knew a girl your age who could suck cock worth a shit.” He unlocked the band from her left wrist.

Jo heaved a sigh of relief and turned, slumping weak against the wall. The other chain clanked, still holding her right hand above her head.

Thor stood leering at her large tits. Crooked, broken teeth showed in the warped slit between his rough beard and drooping mustache. Her nipples felt warm from having been buried in the soft tawny fur tacked to the wall. One look at his jagged teeth turned them stone cold.

“And take off the rest of your clothes,” he told her. “When your turn comes, I want you ready.”

Jo winced at the thought, but knew it would be unwise to anger this huge man who looked so much like a bear. He was already nursing a painful lump that had swollen where Tracy shattered the lamp on the back of his head.

She balanced carefully on one foot and reached down to unlace the other boot. With them off, she’d be able to slip out of the black, one-piece nylon ski suit. The top half of that now dangled loose from her slender waist.

“Let me steady you,” Thor said. He cupped his giant hands beneath her succulent tits. Although he frightened her, Jo’s nipples responded warmly to his rough touch.

He said, “Hhhmmmm,” and kissed the dark, sweet buds, rocking his head back and forth. He lapped one, then the other with the snake of his tongue.

Tracy planted a soft, quivering kiss on just the very tip of Eric’s big cock. She kept her lips snug and flicked her tongue up and down on the slit of his cock. It throbbed in response.

Jo watched that while she teetered to loosen her other boot. In a way, she was jealous because both Thor and Eric had picked Tracy first — especially Eric. He looked so strong and sexy. With him she would have felt no fear.

With Thor mauling her tits and thinking God-knows-what, the girl was scared half to death.

Tracy took in the head of Eric’s big cock. Her lips drew tight just beyond the ridge. She made them pulse and begin to suck. He felt the searing pressure make his cockhead swell as her cheeks collapsed. Fresh blood rushed to fill the void created by powerful suction. It surged the length of his prick shaft and made the head bulge even more.

“Hhhmmm,” she purred with lips reaching out again. Her anxious breath made his cockskin tingle. Her teeth raked softly over the ridge and closed on the stiff, hard shaft beyond. Eric tensed, thinking that she might forget his warning and try to bite, but she only nibbled him fondly.

Her tongue rolled back and curled over the tip of his deliciously big cock. She licked up and down, then across his burning cum pipe, still sucking hard to loosen the huge load in his balls.

Trying to hold back was delightful torture for the young man. He wanted to shoot off right then, her lips were pulling and practically begging him too. But he wanted to wait even more. He wanted to see if she could swallow his whole prick.

The slow, mincing pull of her lips made him grunt. He wanted to fuck her face full, to ram the entire hot length of his aching cock down her throat with one fierce thrust. But he decided to let her take her time, to prolong the joyous agony of trying to restrain his explosive load.

Tracy knew how anxious he was. But it wasn’t time yet. She hadn’t given him anywhere near enough pleasure to keep his mind off Karina for long. She slid one hand to the base of his cock and tightened her thumb and forefinger around the thick root.

Clamping hard, she could help Eric hold back the steaming flood until she’d tortured his prick shaft into a frenzy of joy.

She rocked her head back and forth, dragging her lips to the very tip, then sliding down again. Each time Tracy reached and sucked to take in a bit more.

The padded head of his cock was soon thumping the soft back wall of her mouth. Her tongue curled into a wet trough for him to slide on. It pulsed beneath his spearing prick in undulating waves.

Eric gasped as his pleasure increased. This woman was a devoted cock-sucker, a master of the art. He had no idea of all that was racing through her mind, only that it made her lips and mouth pull like some kind of insane milking machine.

Tracy had to grip harder on the root of his cock to keep his boiling jism in its place. She hadn’t sucked him all in yet, but she knew that she must before letting him fire.

She tilted her head back and felt choking pressure as his straining cockhead entered her throat. It completely filled the clinging tube.

While he was in that deep, she would not be able to breathe. If he held her head, if he kept his big cock jammed down her throat when it started to fire, she might strangle for lack of air, or drown in a jetting flood of cum.

That thought glazed her lithe body with, a cold film of sweat. Her body shivered, but her head kept bobbing, thrusting forward to reach his hairy loins. Jerking back, she grabbed a needed breath and then plunged forward again.

Eric felt his knees grow weak. It was like she was sucking all his strength to the nip of his cock. Even the fists curled in her hair as a safety measure began to go slack. They dropped, letting silky auburn strands slip between his fingers.

He found her tits by feel and cupped one perfect cone in each hand. Her nipples felt hard, but cold with numbing fear. Tracy kept plunging further and further down his long ram, gorging her throat with thick cock. And each time, it took longer, to glide back where she could draw breath.

She gasped anxiously at the end of each stroke and then drove back until her tips touched the fingers she had ringing the base of his cock. She slid her hand out of the way, reaching down to cradle his leathery ball sac.

Eric growled. He kneaded her tits and worked heat to her nipples. She lifted his nuts and caressed them with the same wavering motion. It was time for him to cum. She had swallowed the giant log of his cock and now she wanted to feel it fire.

The pressure he felt was tremendous when she released her strangling finger hold on the base of his cock. It became more intense when she played with his nuts. “I’d like to have you suck for another hour, but I just can’t hold back,” he moaned.

Tracy nodded. She understood. She wanted him to fire, and she wanted him to want more. She whipped her head back and forth now. Her hair flew into a coppery haze. She sank to the hilt and buried her lips in his cockhair, then she reared back and flickered her tongue over just the tip.

All the while, she kept milking his nuts and making them throb. Eric just couldn’t stop it. He roared with pleasure and let his cock fire.

The first shot came while he was buried deep in her throat. She felt the shot spray, but it was too far back to allow her to taste his salty sweet cream. Tracy licked her way back and took the next blast in her mouth.

Slick hot jism sprayed her tongue. It swirled out of the trough and down to the floor of her mouth. Then the taste came, hot and strong. She lapped and swirled her tongue in the creamy goo and lunged to gulp down again.

“God damn!” Eric moaned. She sucked jism like a vampire sucks blood, with a fiendish hunger and vicious delight. “I’ve never been in a fucking mouth half as good as yours!”

“Hhmmm,” she cooed. That pleased her. She knew Jo was listening, being made to watch. Last night, Dick had reacted more to the girl’s uncertain lips. The variety of it, and the thrill of having his young niece slobbering on his cock meant more than all of Tracy’s skill. This would show the silver-haired bitch!

Tracy whipped and flogged his cock with her bobbing head. She gulped down jism until she couldn’t swallow any more. It backed up until her cheeks puffed, then it dribbled from the corners of her mouth and ran down her chin in sticky little streams. Still she kept sucking and milking his nuts to get more.

Twin creamy drops beaded at the base of her jaw, growing larger until the frenzied whipsaw motion her head dislodged them. They dropped on to her tits between Eric’s spread fingers.

He felt the slick cream and swirled it over her nipples. It greased his fingers and made them slide with delightfully smooth friction. Tracy strained her lips to let more jism out. She loved the warmth of it on her tits, loved the way it made his teasing fingers slide.

“You’re slicker than a greased pig like we all try to catch at the county fair!” he said.

Being called a pig doesn’t usually turn a woman on, but it did in this case. Tracy had seen the same kind of contest when she was a girl growing up in farm country. She remembered a dozen men trying to catch the squealing pig, lunging and grabbing, their fingers slipping in the grease just when they thought they had a good grip.

Eric’s fingers kept sliding when he tried to squeeze her cum-slicked tits. Dripping jism made them as slippery as two bars of soap in a warm bath. He couldn’t get a firm grasp on either one.

She swayed her upper body side-to-side. That put wrenching side pressure of the cock shaft wedged in her throat, and it made her tempting tit mounds almost impossible to catch. His fingers slithered across one nipple and on to the next. She loved it. Sparks blazed in her pussy each time his fingers slid off her swollen nubs.

Eric could have clenched his arms and held her, but it was more fun this way. He liked what her delighted writhing did to his cock. It was still spurting fresh juice into her mouth, more to drip down and make her sultry body gleam.

The gliding friction on her bulging nipples made them burn. Tracy gave a mumbled grunt and stiffened as wives of joy sank down to her pussy slit. Eric’s hot cum had dripped on down to the mouth of her cunt, the slick warmth hitting her clit triggered an orgasm.

She trembled as the wonderful pulses of raw pleasure began. He caught her tits then and whirled the nipples around, still pumping his cock down her throat. He almost choked her with its hot length.

It took what seemed like hours for their mutual spasms of joy to end. And it took what seemed like days for him to ease his cock from her mouth so that Tracy could take a full breath.

“Oh, God! That was great! I can’t wait to do it again,” she said looking up.

“Right now, I’d rather fuck.”

“That’s even better. Sucking your big cock made my pussy so hot. Look, my honey is flowing and there’s already jism spattered on my cunt hair. I want to feel it inside. I want you to fuck me full. Make me cum again!”

“Maybe later,” Eric said.

“But you want to fuck, I can see it in your eyes. Your cock is getting hard again. I know you want to stick it in my cunt.”

“Yeah, I want to fuck cunt… but it’s more your daughter been thinking about. I’m gonna pop her cherry and then come back to fuck the pussy she came out of. That’s something I ain’t never done before.”

“No!” Tracy screamed, struggling to her feet.

Eric brushed her aside with a sweep of one hand. It was almost a casual gesture, but it packed strength enough to send Tracy sprawling. She crashed against the wall and slid down onto her ass.

She felt totally defeated. All her frantic sucking hadn’t weakened his big cock at all. If anything, it looked bigger and harder than before. It was glossy with spent cum and it gleamed in the flickering light from the fireplace in the corner of the room.

Eric walked toward Karina, who sat staring blankly from the edge of the bed. Her face looked white as the fur of her parka. The girl couldn’t believe what her mother had done, and she couldn’t understand why.

“Doesn’t look so scared,” Eric said. “It doesn’t hurt… not much anyway.”

“No, don’t touch me!” Karina said as she managed to stand, bracing herself on the back of a crude chair.

He laughed, circling around. “You wanted it when I was carrying you to the cabin. You liked the feel of my cock prodding the cheeks of your ass. I could feel how it made your pussy squirm. I’ll bet your panties are still wet with virgin oil.”

“That was before I saw what you and Thor did to my mother.” Karina’s pretty face was a knot of disgust. All her romantic illusions had been shattered. These men weren’t loving and kind. They were brutal, greedy and demanding in their lust.

“She liked it and you will too.” Eric edged around the seat of the chair.

