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Anal sex with the Doctor

Nurse Head smiled in greeting as Annette entered the doctor’s waiting room a week after her history test. It was time for her annual physical, and Doctor Horn was going to give her the works. “Hello, Annette. How have you been?” “Oh, pretty good, I guess. I’m feeling fine.” “Good. Come with me.” Nurse Head […]

High school swingers 2.

She pulled him closer almost without realizing what she was doing. She felt his chest pressing the warmth of her young, but mature tits. Her thin halter did little to protect her from the insistent heat of his fingers. She found her nipples growing hard against the fabric, and she knew he was aware of […]

A young woman seeks a job in a large office where nudity among women is the norm and public sex is a stress-reliever

“Ms. Thomas?” I was stopped at the gate into the club community where the Cornell’s lived. “Yes, sir.” He smiled. “I’m not sir … just Al.” Al was probably in his early 60’s being a security guard for a bunch of rich people. I didn’t see a gun as he stood next to the guard […]

The seduction of Joyce

Already the room permeated with the smell of sex and the strong musky odor that emanated from Joyce’s parted and swollen vagina. Joyce lay on the bed and stretched her arms over her head so that both men could lay next to her and be held. Her legs were parted and she wanted to be […]

Fuck my brains out

Tara was one of my friends that I met at Karaoke near where I use to live. When I first met her, I thought, “WOW! What a babe!” And if you saw her too, you’d probably think the same thing. Long blonde hair, very skinny, very sexy looking. I thought she was single when I […]

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