Untouched teens

“C’mon, Dee,” I tossed my friend a warm grin as I rolled over on her
rumpled bed. “Don’t be so secretive.” My hands slid behind my head,
making a makeshift pillow, as I swung my gaze back to her’s. Dee’s soft
complexion quickly gave way to a deep crimson blush.

“Why do you want to know about my sex life anyway, Jill?” she responded;
brow quirked.

“No, my dear, sex history. Not life,” I quickly corrected with a wink.

Dee nodded, her brown bob shaking. She leaned up against the wall and
repositioned herself. Her slender arms were crossed over the pillow in
her lap; her legs tucked neatly beneath her slim, toned body. Dee and I
weren’t into athletics, but we kept ourselves in pretty good shape. I
shook my blonde hair around my shoulders and continued to look at her

Dee and I had known each other for five years, although we never were
close, we ended up at her house one day to do a project. Of course, with
my conversation topics, the project was not first on my mind.

“Well,” Dee began, a frown crossing into her hazel eyes. “If you must
know, I’ve had pretty much no sexual history.”

I blinked. “Dee, you’re sixteen years old. You must have had something,

Dee shrugged. “Unlike you, Jill, I don’t sleep with the entire football
team on a regular basis.” I smirked at her comment and turned my head
away. “Sorry,” Dee said after watching my reaction. “But it’s true, I’ve
never even kissed a guy.”

Mumbled, “What if I didn’t mean a guy?”

Dee looked shocked. “What do you mean? Kiss a GIRL?” The horror replaced
the earlier discomfort almost immediately.

“Well, yeah.” I turned back to her and shrugged. “If you can’t get a
boyfriend, and haven’t been kissed before, why not practice on a girl?”

Dee wrinkled her nose. “I think that movie got to you, Jill. Girls don’t
practice on girls.”

I sat up slowly, pulling my own pillow into my lap, my legs outstretched
in front of me. “That’s not necessarily true. How else are we supposed
to learn? Guys are insensitive jerks, they aren’t patient enough with
us. Take it from me.”

“YOU learned from a girl?” Dee blinked incredulously.

I shrugged for what seemed the millionth time. “Yeah, I sure did. I used
to live in San Francisco, remember? It was pretty accepted there.”

“Oh….” Dee trailed off, her eyes dropping to the floor.

“So, do you need the practice?” My gaze hovered steadily over her, a
wicked grin crossing my lips for but an instant.

“N..no….” Dee stammered.

I leaned over to her and whispered in her ear, “Dee, you don’t want to
graduate high school without being kissed do you?”

I could feel Dee’s body stiffen as she struggled with the answer. To
answer yes would be to admit failure. To answer yes….

She didn’t have to answer. I moved my face inches from her’s and then
slowly pressed my lips against her’s. At first, Dee refused to give in,
but a few moments later, her lips softened and gave into my prodding
tongue. I slid it into her mouth and toyed with her uncertain tongue.
Dee’s hands lifted off the bed, as uncertain as the kiss, she moved them
around, but ended up setting them on the bed again.

I pulled away.

“That wasn’t so bad, was it?” I winked at Dee and sat on my knees.

Dee’s hands were trembling as she opened her eyes. “N.. no…it wasn’t,

I whispered, “Good.”

Leaning forward again, my hands wandered over to her back and rubbed
gently. Her eyes shut again, and I noticed the shortness of her breath.
I allowed my fingers to crawl from her back to her shoulders, then down
her arms. The back of my hand brushed her breast and she inhaled
sharply, squeezing her legs together at the same time. A smile of
realization touched my face.

“I really have you hot, don’t I, Dee?” I grinned and took my thumb,
rubbing it around the nipple of her right breast.

Dee couldn’t respond, she’d never been touched by anyone but herself, so
a time like this didn’t need words. I glided my thumb squarely over her
nipple and she shuddered, again rolling her hips. By then, I could
barely control myself. I had been with men and women before, sometimes
at the same time.. so I was no stranger to the erotic pleasures of an
untouched woman. I could feel the tingle between my legs and I ached to
relieve it, instead I focused on creating the same ache in Dee.

My hand found its way beneath her T-shirt and slid against the underside
of her braless breast. Her breath was coming in short gasps with every
touch, her eyes still shut tightly. When my fingers came in contact with
her bare nipple, she let out a quiet sigh and leaned back.