“No, she did not. She was just trying to save me.” That thought dawned on the girl while she was watching with grim fascination. It was the only way to explain what she saw.

“If so, it didn’t work.” Eric made a grab for, her, but Karina slipped away. She wasn’t quite the cripple she’d pretended to be. She’d played first on her father’s sympathy, then on Eric’s.

“Well, God damn! The little bitch can walk!”

Karina only wished that she could run. She went from steadying herself with the chair to gripping the mantelpiece, and she backed across the stone hearth.

Tracy dragged herself up. Eric was going after her daughter, stalking her slowly and silently. His big cock wagged back and forth in front of him, an obscene signal of his intentions.

Thor was too busy feasting on Jo’s big tits to care what anyone else did. He lapped and slurped, rasping her nipples with his tongue, spreading his hairy mouth wide enough to swallow all of one creamy tit mound then the other.

She watched over the bear-like hump of his shoulder, wincing each time he raked one of her nipples with his broken teeth. Jo knew he was going to fuck her, she just didn’t know when.

His hammerhead cock jerked and twitched each time he engulfed a big mouth of tit. His rough hands fingered her pussy mound, fingers stroking her sleek, dark hair. He parted her cunt lips and twiddled her clit until she grimaced, her eyes shut.

Karina had her back to the wall. She reached the end of the mantelpiece, and there was nothing else within reach that she could use for support of her ailing leg. Even her fear of Eric did not give her courage to try taking a step without help.

He reached out a hand. “Hold on to this. I’ll lead you back to the bed.”

She cringed, vehemently shaking her head no, tousling her red-golden hair. It gleamed soft and bright in the light from the fire.

“Come on,” he said, “You’re gonna get fucked one way or the other. Might as well make it easy. You saw what happened to your fool mother…”

His eyes were so intent on the timid young redhead that he failed to notice Tracy creeping up from behind. She gripped the back of the crude chair, a heavy thing made of tree limbs and rawhide laces.

She lifted it high and lunged forward. Karina’s eyes blazed with delight. Eric caught that as a warning sign and whirled just as the chair came crashing down. The legs shattered and flew like kindling, the heavy plank forming the seat hit across his forehead with a sickening thud. But for an arm he had raised in defense, it surely would have shattered his skull.

Even half-blocked, the vicious blow dropped him to his knees. Eric swayed, watching the room spin around him, then he slumped forward with a long, weary sigh.

Thor wheeled around. His jagged teeth left two bloody scratches on the top slope of Jo’s right tit. He tasted blood and spit in a rage. “You bitch, don’t you ever learn?”

Tracy glared back at him, still clutching the broken remains of the chair. One shattered leg stuck out like the point of a wooden spear. “I’ll ram that right into your balls if you take another step,” she warned.

Thor backed off and gave her a disarming smile. “You’re as tough as a she-bear defending her cubs.”

“I’m even worse!” She took a step forward, menacing the big man with the broken chair. Now instead of rough planks beneath her bare feet, Tracy felt something soft and hairy, but she didn’t dare look down. She wouldn’t take her eyes off Thor.

“That’s a rug you’re standing on the edge of,” he said. “It’s made from the hide of the last she-bear that raised her hackles toward me.”

Tracy did drop her eyes then, and Thor’s hand made a swooping dive to grab the other end of the rug. He jerked it up violently, pulling it from beneath Tracy’s feet so fast that she pitched over backwards, landing on an ass that was already sore.

The jarring, impact knocked her breath out. Tracy slumped down on her back. Thor hurled the bearskin rug aside and jerked the broken chair out of her hands.

He stood over her, eyes narrowed and flashing with rage. “I ought to fuck your cunt with this broken chair legs,” he snarled.

“Touch her, and I’ll cut Eric’s cock off,” Karina said in a voice she was straining to keep calm.

Both Tracy and Thor shot their eyes to that corner of the room. Karina had found a skinning knife on the mantel. It had a long curved and wickedly sharp blade. She clutched that in the fist of her right hand and the head-end of Eric’s cock in the other. And both were trembling, less than a fourth of an inch apart.

She surprised even herself by grabbing his cock. Fear sparks the body with strange powers. “I will!” she sobbed. “I’ll hack it off at the root!”

Thor stood over the girl’s mother with that big sharp piece of wood aimed at her twat. His rusty-haired face crinkled into a bemused grin. “We have here what some might call a Mexican stand-off.”


Jo Decker remained a helpless spectator with her right arm chained to the wall above her head. Her eyes darted nervously from one threatening pair to the other, wondering which would dare to make the first move. The scene was macabre, but she could not help smiling.

Her favorite teacher at the high school had been fired for instructing his life-science classes to study human behavior as they would that of wild animals.

He was a good-looking young guy just out of college. Jo really had the hots for him. She didn’t pay much attention to anything in class except how sexy he was, but she remembered him saying that humans have all the savage instincts of supposedly more dangerous beasts.

“In fact,” he told them, “we humans might well be the most deadly and dangerous animal to ever walk the face of the earth. Humans are the only species that hunts and kills just for sport, and the only one that slaughters its own kind in wholesale lots.”

He encouraged discussion, and some of the more serious students mentioned advances in science, achievements in the arts and the practice of religion to show that humans are different and somehow above animals in the wild.

“But our civilization is a fairly recent thing,” he countered. “It’s something we aren’t quite used to, a thin layer that is likely to crack and chip off in times of stress.” He pointed to the soaring crime rate and increasing numbers of people buying guns for defense as an example of this. “When things get really tough, the beast within us all is likely to surface,” he told the class.

Jo didn’t much like to think of herself and other human beings as animals, but it was no big deal. Just one man’s opinion, and who knows? He might be right. To the staunchly conservative members of the School Board, though, his remarks were an affront to all humanity, a slur against all the fine and decent things people have done.

With a shudder, Jo realized that what her former teacher had said was probably true. On this wilderness trip, they’d all done things they never would have in the city. Even proper and shy Karina was now clutching a knife in one hand and a man’s cock in the other, threatening to mutilate him in a most horrible way.

Her eyes dropped and she noticed the two thin trails of red blood where Thor’s broken teeth had scratched the soft upper slope of her tit. She bent down, lifted her tit, and licked them off, not minding the mildly salty taste at all. “And look at me,” she muttered to herself, “licking my wounds like an alley cat.”

The stalemate between knife and chair leg grew more tense when the dull, throbbing pain in Eric’s head began to give way to a warm rhythmic pulsing of life in his cock shaft. The touch of Karina’s hand sped his return to consciousness. She felt the blood surging into his long prick staff and almost lost her grip. Its obscene swelling embarrassed her. Karina had to force herself to hold on and keep the knife ready.

Eric’s pewter-gray eyes fluttered and his father warned, “You be real still, boy. Don’t make any quick moves. You got a whole life of good fuckin’ ahead of you, but you’re about to be made helpless as a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest.”

His mind and vision cleared, but Eric still didn’t know what his father meant. Then he saw the gleaming blade poised so near his cock. “Oh, shit!” He took a long, slow and deliberate breath. “Karina,” he said sweetly. “You don’t want to do that…”

“I don’t want to, but I will if Thor hurts my mother.”

“Er, Pa… why don’t you toss that broken old chair in the fireplace? Maybe then this pretty little thing will relax.”

“Bullshit, this jagged hunk of wood aimed at her mom’s cunt is all keepin’ her from turnin’ you from stud to stubby.”

“Toss it, Pa. She won’t hurt me, will you?” Karina could not stand to look at his sorrowful, pleading eyes. “Not if he throws that awful chair away,” she agreed. His big, rubbery prick continued to swell. That put her even more on edge.

Normally, she never would have touched a man that way. But now that she had a hold of his swelling cock, Karina could not let go. The pulsing vigor of his long prick entranced her. It seemed to be pumping heat straight to her loins.

Thor grumbled, “Shit!” but he threw the remains of the chair on the fire. He didn’t like the idea of any female getting the best of him, even for a little while. But since it was Eric’s prick that might get pruned, Thor decided to let him call the shots.

“There, you see? Pa threw the chair away, now you can put down the knife,” Eric said calmly.

Karina almost did as he suggested. She wavered, but then snapped her hand back. The curved blade touched his cock just enough so that Eric could feel the chilling cold. “No!” the frightened redhead cried. “If I put the knife down, you’ll just chain us up and do awful things again.”

“Nnnooo,” he said in a slow, reassuring tone. “Not with this lump on my head.” Eric slowly brought a hand up to finger the knot swelling where the chair seat hit his head. “I think she might have fractured my skull. I feel so dizzy and weak. The whole room is spinning around.” Eric sighed fitfully and his hand fell away from his head. His arm hit the floor with a limp thump and his eyes rolled back in his head.

“Ooohhh,” Karina moaned in sympathy. She let go of his cock and leaned forward to cup his chin in her free hand. “Eric, wake up!” She shook him gently. He didn’t stir. “Mother, you might have killed him!” Tears welled up in her eyes and the knife slipped out of her hand.

Eric sprang up panther-quick as soon as the blade hit the floor. He grabbed her wrists and snarled, “You stupid little bitch!” Then he roared with laughter, enjoying the girl’s shocked look of distress.

Jo cringed and shrank back against the wall. Karina’s human sympathy had thrown away their only chance. “Now we’re all in worse trouble than before,” she moaned. If Karina’s animal instincts had remained sharp, that never would have happened. “There are times when it just doesn’t pay to be nice!”

Thor was quick to recapture the advantage. He grabbed a hunk of Tracy’s auburn hair and yanked the woman to her feet. “Game’s over,” he said with a sneering grin. “Now the winners claim their prizes.”

He dragged Tracy to the wall, yanked up her right arm and shackled it high above, her head.

“I want this little bitch who threatened to amputate my cock,” Eric said. He jerked Karina to her feet and pushed her toward his bed. “She wanted blood, now so do I. Virgin blood!”

“Not now,” Thor snapped. “Chain her up on that wall over there. We got another little problem to deal with.”

“What?” Eric demanded. He could think of nothing more compelling that his desire to pop a cherry.

“Listen,” his father said. They could all hear footsteps clumping across the porch toward the door.

“It’s Dick!” Tracy gasped.

“Daddy! Help us! Save us! These men are — uuuummmph!” Eric clapped his big hand over her mouth before Karina could finish. She struggled fiercely, despite her injured leg.

It was too late. Dick heard his daughter’s wild cries and then the muffled sounds of sheer terror. He rattled the securely locked door, shouting, “Open up! Damn you, open this door or I’ll shot off the lock!”

