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The Smell of Lust

They are are all around me. They can sense that I am different, This I can tell by looking at them. It is so painfully obvious. They wish to corrupt me: to make me like them. I will not let that happen. They see my glowing innocence and they are shamed for themselves. They would […]

My Uncle and I

My name is Susan and I’m now eighteen. I have long blonde hair and a very slim figure. I’m 5’6″ tall. This is my first posting and so bare with me if you don’t like it. It’s based on what happened two years ago. If this posting proves successful I may do more. It was […]

The French Maid – Day 1.

I had applied for the job at the hotel several days before. It was a hotel in the countryside, and catered for businessmen. The interview told me that I had to be broad minded and ready to handle most situations on my own. For that I would receive a much higher then usual wage plus […]


The mystery did not take long to reveal itself. One night, I and Susan, my elder sister, saw Mom steal in the bedroom of my uncle, and the bolt was done. I did not find it suitable to witness them but Susan sceptical and planned to peep in the room. Our house was a solid […]

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