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Like many others, my first exposure to B/d came when mainstream novels with B/d themes hit the bookstores. Books like “Bondage” by Patti Davis and “Topping From Below” by Laura Reese and, of course, the books that Anne Rice wrote under various pen names. I read them and enjoyed them for the most part, but […]

The xxx Restaurant Fun

I worked for several years in a restaurant. In the restaurant business people, including the managers, come and go all the time. Well, when I was about 21, we got this young female manager straight out of training. She was cute as hell with a good body. Not a knockout, but one of those women […]

I love cum

I’ve been out of town for the past few months (college internship). Since I’m back, I though I would share some of my experiences. I had mentioned that I had a “Green Door” experience. Well, I don’t know if this qualifies but… goes. I had been on the plane for hours and was feeling so […]

Guys Love Big Tits

We may as well admit it. We guys love big tits. I don’t know the exact reason why. I suspect Freud would say it has something to do with our mothers. Others would say it’s due to our society becoming so sexualized with advertisements selling sex and women being objectified. All I know is that […]

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