Eric’s face blushed and he whispered, “Er, Pa… I sort of forgot to tell you. I let that guy carry my rifle.”

“You dumb shit!” A shot cracked outside. Wood splintered at the edge of the door and the locking plate was blown half off as the bullet whined across the room to thump harmlessly into the wall. It hit two feet from where Tracy was standing, but she screamed as though she’d been shot.

“Christ sake, hold your fire!” Thor shouted. “You’re likely to kill your own kin!” Thor shuffled to the door and struggled to free the twisted locking bolt.

Dick burst into the roam with the rifle poised. The first thing he saw was the tall blonde young man holding Karina with one hand clamped over her mouth.

“Let her go!” he snapped.

Eric grinned, holding her like a shield. “You can’t shoot without a good chance of hitting your daughter.”

“You’re too big, fella. I can put a slug between your eyes and miss her by two feet.” Dick lifted the rifle to his shoulder and took steady aim.

“All right, all right…” Eric let her go.

“Oh, Daddy! Thank God you got here in time!” She rushed to him with arms out stretched, and she knocked the rifle aside as she leaped into his arms.

“Oh, shit!” Jo wailed. “She’s done it again! Karina, for God’s sake, get out of the way!”

Too late. Thor grabbed the swaying rifle barrel and wrenched the gun from Dick’s hand. The huge man stood grinning, showing his broken teeth, and he said to Karina, “Gotta thank you, girl. You been a lotta help to us!”

Dick’s eyes swept the room, starting with the gun barrel aimed at his head. There wasn’t a damn thing he could do about that now. He saw his wife chained to the wall. Her small, perfectly coned tits had a crusty film of dried cum on them. His niece, Jo, was also stark naked and chained to the wall. Two bright rivulets of blood ran toward the nipple of her big right tit.

Their plight and the sad looks they flashed to him made Dick forget all the anger he felt before. Karina sobbed hysterically, trying to bury her face in the hollow of her father’s shoulder.

He hugged and consoled her. “It’s all right, Karina. It’s all right.” But he knew damn well that wasn’t true. The two big naked men stood leering with lust flashing bright in their hardened eyes.

Thor poked Karina under the ribs with the rifle barrel. She winced, clinging to her father. “Since you love your old man so much, I’m gonna give you both a real treat,” Thor announced to them all. “I’m gonna let him fuck you first.”

“No, Pa… she’s mine!” Eric complained.

“She would’ve been if you weren’t so fucking dumb! Giving arms to somebody you can’t trust. Shit, boy… you’re damn near stupid enough to be in Congress!”

“Pa…” Eric’s big cock was aching for the weepy redhead cloaked almost to her knees in fluffy white fur.

“Sit down and shut up, or suck on that silver-blonde’s tit if you’re hungry for blood.”

Jo flashed an uncertain smile. Thor’s suggestion was the only good thing that had happened so far. She did still want to fuck that handsome young giant, especially now. He didn’t look as mean as he had just a short time ago.

Eric crossed to where Jo leaned against the wall, her right arm upraised and locked in a cold metal band. “I guess it’s you and me,” he said.

“I-I guess so.” The dejected look in his eyes made her heart leap. “I’ll fuck you better than any timid virgin,” Jo said.

“You just might at that.” An easy grin curved his lips. God, he looked sexy to Jo when he smiled at her that way. “I don’t especially like it standing up. How about if I unchain you and take you to my bed?”

“Oh, I’d like that!” Her arm felt numb for lack of circulation. She’d have agreed to almost anything to get it down.

“You won’t pull no shit like those other two?”

“No way! I want to fuck, not fight.”

Eric looked deep into her eyes, probing for the truth. All he could see was a frank look of burning desire. Eric decided to trust her. If she got out of line, he’d only have fun whipping her back into shape. He reached up and unlocked the steel band from her wrist.

Jo sighed and fell against him, pressing her pillow-soft tits against his chest. “There is just one thing,” Jo said as she gingerly massaged blood back into her fingertips.

“What’s that?” Eric was instantly suspicious.

“If-if Thor really makes Dick fuck his daughter, I-I’d sure like to watch.”

Eric laughed. “If Pa said it, he’ll do it. You can bank on that! And if you want to watch, you go right ahead. I’m gonna be too busy sucking your big tits and eating your sweet cunt. We’ll just see how long you can keep your eyes and your mind on those other two.” Eric gripped her arm, grinning smugly as he guided Jo to his bed.

“Take your clothes off,” Thor told Dick with a threatening wave of the rifle barrel.

“What if I refuse?” Dick’s pride had been hurt by this mess they were all in, even though it wasn’t his fault.

“Then I use your brain to decorate that bare spot on the wall.” Thor flashed a gap-toothed grin and slowly raised the rifle barrel.

Dick shrugged and stepped out of his daughter’s clinging embrace. Like a man in a trance, he began to undress. Karina watched trembling, hardly daring to open her eyes.

“You too,” Thor said, turning the gun on Karina. “You take off that silky white fur and spread it on my bed. That old straw mattress and them sweaty blankets might scratch your pretty ass, and I want it in good shape when it feels the hammer of Thor.”

“You bastard!” Tracy raged.

“Wh-what does he mean?” the quaking redhead asked her mother.

“I mean, even when your father gets through fucking you, there’ll still be a virgin hole left for me. And after that, I’ll let my son fuck your face for the first time.”

Karina felt shivering waves of fear and stepped closer to her father as he was pulling down his pants. “Oh, Daddy… isn’t there anything you can do?”

“Yeah, there is…” But he didn’t tell her what it was. All Dick could think to do was take a long time with her, do all he could to postpone the rest.

She unzipped her fur parka and spread the soft white folds on Thor’s lumpy bed. Then Karina turned and pulled off the sweater she wore underneath. She did that very slowly, reluctant to expose the lacy, flesh-colored bra that cupped her young tits.

Undressing by the hot spring had excited her. The misty veil of steam made it seem all right. And then only loving eyes could see. Now Thor was leering, wetting his lips, thinking of all the lewd pleasures soon to be his.

“Take it off!” Thor commanded as she fumbled awkwardly with the clasp of her bra. “Let me see what your nipples look like.”

Karina obeyed reluctantly. She unclasped her bra and slowly slipped it off. “Nice titties!” Thor exclaimed. “Firm, sharp and perfectly formed. I’ll bet you can’t wait for your daddy to suck and make your tiny nipples hard.”

She blushed and stood with her head bowed in shame, lips quivering, unable to reply. Dick said, “Don’t worry. Everything will be all right.” In a way, he felt relieved. Dick had been torn between desire for his young daughter and the stem dictates of his conscience. Thor’s taking command had resolved that conflict.

“Get the rest of your damn clothes off,” the big man roared, waving the gun. He was already impatient for his turn. The innocent beauty of this shy girl had his hammerhead cock swollen hard.

“I-I can’t,” Karina sobbed. She crossed her arms to cover her naked tits.

“Let me help you,” Dick said. He touched her gently, reaching down to open the side zipper on her snug-fitting ski pants.

Eric led Jo to his bed. Her neck was craned, anxious to watch Dick pull Karina’s pants down. The sight was so deliciously obscene it made her pussy squirm.

“You can do your lookin’ lyin’ down,” Eric said. He pushed her down on the dense blue-gray fur of his wolf skin parka. It was flecked with snowflakes and Jo felt needle-sharp stabs of tingling cold as she stretched out on the bed.

She brought her knees up and slid her hands down her creamy, smooth thighs, spreading them wide. She stroked her fingers through thick dark curls of pussy hair and used one hand to spread her cunt lips.

Eric crouched near her feet and leaned forward, supporting his weight on knees and elbows while running his hands through the long silver waves of her hair.

“You’re really a luscious bitch,” he said.

“And you’re the sexiest hunk of man I ever saw.” Looking down, she could see the stiff lance of his cock poised above her pussy dome. He swept his hands down through her hair and covered her big tits, squeezing them hard. “Hungh!” she groaned. “Go easy, at least at first.”

“I can’t go easy, not with tits like this!” Eric drew his fingers together, pulling on her nipple tips. The dark nubs swelled aching hard. He bent down and kissed them one by one, holding the nipples tense with his fingertips.

He spread his lips to suck in her left tit, pulling with anxious suction while his tongue danced over the swollen nipple deep in his mouth.

“Hhhoooo!” Jo cried. “Do the other one. Suck them both!” She felt proud of her big tit mounds, and she especially liked the way the size of them drove men wild — first Dick, then Thor, and now his handsome son.

Eric stretched out his tongue and licked the rivulets of blood. His rasping tongue burned like fire on her raw flesh. “Suck it in,” she begged him. “Eat it all!”

Eric attacked her with wolfish delight. He worked one tit with both hands, barely able to enclose the whole creamy mound. He sucked on the other, gorging himself, stuffing his mouth full.

“Yes,” she cried. “Oh, yes!” Shocks of pleasure sparked from her bulging nipples. They raced to her cunt like two speeding cars on a collision course, clashing in the depths of her pussy hole and loosening a flood of honey-like oil.

“Oh, please — now suck my cunt. Work my tits with your hands and eat my pussy at the same time. It’s steaming hot already, and I want to feel your tongue.”

Eric soon forgot the bump on his head, the dull ache fading inside. This lusty bitch was arching her back, offering him her sultry cunt gash, swaying back and forth before his eyes.

He nibbled first on her dense thatch of curls, rocking his blond head up and down. The root of each pussy hair must have been tied to a sensitive nerve. Jo thought she might scream from the pleasure that came with each nipping tug.

Then he reached out his tongue, sliding it down the length of her cunt slot. He hooked in at the bottom and ran it back up, parting the outer lips and teasing the soft pink ring inside.

“Hunnngh!” Jo gasped. She loved to have her pussy licked. Tracy was the first to teach her that pleasure, then Dick and now this hungry bronze giant. “Stab your tongue into me, fuck me with it! Whip my pussy and fill it with boiling oil!”

He did as she asked, but only to satisfy his own lewd hunger for the taste of cunt. He fucked his tongue in and out, reaching in a little further with each stroke, hooking it sharply as he dragged it back.

“Hhhhooo, shit!” The tip of his curved tongue teased the roof of her soft cunt cave. She clamped and squeezed, trying to hold him in a fleshy vise of damp muscle.

But Eric slipped his tongue out to the clenched mouth of her slot, and when that tightened, he stabbed back in again. “Grungh! Haaaagh! Hhhmmm!” Jo chanted in a breathy voice.

