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Naked Horny Family

Dottie Baker hadn”t seen her cousin in a year. “He”s sure no kid anymore,” she whispered under her breath. Steve had filled out and broadened, with muscles rippling across his tanned back where the shoulder blades used to stick out. And he must have been four or five inches taller. However, the change Dottie noticed […]

Slutty pregnant wife

Allie, 8 months pregnant, couldn’t fuck her husband any longer without pain in her virgina or ass. Their dog was moping around feeling left out too. Both were walking around with blue balls. Hand jobs sufficed but even blow jobs for her ‘men’ was becoming difficult, as the taste and aroma were nauseating to her […]

The Taboo Machines

Carla could not wait to try out her new stainless steel goat milking machine. Her friends the Gaucho Girls had lots of experience with livestock and induced lactation. They used that type of machine themselves and wanted to share the useful technology with their new friend. Carla was pregnant and her body had begun to […]

Game Show Sex

The door to the elegant home opened and a well-dressed, middle-aged couple entered. “Oh, Bob,” the woman said, “that was a wonderful dinner, and the bracelet you gave me for our anniversary is beautiful. Thank you so much.” She turned and gave him deep kiss. Bob wrapped her in his arms and smiled. “You’re certainly […]

Lactation at the gloryhole

A low-slung black dress, which fit tight in the waist, very much slimmed down in the period since the birth. Some matching black silk panties and stockings attached to a black garter belt, and topped off with matching color 4 inch heels. The final touch was a sheer black bra, under her dress, which helped […]

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