“Wait, wait… lean forward,” I whispered to her and guided her towards
me. I slid her shirt off of her and let my eyes wander across her bare
chest. Her eyes flew open in realization of the situation and she went
to grab a pillow in modesty, but I pushed the pillow away and shook my

“Relax,” I smiled and motioned for her to lay down. Dee glanced around
uncertainly, then complied.

I laid atop of her, my knee brushing against her covered pussy. When
she felt it, she immediately began to move her hips, as subtly as
possible, against my knee. My face was but inches above her beautiful
b-cup breasts, my breath hot on her skin. I darted my tongue out and
circled her nipple with it. She let out another soft sigh as I continued
to draw wet circles across her breasts, before sliding her nipple into
my mouth and suckling it gently. Dee’s hips started to grind against my
knee with urgency as I sucked each nipple in turn.

Breathless, Dee sighed, “Jill…..God…don’t stop.”

Letting my mouth continue to work magic on her hard little nubs, my hand
crept beneath her bike shorts and brush against her panty covered
pussy. A louder moan escaped Dee’s lips. By then, I was getting really
worked up and I needed some stimulation as well. I removed my hand from
her pants and took Dee’s hand and set it on my thigh as a hint, then
resumed rubbing her covered pussy.

Dee didn’t take the hint at first, so I rotated my hips against her
hand, then, unsteadily, she began rub my jeans. I let out a sigh against
her breast and sucked with a renewed passion, which only made her rub

Not being able to stand clothing anymore, I reluctantly moved my lips
from her breasts and sat up. I looked down at Dee who was in a hot
little world of her own, but eventually she noticed I had stopped and
she frowned.

“What.. what did I do wrong?” she asked, breathless.

“Nothing,” I smiled and pulled my tank top off. “I just thought we could
get rid of these bothersome clothes.”

Dee nodded enthusiastically and slid her shapely legs out of those bike
shorts. I removed my jeans, then collapsed in bed with her.

Our hands, legs, lips, breasts.. everything was battling to be touched.
We were in a whirlwind of lust — trying to touch everything possible at
the same time. My hand finally landed on her pussy, and I began to work
a finger between her lips. One of her hands, which was resting on my
back, dug its nails in as I did so… which only encouraged me. Dee
mimicked my hand motions on me.. but she easily slid a finger into me…
and began to work it in and out. I moaned into her mouth, as our lips
had found each other once again… tongues battling for space.

My fingers played with her clit and continued to thrust in and out of
her tight little hole. She shuddered and groaned, sliding up against my
body feverishly. I stopped slowly, not wanting her to have her first
woman-induced orgasm on my fingers.

“Wait….” I grinned and gave her a kiss, then licked a hot trail from
her neck, to her breasts, then down to her naval.. and then I paused in
front of her pussy lips. Her breathing was erratic, and I new it would
only take a few licks of her clit to send her soaring to new heights of
passion. So I teased her.

I blew hot hair onto Dee’s pussy and licked around it, while she
desperately raised her hips up and down, trying to bump herself against
my face. Her moaning was uncontrollable now, and she thrashed all over
the bed.

“Please, Jill! Please!” Dee cried out, pinching her own nipples for some
sort of stimulation as I continued to blow around her pussy.

“Please what?” I grinned.

“Oh, Gods, Jill. Oh. Make me…make me please!”

I chuckled. “Make you what? Say it.”

I leaned down and gave her a long, lavish lick as a teaser, than sat up


She shuddered and trembled as she said it, and I immediately dove into
her juicy pussy lips, my tongue sliding around forcefully. She bucked
her hips against my face as I fucked her with my tongue and then teased
her clit with the tip of my tongue.

“JILL! FUCK ME!! God…. YES!”

Dee’s fingers wove themselves into my hair and proceeded to pull and tug
whenever I did something right. I ravished her pussy with my tongue as
she pulled and twisted her own nipples, writhing on the sheets.


She never did finish the statement. Immediately after that, my face was
flooded with Dee’s sweet juices and I lapped at them greedily as she
shook violently from the heated orgasm.

I sucked up her juices and then crawled my way up her body, where I
received an appreciative kiss from the worn out Dee.

My own passion was still raging, but I couldn’t wear out my little
student, so I figured I could take care of that later. Dee and I slid
our arms around each other and nestled into the bed. I was just about to
pull the blanket over our nude bodies when the door opened unexpectedly.

My eyes widened at the person at the door.

“Oh!!” Dee’s mouth mocked my exclamation, but she was too startled to
say anything.

There, in the doorway, was Dee’s neighbor, Nick. In Nick’s hands was a
Polaroid camera, and an array of pictures.

“Hello, girls,” Nick said with a sly grin.