Eric increased the speed of his tongue fucking, plunging deep and drawing back, whipping her anxious pussy, into a frenzy. Spasms of extreme joy pumped fuck butter up from the depths for him to taste.

“Now I want your cock,” she moaned. “God, Eric — you’ve got me so hot! Fuck me deep with your long prick. Shove it in me. Make it hurt! Fuck me. Now, please. Fuck me!”


“See? Jo likes what she’s doing,” Dick said as he unlaced his daughter’s boots. He took special care with the foot that had been caught in the trap, slowly easing off the boot while she sat nervously on the edge of the bed.

Jo was still screaming, “Fuck me!” She must have said it thirty times, but Eric hadn’t yet sucked enough sweet honey from her cunt. He loved the way her pussy tossed and heaved. He loved the way her tits swelled when he fucked into her with his tongue. It was well worth making her wait, getting her anxious pussy hole blazing hot.

Dick slid down Karina’s tight-fitting pants, again taking care not to bring pain to her swollen knee and ankle. He left her silky panties in place, thinking that might make it easier for the girl at first. “Just lie back on the bed,” he said calmly.

His cock was already hard. Karina’s soft, partly ripened body excited him wildly. Her tits looked so tempting, the nipples peaking out through red-golden waves of hair that streamed over her shoulders. Jo’s wild cries added fuel to the fire. He remembered well how much he enjoyed fucking her, but then they’d all been straining to keep the noise down so that Karina wouldn’t know. How silly that seemed now.

Karina laid back, settling deep into silky white fur. Dick lay beside her. He thought it best not to mount her at first. “Now kiss me,” he told her. “Use your tongue like you did after you fell into that trap.”

“Hhhmmm,” Karina said. She had enjoyed that. She knew it was wrong, but she couldn’t resist. Her lips sealed on his and she thrust her tongue out into his mouth.

Dick sucked gently and stroked the underside of her tongue with his after several seconds, he relaxed the suction and let her draw back. Then he worked his tongue between her lips and twined it with hers.

She pulled on him, gasping and curling her arms around his neck. Dick pulled his tongue back, sucking to drag hers along. They wrestled in his mouth, then he thrust back into hers. It took Karina only a minute to catch the rhythm. Soon they were both thrusting their tongues back and forth, making lewd fuck motions with their mouths.

“Oh, Daddy… I like that!”

“I thought you would.” He brought his head down, planting feather-light kisses on her throat. He kissed and licked the little hollow at the base of her neck.

Karina giggled nervously. She knew he was working his way to her tits. Boys had tried that before and she wouldn’t allow it. But now it felt good. Her nipples tensed in anticipation.

Dick forced himself to ignore her deliciously tempting tit mounds at first. He ran his tongue down her breastbone, leaving a wet path between the jutting cones.

“Oh, Daddy! I do like it. I love the way your tongue feels.”

“You’ll like this even more.” He began to sway his head to one side and then the other, drawing that wet line further up the peaked slopes of her tits.

“Yes! Oh, God! Yes!” Her nipples were rock hard before he reached them. They stood up like spear points, sharp and tingling with desire.

Dick circled his tongue around the nubby ring of flesh at the base of each one. Then he flicked up and swirled the little tips.

“Ooooh! Hhheeee! Hhhmmmmm!” Karina sighed. The girl had no way of knowing how much pleasure that would bring. It came slowly at first. Little tingles of lewd delight ran all the way down to her toes.

Then Dick began to work her nipples with his lips, sucking them into his mouth. His tongue whirled around, and the shocks of pleasure became more intense. They ran down to her pussy, not all the way to her toes.

Karina did not understand at first. Tremors rocked the V of her crotch. She arched and squirmed as if trying to shake them off.

“Just let it flow,” Dick said. He capped a hand on her fiery cunt hair, lightly sheathed with a thin layer of silk. He pressed her down slowly. Karina sighed and writhed in the sleek white fur. It tingled her ass and made her anxious spasms come faster.

Dick found it hard to keep his emotions in control. The threat of a gun lifted his burden of guilt. He was free to love his daughter in a way that few men have been privileged to do. But he had to take his time with her, to make sure that she ready for what he was aching to do.

His cock throbbed long and hard, reaching out until it pressed on her slender thigh. Karina felt the glowing warmth and the surging force of his desire. “It’s a lot bigger now than when I saw it at the hot spring,” she said.

“Yeah, it sure is.” He pressed it more firmly against her leg. Leaning over her, Dick moved his lips up the softly curved slope of one sharp tit.

Karina sighed and her lithe body tensed with apprehension. Just before reaching her nipple, Dick marched his lips back and up the slope on the other side. She took quick, shallow breaths and felt her nipples start to swell.

He kissed one, then the other, brushing his lips back and forth. She gasped. Her fears and the feeling of shame melted away. “Use your tongue, Daddy. Lick my nipples. Suck them if you want, I’m ready.”

Dick knew that without being told. He felt pulsing warmth as her ruby crowns gorged. He circled one little nub with his tongue and rolled it across his lips. He sucked one nipple into his mouth and spiraled around the other with his thumb.

Karina cried, “Oh, Christ! Daddy, that feels so good!”

“I know, baby. I know.” He shifted his mouth to the other side, drawing his lips almost closed. With steady suction, he pulled her nipple through the narrow gap, slowly spreading his mouth to hold all of her tit.

His tongue flicked and curled around her pebble-hard nipple. “Oooh. Oooh! Oooh!” Karina threw her shoulders back, thrusting her firm tits up. “Are-are you going to do the same thing to my pussy? Are you going to suck that the way Eric is doing to Jo?”

“Yeah, I am. That’s the best way to get your juices to flow.”

“But I feel hot down there already.”

“Not hot enough yet. Not for your first time.”

“Hhhooo, I’m so glad it’s going to be you, Daddy. No one else could ever excite me like this.”

Dick capped her wet young tits with his hands and eased his head further down. He pulsed his lips and dragged his tongue over the taut plain of her belly, down to the soft rise of her pussy mound.

Her silken panties felt sleek beneath his lips. He decided to leave them on a little longer. Dampness was already seeping out between her legs. He could taste pure, sweet virgin musk even through the filmy cloth.

He ran his tongue up and down over the sheathed bulge of her pussy lips.

“Huuunnngh!” she groaned, gushing more pure honey!

Dick lapped it up, sucking it through the sleek veil. He stiffened his tongue and stroked her shielded pussy again. “Reach down and pull your panties out of the way. I want to kiss your naked pussy lips, but I don’t want to take my hands off your beautiful tits.”

Karina purred and arched to wiggle her panties down, writhing her wet cunt right before her father’s dazzled eyes. Dick hovered anxiously over her pussy, entranced by the fiery wet gleam of her red pussy hair. The soft, flaming curls sheened with the dampness of newborn desire.

Thor took a chair and placed it between the two beds so he could watch either couple by turning his head. He sat down backwards, with his rusty-haired arms folded over the back of the chair. When he looked straight ahead, he faced Tracy Baldwin, who was still chained to the wall.

It was hard to tell what the woman was thinking. Her eyes never strayed from her daughter and husband. Jo shrilled wild cries of delight and kept begging, “Fuck mmmeee!” but Tracy never so much as glanced her way. Her gaze remained fixed on the pair lewdly entwined in an incestuous embrace.

She watched with morbid fascination, eyes frozen in a vacant stare, her lips drawn tight in a sick look of disgust. Dick planted a kiss on their daughter’s bare cunt, slowly working his tongue into her.

His big cock twitched and jerked when he felt the slithering grip of her virgin cunt hole. Tracy’s breath quickened and her mouth went slack. Her body swayed almost as though Dick’s tongue had reached into her.

Karina let out a long, wavering sigh. “Oooh — hoo — hhhooo!”

Eric had Jo a lot further along. She arched and swayed under his sucking lips, nearing a climax that made her mind blur. She whined a shrill cry and clasped her hands back of his head, forcing his mouth down hard on her pussy.

“Don’t stop now,” she begged. “Oh, God! Suck me good! Make my pussy cum. If I can’t have your cock, then fuck me hard with your big tongue. Oooooh, shit, screw it in!”

“Daddy. Oh, Daddy! Daddy, what are you doing to me?” Karina’s soft voice grew tense as the heat of his lapping tongue increased.

The lewd sensations were all strange to her. Cunt-sucking opened her young mind to an alien world of obscene delight. The sensations flared like shooting stars in the great void of innocence.

“If-if it all feels so good, why didn’t you and Mom want me to know?” she asked.

“I don’t know. Don’t worry about that now.” The last thing Dick wanted to do was talk. The pristine sweetness of his daughter’s unfucked cunt was all he could think about.

Her savory broth filled his mouth. Tongue lapping her little clit really made it flow. It glossed his lips and dribbled down his chin, and still he attacked her, licking and sucking to get more.

Dick pressed the tip of his tongue on the pink-lipped inner mouth of her pussy. The soft ring of puckered flesh was seething now, oozing a flood of wet honey. He burrowed in and heard her gasp in shock.

This rasping sound voiced no hint of lingering fear. It was a wordless plea for more of the intense new delights now coursing wildly through her veins.

Dick made slow, gentle fuck strokes with his tongue, reaching in until he could feel the taut little membrane that marked her as a virgin. It thrilled him to touch her unbroken seal. His cock surged with rushing desire.

Karina gulped and moaned in time with his tender probing, then wilder instincts took control. She rocked her hips up and down, arching to meet each thrust of his tongue, splaying her legs wide to expose all of the delicious sweetness of her sealed cunt.

“Know what that is?” he asked while licking up honey that pooled at the mouth of her cunt.

“Yes, it’s my cherry. I can feel it each time you reach in.”

“You won’t be feeling it very long,” he said. Dick’s cock was so twitching hot that he couldn’t wait. He wanted to fuck her, he wanted to feel that tender web of flesh pop.

Karina let out a long sigh. “I know. I’m ready. I want you to fuck me now. Break my cherry!”

Tracy grimaced and turned her head away. She couldn’t watch them any more. The last thing she saw was Dick maneuvering into position between Karina’s spread legs.

Thor had drawn up a chair between the two couples. He turned it around and sat backwards with his rusty-haired arms folded over the back of the chair. Turning his head to the left, he could watch Eric and Jo. His son was about to climb into the saddle and ride the lusty silver-haired blonde. On the right, Thor could see Dick leaning over his daughter, anxiously guiding the tip of his prick to her furry red cunt.

Thor’s leering glance went left and right like a spectator at a tennis match. Straight ahead, his eyes skimmed over Tracy, who stood quaking, head down, her back against the wall. “What’s the matter? Don’t you want to watch?”

“I-I guess not,” Tracy confessed. That surprised her. Last night she was anxious to watch Dick fuck his niece, Jo, but with the three of them crowded in a sleeping bag meant for two, she hadn’t been able to see much at all.

“You’re jealous,” Thor guessed.

“No!” But then she blushed, knowing it might be true. She’d never seen Dick’s cock so long and aching hard, so vibrant with a lusty pulse. “Well, maybe a little.”

Dick leaned down and whispered, “Relax,” as he seated the head of his cock at the mouth of his daughter’s tender cave.

“I-I can’t. Your prick is so big and hard. I don’t think I can hold it.”

“Sure you can. It’s like melting snow. You put it in a little at a time, let it get hot and then put in some more.”

“Y-y-yes,” she hissed. “But it hurts already.”

“It won’t hurt for long.” Dick bored in with slow, steady pressure. Where his tongue had probed, the sleek walls of her cunt tube strained to receive him. Then the pillowed head of his long prick pressed on the blocking web of flesh.

“Huuunnngh!” she groaned, wincing as the stress increased. “That hurts! Oh, God — it hurts so much now, it’ll kill me when you rip through.”

“Nnnooo,” he said calmly. He could feel it stretch and start to part from the strain. “Any second now, you’ll, be a woman. You’ll know what it’s like.”

“No, Daddy! Oh, please. No more. Yyyaaagh!”

The swift parting of her cherry took Dick by surprise. He’d been pushing hard, and now he plunged into her, almost to the hilt. Karina looked stunned. She gazed up wide-eyed, mute with shock.

“It’s in, baby. You’ve got it all now.”

“I-I know. It feels like it must be coming out my back!”

“You’ll get used to it.”

She gasped and managed a smile. “I don’t want to get used to it. Not ever. I want it to always be as exciting as this.”

“That’s my girl!” Dick eased back, drawing his cock out to the tip. She glanced down and saw that his shaft was streaked lightly with smears of red, but before she could say anything about that, Dick started the thick pole back in again.

“It’s better this time. Much better!” she cried. The raw edges of her ruptured cherry still cringed and burned, but she loved the heat of the lengthy cockshaft.

“Pretty soon you’ll be begging for me to fuck you faster. You’ll plead to feel it go in really deep.”

Jo Decker had already reached that point. She jerked her legs up and scissored them around Eric’s muscular waist. “Now sink it in,” she whined. “Fuck me hard, deep and fast. Make me feel it. Fuck me until I beg you to stop, then don’t listen! Fuck me harder still!”

Eric’s bronzed body pumped up and down. His loins slapped on hers. His long spear almost spilt her cunt, whipping back and forth. Jo grunted in agonized delight, grinding her hips around to increase the frenzied sensations of heat and joy.

“God, I love it. I love fucking your big cock! I just can’t get enough!”

“See?” Dick said. He slowly increased the speed and power of his fuck strokes. Karina’s sleek bands of muscle yielded willingly, parting smoothly and then shrinking back to cling on his shaft.

“Am I getting better?” she asked.

“You sure are, baby. You learn real fast!”

“Do it faster,” she said. “Do it like Eric is with Jo.”

“That might hurt a little at first.”

“I don’t care. Not now. I just want you to fuck me. I want to put my legs up like her!”

“But your ankle is sore and your knee is swollen…”

“I don’t care. I can’t even feel them any more. All I can feel is your big hot prick! Do it, Daddy. Don’t hold back!”

“O.K., honey!” Dick began pumping, picking up speed. He wanted to match Eric stroke-for-stroke.

Karina jerked her legs up. It was painful at first, but she managed to get her feet hooked together behind his back. She clamped as hard as she dared and tried to hang on.

“Goddamn, look how that fiery cunt can fuck!” Thor said.

Tracy said, “ung-ungh,” without raising her head. She could hear ecstatic gurgles and moans coming from Karina’s lips. That told her enough.

“I said, look!” Thor lumbered out of his chair and cupped a giant hand under Tracy’s chin, snapping her head around. “You watch how your husband’s cock glides in and out of your daughter. See how her pussy clings? See how she hangs on, wringing his prick?”

Tracy watched only because she had no choice. She was afraid to think what Thor might do if she closed her eyes. She felt squeamish at first. Dick’s big cock was smeared red with virgin blood from tip to hilt. It looked like a searing hot flame as it blurred in and out.

Her pussy clenched, envying the sounds of gasping pleasure her daughter made. She obviously loved being fucked by her father, and he was doing his damndest to make her like it even more.

“Take it, baby! Take it all! I can’t get enough of your sweet cunt. It’s so fucking wet and clinging hot! Hhhmmm, I could fuck you forever!”

Thor snorted at that. “Forever, my ass. He’ll be lucky to last another two minutes. Look how that girl winds her ass around, screwing herself on his cock. No man could take much of that.”

“Yeah,” Tracy grumped. It was hard to believe that Karina hadn’t fucked before. She attacked Dick’s cock with her eager cunt, winding her ass around one way as he stabbed it in, turning the other as he drew it out.

Jo’s voluptuous body had a different set of gyrations. She fucked straight up and down, drumming her heels on Eric’s ass. “More, damn you! Fuck me good! Unnngh! That’s it! Stick that big prick as far in as it’ll go.”

Her silver hair flew in waves as her, head bobbed up and down. Jo’s whole body rocked, arching and swaying, and then falling back. “Oh, God — you’ve got a great cock! It’s the best ever. It’s the prick I’ve been dreaming of.”

Dick heard that and it pissed him a little. “Let’s show her,” he said to Karina. He hunched forward a little so that his plunging shaft would grate more on her clit.

“Oooooh, Daddy! What are you doing to me? That feeeeeels so good!” Tense sparks flashed from her nub as he cock-whipped it back and forth.

“You like that? Try this. I’ll show my fucking niece who’s got the best cock!”

He drilled in with all his might, pressing Karina’s arched body down until her ass was writhing in silky white fur. That added more to her sensuous joy. Then he ground the root of his prick around in the mouth of her cunt, grinding it on her clit until the girl screamed.

“Daddy, something crazy is happening! My whole body feels like it’s on fire.”

“Your climax is starting, your very first one.”

“It’s sssooo good. I can feel it clear to my toes!”

Jo’s orgasm began then, and the two of them chanted lewd words of praise. “Good! Oh, great! God damn! Fuck!”

It was hard for Tracy to tell who said what. She kept swaying her head back and forth, caught up in the obscene frenzy herself.

Eric tensed when he felt the shuddering pressure in his ball sac about to explode. He didn’t even try to hold it back. He just rammed in and let fly. Hot jism gushed deep, a stinging silver stream that came in bursts.

“Oooooh, Eric. Cum! Fuck me full! I want my pussy full of your cream. I want to feel it gush out when I can’t hold any more!”

Dick was able to hold back just a split second more. By then Karina’s wild joy had neared its peak. The fiery young redhead grunted deliriously, lost in delight.

A rumbling surge came up from his guts. Steaming hot, it sprayed into her. One big charge after another, creamy jets of liquid pleasure.

“I can feel your cum,” she moaned. “It’s shooting and gushing so deep!”

“There’s more,” Dick told her. “Wring my cock. Milk it with your pussy muscles. I want you to get every last drop!”

“You bastard, save some for me!” Tracy moaned. She was jealous. It rang in her voice and flared in her eyes. They turned bile-green and blazed in envious rage.

“You want it, you’re gonna work for it,” Thor said. “That might teach you some manners.”

“It’s that fucking husband of mine who needs to be taught,” she complained. “I’ll show him a thing or two!”

“Sounds like you’re about ready to bust another chair, and I just flat can’t allow that.” Thor reached up and unlocked the metal band circling her wrist. He kept a firm grip of her arm and used it as a lever to force Tracy to her knees.

“Wh-what do you want me to suck your ugly hammerhead cock? I’ll do it gladly if you make Dick watch.”

“Oh, he’ll be watching all right. It’s him you’re gonna be sucking on. You’re gonna show what a nice, devoted little wife you are by kissing his dripping cock. You’re gonna lick it clean, lap up all your daughter’s fuck honey and swallow every last trace of her virgin blood.”

“I won’t do it! That’s so obscene, it’s-it’s sick!”

“You’ll do it, bitch! ‘Cause if you don’t, I’ll think of something you’ll like a whole lot less!”


Dick and Eric were both breathing hard, both winding down from the pinnacle of lewd pleasure. The older man was smiling, gazing fondly at his daughter’s pretty face, stroking her cheek and fingering her silky red-golden hair. Eric was already thinking more about what he wanted to do next.

Their eyes happened to meet and Eric asked Dick, “You want to switch?”

“Er, well…” Dick’s voice faltered. He didn’t know quite what to say. He was anxious to fuck Jo again, but he didn’t want to give up his daughter quite yet. She still had a lot to learn, and he liked being her first teacher.

It was Karina who helped him decide. She said, “Come on, Daddy… let’s do it. You’ve been almost drooling all week every time Jo walks by.”

“Yeah, but…” He choked up again. Dick wasn’t quite ready to tell Karina that he’d fucked his young niece front and back the night before, and that he gave her a first lesson in how to suck cock. “Oh, what the hell? Why not?”

“Because I got me another idea,” Thor said to them all.

“Oh, shit! Pa, you know how hot I am to fuck that redhead!”

“We’ll get to her in due time. Right now, you listen to me, boy. You might like this idea of mine better yet.”

“No, God damn it! I’m gonna fuck her while there still might be a piece of hot cherry left to rip with my thick cock.”

“You do what I say, boy. Or I might get mad and bust a chair over your head.” Thor said the last with a wickedly sly grin curling his bearded lips.

Eric said, “Hungh,” and glared at Tracy who was down on her knees. “I was so hot for a while, I damn near forgot about that.” He rubbed the knot swollen on his forehead and eyed the cowering woman with a vengeful look of raw lust. “I ought’a whip her ass.”

“You got better’an a whip hangin’ between your legs, boy. Use it. Fuck her tight ass while she sucks her husband off!”

Tracy looked up at Dick, eyes pleading for him to resist. Eric was already in position behind her, dropping down on his knees. “Reach back with your hands and stroke my big cock,” the young trapper said. “Stroke it and make it real hard.”

“Dick…” the woman moaned, “do something!”

“Do what?” he asked calmly. “Remind you how much you wanted his cock when we were all out there in the storm? Remind you how you left me in a fucking blizzard to chase after his hot young prick?”

She looked sad-eyed and sheepish, dropping her head. “I-I wanted it then,” Tracy confessed, “But not like this! Not up my ass, not with you watching, not with you in my mouth at the same time!”

“No, you wanted to run things like you do at home. You wanted to play the role of Queen Pussy. A little wild sex is all right as long as you could decide who did what and when. All that talk about freedom was a bunch of shit! You only want us free to do things your way.”

“Maybe so,” Tracy said in a weak voice. “Shit, I don’t know. I’m so mixed up now…”

“Well, Eric and I will help straighten you out,” Dick replied with a smile. “Reach back and take hold of his cock like he told you to.”

“Do-do you really want me to do that?”

“I do now. I want to see if you can take us both at once,” Dick said.

“All right.” Tracy reached back slowly, groping for Eric’s big cock. It wasn’t hard to find. The glossy, cum smeared tip was bobbing up and down within an inch of her ass and her fingers curled on the thick, hard shaft.

An enigmatic little grin curved Tracy’s lips as she began to pump Eric’s magnificent long cock. “Now take mine in your mouth,” Dick said.

“Yes, dear,” she answered meekly.

Tracy’s lips circled, reaching out for the honey-glazed, cherry-streaked knob of Dick’s anxious cock. She winced at first, fearful of the taste. But as her tongue lapped timidly on his wet, bulging cockhead, she found it wasn’t half bad. In fact, the strange, salty tang of freshly speared cherry excited her wildly.

“You’d best wipe some cum and fuck honey off my prick and smear it on the lips of your asshole,” Eric said. His breath was rasping, coming in gulps timed to the strokes of the expert hand-job she was treating him to.

Tracy nodded her head and slipped the damp, sheening fingers of one hand into the cleft between her asscheeks. She worked the slick cream around on her puckered ass lips and felt them surge with excitement.

Her conscience felt clear. After all, Dick had given the order for her to start pumping Eric’s long prick. Why shouldn’t she enjoy it? Bowing forward, she let more of Dick’s throbbing cock slip into her mouth.

The subtle, sweet taste of fresh cunt flooded her senses. Her tongue slipped up and down the cockshaft, curling back to circle around the padded knob and lick it clean.

Easing back, Tracy slid her hands down Eric’s long prick, teasing it with deft finger strokes. It was the first time in her life that Tracy had ever felt two cocks at once. The obscene thrill of it sent sparks of pleasure running up and down her spine. Her pussy simmered in its own rich juices.

Dick gave an anxious grunt and wet his fingertips with a swipe of his tongue. Reaching down, he dampened the glaze of cum on Tracy’s tits. Her nipples were already taut with desire. The jism became slick again, letting his fingers glide smoothly on her firm, jutting tits.

“Gluuummmm,” she purred. Warmth from his swirling fingers flowed down to her seething pussy and she began to rock back and forth between the two men. Going forward, she let her head roll back to swallow more of Dick’s cock. Eric edged forward on his knees, positioning his up-raised prickshaft beneath her ass.

Tracy gave a long sigh as she settled back. The rush of her breath made Dick cringe with delight. At the same time, she guided Eric’s wet prick to the dark rim of her ass. “Hungh!” she groaned, squirming her ass.

Eric spread her ass cheeks, squeezing his fingers into the firm domes. The lips of her asshole planted a lewd kiss on the knob of his cock, and slowly, she settled back.

“Oh, God! It’s sssooo damn big!” Dick’s springy shaft popped out of her mouth as she spoke. She wet her lips, gasping when she felt the searing pressure behind.

“Don’t forget what I’ve got for you,” Dick said, wagging his cock up and down before her dazzled eyes.

“Oh, no! I want them both!” She lunged forward again, lips smacking and sucking on his tasty cock like a kid with a candy cane. The spicy taste became stronger as the heat of his throbbing prick increased.

Eric rose up behind her to keep his prick in her ass, and Dick thrust forward. Tracy shuddered between the two shafts. “You said you wanted both,” Dick said. “You got ’em now, lady!”

“And you’re gonna get more!” Eric added with a smile. He thrust harder, probing the sleek hole of her ass. It felt tight enough to peel the hide right off his cock. The clenched muscles gripped and squeezed, slowly taking him in.

Dick enjoyed watching the contortions of tormented bliss that ass fucking brought to his wife’s face. He liked even more the way it made her lips move, shuddering in response to each thrust from behind.

“Start fucking her throat,” Eric suggested. “I want to see if that makes her asshole squirm the same way.”

Dick nodded, grinning from ear to ear. He began pumping, driving his rigid cock to the very back of her swirling tongue and beyond. Tracy gulped, swallowing hard, willing her throat to relax and accept his long prick.

Jo also gulped, trying to imagine what two great cocks at once would feel like. She got up and walked over to the bed where Karina was watching, perched glassy-eyed on the edge, “Isn’t that the most exciting thing you ever saw?”

“I-I don’t know.” Karina wouldn’t have thought her mother capable of anything so obscene, rocking herself up and down between her own husband and another man.

“Imagine, two enormous cocks like that, one going in as the other slides out.”

“One is enough for me right now,” the redhead whispered softly.

“I’ll bet we get to try two before very long,” Jo said expectantly. “Maybe even three at once!”

“Uuunnngh,” Karina grunted fearfully.

“Your mom must like it. Look at the way she wiggles her ass around while sucking Dick off! She must really like the taste of fresh cherry and hot jizz!”

“She must,” Karina had to admit. Her mother’s lips pulled and heaved, sending wave-like motions down her slender neck.

“I’ve been thinking I’d like the taste too.”

“You mean, you want to suck my father’s cock?”

“I’ve already done that,” Jo said quietly, watching Karina’s face for a response.

“You have not!” The answer was instinctive but then Karina saw the unwavering look of frankness in her cousin’s eyes and knew what she said must be true. “When did you do that?”

“Last night while you were asleep,” she said. “Right after he fucked me.”

Karina turned and gaped, searching her cousin’s face for the tell-tale look of one telling a big lie. Jo returned a steady gaze, grinning smugly. “He’s got a great cock,” she said. “But then, I don’t need to tell you that now.”

“D-does my mother know?”

“Oh, yeah. She even helped. She sucked on my cunt to make it nice and hot, then she guided your father’s cock into me with her own hands.”

Jo’s gaze remained unflinching, eyes bright as her long, silver-blonde hair. Karina sighed and told her, “I thought this only happened because of those two men.”

“No, they only turned, loose what was already there. Now, how about it, are you going to let me suck Dick’s cum out of your pussy?”

“I-I guess you can if you really want to. Shit, there’s no reason to hold back now.”

“That’s right, now lie down and spread your legs. Let’s see if I can remember all the wild things your mother did to me.”

Tracy was moaning, watching from the corner of her eyes as she jarred up and down, sucking one cock and taking the other deep in her ass. She was relieved to see that her daughter looked calm, accepting of the startling changes they’d all shared. That feeling of relief added to the pleasure of simultaneous face and ass-fucking.

She relaxed and began to flow with sinewy grace, bobbing up and down. Eric noticed the change instantly. Her ass muscles milked his long shaft with anxious pulses and searing heat. “If she likes this so much, let’s see what happens if we both fuck into her at once,” he suggested.

“Yeah, why not?” Dick skipped half a beat and caught his breath, leaving his cock sunk deep in her throat until Eric slammed his prick up her ass.

“Haaaaguuungh!” she howled.

They both eased back and Tracy shuddered, trying to clamp on the two cocks at once. She hated to lose them, and she feared what she might feel when they both sank back.

The twin shocks came in a blur. Eric and Dick thrust into her with perfect timing. Her back arched and her head swayed back as they speared her to the hilt. Hairy loins hit her ass and her lips at the same moment, buckling her slender body between.

Both men liked the new rhythm. They could fuck harder and deeper now. One spearing thrust supported the other. Grinning wickedly, they both reared back and rammed in again.

Tracy’s body curved as she took the strain. She liked the new rhythm too. It amplified the tremors of pleasure she felt. First a fierce, grinding shock, then a brief pause, and again they sank in.

Thor watched, his hairy body hunched over the back of the chair. He beamed his approval as Dick and Eric both picked up speed, whipping and grinding their cocks in and out. Then he turned his head to check on the two young girls.

Karina stretched out on her back with her knees raised. Jo crouched between them, bending down. Her shimmering hair brushed the girl’s creamy thighs and on to sweep the valley of her crotch.

“That feels good already,” Karina said. “It makes my skin tingle like the fur underneath.”

“What I want to feel is the silky hair of your pussy!” Jo spread her lips, nibbling down on her tawny thatch. The red curls felt sleek and damp, heavy with the scent of lust.

Jo tugged with her lips, then dropped down again, wiggling her tongue into freshly fucked cunt. “Hhhooo, it’s even, better than I thought!”

“I like it too. It felt so good when my dad put his tongue in, but this is even more exciting.”

“Hey, Jo — turn around,” Thor said like a coach from the sidelines.

“Do what?”

Thor gave a weary sigh and explained, “Straddle her head with your legs, that way she can suck your cunt while you’re eating hers.”

“Oh, I don’t want to do that.” Karina shook her head in disgust. She could see Jo’s darkly furred pussy dripping the jism that Eric had shot in.

“Might as well learn what it tastes like,” Thor said. “You’ll be getting some straight before long.”

“Let’s do it,” Jo urged. “You’ll like licking pussy as much as I do.”

“I doubt that,” Karina whispered, but she had no choice. Jo was already turning around.

She watched her cousin’s soft-lipped cunt spread above her head. A creamy drop fell on Karina’s trembling lips.

“Lick it off,” Thor said.

Karina’s tongue inched out, like it was poison she was being forced to taste. Thor chanted from the side, “That ain’t so bad, is it?”

“Er, no.” Karina was amazed. After all she’d witnessed and experienced herself, she didn’t think anything could surprise her, but she actually liked the creamy taste of jism flavored with fuck honey.

Jo bent down to sample the same broth. She pressed her big soft tits against Karina’s quaking lower body and dipped in with her tongue, snaking it around the nub of Karina’s clit.

“Hhhoooo,” the girl cried, arching her back, reaching up to feel more pressure on her most sensitive nerves. “I love that!”

“Then do it to me!” Jo said. “Lick my clit, suck it with your lips and lash it with your tongue!”

Hearing Jo’s demanding plea gave Tracy an idea. That was the only sensation missing so far. She had Eric’s great cock filling her ass and Dick’s driving into her throat. His hands teased her cum-slicked nipples, but her pussy remained an aching wet void.

She popped off of Dick’s cock just long enough to say, “Eric, reach around and work my clit. Press my magic button, please!”

“Only because you remembered to say, please,” he allowed. His large hands slid under her slender waist and down into her auburn haired cunt. At the same time, he bent his head forward, brushed her hair aside, and nibbled hungrily on the back of her neck.

“Oh, God! That’s even better. Do my clit more, please. Yes! Yes! Make it burn. Twist it like a screw.”

Eric obliged her because he liked the way all the varied sensations made her ass pulse and heave. Her whole body quivered, inside and out, wracked by conflicting sparks of pleasure.

He kept up the spinning pressure on her clit with one hand and worked the other to the bottom of her narrow cunt gash, his long middle finger reaching out. “Ooooh, not that too! I can’t take any more!”

“You’re supposed to be sucking my cock, not making conversation,” Dick snarled, wrapping his hands tight in the soft waves of hair framing her face.

He held Tracy’s head and rammed his cock into her mouth, jerking her forward to meet his fierce thrusts. She’d never known Dick to be so forceful, so demanding in his lust. The way he craved her sucking lips added more wild pleasure than Tracy thought she could stand.

That’s what she’d been trying to explain. The major nerves of her body were already twanging in a wild frenzy like an insane symphony orchestra tuning up. From the hollow of her throat, the tube of her ass and the tips of her nipples, discordant beats of raw pleasure made her mind swirl.

Eric’s fingering her clit began another rhythm. He nibbled her neck and sent tingling shocks straining into the base of her skull. Now he had a long finger gliding in and out of her pussy. There wasn’t a nerve in her body that hadn’t been touched. When Dick tangled his hands in her silky tresses, she felt the pressure of her approaching climax even in the roots of her hair.

The lewd pleasures of the night before all seemed pale compared to this. It was a new peak, a soaring height of pure lust that she never could have imagined before.

Dick knew her best and he sensed what was building inside. “She’s really steaming,” he told Eric. “Her orgasm is on its way!”

“Just her first. We won’t stop with one.”

“Oh, shit no!” Dick held his cock steady and whipped her head back and forth. Eric lifted up behind her, drilling his cock up her ass and finger-fucking her cunt at the same time.

Dick’s cock was so deep in her throat that she couldn’t draw a breath, but Tracy didn’t notice. She didn’t even try. If her heart had stopped beating, she would never have known. The tremors of her first explosive orgasm blocked everything else from her head.

Blind in rapture, she wiggled and squirmed. Muscles tensed and the anticipation of delight flew into motion again. Eric felt it first on the finger fucked into her cunt. Sultry waves pulled on it harder with each stroke. An echoing suction began in her ass.

Cords tightened in her throat, then they vibrated like harp strings. Tracy could even hear the music. In her lust-addled mind, she thought she’d died and gone to heaven. Before her first climax ended, another came rumbling up from the depths.

Tracy made wet gurgling noises, wishing that she could scream and tell the world how intense her pleasure was. Dick’s plunging cock bottled the sound inside, but Jo caught the message of her muffled cries.

She bobbed her head up and said, “Hey, Karina, watch your mom now.” Tracy’s third climax had just started, and neither of the two men showed any sign of weakening. They both fucked and kept fucking, letting her ravage their cocks with conflicting waves of tormented delight.

Jo lifted her drooling, tongue-whipped pussy slit and drew back one leg just enough so that Karina could turn her head to watch the throes of her mother’s third great climax take hold.

The tawny-haired girl, still dripping red from a ruptured cherry, thought she was now beyond shock, but her mother’s wild writhings amazed her.

Eric was ruthlessly fucking her ass, using his big cock like a mad plumber would use a plunger to clear a stopped sink. Dick stood rigid before her, hands tangled in Tracy’s hair, viciously jerking her head back and forth to sate his fuck hunger by jamming his blue-veined cock rod all the way down her throat. What amazed the girl is that her mother so obviously enjoyed their abuse.

What she didn’t understand is that Tracy had moved beyond pain. Her ass hurt, it felt scorched. Her gripping tube had long since burned away the slick film of cum that first greased Eric’s cock, but she reared back to meet each lancing thrust.

Dick’s clawed hands jerked her head until her lips thumped against the ridge of bone arched over his cock. But for a thick pad of hair any one of those collisions might have jarred her senseless. She not only took the force, she bowed willingly to greet it.

“Maybe I can do the same for you,” Jo suggested, dropping her head down again.

Watching Tracy only made her jealous. She flicked out her tongue and lazed it in circles around her cousin’s juicy clit. At the same time, she looped her arms around the girl’s upraised legs to caress her pussy slit and coax the flow of damp warmth down to the puckered rim of her asshole.

“Wh-what are you going to do?” Karina was afraid to ask, but her body could hardly wait to find out.

Jo didn’t answer with words. She was too busy lapping and sucking cunt, raking her cousin’s swollen clit back and forth. Karina sighed and began to relax, then Jo worked the first finger of her left hand into the girl’s wet cunt.

Wringing muscles gave Jo’s finger a passionate squeeze. She gasped anxiously and ran the first finger of her right hand around the dark rim of the redhead’s asshole.

“Oh, not there too; I don’t want that!”

“Shut up and suck my pussy,” Jo said. She liked the way fingering Karina’s ass lips made the girl squirm. Grinning wet lipped, she dropped her crotch down on her cousin’s face to silence her.

Karina groaned, still fearful of the finger lazing in slow circles around her ass. It glided smoothly on liquid honey dripping down from her pussy, and then Jo began to probe, pressing it into the tightly clenched hole.

“Hhhuuummm,” came a muffled cry. The finger sliding into her ass made her lithe body tremble with tension. She felt the walls of her shit tube swell to admit the intruding finger, then clamp and pulse on it joyously.

The fear, pain and embarrassment of having a finger poked up her ass faded away. She still detested the idea of what Jo was doing, but it felt so good! The finger wiggling shamelessly in her ass touched deeply private nerves and triggered an exquisitely obscene pulsing of joy.

Jo lipped Karina’s clit and began fucking her ass and cunt at the same time, two fingers gliding as one, each probing a snug, seething hole. The young redhead almost went crazy as double waves of delight swelled and crashed inside her. Her body pitched and rolled, and Karina began to understand her mother’s wild writhing.

Karina snaked out her tongue to lick Jo’s pussy lips. Her gushing breath shot warmth into her pussy hole. Jo kept fucking with both hands, pressing down harder to feel more pleasure from her cousin’s tongue.

“Fuck me with it, you bitch. Push it into me!” Jo pumped her hands faster to accent the demand.

Karina gasped and managed to cry, “I’m going to cccuuummmm!” Her tongue lashed up and down in frenzied excitement, then she thrust it into Jo’s creaming pussy slit and began to fuck with all her might.

“Good. Good! I’m cumming too,” Jo wailed.

Tracy had by then started her fourth, or was it her fifth great orgasm? She was starting to lose track. Each wild soaring of emotion took her higher than the one before, but she had not yet experienced complete satisfaction. To achieve blessed relief, she would have to make Dick and Eric cum too.

Reaching up with her right hand, she nestled Dick’s swaying ball sac in her palm, fingers stroked the churning orbs. She could feel the heat and swelling pressure inside.

With her left hand, she reached back and burrowed into Eric’s crotch to find his nuts. His ass-reaming cock thrusts came so fast and hard that she had trouble catching up.

“The lady must want to feel hot jism,” the young man said, skipping one fierce thrust so that she could get a tender grip on his aching nuts.

“We’ll give her a double load,” Dick groaned. His throbbing cock was almost ready to fire. Her teasing caresses made his balls steam in a wild fury of pressure that made his eyes water.

“Both at once,” Eric said. “On three. One. Ungh! Two. Haaagh!” It was getting harder and harder to hold back. Tracy’s teasing fingers brought his balls to the boiling point. “Three!”

Dick and Eric both tensed and their cocks blazed. They grunted deeply as each shot fired with volcanic force. Tracy shuddered and her hands went limp. Jism ran down her throat like a river at flood stage. More shot up her ass like a steaming geyser of delight.

Jo and Karina came at the same time. Their pussy-muffled sighs and moans of pleasure mingled with the men’s rutting sounds. Only Tracy was choked to complete silence, but she was the one who enjoyed their noisy explosions of joy the most.


Thor lumbered out of his chair before any of the others had completely caught their breaths. He stretched, limbering the bulging muscles that laced his hairy frame. “Time for the old man of the mountains to show what he can do.”

Jo gaped in awe at his huge hammerhead cock. The sight of it stiff and swollen, standing up at a sharp angle did nothing to slow or steady the rate of her rasping breath.

Eric eased back and drew his half weakened prick from Tracy’s ass. Dick pulled his glossy cock from her lips and then she gasped a long sigh of relief.

Karina glanced at her and grinned shyly. All the barriers were down. There were no secrets between them now, but the girl still felt awkward with her mother naked and fucking in the same room.

Tracy returned a consoling look. She understood. Free and open expression between mother and daughter was something they’d both need more time to get use to. “Who’s next to feel the hammer of Thor?” she asked him.

“Not you,” he replied. “I figure you could use a little rest.”

“A little, yes,” she agreed.

“And I’ve seen how Dick has been looking at his niece, feasting his eyes on her beautiful big tits, so I think he oughta start this round fucking her.”

Jo breathed a thankful sigh, relieved that she would not have to face Thor and his grossly misshapened cock — at least not yet. “Is that all right with you, Dick?”

“You know it is! Come over here and give your horny uncle a big kiss.”

“This time I’ll really get to watch,” Tracy said. “I couldn’t see much in that crowded sleeping bag.”

Karina shrank back against the wall as Thor fixed his eyes on her. “That’s right, honey. This time you’re the one I want.”

Eric exploded, “God damn it, Pa! That doesn’t leave anyone for me!”

Thor grinned, baring his broken teeth. “I said I wanted that tawny redhead. I didn’t say I wanted her all to myself. I figure we’ll double-up on her, give her a taste of what her mother just got.”

“Oh, God!” Karina blinked nervously and bowed her head to avoid two pairs of leering eyes.

“I want her pussy,” Eric said boldly.

“And you can have it. It’s her pretty ass that I’ve been thinkin’ about.”

“Mom,” Karina said in a weak voice.

Tracy didn’t even hear her. She was following Dick and Jo to Eric’s bed, eyes intent on the girl’s curves and how quickly the sight of her lush body made Dick’s cock swell.

“I’ve never seen you so horny,” Tracy said.

Dick laughed and patted Jo’s ripely domed ass. “You’ve never seen me with so much to get horny about.”

“Think you’ll have anything left for your wife?” she asked. “What we did back there got my pussy really hot. Eric’s finger was nice, but not quite enough.”

“Don’t worry. The way things are going, this cock of mine may never tire.”

“I’ll make damn sure it doesn’t,” Tracy said with a lewd grin.

Jo reached the bed first and started to stretch out. Dick caught her hand and turned her away. “Let your aunt lie down first,” he said. “On your back, woman.”

“But-but you’re supposed to fuck me!” Jo protested.

“I’m going to, but I want Tracy to have a ring-side seat. Lie down on top of her, Jo. Rub that hot pussy of yours against hers.”

“I won’t be able to see a thing this way,” Tracy moaned.

“Just watching won’t keep you happy for very long. This way, you’ll get to feel it. I’m going to fuck her dog-style and grind that juicy clit of hers on yours at the same time.”

“Hhhmmm, I like that idea,” Tracy said. “So do I!” Jo concurred. She climbed onto the bed and stretched out on top of her aunt. Their pussy mounds touched and their juicy clits bulged.

“Oh, I like it even more now,” Tracy said. She rocked her hips, making fuck motions to grind her clit against Jo’s. A sharp, stabbing current flashed back and forth, sparking like the meeting of two hot wires.

Dick got on his knees between two sets of spread legs. He stroked the long waves of silver hair strewn across Jo’s back, drawing it all to one side so he could see his wife’s face smiling up over Jo’s shoulder.

Leaning forward, he supported his weight on his elbows and slipped his hands between the two women. They were both fucking now, thrusting and squirming to increase the deliciously strange pleasure of having their clits rubbed.

He cupped his hands over Jo’s inviting tit mounds and began to squeeze them gently, massaging Tracy’s taut nipples at the same time with the backs of his hands.

“Hhhooooo, that’s even better!” they both said as one.

“Just wait until you feel this…” Dick inched forward, seating his cock in the mouth of Jo’s twat.

“Yes. Oh, yes! Drive it in me, Dick!”

“Not yet, I want to give Tracy a little taste of it too.” He tilted his hips and lanced his cock rod down to press lightly on her begging cunt.

“Oh, don’t tease me!” she whined. “Don’t tempt my pussy and then fuck this sexy young bitch!”

“I’ll do what I damn well please, and you’re gonna learn to like it!” Dick reared back and let his cock spring up to Jo’s wet cunt again. He thrust into her from behind, inch by slow inch.

“I-I like it already!” Tracy cried in a voice strained with excitement. Each short thrust of Dick’s cock made Jo’s pussy twitch and press down harder on hers.

He let Jo’s sultry cunt get used to the slow, gentle thrusting and then Dick rammed into her, sinking his long shaft to the hilt. Jo gasped, both startled and thrilled by the sudden attack. His hairy loins almost flattened her ass cheeks.

Tracy shuddered as she took their combined weight on her slender frame. She could hardly breathe. The woman could not swell her chest enough to draw air until Dick eased back to fuck in again.

Jo gasped too, sandwiched between them. “Fuck me, Dick! Fuck me hard! Ram your cock in again as far as it will go!” Karina’s timid cunt-sucking had only made her pussy anxious for more.

Dick began fucking her with long, deep reaming thrusts of his cock. Tracy fucked back from below, arching in a way that offered the young girl’s pussy to him at the perfect angle.

“Let’s both fuck her!” Tracy said. “We’ll get her from both sides!” She began humping, jarring Jo’s clit, pushing her harder onto Dick’s driving cock.

“Yeah, let’s give it to her good!” Dick fucked back with enough force to flatten them both.

“Oooh, slit! I’m going to cccuuummm right now!” Jo wailed. She wanted the lewd delights of clit and cock fucking to go on and on.

“One orgasm isn’t really a climax,” Tracy said. “I just learned that, and so did Dick. We aren’t going to stop until you’ve had at least six.”

Dick felt the wild, wrenching spasms of Jo’s first orgasm begin. Normally, the clinging heat of an excited young cunt would have made his cock fire right then. But all the fucking he’d done recently left him immune to her wringing fury. It would take a while for his balls to build up another great load. By then, Jo’s dreams of having a real climax would have all come true.

Karina felt the sleek, soft touch of mink as she cowered against the wall, pressing her back to the lustrous pelts tacked over the bed. The tingling sensation only served to remind her how callused toward pain Eric and his father must be.

They set the steel traps in the woods, including the one that snapped so viciously hard on her ankle. The memory of that flared in her mind again as they approached. Eric was holding the knife with a curved blade, the one she’d threatened to cut off his cock with.

The sight of it now gleaming red in the flickering light from the fireplace and the cold way he grinned while stroking the razor-sharp blade with his thumb made her cringe.

“I ain’t forgotten what you wanted to do with this,” he said.

“You’re sorry, what? That you didn’t whack off my cock?”

“N-n-no.” Karina would have buried herself in the wall if she could. Eric’s piercing, pewter-gray eyes looked cold and hard at the blade of the knife.

“I oughtta skin you like a fox,” he said. Eric’s free hand lashed out and grabbed a hank of her red-golden hair. He jerked it high above her head and pulled her toward him, holding the knife poised.

“Not my hair! Oh, please — don’t cut my hair!”

“Then you better fuck me good, girl. Fuck me good enough to make me forget what you said you’d do.”

“I will. I will! I’ll do anything you want.”

“Yeah, you will… or I’ll scalp your head and your pussy too!” Eric released her suddenly and Karina fell on her side, more afraid now of the knife than either man’s throbbing cock.

Thor climbed up and lay on the bed behind her with the huge gnarled head of his cock reaching out toward the delicate slope of her ass cheeks.

Eric set the menacing curved blade on the floor and stretched out facing her. Slowly, a grin curved his lips. His ploy had worked. She was not worried at all now about his big cock, or Thor’s that was looming behind.

“Fuck her, boy. You been wantin’ to all day,” the big man said impatiently.

“And I want it top,” she moaned. “I have ever since you picked me up and held me in your arms.” It wasn’t just her fear working now, it was also the mysterious appeal of Eric’s rough strength.

“Show me how much you want it,” he said. “Take hold of my cock and work it around in the mouth of your cunt. Grease that big prick up real good.”

“Oh, yes. I want to feel it. I want to wet it with warm honey.” She reached down with both hands and curled them on his blue-veined cock shaft, guiding the balled head of it to the slit of her cunt.

Touching Eric excited her even more than her father had. This was a man she couldn’t expect to be so loving and kind. A strange mixture of fear and daring desire made her heart race.

“Oooh,” she cooed, “I never should have held you any other way!”

“For Christ sake, quit yacking and fuck!” Thor was impatient, waiting for Eric to ram the girl back onto his big knobbed cock.

“Why not? I’m ready, and so is she.” Eric thrust with his hips, wedging the padded head of his long ram in the wet grip of her pussy slit. He paused to let her work it round and ease the tension in her hole.

“Do it slow,” she begged him. “A little at a time. Let it get me hot, then put in a little more. That’s how my father taught me to melt snow,” she babbled.

Eric said, “I’ve melted more snow and more pussies than he ever saw, and yours feels like it’s boiling to me!” He gave one mighty thrust and stabbed in all his hot length.

The swift, jarring shock threw her back to meet Thor’s enormous cockhead. It bored into her ass, violently spreading the sleek, pliant tube that Jo had so thoughtfully prepared with her finger.

Karina gasped. It felt like a brick had been rammed up her ass, but she had no time to think about that. Eric powered into her pussy with a series of ruthless, deep driving thrusts. The raw edges of freshly torn cherry burned again.

“There must be some of my virgin seal left,” she moaned.

“And there will be until you’ve been fucked by the hammer of Thor,” he said. “Hurry up, boy — fuck her good! Drain your cock so we can trade places and clear her pussy all the way out.”

Eric nodded, but he was in no mood to rush, not with his cock working deep in the best and most tender, young pussy that he’d fucked in years.

“C-c-can you make me cum over and over like my mother did?”

“More,” he assured her. “And better!”

“Ooooh, I want that. I don’t even know yet how it must feel.” Karina rammed her hips forward to meet each of Eric’s mighty thrusts, then she let her body go limp and slide back on Thor’s big-knobbed ram.

“That’s good, boy! Keep her comin’ — I just love her tight ass.”

“And I like her cunt even more. God damn it, girl — for one who’s still dripping hot cherry, you sure can fuck!”

“It’s great having two cocks in me at once. I-I never even dreamed how good this could feel!”

Jo had given her a hint by finger-fucking her ass and pussy at the same time, but fingers and two men’s big cocks are a world apart. That strange new world of lewd pleasure opened wide before the young redhead’s eyes as the first of her multiple orgasms began.

The warming blaze in the fireplace had burned low by the time the two trios had satisfied and untangled themselves. Thor said, “Eric, show the two girls where the wood is stacked on the porch. Have them bring in enough to last through the night.”

Karina and Jo both followed him willingly. Rough or not, he was the sexiest young man they’d ever seen, and neither of them had had enough of him yet.

Dick’s dark eyes took on a troubled look as the three of them trooped out the door. “What’s the matter?” Tracy asked. “I thought you were having the time of your life.”

“Oh, I am.” Dick chuckled and shook his head. “You can’t imagine what a pleasure it was to be looking down at you and fucking Jo at the same time.”

“You’ve done that before, at least in your mind. How many times have you fucked me, wishing and dreaming it was some other cunt?”

He shrugged, “Quite a few. But we’re adults, I figure we can handle what’s happened. But I’m not so sure about the girls.”

“I think they adapt to change easier than we do,” Tracy said. “Look at how they took to the wilderness after you taught them a few tricks. Jo even said that she could stay here forever.”

“That was before she met Eric and Thor.”

“And I think it’s even more true now.” Tracy smiled, her blue-green eyes flashing brightly as she watched Karina and Jo come back in, both with arm loads of splintered wood. They were both laughing, chattering and making plans as young girls so often do.

“I’m still not sure,” Dick said doubtfully.

“The girls must be. Look at the wood they’re throwing on the fire.”

“What?” Dick had been, watching, but too deep in serious thought to pay real attention. Now he blinked and his mind snapped clear. “My God, they’re burning up our skis!”

“That’s their answer,” Tracy said, twining her arms around Dick’s neck. “But I know an even better way to keep warm. How about fucking your wife for a change?”

“Yeah, for a change.”

But for what kind of change, Dick didn’t know. None of them did. Only one thing was certain — they’d all have until the spring thaw to find out.

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